[ Mohegan Sun Arena ] Uncasville, Connecticut


TAPED: Jul. 03, 2006
AIRED: Jul. 16, 2006

(FADEIN:  The camera opens up to a shot of a jam packed arena.  The sound is muted as the camera slowly moves by fans, in slow motion.  The shot goes from color to black and white. CUEUP: ‘Head Like A Hole’ by NIN as the fans in the arena begin to disappear.  The camera cuts to an overhead shot as entire sections of fans disappear … until the arena is empty.  The song hits its main chorus as the logo for New ERA RAPTURE comes on screen.)

(CUTTO: Inside of a recording studio.. before the cameras is  a very industrial looking broadcasting booth.  Sitting there are Jason Tripp and Dean Julius.  Julius is holding his head in his hands while Tripp is casually talking to him.)

TRIPP: "So I don’t quite kn.."

OFFCAMERA VOICE: "And we’re rolling.."

(Julius immediately sits up as Jason Tripp tidies papers in front of him while smiling into the camera.)

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone to the newly returned New ERA RAPTURE!  I am Jason Tripp and with me is Dean Julius .. and Dean, I bet you’d never thought we’d be back together!"

(Julius shoots Tripp a death stare.)

JULIUS: "What did I ever do wrong?"

TRIPP: "Ha, ha.  Dean, you are a funny man."

JULIUS: "I wasn’t trying to be, Tripp.  I thought I was free from this .. and now here I am."

TRIPP: "Well, anyways, as I said welcome to New ERA RAPTURE .. this is our first broadcast since we went off the air almost a year ago in September!  But New ERA of Wrestling has brought us back .."

JULIUS: "Aren’t we all so lucky."

TRIPP: "That’s the spirit!  Things here at RAPTURE will be a little bit different this time around as we’ll be bringing you highlights from today’s event."

JULIUS: "Yea .. we’re a fucking highlights show now."

TRIPP: "Dean!"

JULIUS: "I can’t be fired, Tripp.  I can say whatever the hell I want."

(Jason Tripp merely shakes his head as he looks at his papers.)

TRIPP: "We have some fantastic matches to go over with you tonight as RAPTURE really had some spunk at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.  In our opening match we had two of our women’s division challengers going head to head as Victoria Hawke took on Mercedes Devon in her New ERA debut!"

JULIUS: "Yea, what luck.. Hawke and Devon wrestled in a standard women’s one on one match here on RAPTURE, but those douchebags over on the other show get to see Foxx and Starr wrestle in mud.."

TRIPP: "Not only did we have that fantastic women’s match, but we’ll also see the debut of New ERA’s first sumo wrestler as Ozeki made his in ring debut against Matthew, the Hardcore Kid."

JULIUS: "I’m sorry, but this Ozeki looks to be one of the best pickups New ERA has had in a long time, especially considering BattleBRAWL is only a few weeks away."

TRIPP: "New ERA’s fourth pay per view, BattleBRAWL 2 is coming up in just a few weeks … and it has been well over a year since our last pay per view International Intrigue."

JULIUS: "With the state of professional wrestling right now it doesn’t surprise me one bit … but we’re back.. and the fans in Uncasville at the Mohegan Sun Arena definitely came out to celebrate."

TRIPP: "Wow .. Dean Julius actually shilling our return?"

JULIUSS: "Fuck off, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Chris McMillan introduced our other newcomer, Kidd Jackson, to RAPTURE as those two squared off in singles action … and I’m sur.."

JULIUS: "Sure that Jason Payne will be right down there kicking McMillan’s ass for that attack on the 2-year anniversary show.."

TRIPP: "Well … Jason Payne was in the arena tonight … but before that we will see LoC Superstar Turk in action against ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane.  Turk defeated the Masked Man on the two year anniversary show .. and after the Masked Man revealed himself to be none other than first ever New ERA World Champion Larry Tact, the two brawled until Tact put him through a table .."

JULIUS: "I’m sorry, but Turk is the personal hitman of Juliet Marceau .. and as such, Trevor Cane is fucked."

TRIPP: "And in the main event tonight .. two-time champion Chaos faced the increasingly bizarre Jason Payne in a non-title PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme match.  What kind of match was it?  Only Chaos knew before the match began."

