[ Regina Agridome ] Regina, Saskatchewan


TAPED: Jan. 27, 2005
AIRED: Jan. 31, 2005

(FADEIN: A sign outside the Regina Agridome. It says "TONIGHT: JOIN NEW ERA OF WRESTLING AS THEY INVADE REGINA!" The camera slowly cuts around as we see a line of fans standing in the cold, their collective breath rising into the air above them. The camera then cuts inside the Agridome as we see crews running around the ringside area trying to finish some last minute things.)

JIVE (V/O): "The stage is set … tonight the men and women of New ERA bring their battles to the great city of Regina, Saskatchewan!"

(Blackness. CUEUP: ‘The Perfect Drug’ by NIN as flashes of your favorite New ERA stars come across the screen. DREDD, Caitlyn Daymon, Cameron Cruise quickly flash by. Then flashes of the new guys, such as Wyatt Bailey, Jason Hawke, and Taylor Mathis flash across the screen. Finally, Karla Starr comes on screen, followed by MWG who fades in on top of Starr, and lastly, Jean Rabesque, who remains on the screen, the New ERA World title held above his head as the logo for New ERA RAPTURE slowly overtakes him and is in place in the center of the shot.)

(CUTTO: Inside the Regina Agridome! The fans have filled the arena and there are no signs of the previous workers anywhere around ringside. Nick Jive and Jason Tripp are already sitting in their seats at ringside.)

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone to yet another great edition of New ERA RAPTURE!"

JIVE: "How can you say it’s going to be great?! Not only do we have to see Alister Hayze in action tonight, but we’re in Saskatchewan!"

TRIPP: "Nick, is there going to be any Canadian province that you’re going to like?"

JIVE: "Let me think about that one ….. mmm … NO."

TRIPP: "Oh, come on, Nick! There’s got to be ONE!"

JIVE: "Fine … I guess I like Quebec a tiny bit. But that’s only because Montreal has some of the best strip clubs I’ve ever been to! I mean, a personal dance for only $20 per song … and that’s CANADIAN!!"

TRIPP: "That’s not what I meant .. and I don’t even think I want to ask anything else! But as I said, we’ve got a great show for you tonight … and I think this just might be a show that you will enjoy as well, Nick."

JIVE: "If you’re talking about the fact that there is a three way between three beautiful women, then you are correct… but it’s the first match, which means that I have to sit through the rest of the card doing something I never thought I would do…"

TRIPP: "And what’s that?"

JIVE: "Pray for RAUCOUS to hurry up and come and take me away from this shithole."

TRIPP: "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today."

JIVE: "And you wake up on the wrong side of the ugly every day, so can it, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Well, I never…"

JIVE: "No one cares."

TRIPP: "Well we’ve got the women’s triple threat match as Ryan Anne Madden will face both Victoria Hawke and Felicia Hart, Shawn Hart’s sister, to start things off."

JIVE: " Ryan Anne Madden royally pissed off Victoria Hawke leading up to RAPTURE … Hawke took Madden’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for the match as an insult … and I’m betting that she’s going to make sure that Madden feels her wrath."

TRIPP: "Wait a minute … I’ve just received word that Felicia Hart wasn’t able to make it into Regina tonight as her transportation got delayed … and now the women’s triple threat match will be a singles match between Ryan Anne Madden and Victoria Hawke."


TRIPP: "Sorry, Nick, it looks like you’ll be out one lady tonight."

JIVE: "While that upsets me, I bet Victoria Hawke is happy … because now she can focus on making Madden her bitch one on one!"

TRIPP: "Also tonight we’ll see Taylor Mathis in action for the very first time as a New ERA employee. Last week Mathis made an impact on RAUCOUS by coming out and utterly destroying Deuce after his match."

JIVE: "Mathis will be a force to be reckoned with, Tripp. Juliet Marceau obviously saw this as she immediately signed him to a deal."

TRIPP: "Deuce has been incapacitated by Mathis and is unable to compete in New ERA anymore."

JIVE: "So we replaced Deuce with Taylor Mathis … after seeing both men last week on RAUCOUS, I’d say that Mathis is by far the more blood thirsty competitor."

TRIPP: "Mathis will be taking on another newcomer to New ERA in The Sinner."

JIVE: "The Sinner is going to have his hands full, that’s for sure. I don’t know much about him, but I do know that he’s going against a guy who has got one thing on his mind; being paid."

TRIPP: "That should be an interesting match up … as will the triple threat match between El Arco Iris, Wyatt Bailey, and Jason Hawke."

JIVE: "Bailey and Hawke are two rookies here in New ERA and they’re going to be facing off against El Arco Iris, who has come close to winning the Television title twice, and he was in the final four battle royal way back in Greensboro for the World title. I don’t know, Tripp. With three guys in the ring at the same time anything can happen. I like Jason Hawke, though."

TRIPP: "Jason Hawke with no relation to Victoria Hawke for those out there wondering."

JIVE: "No one was, you imbecile."

TRIPP: "You don’t know that, Nick."

JIVE: "I know an imbecile when I see one."

TRIPP: "I was talking abo…"

JIVE: "I know what you were talking about."

TRIPP: "Iris is a seasoned veteran here in New ERA. I think he’s got the advantage in this match because he’s used to the way things are run."

JIVE: "He’s also used to losing, so I give him the advantage there, too."

TRIPP: "Didn’t your mother teach you that if you haven’t anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all?"

JIVE: "My mother died giving birth to me, you insensitive fuck!"

TRIPP: "Oh my. Nick …. I’m sorry to hear that."

(Nick Jive tries holding back some laughter, but can’t.)

JIVE: "I’m just playing, HA! You should have seen your face."

TRIPP: "You are an evil man, Nick…."

JIVE: (in a mocking voice) "I’m so sorry, Nick. Oh my. Oh, oh my! (normal) Man, that works every time."

TRIPP: "Also tonight we’re going to see an explosive tag team match between Isaac Siegmund and ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith as they take on ‘The Messenger’ Trevor Cane and Sean Senn."

JIVE: "Cane has been gunning for Smith ever since he step foot back into New ERA … and Sean Senn and Isaac Siegmund had a hell of a match at RAUCOUS. If anything, I expect all four men to be going after one another full force."

TRIPP: "Siegmund will be looking to get a victory over Senn who walked out of RAUCOUS the winner, and I’m sure that Travis Smith will also try to fight back against the constant verbal and physical assaults that Trevor Cane has given him."

JIVE: "As I said, these four men will be going after one another full force."

TRIPP: "And in tonight’s main event The Phantom Republican will be taking on Alister Hayze in the FINALS of the tournament to crown a new #1 contender to Jean Rabesque’s World title."

JIVE: "There’s no way that Hayze can be 100%. He was powerbombed off a 5 foot wall into a snow bank in that Double Dog Collar Falls Count Anywhere match last RAUCOUS when he and Rabesque took on DREDD. Hayze has GOT to be feeling the side effects still. The Phantom Republican has got this title shot wrapped up."

TRIPP: "The desire to be World champion will far outweigh any pain that Alister Hayze might be feeling, Nick.. and that’s assuming that he’s still feeling any."

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican is rested up. He wasn’t on RAUCOUS last week except to berate the World Champion and those dogs in Calgary… he’s fresh and he’s going to be our next World Champion."

TRIPP: "We’ll see, Nick… but don’t forget that Alister Hayze already has one victory over The Phantom Republican."

JIVE: "That’s water under the bridge, Tripp. If anything, the determination to right the wrongs of the past will drive the Phantom Republican to even greater heights."

TRIPP: "Well before we can get to all that, we’ve got to take a commercial break…. And when we come back, we’ll have Ryan Anne Madden taking on Victoria Hawke as New ERA’s women’s’ division starts us off here in Regina, Saskatchewan!"

Long Time

(CUTTO: Backstage. The camera zooms in as Vice President Juliet Marceau enters her office scowling at a piece of paper she is holding in her hand.)

MARCEAU: "You’ve got to be kidding me … of all things."

(Marceau stops and looks up, her face contorting into an expression of rage.)

VOICE (Off Camera): "Hey there, beautiful."

(The camera then turns for a full room shot as we see Alister Hayze seated in Marceau’s chair, resting his feet on her desk. He has flashes a huge grin as Marceau inhales deep.)

MARCEAU: "What are you doing here?"

HAYZE: "Well I was in the area, since you know, I have a match later tonight."


HAYZE: "And I suddenly remembered something that John Doe said a while back."

(Marceau, getting impatient, puts her hand on her hip.)

MARCEAU: "That being?"

HAYZE: "That being something about why DREDD got sicced on me in the first place…"

(Hayze swings his feet off Marceau’s desk and gets to his feet. Juliet Marceau takes a few steps towards the door as Hayze walks around the desk. She puts her hand up, her steely eyes showing some signs of concern in them.)


HAYZE: "Now let’s see … WHY did DREDD attack me? (Faux thinking) That’s it! Because YOU told them to!"

(Marceau puts her hand down and shakes her head.)

MARCEAU: "Hayze…"

HAYZE: "Please, Juliet, call me Al."

MARCEAU: "Alister, look... I just.."

HAYZE: "Relax Juliet, I’m not here to fight you."

(Hayze takes a few more steps towards her. Marceau pins herself against the door as Hayze leans his head, which is completely shaven, forward placing his nose to her nose.)

HAYZE: "I just wanted to come by to remind you. Remind you that I know exactly why I got my head shaved. Remind you that I know exactly why I got involved in a match that saw me pinned by a second-rate hack. Remind you that I don’t forget the names of those who cross me. And remind you, Juliet … that I can come and … get you … whenever I feel like it."

(Hayze stops as Marceau’s eyes widen. He then grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her face forward, embracing her in a kiss. After a few seconds he releases her and she goes back up against the door. Hayze laughs as Marceau steps to the side.)


(Alister Hayze chuckles again and then bows before exiting her door. Marceau turns around, her back facing the door, and looks at the ground. The shot fades out as Marceau is standing there. CUTTO: Commercial for FWrestling.com: ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing!’)


(FADEIN: Juliet Marceau’s office. She is still standing in the middle of the room when there’s a knock on the door. She immediately whips around.)

MARCEAU: "Who is it?"

(A voice comes from the other side of the door.)

VOICE: "It’s Marcus."

(Marceau sighs in relief. She catches herself and her voice becomes stern.)

MARCEAU: "Come in."

(The door opens and New ERA President Marcus LaRoque comes in. Marceau stares out into the hallway which prompts LaRoque to turn around and look out.)

