[ Harbour Station ] St. John, New Brunswick


TAPED: Sep. 17, 2005
AIRED: Nov. 20, 2005

(FADEIN: We fade into the office of New ERA of Wrestling Vice President Juliet Marceau’s office. Whilst sitting at her desk, she looks up at a figure standing in front of her. Her eyes are lit half with satisfaction, half with amusement, as she hits the end of the pen in her hand on the desk.)

MARCEAU: "You do realize that both of them are probably quite mad."

(The camera scans back to reveal that Marcus LaRoque is standing in front of her, bags under his eyes as if he hasn’t slept in days.)

LaROQUE: "You don’t think either would try anything tonight do you? I mean, with the Television title on the line and all."

MARCEAU: "Poppy-cock."

(LaRoque places his hands on the desk and leans forward.)

LaROQUE: "I know neither wants the title for themselves, Juliet .. but I’m talking about as a way to get back at us for banning them from the arena tonight …"

(Marceau cocks her head back and laughs for a few seconds before bringing it back down as a wave of seriousness washes over her face.)

MARCEAU: "They wouldn’t DARE."

LaROQUE: "What makes you so certain?"

(She stands up and walks over to him, straightening his collar as she speaks.)

MARCEAU: "Because my dear Marcus … you already suspended them for a show for putting on rubbish .. they KNOW that if either one of them shows up tonight .. they’ll be gone from New ERA for good!"

(She turns and walks. With her back to LaRoque, but facing the camera, we see that she smirks to herself. Her poker face returns when she faces him again.)

MARCEAU: "Now Marcus, please… go get some sleep. You look like hell!"

(LaRoque’s shoulders slump a little, but nonetheless he turns to walk out the door.)

LaROQUE: "I just hope you’re right.."

(He shuts the door and the screen goes black. Slowly a bunch of words start swirling on screen in a whirling dervish. They seem to spin faster and faster and faster until they finally combust. After the dust begins to clear we can see the logo for RAPTURE.)

(CUTTO: Inside the arena as the fans are on their feet cheering for tonight’s activities. The arena flashes with different colors playing ‘the Perfect Drug ’ by NIN. CUTTO: Ringside with Jason Tripp and Dean Julius.)


JULIUS: "I thought we’d never be back."

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen we are coming off one of the HOTTEST pay per views .. and by God what a ride that was!"

JULIUS: "You’re telling me! Finally that pussy Rabesque was defeated.. and by the Phantom Republican to boot!"

TRIPP: "What is interesting though … is that The Phantom Republican wasn’t even supposed to be in the match!! As we saw later on in the match Jonathan Marx and John Doe came out at the end … and Marx looked like he had been attacked .. and needless to say the Phantom Republican attacked him before the match and then proceeded to take his spot in the Chamber Cage match!"

JULIUS: "That Phantom Republican is a great example to all of those young Conservatives out there. He taught that product of a liberal education something or too… and then he stuck it to that French piece of shit! It was sublime!"

TRIPP: "I still can’t believe it as the Phantom Republican and the Masked Man defeated World Champion Jean Rabesque and Alister Hayze. But that wasn’t all .. the Television title was also decided as was the first ever P©X Champion!"

JULIUS: "Jason Payne was a man on a mission .. he looked like he was going to murder anyone who talked to him … but MWG got back the title that was rightfully his in a … interesting match, to say the least."

TRIPP: "That .. BDMCN match .. which included weapons .. and a LIVE DJ … was one of those matches that was just awe-inspiring…"

JULIUS: "The match that was the talk of the night though … the TLC match between Dallas Carter and Chaos for that P©X title. It drew rave reviews for both men and Chaos is now a former Television champion AND the current PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion."

TRIPP: "That match had it all .. Dallas Carter really poured his heart and soul into the match .. and for going against Chaos I think he deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor!"

JULIUS: "There were so many great matches .. including a #1 Contender match for the Television title … which is the topic of much discussion right now, and as you saw earlier tonight between Marcus LaRoque and Juliet Marceau."

TRIPP: "The match was between Cameron Cruise and The Insurgent .. but leading up to the match Insurgent said he was going to get himself disqualified! Cameron Cruise never responded to those threats and was, in fact, absolutely silent. Insurgent kept up his end of the deal and got himself disqualified which prompted New ERA President Marcus LaRoque to rush onto the stage."

JULIUS: "That little twerp decided that neither man deserved the title shot and gave it to the man who will be facing MWG tonight instead… that man being Mr. Entertainment."

TRIPP: "And rightfully so. Mr. Entertainment defeated the Phantom Republican and Mark Matix in the opening match of the evening…"

JULIUS: "That’s true. As long as neither one of those douchebags got it I am happy. If there’s one thing I hate it is disrespect for the sport of wrestling. You don’t just go and throw away an opportunity to show off your talent .. and especially not at a PAY PER VIEW!"

TRIPP: "Also on the pay per view was Olivia Lewes getting the title shot against Karla Starr as she beat Krist Blue and … Starr retained her title in a hard fought match with Caitlyn Daymon .. Trevor Cane put Travis Smith out of New ERA with an injury thanks to a hard fought match with a barbwired baseball bat .. and Nick Elliot made a tremendous debut by defeating Moralis Candoom!"

JULIUS: "Enough about the pay per view .. I’m not getting paid to sit here and shoot the shit with you, Jason .. and quite frankly, even if I was, they wouldn’t be able to pay me enough for what I’d have to go through."

TRIPP: "Well, tonight is the last night that we’re in Canada as we’re here in Harbour Station in St. John, New Brunswick .. and what a trip this has been.. we’re sad to say goodbye to our wonderful Canadian fans, but it is time to head back to the States to give those fans another opportunity to see New ERA live!"

JULIUS: "We’ve been here for almost a fucking year. I’m sick of it. Everywhere I go people with stupid accents. God. I’m going to get off the plane and kiss the ground in Manchester, New Hampshire."

TRIPP: "We’re driving on the bus actually."


TRIPP: "I’m just kidding, jeez."

(Julius takes a swig of coke and slams it down.)

JULIUS: "Don’t you ever do that again."

TRIPP: "We’ve got a GREAT show for you all tonight .. we’ve got three new debuts … two incredible women’s matches … and the main event tonight … the New ERA of Wrestling Television title is on the line!"

JULIUS: "Even more .. one of the women’s matches is for the New ERA of Wrestling Women’s Heavyweight title!"

TRIPP: "That is true, Dean. First off we have Jaz Moundfield taking on Mark Matix in what should be an exciting match. Moundfield is a teammate of his brother … but seeing as how New ERA doesn’t have an active tag team competition yet he’ll be going head to head with ‘Mad’ Mark Matix … who came ohsoclose to winning the triple threat to start off International Intrigue."

JULIUS: "I’m more interested in seeing the debut of two guys who might be incredible assets. ‘the King’ Joe Hallenbeck could be a great contribution to the P©X division … and Frost.. well Frost is a great specimen."

TRIPP: "Caitlyn Daymon will take on Carlee Marx in her first match off a PPV loss … and the Women’s Heavyweight Champion Karla Starr will face Olivia Lewes .. the #1 contender after winning the triple threat to crown a new #1 at the pay per view."

JULIUS: "But fuck that, Tripp … everyone came here tonight to see the Television title match. MWG in his first title defense from decisively winning the title that he should have never lost!

TRIPP: "And tonight he’ll have an incredible opponent in Mr. Entertainment … one has to wonder whether or not Jason Payne will show up tonight …"

JULIUS: "With his short fuse recently .. who the hell knows! He could be lurking in the shadows ready to pounce at any poor pedestrian walking by!"

TRIPP: "Well … enough talk! New ERA of Wrestling is ready to bid adieux to Canada …. And we’re here for New ERA RAPTURE! We’ll kick things off after this short commercial break!"


(CUTTO: The parking lot area. A sleek black Lexus silently pulls up and parks itself near the arena entrance. The passenger-side door opens, and Caitlyn Daymon, sporting jeans, a white tank, and a leather jacket, steps out. She looks back into the car.)

DAYMON: "Meet me by my dressing room in fifteen minutes. This shouldn't take long..."

MALE DRIVER: "Got it."

(Caitlyn closes the door and the Lexus slowly pulls away. She's without a gym bag. The only thing she carries is a yellow envelope, which she takes with her into the arena.)


(The scene fades in to Jason Tripp and Dean Julius sitting at their announce table.)

