[ Royal Athletic Park ] Victoria, British Columbia


TAPED: Dec. 26, 2004
AIRED: Jan. 01, 2005

(FADEIN: Beautiful scenic shots of Victoria, British Columbia. RoyalAthleticPark is seen in the distance as the camera does a slow motion shot through the streets.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Right here in Victoria, British Columbia, New ERA of Wrestling begins its Canadian Invasion TOUR at the Royal Athletic Park!"

(CUEUP: ‘The Perfect Drug’ by NIN as the camera takes us to a shot of the front of Royal Athletic Park: ‘New ERA RAPTURE, tonight!’ is on the billboard which features shots of New ERA stars Jonathan Marx and John Doe , Alister Hayze , Karla Starr , and MWG below it. FADETO: The logo for New ERA RAPTURE!)

(FADEIN: The inside of the Royal Athletic Park, as people are seemingly making their way to their seats to what looks to be a jammed packed arena. We cut to the announcer’s table right near ringside as Jason Tripp and Nick Jive take their seats. Jive, as usual, looks pretty annoyed.)

JIVE: "How many times do I have to tell LaRoque to find a new guy to do color for this show."

TRIPP: "Oh you know you love doing RAPTURE with me, don’t even try to deny it."

JIVE: "If I had the choice between slitting my wrists and wallowing in a pool of my own blood while vultures pecked at my body or doing this show with you, I wouldn’t hesitate to call the damn zoo myself and get the vultures shipped to my dressing room."

TRIPP: "You’ve always got that option, Nick."

JIVE: "Don’t tempt me, Tripp. You don’t want my demise on your conscious."

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone to this edition of New ERA RAPTURE and thanks for joining us as we officially begin our Canadian Invasion TOUR!"

JIVE: "Or as I like to call it, the ‘Hey Let’s Put This Company Even More in the Red So We Can All Lose Our Jobs’ Tour!"

TRIPP: "As always I’m Jason Tripp and joining me is the ever pleasant Nick Jive."

JIVE: "Shove it up your ass, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Something bothering you, Nick?"

JIVE: "Rabesque is what’s bothering me. He was supposed to get demolished in the Steel Cage BRAWL at BattleBRAWL … and instead he walked out of the ring with his championship reign in tact."

TRIPP: "Yes we are just a week or so removed from New ERA’s second pay per view, BattleBRAWL … and what a show that turned out to be. New ERA pulled a 3.4 rating out of it and managed the top ranking for the week. But before we start off recapping the results of BattleBRAWL, I’d just like to let everyone out there know that we have received some very terrible news recently about Jason Payne."

JIVE: "What happened to Payne?!"

TRIPP: "It turns out that Jason Payne was in a pretty serious car accident after BattleBRAWL and was pretty beat up. Luckily though he got out of the crash with minor abrasions and slight injuries … but we’re still uncertain of whether or not he’ll be at RAUCOUS or not."

JIVE: "That’d be horrible to lose a competitor like Payne so early into his New ERA career. He almost won the Television title … and I can already see it had he won the title … we’d have to vacate the title again! Hopefully he gets on RAUCOUS though because he’s in the #1 Contender tournament for the Television title…"

TRIPP: "I also hope that Jason makes a quick recovery .. but let’s get back to BattleBRAWL and the entertaining show it turned out to be!"

JIVE: "No thanks to the women.. those damn broads didn’t even drop a single top. Where’s Lilly when you need her!"

TRIPP: "Congratulations go out to Karla Starr, well almost, as she walked out of the pay per view with the Women’s Championship .. albeit in a very sneaky manner."

JIVE: "What are you talking about?! That was one of the highlights of the show if you ask me."

TRIPP: "Starr drew last in the Women’s Gauntlet ‘Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal’ match … and after a very controversial call in the Jane Doe / Caitlyn Daymon chair’s match, Karla Starr came down to ringside ready to go … Daymon eventually won the match, only to be superkicked mere seconds later and pinned by Starr who walked out with the title."