LaROQUE: "You okay?"

(Marceau stiffens.)

MARCEAU: "What is that supposed to mean?"

LaROQUE: "Just that you are looking out the door like you were looking for a lost pet or something."

(Marceau turns and walks to her desk.)

MARCEAU: "Sometimes you are a real space cadet, you know that Marcus?"

(LaRoque purses his lips and cocks his head in thought.)

MARCEAU: "Anyways, you’re here about the announcement for International Intrigue, I presume."

LaROQUE: "Well, yes, I am."

(Marceau unclenches her fist and straightens out the piece of paper.)

MARCEAU: "Then, yes, I got it."

LaROQUE: "Are you sure you’re alright?"

(Marceau bangs her hands on her desk.)


(LaRoque takes a step back.)

LaROQUE: "Alrighty then. I just came by to check up to see if you got it … I’m going to, uh, head out now and go get some coffee… do you want me to get you anything?"

MARCEAU: "How about some tea?"

LaROQUE: (under his breath) "And some Prozac…"

(Marceau looks up..)

MARCEAU: "Excuse me?"

(LaRoque stops short and turns his head.)

LaROQUE: "I said I’ll be right back."

(CUTTO: Ringside as LaRoque hurries out of the room.)

TRIPP: "It looks like that meeting with Alister Hayze has really thrown Juliet Marceau through a loop, Nick!"

JIVE: "She’s a big girl, Tripp. Hayze shouldn’t be trying to get on her bad side. He knows what she can do. Hell, even LaRoque doesn’t want to deal with her when she’s pissy."

TRIPP: "And from what I see of her, that’s quite often."

JIVE: "That’s only because you annoy her, Tripp. Hell, the entire lockerroom goes on the rag when you step into the building."

TRIPP: "Thanks. We’re about thirty seconds from starting tonight’s edition of RAPTURE … so let’s shoot it over to Carl Jacobs who is standing in the ring."

(CUTTO: Jacobs. The lineup flashes on screen.)

Ryan Anne Madden vs Victoria Hawke

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, has a twenty minute time limit, and is tonight’s first contest! Introducing first…"

(Ryan Anne Madden comes on the big screen.)

MADDEN: "You dare enter into my world? Think again!"

(CUEUP: ‘Soul on Fire’ by HIM as Ryan Anne Madden walks out from behind the curtain. She walks down the rampway as fans try to reach out to touch her.)

JACOBS: "She stands five foot seven and weighs 133 pounds … hailing from Long Beach, California… RYAN ANNE MADDEN!"

(Madden enters the ring and poses in the center.)

JIVE: "Look at Madden … I don’t care how unenthused she was about this match. Hell, I didn’t even listen to what she said … I just pressed mute and watched."

JACOBS: "And her opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base as a shot of pyro shoots up on the stage. Victoria Hawke runs through the curtain and down to the ring.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from Kiruna, Sweden … standing five foot seven and weighing 130 pounds … VICTORIA HAWKE!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke slides into the ring and immediately goes after Madden!"

JIVE: "Just what I like … immediate action!"

(Ryan Anne Madden doesn’t even have a chance to protect herself as Victoria Hawke slams an elbow into her face. Hawke grabs Madden by the hair and tosses her halfway across the ring. She gets back to her feet, but Hawke grabs her by the arm and takes her to the mat, locking her hands around the face of Madden.)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke immediately locking the cross face on Ryan Anne Madden. She wants to get this match over and done with as soon as she can!"

JIVE: "Which is unfortunate considering this will be the most watched match on the show tonight."

TRIPP: "What are you talking about?!"

(Hawke has the cross face locked on and is wrenching on the neck of Madden who raises her hand in the air as if she’s ready to tap. The referee asks Madden if she wants to give in, but Madden doesn’t respond. Victoria Hawke screams at Madden to throw in the towel, but Madden focuses all of her energy on trying to get to the ropes. The free arm of Madden finally grasps the bottom rope and the referee calls for the break. Victoria Hawke gets to her feet and starts stomping on the lower back of her opponent who is clutching the ropes.)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke forced to release the submission hold, but she’s stomping a mudhole in Madden."

JIVE: "Ryan Anne Madden is on the ropes! Why doesn’t the referee step in and stop this before something horrible happens, like … an implant pops or something?!"

(Hawke lays off as the referee warns her. Madden slowly uses the ropes to get to her feet, but as soon as she does Hawke grabs her by the arm and irish whips her across the ring. Madden bounces off the opposite ropes and comes heading back towards Hawke, who ducks her head. Ryan Anne Madden hops over the bent Hawke and bounces off the other ropes. Hawke stands up and turns, and Madden nails her in the face with a flying forearm!)

JIVE: "Hawke putting her head down and took her eyes off her opponent which is definitely a mistake if you ask me."

TRIPP: "Madden quickly turns this match in her favor."

(Ryan Anne Madden drops the leg across the chest of Victoria Hawke and makes the cover ….


But Hawke easily kicks out. Madden grabs Hawke by the hair and brings her to her feet. She locks the head and swings her around nailing a swinging neckbreaker. She hops back up and stands over Hawke berating her.)

JIVE: "Hawke being given some lip service … unfortunately not the kind that I would have liked to have seen."

TRIPP: "Madden is up in Hawke’s face as she’s got the upperhand…"

JIVE: "This match needs Krist Blue…"

TRIPP: "Those two in the ring right now are incredible athletes, Nick…"

JIVE: "Yea, but Krist Blue has no qualms about girl on girl action."

(Madden drops to the mat and presses her forearm into the throat of Victoria Hawke causing the referee to count her for the choke. At four Madden lets up, but immediately goes back to choking her right after. The referee warns her about the choking and Madden stops again. This time she brings Hawke up with her and places her head underneath Hawke’s chin. Madden drops to the mat with the jawbreaker. Madden makes the cover…

ONE ….

And Hawke kicks out again! Ryan Anne Madden now goes after the legs of Victoria Hawke and tries to places on foot in between them, but Hawke kicks her in the stomach causing her to stumble backwards. Madden regains her composure and drops the elbow on Hawke … BUT HAWKE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Ryan Anne Madden hits the mat and both women are down.)

TRIPP: "Victoria managed to avoid being put in the sharpshooter and now both women are down on the mat."

(Victoria Hawke gets to her knees as Ryan Anne Madden gets up. Madden walks over to Hawke and raises her arms for the axehandle, but Hawke nails her in the midsection with a forearm! Madden doubled over, and HAWKE CATCHES HER IN A SMALL PACKAGE!


TW – NO!

Ryan Anne Madden gets out of the small package and both women get to their feet! Ryan Anne Madden goes for the clothesline, but Hawke ducks under it … AND NAILS MADDEN IN THE CHIN WITH AN OPEN HAND! Ryan Anne Madden stumbles back and Hawke kicks her in the gut. Victoria Hawke hooks the tights and takes her over with a snap suplex!)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke in control of this match now and I think she’s got a few things in store for Madden, Nick."

JIVE: "You know, I usually watch women’s matches on mute, Tripp … and its mostly because I can’t stand to hear people like you banter on about how the women have strategies."

(Victoria Hawke picks up Madden and tosses her into the corner. Hawke with some kicks to the torso of Madden and ends the exchange with a spinning heel kick to the face! Ryan Anne Madden falls to the mat and Hawke climbs the ropes.)

TRIPP: "Hawke is going up top!"

(Not really. She stops at the second ropes and looks back at Madden before flying off and nailing the elbow drop onto her chest. Hawke makes the quick cover…

ONE ..

TWO ..


Ryan Anne Madden gets the shoulder up at the last moment and Hawke takes her head and rams it into the mat. Victoria Hawke goes back into the corner and bends down waiting for Madden to get to her feet. Ryan Anne Madden sits up and holds onto her chest and doesn’t seem to see Hawke waiting for her to get up. Madden makes it to her feet and looks up just as Hawke runs from the corner and spears her back to the mat!)


TRIPP: "Hawke with the spear and she knocked the wind right out of Ryan Anne Madden!! Victoria Hawke now laying into Madden with open hand slaps!"

(Hawke gets some more slaps in before Madden reaches up and rakes her eyes. She then pushes Hawke off her and starts crawling over to the corner. Victoria Hawke grabs a hold of her foot, but Madden uses her free foot to kick Hawke in the face. Finally making it to the corner, Madden pulls herself up and heads right back over to Hawke. She steps on the forehead of Hawke and rakes her foot down. Rolling on the mat, Hawke tries to get out of the way, but Madden starts to kick her in the gut. Each time Madden kicks, Hawke gets put in the air. Ryan Anne Madden flies over the back of Hawke and rolls her up..

ONE ..

TWO ..


Victoria Hawke kicks out which makes Madden angry. She gets back to her feet and continues to kick Hawke to the mat.)

TRIPP: "And now Ryan Anne Madden seems to have gotten a second wind, Nick!"

JIVE: "Did you expect her to just lie on the mat and take a beating?!"

(Madden picks up Hawke and tosses her into the ropes.. Hawke comes back and is taken to the mat by a drop toe hold, and Madden quickly gets up and stands over the back of Hawke. She grabs Hawke’s arms and places them around her knees and pulls back locking Hawke in a camel clutch!)

JIVE: "The end is coming for Victoria Hawke. Madden’s got that camel clutch on tight."

TRIPP: "The referee is trying to ask Victoria Hawke if she wants to submit, but Madden is making sure to drown out anything that Hawke says! She wants to make her suffer."

JIVE: "Madden knows that the longer she has Hawke in this hold the weaker she’ll be after it’s over."

(The referee tries to get Hawke’s answer, but before she can, Madden releases the hold and drops an elbow on the back of the head of Hawke. Grabbing Hawke’s feet, Ryan Anne Madden slingshots her into the mat. The fans get on their feet as Madden picks up Hawke. She sends Hawke into the ropes and Hawke comes back …. AND MADDEN WITH A HURRICANRANA!)

TRIPP: "Hurricanrana by Madden."

JIVE: "No!"

(Madden gets driven to the mat as Hawke blocks the hurricanrana and drops down with the sitdown powerbomb!)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke with the sitdown poweromb ….. that’s the precursor to I Tiden! But Hawke hasn’t gotten to her feet!"

JIVE: "Both women are on the mat, Tripp … Hawke with an opportunity to end this match right now, but I don’t think she knows what’s happening!"