TRIPP: "Tonight we have the debut of Jaz Moundfield as he will be taking on Mark Matix. Matix had a great run on International Intrigue in the triple threat match … but he came up just a tad bit short against Mr. Entertainment."

JULIUS: "Entertainment took hold of the match once the Phantom Republican took off to do better things …. And because of that victory he’ll be going head to head with MWG for the Television title!"

TRIPP: "Mark Matix is at a disadvantage here tonight … this is Moundfield’s first appearance in New ERA…"

JULIUS: "And likely his last…"

TRIPP: "Either way, Moundfield has some tapes of Matix to watch whereas this will be everyone’s first introduction to the brother…. Let’s go to ringside."

Jaz Moundfield vs Mark Matix

(CUTTO: In the ring. Carl Jacobs stands and waits. ‘Spitfire’ by Motorhead cues up as the fans give a decent pop.)

JACOBS: "Entering first… from Chino, California ….. ‘MAD’ MARK MATIX!"

(Matix makes his way to the ring and slides through the bottom rope. As soon as he does, Jaz Moundfield runs down the rampway and follows him in, attacking him.)

JULIUS: "Look at Moundfield! He couldn’t even wait to be introduced!"

(Moundfield picks up Matix and drives a right forearm into his face sending Matix back. Matix attempts to fight back with a roundhouse right, but Moundfield ducks and tackles him to the mat.)

TRIPP: "Well, it looks like this match is underway as the referee is calling for the bell!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JULIUS: "A cheap start by Moundfield, but hell … I would have done the same damn thing!"

TRIPP: "I know you would have."

JULIUS: "Aw, cut it … you know you’d be Matix right now… getting your ass beat down."

(Moundfield whips Mark Matix into the ropes and then takes him down on the return. Matix gets to his feet quickly, and walks right into a fist from Moundfield. Moundfield grabs on to Matix’s arm again and whips him into the ropes, and this time drops him with a hiptoss.)

TRIPP: "Moundfield with some smart wrestling here to start … working on Matix’s tempo and ring awareness… keeping him on the mat."

JULIUS: "Matix is being tossed around like a little girl. He can’t even stay on his feet long enough to mount a defense."

(Moundfield waits for Matix to get up, and as soon as he does, charges in after him. Matix drops down again and Moundfield hops over him, bounces into the ropes, and is greeted with a gut shot. Moundfield doubles over and Matix grabs his head before connecting with a Russian Leg Sweep.)

JULIUS: "Looks like I spoke too soon…"

TRIPP: "I think you always speak too soon, Dean."

JULIUS: (under his breath) "And I think you were a failed abortion."

TRIPP: "What?!"

JULIUS: "I said I think you…"

TRIPP: "I KNOW what you said!"

JULIUS: "Then why did you ask?"

(Matix drags Moundfield up to his feet and locks on a sleeper hold.)

TRIPP: "Looks like Jaz is trapped!"

(Moundfield tries to get back some sense of control as he flings some elbows into the stomach of Mark Matix. Matix lets go of the sleeperhold after the third elbow but grabs the waist of Moundfield and rushes into the ropes. He flips him backwards and makes the pin…



Moundfield kicks out and sits up. Matix comes up behind him and drives a knee into the back of his neck. Moundfield rolls out of the way before Matix can do anymore damage and gets the ropes. The referee stops Matix from moving in.)

TRIPP: "Matix with a pin attempt, but Moundfield easily kicked out. These two have gone back and forth so far … and I think its too early to tell who has got the upperhand."

JULIUS: "So far I’ve seen nothing but elementary wrestling. If either of these two want to get ahead in New ERA they’re going to have to put together consistent wrestling."

(Matix moves in anyway and Moundfield rolls to the outside. He walks around the ring as Matix waits for him to slide in, which he finally does. Moundfield takes his time getting ready and they finally hook up in the middle of the ring. Moundfield racks the arm of Matix behind his back, but Matix connects with an elbow to the face. He then hits a dropkick that sends Moundfield into the corner. Mark Matix runs in and hops on his legs, flipping him over monkey-style.)

TRIPP: "Mark Matix with a monkey-flip and Moundfield is back up to his feet .. and he doesn’t seem to happy."

JULIUS: "Would you be happy if you were just flipped out of the corner? Jaz Moundfield is probably pissed that Matix was able to get that move off."

(Matix quickly runs at Moundfield who goes for a clothesline … however this is countered and Matix brings Moundfield to the mat with a crucifix …

ONE ..

TWO ..


Jaz Moundfield is up before Matix and finally takes his head off with a clothesline. Matix lies on the mat holding his neck and Moundfield drops the leg across his neck…)

JULIUS: "Finally Moundfield gets some sort of offense … after having his ass handed to him practically the entire match, I’m sure this is going to feel good!"

(Jaz Moundfield whips Matix up by his hair and tosses him into the corner … he follows this by driving some boot shots into his midsection until Matix is slumped in the corner. Moundfield then begins to choke him with his boot causing the referee to come in with the 5 count. As he gets to three, Moundfield releases the choke and drives a few knee shots into his head. The referee tells him to take it out of the corner, so Moundfield drags Matix out by his legs … and proceeds to drop a leg DANGEROUSLY close to below the belt.)

TRIPP: "Now THAT’s a blatant low blow!"

JULIUS: "What are you talking about, Jason? Moundfield clearly dropped the leg across the stomach of ‘MAD’ Mark!"

TRIPP: "You and I must be watching two different matches, Dean."

JULIUS: "Well I’m watching the one right in front of us."

(Moundfield drops back against the ropes and drops the elbow .. except Matix rolls out of the way! Moundfield only hits mat and sits up holding his elbow.. Matix tries to get to his feet, but before he can Moundfield grabs his head and drops him to the mat with a DDT … the cover …




Matix makes a weak kick out attempt and Moundfield wraps his leg this time..

ONE ..

KICKOUT again!

Moundfield finally gives up the pin attempt and drags Matix back into the middle of the ring and locks on a Boston Crab.)

TRIPP: "Jaz Moundfield with two quick pin attempts, and not getting either one, he goes on to attack the lower back of Mark Matix."

JULIUS: "Moundfield figures if he can’t pin his shoulders down to the mat, he’s going to make him tap out like the little pussy he is!"

TRIPP: "I’m sure you just offended thousands of …"

JULIUS: (interrupting him) "Of pussies around the world? I’m sorry, but Mark Matix isn’t going to last thirty seconds in the Boston Crab before he starts crying for his mommy."

(Moundfield leans way back on Matix causing him to let out a scream. Matix tries to push himself up to make some headway to the ropes, but Moundfield has applied too much pressure and Matix falls back to the mat.)

JULIUS: "That’s it .. I think he’s going to be finished…"

TRIPP: "Mark Matix in a world of pain right now … and I have to agree with you, Dean, as hard as that sounds… Mark Matix might just give up here…"

JULIUS: "Pussy."

TRIPP: "Dean!"

JULIUS: "I was talking about Matix…"

TRIPP: "I know who you were talking about!"

(Moundfield yells at Matix to give up as he pulls harder and harder on his legs … Mark Matix looks about ready to fall into unconsciousness when….)


(Jason Payne, the Dog of War, comes flying out of the backstage area and runs down to the ring..)

JULIUS: "He looks like he’s about to burst a brain vein!"


(Payne slides into the ring and the referee goes over to get him out … except PAYNE LAYS A RIGHT HAND RIGHT INTO THE REFEREE’s FACE! The ref falls to the mat and Jaz Moundfield sees Payne coming right at him! Moundfield releases the hold and tries to get out of the ring, but Jason Payne grabs him by the arm and clotheslines him to the mat!)

JULIUS: "I told you before! This man has lost his fucking mind!"

(Payne brings Jaz Moundfield up and whips him into the ropes … on the return he catches him and applies a Full Nelson!)

TRIPP: "NO! You can’t do this in the middle of a match!!!"

JULIUS: "I’m guessing this match is over!"

(Jason Payne brings Moundfield up … AND HITS THE PAYNE KILLER! The Full Nelson Slam floors Moundfield who lies on the mat…


Payne looks around wildly at the fans who are jeering… he looks over and sees Mark Matix lying on the mat still..)

TRIPP: "Come on! Get some officials out here!! Control him!"

JULIUS: "What are you talking about?? This is exactly what this match needed!! Someone to come down, take control, and kick ass!"