JIVE: "Daymon put out a hell of an effort, but as we all know, that doesn’t mean you’re the champion. It takes smarts, drive, and assertiveness to hold a title, and as Karla Starr has shown us time and time again, she far surpasses Caitlyn Daymon in any of those aspects!"

TRIPP: "Also on the show was the much anticipated over the top rope battle royale with a new competitor entering the ring every 90 seconds… the prize? Just the New ERA of Wrestling Television Championship!"

JIVE: "And finally MWG overcame all the odds that were holding him back and won the title by eliminated both Cameron Cruise AND Jason Payne.."

TRIPP: "Cameron Cruise drew NUMBER 2 and lasted all the way until MWG … who entered dead last as he was the #1 Contender to the title before Juliet Marceau stripped Alex Borden of it because he up and disappeared and sent Greg Birel to let her know that he would not be honoring his contract anymore."

JIVE: "Borden was a weird fellow .. but MWG proved everyone wrong who said he couldn’t win the title. Cameron Cruise and Jason Payne put up a hell of a showing in their first New ERA event … and I’m absolutely positive that they’re going to be huge factors in both the Television and World title scenes upcoming."

TRIPP: "And finally … in the Steel Cage BRAWL … Jean Rabesque defended his title against Chaos … and Jonathan Marx … who was FINALLY unmasked as he had been traversing around for MONTHS as the figure ANTAEUS … constantly attacking Rabesque at every turn."

JIVE: "The best part is that Marx and the other members of DREDD tricked the entire world. Marcus LaRoque specifically made this match the Steel Cage BRAWL, with the entire ringside area enclosed with a cage, so that DREDD couldn’t interfere DURING the match … but it turned out that a member was in it from the beginning!"

TRIPP: "Jean Rabesque retained his title after he pinned Chaos in the ring .. but John Doe, Brandon Jacobs and the Jane Doe / Carlee Marx combination immediately began attacking the Champ."

JIVE: "That was until that little sneak of a man Alister Hayze came down to the ring and broke his way into the ring … HE HAD A GODDAMNED wrench in his hand … but luckily the referee got it out before any damage could be done."

TRIPP: "But tonight we continue the action right here in Victoria, British Columbia as we have five great matches … including the beginning of two mini-tournaments to crown a #1 Contender to the Television title, as well as the World title."

JIVE: "DREDD is well represented in both … and I can already picture them walking away with the Television and World title.. not to mention Jane Marx-Carlee Doe or whatever the hell she goes by, being in the fourway match on RAUCOUS to determine a #1 Contender to the Women’s Title … DREDD could eventually be running New ERA!"

TRIPP: "We’re going to start off tonight with Phil Macintosh and Distributor of Pain … and I must say that I’ve been disappointed with both men since they’ve come into New ERA."

JIVE: "Distributor of Pain is a former NWL Television Champion .. but it seems that since that league went down the drain, all of his drive has gone with it. Phil Macintosh was packaged to us as this great godsend …. And in the end he flopped on his face .. hopefully tonight one of them will step forward."

TRIPP: "And in the first of two rounds in the quest to name a new #1 contender to the World title, Alister Hayze, who has been on a roll, will take on ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx … as DREDD tries to find their way to a legitimate title shot this time around."

JIVE: "These two already have somewhat of a history being on the opposite sides of the fence when it comes to Jean Rabesque … and quite frankly I think it’ll be satisfying to see Jonathan Marx finally get his chance to get Alister Hayze in the ring one on one."

TRIPP: "Well DREDD attacked Hayze on RAUCOUS a few shows ago, and with his attempt to get back at DREDD at the conclusion of Battle BRAWL, I think that Jonathan Marx may have a little more on his hands than you would believe."

JIVE: "Speaking of having your hands on someone … Karla Starr is on tonight’s show as she goes head to head with Victoria Hawke in a non-title match."