(Both women are on the mat for a few seconds before Victoria Hawke makes a motion to sit up. Hawke can’t make it up the first time and ends up back on the mat. Her second effort is successful, though, and she takes a few seconds to gather her thoughts. Madden still hasn’t moved and doesn’t until Victoria Hawke picks her up by the hair. Hawke with an irish whip sends Madden barreling into the corner. Madden hits the turnbuckles back first and slumps, rest against the turnbuckles. Victoria Hawke raises her left hand and charges in … and she handsprings midway there and catapults herself into the corner nailing Madden with a back elbow!)


JIVE: "Hawke nails the handspring back elbow! And now she grabs Madden!"

(Hawke grabs Madden by the head and slaps her back as she nails the DDT! Madden turns over onto her back and Victoria Hawke motions up at the turnbuckle!)

TRIPP: "I think this is it, Nick!"

(Victoria Hawke goes through the middle rope and climbs to the top turnbuckle. She stands on the top turnbuckle while she points down at Madden …. AND SHE FLIES OFF NAILING THE FROG SPLASH!!!

ONE ..



SFX: Bell rings!)

JIVE: "She did it!"

TRIPP: "Hawke gets the win after nailing that frog splash she calls ‘I Tiden!’"

JACOBS: "The winner of this match by pinfall …. VICTORIA HAWKE!"

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base as Hawke stands over Ryan Anne Madden and continues to jaw at her.)

JIVE: "And now Hawke is rubbing it in!"

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke getting a win tonight on RAPTURE over Ryan Anne Madden … and I guess after everything was done, Hawke proved to Madden that in order to get the job done, you have to put all your effort into the match!"

JIVE: "Who cares about that, let’s just get the cameras back to the showers for an ENCORE MATCH!"


JIVE: "What?!"

TRIPP: "I have this feeling that one day you’re going to get slapped with a sexual discrimination suit."

JIVE: "Please!"

TRIPP: "That doesn’t mean you have sex."

JIVE: "What?! That’s false advertisement then!"

TRIPP: "We’ve got to take a commercial break .. but when we come back, Taylor Mathis will be in action as he goes one on one with the Sinner!"

Early Start

(FADEIN: Backstage in a hallway. Trevor Cane is standing over the body of Travis Smith, a chair in his hand.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Welcome back everyone! What you’re seeing right now is the aftermath of what happened when we were at break."

JIVE (V/O): "Apparently Trevor Cane can’t wait till the tag match later on tonight and decided to get out some frustration now!"

TRIPP (V/O): "Cane attacked Smith from behind .. and I don’t think he’s though!"

(Trevor Cane raises the chair and nails Smith in the lower back with it. Travis Smith lets out a yell as it hits his body.)

TRIPP (V/O): "And ‘the Messenger’ with another shot to the back!"

(Cane picks up Smith and tosses him into a row of trash barrels knocking them over. He picks up one of them and cracks it over the skull of Smith.)

JIVE (V/O): "Cane with the trash barrel now! He just drove that metal barrel into the head of Travis Smith!"

TRIPP (V/O): "We need to get security back there before Smith is too hurt to compete in his match!"

(Trevor Cane gets a new barrel and puts it on its side. He picks up Travis Smith and places his head between his legs.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Oh God, no.."

JIVE (V/O): "He’s going to piledrive him onto the barrel!"

TRIPP (V/O): "Somebody stop him!"

(Security runs around the corner and yells at Cane to let go of Travis Smith. Trevor Cane looks over at them and smiles as he picks up Smith and then piledrives him on top of the barrel, causing it to dent beneath their weight!!)

JIVE (V/O): "They got there too late!! Travis Smith was just piledriven right into the trash barrel! Look at the dent his head left!"

TRIPP (V/O): "Security now running over and they’re breaking this up … security now blocking Trevor Cane from doing anymore damage, but I think enough has already been done!"

JIVE (V / O): "I hope Smith is able to wrestle in his match tonight! If not, then Isaac Siegmund is going to have to take on both Cane and Sean Senn by himself!"

(CUTTO: Ringside.)

TRIPP: "I can’t believe what just happened.."

JIVE: "You know, with all the attacks that have been happening recently, you think there’d be security at every corner."

TRIPP: "Well, I can tell you one man who wouldn’t like that, and that is Taylor Mathis. Mathis attacked Deuce after his match on RAUCOUS … and said something about paying a debt he owed…"

JIVE: "Taylor Mathis doesn’t play games, Tripp. He gets paid to maim people .. and now he’s being paid by New ERA of Wrestling!"

TRIPP: "The Sinner has got to be careful not to end up like Deuce or else he could find himself in a Regina hospital.."

JIVE: "That’s especially frightening considering that the health care here is universal .. Just think of how watered down the drugs will be!"

TRIPP: "Universal health care is a wonderful idea, Nick. Perhaps the United States should follow Canada’s lead."

JIVE: "Don’t let the Phantom Republican hear you say that!"

TRIPP: "Let’s go down to Carl Jacobs."

(CUTTO: Jacobs. The lineup for the match flashes on screen.)

Tyler Mathis vs The Sinner

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit… introducing first.."

(CUEUP: ‘Wait and Bleed’ by Slipknot. Taylor Mathis comes out from behind the curtains to a chorus of jeers. He cracks his knuckles and takes off his coat, tossing it on the stage. He walks down to the ring snarling at any fan that looks at him.)

JACOBS: "He stands six foot six and weighs 288 pounds … hailing from anywhere he damn well pleases …. TAYLOR MATHIS!"

JIVE: "Look at him, Tripp! He’s a trained thug!"

TRIPP: "Mathis is intense, there’s no doubt about that!"

JACOBS: "And his opponent … hailing from Tampa, Florida…"

(CUEUP: ‘Metalingus’ by Altered Bridge.)

ALTERED BRIDGE: "-I’ve been defeated and brought down
Dropped to my knees when hope ran
The time has come to change my

(Mist forms up on the ramp. The lights in the arena dim. A figure is seen standing on the Ramp. Walking down the ramp looking at the crowd side to side as he makes his way to the ring.)

ALTERED BRIDGE: "-On this day
I see clearly
Everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we’ll leave it all
Leave it all behind-"

(The mist clears and The Sinner is seen through the mist. He slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles, raising both hands in the air. His eyes roll into the back of his head as his black wet hair falls backwards.)

ALTERED BRIDGE: "-I’ll never long for what might have been
Regret won’t waste my life again
I won’t look back I’ll fight to remain-"

JACOBS: "He stands six foot nine and weighs 231 pounds ….. THE SINNER!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)


(Mathis clobbers the Sinner in the back with forearm shots forcing the Sinner to fall forward and brace himself on the top turnbuckle. Taylor Mathis turns around and grabs his hands before driving him into the mat with a Razor’s Edge.)

TRIPP: "Mathis right out of the gate with a high impact move! The Sinner didn’t even have a chance to fight back!"

(Taylor Mathis drives his knee into the side of the Sinner repeatedly, each time pushing himself into the air to get some momentum. The Sinner tries to block the knees, but the force of Mathis is too much. Mathis gets to his feet and gets a running start punting the Sinner across the ring.)


TRIPP: "The Sinner isn’t a football!"

JIVE: "The Superbowl is only a week away!"

(The Sinner tries to get to the corner, but Mathis grabs him by the head and spins him around. With a fluid motion Mathis sends the Sinner into the ropes … on the return Mathis raises the boot and the Sinner crashes into it immediately falling to the mat holding his face!)

JIVE: "He practically took his head off!"

TRIPP: "Taylor Mathis manhandling the Sinner in the early going of this match."

JIVE: "Manhandling? He’s treating him like he’s made out of pigskin!"

(Taylor Mathis picks up the Sinner by the throat and tosses him into the corner. Mathis places his boot on the Sinner ’s throat and begins to choke him causing the referee to start a count. Mathis releases the boot choke hold at four and drives an elbow into the face of the Sinner. The Sinner tries to walk out of the corner, but Mathis grabs him by the head and smashes it into the top turnbuckle. Mathis grabs the head of the Sinner and runs out of the corner, nailing him with a bulldog in the process!

ONE ..

TWO ..


Taylor Mathis pokes the Sinner in the eyes and gets to his feet. Mathis drags the Sinner over to the corner and he gets out of the ring. While the Sinner is lying on the mat, Taylor Mathis climbs to the ropes and sits on the top turnbuckle. He then measures the Sinner before flying off and hitting a leg drop!!)

JIVE: "Mathis with a leg drop from the second rope and the Sinner is not getting anywhere!"

TRIPP: "Taylor Mathis continuing his mean streak on RAPTURE … and as we said earlier tonight, Nick, the Sinner is having a very tough time against Mathis."

JIVE: "You mean as I said earlier tonight."

TRIPP: "We both agree that Mathis was going to be someone to be re…"

JIVE: "No. I said that. Stop trying to jump on the bandwagon, Tripp."

(Mathis makes the cover…




Taylor Mathis gets to his feet as the Sinner rolls to the outside.)

JIVE: "I don’t think that was a wise move by the Sinner going to the outside."

(Mathis smirks as he follows him out. The Sinner is on his knees with his hands on the apron as Taylor Mathis kicks him in the head. Mathis then grabs the Sinner and takes him over to the ring steps, slamming his head into them. The Sinner slumps down resting on them as Mathis takes a few steps back and then rams his knee into the face of the Sinner. Mathis then takes the Sinner and whips him into the guardrail following it up with a clothesline that sends the Sinner over the guardrail and into the first row!)


(Taylor Mathis hops over the guardrail and grabs the head of the Sinner. Mathis locks the head …. AND THEN DDT’s HIM RIGHT INTO A CHAIR!!)

JIVE: "Sinner … meet chair. Chair … meet the Sinner."

(The referee is now on the outside and tells Mathis to bring it back into the ring. Taylor Mathis hiptosses the Sinner over the guardrail and hops back over it. He then rolls the Sinner into the ring and slides in afterhim.)

TRIPP: "The Sinner not having any chance to put up an offensive so far.. and if he doesn’t do so soon then it doesn’t look like he’s going to walk out of here with a victory in his first match."

JIVE: "I think at this point the Sinner would just be happy to walk out of here."

(Taylor Mathis raises his right hand and the fans respond with jeers. Mathis looks around and smiles as the Sinner tries to get to his feet. Mathis walks over to the Sinner , and is greeted with a half hearted attempt to punch him in the stomach. Taylor Mathis looks down at the Sinner before grabbing him by the throat. Mathis brings the Sinner to his feet and looks him right in the eyes.. Mathis picks the Sinner up in the air and drives him into the mat with a chokeslam. Mathis with the cover …

ONE ..



