[ Colisee Pepsi ] Quebec City, Quebec


TAPED: May 28, 2005
AIRED: Jun. 13, 2005

(FADEIN: Outside of the Colisee Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada a few hours before the show. There is a line of people waiting patiently for the doors to open, some of them wearing the shirts of their favorite superstars. There are a bunch of people even wearing black masks in anticipation of finding out who the masked man was at this past RAUCOUS … FASTFORWARD: Through the wait as fans dart back and forth and into the arena as the doors open.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Tonight … we come one step closer to International Intrigue as New ERA of Wrestling invades QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC, CANADA for RAPTURE!"

(Blackness. CUEUP: ‘The Perfect Drug’ by NIN as flashes of your favorite New ERA stars come across the screen. DREDD, Caitlyn Daymon , Cameron Cruise quickly flash by. Then flashes of the new guys, such as Rex Reynolds , Dallas Carter , and Moralis Candoom flash across the screen. Finally, Karla Starr comes on screen, followed by a split screen of MWG and Jason Payne which fades in on top of Starr, and lastly, Jean Rabesque, who remains on the screen, the New ERA World title held above his head as the logo for New ERA RAPTURE slowly overtakes him and is in place in the center of the shot.)

(CUTTO: A huge blast of pyro as the camera is now inside the Colisee Pepsi as thousands of fans are screaming and waving to the camera as it passes them by. CUTTO: Ringside with Jason Tripp, Nick Jive, and future RAPTURE colorman Dean Julius.)

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone to the historic city of Quebec ! I am Jason Tripp and with me for the very last time on RAPTURE as my color commentator is Nick Jive … and with us is the man who will replace him, Dean Julius."

JIVE: "Woah, woah, Tripp.. no one can replace Nick Jive."

JULIUS: "Yea, c’mon now. Give me some credit. I’m here to save this god damned show."

(Jive shoots Julius a glare, but Julius just shrugs his shoulders at him.)

TRIPP: "Guys lets be civil.. Nick Jive will finally have his wish granted as he returns to sole duty on RAUCOUS .. and Dean Julius is here for his first complete show as color commentator … and what a show we have scheduled!"

JULIUS: "Key word there is scheduled. We had two P©X Quarterfinals matches scheduled for the 02.17.05 edition of RAUCOUS … but in the end they never took place and two newcomers got those open spots."

JIVE: "Yea .. what a crock of bologna that was."

TRIPP: "Well tonight I can assure you that every single match will take place .. and we’ll even get some more information on who this masked man is … the same masked man who attacked five men on RAUCOUS … and thanks to him … John Doe is no longer medically cleared to wrestle at International Intrigue!"

JULIUS: "Yea, what a smart move there, huh? Let’s injure the man who’s going to beat the living shit out of Jean Rabesque …. Now Rabesque and Alister Hayze have the upper hand."

JIVE: "Well tell me, Tripp.. do we know who is taking Doe’s spot? Will it be that masked man like he demanded?"

TRIPP: "I’m not sure yet, Nick.. we haven’t received any word from management on the situation .. I’m not even sure they’ve made up their minds yet!"

JULIUS: "Typical. There’s so much red tape in that lockerroom to make a man choke to death."

TRIPP: "I’m sure we’ll get some of those answers tonight here in Quebec City … but let’s take a look at the action we know we’re going to have!"

JIVE: "Well, you can count yourself off that list, Tripp."

JULIUS: "No, Nick .. his hand hasn’t gotten back to him yet."

JIVE: "Ah, so there’s hope for you left.."

TRIPP: "Oh come on you guys … jeez, we’re not even on the air 10 minutes."

JULIUS: "I’ll have to work quicker next time…"

(Jason Tripp shakes his head as he sighs.)

TRIPP: "We’re going to start tonight’s show off with another preview of a match that’s taking place at International Intrigue .. this time a scheduled preview … as Trevor Cane and Travis Smith will both be in action in a Fatal Fourway match with ‘Undisputed’ Jason Hawke and ‘the Dynasty’ Ace McAllister ."

JIVE: "Smith and Cane had a knockdown battle at RAUCOUS … in a boiler room of all places, and both men got beat up pretty bad. Smith came out victorious .. and I have a feeling that by throwing in two more wrenches … Smith and Cane just might have their attention diverted enough to cause both to fall prey to either Hawke or McAllister."

JULIUS: "I disagree. I don’t think that Hawke nor McAllister are going to play that big a deal in tonight’s match. We’ve seen great things out of Jason Hawke in the past … but his last match was a dud … and I think that tonight, where there’s only one fall in the match, that Travis Smith is going to walk out with his arms raised …"

TRIPP: "Either way that match should be a sight to see … in our second match of the evening Mr. Entertainment will be taking on Jenro Electrovolt… we haven’t heard much from Jenro since he came into New ERA …"

JULIUS: "But I like what I’ve seen so far. The kid had enough smarts to try to cheat his way to victory in the newcomer battle royal this past RAUCOUS .. and while it might have backfired … the heart was there. Mr. Entertainment is a tough competitor, though. He ended up on the short end of the triple threat match with Insurgent and Cameron Cruise .. but he has been paying his dues and I think he gets more entertaining everytime I see him… and if you can’t handle the pun, then fuck you."

TRIPP: "Well that wasn’t neces…"

JULIUS: "Get used to it, Tripp.. because I’m here for the long haul."

TRIPP: "Great."

JIVE: "Mr. Entertainment is focused. He’s had two matches that haven’t ended up in his favor .. and I think he’s ready to finally put his foot down."

TRIPP: "Up next on the agenda we have Olivia Lewes , who made a stellar impact on RAUCOUS by defeating Krist Blue in her debut, taking on the #1 contender to the Women’s Championship, Caitlyn Daymon …"

JULIUS: "Two mighty fine women.. I don’t care who wins .. as long as she celebrates in my lockerroom after the show."

JIVE: "Hell, the loser can come reflect on her performance in my lockerroom after the show if she needs to .. I can be very … very consoling."

JULIUS: "So you’ve got that ethanol ready?"

JIVE: "WHAT?! How dare you insinu.."

TRIPP: "THIS MATCH … is one that I’m sure our Women’s Champion Karla Starr will be watching VERY closely.. not only does she need to defend her title against Caitlyn Daymon .. the former friend she viciously turned against … but she also has a future challenger in Olivia Lewes … who proved her worth by defeating Krist Blue… if anything, I think both of these women are already winners here tonight."

JULIUS: "What a crock of shi.."

TRIPP: "Dean!"

JULIUS: "Yes, mother?"

TRIPP: "Oh God… Anyway .. New ERA’s women’s division is growing stronger and stronger … and with the addition of Lewes and hopefully some newcomers in the next few weeks we’ll see some incredible action … speaking of Karla Starr and the Women’s Championship … we’ll see a non-title match tonight featuring the Women’s Champion … as she takes on Felicia Hart ."

JULIUS: "Hopefully Felicia Hart will prove to be a bit more dependable than her counterpart Shawn Hart … we haven’t even heard from her yet… who knows if she’s even going to show up!"

JIVE: "I thought the same thing, Dean … except I found out before the show that Felicia had been having some problems getting to Quebec .. something about a car battery dying .. a chicken coop and MWG stealing her underwear.. I dunno. But I do know she is in the arena."

TRIPP: "Felicia Hart is another great asset to the division … but hearing from Karla Starr and not from Felicia makes you wonder how focused she really is …"

JULIUS: "She doesn’t have to be focused.. just come out and look pretty."

TRIPP: "Maybe in other promotions, Dean .. here in New ERA the women have to have talent to succeed … that’s what makes our division different than others…"

JIVE: "What others? I only see New ERA’s division."

TRIPP: "Another reason why New ERA of Wrestling is the place to be!"

JULIUS: "All this useless shilling is hurting my head.."

TRIPP: "Fine, fine.. Tonight’s main event has been on everyone’s mind this past week as we have the semifinals of the PRODIGY Classic Xtreme title tournament … with Chaos taking on Thomas Lombardi ."

JULIUS: "You mean, ‘the Real FUCKIN Deal’ Thomas Lombardi ."

TRIPP: "I prefer Thomas Lombardi ."

JULIUS: "You Puritan prick."

JIVE: "Chaos utterly demolished the Sinner on RAUCOUS to get to the semifinals .. and tonight’s match is a Taipei death match? Ha.. good luck Lombardi."

TRIPP: "Chaos went through Sinner to get to the semifinals .. and Thomas Lombardi was one of the three finalists in the newcomer battle royal this past RAUCOUS … which automatically ensured him a shot in the semifinals.. unfortunately for him he is matched up against one of the most vicious wrestlers I have ever seen wrestle."

JULIUS: "You apparently have never been to a Rabesque family dinner…"

TRIPP: "Now, now! I see we’re getting a little testy right now .. so we’re going to take a commercial break … but when we come back … we’ll kick off tonight’s festivities with the FATAL FOURWAY match!"


(CUTTO: The parking lot. A white Jaguar pulls up to the security gate. A small chubby security guard comes down from his perch and walks up to the window. Sitting in the driver’s seat is a man .. wearing a black mask. Immediately the security guard is reaching for his walkie talkie…)

MAN: "No.. no. Wait. I am supposed to be here. Don’t worry about the mask."