TRIPP: "These two have met up before as Karla Starr and Victoria Hawke first met on the inaugural edition of RAPTURE. However, Victoria Hawke didn’t seem as motivated as she did leading up to tonight’s match .. and after getting put through a flaming table in the women’s gauntlet match, I’m sure she thinks that she deserve to hold that title more than Karla Starr at the moment."

JIVE: "Hawke has got those long legs … and I think that Karla Starr should be very careful not to get them wrapped … around her torso."

TRIPP: "Both wom…"

JIVE: "OR EVEN BETTER YET… (calms down) I mean, or maybe Starr could let Hawke get her trapped between her legs … that’d give Karla Starr a chance to, you know, show off her strength and break free."

TRIPP: "I don’t think so, Nick … anyway .. both women have a lot of things going for them at the moment… Victoria Hawke seems reinvigorated after the pay per view, and Karla Starr needs a victory tonight in order to put her on good footing to defend her title against the #1 contender that’ll be named at RAUCOUS."

JIVE: "No matter what way this match falls I’ll be happy."

TRIPP: "In the first of the Television Title #1 Contender tournament, John Doe and Cameron Cruise are set to go head to head. Cruise performed very admirably in the battle royale … and John Doe has been so close to the Television title on several occasions."

JIVE: "But those other times he didn’t have DREDD watching his back."

TRIPP: "Doe has pissed off a hell of a lot of people in the past weeks … including Alister Hayze and the World’s Champion.. it should be interesting to see what comes out of that."

JIVE: "Hayze is going to be too beat up after Marx is finished with him … and Jean Rabesque is somewhere in Canada thanking God that he was able to slip out of the pay per view, title in hand!"

TRIPP: "And finally in the main event, MWG will defend his brand spanking new Television title against El Arco Iris."

JIVE: "Iris somehow managed to pull out a victory on the RAUCOUS before BattleBRAWL … and I know that MWG wants to put him in his place. Whether that means on the losing end of the battle, or bent over his living room couch, I don’t want to speculate."

TRIPP: "MWG has to be careful though .. his own overzealousness cost him the match before, and I’m sure El Arco Iris has been very steadfast in making sure to think of new ways to defeat the Television champion."

JIVE: "Arco Iris is about as intelligent as a fruit fly, Tripp. If anything MWG is going to be the one coming up with new stuff. He just won the Television title after a few tries at it, and I doubt that he’s going to let some flying fruity Toucan Sam take away the belt that easily."

TRIPP: "We’ll find out … but first we have got to take a commercial break. When we come back, we’ll kick off RAPTURE with the Distributor of Pain taking on Phil Macintosh!"

Getting What You Deserve

(CUTTO: The backstage area. We see DREDD; John Doe, Jonathan Marx, Carlee Marx, and Brandon Jacobs entering their lockerroom. Shortly afterwards, John Doe steps out and shuts the door. He begins to walk down the hallway, but stops to tie his shoe. As he bends down we see a hand tying a knot around the handle of the lockerroom door across to a steel pipe. John Doe stands up and begins walking again..)

VOICE (whispering to self): "I’ll make you pay."

(Charging into the picture comes Chaos, and we clobbers Doe from behind with a clothesline that drops him to the floor. Doe manages to get a yell out before Chaos picks him up and launches him into the brick wall which causes the lockerroom door of DREDD to be opened … or at least attempt to be. The rope holds fast and DREDD is locked inside their lockerroom.)

CHAOS: "They won’t be able to save you.."

(Chaos picks up a steel chain from off the ground and starts whipping Doe with it.)

CHAOS: "You want to hang me? I oughta hang you by your neck with this steel chain…."

(Chaos takes the steel chain and wraps it around his fist. He props John Doe against the wall and starts letting loose, nailing him square in the face with his loaded fist!)

CHAOS: "This is a warning, Doe!"

(Chaos stops the assault, leaving a bloodied John Doe slumped against the wall. He takes the chain off his fist and puts it around his neck. He bends down and stares at Doe.)