(Payne brings Mark Matix to his feet and locks on the Full Nelson … AND HE HITS HIM WITH THE PAYNE KILLER!! Matix drops to the mat near the ropes as Jason Payne looks around him, his eyes still wide … he looks back at the curtain and starts shaking his head yelling something … he hops out of the ring and then bolts ringside, just as quickly as he came down!)

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen … this match has been declared a DRAW!"

TRIPP: "Thanks to Jason Payne!"

JULIUS: "You mean, thanks to Jason Payne that borefest was over with!"

TRIPP: "You can’t come down at your own discretion, attack both wrestlers, and then leave! When President LaRoque hears of this I bet some sort of disciplinary action is going to take place!"

JULIUS: "I’m sure LaRoque will be the first person to approach Jason Payne right now…"

TRIPP: "We’ve got to go to commercial break … when we come back … Joe Hallenbeck and Frost will go one on one as these two debut here tonight on New ERA of Wrestling RAPTURE!"


(We fade in to the crowd here in Harbour Station. CUTTO: The announcer booth with Jason Tripp and Dean Julius. Tripp looks around.)

TRIPP: "It’s a shame that this is our last show here in the Great White North.."

JULIUS: "What are you talking about? I can’t wait to get out of this shithole! I feel like I’ve wasted a year of my life here in Canada."

TRIPP: "Well, you’ll just have to tough it out for a few more matches …"

(Julius sighs heavily.)

JULIUS: "What’s next?"

TRIPP: "Up next we have the debut of two new wrestlers here in New ERA as Joe Hallenbeck and Frost lock up."

JULIUS: "Another one and done duo."

TRIPP: "What makes you say that?"

JULIUS: "As far as I’m concerned, these two are here tonight to get a paycheck .. after that I doubt either will see anymore competition… hell, maybe Jason Payne will come out and kick their asses as well!"

TRIPP: "Jason Payne has been in back with President Marcus LaRoque after coming out and attacking Jaz Moundfield and Mark Matix … and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’ll be heading to New Hampshire early."

JULIUS: "Can we move on already? The less time I spend with you the better."

(CUTTO: In the ring with Carl Jacobs as the lineup comes on screen.)

Joe Hallenbeck vs Frost

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit…. Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: "1, 2, 3 Thousand Problems" by the Lost Boys. Frost makes his way from out back..)

JACOBS: "He hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada ….. FROST!"

JULIUS: "Great, a Canadian .. that’s all we needed. Why don’t we get Rabesque out here next."

TRIPP: "Rabesque doesn’t like doing RAPTURE…"

JULIUS: "I don’t blame him!"

(CUEUP: ‘Back in Black’ by AC / DC… ‘The King’ Joe Hallenbeck walks out .. his clothes looking like rags.)

JULIUS: "Oh God."

JACOBS: "And his opponent … hailing from Detroit, Michigan ….. ‘the King’ …. JOE HALLENBECK!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "Well obviously ‘the King’ doesn’t fit his name…"

JULIUS: "Apparently this guy is a bossy son of a bitch …. And I’m sure that he’s called the King for a reason."

(Hallenbeck rolls into the ring and looks dead into the eyes of Frost.)

TRIPP: "These two are about the same height, Dean, but Frost is about 50 pounds heavier."

JULIUS: "Well look at the guy, he could snap the King into Two Princes…"

TRIPP: "Please never mention the name of a Spin Doctors’ song ever again."

(Hallenbeck turns away from Frost … but as soon as Frost turns away himself, ‘the King’ charges at him from behind and knocks a forearm into his back causing him to go sprawling into the ropes. Hallenbeck makes good of the situation by pounding his side repeatedly until the referee manages to push him back. Hallenbeck gets through him though and drills Frost in the gut with a closed fist. As Frost is doubled over, Hallenbeck hits a swinging neckbreaker.)

TRIPP: "The King starting off hot tonight, eh?"


TRIPP: "What was that for?"

JULIUS: "EH?! You’re not Canadian!"

(Hallenbeck climbs on top of Frost, but before he can get any punches in Frost knocks him over. Hallenbeck comes at him, but Frost pulls his leg out from underneath him and proceeds to grab his head and knock it a few times into the mat. He finally gets to his feet and waits for ‘the King’ to get up. Hallenbeck gets up, but gets a boot in the gut for his work … Frost then brings him up … holds him for a long time before dropping him down with a hanging suplex!)

TRIPP: "It looks like Frost is back in this match. Hallenbeck got out of the gate quickly.."

JULIUS: "Frost doesn’t seem like someone you can keep down for long, Tripp."

(Frost grabs the head of Joe Hallenbeck and rubs it face down into the mat. He gets to his feet, grabbing the King with him, and tosses him into the ropes. On the return ‘the King’ ducks a clothesline attempt and bounces off the opposite ropes. Hallenbeck isn’t as lucky on the second attempt as Frost grabs him and takes him up and over with a belly to belly suplex! Frost slides down to his leg and locks the ankle up! Hallenbeck lets out a yell and begins reaching for the ropes.)

JULIUS: "Sometimes I wonder what goes through these guys heads when they can see the ropes so closely but can’t quite get to them."

(Hallenbeck reaches but can’t get to it … Frost re-positions himself, but in the meantime Hallenbeck is able to gain some sense and he uses his free leg to kick Frost in the chest which throws him off balance. ‘The King’ tries to roll out of the ring, but Frost is right back on him and brings him to his feet. Hallenbeck throws a wild punch but it is blocked. Hallenbeck uses his other hand, but Frost catches that hand as well!)

TRIPP: "Uh, oh.. Things aren’t looking too good for Joe Hallenbeck right now."

JULIUS: "Well, let’s see… Frost has both of his hands locked up … hmm.. no, I guess it doesn’t…. idiot."

(Frost applies pressure to the closed fists of Hallenbeck and ‘the King’ uses the only way he can to get out of the hold … a swift kick to the groin. Frost lets go immediately and walks away gingerly … but this gives Hallenbeck enough time to catch his breath .. and also come up from behind him and roll him up.




Frost remains on the ground holding his crotch while Joe Hallenbeck gets behind him and begins to kick him in the back of the head! Frost tries to crawl away, but each time he gets on his hands and knees, ‘the King’ would knee him in the back to drive him into the mat.)

JULIUS: "The King has forced Frost to kneel before him!"

TRIPP: "I wouldn’t exactly call that kneeling before him, Dean."

JULIUS: "I call it as it is, Tripp.. That’s why I get paid more than you do."

TRIPP: "Wait … how much do you get paid????"

JULIUS: "That’s for me to know, and you to think about."

(Hallenbeck finally brings Frost back to his feet before he twists him inside out and then drops them both to the mat with a neckbreaker. Hallenbeck gets up and yells towards the crowd which causes them to jeer him incessantly. ‘The King’ doesn’t seem to care as he turns back to catch Frost getting to his feet. He picks him up and drops him with a side walk slam. He makes a sloppy cover by leaving his arm over him.




Hallenbeck yells at the referee to count faster and gets to his feet. ‘the King’ heads back into the corner and measures Frost before coming out with a knee drop … except he MISSES! Frost, who had rolled out of the way, rolls to the outside of the ring to catch his breath.)

TRIPP: "Frost probably took exception to that weak cover by Joe Hallenbeck .. and now he’s on the outside of the ring!"

JULIUS: "I don’t know what to say, Tripp … you’re just a master of the obvious. On the one hand, Frost has got 50 pounds on Hallenbeck, but on the other, ‘the King’ is a street fighter .. and I don’t know if I’d want him to come to the outside with me."

TRIPP: "Hallenbeck follows Frost to the outside .. and knowing his credentials, this could turn ugly."

JULIUS: "Could?!"

(Frost has his back to ‘the King’ and quickly pays for it as Hallenbeck clobbers him from behind. Frost falls to the arena floor and is quickly stomped on. Hallenbeck brings him back to his feet and whips him into the guardrail. Hallenbeck charges in with a knee lift, but as he comes to the guardrail, Frost jumps out of the way and Hallenbeck’s knee meets the metal! Hallenbeck falls on the ground and holds onto his knee.)

TRIPP: "Oh!! Tough break there for Joe Hallenbeck as he went for the knee lift but instead of hitting Frost, he nailed the guardrail!"

JULIUS: "Bad timing there .. and now its only going to get worse!"

(Frost regains his composure as he walks over to Hallenbeck. The referee’s count is at six before Frost quickly rolls into the ring and then out again. ‘the King’ is back on his feet, but is focusing more on his knee than on the approaching Frost. Frost grabs him from behind and hits a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX ONTO THE ARENA FLOOR!)