(The security guard takes his hand away from the walkie talkie and walks over to the car, his belly now sticking out even further has he regains some swagger. He speaks with a heavy French Canadian accent.)

SECURITYGUARD: "Your .. papers. Let me see them."

(The masked man reaches across to the passengers’ seat glove compartment and pulls out his worker permit. He hands them to the man.)

MAN: "Here you go. But remember. You’re the only person who will see these and if word leaks that I’m here … you’ll be sorry."

(The security guard huffs at the threat and looks down at the permit. His shakes his head and does a double take. He quickly passes the permit and begins to open the gate.)

SECURITYGUARD: "I’m … sorry. So sorry. Please, go in. I will not say nothing. I give you my word."

(The security guard stands on his little perch and looks straight forward. The masked man chuckles a bit as he slowly drives past him.)

MAN: "Remember. No one."


(The masked man hands him a $20 Canadian bill and pulls in. The security guard shuts the gates … a look of great anticipation on his face.)


(CUTTO: Ringside.)


JIVE: "Don’t have a brain aneurysm now.."

TRIPP: "People better be on alert backstage .. who knows who he’ll attack next … we saw what he did at RAUCOUS … and if he wants to be put in that match bad enough … why .. I don’t know what will happen!"

JULIUS: "Take a Xanax will you? Obviously he’s not here to attack anyone .. elsewise why do you think he just drove up to the gate?"

JIVE: "I better get one of my guys out to that guard… he saw his work permit .. so he knows who is under that mask!"

TRIPP: "It must be someone important … the way the guard reacted makes me think that it’s someone important…"

JULIUS: "How ‘bout we just focus on this next match .. I want to spend as little time with you as possible."

TRIPP: "We’ve got our first match almost underway.. the fatal fourway … Travis Smith and Trevor Cane have a history starting from our first RAUCOUS in Canada … and they have slowly but surely been building this hatred for one another up …. And tonight they meet again in the ring, joined by Jason Hawke and Ace McAllister."

JIVE: "What we’re going to see tonight is a total melt down. Travis Smith got the upperhand last RAUCOUS .. and no matter how much Cane talks about focus … you know he’s got to be questioning himself after letting the last match get away from him."

TRIPP: "Let’s go to Carl Jacobs for the ring introductions…"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the ring as the lineup comes on screen.)

Fatal Fourway
Travis Smith vs Trevor Cane vs Jason Hawke vs Ace McAllister

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL …. And is a FATAL FOURWAY match! All four men will be in the ring at one time .. but only the person who makes the pin will be victorious! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Anxiety’ by Black Eyed Peas as Ace McAllister comes through the curtain to little heat. Jade follows behind him to a bigger reaction.)

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by Jade … currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada… he stands five foot ten and weighs 230 pounds …. ‘the DYNASTY’ ACE McALLISTER!"

TRIPP: "Ace McAllister looks like he’s ready for tonight’s battle…"

JIVE: "Who the hell is looking at McAllister? All eyes are on that bombshell Jade!"

(CUEUP: ‘Hollow Ground’ by Hatebreed. ‘Undisputed’ Jason Hawke walks out with Nikki Hawke to jeers from the crowd.)

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by Nikki…. He hails from Wilsonville, Ontario, Canada…. Standing six foot two and weighing 252 pounds …. ‘UNDISPUTED’ JASON HAWKE!"

JULIUS: "Now THERE’s a bombshell! OUCH! Legs that just don’t stop!"

TRIPP: "This match is about the four MEN who will be in the ring …. So let’s keep our focus there…"

(CUEUP: ‘Forever’ by Kid Rock. Travis Smith walks out to some large jeers as he throws his hands in the air.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio … he stands five foot seven and weighs 175 pounds …. ‘Too Sweet’ TRAVIS SMITH!"

JIVE: "Can you say disadvantaged? The kid gives up 3 inches and 40+ pounds to the next smallest competitor."

TRIPP: "But as we saw on RAUCOUS that won’t stop him…"

(CUEUP: ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy. The lights dim as Trevor Cane steps through the curtains to loud jeers.)

JACOBS: "And finally … hailing from Sarasota, Florida … standing six foot five and weighing 263 pounds…. ‘the Messenger’ TREVOR CANE!"

(SFX: Bell rings. As it does Travis Smith immediately runs over to Cane and starts walloping him with left hooks. Cane tries to protect his forehead, which was badly burnt in the boilerroom brawl between the two on RAUCOUS. Jason Hawke gives Nikki a quick peck on the cheek before he walks up behind Smith and catches him off guard. Hawke grabs Smith’s arms and locks them up so that Trevor Cane can come on the offensive with some fists of his own.)

TRIPP: "This match is underway … and Travis Smith immediately went after the injuries of Cane’s that he inflicted on RAUCOUS…"

JULIUS: "That’s what any intelligent person would do, dumbass.."

JIVE: "Ace McAllister is still in the other corner stretching … THAT’s intelligent."

(Cane gets in some last blows before he bounces off the ropes. He flies at Smith with a flying forearm, but Smith breaks free and Cane ends up nailing Hawke taking them both to the mat. As Cane gets to his feet Travis Smith grabs a hold of his tights and throws him into the ropes. Cane bounces off and gets a boot into the gut from Smith. Travis Smith tries to DDT Cane to the mat but Jason Hawke grabs onto his tights and rolls him up …


Smith easily kicked out before the ref could finish the one count and he gets up … as he does so Trevor Cane clotheslines him to the mat. Ace McAllister comes out from the corner after letting this all transpire and grabs Hawke from behind. He tries to bring him over with a belly to back suplex, but Hawke elbows him in the face before he can. McAllister turns to walk away, but Hawke grabs his hair and brings him over to the corner before proceeding to smash him face first into the top turnbuckle.)

TRIPP: "Ace McAllister finally in the match now … but I don’t think it’s the way he originally planned…"

JULIUS: "If I were McAllister I would have let them fight it out until they were dead and bleeding."

JIVE: "Or at least weak enough to finish off."

JULIUS: "Well that’s implied."

(Trevor Cane picks Travis Smith off the mat and sends him into the corner. As he does so he looks over at Jason Hawke who nods at him. In sync they irish whip both men across the ring. The two men hit and both fall to the mat. Jason Hawke gets down to make the cover on Ace McAllister but Trevor Cane rips him off before the ref has a chance to make the count… Hawke gets to his feet and shoves Cane back. Cane mouths something to Hawke which causes Hawke to come charging in at Cane, who counters with a drop toe hold. Floating over, Trevor Cane locks the head of Hawke and tries to grab at his free arm. Hawke manages to use Cane’s momentary pause to turn him over…


TW… kickout.

Cane hops back to his feet and starts putting the boots to Jason Hawke.. he drops down to his knees and grabs the head of Hawke and starts rubbing it face first into the mat.)

JULIUS: "Trevor Cane is introducing the face of Jason Hawke to the mat … I’m guessing he thinks that they’ll be spending a lot more time together."

TRIPP: "What Cane needs to do is watch out for Travis Smith .. Smith is slowly getting to his feet and you better believe that Cane will be his first target."

JIVE: "Either that or maybe a wrestling school…"

(As Cane continues to rub the face of Hawke into the mat, Travis Smith gets to his feet. Smith shakes a few cobwebs out before walking up behind ‘the Messenger’.. Smith locks his arms around Cane’s neck and locks on a sleeper … Cane releases the head of Hawke, who rolls out of the way … and tries to get Travis Smith off his back. Ace McAllister gets to his feet and walks over to Jason Hawke. Hawke uses the ropes to get to his knees and as he rests on the ropes, McAllister charges and hops onto his back causing Hawke to be choked by the ropes.)

JULIUS: "Ah, the old pounce on the back while the opponent is resting on the ropes trick. An oldie, but always a goodie."

TRIPP: "Hawke wasn’t using the best ring awareness there.. but that can be expected from time to time."

(McAllister continues to choke Hawke .. this time by hopping up and down on his back.)

JIVE: "That’s it .. give him a little time to breathe in air .. then force it out!"

(Smith has Trevor Cane down on the mat and he looks like he’s almost out of it. The referee grabs one of his arms and lifts it in the air … and it drops! The referee lifts his arm again ... AND IT FALLS AGAIN! The referee goes to lift his arm a third time but Ace McAllister comes by and stomps on the head of Travis Smith breaking up the submission attempt. McAllister grabs Smith’s head and brings him to his feet. After a right hook McAllister hooks the tights and goes for a suplex. However Travis Smith blocks the attempt and punches McAllister in the gut. Smith quickly reverses the hold and snap suplexes Ace McAllister … AND McALLISTER LANDS RIGHT ON TOP OF TREVOR CANE!




Trevor Cane rolled his shoulder in the air to break the unintentional pinfall attempt. Smith gets up and sees what he almost did … and Smith now jumps on top of McAllister and hits him with a flurry of fists. Travis Smith grabs the head of ‘the Dynasty’ and starts ramming it into the mat..)

JIVE: "Travis Smith might be the smallest man in this match … but he’s doing pretty damn well for himself."

JULIUS: "As Tripp’s dad can tell you .. it is not the size that matters … its how drunk you get the girl.."


JULIUS: "Or .. its something like that…"

TRIPP: "My parents are HAPPILY married ….. happily AND substance free."