CHAOS: "Don’t fuck with me when I’m trying to get that title.. You don’t want to see me mad."

(Chaos laughs as he walks away and then he turns the corner and is out of the sight of the camera. FADETO: Commercial as the camera focuses in on the lockerroom door of DREDD, still trying to yank open, as John Doe is seen lying on the ground in the background.)

Coming Back?

(FADEIN: Ringside. Jason Tripp is speaking quickly into his headset as Nick Jive looks ready to shoot himself.)

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to RAPTURE here in Victoria, British Columbia, and as you have just seen, Chaos has attacked John Doe in the back … and Doe has suffered some lacerations on his face and is currently seeing the medical staff in attendance as he got pretty roughed up by Chaos."

JIVE: " Chaos was just moments away from putting us out of our misery by defeating Rabesque in the ring … but John Doe lowered that noose-esque rope down and he caught Chaos in it and practically hung him above the ring choking him… Chaos had a score to settle and he also gave him some words of wisdom."

(CUTTO: The back area again.)

TRIPP: "For some reason we’re being redirected to the back again …"

(The two backdoors fly open and through them steps ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith, holding his duffel bag in hand. He walks by some techies who stare at him, and he only gives them a half-smile as he continues walking.)

TRIPP: "What the…"

JIVE: "That can’t be … it is! Yes! It is…"

TRIPP: "I thought he lost a Loser Leaves Town match against El Arco Iris in June! What is he doing back here?!"

JIVE: "Travis Smith is here on RAPTURE! This is insane!"

TRIPP: "Why is he here?! He’s no longer employed by New ERA!"

JIVE: "This could get interesting should LaRoque or Marceau find him.."

(Travis Smith turns the corner and walks into two security guards who seem to have been waiting for him. They escort him further into the lockerroom area and warn the cameraman to stay away. CUTTO: Ringside!)

TRIPP: "What is going on here!? First John Doe gets attacked by Chaos, now Travis Smith, a man who was booted out of here six months ago, is back in the arena?!"

JIVE: "I don’t know, Tripp.. but I can tell you one thing.. nothing perplexes me more than your lack of believability."

TRIPP: "I don’t know what you’r…"

JIVE: "Save it for someone who cares, kid, and let’s get to the action."

TRIPP: "Let’s send this to Carl Jacobs who is in the ring."

(CUTTO: In the ring with Carl Jacobs. The lineup for this match flashes on the screen.)

Phil Macintosh vs Distributor of Pain

JACOBS: "Welcome Victoria, British Columbia to New ERA of Wrestling’s RAPTURE! The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem. Phil Macintosh runs from behind the curtain and begins slapping the fans high fives. He makes his way to the ring.)

JACOBS: "He stands 6 foot 3 and weighs 231 pounds …. From Brooklyn, New York… PHIL MACINTOSH!"

JIVE: "I hope one of those fans has a razorblade stuck between their fingers…"

TRIPP: "Why would you say something horrible like that?!"

JIVE: "Because any man who runs to the ring and tries to slap as many of these imbeciles hands as possible obviously is better off in the confines of an emergency room. Either that or a padded cell."

TRIPP: "I think I know someone else who needs a nice vacation at the Nutty Farm.."

JACOBS: "And his opponent.."

(CUEUP: ‘Battle Ready’ by Otep. The lights in the arena go out, causing the fans to be a little more enthused. A dim green light fills the arena as the Distributor of Pain and Dustin come from behind the curtains. DoP is jeered as he walks coldly to the ring.)

JACOBS: "Standing six foot six and weighing 248 pounds ….. he is the DISTRIBUTOR OF PAIN!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "And we’re ready to go!"

(The Distributor of Pain gets into the ring and receives some last words of encouragement from Dustin, who stays on the outside. Phil Macintosh meanwhile is still warming up on the other side of the ring. DoP turns around and extends a hand to Macintosh, and Macintosh takes his hand after hesitating for a second. As soon as Macintosh puts his hand in DoP’s, however, the Distributor of Pain reels him in and nails him with a clothesline that takes him to the mat.)