JULIUS: "Now Hallenbeck’s got a busted knee AND back.."

(Frost gets to his feet and grabs the two legs of Hallenbeck…. he props him up on his knees, and as he does, the fans realize what is about to happen and scatter to the left and the right…)

TRIPP: "He isn’t…."

(Frost falls back and catapults Joe Hallenbeck right into the guardrail sending him flipping over and into five or six chairs on the other side. The fans go crazy!)

JULIUS: "He does!"

(Frost hops over the guardrail and picks up Hallenbeck… ‘the King’ isn’t looking so hot as he’s pretty limp. Frost grabs him by the throat …. AND CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH SOME CHAIRS! The chairs collapse and the fans around him pat Frost on the back!)

TRIPP: "This is madne…"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

JULIUS: "What the hell?!"

(Frost’s head shoots over to the ring where the ref is holding up ten fingers… he scowls and boots Hallenbeck in the side before hopping over the guardrail and rolling into the ring..)

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen … this match …. Is A DOUBLE COUNT OUT!"

(SFX: Crowd jeers..)

TRIPP: "Frost got so worked up over inflicting as much damage on the outside that he could …. That he forgot to keep track of the referee’s count!"

JULIUS: "That’s carelessness!"

(Frost gets into the ring and walks right up to the referee … he just stands there looking down into his eyes, a stern look on his face.)

JULIUS: "And in about 10 seconds that referee is going to piss his pants."

(Frost slaps his side and turns away from the referee before getting out of the ring and walking up the rampway in disgust.)

TRIPP: "I can’t believe it .. Frost and Joe Hallenbeck battle to a count out … and it could have been avoided had Frost just got back into the ring instead of going in for the kill."

JULIUS: "Life sucks like that sometimes."

TRIPP: "When we come back with more action here from Harbour Station, we’ll have the first of our two women’s matches as Caitlyn Daymon takes on DREDD’s Carlee Marx! We’ll be right back!!"

The Setup

(CUTTO: Outside the darkened office of Juliet Marceau. The Vice President appears around a corner, walking to her office door as she sifts through a stack of files in her hands. She looks up and sees someone there waiting for her.)

MARCEAU: "Caitlyn! I'm surprised to see you here."

(Leaning against the oak door, Caitlyn Daymon merely shrugs.)

MARCEAU: "By the way, good luck tonight. I'm hoping to see you bounce back after that upset at International Intrigue. But, uh... shouldn't you be getting ready?"

DAYMON: "I was hoping I'd get a chance to talk to you before then, because certain circumstances have arisen..."

(Daymon holds up the envelope. The Vice President nods as she sees this.)

MARCEAU: "Let's step inside..."

(Caitlyn moves aside as Marceau fumbles briefly with the keys to unlock the door, and both enter, followed by the camera. The Vice President, after switching the lights on with one graceful stroke of her arm, tosses the stack of files onto her desk and falls into her chair. Caitlyn quietly takes a seat on the other side of the desk, still holding the questionable envelope in her hands.)

MARCEAU: "So, lay it on me..."

DAYMON: "Okay. This is a letter from my physician. He's barring me from competing tonight, and at other events for a sustained period of time."

(Caitlyn removes a sheet of stationary from the envelope and hands it over to the Vice President, who talks as she skims over it.)

MARCEAU: "Your doctor, huh? I certainly hope you didn't get too banged up at the Pay Per View..."

(She falls silent as she reads the bottom line.)

MARCEAU: "Oh... I see."

(Marceau lets the paper fall to the desk and leans back in her chair, hands clasping and fingers steepling as she searches for the appropriate words.)

MARCEAU: "Well, then... I don't know what to say, other than... congratulations?"

(Eyes closed, Caitlyn nods.)

DAYMON: "As you can understand, it was nothing expected. I didn't know until I went to the hospital for a quick check-up following Intrigue. But obviously, I can't compete..."

MARCEAU: "No, no, I understand. This is a perfectly natural thing, and the company will give you as much time as you need until you're ready to come back."

DAYMON: "And I will be back..."

MARCEAU: "I have to say, though, it'll be sad to lose you for the coming months, especially since you're one of the greatest competitors in your division, if not the absolute greatest, barring, the, ah, current champion..."

(Caitlyn Daymon comes out of her seat.)

DAYMON: "At any rate, I'm going to the ring now to make the announcement. I'd appreciate it if you let the President know about this."

MARCEAU: "Not a problem, Caitlyn. Take care."

(Daymon starts for the door...)

MARCEAU: "See you in February!"

(...and closes it behind her as she steps back into the hallway.)


(FADEIN: Ringside. Dean Julius is on the edge of his seat while Jason Tripp sits there watching him.)

JULIUS: "Yes! We’re only a few seconds away from the first of two women’s matches, Tripp!"

TRIPP: "You know, you’re almost as bad as Nick."

JULIUS: "No, no. Jive can’t appreciate the true beauty of a woman!"

TRIPP: "We’ve got two exciting matches coming up as the Women’s division here in New ERA continues to climb to new heights. First we have what should be an exciting match between Caitlyn Daymon and Carlee Marx, followed by the New ERA of Wrestling Women’s Heavyweight title match between Karla Starr, who defeated Daymon at International Intrigue, and the #1 contender, Olivia Lewes."

JULIUS: "Daymon’s so pumped for this match that she event went to Juliet Marceau beforehand!"

(Jason looks at Dean Julius with a dumbfounded look.)

TRIPP: "I highly doubt that was the reason, Dean. In fact, I don’t know what to expect from this match considering Caitlyn came without bags and wasn’t yet in her gear a few moments ago."

JULIUS: "Mind games, Tripp! Mind games! After everything that’s happened, Caitlyn Daymon learned a little from losing to Starr over and over again … and now she’s putting that to work here tonight against Carlee Marx!"

TRIPP: "We’ll see, Dean … let’s go down to Carl Jacobs!"

(CUTTO: In the ring. Carl Jacobs stands waiting for his signal.)

Carlee Marx vs Caitlyn Daymon

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first …"

(CUEUP: ‘The Everlasting Gaze’ by the Smashing Pumpkins. The crowd begins to jeer hardcore as Carlee Marx walks down the rampway..)

JACOBS: "She hails from Princeton, New Jersey …. Representing DREDD …….. CARLEE MARX!!!"

JULIUS: "OW! Someone serve me up a piece of that fine ass!!"

TRIPP: "Why God? What have I done wrong in my life??"

JULIUS: "Come on, Tripp.. get into the match… I mean .."

(He pauses.)

JULIUS: "Unless that’s not your thing or something.."

TRIPP: "Huh?"

JULIUS: "I mean .. That’s totally ok.. some guys .. you know .. like other gu…"

TRIPP: (interrupting him) "I like women, Dean!"

JULIUS: "No need to get defensive!"

JACOBS: "And her opponent … hailing from Tacoma, Washington……."

(CUEUP: "The End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage. The audience comes alive as the spotlights hit the entryway. Caitlyn Daymon steps out onto the stage, still in the jeans, tank, and jacket she was seen wearing when she arrived at the arena. She takes a moment to look into the crowd as the fans cheer excitedly, then makes her way down to the ring, mic in hand.)

JULIUS: "What's with the clothes? You can't wrestle in that."

TRIPP: "Well obviously, if you had been listening to what went down in the Vice President's office, you'd know that Caitlyn Daymon is barred from—"

JULIUS: "Looks like a good opportunity for her to come OUT of those clothes, heh!"

TRIPP: "Bah... like I was saying, Caitlyn Daymon is unable to compete tonight."

JULIUS: "You mean... no chick fight?"

TRIPP: "Probably not..."

(Daymon calmly enters the ring where Carlee Marx waits, anticipating the match. Caitlyn looks to the timekeeper's table and draws two of her fingers across her neck, the signal to cut the music. It ends, and Caitlyn, without any hostile gesture in the way she carries herself, approaches Marx, burning holes into her with a sober, completely unfriendly stare. Marx stands ready for anything, uncertain of what is going on.)

DAYMON: "Carlee... Jane... whatever the fuck you call yourself now... don't think for a minute you're not in any danger. You might have been looking forward to once again having you ass handed back to you by yours truly, but tonight you get let off easy. There will be no match."

(She takes a step back to let this sink in and to study Marx's reaction.)

JULIUS: "Wow, Jason... how did you guess that?"

TRIPP: "...you are an idiot."