JULIUS: "Which brings me to the point that Marcus LaRoque is a dumbass."

TRIPP: "What?"

JULIUS: "New ERA’s President first lets Chaos get his way by adding a stipulation to the belt that says the P©X title will be defended in matches DETERMINED by the champion.  Then later he goes and signs over RAUCOUS to DREDD for a week. He lets the talent walk right over him."

TRIPP: "To be fair, DREDD tricked him into signin…"

JULIUS: "Yeeaaa.. because John Doe is SUCH a great actor…"

TRIPP: "Well then .. ladies and gentlemen .. we’ve got to take a quick commercial break .. but when we return we will see the opening match here from Uncasville, Connecticut as RAPTURE RETURNS!"


(CUTTO: Tripp and Julius.)

TRIPP: "We are about to start things off here as RAPTURE came to you from the Mohegan Sun Arena, and boy am I excited.  I have definitely missed being in the thick of all the action that happens out here and I must say, Dean, I have been extremely jealous that you were on RAUCOUS while I was backstage."

JULIUS: "That’s because you’re a donkey’s ass, Tripp.  Or you look like one to be more precise. But these two ladies that came out .. they are beautiful…"

TRIPP: "Mercedes Devon is made her in ring debut here on RAPTURE .. and Victoria Hawke was coming off a two match skid .. both of them against Foxx."

JULIUS: "Hawke has had it tough .. I hadn’t seen Devon in action, and believe me it’s not because I haven’t tried, so I couldn’t really choose one person over the other … but Hawke might just had that extra bite in her."

TRIPP: "Either way both of these ladies are fierce competitors .. and I can only look forward to calling many more matches involving them. Let’s show you what happened in the match.."

(CUTTO: In the arena with Carl Jacobs who holds his microphone to his mouth as the lineup for the match LIGHTNING BOLTS onto the screen.)

Victoria Hawke vs Mercedes Devon

JULIUS: "What the fuck was that?"

TRIPP: "It’s our new and improved graphics for displaying the lineups…"


JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit.. introducing first .. she hails from Kiruna, Sweden…"

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base.  Hawke makes her way to the ring and proceeds to spray perfume on the referee.)


TRIPP: "Hawke tossed the perfume bottle to the ring attendant and had her eyes deadlocked on the curtain waiting for Devon to come to the ring."

JULIUS: "Devon had some pretty strong shit to say leading up to their match."

(CUEUP: ‘Trapt’ by Headstrong.  Devon makes her way to the ring .. Cameron Cruise comes out with her.)

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by Cameron Cruise .. she hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina …. MERCEDES DEVON!!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Devon immediately came out of the gates with a variety of high flying moves.  Hawke was taken down early with a flying clothesline and Devon got the fans on their feet with a moonsault.  That only got a two count, however, and Devon went to the ropes and took Hawke to the outside of the ring with a flying headscissors.  After a few moments of stalling to get back in the ring Hawke stopped an advancing Devon with an eye gauge.  Hawke followed that up with a swinging neckbreaker and locked up the legs of Devon with a Boston Crab.  Hawke tried to get Devon to submit by grabbing the ropes for extra leverage and nearly got caught by the referee three times before letting go of the hold. 

MIDDLE:  Hawke grabbed Devon by the hair and tossed her around the ring a couple of times.  Hawke then went to the air with a springboard elbow to the face while Devon was in the corner followed by a monkeyflip.  Devon caught herself, however, and rolled through the monkeyflip, getting to her feet, and on the second turnbuckle, before Hawke turned around. Hawke turned and caught a full helping of a Mercedes Devon second rope reverse crossbody block which nearly ended the match with a close three count.  Hawke kicked out and both women got to their feet eyeing one another.  Hawke made the first move trying to dive for one of Devon’s legs, but Devon spun out of the way causing Hawke to dive face first into the bottom turnbuckle pad.  Mercedes Devon dragged Hawke out from the corner and locked on a Cobra Clutch in the middle of the ring while the fans popped.