(Smith is ripped off of McAllister by Jason Hawke as he proceeds to club him in the back. Hawke grabs the arm and hooks the leg of Smith before driving him to the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep. Hawke gets to his feet and bends over to pick up Smith, but is sideswiped by Trevor Cane who drills Jason Hawke across the jaw with a stinging right hand. Hawke steps up to Trevor Cane and connects with his own right hand … causing a battle between the two. Cane gets the upper hand and starts backing Hawke into the corner.)

JULIUS: "Trevor Cane using his weight to his advantage. He’s the biggest guy in the ring and might be able to use that when the others begin to tire."

TRIPP: "While Cane is the biggest and doesn’t have to exert as much energy as the other three, that extra body mass could be used against him .. by making him work harder."

(Trevor Cane starts driving knees into the midsection of Hawke in the corner. Cane grabs the arm of Hawke and powers him over out of the ring with a hip toss. Hawke hits the mat and grabs onto his back. Meanwhile, McAllister has gotten back to his feet and has been working Travis Smith over in the opposite corner. McAllister lifts Smith onto the top rope and ascends the ropes with him.)

JIVE: "Ace McAllister taking a chance here .. if it pays off for him that’d be great, but if it backfires, he might be the one who ends this match … and I don’t mean that in a good way."

(McAllister grabs the waist of Travis Smith… but starts to lose his balance!)

TRIPP: "Ace is wobbling on the top rope!"

JULIUS: "If he goes down, Smith comes with him … and those two will be sitting ducks."

(McAllister manages to regain his footing and takes a sigh of relief .. but in the process Trevor Cane has managed to catch what was going on and Is standing at the feet of both men.)


JULIUS: "Cane getting a BRILLIANT idea in his head right now.."

(Indeed he did. Cane climbs onto the second rope and grabs the back of McAllister … McAllister’s eyes open wide as he realizes what is happening, but it’s too late. Cane grabs McAllister, and in effect, Smith, and Razor Edge’s McAllister off the top rope and to the mat!!! In the process McAllister flips Smith over and Smith hits the mat!)

TRIPP: "OH MY LORD!! Cane with that Razor’s Edge …. And McAllister didn’t let go of Smith …. And Travis Smith went flying to the mat!"

JIVE: "Cane using everything and everyone to his advantage … and I think he can taste blood."

JULIUS: "I agree. Trevor Cane has got the confidence right now that everyone else is seemingly lacking."

TRIPP: "If that IS the case then that would be a feather in his cap leading into his match w/ Smith at International Intrigue."

(Trevor Cane picks up Ace McAllister … and he tosses him over the top rope!)

JIVE: "Cane’s bringing this fatal fourway to the fans!"

JULIUS: "Either that or he’s clearing the ring!"

(Cane then picks up Travis Smith and walks him over to the ropes. As he’s about to dump him over he stops. He puts Smith down and then proceeds to lock his arms using the ring ropes!)

TRIPP: "Cane is tying Smith up!"

JULIUS: "He’s going to beat him senseless once he gets Hawke out of the ring!"

(Cane stands in front of Smith who is just starting to regain consciousness..)

TRIPP: "And now he’s taunting him!"

(Cane slaps Travis Smith across the face a few times causing him to open his eyes. Smith tries to move his arms but he can’t. He immediately begins to curse at Trevor Cane.)

JULIUS: "And I thought my mouth was dirty!"

JIVE: "Smith must have been in the navy because he’s got a sailor’s tongue."

TRIPP: "Trevor Cane looks Travis Smith right in the eye … he is NOSE to NOSE with Travis Smith …. And now … now Cane turns and walks away!"

JULIUS: "What the hell is he doing?"

(Cane walks over to Jason Hawke who has gotten to his feet and is resting in the corner being taken care of by Nikki Hawke. Nikki lets out a yelp as Cane grabs Jason’s head and repeatedly bashes it into the turnbuckle pad. The referee, meanwhile, has started trying to free Travis Smith, prompting Cane to drag Hawke over with him as he goes over to the referee.)

TRIPP: "The Messenger warning the referee not to free Travis Smith .. and Smith is yelling bloody murder trying to get himself freed!"

(Cane points a finger at Smith before he kicks Jason Hawke in the stomach. Smith stops yelling as he watches Trevor Cane pick up Jason Hawke and ram him head first into the mat with a piledriver.)


JULIUS: "And Nikki Hawke is on the outside looking on in horror …. Come here baby, I’ll take care of you."

(Cane looks up at Smith and mouths ‘You’re Next’ as he hooks the leg…

ONE ..





SFX: The bell rings as Trevor Cane gets up. The crowd gasps as the lights go out!!)

JULIUS: "What the hell? Whose the smart ass?"

TRIPP: "The lights have gone off .. and now we’re sitting in darkness!"

(BZZZZT! The lights turn on in the arena and in the ring … lying next to Jason Hawke .. is ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith laying face down, a yellow streak painted on his back and his lip busted open. Trevor Cane is nowhere to be seen.)


JIVE: "Cane warned Smith …"

TRIPP: "All I know is that those two men will meet next at International Intrigue in Montreal … and that match will finally bring an end to that dangerous situation between the two."

JULIUS: "That situation might be solved at International Intrigue .. but if you keep on plugging that pay per view, the situation here tonight is going to become dangerous for you!"

TRIPP: "Let’s go to commercial!"

Sharing the Wealth of Knowledge

(CUTTO: The lockerroom of New ERA President Marcus LaRoque. LaRoque is not there, but there is someone sitting in his chair. All we can see are long sleek legs crossed; the top leg bouncing with anticipation of his arrival. On his desk is a manila folder which this woman is running her fingers across, dragging one red fingernail after another across it.)

LaROQUE: "Excuse me?"

(The camera turns to Marcus LaRoque standing in the doorway.)

LaROQUE: "Juliet, you know that I’ve got a lot to do trying to book all the hotels."

(The camera swings around to reveal that the woman sitting in the chair with the legs and fingernails is New ERA Vice President Juliet Marceau. She taps on the manila folder before picking it up off the desk.)

MARCEAU: "I figured you might want to see this."

(She stands up and walks around the desk. She hands LaRoque the folder and walks behind him towards the door.)

LaROQUE: "But … he …"

(She stops and turns her head, looking over her shoulder.)

MARCEAU: "He thinks he can pull one over on us … he might be back … but he won’t get away with it."

(She walks out of the room leaving the door open. CUTTO: A hallway POV look into LaRoque’s lockerroom. He is still looking down at the folder with a half-shocked, half-pleased look on his face.)


(FADEIN: Ringside with Dean Julius, Nick Jive, and Jason Tripp. The fans around them are throwing their hands up cheering as the RAPTURE theme kicks up. Julius and Jive keep looking back and telling them to shutup.)

TRIPP: "Aw, c’mon guys. They’re only trying to have a good time."

JULIUS: "These Canadians are by far the worst smelling people I’ve ever encountered."

JIVE: "These are the French Canadians…"

JULIUS: "There we go, then!"

TRIPP: "Oh stop it you two! The fans here in the Colisee Pepsi have given us nothing but the utmost respect… and tonight they’ve been treated to an excellent show so far!"

JIVE: "The best has yet to come! This next match should be the epitome of entertaining."

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment will take on Jenro Electrovolt, who made his debut last RAUCOUS. Mr. Entertainment himself is a relative newcomer to New ERA .. with only two matches under his belt he is looking to win his third match tonight."

Mr. Entertainment vs Jenro Electrovolt

(CUEUP: ‘That’s Entertainment’ by the Jam. The lights in the arena begin to sparkle as the fans get to their feet to jeer. Mr. Entertainment walks through the curtains and to the ring, followed the entire time by a spotlight shining from the ceiling.)

TRIPP: "And Mr. Entertainment hasn’t even waited for Carl Jacobs to introduce him! What an ego this man must have!"

JULIUS: "The guys got balls, Tripp.. score one in his column already!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs, who was fixing his tie, as he stands up awkwardly, caught off guard by Mr. Entertainment’s entrance… he begins to introduce Entertainment.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first … he hails from Ashland, Oregon … he is MISTER ENTERTAINMENT!"

(Mr. Entertainment throws his hands in the air taunting the fans some more.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent … he hails from Kyoto, Japan ….. JENRO ELECTROVOLT!"

(SFX: Bell rings. Jenro Electrovolt immediately comes towards Mr. Entertainment, looking at him with steady eyes. Electrovolt goes down to take the leg of Mr. Entertainment, but Entertainment steps back as Electrovolt grabs. Mr. Entertainment knees Electrovolt into the face sending him sprawling backwards.)

JIVE: "All Mr. Entertainment has to do is keep ahead of Jenro Electrovolt… just stay one step ahead, and this match will be over and done with before you can say Electrovolt…"

TRIPP: "I don’t think Entertainment is going to have it THAT easy, Nick .. afterall, Electrovolt is a World champion in another organization right now."

JULIUS: "Even better for Entertainment. He’ll kick this kid’s ass here and then go on to face Jenro for his title elsewhere."

TRIPP: "I doubt that will happen, Dean .. New ERA stars don’t generally do that."

(Mr. Entertainment follows the knee with a headlock that has Jenro on the ground. Electrovolt gets out of the head lock and sneaks behind Entertainment with his elbow. Entertainment tries to elbow Electrovolt in the face, but Jenro quickly lets go of Mr. Entertainment and drops him to the mat with a double leg takedown. Electrovolt grabs the legs of Entertainment and rolls over the top of him for the pinfall attempt..