NOOOO!! The Sinner got his shoulder up at the very last second.)

TRIPP: "I thought he had him there!"

JIVE: "Somehow the Sinner managed to get his shoulder up. I think a few more chokeslams and Mathis won’t have that problem anymore."

(The referee checks on the Sinner while Taylor Mathis gets up and stands in the corner. Mathis walks around the Sinner as he grabs the air trying to get him. Mathis walks up to the Sinner who grabs his tights. Mathis grabs the head of the Sinner and he sends him into the ropes. The Sinner bounces off the opposite ropes and makes his way back … and Mathis sends him flying into the air with a back body drop! The Sinner gets back up AND TAYLOR MATHIS CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!)

TRIPP: "Mathis is just obliterating the Sinner!"

JIVE: "The Sinner has nowhere to go without having Taylor Mathis right behind him. Sinner on the outside now, but here comes Taylor Mathis!"

(Mathis on the apron and he runs and jumps off nailing the Sinner in the back with an elbow. The Sinner on the ground now as Mathis rolls into the ring.)

TRIPP: "Mathis now in the ring … why didn’t he stay on the outside?"

JIVE: "I don’t know. I figured he would want to inflict as much damage as humanly possible."

TRIPP: "Taylor Mathis is standing next to the referee has he’s making his 10 count… the referee at six …. seven …. eight …. nine ……….."


TRIPP: "What is he doing?!"

JIVE: "Mathis stopped the count! He was toying with the referee!"

(Mathis steps through the middle rope and jumps down to the outside. He picks up the Sinner and rams his head into the apron …. a second time … a third time .. finally Taylor Mathis rolls the Sinner into the ring and he gets in as well. Mathis picks up the Sinner and irish whips him into the corner! The Sinner crashes back first into the corner. On the opposite side of the ring, Taylor Mathis charges out of the corner and runs at the Sinner. Mathis flies through the air the last few feet and splashes the Sinner. Mathis steps out of the way and the Sinner takes a few steps before falling flat on his face.)

JIVE: "The Sinner was just squashed by Taylor Mathis …"


JIVE: "The Sinner can’t afford to keep taking all this punishment, Tripp. He’s going to last about as long as Deuce did here in New ERA!"

TRIPP: "Taylor Mathis is a monster! He shows no disregard to any type of human life at all!!"

(Mathis picks up the Sinner and sends him back into the ropes. Mathis catches the Sinner on the rebound, picks him up, turns, and drills him into the mat with a spinebuster! Mathis gets to his feet and stands over the Sinner, slapping him in the face while taunting him.)

TRIPP: "And now he’s taunting the Sinner right in the middle of the ring."

(Mathis looks up at the fans and gives the cut throat signal, to which they respond negatively and begin to jeer louder. Mathis picks up the Sinner turns him around so they are back to back and pauses as he looks around at the crowd.)

JIVE: "He is going to end this match right now!! IT’s PAYBACK TIME!"

(Almost to the second that Nick Jive says that, Taylor Mathis drops down and drives the back of the neck of the Sinner into his shoulder. Mathis spins around and hooks the leg …

ONE ..



SFX: Bell rings!)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match via pinfall …… TAYLOR MATHIS!"


TRIPP: "Taylor Mathis showing us tonight that he doesn’t need to attack someone from behind to get the job done! The Sinner had NO chances whatsoever to turn this thing around."

JIVE: "He was a lamb led out to slaughter, Tripp!"

TRIPP: "Taylor Mathis with an impressive showing here tonight on RAPTURE … and the Sinner with some bad luck having to take him on."

JIVE: "Look at Mathis … he’s walking up the ramp and giving each and every one of these incest loving fans a piece of his mind!"

TRIPP: "The referee helping the Sinner to his feet … and I know that he’ll bounce back from this … and perhaps have a second chance at revenging this loss."

JIVE: "If I were the Sinner, I would demand that I never face Taylor Mathis again!"

Supply and Demand

(CUEUP: ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy.)

TRIPP: "Wait a minute … I know this music."

(The fans begin to jeer as ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane walks through the curtain and begins to head to the ring.)

TRIPP: "WHAT IS HE DOING OUT HERE?! The tag team match isn’t scheduled next!"

(Cane slides into the ring and demands the microphone from Carl Jacobs, who reluctantly gives it to him.)

JIVE: "I don’t know, but Cane is in the ring and he looks like he means business!"

CANE: "Stop the music."

(The music stops. The fans get louder as Trevor Cane turns around in a circle.)

CANE: "This is all your fault."

(SFX: Crowd jeers.)

CANE: "Each and every one of you out there is responsible for my actions here tonight."

TRIPP: "Cane is blaming his attack on Travis Smith on the fans!"

CANE: "You sit in your seats there, and you sit at home, and you watch us like we’re some sort of experiment. We’re expected to entertain you. To be some little monkey that you can look at for an hour or two."

(SFX: More jeers.)

CANE: "But I don’t play that way. I don’t sit here and succumb to the will of the masses. I’m not like the Travis Smith ’s of New ERA … who think that they know what the fans like. To pretend to be some sort of entertainer… when all you are is a PUPPET!"

JIVE: "Trevor Cane has come out here and he just called Travis Smith a puppet of the masses!"

TRIPP: "Cane has got some serious issues, Nick. He talks about showing the people the Light … I think he might be mentally unstable!"


(SFX: Crowd mixed with pops and jeers.)

CANE "Sure … we’ve got a tag team match here tonight … but there are two little problems with that …. AND THEY BEING ISAAC SIEGMUND AND SEAN SENN!"

JIVE: "Trevor Cane wants Travis Smith one on one!"

CANE: "So I’m asking .. no … I’m DEMANDING that either Marcus LaRoque or Juliet Marceau come out here … and change this match. I want Travis Smith one on one … AND I WANT HIM TONIGHT!"

(SFX: Fans pop at the possibility.)

(CUEUP: ‘The Perfect Drug’ by NIN as the fans get on their feet. New ERA President Marcus LaRoque steps through the curtain, looking quite peeved.)

TRIPP: "Uh oh. LaRoque doesn’t look too happy."

JIVE: "One thing I’ve learned … you don’t piss off the boss!"

LaROQUE: "So you want Smith, huh?"

(LaRoque looks around at the fans who pop.)

LaROQUE: "Well …"





(SFX: Fans quiet down. Trevor Cane rests his arms over the top rope in the ring.)

JIVE: "Always a catch.."

TRIPP: "Life is full of catches.."

JIVE: "And yet you’re empty handed."

LaROQUE: "TONIGHT …. is not the night."

(Cane grits his teeth as he stares up at LaRoque.)

LaROQUE: "But I’ll make it up to you… since I like to keep my employees happy…"

JIVE: "That’s an inflated comment if I’ve ever heard one…"

LaROQUE: "You can have Smith …. aaaaaaaaat.. hmmm …. International Intrigue."

(SFX: Fans pop huge!)

TRIPP: "Marcus LaRoque has just set up a match between Travis Smith and Trevor Cane for New ERA’s third pay per view!"

(Cane puts the microphone up to his mouth.)

CANE: "I want him one on one … and I want him in any match I so desire."

(LaRoque rolls his eyes.)

LaROQUE: "That’s fine with me. You let me know what kind of match and you’ll get it. But tonight … you are in that tag team match… or else you don’t get Smith one on one."

CANE: "Done."


JIVE: "In any match he wants!"

TRIPP: "We’ve got to take a commercial break …. When we come back it’s the triple threat match between El Arco Iris , Jason Hawke , and Wyatt Bailey … stay tuned because who knows what can happen next!!!"


(FADEIN: Ringside.)

JIVE: "With so much already happening tonight, you’ve got to wonder if our next match will have any surprises to it."

TRIPP: "New ERA is in Regina and we’ve already witnessed a match signed for International Intrigue as Trevor Cane will get his chance to go one on one with Travis Smith in a match of his choosing!"

JIVE: "But that’s only if he still competes in the tag team match tonight with Sean Senn as they take on Smith and Isaac Siegmund."

TRIPP: "I’m sure Cane will have no problems with that."

JIVE: "So we have that … we have already had Taylor Mathis wiping the mat with the Sinner, and not to mention Victoria Hawke and Ryan Anne Madden to open this show … and now we get a triple threat match!"

TRIPP: "That’s right, Nick. Coming up next is a triple threat match between El Arco Iris and two new superstars, ‘the Harbinger of War’ Wyatt Bailey, and ‘Undisputed’ Jason Hawke."

JIVE: "I see Hawke walking away with the victory, Tripp. This man only cares about one thing, and that’s himself. I don’t think that either of the other two in the match can take this match away from him."

TRIPP: "But you forget that Iris is a veteran here in New ERA … and that’s not something to overlook."

JIVE: "We’ll see about that."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs standing in the ring as the lineup comes on screen.)

El Arco Iris vs Wyatt Bailey vs Jason Hawke

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit… It is also a special TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Hollow Ground’ by Hatebreed. The lights in the arena dim down to a low tint as white pyro shoots up from the entrance ramp.  As the smoke settles Niki Hawke steps out from behind the curtain and she begins to applaud as she points to the entrance. Jason Hawke then shoots himself from the backstage area.  He stops at the top of the ramp and raises his arms into the air, gawking at the crowd, as Niki wraps her arms around her man and smiles for the people.  They both make their way down the ramp, hand in hand.)


TRIPP: "That’s his wife."

JIVE: "Damn."

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by Niki Hawke … he stands six foot two and weighs 252 pounds …. ‘Undisputed’ JASON HAWKE!"

JIVE: "This might be dangerous for Niki to be standing out there… I think I should invite her to sit on my lap … I MEAN .. sit at the announcer’s table."

(CUEUP: ‘Your Stories, My Alibis’ by Matchbook Romance. ‘WAR .. IS .. HERE!’ comes across the big screen as Wyatt Bailey comes out from behind the curtain, his long black robe flowing as he walks down to the ring.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent… he stands six feet tall and weighs 210 pounds … hailing from Belfast, Ireland …… ‘the Harbinger of War’ WYATT BAILEY!"

JIVE: "No wife for Bailey?"

TRIPP: "No."

JIVE: "Aw … and Iris is probably going to come down with some Michael Jackson rejects … which means Niki’s the only one."

JACOBS: "And their opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘Tunak, Tunak, Tun’ by Daler Mehndi. The arena is inundated with rainbow colored strobe lights as El Arco Iris walks through the curtains to a nice pop.)