END:  Devon kept the Cobra Clutch on for a good while trying to force the Swedish superstar to submit, but Devon lost control of the hold as her hands slipped out from underneath Hawke’s chin.  She tried to reapply the hold, but it was too late as Hawke rolled over into the ropes, bringing Devon with her.  The match definitely heated up further towards the finish as Hawke and Devon traded blows.  Devon went for a right hook, but Hawke ducked, grabbed Devon by the waist and brought her over with a side suplex.  While Devon was on the ground, Victoria Hawke climbed the ropes and hit the Luna Eclipse elbow drop to the sternum.  Hawke wasn’t finished as she dragged Devon into the corner.  Mercedes Devon caught Hawke off guard with a jawbreaker, then proceeded to climb the ropes behind her.  A Crying Shame, Devon’s version of the Buff Blockbuster, later and the match was over as Devon scored the three count.

WINNER: Mercedes Devon via pinfall at 13:24.

(CUTTO: Back to the studio where Jason Tripp and Dean Julius are seated.)

TRIPP: "So Mercedes Devon got the victory in her first ever match here in New ERA of Wrestling .. and what a match it was.  Both women were incredibly inspiring to watch and one day they’ll have the chance to hold the Women’s Championship."

JULIUS: "Or the chance to hold my di.."

TRIPP: "MOVING ALONG … Matthew, ‘the Hardcore Kid’ had some pretty big shoes to fill .. quite literally!"

JULIUS: "You know that makes no sense, right?"

TRIPP: "Hm?"

JULIUS: "He’s not trying to fill Ozeki’s shoes … he was wrestling him."

TRIPP: "All the same, Dean! All the same!"

JULIUS: "Uh .. no its not."

TRIPP: "Either way .. Ozeki, New ERA’s very own sumo wrestler, debuted today against Matthew the Hardcore Kid … and this match you had to see to believe."

JULIUS: "Which is why they’re watching this show, jackass."

TRIPP: "Let’s take you to the match before Dean really blows a gasket!"

(CUTTO: In the arena as Carl Jacobs stands in the ring.  The lineup lightning bolts on screen.)

Ozeki vs Matthew

JULIUS: "They REALLY need to get rid of that shit.."

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit… introducing first … he hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia….. MATTHEW, the HARDCORE KID!"

(CUEUP: ‘Crack Addict’  by Limp Bizkit.  Matthew runs down to the ring and hops inside… the lights go out.)

JULIUS: "The lights went out as Ozeki was preparing to make his entrance.."

TRIPP: "As they did, Matthew backed himself in the corner."

(CUEUP: ‘Ayee-Yah’ by H.O.T.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent.. making his New ERA debut .. hailing from Nagoya, Japan …. OZEKI!"

(Ozeki comes through the curtains, weighing in at 405 pounds, led to the ring by his manager Seth Champion. SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Matthew started off the match the only way he could:  to try to avoid Ozeki at all costs.  Ozeki moved faster than one would think however and quickly cornered Matthew.  He ended up nailing Matthew in the face with a couple forearms before irish whipping Matthew all the way across the ring chest-first into the opposite corner.  Matthew didn’t have a chance to rest as Ozeki followed him in with an avalanche splash.   Ozeki snapmared Matthew to the ground and went to legdrop him, but Matthew rolled out of the way.  Ozeki tried to keep control, but Matthew jumped at the first chance he got.

MIDDLE:  The matched really seemed to slow down as Matthew gained control.  Matthew couldn’t hit most of his regular moves because of Ozeki’s weight, so he improvised.  Matthew hit a top rope clothesline, but Ozeki stayed on his feet, albeit swaying.  Matthew hit two quick dropkicks one right after another, but he still couldn’t get the big man down.  Matthew went to the well one too many times as he tried to knock Ozeki down with the flying crossbody from the top rope, but Ozeki caught him in mid-air and planted him back first into the mat.  Ozeki nearly got the three count, but Matthew somehow kicked out.  Ozeki locked on the nerve hold and Matthew was knocked unconscious .. or so we thought.  Ozeki released the hold to hit a running elbow drop, but Matthew moved out of the way.