KICKOUT! Not even close as Mr. Entertainment kicked out of it easily. Both men get to their feet and Jenro Electrovolt goes for the clothesline. Mr. Entertainment has other plans, though, and just as quickly he wraps himself around the arms of Electrovolt and takes him to the mat with a perfectly executed crucifix!

ONE ..

TWO .. NO!

Electrovolt kicked out before the two count and gets back to his feet. Mr. Entertainment was already there, however, and kicks him in the stomach. Electrovolt is bent over as Mr. Entertainment grabs onto his head and swings him around with a swinging neckbreaker!)

TRIPP: "A couple of quick pin attempts here, but neither man able to do much with them … and now Mr. Entertainment has gone back to hurting Jenro Electrovolt!"

JULIUS: "Electrovolt is heading to the ER after this match .."

TRIPP: "I don’t know about that, Dean … from what we’ve seen, both men are incredible athletes."

(Mr. Entertainment brings Jenro back to his feet momentarily as he drops him back down with a second swinging neckbreaker. Electrovolt is sprawled across the mat as Mr. Entertainment makes his way over to the corner.)

JIVE: "I think Mr. Entertainment’s heading for the air assault!"

TRIPP: "He can do some pretty heavy damage from up there!!"

(He can, and he does as Mr. Entertainment flies off of the top rope and nails a beautifully placed Shooting Entertainment drop onto Electrovolt. He makes the cover …

ONE ..

TWO ..



Electrovolt gets his shoulder up.)

JIVE: "That was spectacular!"

TRIPP: "That was breathtaking!"


(Mr. Entertainment gets back to his feet and drags Jenro Electrovolt over to the corner. He grabs the feet and catapults Electrovolt face first into the steel post!! Electrovolt stumbles back and Entertainment catches him with a roll up!

ONE ..


Mr. Entertainment throws Electrovolt off of himself and gets to his feet.)

TRIPP: "I think Mr. Entertainment has found his groove here tonight."

JIVE: "Electrovolt hasn’t had a chance so far! Mr. Entertainment has been all over him!"

(Jenro Electrovolt tries to get to his feet and finally does. As he does Mr. Entertainment irish whips him into the ropes! Electrovolt hops over Entertainment on the way back and comes flying at him with a cross body block! Unfortunately for him, Mr. Entertainment sticks his ground, shifts the weight around, and stun guns Electrovolt into the top rope!)

TRIPP: "Electrovolt tried to get some momentum going his way, but the stun gun put an end to that effort!"

JULIUS: "He should be happy he even got that much so far … as far as I can see, Mr. Entertainment is the pimp, and Jenro Electrovolt is the bitch… and the bitch always bows down to his master."

TRIPP: "Oh God! Can you please leave during the women’s matches tonight? I can only imagine what will be coming out of your mouth…"

JULIUS: "Women what comes out of my mouth, Tripp.. just remember that…"

TRIPP: "I think I’m going to be sick…"

(Mr. Entertainment steps on the back of the knees of Jenro Electrovolt and reaches down to grab his arms. He then rolls over and locks Electrovolt over in a surfboard!)

TRIPP: "Now here’s a move you don’t see everyday!"

JIVE: "And I bet that’s a move that Electrovolt wishes he hadn’t seen tonight."

(Entertainment continues to stretch out the body of Electrovolt, but doesn’t seem to notice his shoulders are on the mat!

ONE ..

TWO ..


Entertainment releases the surfboard and Jenro Electrovolt falls to the mat and rolls onto his back. Mr. Entertainment walks over to Electrovolt and brings him to his feet. Sensing danger, Electrovolt tries to slap Entertainment, but Mr. Entertainment grabs his arm into an arm bar and drives him back to the mat locking the arm and now pulling across his face .. after getting the crossface on, Mr. Entertainment begins to smile widely.)

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment is SMILING!! He’s have a grande old time in there!"

JIVE: "I’m telling you, Tripp .. Mr. Entertainment is an animal! He can sense that this match is going down his way in the history books .. so now he’s toying with Jenro!"

(Entertainment really yanking hard on the face of Jenro Electrovolt .. and Electrovolt screams as the pressure is beginning to seem to be too much for him.)

TRIPP: "Electrovolt about ready to give up in there as the referee senses that he’s losing consciousness.. the referee is now over there to make the count.."

(The referee lifts up Electrovolt’s arm … AND IT FALLS! The referee lifts it up a second time … AND IT FALLS AGAIN! The referee goes to lift the arm up a third time, but Electrovolt begins to gain consciousness and it seems strength as he tries to fight his way back to his feet.)

JULIUS: "What the hell is going on?! He’s supposed to be done!"


(The fans’ cheers get louder as Electrovolt slowly gets to his feet with Entertainment still holding on. The fans pop the loudest when Electrovolt sends and elbow into the midsection of Entertainment breaking the hold!)


(Jenro Electrovolt bounces off the ropes and charges at Mr. Entertainment! Entertainment ducks underneath the clothesline attempt and runs against the ropes himself. On the return however, Electrovolt catches him with a hurricanrana! NO! Entertainment blocked it … and instead STUN GUNS JENRO A SECOND TIME!)

JIVE: "Done is done!"

JULIUS: "He’s calling for the That’s Entertainment … and I think that we can officially say that Jenro Electrovolt is through here tonight."

TRIPP: "Don’t be a doubting Thomas!"

JULIUS: "What the fuck did you say?"

TRIPP: "A doubting Thomas?"

JULIUS: "I don’t even want to know what kinda sissy says something like that!"

(Mr. Entertainment quickly gets to his feet and wraps his arms around the waist of Jenro Electrovolt before twisting back and finally coming out with a German Suplex with bridge … something he calls ‘That’s Entertainment!’ …

ONE ..

TWO ..


SFX: Bell rings as the fans immediately begin to jeer loudly. ‘That’s Entertainment’ by the Jam cues up.)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match via pinfall …. MISTER ENTERTAINMENT!"

TRIPP: "Mr. Entertainment with an incredibly showing here tonight .."

JIVE: "He made short work of Jenro Electrovolt.."

TRIPP: "Indeed he did .. Mr. Entertainment with a convincing victory here tonight .. but we’ve got to head to commercial break .. when we come back, Olivia Lewes will take on Caitlyn Daymon as the #1 contender to the women’s championship looks to gain more momentum on the way to International Intrigue!! Stick around, we’ll be right back!"

Another One Bites the Dust

(FADEIN: Backstage. There is a crowd of people standing around in a circle talking amongst themselves rapidly.)

VOICE: "What happened?! Who did this?!"

(Marcus LaRoque and Juliet Marceau come jogging down the hall when they are stopped by Victoria Hawke.)

HAWKE: "It’s Trevor! He .. he’s hurt!"

MARCEAU: "Not again.."

(Marceau pushes through the crowd of people followed closely by Marcus, who apologizes for her rudeness. She gets to the forefront and stops, causing Marcus to bump into her as he was not paying attention.)

LaROQUE: "Is he.."

(LaRoque stops as he does a double take .. lying on the ground, sprawled stomach first, with a yellow streak down his back is Trevor Cane.)

MARCEAU: "I’m going to kill him … I’m going to fucking kill him."

LaROQUE: "You don’t know if its him.."

(Marceau pushes LaRoque out of the way as she storms away..)

MARCEAU: "Like hell I don’t!"

(CUTTO: Ringside as LaRoque starts out after her.)

TRIPP: "We saw the masked man come in earlier … and I bet you that Juliet Marceau attributes Cane’s attack to him!"

JULIUS: "Who else would attack Trevor Cane, you imbecile? Travis Smith ? I don’t think so .. Smith has already left the building."

JIVE: "If anything Juliet Marceau should just rip his mask off and then reveal this jackass to the world. No one attacks New ERA wrestlers and can expect to get away with it!"

TRIPP: "Don’t forget that Juliet Marceau knows who this is … and she hasn’t pressed charges for the attacks last RAUCOUS?"

JIVE: "This is out of line. This man’s already ruined one match at International Intrigue .. he doesn’t need to ruin a second!"

TRIPP: "We’ll find out later what happens to this masked man .."

JULIUS: "IF he’s found!"

TRIPP: "That’s true, Dean … but right now we’re going to go on to our next match as Olivia Lewes , who had a spectacular outing against Krist Blue against the #1 contender to the Women’s title Caitlyn Daymon !"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs who is standing in the ring. The lineup for this match races on screen, stays for a few seconds, and then disappears.)

Olivia Lewes vs Caitlyn Daymon

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first .."

(CUEUP: ‘Five Years’ by the Twenty-Twos. Olivia Lewes comes out from behind the curtain to a mixture of some cheers and some jeers. She walks to the ring confident, not letting the mixture affect her.)

JACOBS: "She hails from Hartford , Connecticut ….. OLIVIA LEWES!"

TRIPP: "Lewes will have her hands full tonight w/ the #1 contender.. but if she performs as well as she did against Krist Blue … the Women’s Champion will have to worry about one more woman on the roster!"