JIVE: "And Macintosh falling for the oldest trick in the book. I sometimes wonder whether or not it was us who were actually tricked by thinking that Macintosh was a good wrestler."

TRIPP: "Macintosh may just not be a right fit for New ERA."

JIVE: "But he’d fit just fine in a straight jacket!"

(Distributor of Pain brings Phil Macintosh to his feet and backs him into the corner. He takes Macintosh by the leg and drapes it over the second rope. After taking a few steps away from Macintosh, DoP charges in and kicks the underneath of the ropes that were supporting Macintosh’s leg. Macintosh yells out as he starts limping out of the corner. Distributor of Pain doesn’t let him get too far though as he grabs the leg and flips Macintosh onto his back.)

TRIPP: "Macintosh already on his back, and with the Distributor of Pain, this is not a situation that you want to be in."

JIVE: "Distributor of Pain can easily take a person apart when they’re grounded."

(DoP goes to drop the elbow on the knee of Phil Macintosh, but Macintosh uses his free foot, after regaining some bit of sanity, and kicks DoP off of him.)

TRIPP: "Macintosh trying to get to his feet.."

(Phil Macintosh gets to his knees, but as he does so Distributor of Pain knocks him back to the mat with a running knee lift that practically takes his head off and knocks it to the arena floor! Macintosh is strewn across the mat as Distributor of Pain walks over him. DoP now picks up Macintosh by the hair and places him between his legs!)

JIVE: "Distributor of Pain having an easy time here with Phil Macintosh!"

TRIPP: "Macintosh’s burst of energy was short lived and now it looks like he’s going to be taken for a ride…"

JIVE: "Then reintroduced to the mat!"

(Distributor of Pain picks Macintosh up for a powerbomb and holds him in place! But Macintosh quickly uses the momentum of him being brought up to flip over the head of DoP and slide down his back and catch him off guard with a sunset flip!

ONE ...



TRIPP: "And Phil Macintosh almost stole this match away from the Distributor of Pain!"

JIVE: "DoP let that momentum get the best of him and Macintosh used it to go over his shoulder and down his back.. If only DoP would have squashed him.."

(DoP gets to his feet and he looks pissed off. He charges at Phil Macintosh, and Macintosh ducks under the clothesline attempt. Distributor of Pain then turns around and gets caught right underneath the chin with a dropkick! Distributor of Pain falls into the ropes … and now Phil Macintosh grabs his arm and sends him across the ring with an irish whip.)

JIVE: "Macintosh is setting himself up for some pain, if you ask me! He should be trying to score some upset win over DoP, but instead he’s trying to hang with him."

TRIPP: "Macintosh with an irish whip … Distributor of Pain is now on his way back!"

(And what a way back he takes, as Phil Macintosh ducks his head and sends DoP hiiiigh into the air with a huge back body drop. DoP’s legs hit the ropes and he ends up doing a reverse backflip onto his stomach!)

TRIPP: "WOW! Phil Macintosh just catapulted Distributor of Pain high into the air!"

(Phil Macintosh picks up Distributor of Pain and places his head next to his waist … and follows it up with a very sloppy looking Northern Lights Suplex. Macintosh immediately grabs his back as he can’t hold onto the bridge!)

JIVE: "The damn idiot hurt himself, I think."

TRIPP: "Phil Macintosh now holding his back … and he’s rolling around on the mat and doesn’t look to be in good shape."

JIVE: "He never looked to be in good shape."

(Distributor of Pain, realizing that this is his chance, picks up Macintosh. However, he immediately falls down to the mat and clutches his back. Distributor of Pain stands over him, not sure what to do.)

TRIPP: "And I don’t think even Distributor of Pain knows what to do now!"