DAYMON: "I have an announcement to make... something I probably should have said a couple months ago when I found out about it, but left for now, here in the ring... the perfect moment. This just isn't for you, Carlee... this is for all the fans in attendance here tonight, and all those watching at home. This is for all the other women back there... including the champion, Karla Starr..."

(Daymon briefly turns to the camera, eyes narrowed as she focuses on a certain someone watching backstage.)

DAYMON: "Oh yes, Karla... I can't forget you."

(She turns now to the audience.)

DAYMON: "I'm going to be away from NEW for a while. I'm sad to say, you won't see me coming down that ramp, or out here in the ring, doing what I do. Truth is, I'm going to miss it... and even more, I'm going to miss on getting back at a few people who have been on my mind as of late, which include our "champion", Olivia Lewes, and even you, Carlee."

(She turns back to Marx and takes a threatening step forward.)

DAYMON: "In fact, I want more than ever to throw myself upon you and wrap these fingers around your scrawny neck and squeeze the last breath out of you. And I'd do it..."

(Caitlyn's growing rage gives way into a powerless sigh.)

DAYMON: "...if only doing it wouldn't endanger the life growing inside me."

(The audience reacts to this with a shock. Some react happily, and others are quite confused... somewhat disheartened, as though their face has suddenly abandoned them.)

JULIUS: "Holy crap, Caitlyn Daymon is PREGGERS!!"

TRIPP: "I gotta say, that's a surprise! I bet nobody figured any of the Women's competitors would become pregnant at any time..."

JULIUS: "Uh, who is that...?"

(With Dean Julius' suddenly paying attention to a large figure making its way through the audience, Caitlyn keeps much of the attention on herself as she looks directly into Carlee Marx's eyes.)

DAYMON: "I should be due in February, Carlee... which means by March, you should be looking over your shoulder. I promise I'll be back... and I'll take care of you then. And once I'm finished with you..."

JULIUS: "Hey, who is that!?"

(A male form in jeans and a black t-shirt hops the barricade, behind Carlee Marx. Daymon takes a step closer to her, making sure her eyes won't stray.)

DAYMON: "...then I'm going after Karla Starr, once again... and when that time comes, I ASSURE you, I won't fail again!"

(Daymon takes a step back as the figure from the audience rolls into the ring. The audience voices their alarm.)

DAYMON: "Until then... I'll leave you to your own problems."

(Caitlyn looks past Carlee Marx, who is suddenly aware that someone is standing behind her. She turns around, and a clenched fist, like a piston of steam, sweat, and pulsating flesh, blasts into her face with full force, knocking her flat to the mat.)


TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen, Carlee Marx has just been LAID OUT by a man from the audience!"

JULIUS: "Who is that?"

TRIPP: "I know who it is..."

(Caitlyn turns to the audience, one hand held out to the man standing over Carlee Marx. Many audience members begin to cheer wildly as they begin to recognize him.)

DAYMON: "Everybody... allow me to introduce you to my husband, Rocko Daymon."

(The audience explodes at this announcement.)


(Eyes trained on the fallen Carlee Marx, Rocko Daymon crosses over to where his wife is standing. Caitlyn brings the mic up a final time.)

DAYMON: "I promise all of you, watching me now... I'll be back. And when I do, there's going to be some BIG changes to NEW's Women's Division..."

(With that, she hands the mic to her husband and exits the ring. The fans cheer wildly as she walks up the ramp. She waves goodbye to the audience before disappearing back into the entryway.)

TRIPP: "Caitlyn Daymon, ladies and gentlemen... off to fulfill her duty as a mother. I can't wait to see her back in the ring. You know, sometimes we don't consider how real life comes first in the sport of professional wrestling..."

JULIUS: "Save it, TRIPPy... we've got goings on in the ring!"

(Rocko Daymon, meanwhile, paces the ring like a caged animal, focused on the cheering crowd that now turns its attention to him.)

ROCKO DAYMON: "How the fuck are ya?"

(He earns a sizable pop, and turns his attention to Carlee Marx, still on the ground, now showing signs of recovery following the whalloping blow to the face on moments ago.)

ROCKO DAYMON: "Carlee Marx... Ironic how this is our first meeting, especially since you've been dropping my name quite a few times in your recent promos. Sorry for that shiner, but I've been waiting to get that out for quite a while. You know how it is..."

(He squats down near her face, looking intense.)

ROCKO DAYMON: "I suppose this is where I should say it's nothing personal... but the truth is, this is personal, Carlee. You MADE it personal by dragging my name through the mud. You thought it'd be funny to take a few pot-shots at a man you thought you'd never cross paths with... but surprise, I'm here."

(He takes a step back, half a grin forming on his face.)

ROCKO DAYMON: "Don't think for a second we're even, though... even after this. This is just a precursor to what awaits you, and the rest of your kind. You see, I got to thinking about how much little shits like you and that moron associate of yours, John Doe, annoy the living piss out of fans and athletes alike with your incessant slander and your pointless antics. I've heard so much bullshit it makes my teeth hurt, and I'm fed up. Anybody else?"

(Enormous pop from the audience.)

ROCKO DAYMON: "Next time you see that idiot Doe back there, be sure to let him know that Rocko Daymon has officially come to NEW, and DREDD has just found its worst enemy. I'm taking you pissants DOWN!!"

(Teeming with rage, Rocko throws the mic onto Marx's hurt form. "The Hand That Feeds" by Nine Inch Nails begins to play over the PA as he exits the ring and walks back up the ramp.)

TRIPP: "What a development! Caitlyn Daymon leaves NEW due to her pregnancy, and her husband enters in her wake, and by the sound of things, it looks like he's going after members of DREDD!"

JULIUS: "Bah... obviously, Caitlyn can't fight her own battles, so she has to drag her husband in to do everything for her."

TRIPP: "Of course she can't fight any of her own battles, Dean; she's PREGNANT!"

JULIUS: "Now there's a lame excuse. Use a condom next time, ya friggin' morons!"

TRIPP: "Jesus Christ... listen to yourself."

(Ring attendants come into the ring to assist Marx as the screen fades to commercial.)

Decisions to Make

(FADEIN: Backstage. New ERA Vice President Juliet Marceau and New ERA President Marcus LaRoque are sitting together in LaRoque’s office.)


MARCEAU: "Sorry, I couldn’t find you in time."

(LaRoque bangs his hand on the desk..)

LaROQUE: "We just lost one of our best women’s talents …."

MARCEAU: "There’s nothing we could have done!"

LaROQUE: "Do you know what this puts us in? We’ve already lost some women … and after talking to Lewes .."

(LaRoque puts his head down.)

LaROQUE: "You better fix this division, Juliet … I’m not going to have it fall to pieces."

(Marceau looks shocked.)

MARCEAU: "What happened with Lewes?"

LaROQUE: "After tonight you need to do some serious recruiting… between this .. and the fact that I’m going to be going through massive roster cuts… do YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WE’RE LOSING?"

(Juliet Marceau stands up and places her hands on her hips.)

MARCEAU: "No I DON’T, actually! You don’t tell me a thing!"

(LaRoque looks up, a little startled…)

LaROQUE: "Alright, alright .. calm down."

(She continues to stare a hole through him.)

LaROQUE: "Let me put it this way … changes are coming. We need to cut corners if we’re going to stay afloat financially…"

MARCEAU: "What happened to our benefactor?!"

LaROQUE: "The Future? Ha.."

MARCEAU: "I’m talking about the company … EC Enterprises was supposed to keep us fit for years .. even if we gave away tickets!"

(LaRoque bites his lip.)

LaROQUE: "I lost my case, Juliet. They got the company. Those bastards got the company."

(Marceau’s jaw drops ..)

MARCEAU: "You mean … Jean-Michel and Jaimin?"

(LaRoque looks up at her..)

LaROQUE: "Yes … and they’re cutting our budget in half… so … we’ve got to re-think some things … some very .. very big things…"

(She sits and puts her hand on her chin..)

MARCEAU: "Got any ideas?"

(He passes her a piece of paper..)

LaROQUE: "Got it drawn up in fact .. all I need is your signature."

(She looks down at the paper and her eyes reflect the surprise..)

MARCEAU: "That’s not exactly what I had in mind.."

LaROQUE: "Would you rather I close the Women’s division and dump nine women out the door … one an expecting mother?"

(She glares at him obviously getting the point.)

MARCEAU: "Let’s do this."


(CUTTO: Ringside with Julius and Tripp.)

TRIPP: "What was THAT?"