(CUEUP: ‘The End of Heartache’ by Killswitch Engage. Caitlyn Daymon walks out to the ring to cheers …)

JACOBS: "And her opponent.. hailing from Tacoma , Washington .. she is the #1 Contender to the WOMEN’S HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE …… CAITLYN DAYMON!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "Daymon either drank a little too much or just didn’t do enough research on Lewes as she that Krist Blue came out on top … if it was the latter, then I would worry about her chances tonight."

JULIUS: "Worst thing you can do is underestimate a new opponent."

TRIPP: "Lewes has shown us in just one match that she’s as good as any woman on New ERA’s roster… but can she beat the #1 contender?"

(Lewes and Daymon eye each other cautiously. Both women come out to the center of the ring and slap hands before they lock up. Daymon ducks behind Olivia Lewes and tries to lock the hands behind her head in a full nelson attempt. Lewes counters by dropping to her knees and grabbing a leg of Daymon dragging her down to the mat.)

TRIPP: "Lewes with the first takedown reversing a full nelson attempt with a single leg takedown .. and now she stands back up and waits for Daymon to get up."

(Daymon gets back to her feet and the two women lock up again. This time Caitlyn Daymon gets behind Lewes, and instead of going for another full nelson attempt she grabs Lewes two legs and pulls her to the mat, causing Lewes to try to brace herself for the fall.)

TRIPP: "Now the #1 contender comes back with a double leg takedown .. but she doesn’t let Lewes get any leeway as she floats over with a front facelock…"

(Lewes rolls over and has Daymon on her back …


But Daymon easily kicks out. Daymon and Lewes get to their feet and Lewes charges at Daymon. Daymon sidesteps Lewes and sends her into the ropes. Lewes comes back and ducks underneath the clothesline and bounces off the opposite ropes. Daymon quickly turns and catches Lewes with a drop toe hold.)

JULIUS: "Wow .. beautiful and talented… I must be dreamin’."

JIVE: "Good in bed, too."

JULIUS: "Like YOU’D know!"

(Daymon gets to her feet and starts working over the left leg of Lewes, but before she can get a better hold on it Lewes rolls out of the way and gets to her feet, crouching as Daymon walks over.)

TRIPP: "Olivia Lewes avoids taking any damage to the leg as she wisely rolled out of the way .. now both women are going to meet up again as neither has gotten the upperhand so far."

JIVE: "I’d like to see this match go as long as possible … anything to keep these two out there… maybe even get themselves a little sweaty … hot … tired …"

TRIPP: "Nick, please…"

JULIUS: "Yea.. you forgot naked!"

(Lewes comes out of the corner and the two women lock up again. Olivia sends Daymon to the ropes and on the way back she connects with a high flying dropkick that sends Daymon crashing to the mat! Lewes quickly brings her to her feet … and hits a spinning reverse DDT.)

TRIPP: "Olivia Lewes following up her impressive victory with a quick showing so far against Daymon .."

JULIUS: "I’m telling ya’, Tripp… I liked this broad since the second she stepped out from behind the curtain."

TRIPP: "If I were you, I’d watch yourself if you keep calling her a broad…"

(Lewes follows the Reverse DDT up by flipping Daymon over on her stomach and grabbing the legs for a Boston Crab. She rides tight and low maximizing the move to its full extent. The face of Daymon shows how much pressure is being put on her lower back and how its effecting her as she extends her arm out to grab the ropes.)

JIVE: "Caitlyn Daymon looks as if she is going to pop!"

TRIPP: "Daymon having a tough time reaching the ropes .. but I think if she tries to extend just a little bit more she might be able to reach the ropes."

(Daymon extends her hand again and almost grazes the bottom rope.)

TRIPP: "She’s almost there! Just an inch or more and she can get out of it."

(Lewes really beings to bend back as Daymon lets out a yell and grabs the bottom rope! The referee forces Lewes to break the hold. As she releases the hold Daymon pulls the rest of her body under the bottom rope and rests on the apron. The referee refrains Lewes from going after her.)

JIVE: "The referee should get out of the way and let these two girls go at it!"

TRIPP: "But Daymon is obviously in pain!"

JULIUS: "No pain, no game, Tripp! She’s the #1 contender .. she can handle anything!"

(Daymon rolls from underneath and uses the ropes to get to her feet, all the while holding her back.)

TRIPP: "Daymon babying that back.. Lewes might have gotten a huge break here!"

(Lewes walks over with her hands up in an axe handle attempt, but Daymon stops her with a kick to the gut! Daymon with a few open hand slaps sends Lewes back a few steps .. so Daymon charges and drives a knee into the chest of Olivia sending her back on her backside. Caught by surprise, Lewes cannot get out of the way of the standing dropkick which sends her sprawled backwards on the mat. Daymon gets to her feet and holds her lower back, but follows the move up with a cross heel hold!)

JULIUS: "I haven’t seen this move in ages!"

JIVE: "Daymon’s the only person on the roster who I know that does it …"

TRIPP: "Daymon has got this hold locked on and you can see the look on her face .. she wants to handicap Lewes so that they’re on an equal foothold."

(Daymon releases the hold after a few more moments and brings Lewes to her feet. Lewes tries to swing at Daymon, but the effects of the cross heel hold throws off her balance and she misses. Daymon grabs her from behind and connects with a German Suplex …

ONE ..


TWO ..



Daymon gets back to her feet, grabs the feet of Lewes and flips over her, pinning her again to the mat…

ONE ..



Daymon gets back to her feet and throws her hand in the air causing the fans to pop.. she grabs Olivia Lewes and sends her into the corner.)

TRIPP: "Daymon with some quick pinfall attempts, but Lewes has kicked out and now Daymon sends her into the corner and Lewes hits hard!"

JIVE: "Lewes started off strong early, but now the #1 contender has started working her down … the real test for both women will be how they work from here.. Lewes needs to show that she can overcome adversity .. whereas Daymon needs to show she can finish things off."

JULIUS: "She can finish me off … I’ll go to my dressing room and get started.."

TRIPP: "Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll cancel RAPTURE after this show… I thought working with you, Nick, was difficult .. but I can’t handle Dean."

JULIUS: "You couldn’t get lucky if you were passed out in a rapist alley."

(Daymon grabs the head of Lewes and begins to slam it into the top turnbuckle..











Daymon releases Lewes’ head and Lewes turns around, walks out of the corner and falls to the mat. Daymon meanwhile backs up, runs into the corner, hops to the top rope and flies off hitting a springboard moonsault!



TWO ..




JIVE: "Daymon is reacting to backstage chatter that she might not have paid enough attention to Lewes leading up to this match .. that maybe she was looking forward to International Intrigue too soon…"

TRIPP: "Well Daymon is proving herself today!"

(Lewes tries to stop the onslaught by crawling to the outside.. but Daymon grabs her leg.)

JULIUS: "Lewes was trying to run, but Caitlyn Daymon said no way!"

(Lewes quickly turns on her back and shoves her free foot right under the chin of Caitlyn Daymon . Daymon releases the leg and grabs her leg. Olivia Lewes slides under the bottom rope and gets on her feet. She reaches back in and grabs the feet of Caitlyn Daymon dragging her down to the mat and then out of the ring!)

JIVE: "They’re going outside!"

JULIUS: "Come over here!"

TRIPP: "I prefer the action away from us, Dean.."

JULIUS: "That’s why you’re still single, Tripp…"

(Olivia Lewes irish whips Caitlyn Daymon … BUT DAYMON REVERSES! LEWES REVERSES AGAIN!! Daymon goes crashing into the ring post and falls to the arena floor!)

JIVE: "There’s a momentum stopper!"

(Lewes picks up Caitlyn Daymon and rolls her back into the ring. After she gets Daymon into the ring she gets onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle. After pointing to the crowd to get them motivated, she flies off with an asai moonsault!






Caitlyn Daymon kicks out and pushes Olivia Lewes off her! Both women are slow to get up as they’ve exerted a lot of energy…)

TRIPP: "These two are coming awfully close to the time limit .. I think there’s about 5 or 6 minutes left before these two battle to a time limit draw!"

JULIUS: "That’d be a feather in the cap of Olivia Lewes more than Daymon .. Daymon’s gotta show that she can put this girl away!"

(Lewes and Daymon both get to their feet at the same time and Daymon connects with some quick kicks to the head and upper torso of Lewes before hitting her with an Enzi-frickin-guiri! Daymon goes down for the cover ..



TWO ..



NOOOO! Lewes kicked out! Daymon slams the mat with her hand and picks Lewes up to her feet. She sends her to the ropes with an irish whip and on the return connects with a fist shot into the gut doubling her over!)


JIVE: "I bet she’s feeling a lot more relieved after setting Lewes up."

(Daymon drops to her knees and grabs Lewes over with the fireman’s carry … BUT LEWES THROWS HER WEIGHT AND HOOKS THE ARMS OF DAYMON!






NOOOOOO!! Daymon manages to get her shoulder up after that surprising reversal of the fireman’s carry that would have led to the Daymonplex and she gets to her feet quickly!)

JULIUS: "Daymon almost got screwed there .."

TRIPP: "Olivia Lewes scouted Caitlyn Daymon well and she almost reversed the Daymonplex setup into a pinfall victory over the #1 contender!"

(Daymon grabs Lewes as she gets to her feet and brings her down with a DDT … but Lewes holds on to the rope and Daymon sends herself to the mat! Caitlyn gets back to her feet and charges in at Lewes! Lewes counters by sidestepping Daymon and causing her to hit the ropes. As Daymon falls backwards, Olivia Lewes catches her and hits a German suplex!