JACOBS: "He hails from the end of the rainbow … standing five foot six and weighing 190 pounds …. EL ARCO IRIS!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "Iris the smallest of the three guys in the ring, Nick."

JIVE: "Also the ga…"

TRIPP: "Now, now!"

(All three men are in different corners waiting for someone to make the first move .. Wyatt Bailey comes out of his corner first as he heads over to Jason Hawke, but as he does so El Arco Iris runs out and catches him with a dropkick sending him to the mat!)

TRIPP: "And Iris waited for Bailey to go towards Hawke before he came out and nailed him with a dropkick."

JIVE: "Bailey took his eyes of Iris for a second .. and that’s all Iris needs."

(El Arco Iris gets back to his feet and has his back toward Hawke, but he quickly spins around and runs into the corner catching Hawke off guard. Wyatt Bailey gets to his feet as Iris places hops on Hawke … and Iris monkey flips Jason Hawke into the center of the ring and he lands on top of Bailey! Iris gets to his feet as both his opponents are down and he runs over and brings up Jason Hawke. Niki is banging on the mat as Hawke stops Iris with a shot to the gut. Iris is doubled over as Hawke drives the knee into his face. Wyatt Bailey is back on his feet now and he grabs Hawke and turns him around. Bailey ducks underneath a Hawke punch and grabs him across the chest before driving him to the mat with a Rock Bottom.)

JIVE: "Wyatt Bailey rebounding quickly and catching Hawke off balance."

TRIPP: "Bailey looks to be a very serious competitor and he is strictly business in the ring."

(Bailey gets up as El Arco Iris used the free time he had to climb the turnbuckle pads. Bailey senses that Iris is up to something so he sidesteps and as he does so Iris flies off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick but hits the mat!)

TRIPP: "Bailey didn’t see Iris and he baited him into flying off the top rope."

JIVE: "He doesn’t know that all you have to do to bait Iris is throw some George Michael CDs on the mat …"

TRIPP: "Will you stop it, Nick?!"

JIVE: "His name means RAINBOW… come on!"

(Wyatt Bailey grabs El Arco Iris by the head, but as he does so Jason Hawke grabs his leg from the mat. Bailey tries to kick Hawke off but in doing so he gives Iris a chance to get away from him. Iris bounces off the ropes and connects with a flying forearm that sends both of them crashing to the mat. Jason Hawke rolls to the ropes and quickly grabs them bringing himself to his feet. Iris gets to his feet, but is immediately brought back down with a clothesline. Hawke grabs Iris again and brings him up. Hawke hooks the tights and shoots Iris in the air and holds him vertical for about 10 seconds before dropping him back down with a stalling vertical suplex. Hawke then gets back to his feet as Bailey was getting up. He grabs a hold of Bailey’s arm and irish whips him into the ropes. Bailey bounces off the opposite ropes and makes his way back AND JASON HAWKE NAILS HIM WITH A RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!)

JIVE: "What did I tell you, Tripp? Jason Hawke has not only got the upperhand, but he is UNDISPUTEDLY the best wrestler in the ring."

TRIPP: "This match is far from over, Nick."

(Hawke with the hook of the leg …



El Arco Iris dove to break up the pinfall and picks up Jason Hawke. Iris hooks the tights and brings him over with a bridging German suplex …



Jason Hawke easily gets out of the German suplex. Both men get back to their feet and they lock up. Jason Hawke backs El Arco Iris into the corner and the referee comes in to break it up. Iris slowly raises his hands up for the break, but Jason Hawke answers that with a knee right into the gut of Iris! Hawke grabs the arms of Iris and downs him with a Double Arm DDT.

ONE ..

TWO ..


TRIPP: "I bet Jason Hawke is cursing the fact that this is a triple threat match. He had an opportunity to get a possible win over both Wyatt Bailey and El Arco Iris, but had his pins broken up."

JIVE: "‘The Harbinger of War’ not about to let Jason Hawke walk out of here that easily."

TRIPP: "Bailey trying to settle into this match now as he has Hawke in his possession.."

(Bailey drives some European uppercuts into the body of Jason Hawke and he backs him into the corner. Niki Hawke runs around from the other side of the ring to where the two men are standing and she is yelling up at Jason Hawke.)

JIVE: "Man, what a mouth on Niki Hawke."

TRIPP: "She is vocal."

JIVE: "Looks to have a strong tongue…"

TRIPP: "You just have one thing on your mind right now, don’t you?"

JIVE: "What can I say, Tripp? When I’m on, I’m ON!"

(El Arco Iris starts getting to his feet and the referee checks on him. As soon as the referee turns around Niki Hawke grabs onto the left foot of Wyatt Bailey from underneath the bottom rope! Bailey looks down and tries to get Niki off of him. Jason Hawke takes advantage of the situation and he pushes Bailey back causing him to fall to the mat, hitting his head hard.)

TRIPP: "Niki Hawke got herself involved in this match! She’s out there to manage, not involve herself!"

JIVE: "She was managing!"

TRIPP: "Managing to try to screw Bailey over, you mean!"

(Jason Hawke sees Iris back on his feet and charges in at him, but Iris grabs onto one of his arms and swings his feet around dragging Hawke to the mat in a crucifix pin attempt!

ONE ..

TWO ..


Jason Hawke gets back up as does Iris, but Hawke with a back elbow doubles Iris over. Jason Hawke picks up El Arco Iris and drops him on his head with the Death Valley Driver! Hawke makes the cover..

ONE ..



NOOOOOO!!!! El Arco Iris shot his arm up at the last moment and Niki Hawke grabs onto the apron in contempt! Jason Hawke gets back to his feet and starts stomping on El Arco Iris. Wyatt Bailey crawls up from behind as Niki Hawke tries to warn her husband. Jason looks up at her, but it’s too late! Bailey with the roll up!

ONE ..

TWO ..


Jason Hawke kicks out before the referee can slap the mat a third time.)

TRIPP: "Wyatt Bailey was just a few tenths of a second from stealing this match right out from underneath Jason Hawke and Hawke isn’t taking it too lightly!"

(Jason Hawke shoots to his feet and grabs on to Bailey’s neck choking him. The referee comes over to count the choke, and Jason Hawke releases it. As soon as the referee stops his count Hawke grabs on to the neck again and this time the referee warns him about the choke. Jason Hawke irish whips Wyatt Bailey into the corner and he hits it chest first! Bailey resting in the corner as Hawke picks up Iris. Hawke with an irish whip to El Arco Iris into the same corner!! Wyatt Bailey pulls himself out of the corner as Iris crashes in .. BUT IRIS BRACES HIMSELF AS HE JUMPS ONTO THE SECOND ROPES! Jason Hawke has turned around to gloat to the crowd and he doesn’t know what’s happened! Wyatt Bailey turns around to get Iris, and Iris flies off the turnbuckle w/ a reverse cross body block!

ONE ..

TWO ..



TRIPP: " Jason Hawke heard the crashing sound on the mat and turned around just in time to break up the pinfall! His gloating almost caused him the victory!"

JIVE: "But when you’re that damn good, Tripp, you have got to take some time to let the fans soak you in!"

(Jason Hawke picks up El Arco Iris and walks him over to the ropes. He puts Iris’ throat down on the ropes and grabs his head from underneath choking him with the top rope.)

JIVE: "Yes! Choke the life out of him!"

TRIPP: "The referee sees this and he comes over and applies the count again … three … four … fiv.. and Jason Hawke almost getting disqualified, Nick!"

JIVE: "What I’m seeing here from Jason Hawke is pure wrestling genius. He’s making sure to break the rules … but not really!"

(Jason Hawke winks at Niki as he brings Iris to the center of the ring. Iris stands upright, but Hawke kicks him in the midsection and places his head between his legs!)


(Hawke picks up Iris for the double underhook jumping piledriver, but Iris blocks! Hawke tries again and again Iris blocks! El Arco Iris gets his hands free and he back body drops Jason Hawke to the mat!)


TRIPP: "Iris gets out of Judgment Strikes and now he goes for the ropes!"

(El Arco Iris bounces against the ropes as Jason Hawke gets to his feet. El Arco Iris comes back and flies through the air … BUT JASON HAWKE CATCHES HIM AND HOT SHOTS HIM RIGHT ONTO THE ROPES!)

JIVE: " El Arco Iris thinks he’s a hot shot, so Jason Hawke made him one!"


(Wyatt Bailey charges at Jason Hawke, but Hawke with a kick to the stomach! Hawke hooks the arms and jumps in the air driving the head of Bailey into the mat with the jumping piledriver!!)


(Hawke with the cover ..

ONE ..

TWO ….


SFX: Bell rings!)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match via pinfall .. ‘Undisputed’ JASON HAWKE!"

TRIPP: "Hawke wins in his debut match!"

JIVE: "Was I right or was I right, Tripp?!"

TRIPP: "You were right! Jason Hawke had the Judgment Strikes blocked by Iris, who tried to mount an offense, but Hawke hot shotted him .. and then Wyatt Bailey thought he had a free shot at Hawke, but Hawke spun around and nailed him with the double underhook jumping piledriver and gets the victory!"

JIVE: "Hawke is a might fine piece of ass, I must say."

TRIPP: "What?!"


TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just received word that in a few seconds we’re going to hear from Vice President Juliet Marceau! Apparently she is coming out to the ring!"

JIVE: "I would not want to be Alister Hayze … the first time he crossed her, she got DREDD on him … and now that Marceau has Taylor Mathis on the payroll …"

TRIPP: "That’s a very good point, Nick!"

AnnounŠement for International Intrigue and New ERA!

(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole. The fans in the arena get on their feet and voice their displeasure as Juliet Marceau walks out on the stage near the big screen. She stands there as she scans the crowd and waits for them to quiet down. Of course, they do not.)

MARCEAU: "The sooner you shut the hell up, the sooner I can get this over with."


JIVE: "Why don’t these fans give Juliet the respect she deserves?!"

TRIPP: "In order to get respect, you got to give respect, Nick."

JIVE: "Says WHO?!"

(Marceau paces around on the stage walking back and forth waiting for the fans to quiet down.)

MARCEAU: "Thank you."

(SFX: Fans jeer again. Marceau finally has enough.)


(Fans shut up.)

JIVE: "Oh yeah.. Marceau playing the city game!"

MARCEAU: "Now. Where was I? Ahh.. Now, as you might know, in two days, in Winnipeg, New ERA of Wrestling will be celebrating its one year anniversary…"

(SFX: Fans pop!)

TRIPP: "That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! RAUCOUS from Winnipeg will be our 1 year anniversary! We were established January 29 th, 2004!"