END:  Ozeki made it to his feet as quickly as he could, but not before Matthew … Ozeki charged at the Hardcore Kid … and Matthew picked him up and fell backwards to the mat with Ozeki on top.  Matthew kicked out after a one-count and you can bet he was scolding himself for attempting to slam the Japanese sumo wrestler.  Ozeki hit a palm thrust to the throat, but missed the clothesline attempt.  Ozeki bounced into the ropes and came back at Matthew, who ducked under a second clothesline attempt.  Ozeki ran to the ropes and stopped, slamming his hands on them.  He didn’t, however, see Matthew bouncing off the opposite ropes and charging at him.  Ozeki turned around and was greeted in the face by a flying forearm from Matthew.  Both men tumbled over the top rope.  The fall caused Ozeki to hit his head on the guardrail.  Even worse for Matthew, Ozeki landed directly on top of him!  Despite the best efforts of Seth Champion to revive his man, both men were counted out; Ozeki because he was knocked from the fall, and Matthew because he could not get Ozeki off of him in time.

WINNER: Double countout at 8:18.

(CUTTO: Back to the studio.)

JULIUS: "I never laughed as hard as I did seeing Matthew squirming under the weight of Ozeki…"

(He wipes his right eye.)

JULIUS: "My eye is still watering!"

TRIPP: "It wasn’t THAT funny, Dean.."

(Julius gives him the eye.)

TRIPP: "Ok, ok.. so it was."

JULIUS: "See.."

TRIPP: "Ozeki was impressive in his debut, it was just that one little mistake he made that caused him to miss the opportunity to pick up his first victory.  Another member of the New ERA roster made his debut at RAPTURE as Kidd Jackson took on Chris McMillan."

JULIUS: "McMillan has had an awkward return to New ERA having to come face to face with his former tag team partner turned MWG-fanboi, Jason Payne .."

TRIPP: "And after picking up a victory on RAUCOUS he was looking to continue to climb the ranks.. Kidd Jackson, on the other hand, was looking to make a splash…"

JULIUS: "Jason Payne was just looking to see some ass."

TRIPP: "Let’s take you to the match…"

(CUTTO: In the ring.  Carl Jacobs brings the microphone up to his mouth as the lineup comes on screen.. yep, lightning bolting its way on there.)

Kidd Jackson vs Chris McMillan

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit!  Introducing first .."

(CUEUP: ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.  Chris McMillan comes out on the stage and flexes his muscles.)

JACOBS: "He hails from Cadillac, Michigan .. ‘the Wolf’ CHRIS McMILLAN!"

TRIPP: "McMillan made his way to the ring before hopping in and stretching on the ropes .."

JULIUS: "Anyone who takes a person named KIDD seriously needs to have their head checked.  In fact, I’m already suspect of McMillan for thinking he can change Jason Payne into being semi-normal ever again."

(CUEUP: ‘Smile’ by Tupac.  Kidd Jackson walks out with a black towel over his head, focusing on the ring, shooting a smile..)

JACOBS: "His opponent … hailing from the Bronx, New York .. making his New ERA debut …. KIDD JACKSON!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Kidd Jackson’s New ERA career didn’t start off too hot as Chris McMillan continued on the no-nonsense, take shit from no one mode that he was in on RAUCOUS.  Jackson found himself on the mat more often than not.  McMillan had a fantastic chain event as he knocked the wind out of Jackson with a kick to the gut .. McMillan then dropped the newcomer to the mat with a DDT and used cat like abilities to hop to the top rope and hit a frog splash for the two count.  Jackson did throw ‘the Wolf’ off after a few minutes and logged his own offense.  Jackson caught McMillan by the throat after McMillan went for an enziguiri and quickly chokeslammed him to the mat.  After knocking ‘the Wolf’ in the side of the head, Jackson grabbed McMillan and tossed him into the corner.

MIDDLE:  After Jackson wore McMillan out in the corner he had him face first on the mat locked in an ankle lock.  McMillan tried his hardest to reach the ropes but it just didn’t happen.  So McMillan did the next best thing… he flipped himself over onto his back and kicked Jackson right in the jaw.  Jackson was stunned by this and fell square on his ass.  McMillan got to his feet, but Kidd Jackson was one step ahead as he spun McMillan around and dropped to the mat with the backslide.  McMillan almost got caught offguard by the maneuver but still managed to kick out.  Jackson tried again to catch ‘the Wolf’ off guard, but McMillan was just about fed up with Kidd Jackson, nailing a clothesline that flung Jackson to the mat with a resounding thud.  McMillan locked Jackson up and took him over with an exploder suplex before he climbed to the top rope.  McMillan flew off and NAILED a Shooting Star Press causing the fans to explode.