JULIUS: "Looks like its time to get off the gravy train, boys! LaRoque and Marceau have fucked this company up long enough!"

TRIPP: "Something is going on backstage … and if that’s what has held President LaRoque’s attention all night … then it’s something BIG!"

JULIUS: "Speaking of something big …. I can’t wait for this Women’s Title match!"

TRIPP: "Karla Starr and Olivia Lewes have been on a collision path for months now .. and with Lewes winning the right to be the #1 Contender .. she gets her shot here tonight!"

JULIUS: "In a baby oil, chocolate, bikini match!"

TRIPP: "Uh .. no .. in a regular one on one match, Dean…"

JULIUS: "A man can dream…"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the ring as the lineup for the match pops up on screen.. covered in baby oil and chocolate..)

Women's Championship
Olivia Lewes vs Karla Starr (c)

TRIPP: "Did you do that?!"

JULIUS: "If I can’t see it in person, I’m going to at least get my kicks some how!"

TRIPP: "You’re unbelievable!"

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the New ERA of Wrestling WOMEN’s HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!!! Introducing the challenger…"

(CUEUP: ‘Five Years’ by the Twenty-Twos. Olivia Lewes walks from behind the curtain and heads toward the ring.)

JACOBS: "She hails from Hartford, Connecticut .. and is the #1 Contender to the Women’s Heavyweight title …. OLIVIA LEWES!!

TRIPP: "Lewes was the topic of discussion earlier between LaRoque and Marceau .. I wonder what it was about?"

JULIUS: "Maybe she’s going to win tonight in some sort of screw job! She’s definitely got the body … err talent to be champion!"

JACOBS: "Introducing next …. From Boston, Massachusetts…"

(CUEUP: ‘Maps’ by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs… the crowd erupts in jeers as Karla Starr makes her way through the curtain with the Women’s title held above her head..)

JACOBS: "The Women’s Heavyweight Champion of the World ….. KARLA STARR!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr looks very focused … she’s held on to that title for a very long time .. in fact, she’s the ONLY Women’s Heavyweight champion!"

JULIUS: "She’s a tough person to beat … she’s got the entire package!"

(Starr and Lewes start off by circling each other in the middle of the ring .. neither woman looks ready to make the first move..)

TRIPP: "These two women are definitely the cream of the crop here in New ERA .. especially with Caitlyn Daymon announcing she’ll be taking a leave of absence …"

JULIUS: "Yea .. a NINE MONTH leave of absence because she got knocked up!"

TRIPP: "Everyone here at New ERA wishes Caitlyn and Rocko the best …. and while Caitlyn is gone for a while .. it seems like Rocko Daymon, a star whose known around the wrestling world, has come to New ERA!"

(Karla Starr puts her arm out to catch Lewes, but Olivia holds back and eventually ends up catching Starr instead, twisting her arm around her back. Starr elbows Lewes in the face and bounces off the ropes … as Starr comes back, Olivia Lewes drops to the mat forcing Starr to hop over her and bounce off the opposite ropes. Lewes gets back on her feet and catches Starr with a quick powerslam! Starr kicks Lewes off before the ref can get down for a cover and both women cautiously get up off the mat.)

JULIUS: "Olivia Lewes quickly teaching the Women’s champion a thing or two to start off.."

TRIPP: "As many competitors can attest, you do NOT want to make Karla Starr mad!"

(Starr and Lewes lock up in the middle of the ring and Starr quickly ducks behind the challenger and pulls out both her legs causing her to faceplant right into the mat. Lewes gets up and immediately tackles Karla Starr to the mat and the two women begin wrestling for leverage as they roll back and forth.)


(Lewes gains control and straddles Karla Starr trying to hold her hands down. However the Champ quickly gets one of her hands free and rakes the eyes of the challenger. Olivia Lewes falls backwards off of Starr, which allows Starr to get up to her feet and grab Lewes by the hair. Starr, with a handful of hair, runs and tosses Olivia Lewes halfway across the ring!! Lewes sits up holding her hair as Karla Starr runs across the ring and then connects with a baseball slide right into the small of the back!)

TRIPP: "Like I said .. you don’t want to make Starr mad!"

JULIUS: "Maybe you don’t … but if she’s this feisty in the ring .. imagine what she could do in be…"

TRIPP: "I’d rather not get into that, Dean…"

(Olivia Lewes uses the ropes to get to her feet as she holds her back … and Karla Starr wastes no time in picking her up and dropping her down across the knee … Starr pushes the jaw of Lewes back as she continues to stretch her back over the knee .. Lewes tries to use her hands to free herself, and by some struck of luck hits the ropes nearby. The referee forces the break. Starr tosses Lewes to the ground and then begins to stomp on her limbs. The referee forces Starr back so the challenger can get to her feet.)

JULIUS: "Aww, c’mon man .. let these two go at it!"

(Lewes gets back up and shakes off any cobwebs she might have had before coming out .. She attempts to lock up with Starr, but Starr drops down with a drop toe hold causing Lewes to come crashing down! Starr grabs the leg of Lewes and tries to lock on a single leg Boston Crab, but Lewes manages to struggle out of it. She tries to scramble to the ropes, but Starr catches her legs and pulls her into the center of the ring. Lewes flips on her back to try to protect herself, but Karla Starr is too quick for her, and drops an elbow right into the sternum. Starr makes a weak cover …

ONE ..

TWO ..


Karla Starr brings Lewes up with her as she gets to her feet … and twists Lewes around before connecting with a swinging neckbreaker! She tries again ..

ONE ..


Karla Starr gets to her knees and begins to choke Olivia Lewes, causing the referee to count!)

TRIPP: "And Karla Starr looks like she is trying to strangle Lewes to death!"

JULIUS: "How would you feel if everyone you know has been pushing your opponent as the "next best thing!?" Karla Starr is the Women’s Heavyweight Champion .. and there were rumblings backstage that Lewes would be the one to end that title run!"

TRIPP: "Well right now this match has been all Karla Starr!"

(Starr releases the hold before the ref gets to four and stands up. With a sneer on her face she raises her hands in the air causing the fans to jeer even more loudly. This puts a smirk on her face as she bends down to pick up Lewes …. BUT LEWES COUNTERS WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!

ONE ..

TWO ..


Starr rolls out of it and drops down to beat Lewes in the face with some open hands … Lewes gets so overwhelmed that she covers her face. This doesn’t stop Starr though who continues to wail on the challenger. Finally Karla Starr stops and grabs Lewes by the hair bringing her to her feet. She tosses her into the corner.)

TRIPP: "And Olivia Lewes almost snuck a fast one by Karla Starr.. who knows how many tenths of a second away we were from a new Women’s champion!"

JULIUS: "But she failed, Tripp. Olivia Lewes has been on the defensive pretty much all match. Karla Starr has shown why she is the ONLY Women’s champion so far …."

(Karla Starr walks into the corner with Lewes …



And she slaps her directly across the face! Starr grabs onto Lewes’ arm and irish whips her across the rin… NO! REVERSAL! …. NO! STARR REVERSES! With the double reversal Olivia Lewes goes crashing chest first into the turnbuckle full speed! Karla Starr catches her from behind … and takes her over with a german suplex!

ONE ..

TWO ..


TRIPP: "Quick exchange of moves there and Karla Starr was only seconds away from wrapping this thing up!"

JULIUS: "Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Tripp.. this match is the PREMIERE match of the night .. it can’t just end after a few minutes!"

TRIPP: "The Television title match is the premiere match, Dean.."

JULIUS: "Not for me!"

(Starr grabs Lewes and brings her to a standing position. Olivia Lewes gets a burst of energy and knocks the wind out of the Women’s champion! Lewes bounces off the ropes and comes in at Starr, but Starr ducks. Olivia Lewes manages to stop her momentum and catch Karla off guard and sends her into the ropes with an irish whip … and on the return … GETS TAKEN DOWN WITH A FLYING CROSS BODY! Karla Starr quickly on top for the cover …

ONE ..




Starr hits the mat in frustration before getting to her feet and grabbing the legs of Lewes. Lewes, whose still groggy, can’t stop the Women’s champion from locking on a Boston Crab this time .. and she is definitely in pain as Starr leans back.)


JULIUS: "Right when Olivia Lewes was about to make a comeback, Starr rips it away.. that’s the mark of a TRUE champion!"

TRIPP: "I don’t think anyone doubts that Starr is the true champion, Dean."

JULIUS: "But you sit there and sing the praises of Olivia Lewes everytime she’s on the air."