MARCEAU: "What you don’t know is that this wasn’t the first time that Marcus and I had though of running a wrestling promotion. No. We have always had the dream of one day opening our own league … and we first got the idea when we were both working backstage in a few promotions on the old PRODIGY© circuits…"

(SFX: Old school pops as some of the newer fans look around and ask each other if they know what PRODIGY© is.)

MARCEAU: "And we were thinking that since we finally do have our own promotion now, and since we have reached our one year anniversary, that it’d be nice to, in some way, honor our roots in this business."

TRIPP: "The old PRODIGY© circuit used to house the CSWA, NGEN, BAD and other leagues, like the WWL before the circuit was disbanded."

MARCEAU: "So .. in order to honor the CLASSIC days … and in conjunction with something else we were planning on doing … I present to you …. The announcement … OF THE NEW ERA OF WRESTLING PRODIGY© CLASSIC XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(SFX: Crowd explodes!)


TRIPP: "New ERA of Wrestling is instituting a hardcore title?!"


MARCEAU: "The P©X Title, as it will be called for short, will be defended in hardcore rules matches … with the champion having the option to decide which type of match he wants to defend it in!"

(SFX: Crowd pops huge!)

MARCEAU: "Starting next RAUCOUS in Ottawa … an 8-man tournament will commence. All matches under special stipulations .. with the final two men fighting it out for the P©X Title at INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE!"


MARCEAU: "Now … wasn’t that worth shutting your dirty traps for?!"

(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole as Marceau flips the microphone off the stage, turns, and walks through the curtain without saying one other word.)

JIVE: "P©X! P©X!"

TRIPP: "We’ve gotta go to commercial break!"


(FADEIN: Ringside.)

TRIPP: "And I still cannot believe what we just found out. New ERA of Wrestling is getting an Xtreme title!"

JIVE: "The Prodigy© Classic Xtreme title to be exact!"

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen, if you missed Juliet Marceau’s announcement … the Prodigy© Classic Xtreme championship, or P©X as it will be known as, will be initiated at International Intrigue!"

JIVE: "And there’s going to be an eight man tournament, starting at RAUCOUS, to determine who the finalists are to fight for the title!"

TRIPP: "It seems only fitting that as New ERA enters its second year that we get a new title … with the World Title and Television Title already established … the P©X Title will add a whole new dimension to New ERA of Wrestling!"

JIVE: "So we’ve got the finals of the P©X tournament and Travis Smith versus Trevor Cane both signed for International Intrigue … I’m already looking forward to it!"

TRIPP: "Speaking of Cane and Smith, they’re in our next match … which also features two men who squared off in a double debut match last RAUCOUS; Sean Senn and Isaac Siegmund."

JIVE: "Siegmund and Senn put on a show which had Senn coming out on top … but tonight with Travis Smith and Trevor Cane in their respective corners, who knows what’ll happen!"

TRIPP: "Let’s go to Carl Jacobs for the ring introductions!"

(CUTTO: Jacobs in the ring as the lineup floats on screen.)

Isaac Siegmund & Travis Smith vs Sean Senn & Trevor Cane

JACOBS: "The following match is a tag team match, is scheduled for one fall, and has a twenty minute time limit …. Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy. The lights go out and two spotlights hit the stage as Trevor Cane and Sean Senn come from behind the curtain.)

JACOBS: "Weighing in at a combined weight of 500 pounds ….. SEAN SENN and ‘the Messenger’ TREVOR CANE!"

JIVE: "Look at that! A perfect 500! It’s destiny already!"

TRIPP: "Just because Senn and Cane weigh in at an even amount does not mean they’re destined to win this match, Nick."

JIVE: "It’s clear to me that you have no clue what you’re talking about."

JACOBS: "And their opponents…"

(CUEUP: ‘Forever’ by Kid Rock as pyro goes off along the rampway. Isaac Siegmund steps through the curtain, followed moments later by Travis Smith, who has a bandage wrapped around his waist.)

JIVE: "Smith is bandaged up!"

JACOBS: "Weighing in at a combined weight of 420 pounds …. ISAAC SIEGMUND and ‘Too Sweet’ TRAVIS SMITH!"

JIVE: "I forego my earlier pick! It’s destiny that Smith and Siegmund are going to win!"

TRIPP: "Why…"

JIVE: "What’s better than 4:20?!"

TRIPP: "… do I ask such stupid questions."

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "All four men in the ring …. AND NONE OF THE MEN ARE GETTING OUT! They’re starting off all together!"

(Travis Smith immediately runs after Trevor Cane, but Sean Senn sees this and drop toe holds Smith to the mat … Cane capitalizes by dropping the leg across the back of the neck of Smith. Isaac Siegmund seizes the opportunity of Senn on the mat and he drops the elbow on the back of the head. Trevor Cane gets up and clotheslines Isaac Siegmund to the mat before picking him up and inverted atomic dropping him. Siegmund holds himself, but this allows Trevor Cane to clothesline him to the mat. Sean Senn gets to his feet as does Travis Smith. Smith quickly moves out of the way of a Senn clothesline, and he dropkicks him in return!! Travis Smith turns around … AND TREVOR CANE WITH A KICK TO THE GUT AND HE DDTs SMITH TO THE MAT!)

TRIPP: "Trevor Cane gets a hold of Travis Smith … and nails him with that DDT… the referee now trying to get Siegmund into his corner … and in doing so he opens the door up for Senn and Cane to double team Travis Smith!"

JIVE: "The referee can’t be everywhere at once, you know."

(Senn grabs Smith by the arms and holds him up as Trevor Cane bounces against the ropes. Cane comes in with a right fist … BUT SMITH DUCKS!! Trevor Cane stops right before he nails Sean Senn and they nod at each other … BUT TRAVIS SMITH COMES UP AND BUTTS THEIR HEADS TOGETHER!)

JIVE: "Travis Smith getting the better of Trevor Cane and Sean Senn there!"

TRIPP: "Senn and Cane thought they got out of a close call, and they temporarily forgot about the fact that Travis Smith was on his feet."

(Travis Smith tags in Isaac Siegmund as Cane and Senn get up in the opposite corner.. Siegmund takes Smith by the arm and he irish whips him into the corner …. Senn ducks out of the way, but Trevor Cane isn’t as lucky as he gets splashed in the corner. Senn stands up behind Smith, but Isaac Siegmund locks him from behind and takes him over with a german suplex! The referee indicates that Siegmund and Senn are the legal men and he instructs Smith and Cane to go to their respective corners.)

TRIPP: "The referee now finally getting some order in this match .. Sean Senn and Isaac Siegmund will start things off I guess…"

JIVE: "The referee obviously must have some bias."

TRIPP: "But he probably hasn’t worked with Senn or Siegmund.."

JIVE: "Well he had just seen Senn get german suplexed, and yet he claims he’s the legal man! He wants to see Trevor Cane lose!"

TRIPP: "I don’t think so, Nick.. afterall, Trevor Cane is just one half of a team."

JIVE: "You try telling that to Dan Ryan!"

(Siegmund brings Sean Senn back up and tosses him in his corner. Siegmund comes in and drives the elbow into the face of Senn. Siegmund tags in Travis Smith, who hops onto the top rope. Grabbing the head of Sean Senn, Smith jumps off driving Senn’s head into the apron with a bulldog. Travis Smith makes the cover…

ONE ..

TWO – NO! Sean Senn kicks out!

Travis Smith bounces off the ropes and drops the headbutt to the shoulder. Smith hooks the leg …

ONE ..

TWO ..


JIVE: "Travis Smith and Isaac Siegmund working together as a team … and Senn seeing the pins come quicker and quicker."

TRIPP: "Trevor Cane’s got to be careful not to let Sean Senn take too much punishment .. or else Travis Smith will walk out of here tonight with a technical victory over him."

JIVE: "Cane would explode if that happened."

(Travis Smith picks up Sean Senn and hooks him for the belly to belly suplex, but Senn blocks it. Sean Senn jabs a thumb in the eye of Travis Smith causing him to release the hold. Senn quickly makes his way over to Trevor Cane, who runs into the ring and bounces off the ropes behind Smith. Smith turns around and is greeted by a spinning heel kick. Smith hits the mat as Cane grabs onto his throat and chokes him. The referee counts to three before Cane releases the choke. Trevor Cane brings Travis Smith to his feet and holds him by the hair … Cane runs over to the ring ropes … AND HE HOPS OVER THE ROPES AND CAUSES SMITH’s THROAT TO HIT THE TOP ROPE!)

TRIPP: "Trevor Cane with an IMPRESSIVE move there!"

JIVE: "Smith caught his throat right up against the ring ropes thanks to Trevor Cane!"

(Cane rolls back into the ring and gets up behind Smith. Travis Smith turns around … and Cane boots him in the stomach! Travis Smith is bent over and Cane grabs him by the arms … and he takes him down with a pumphandle slam! Smith is covered…

ONE ..


THRE—NOOOOO!! Travis Smith kicks out!

Trevor Cane sits up and shakes his head as he goes over to Sean Senn for the tag. Senn is tagged in and he goes to the top ropes will Cane picks up Smith. Senn is perched a top the ropes … Cane hooks the back of Travis Smith … AND SENN COMES OFF WITH A DROPKICK!)

JIVE: "Senn with the missile dropkick!"

(But Smith gets out of the hold and ducks as Sean Senn nails Trevor Cane with the missile dropkick!)


JIVE: "That shouldn’t be allowed! You shouldn’t be able to let your opponents beat each other up like that!"

TRIPP: "Travis Smith outsmarted the team of Senn and Cane … there’s no penalty for that, Nick."

(Travis Smith grabs Cane by the hair and tosses him over the top rope to the arena floor … he grabs Sean Senn and spins around taking him down with the backslide…

ONE ..



Travis Smith gets to his feet and runs over to tag in Isaac Siegmund. Siegmund comes into the ring as Sean Senn is up. Senn charges at Siegmund .. but Siegmund grabs him by the legs AND POWERS HIM TO THE MAT! Isaac Siegmund pounding away on the chest of Sean Senn as Travis Smith now heads to the outside to beat up on Trevor Cane. Siegmund picks up Sean Senn and he connects with a yakuza kick! Travis Smith now with Trevor Cane on the outside, and he sends him into the ring steps! The referee hears the commotion and he walks over and starts yelling at Smith and Cane to break it up!)

JIVE: "The referee now trying to get Trevor Cane and Travis Smith away from each other…"

TRIPP: "As we found out earlier, these two will meet in a match of Cane’s choosing at International Intrigue!"