END:  McMillan was on a roll following the shooting star press, but made a near fatal move when he let Jackson regain his composure while in the corner.  McMillan came over to him once the referee let him, but Jackson came out fighting.  Jackson nailed ‘the Wolf’ with a quick kick to the gut, and hooked him for the piledriver.  McMillan dropped to the mat head first and was covered for a two count.  Kidd Jackson then slapped McMillan across the face while he was on the mat.  Jackson picked up McMillan and tossed him into the ropes.  McMillan came back on the return but hopped over the ducking Jackson.  McMillan rebounded off the opposite ropes, hopped over the prone body of Jackson, before stopping short and hitting a superkick on the newcomer.  After a few near falls, the end came when Kidd Jackson once more slapped ‘the Wolf’ across the face after breaking from a collar and elbow tie up.  McMillan grabbed the throat of Kidd Jackson, which prompted Jackson to grab the throat of McMillan.  Both men fell to the mat and rolled around choking one another until the referee was forced to disqualify.

WINNER: Double disqualification via dueling chokeholds at 9:53.


(CUTTO: Back from the commercial break, the cameras fade into the studio.  Dean Julius is looking blankly in the camera as Jason Tripp takes control.)

TRIPP: "I guess Chris McMillan had about enough of Kidd Jackson slapping him, huh, Dean?"

(Julius doesn’t respond, but merely shuts his eyes.)

TRIPP: "Either way, the ref disqualified both men after neither let go of their chokehold.. and so neither go home with the victory."

JULIUS: "I’m sure the fans couldn’t have figured out that morsel without your wisdom, Tripp."

TRIPP: "The next match of the evening was definitely one of the more intriguing ones.."

JULIUS: "Because it had some real talent in it?"

TRIPP: "Turk and Trevor Can…"

JULIUS: "Turk."

TRIPP: "And Trevor Cane… there were two men in the match, Dean."

JULIUS: "Yes, but I said talent, Tripp.. only Turk has talent, as he proved on the 2 year anniversary show when he defeated New ERA’s first ever World Champion Larry Tact!"

TRIPP: "Sure, bu.."

JULIUS: "Cane couldn’t even hold his own against a lit match!"

(Tripp sighs and shakes his head..)

TRIPP: "Let’s show you what happened.."

(CUTTO: Inside the arena.  CUEUP: ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy as Trevor Cane makes his way to the ring. The logo lightnings on screen.)

Turk vs Trevor Cane

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen .. the following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit.. currently making his way down the isle, from Venice Beach, California …. ‘the Messenger’ TREVOR CANE!"

TRIPP: "Cane looks well healed from those attacks by Chaos.."

JULIUS: "It’s been 5 months, I would hope so."

(CUEUP: ‘Confined’ by As I Lay Dying.  Turk makes his way through the curtains and towards the ring… sans Juliet Marceau.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent.. hailing from Chicago, Illinois .. he is the LoC Superstar …. TURK!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

BEGINNING:  Whatever beating Cane took on the 2 year anniversary show did not seem to stop him in the opening of this match as he really took it to Turk.  Turk didn’t have much chance to even step into the ring as Cane clubbed him in the back into the corner with a forearm.  Cane spun Turk around and continued to smash him in the face with closed fists until the referee warned him.  Turk tried to get some more resting time by holding onto the ropes when Cane went for an irish whip, but instead it only caused him to stumble forward.  Seeing that Turk was still near him, Cane instead forgot about the irish whip, locked his leg and drove Turk head first into the mat with a jumping DDT.  Cane got a quick two count but nothing more.  Turk did manage to block a snap suplex and turned the tables quickly after that.  He applied a front face lock and dropped to the mat locking Cane in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go.  Turk spun around and locked the arm behind the back, reaching down and also grabbing one of Cane’s free legs.  This move really stretched ‘the Messenger’ as far as he could go.. literally.

MIDDLE:  Cane and Turk managed to flip flop control of the match as it got towards the midpoint.  Cane had broken free at this point and fought back to his feet.  Cane ducked underneath a clothesline attempt and locked the arm of Turk dragging him down with a reverse arm drag.  Cane dropped the knee right on the shoulder of Turk and attempted to drop the elbow, but Turk moved before he got the chance.  Turk then tried to drop an elbow of his own, but Cane also moved out of the way.  Both men made it to their feet at the same time, and almost like watching a bad train wreck in slow motion, both men moved in for the clothesline… and both hit it.  The double clothesline caused both men to crumble to the mat.  The referee counted to seven before Cane made it to his feet and eight before Turk made it to his feet.  Both men began to trade blows as they wobbled from their opponent’s.  Turk ducked under a left hook from Cane and took him up and over with a side suplex.