TWO ..



Daymon and Lewes both get to their feet and Lewes catches Daymon and brings her up and down with an inverted atomic drop. Daymon bends over in pain .. and as she does Olivia Lewes hooks her arm and leg!)


JULIUS: "I told you!"


(Lewes hits the Sweet Misery and lays Caitlyn Daymon out … Lewes quickly hooks the leg …

ONE ..






NO! Daymon kicked out ….


JACOBS: "The winner of this match by pinfall ….. OLIVIA LEWES!!!"

(CUEUP: ‘Five Years’ by the Twenty-Twos.. SFX: Crowd pops from the match and Lewes raises her hands as Daymon gets to her feet. Lewes extends her hand and the two shake before Lewes leaves the ring.)

JIVE: " Karla Starr must be smiling out back knowing that her opponent at International Intrigue has taken a huge loss here tonight.."

TRIPP: "Well we’ll find out just how well she does herself as up next we have the Women’s Heavyweight Champion Karla Starr taking on Felicia Hart in a NON-TITLE match … WHEN WE RETURN!"


(CUTTO: Backstage.)


(Caitlyn Daymon is walking down to the green room, her body language obviously reflecting the disappointment she feels after losing to Olivia Lewes.)

VOICE: "Nice showing .. it really proved what you can do .. or better yet what you can’t."

(Daymon stops in her tracks and spins around. She stands face to face with New ERA Women’s Champion, and her opponent at International Intrigue, Karla Starr. Starr stands there with a smug look on her face, the Women’s Title wrapped around her waist.)

STARR: "Better be careful, I’ll have you put away again."

(Daymon clenches her fists..)

DAYMON: "If you were smart, Starr, you’d walk down that hall and go wrestle your match."

(Starr takes another step towards Daymon, and puts her hands on the title.)

STARR: "I guess I’m not that smart…"

(Daymon turns and begins to walk away.)

STARR: "But then again, you showed me tonight that you’re not worth my time."

(Daymon stops again and takes a deep breath.)

STARR: "Go ‘head, Caitlyn.. continue walking .. but just remember what you’re feeling right now .. because when you walk down the halls of the Molson Centre after losing to me its going to be ten times worse."

(Daymon turns around again.)

DAYMON: "Walk away, Karla.. I’m not kidding."

STARR: "Bring it on … I step down from no one."

(Daymon starts to walk towards Karla Starr before a referee notices what is going on and steps in.)

REF: "Woah, woah .. Caitlyn, you don’t want to blow this .. come on, come with me. Just ignore her."

(The referee walks up to Daymon and starts walking down the hall..)


(CUTTO: Ringside as Daymon gives Starr the one-fingered salute.)

JULIUS: "Oo .. we almost had a catfight out back, guys!"

JIVE: "Daymon’s lucky that ref stepped in and took her away. Karla Starr already had Daymon arrested once for attacking her .. and if Daymon had gotten arrested tonight, she could have missed her shot at the title."

TRIPP: "Starr has a match here next and that could have jeopardized it if she and Daymon got into a brawl .. Daymon’s already lost momentum going into International Intrigue .. the Women’s Champion cannot afford to go into the pay per view with a loss as well .. because that would put Daymon back on equal footing."

JULIUS: "All I know is that after the last match I am definitely still in the mood for some girl on girl action."

TRIPP: "These women aren’t here for you to oogle at, Dean .. they’re here to wrestle, to win, and to put on a show for these fans."

JULIUS: "I’ll pull out a $20 and they’ll give me a show…"

TRIPP: "Ugh .. let’s head to Carl Jacobs."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs .. the lineup flashes on screen.)

Felicia Hart vs Karla Starr (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a NON-TITLE match.. introducing first.."

(CUEUP: ‘I Control the Sun’ by Lisa Loeb. Felicia Hart walks from behind the curtain and runs down to the ring.)

JACOBS: "She hails from Roswell , New Mexico … FELICIA HART!"

TRIPP: "Hart energetic as she rolls into the ring.."

JULIUS: "Yes … vveerrryy energetic.. I like that."

(CUEUP: ‘Maps’ by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Karla Starr walks out to immense jeers as she holds the New ERA Women’s title above her head.)

JACOBS: "And her opponent … she hails from Boston , Massachusetts … and is the current New ERA of Wrestling WOMEN’s HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION …. KARLA STARR!!!"

(SFX: Bell rings. Felicia Hart immediately charges out from the corner and into Karla Starr ’s corner .. she nails Starr with a clothesline that sends Starr to the mat. Hart picks up Starr, but Starr rakes her eyes causing her to turn around. As she does, Starr scrapes her nails down the back of Hart and Hart arches her back in pain. Karla Starr then grabs the arm of Hart and sends her flying to the mat with a neckbreaker!)

TRIPP: "Felicia Hart ’s energy has already gotten her into trouble as Karla Starr used it against her and now Hart is on the mat holding her neck."

JIVE: "Unfortunately for Hart she has picked the wrong person to try to attack early."

(Karla Starr drags Hart into the center of the ring and drives some knees into her chest. Starr grabs the head of Hart and wrings it a few times before sliding to the back and placing a knee in between Hart’s shoulder blades while pulling back on her chin.)

JULIUS: "I see that Karla Starr likes to be in control .. I’m sure she’s like that in ALL aspects of her life…"

TRIPP: "Karla Starr is very offensively minded. You have to be if you’re going to be the Women’s Champion."

(The referee asks if Hart wants to give up but Hart says no. Starr keeps the hold on for a few more seconds before finally releasing it and getting to her feet to stomp a few more times on the back of Felicia Hart . Starr walks to the ring ropes and points to the curtain.)


TRIPP: "And Karla Starr with some words to Caitlyn Daymon … those two should have an explosive match as they will finally meet head to head for the Women’s title!"

JIVE: "Those two have been trading barbs for so long now … and since Daymon won the #1 contendership in that match with Whisper she’s been counting down the days to get her revenge for everything that Starr has done to her."

(Starr turns around .. and looks at an empty ring!)

JULIUS: "Wait a minute .. where did Hart go?"

(On the outside we can see the top of Felicia Hart ’s head creeping around to where Starr is standing.)

TRIPP: "Felicia Hart has slid to the outside and is now sneaking up on the Women’s champion!"

(Hart rolls in the ring behind Karla Starr . She goes to grab her, but Karla Starr connects with a back heel kick that sends Hart to the mat!)

JIVE: "Starr was playing opossum!"

TRIPP: "The Women’s Champion in control of this match … and she seems to be more focused on Caitlyn Daymon than her current opponent right now.."

JULIUS: "I don’t think it’ll matter that much .. Felicia Hart has been unable to mount much of an offense … mmm.. mount…"

(Starr begins to work over Felicia Hart on the mat as she kicks her multiple times in the side .. Hart tries to get to her feet, but Starr connects with a European uppercut that keeps her down. Starr finally brings Hart to her feet, but throws her in the corner and follows it up by placing a foot against her throat …)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr now choking Hart with that foot .. and the referee has come over to break it up."

JIVE: "That’s good .. he probably just saved her life."

TRIPP: "That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think, Nick?"

JIVE: "I mean from Dean .. who knows what he’d do to Felicia Hart if he knew she was unconscious."

(Julius stands up.)


TRIPP: "Come on guys … there’s only a little left to the show …"

(Starr releases the foot choke and Hart begins to try to walk out of the corner. As soon as she walks by Starr, the Women’s Champion runs and grabs her head, driving her to the mat with a bulldog. Starr makes the quick cover ..

ONE ..



Hart grabs on to the referee’s shirt and has him stop the count. The referee gets off of the mat and Starr drags Felicia to her feet. Starr grabs the waist of Felicia Hart and picks her up, just to drive her down with a backbreaker. Starr tosses Hart on to the mat and walks over to the corner..)

JULIUS: "I think this might be it, fellas.."

(Starr signals for the Morning Starr and climbs the ropes.)

TRIPP: "The Women’s Champion trying to end this match right here, right now!!"

JIVE: "I think I just saw Hart’s eyes open!"

(Starr gets to the top rope and turns around facing the crowd. She makes the cut-throat motion before she flies off! As Starr is in the air, Felicia Hart quickly rolls out of the way.. BUT STARR LANDS ON HER FEET!! Felicia Hart looks over at Starr and her eyes open wide as the Women’s champion gets a running start and baseball slides right into Hart’s face!)


JIVE: "I knew Hart was more conscious than she let on!"

(Karla Starr gets up and grabs the legs of Felicia Hart before turning her over and locking on a Boston Crab. Hart cringes in pain and reaches out, but the ropes are too far away.)

JULIUS: "I hate seeing beautiful women in pain!"

TRIPP: "The Women’s Champion has the Boston Crab locked on tight and Felicia Hart has nowhere to go! The damage that can be done with this hold if applied correctly can be career threatening."

(Starr continues to lean back as Hart begins to let out louder and louder moans. Hart tries desperately to reach up and grab something to try to force Starr to release the hold, but the Champion applies more pressure before she can get the chance.)

TRIPP: "If Felicia Hart cannot get out of this hold soon, she will be forced to submit. The pain can become excruciating and I doubt that Hart has the kind of tolerance for this amount .."