JIVE: "But I’m sure those two are relishing the fact that they have a chance to destroy each other tonight."

(Sean Senn now resting against the ropes as Isaac Siegmund walks towards him. Siegmund makes his way over, but Senn kicks him in the stomach. Sean Senn now sending Isaac Siegmund into the ropes.. Siegmund on the way back .. AND SEAN SENN SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BACK BODY DROP!)


JIVE: "Senn exits the ring and now all four men are on the outside!"

TRIPP: "The referee is trying to restore order as he goes to the outside…"

(Yea right. As soon as the referee exits the ring Travis Smith nails Trevor Cane over the head with a chair. Cane goes down in a pile on the arena floor. Smith begins to pull back the mats on the arena floor and exposes the cement floor underneath. Meanwhile, Sean Senn irish whips Isaac Siegmund into the steel post, which he hits back first. Siegmund stumbles right into a clothesline by Senn and he goes crashing to the floor. Senn looks over and sees that Travis Smith is pulling back to the mats so he heads over to where Smith and Cane are. But as soon as he gets there Travis Smith nails him with a spinning heel kick that takes him to the arena floor!)


JIVE: "Siegmund, Senn and Cane are all down!"

TRIPP: "This match has turned into a brawl on the outside … and now the referee has slid back in and he’s starting to make his count!"

JIVE: "Someone better get in the ring before the ten or both teams will be counted out. I don’t think at this point the referee cares who was legal.. I think he just wants someone back in the ring!"

(Travis Smith now climbs on top of Trevor Cane and begins to wail away on his forehead. Smith repeatedly punches Cane before rubbing his elbow on his forehead.)

JIVE: "Travis Smith is trying to irritate the forehead of Trevor Cane and make it vulnerable to skin breaks!"

TRIPP "If he were to draw blood, that would seriously hinder any chance of Cane being able to mount a comeback."

(Senn and Siegmund get back to their feet and begin to duke it out. Siegmund sees that Senn is nearing the guardrail so he lunges forward … but Senn sidesteps him and Siegmund goes face first into the guardrail! Senn send grabs his legs and CATAPULTS HIM INTO THE STEEL POST!!)



(Both Siegmund and Cane are sporting crimson masks as their respective opponents continue to pound away.)

JIVE: "The referee is at six!! Someone better get in that ring!"

TRIPP: "I don’t think any of these men care, Nick!"

(Sean Senn grabs the legs of Isaac Siegmund again … AND AGAIN HE CATAPULTS HIM INTO THE STEEL POST! Travis Smith now goes underneath the ring … AND HE PULLS OUT A SLEDGEHAMMER!)



(Travis Smith raises the sledgehammer aboves his head, but Sean Senn is there to make the save! Senn grabs the sledgehammer from behind and throws it to the arena floor. Smith kicks Senn in the stomach and goes to DDT him to the mat when the bell rings.)


TRIPP: "I think the referee counted out both teams!"

JIVE: "No! Let them go! Continue! Continue!"

JACOBS: "There referee has informed me that neither team entered the ring during the ten count … therefore …. This match is a DOUBLE COUNT OUT!!!!!!!!!"

TRIPP: "Travis Smith looks up at the referee …. AND SEAN SENN JUST RELEASE NORTHERN LIGHT SUPLEXED HIM RIGHT INTO THE EXPOSED CONCRETE!! Travis Smith’s back just NAILED that concrete!! Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got to take a commercial break.."

Insurance Policy

(CUTTO: Backstage outside a locker room with the name "Rabesque" stenciled on the door.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Wait a minute… Rabesque's lockerroom? What's going on?"

JIVE (V/O): "Who knows, maybe he's going to come out and abdicate his chances to both DREDD and The Phantom Republican."

TRIPP (V/O): "I highly doubt that... wait, speak of the devil, and I do mean devil..."

(GOP and his bodyguard Jeffords appear on screen. The fans in the arena jeer heavily.)

GOP: "Alright, here's his locker room.  You are under no circumstances to let Rabesque come out and interfere in..."

(The door opens, Rabesque appears.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Wait! This ought to be good."

JIVE (V/O): "Finally, Rabesque is gonna get his!"

RABESQUE: "What in the hell?"

GOP: "Oh, hello Mr. Rabesque."

RABESQUE: "What the hell are you two doing here?"

GOP: "Oh, you weren't paying attention?"

RABESQUE: "To what?"

GOP: "To my promises this past week.  I said that I would make sure that you wouldn't interfere in my match tonight and Jeffords here..."

(Jeffords turns around and gives Rabesque a menacing snarl.)

GOP: "...is going to ensure that, Mr. Rabesque."

RABESQUE: "Look, look, I don't know who you think I am, but I'm NOT going to interfere in your match.  Whether it's you or Hayze, I don't care who I face for my title.  I'm the best technical wrestler on the circuit; I have no interest in who wins."

(GOP lets out a muffled laugh and gets up in Rabesque's face.)

GOP: "Heh, well, far be it from me to trust the words that come out of a dirty frog's mouth."

TRIPP (V/O): "Holy crap!  Them's fighting words!"

JIVE (V/O): "Yes! Rabesque is finally going to get his!"

RABESQUE: "I ought to smack the taste right out of your bigoted mouth..."

(SFX: Crowd half gasps and half cheers.)

RABESQUE: "..but I have a feeling that Hayze is going to do that tonight.  And if he doesn't, then I will... in the ring, where it belongs."

GOP: "Well, that's all well and good. But in the mean time, please, be sure to accommodate Jeffords while he stands guard."

(GOP turns his head and walks away.  Rabesque looks over the stoic Jeffords before going into his locker room.)

TRIPP (V/O): "WOW!!! WE GOTTA TAKE A COMMERCIAL BREAK!! Join us … FINALS of the tournament to determine a new #1 contender to the World Heavyweight title.. The Phantom Republican .. Alister Hayze … NEXT!"


TRIPP: "We are just moments away from tonight’s main event."

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican is just moments away from becoming the #1 contender to Jean Rabesque’s World title!"

TRIPP: "The Phantom Republican and Alister Hayze are the two men who made it into the final round of this tournament to decide a new #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight title … The Phantom Republican defeated Chaos in the first round matches, while Alister Hayze defeated DREDD’s Jonathan Marx."

JIVE: "Hayze shouldn’t have made it past Marx in the first round, but Marx got his revenge on RAUCOUS last week when he powerbombed Hayze off that wall into a snow bank in the freezing cold!"

TRIPP: "As we all know, Alister Hayze has a victory over The Phantom Republican in their only other one on one match up here in New ERA … and he’s got to be pretty confident he can do it again."

JIVE: "Hayze’s first victory was a fluke, Tripp! If Hayze were to win tonight and get the shot at Rabesque that’d defeat the whole purpose of this tournament."

TRIPP: "The purpose of the tournament is to crown a new #1 contender, though…"

JIVE: "No. The purpose of this tournament is to crown the next New ERA World Champion. If The Phantom Republican wins this match then Jean Rabesque will have no chance at retaining the title. But if Hayze wins the match, Rabesque will be able to finagle his way into keeping that title even longer!"

TRIPP: "Rabesque has held the World title since defeating Larry Tact in the ladder match at DESTRUCITY in July … and Alister Hayze has been his defender in recent months as DREDD has directed their anger at the World Champion."

JIVE: "All I know is that Hayze better not win this match or else it’s a conspiracy to keep the World title around the waist of that damn Canadian."

TRIPP: "I’m receiving word that we are all ready to .. let’s go up to Carl Jacobs and take on step closer to crowning a new #1 contender!"

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs as the lineup for the main event flashes on screen.)

#1 Contender Tournament for the:
World Heavyweight Championship

The Phantom Republican vs Alister Hayze

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the FINALS in the tournament to crown a new #1 contender to the New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Imperial March’ by John Williams complete with voice over clips of Dick Cheney, Condeleeza Rice and GW Bush. The Phantom Republican steps through the curtain and is met with the biggest jeers of the night.)

JACOBS: "Heading to the ring … he stands six foot five and weighs 257 pounds …. Hailing from Conservative Middle America ….. THE PHANTOM REPUBLICAN!"

JIVE: "What an entrance! The Phantom Republican is the embodiment of everything these damn socialist pigs hate about America!"

TRIPP: "The Phantom Republican hasn’t had anything nice to say about this country since we’ve started our Canadian Invasion TOUR, and I think the fans are justified in their contempt of GOP."

JACOBS: "And his opponent…."

(CUEUP: ‘One Vision’ by Queen. The lights dim as the fans give the loudest pop of the night while Hayze steps through the curtain!)

JIVE: "I think my ear drum just burst!"

JACOBS: "He hails from Memphis, Tennessee. Standing five foot ten and weighing 220 pounds ….. ALISTER HAYZE!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

TRIPP: "The fans here in the Agridome love Alister Hayze and I’m sure they are very grateful that he has stepped up in support of the World Champion."

JIVE: "And now he’s going to get chopped down by the Phantom Republican right here in front of the fans who love him."

(As the bells rings The Phantom Republican slugs Hayze right in the face. Hayze staggers back a bit but quickly shrugs it off. GOP walks up to Alister Hayze and they stand face to face as they look into each other’s eyes.)


JIVE: "Hayze is just standing there letting The Phantom Republican go on!"

(The Phantom Republican starts to take a swing at Hayze, but Alister ducks it and slips in behind Republican for a quick German suplex. Hayze back up to his feet quickly and he pulls GOP up and into a jumping tornado DDT! Alister Hayze yanks GOP to his feet once again, and this time driving him back with a series of painful sounding knife-edge chops.)


(Hayze backs The Phantom Republican against the ropes now and whips him against the opposite ropes. Hayze charges in for the spear, but GOP rebounds back and dodges the attack as Alister Hayze goes flying out of the ring and onto the arena floor!)

TRIPP: "Good show of ring smarts there by The Phantom Republican ."

JIVE: "Good? GOOD?! That was amazing, Tripp!"

TRIPP: "I wouldn’t go that far, Nick."

JIVE: "Because you’re another one of those Canadian loving hippies!"

TRIPP: "What?"

(The Phantom Republican slips out of the ring after Hayze and picks him up. Now he rams Hayze’s face against the steel post and lets Hayze slump against the post. GOP then grabs Hayze’s feet and slingshots him into the guardrail!)


JIVE: "He’s going for blood early! You have got to love the Phantom Republican , Tripp! He wants this title so bad he could have his daddy buy it for him!"