END:  As Cane got to his feet Turk locked on a trademark move of his, ‘the Jacket.’  This sleeper hold almost caused Cane to lose complete conciousness and the referee dropped his arm 2.999 times.  After fighting back, Cane was propelled into the corner by a vicious uppercut from Turk.  Turk came in, hands raised above his head, but quickly left the corner after Trevor Cane jabbed him in the eye with his thumb.  From there on in it seemed like Cane would keep control.  Trevor Cane came out and locked the head of Turk before taking him down with a Russian legsweep.  Cane, making sure to keep Turk on the ground, then proceeded to stomp the living daylights out of Turk’s shoulder, probably so he couldn’t hit his Split finisher.  Turk mounted a big ditch defense at the end of the match, reversing a Cane tombstone piledriver into one of his own … but that was before Cane re-reversed the tombstone and planted Turk’s head into the mat.  Cane then picked up the LoC superstar and showed him ‘the Light.’  After a three count, ‘the Messenger’ had subdued the LoC superstar!

WINNER: Trevor Cane via pinfall at 14:47. 

(CUTTO:  Back inside the studio.)

JULIUS: "I must say that I was terribly surprised to see Trevor Cane walk away with the victory over Turk.  Turk has been made out to be this force of nature .. I mean he beat Larry Tact .. on the 2  year anniversary show .. you don’t go over on a show like that just to take a dive on RAPTURE."

TRIPP: "Take a dive?  Trevor Cane worked to earn that victory .. and I know that sometime soon Larry Tact will have his chance to rectify that loss."

JULIUS: "Something wasn’t right there .. but Trevor Cane did manage to get the pinfall.."

TRIPP: "Congratulations to Cane .. he has had a tough time the last few months so its nice to see him seemingly pull himself together."

JULIUS: "Cane had an especially hard time on the two year anniversary of RAUCOUS thanks to one of the men in RAPTURE’s main event."

TRIPP: "Current PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Champion Chaos attacked Cane multiple times through the night, including tossing him off the Scaffold … but tonight Chaos faced ‘the Dog of War’ Jason Payne .. and there were two things on everyone’s mind before the match.."

JULIUS: "What match would we see … and what the hell would Jason Payne do tonight to make himself even more weirder than he already was."

TRIPP: "Bingo.  This match was a non-title match … but should Payne win, he would receive a title shot.. and with BattleBRAWL 2 only a few weeks away … who knows when that title shot would happen.. let’s show you what happened!"

(CUTTO: The lineup flashes on screen as Carl Jacobs watches four men walk to the ring.  They get in the ring holding heavy leather-looking bags.)

Barbwired Ring Ropes

Jason Payne vs Chaos (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is tonight’s MAIN EVENT and is a non-title match… introducing first … hailing from Payneville, Kentucky …"

(CUEUP: ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.  Jason Payne makes his way through the curtain looking more subdued than usual, but still looking frazzled and paranoid.)

JACOBS: "He is ‘the Dog of War’ JASON PAYNE!"

(CUEUP: ‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns n’ Roses as the fans pop huge for the P©X champion.. he comes out from behind the curtain, a microphone in his hand.)

JACOBS: "His opponent.. from Las Vegas, Nevada… he is the current PRODIGY© CLASSIC XTREME CHAMPION ….. CHAOS!"

(Chaos gets into the ring. He looks at the four men, then at Jason Payne who twitches.)

CHAOS: "Don’t think that just because this is a non-title match that you’ll be off the hook, Payne .. oh no.  But since tonight is essentially a breather for me … let’s make this something simple, something … tame."

(He looks over at the four men and nods.  They turn the bags over and dump out loads and loads of .. BARBWIRE!  The men put on heavy gloves and start wrapping the barbwire around each of the ring ropes on four sides.)

CHAOS: "A barbwire match, Payne … I hope you can live up to your name."

(SFX: Bell rings as he tosses the microphone down.)