JIVE: "Are you trying to say that because she’s a woman that she doesn’t have any pain tolerance?"

TRIPP: "No! I’m just sayi…"

JULIUS: "You chauvinistic pig!"

(Tripp looks at Dean and rolls his eyes.)

TRIPP: "Oh please, Dean .. you’re the last person to be talking."

(The referee asks Hart over and over if she will submit, but Hart says "NO!" each and every time he asks. Finally, after not being able to get Hart to submit, Karla Starr releases the Boston Crab and makes the cover ..



TWO ..



Hart barely manages to kick out, but nonetheless, Starr is forced to continue .. she makes another attempt, this time hooking the leg..

ONE ..


TWO ..



NO! The referee signals that Hart kicked out.)

JIVE: "Felicia Hart somehow managing to kick out of the pinfall attempts after being in that Boston Crab for what must have seemed like hours for her."

TRIPP: "Felicia Hart cutting those two breaks VERY close .. Karla Starr is getting closer and closer to walking out of Quebec City with a win!"

(Starr gets to her feet and smiles as she bends over to pick up Hart. Hart though reaches up quickly and slaps Karla Starr in the face prompting a huge pop from the fans! Starr comes back, but Hart slaps her again! As Starr is momentarily stunned, Felicia Hart reaches up and catches her in a small package!

ONE ..


TWO ..

KICKOUT! Karla Starr immediately hops to her feet and drives a boot into the head of Felicia Hart!)

JULIUS: "Starr getting a little cocky .."

JIVE: "Is she seeing you after the show or something?"

JULIUS: "Why, I oughta…."

(Karla Star now brings Felicia Hart up and sends her to the ropes .. Hart reverses though and Starr bounces off the ropes. Hart gets ready to clothesline Starr, but Starr takes to the air and connects with a flying cross body block!

ONE ..


TWO ..

KICKOUT! Starr gets to her feet followed slowly by Hart. Starr again tries to send Hart to the ropes and this time she succeeds. Hart comes back and the Women’s Champion connects with a hurricanrana and pins her shoulders to the mat.

ONE ..


TWO ..



Starr gets up and curses at Felicia Hart.)

TRIPP: "Seems like Starr is getting a little frustrated in there as Hart has managed to kick out of every attempt."

JIVE: "Obviously she has .. if she didn’t we wouldn’t still be here watching them."

(Karla Starr stands in the corner waiting for Hart to get to her feet.)

JULIUS: "I think Starr is about to put this match away."

TRIPP: "Starr is getting ready for that superkick .. if she nails this then there is no way that Hart get out of the way of the Morning Starr…"

(Hart gets to her feet and looks around, but doesn’t see Starr in the corner. She turns around and BAM! Karla Starr connects with the superkick sending Hart crashing to the mat!)


(Starr gets to the top rope and throws her hands in the air causing the fans to jeer heavily. She turns around and braces herself before flying off the top rope and connecting with a beautiful moonsault!)


(Starr hooks the leg and the referee goes down ..






SFX: Bell rings.)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match ….. KARLA STARR!!"

(Starr gets up and spits on Felicia Hart as she continues to walk around the ring.)

TRIPP: "The Women’s Champion has won this match here tonight and now has the momentum going into International Intrigue as Caitlyn Daymon suffered a loss earlier to Olivia Lewes .. and one has got to wonder how that will affect their match at the pay per view!"

JULIUS: "Starr looked hot in the ring tonight .. and as you said, Tripp, she’s got the momentum."

Closer Look

(The fans pop huge as Caitlyn Daymon comes out from behind the curtains and stands at the top of the rampway.)


(Daymon stands on the top of the rampway staring at Starr who notices her and walks over to the ropes. Daymon and Starr continue to stare at each other..)

JIVE: "Can you feel the daggers flying?"

TRIPP: "The tension between those two is so intense .. so widespread .. I just hope the ring can handle the battle between them at International Intrigue."

(Daymon breaks the connection between the two women as she whispers something under her breath, turns around, and walks back through the curtains. Starr remains in the ring, watching Daymon the entire time. Behind her, Felicia Hart is still on the mat.)

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back .. tonight’s main event … a TAIPEI DEATH match between Chaos and Thomas Lombardi as the PRODIGY Classic Xtreme title tournament continues!"


(FADEIN: Ringside.)

TRIPP: "We are just moments away from tonight’s main event … a Taipei Death Match featuring Chaos and Thomas Lombardi…"

JULIUS: "The Real FUCKIN Deal’.."

TRIPP: "Are you going to say that every time I mention his name?"

JULIUS: "Of course…"

JIVE: "These guys are going to have their fists wrapped … then dipped in glue .. then dip their hands in shards of glass … this match will NOT be for the faint of heart."

TRIPP: "You’re telling me.. if I trusted you both more I’d go out back for this thing and leave you on your own … but I don’t trust you guys."

JULIUS: "But it’d be the highest rated segment of the show …"

JIVE: "Hey I usually say that!"

JULIUS: "You’re one match removed from being kicked to the curb. Deal with it."

JIVE: "I didn’t want to be on this show anyway. Working with Tom Gheorghe is bad enough."

JULIUS: "Cry me a river…"

TRIPP: "Let’s go down to Carl Jacobs before you two decide to engage in your own Taipei Death Match."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the middle of the ring. The lineup for the match flashes on screen.)

PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship Tournament

Chaos vs Thomas Lombardi

JACOBS: "Ladies and gentlemen .. the following match is scheduled for one fall .. and is tonight’s main event!"

(SFX: Crowd pops!)

JACOBS: "This match is also a PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title semifinals match and will be a TAIPEI DEATH MATCH!"

(SFX: Crowd pops huge!!)

JACOBS: "Introducing first …. Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida … being led to the ring by his manager Derek ….. THOMAS ‘the REAL FUCKIN DEAL’ LOMBARDI!"

(CUEUP: ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ by Green Day. Lombardi and Derek walk from behind the curtain and walk to the ring. Lombardi gets into the ring and has his fists taped by the referee.)

TRIPP: "Lombardi now having his fists taped and he’s dipping his fists into the glue .. and now the glass…"

JIVE: "He’s seeing the reflection of what was his career in the reflection of the glass on his fists…"

JACOBS: "And his opponent … hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada.. standing 7 feet tall and weighing 305 pounds …. CHAOS!!"

(CUEUP: ‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns n’ Roses. Chaos steps out from behind the curtain to jeers, and oddly enough, some pops! He walks down to the ring and rolls in.)

JULIUS: "Chaos with a smug look on his face as he has his hands wrapped … and he double dips … and now he’s ready to beat the living hell out of Thomas Lombardi .. and send this rookie packing with a few battle scars."

JIVE: "A few? Chaos is going to do a face lift on Lombardi!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

TRIPP: "Well all I know is that the winner of this match will go on to the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title finals at International Intrigue."

(Chaos and Thomas Lombardi carefully circle each other as they both look at the other’s glass covered hands. Chaos makes the first move as he throws some punches which Lombardi manages to evade. Chaos continues to throw more and more punches causing Lombardi to back into the ropes.)

TRIPP: "And Lombardi has backed himself into the ropes with nowhere to go really."

JIVE: "Except down!"

(Lombardi looks back and realizes he’s hit a small problem. Chaos throws a left hook, but Lombardi manages to duck under it and goes behind Chaos. Chaos quickly turns around and gets greeted by rapid fire fists to the gut. Chaos’s face shows a grimace of pain as we see the glass stick into the skin of Chaos.)

JULIUS: "And surprisingly Chaos is the first to be stuck!"

TRIPP: "Thomas Lombardi has managed to draw first blood … and Chaos is continually taking shots to the midsection."

(Lombardi tries to go upstairs with his fists, but Chaos blocks with his arm causing one of the shards to deeply cut it. He follows up the block with a headbutt that sends Lombardi crashing to the mat!)

JIVE: "Looks like Lombardi’s little uprising came to an end."

JULIUS: "Now the real fun begins!"

(Chaos looks at his bleeding arm and then picks up Lombardi off the mat. He nails him with another headbutt which sends Lombardi back to the mat. Chaos grabs Lombardi by the hair again and brings him to his feet. He bends him over and punches him in the back.. as soon as his fists hit skin Chaos drags them down Lombardi’s back drawing blood.)

TRIPP: "And now Lombardi is busted open! This match has quickly turned into a bloodfest as both Chaos and Lombardi are bleeding from some parts of their bodies."

JULIUS: "The best part is that this match just began, Tripp!"

(Thomas Lombardi stumbles away from Chaos and tries to get out of the ring. Chaos grabs him by the arm and drops him to the mat. He grabs the head of Lombardi and locks on a crossface… while in the crossface Chaos tries to drag his fist across the neck of Lombardi, but Lombardi drives his fists into the arm of Chaos causing him to break the hold!)

JULIUS: "Lombardi desperate to get out of the cross face as Chaos was trying to do some Michael Myers shit on him."

JIVE: "Lombardi was smart there."

(Lombardi rolls underneath the bottom rope and runs over to Derek. Derek takes some gauze from his back pocket and quickly wraps around the waist of Lombardi to try to stop the bleeding.)

TRIPP: "Now Lombardi is trying to get some help from his manager… but here comes Chaos!"