TRIPP: "That’s not true!"

(The referee gets down to ask Lewes if she wants to give in, but she hangs in there … until Karla Starr reaches out and grabs onto the middle ropes for leverage! Lewes screams in pain!)

TRIPP: "Starr is using the ropes!"

(The referee looks up to see what caused the outburst, but Starr had released the ropes so he asks her what’s going on. She shakes her head…)

JULIUS: "Smart."

(He goes back to asking Lewes if she wants to submit .. when out of nowhere she screams again! The referee looks up just in time to see Karla Starr releasing the ropes and he orders her to release the hold!)

JULIUS: "Aw fuck it! Don’t do it! Break her!"

TRIPP: "She’d be disqualified!"

JULIUS: "She can’t lose the title though!"

(Starr releases the Boston Crab, but goes straight back to work by driving some forearms into the back of Lewes. The referee backs her up, but Starr grabs the hair of Lewes and tosses her across the ring with it. Starr then charges in as Lewes supports herself in the corner … and STINGER SPLASHES LEWES!)

TRIPP: "There’s a move I haven’t seen in a while!"

(Karla Starr irish whips Olivia Lewes across the ring and follows in closely behind .. and CLOTHESLINES HER RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Olivia Lewes stumbles out of the corner …



Karla Starr connects with a superkick!)


TRIPP: "Karla Starr has just FLOORED Olivia Lewes!! She bounced off the ropes and caught Lewes just as she turned around with that superkick!!! AND NOW SHE IS HEADING UP TOP!"

(The crowd begins to go crazy as Lewes heads to the top turnbuckle… some fans in the top row are trying to distract her by yelling obscenities … but Karla Starr winks at them … AND FLIES OFF…)


(Starr hooks …




SFX: Bell rings!)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match …. AND STILLLLLLL New ERA of Wrestling Women’s Heavyweight Champion ……. KARLA STARR!"

(Starr looks at the body of Olivia Lewes and spits on her before taking the title from the referee and walking to the back.)

TRIPP: "WOW! Karla Starr just manhandled the #1 contender to her title …."

JULIUS: "Everyone was singing Lewes’ praises .. and the Women’s Champion just came out here and obliterated her!"

TRIPP: "What an amazing display by Karla Starr .. with Caitlyn Daymon on maternity leave… well.. who can stop her!?"

JULIUS: "NO ONE! Hahaha!"

TRIPP: "We’ve got to go to commercial …. But when we come back … tonight’s main event … the Television title is ON THE LINE!"

Friendly Advice

(CUTTO: Backstage. Mr. Entertainment is taking a gulp out of a water bottle when out of nowhere Jason Payne appears. Mr. Entertainment takes a few steps backwards as he was caught offguard.)

PAYNE: "Hey man. I just wanted to let you know .. you need to stay focused on MWG tonight if you want to walk away with the Television title. Don’t try to entertain. Don’t try to be some sort of showman. Just go out there, outwrestle MWG, and walk away with the title."

(Mr. Entertainment raises an eyebrow and sorta huffs at Jason Payne before blowing right by him.)

PAYNE: "Just wrestle him! I’ll be rooting for you, man!"

(FADETO: Commercial as Jason Payne smiles and bounces his head in support of Mr. Entertainment.)


(We cut back to ringside. Jason Tripp and Dean Julius are sitting at the announce table and both are looking at the camera.)

TRIPP: "Welcome back fans .. strange things happening here on RAPTURE .. first Caitlyn Daymon announces she is pregnant .. then we hear about some sort of financial crisis in New ERA … and now … well, now Jason Payne, who attacked Mark Matix and Jaz Moundfield earlier tonight in a rage …. Just gave some advice to Mr. Entertainment on how he can win the title from MWG!"

JULIUS: "Strange indeed, Jason. I just can’t believe how normal Payne seemed! Mr. Entertainment on the other hand just blew him off … and that’s probably what he needed to do. Payne’s been a short fuse… and taking advice from him could actually HURT Mr. Entertainment’s chances at winning the title tonight … afterall, he is the most entertaining wrestler on the roster!"

(CUEUP: ‘The Perfect Drug’ by NIN. The fans come to their feet as New ERA of Wrestling President Marcus LaRoque comes through the curtains.)

JULIUS: "He’s not supposed to be coming out right now…"

(LaRoque continues down until he reaches the announce table. He puts on a pair of headphones.)

LaROQUE: "Evening."

TRIPP: "Why President LaRoque, what a great surprise!"

LaROQUE: "Thought I’d come down and offer some help…"

JULIUS: "Fire Tripp over there … that’s all we need."

TRIPP: "Hey!"

JULIUS: "And what’s this news about trouble?!"

LaROQUE: "Don’t worry about that, Dean. Juliet Marceau and I have worked everything out. There’s going to be some changes around here .. and it’s going to start tonight."

TRIPP: "Changes? Like what?"

LaROQUE: "Funny you should mention that .. and funny you should mention firing, Dean……… we’re canceling RAPTURE after tonight."

(Both Julius and Tripp are dead quiet.)

TRIPP: "Exc.. excuse me?"

LaROQUE: "RAPTURE costs us too much money right now, guys .. and we need to save money. It was either cancel RAPTURE or continue to lose money and eventually have to fire EVERYONE."


LaROQUE: "Actually, Jason’s a backstage interviewer on RAUCOUS…."

(Tripp wipes the sweat off his forehead and looks relieved.)

JULIUS: "And what do I do?"

LaROQUE: "Monster.com?"


LaROQUE: "Listen. RAUCOUS is our show. It brings in more people, brings in more money .. and quite frankly .. it is all we need right now. RAPTURE will come back in the future … and it’s been a great experience to have .. but right here, right now … will be the last match on RAPTURE for a long, long time."

TRIPP: "I .. I don’t know what to say….."

LaROQUE: "Something about Carl Jacobs?"

(Jason Tripp still looks stunned…)

TRIPP: "Let’s go down to Brandon Jacobs in the ring…"

LaROQUE: "Carl…"

TRIPP: "Yea .. yea .. Carl…."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring as the lineup for the main event comes on screen.)

Television Championship

Mr. Entertainment vs MWG (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is tonight’s MAIN EVENT …. It is for the New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘That’s Entertainment!’ by the Jam. Mr. Entertainment exudes confidence as he walks down to the ring!)

JACOBS: "He hails from Ashland, Oregon … he is the #1 Contender to the TV title …. MISTER ENTERTAINMENT!"

LaROQUE: "Mr. Entertainment is a high class wrestler… he really showed us something at International Intrigue .. and with neither Cameron Cruise or the Insurgent wanting the title shot .. I thought it was only fitting that Mr. Entertainment got it."

JULIUS: "Do you have to be here?"

TRIPP: "Er.. I think he meant, it’s a pleasure to have you here…"

JULIUS: "No….."

TRIPP: "Shut it, Dean."

JACOBS: "And now …. Hailing from where the sun shines and the birds sing…."

(CUEUP: ‘Faggot’ by Mindless Self Indulgence. The lights go low and MWG comes out in a zebra print trenchcoat, the Television title on a rainbow colored strap..)


(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "Well these two men look to be in great condition. Mr. Entertainment as always looks extremely fit … and MWG looks very … very…. Well… he looks ready."

JULIUS: "Ready for what is the problem…"

(Mr. Entertainment turns around to play to the fans, and as he does MWG runs over o him and drives his head into the lower region of the spine causing Mr. Entertainment to bend forward … MWG then pulls Entertainment’s arm around so they are facing each other…. And follows that up by kicking the leg of Mr. Entertainment to destabilize him! MWG with some shots to the head …. And Mr. Entertainment finally gets into the game as he tries to fight back with MWG. Mr. Entertainment with a shot to the gut of MWG stops him for a second … and MWG grabs the hair of Mr. Entertainment and drops him to the mat! MWG now drops down with him and he covers him by lying right on top of him!



Mr. Entertainment quickly pushes MWG off of him and gets to his feet with his fists in the air. MWG looks at him with a gleam in his eye and blows him a kiss.)

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment has to be careful of MWG .. this guy can play a million mind tricks on you."

JULIUS: "Who says he’s playing, Tripp?"

LaROQUE: "I haven’t quite figured MWG out yet … all I know is that he’s a hell of a wrestler."

(MWG slowly gets up and walks around, never taking his eye off Mr. Entertainment.)

JULIUS: "Maybe Mr. Entertainment should have taken Jason Payne’s advice…"

LaROQUE: "Payne’s still in the building???"