BEGINNING:  Payne looked uncharacteristically shy to begin the match, although with Payne’s actions in the past year I guess we really can’t characterize anything he does.  Both men locked up and stood their ground in the ring.  Payne made the first goof as he released the lock up to go for an arm bar.  Chaos quickly used that free arm to jab Payne in the jaw.  Payne stumbled back and that opened up the floodgates as Chaos came at him wielding lefts and rights galore, each hit knocking Payne closer and closer to one side of the barbwired ropes.  Chaos nailed Payne with an uppercut which caused Payne to grab the top rope.  He let go quickly and looked down at his pricked palm.  Chaos took that opportunity to clothesline him into the ropes allowing the barbwire to make inroads with Payne’s naked back.

SECOND QUARTER:  Chaos spent the next five or so minutes working Jason Payne over in the corner, taking him out from the corner by dragging his forehead across the top rope breaking him open.  Jason Payne saw the blood on his hand and turned into a completely different man as he stood straight up and peared at Chaos through his bloodied eyes.  Chaos came in with a big boot, but Jason Payne caught it and leg dragged him down.  Chaos looked stunned and laid on his back a second too long as Payne dropped a knee to the forehead.  Payne then dragged Chaos to his feet and brought him over to the ring ropes.  Payne tried to run the champion’s head across the top rope but Chaos elbowed him in the stomach and then irish whipped him into the opposite ropes.  Payne hit those ropes and bounced off in pain before getting caught with the big boot dropping to the mat.  Chaos only got a two count.

THIRD QUARTER:  Payne mounted his big offense during the third quarter of the match as he hit Chaos with a huge German suplex that nearly won the match for him.  Payne quickly got to his feet and waited for the champion to get to his … after which he proceeded to spear Chaos into the barbwired ropes!  Both men began to bleed heavily at this point and the ring was obviously becoming slippery as Chaos slipped and fell onto his back.  Payne, from the adrenaline we hope, braved the piercing pain as he climbed onto the top rope and flew off with a devastating and bloody top rope flying headbutt.  Both men were on the mat, but since this match is a no countout the referee could only sit helplessly.  Both men began stirring at about the same time and wisely neither used the ropes to help themselves to their feet.

END:  Jason Payne hooked Chaos for the Payne Killer, full nelson slam … but Chaos thought quickly on his feet and pushed backwards causing both men to fall into the ropes.  With Chaos’ weight added to the momentum Payne had a long running gash from the barbwire running up his back to his neck.  Chaos made the pinfall but Payne still kicked out!  Chaos then crawled over to the far left corner and pulled himself under the barbwire to start reaching under the apron … and when he pulled himself back in he had one of the leather sacks, or so we thought.  Chaos turned it upside down and out poured hundreds, maybe even thousands of thumbtacks.  At this point Payne was started to get to his feet so Chaos grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him into the mat, although not into the thumbtacks.  Chaos saved those for last as he brought Payne up to the top rope with him and then, in an act that caused the fans’ heads to explode, the P©X Champion hit the Chaosbomb onto those thumbtacks and got the three count.

WINNER: Chaos via pinfall after hitting the Chaosbomb onto thumbtacks at 19:34.

(CUTTO: Inside the studio.)

JULIUS: "Now THAT was a fucking great match."

TRIPP: "The PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Champion has it in his contract that he chooses his stipulations .. and he knew exactly what he wanted tonight.  He gets the pinfall victory over a, dare I say, more subdued Jason Payne?"

JULIUS: "Who knows what Chris McMillan did to him after kidnapping him on the two year anniversary of RAUCOUS… who WANTS to know?"

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen that was it … RAPTURE from Uncasville at the Mohegan Sun Arena ended on that bloody, but obviously fan pleasing note as Chaos is victorious in a hardfought match …"

JULIUS: "Thank GOD that I am only about 50 seconds from being able to walk off this stage.."

TRIPP: "Don’t forget to join Tom Gheorghe and Nick Jive from Uniondale, New York as New ERA of Wrestling … errr, I’m sorry .. I mean, DREDD presents RAUCOUS from the Nassau Coliseum!"

(FADETOBLACK: As Julius stands up, takes off his microphone and walks off, leaving Tripp sitting there as the credits rolls.)

( the end )