(Chaos rolls out of the ring and comes around the corner. Derek sees him from the corner of his eye and takes off leaving Lombardi wondering what caused him to flee. Lombardi turns around just in time to have his head practically taken off by Chaos as he clotheslines him to the arena floor. Chaos begins to uncover the arena floor by taking off the mat covering it … as he does Derek comes from behind with a steel chair!)

JIVE: "Derek’s got a steel chair with Chaos ’ name written on it!"

JULIUS: "Actually, its got the arena’s name on it …"

TRIPP: "Chaos doesn’t seem to notice …."

(Chaos doesn’t notice Derek who succeeds in slamming the chair into the small of his back causing Chaos to fall to one knee. Derek swings the chair again this time connecting right across the skull.)


JIVE: "Like this is anything new.."

(Chaos falls to the arena floor the mat he picked up falling on top of him. Thomas Lombardi gets to his feet and rips the rest of the mat off. He asks Derek for the chair and sets it up on top of the concrete.)

TRIPP: "Lombardi now setting up the chair on the concrete… and if he’s doing what I think he’s doing … then this might just be the end of the match as we know it!"

(Lombardi brings Chaos to his feet and hooks his waist. He tries to bring him over with a belly to belly suplex, but Chaos blocks it. Lombardi headbutts Chaos’ chest before trying to lift him over again .. but Chaos won’t have any of it. Chaos breaks the lock of Lombardi and European uppercuts Lombardi knocking him back. Lombardi charges in at Chaos … and Chaos back body drops Lombardi HIGH in the air and onto the chair and to the concrete floor!!)

JULIUS: "And Lombardi gets it shot right back in his face!"

TRIPP: "Chaos tossed Lombardi sky high and he went crashing through that chair … the chair is absolutely demolished!"

JIVE: "Derek looks on in horror as Lombardi is strewn out on the concrete floor."

(Chaos picks up Lombardi and rolls him into the ring. He gets to the apron and steps in the ring after him. Chaos makes the cover …

ONE ..


TWO ..



Chaos rolls off Lombardi and gets back to his feet. He walks over to the bucket of glue and dips his hands in it again and follows that up with another dip into the glass shards. Chaos walks over to the fallen Lombardi and straddles him.)

TRIPP: "Thomas Lombardi is about three seconds away from escaping certain death … if I were him I would just lie there and walk away."

JIVE: "Chaos wants the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title … he will do anything to anyone to get to the finals. I feel bad for Rex Reynolds or Dallas Carter .. whoever wins that Buried Alive match on RAUCOUS will have to face Chaos … and after watching him tonight .. and what he did to the Sinner in the quarterfinals … I don’t know if I’d want to show up at International Intrigue!"

JULIUS: "Chaos is your next PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion.. I’m calling it right here tonight."

(Lombardi tries to block Chaos before he can begin to do damage to his face but fails as Chaos begins to drill left after left after left into the face of Thomas Lombardi. Lombardi’s face begins to show signs of blood as the shards of glass come off his taped fist and stick into his face.)


JULIUS: "The Real FUCKIN Deal is going to have to go straight to the ER to save what little face he might have left."

TRIPP: "The referee can step in at any time to stop this match due to blood loss, but he seems more intent on waiting for the pinfall or submission than saving Lombardi from any more punishment!"

JIVE: "Like he should! The fans paid to see this match .. and quite frankly I think they should get what they pay for!"

(Chaos pins Lombardi’s shoulders to the mat …



TWO ..



NOO! Lombardi managed to get his left shoulder up and Chaos finally decides to get off of him.)

TRIPP: "Chaos gets off of Lombardi .. and I think he realizes that even though he might be doing massive damage, that Lombardi still has the fight in him."

JULIUS: "Fight?! Lombardi has been bent over more than a hooker on Sunset Boulevard."

TRIPP: "Any normal man would have given up by now. Thomas Lombardi might be a newcomer here in New ERA … but as he proved in the battle royal and as he’s proven tonight he’s not just some green newbie. He’s got what it takes to make it to the finals of the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title!"

JULIUS: "He’s dead in the water, Tripp. Stop trying to make him out to be some martyr. He was just meat dangled in front of Chaos before he takes the gold."

(Chaos stands over Thomas Lombardi as he struggles to get to his feet. Lombardi grabs unto the tights of Chaos in an attempt to get to his feet, but Chaos just pushes him back to the mat with his hand. Chaos now lifts his hand high in the air signaling a chokeslam!)

TRIPP: "By God he’s going to chokeslam him with those taped fists!!"

(Chaos grabs Thomas Lombardi by the hair and brings him to his feet. Chaos grabs a hold of Lombardi’s throat and goes to raise him in the air before Derek hops on the ring apron and grabs the free hand of Chaos!!)


TRIPP: "Lombardi’s manager has again gotten involved in this match .. and this time he’s trying to save his guy from certain defeat!"

(Chaos lets go of Lombardi’s throat and uses that hand to lift Derek UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE!)


(Chaos grabs a hold of Derek’s throat causing his eyes to roll up in his head as Chaos applies pressure! Chaos lifts him HIGH IN THE AIR AND SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT!)

TRIPP: "DEREK IS DOWN!! Chaos just chokeslammed Derek to the mat and now he kicks him back to the outside!!"

JULIUS: "Now no one can save Lombardi."

(Chaos turns around and is greeted with a kick to the gut! Lombardi bounces off the ropes and grabs Chaos’ head for a swinging neckbreaker! However Chaos block and throws Lombardi into the ropes … and hits the big boot when Lombardi returns causing Lombardi to go flat on his face!)

JIVE: "Lombardi with one last final stand … and I’m afraid he’s just about shit out of luck!"

(Chaos raises his arms high in the air much to the fans’ delight! Chaos drops to the mat … and slips his arm under the throat of Lombardi while locking on the camel clutch!)

TRIPP: "THE PYTHON LOCK!! Chaos has got that lethal Python Lock on … and Thomas Lombardi is fading!"

JULIUS: "We’ve got our first finalist!"

(The referee goes to check on Lombardi … after a few moments .. with the blood from the earlier punishment flowing down his face the referee calls for the bell. As he does so Chaos releases the old and looks down at Lombardi and merely shrugs before he steps through the ropes. SFX: Bell rings!)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match .. and a finalist in the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme title tournament …. CHAOS!"

(SFX: Crowd pops!)

TRIPP: "I cannot believe how on target Chaos has been so far in this tournament… if Rex Reynolds or Dallas Carter plan on having a chance in the finals … I .. I just don’t know how they are going to do that."

JULIUS: "Well all I know is that this show is over … and now I am the SOLE color commentator … good riddance, Nick."

JIVE: "You think I’m upset? HA! I already have my bags packed."

JULIUS: "That’s because I had my people pack them."

JIVE: "My bags are packed?!"

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen .. for Nick Ji…"


(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole.)

JULIUS: "Oh yeaaa… get ready for the hottest animal on two legs!"

(The fans begin to jeer heavily as New ERA of Wrestling Vice President Juliet Marceau walks from behind the curtains. She walks to the ring with a smirk on her face and totally ignores Carl Jacobs holding the ring ropes open for her as she enters on the adjacent side.)

TRIPP: "This wasn’t on the schedule!"

JIVE: "By now you should know that the schedule is just an advisory document that holds no weight for Juliet Marceau."

TRIPP: "But .. we gotta go!"

(Marceau takes a microphone and holds up a piece of paper.)

MARCEAU: "So .. it seems as if New ERA has a tiny .. and believe me when I say TINY problem.."

TRIPP: "So Marceau does know who the man under the mask is!"

JIVE: "Didn’t you see RAUCOUS? He revealed himself to her, dumbass."

(Marceau looks around at the crowd…)

MARCEAU: "This TINY problem has even decided to butt himself into OUR pay per view… by DEMANDING that he be put in the main event at International Intrigue."

(SFX: Crowd pops huge!)

MARCEAU: "After talking with Marcus LaRoque .. and after talking with some other administrative agents … and since we no longer have John Doe available for International Intrigue… we have decided … that this masked man WILL BE IN THE MAIN EVENT WITH JONATHAN MARX TO TAKE ON ALISTER HAYZE AND NEW ERA WORLD CHAMPION JEAN RABESQUE!!"

(SFX: Crowd explodes!!)


JIVE: "Oh God.. just what we need … another masked man in the main event.."

(Marceau motions to the crowd to quiet down.)

MARCEAU: "But there’s a price you will pay."

(Crowd quiets down as they all look in the ring. Marceau holds up the paper again.)

JULIUS: "I love a woman with power."

MARCEAU: "You WILL reveal yourself on RAUCOUS … or you WON’T be allowed 300 feet within the Molson Centre!"

(SFX: Crowd explodes again!)


JIVE: "That’s bra…"

(The lights go out!)

JULIUS: "What the fuck, man!"

(SFX: CROWD EXPLODES as the lights come back on and the masked man is standing directly in front of Juliet Marceau.)

TRIPP: "I can’t believe it!! The Masked Man is in the ring with Juliet Marceau!! We are out of time!!"

JIVE: "But is he going to respond?!"

TRIPP: "I don’t know! But we gotta go! We’ll see you on RAUCOUS … with the possible unmasking of this masked man who will be in the MAIN EVENT of International Intrigue!!!"

(FADETOBLACK: As the masked man takes the piece of paper from Juliet Marceau’s hand … and continues to stare her down.)

( the end )