TRIPP: "We just saw him not even 10 minutes ago."

LaROQUE: "Oh God…"

(LaRoque gets up…)

LaROQUE: "I’m sorry to leave so soon… but I want to make sure we find Payne before … well, before anything gets out of hand."

(He leaves.)

TRIPP: "Well then…"

(Mr. Entertainment and MWG meet in the middle of the ring … they lock up and immediately Mr. Entertainment goes behind the Television champion and locks him around the waist. MWG is quick to thrust himself backwards into the waist of Entertainment and Entertainment quickly releases the hold. MWG spins around and slugs him in the face. Before Mr. Entertainment has a chance to react, MWG drops down and fireman carries him to the mat. MWG has him in a chin lock .. and he bites the top of his head!)

JULIUS: "He’s biting him!"

TRIPP: "The referee quick to intervene and MWG has to release the chinlock."

(Mr. Entertainment crawls away as fast as he can and holds the top of his head. MWG smiles at him and purses his lips. Mr. Entertainment scowls at MWG and gets to his feet. MWG stays on his knees and waves Mr. Entertainment to come after him. Entertainment obliges by dropkicking him square in the face! Mr. Entertainment quickly follows it up with a pin attempt…



And Mr. Entertainment curses as he hops off of MWG. MWG’s hand is still cuffed as Mr. Entertainment yells at the ref that MWG just grabbed him!)

JULIUS: "Did he …"

TRIPP: "MWG will do anything … or anyone … to win."

JULIUS: "That was just wrong…"

(The referee warns MWG about inappropriate touching as MWG gets back to his feet. MWG comes towards Mr. Entertainment, but is stopped when Mr. Entertainment kicks him in the stomach. Doubled over, MWG has no chance to block the DDT. Entertainment wastes no time in getting back to his feet. He watches carefully as MWG starts to get up .. and as soon as MWG is getting to his feet, Mr. Entertainment sunset flips over his crouched body ...



MWG manages to kickout. Mr. Entertainment wisely keeps on the attack as he catches MWG getting up and irish whips him into the ropes. Mr. Entertainment comes off the opposite ropes and catches MWG right beneath the chin with a flying forearm!

ONE ..


MWG kicks out again!)

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment with some quick pin attempts.."

JULIUS: "Would you want to spend more time than you had to with MWG?"

TRIPP: "Not re…"

JULIUS: "Of course you would, why did I even ask?"

TRIPP: "Again, I like women, Dean…"

JULIUS: "Tell it to the judge."

(Mr. Entertainment grabs the legs of MWG and tries to turn him onto his stomach. MWG struggles with Entertainment … and eventually kicks him away. MWG kips up … just to get clotheslined back to the mat! Mr. Entertainment grabs MWG and throws him into the ropes. Entertainment puts his head down as MWG comes back … and MWG takes advantage of the situation by grabbing his head and slamming it into the mat! MWG then gets into the face of Mr. Entertainment…)

JULIUS: "I did not come to work tonight to see man on man action… quite the opposite really!"

TRIPP: "MWG saying something to Mr. Entertainment … AND NOW HE’S BITING MR. ENTERTAINMENT’s NOSE!"

(MWG lets go after a while and Mr. Entertainment rolls onto his stomach clutching his nose which is now bleeding. MWG’s eyes open wide as he hops on top of Mr. Entertainment causing him to rolls over onto his stomach .. which was an even worse move. MWG pins Mr. Entertainments arms above his head and the ref goes down for the count…

ONE ..

TWO ..


Mr. Entertainment kicks out. Entertainment nails MWG with a stiff fist to the jaw causing him to fall backwards. Mr. Entertainment has a fire lit under his ass as he gets to his feet quickly and begins nailing MWG with left hooks. MWG wobbles backwards into the ropes and Entertainment runs in for the clothesline .. AND CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!)

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment is like a man possessed!"

JULIUS: "Well, after seeing what MWG did to Jason Payne, it doesn’t surprise me!"

TRIPP: "Entertainment now slides under the bottom rope and both men are on the outside."

JULIUS: "Mr. Entertainment needs to keep track of time. He doesn’t want to get a double countout like Frost did earlier … he can’t win the title that way!"

(Mr. Entertainment grabs MWG by the head and slams it into the steel steps. MWG takes a few steps before falling flat on his face. Mr. Entertainment grabs him by the waist and picks him up… before hitting an implant DDT onto the arena floor!)

JULIUS: "That’s gotta hurt!"

TRIPP: "MWG might have pushed Mr. Entertainment a bit too far.."

(Entertainment grabs MWG’s arm and yanks him to his feet. MWG is then irish whipped .. RIGHT INTO THE STEEL POST! MWG spins around … and gets kneed in the stomach by Mr. Entertainment! Entertainment grabs his head … AND BULLDOGS HIM TO THE FLOOR!)

JULIUS: "Mr. Entertainment really taking it to the Television champion now!"

TRIPP: "The referee getting awfully close to a ten count .. he’s at seven!"

(Unlike Frost, however, Mr. Entertainment rolls MWG into the ring and slides in after him as the referee gets to nine. Mr. Entertainment rolls MWG onto his back and makes the cover..

ONE ..

TWO ..


NOOOOO! MWG got the shoulder up at the last moment!)

TRIPP: "I thought he had him there!"

(Mr. Entertainment gets to his feet and looks around … and now he brings MWG up … he picks him up by his waist .. and hits an inverted atomic drop. BUT MWG SWIVELS HIS WAIST AROUND AS HE HITS IT! MWG’s eyes just popped open … AND HE GRABS MR. ENTERTAINMENT BY THE FACE … AND PLANTS A KISS!)

TRIPP: "…."

JULIUS: "…."


(Mr. Entertainment pushes him off and begins to wipe his mouth vehemently … and as he does, MWG bounces off the far ropes and charges in at him … AND HOPS ON HIM WITH A LOU THESZ PRE… NO!!!)


JULIUS: "Here comes trouble!!"

(Jason Payne runs from behind the curtain and he’s carrying a chair!)

TRIPP: "I guess President LaRoque didn’t find him in time!"

(As this happens, Mr. Entertainment has bounced back up and he catches MWG coming off the ropes from the stun gun … and he rolls him up… THAT’s ENTERTAINMENT!)


(The ref goes down …




NOOO!! Jason Payne pulls the referee from under the bottom rope … AND HE NAILS HIM WITH A FIST! Now the ref goes down for real!)

JULIUS: "What is Jason Payne doing?!?"

TRIPP: "Jason Payne just cost Mr. Entertainment the title!"

(Mr. Entertainment looks around and sees Jason Payne standing over the referee on the ground … and now Entertainment begins to scream at Jason Payne!)

TRIPP: "Jason Payne getting an earful from Mr. Entertainment … and … Jason Payne is leaving?!?!"

JULIUS: "Jason Payne just apologized!"

(Payne turns to leave as Mr. Entertainment goes through the middle ropes to wake the referee …




JULIUS: "That was a homerun swing if I’ve EVER seen one!"

(Mr. Entertainment slumps onto the second rope as Jason Payne suddenly has a crazed smile on his face…he picks up the referee and rolls him into the ring .. BEFORE GETTING IN HIMSELF!)


(Payne gets into the ring … AND BEGINS TO GYRATE!)

JULIUS: "…."

TRIPP: "…."

FANS: "…."

(Jason Payne runs over to a still down MWG and drags him over to Mr. Entertainment. Payne drapes MWG’s arm over Mr. Entertainment … and then grabs the referee’s arm!




SFX: Bell rings!!!)


JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen ………. The winner of this match ……… and STIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION CHAMPION ………… EM DUBBYA GEE!!"

(Jason Payne looks down at MWG, still smiling wildly, and then slides to the outside and gets the Television title from the timekeeper.)

JULIUS: "Where is Krist Blue? Where is she when MWG needs her most!"

(Payne gets back into the ring … and raises the title over his head … BEFORE SHOVING IT DOWN THE FRONT OF HIS PANTS!)

TRIPP: "I think Jason Payne has gone insane!"


(Payne has a look of sheer ecstasy on his face as he rubs the title back and forth in his pants… he then takes it out and tosses it onto the body of MWG.)

TRIPP: "I can’t believe it … I just… can’t believe what I am seeing right now."

(Jason Payne , still with an utterly crazed look on his face, stares down at the two men lying in the ring as RAPTURE fades out…)

( the end )