TRIPP: "The referee telling the Phantom Republican to bring this back into the ring.."

(The Phantom Republican smiles as he rolls Hayze back into the ring. GOP follows in after him and goes for the cover …




GOP doesn’t let it get to him as he gets back to his feet and connects with a series of kicks to the head. The Phantom Republican brings Hayze back to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Alister Hayze hits the ropes, comes back, and gets sucked right into a powerslam by the Phantom Republican ! Republican with another cover …




TRIPP: "GOP doing everything he can to make this a quick match, but Alister Hayze has got a lot of heart … and he’s been waiting for a shot at the World title for a long time."

JIVE: "Boo hoo, cry me a river, Tripp. The Phantom Republican KNOWS that the World title belongs around his waist. Alister Hayze is simply a stepping stone."

(GOP now brings Hayze back to his feet but gets a shot to the face in the process. Hayze wobbles as GOP takes a step backwards. GOP comes back in on Alister Hayze , but Hayze drops him to the mat with a nice drop toehold! Hayze floats over the body of GOP and locks in a side headlock.. The ref drops down to check on GOP, who shakes his head no when asked if he wants to give in. Hayze yanks on the head of GOP, but he still will not give in.)

TRIPP: "Hayze with the come back now .."

JIVE: "He just got lucky .. he CHEATED!"

TRIPP: "Wait .. so did he get lucky, or did he cheat?"

JIVE: "Stop trying to confuse me, Tripp!"

(GOP starts pulling himself and Hayze towards the ropes. Just as The Phantom Republican is about to grab the ropes, Hayze releases the hold and drops a knee to the lower back of GOP and pulls him into the center of the ring as he tries to lock in the figure four.)


TRIPP: "Maybe Hayze picked up a few pointers from Rabesque who has made many a man submit within seconds of getting that hold on."

(GOP kicks Alister Hayze off and rolls away to get to his feet. Hayze closes in and drops The Phantom Republican to the mat with a single leg take down. Hayze quickly goes to put on the figure four again, but GOP manages to kick him off again and he rolls out of the ring. Hayze looks frustrated and starts to slide out of the ring after the Phantom Republican.)

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican heads to the outside and what a smart move by GOP. He know he needs a breather, so he slides out."

TRIPP: "I think he was just trying to get away from Hayze, Nick."

JIVE: "Well you obviously don’t have the same mental prowess as The Phantom Republican does."

(Hayze catches up to the Phantom Republican and him into the ring post, which he nails face first.)

TRIPP: "By God, he could have knocked the Phantom Republican out!"

JIVE: "NO!! You can’t treat a foreign dignitary like this! Where are those Mounties when you need them!"

(Hayze now pulls The Phantom Republican to his feet and whips him into the guardrail. GOP slumps to the floor as Hayze makes his way over to him. Hayze grabs the Phantom Republican and starts to pull him to his feet, but GOP surprises him with a rake to the eyes! Hayze stumbles back as GOP tries to get to his feet. Hayze finally gets his vision back, and he looks up just as The Phantom Republican nails him in the back of the head with a forearm shot. Hayze falls, but GOP quickly brings him back up and rolls him into the ring.)

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze got caught offguard with the rake of the eyes, and the Phantom Republican has shifted this match back into his direction."

JIVE: "Where it rightfully belongs!"

(The Phantom Republican picks up Hayze into a Military Press Slam. The fans jeer heavily as GOP slams Hayze to the mat. He shoves Hayze’s shoulders to the mat for the pin..




GOP rolls to his feet and pulls Hayze to his feet. Phantom Republican clobbers Hayze with a picture perfect Tax Breaker; that torture rack set up into a backbreaker. The Phantom Republican looks out to the crowd and signals for the MOAB which causes the fans to give off immense heat.)


(SFX: The crowd roars as Hayze slides down the back of The Phantom Republican and locks his arms with a backslide!




The Phantom Republican kicks out at the last moment.)

TRIPP: "Phantom Republican went for the MOAB , but Hayze slid down his back and got him down .. and Alister Hayze with that unpredictability .. you never know when he’s going to be able to get you!"

JIVE: "Preferably never."

(The Phantom Republican gets back up and drops the elbow on Hayze before locking him in a cross face. Hayze reaches out and grabs the ropes and the ref forces GOP to break the hold, which he does. GOP has Hayze back on his feet and he whips him into the ropes.. as Hayze comes back, the Phantom Republican goes for the clothesline, but Alister Hayze nails him with a flying cross body block!

ONE ..

TWO ..


Hayze rolls off of The Phantom Republican and bounces off the ropes as he gets up. Hayze charges at the Phantom Republican, who puts his leg up for the knee lift … BUT HAYZE FLIPS OVER IT AND ROLLS UP GOP!

ONE ..

TWO ..



TRIPP: "Alister Hayze with some quickness in his step again and I think if he keeps this pace up he’s going to walk out of here the #1 contender!"

JIVE: "And Deuce is going to be walking again tomorrow."

TRIPP: "He is?! That’s great news!"

JIVE: "He ISN’T going to be …"

(Hayze drags the Phantom Republican over to the turnbuckle and pulls him up and gives him a couple of shots in the gut.. he climbs up GOP and tries to punch him in the head, but GOP blocks it and pushes Hayze back to the mat! Hayze gets to his feet and runs in to the corner AND MONKEY FLIPS GOP OUT OF IT! Alister Hayze then pounces to the top ropes and flies off of it with a beautiful moonsault and he lands on top of GOP!


TWO ….


GOP kicks out yet again!)

TRIPP: "GOP showing some incredible reserves here."

JIVE: "Alister Hayze is throwing everything he can at him and IT STILL WON’T PUT HIM DOWN!"

(Hayze is back up as GOP is also getting to his feet … Hayze bounces off the ropes and goes for the Shining Wizard, but GOP ducks! GOP grabs the ankle of Hayze on the way down and Hayze tumbles forward and catches his neck on the top rope! Hayze grabs his neck as he turns around, but he walks right into a bear hug by Phantom Republican! Phantom Republican rearranges the hold and brings Hayze UP … and DOWN with the Unilateral Strike!)

JIVE: "Hayze isn’t paying enough attention to GOP, Tripp! The Phantom Republican is a MACHINE! He can hit you with any move at any time!"

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze and the Phantom Republican in a see saw match here tonight on RAPTURE and what a main event it’s been so far!"

(GOP goes for the cover but it's quickly stopped by the ref as Alister Hayze has his arm draped over the ropes. Republican pulls him away and goes for the cover again..


but Hayze kicks out of it quickly!! GOP grabs Hayze again and pulls him back to his feet and hits him in the gut with a few punches. GOP goes for a roundhouse right to the head but HAYZE DUCKS! The Phantom Republican spins around, but HAYZE CATCHES HIM AND NAILS THE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Hayze picks up GOP and drapes him over his knee and then elbows him in the chest nearly bending him in half!)

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze with another submission hold here, Nick. He is trying to slow the Phantom Republican down and if he can keep getting him in moves like this, I don’t think that GOP will be able to last much longer."

JIVE: "The Phantom Republican has enough in him to last an entire campaign cycle, Tripp! He is not going to run out of gas, and he’s especially not going to let these idiots get the satisfaction of seeing him fail to get the World title shot!"

(Alister Hayze picks up GOP and whips him into the corner, which he follows in afterwards. Hayze charges in for a splash but GOP moves out of the way and Hayze goes chest first into the turnbuckle pad. Hayze holds his chest as he turns around, and GOP nails him with a Jumping Tornado DDT! The crowd gets loud as GOP motions for the end of the match.)


JIVE: "I told you this was going to be easy!"

TRIPP: "The Phantom Republican is stalking Alister Hayze …"

(GOP stomps on Hayze’s leg before moving away and he waits for Hayze to get to his feet. GOP bends down as if he’s going to spear Hayze. Hayze gets to his feet AND GOP SPEARS HIM INTO THE CORNER! Alister Hayze’s head hits the middle turnbuckle pad and he looks out of it! GOP picks up Hayze and sends him to the other corner of the ring with a huge belly to belly suplex.)

JIVE: "You could hear Hayze’s bones hit the mat all the way in the back rows."

TRIPP: "This match has got to be wearing on both competitors … as they’re both showing why either one would be incredible opponents for Jean Rabesque!"

JIVE: "These fans don’t have any respect for The Phantom Republican though!"

TRIPP: "It's okay.. because I think its safe to say that he has an equal lack of respect for them, too!"

(The Phantom Republican picks up Alister Hayze and plops him in the corner. GOP with an open hand slap that causes the fans to jeer even louder. But it spurs Alister Hayze to respond with a closed fist that sends GOP reeling back and falling on his ass! Alister Hayze comes out and hits a spinning heel kick right in the face of the sitting GOP. Hayze with the cover …

ONE ….

TWO ….



TRIPP: "The referee holding up two fingers, but BOY was that close!"

(Hayze feeling victory running through his veins sends The Phantom Republican into the ropes. GOP rebounds off the opposite ropes and comes back and Hayze takes him down to the mat with a dropkick! Alister Hayze now points over to the corner and he brings GOP to his feet! Alister Hayze irish whips the Phantom Republican into the corner and he nails it backfirst!)

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze has got a second wind and he’s got Phantom Republican in the corner!"


(Alister Hayze charges into the corner! He goes for the splash but GOP moves! Alister Hayze hits the corner and stumbles out of it. He turns back to GOP and GOP NAILS HIM WITH THE SNAKE EYES!)


(The Phantom Republican gets to his feet as the fans are going out of their minds! He looks around the arena at all the fans screaming obscenities and smiles as he rubs his hands together!)


(The Phantom Republican brings the motionless Hayze to his feet and places him between his legs. In one move he lifts Hayze up over his head like a powerbomb and places him on one of his shoulders.)


(The Phantom Republican laughs as he drives the head and neck into the mat with the rest of the body! The Phantom Republican gets to his feet and shakes his head before holding up the 3 fingers to form a "W". Republican with the cover …

ONE …………..

TWO ……………


SFX: Bell rings!!!)


JACOBS: "The winner of this match and the #1 Contender to the New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE ……… THE PHANTOM REPUBLICAN!"

(The Phantom Republican walks around the ring with his hands in the air as he starts to badmouth the fans! Hayze lies in the ring.)


JIVE: "But when?!"


(FADEOUT: As the Phantom Republican is standing on the second turnbuckle, his hands high in the air, raised in victory. The camera fades to the 3 fingers. The mantra. The "W.")

( the end )