(Distributor of Pain walks around Phil Macintosh’s body and once again tries to pick him up .. but this time Macintosh clocks him in the face with a right hook so hard that it sends DoP to the mat!)


(Distributor of Pain gets up and he shakes his head at the referee, who immediately calls for the bell. SFX: Bell rings.)

JIVE: "What the hell is going on here?! Why did the referee call for the bell?!"

TRIPP: "I’m guessing it has to do with the condition of Phil Macintosh. He hit the Northern Light Suplex, but in the process he seemed to have damaged his back."

JACOBS: "The referee has declared this match a DRAW due to the inability of one of the combatants to continue in the match!"

(Distributor of Pain goes over to talk to the ref before sliding out of the ring and walking up the rampway. Phil Macintosh is still in the ring holding his back. As Distributor of Pain is walking up the rampway, EMTs with a stretcher make their way past him.)

TRIPP: "And this is more serious than I originally thought, Nick."

JIVE: "It was just a matter of time before he got himself injured. The way that he’d been wrestling in New ERA … I was just waiting for him to either injure himself or someone else. Luckily for us, it was himself."

TRIPP: "The EMTs are in the ring right now … and they’re strapping him into the ring … Phil Macintosh might have pulled a ligament in his back, or even worse, he could have some displaced vertebra."

(The EMTs carry the stretcher with Macintosh on it out of the ring. They kick down to wheels and wheel him up the ramp, out of view and out of New ERA.)

TRIPP: "I don’t know what to say .. Phil Macintosh looks to be seriously injured and he was just taken out of here on a stretcher. We gotta take a commercial break, but when we come back … Alister Hayze …. Jonathan Marx …. It’s a first round tournament match to name the #1 Contender to the World Title!"

Reading the Contract

(CUTTO: The lockerroom of Juliet Marceau. She is sitting behind her desk, with her legs crossed, and tapping her pencil on the desk. The tapping becomes faster and fast until the pencil finally flies out of her hand and goes behind her.)

MARCEAU: "Dammit."

(A knock on the door stops her from picking up the pencil.)

MARCEAU: "Come in."

(The door opens … and in walks the two security guards with Travis Smith.)

SECURITY GUARD #1: "We found him."

MARCEAU: "Thanks, that’ll be all. You can wait outside."

(The security guards nod and leave the room, closing the door behind them.)

MARCEAU: "What are you doing back here?"

SMITH: "I’m here to party, baby. I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to."

(Marceau obviously looks annoyed.)

MARCEAU: "No .. I mean, what are you doing back here? You’re no longer employed by us .. and you cannot be employed by New ERA in the future."

(Smith smiles and plops his duffel bag on the chair as he digs through it. He pulls out a crumpled piece of paper which he brings over to her desk; stopping for a second to check out her legs.)

SMITH: "Well actually … if you look at the contract signed … it says .. (he points) ah, right there … that after six months either party has the option to renew negotiations about future employment."

MARCEAU: "And what about it? I won’t restart negotiations."

SMITH: "It was six months as of the 20th, babe, and I already signed my new contract!"

(Marceau slams her hands on the desk and stands up.)


(As Smith begins to speak, New ERA President Marcus LaRoque comes through the door. He looks at Smith, and then looks at Marceau, who has now made her way around the desk. If looks could kill, we’d be filing in for LaRoque’s wake by now …)

LaROQUE: "Uh .. I see I’ve come at a bad time .. I’ll just be going now."

(LaRoque shuffles out of the room and shuts the door before Marceau even says a word. She turns back to Smith who is still smiling at her.)

MARCEAU: "So he signed you, huh …. (she calms a little) Now tell me about this .. unfinished business…"

(Marceau takes her seat behind her desk as ‘Too Sweet’ Travis Smith starts talking … CUTTO: Ringside with Nick Jive and Jason Tripp.)

#1 Contender Tournament for the:
World Heavyweight Championship
First Round

Alister Hayze vs Jonathan Marx

TRIPP: "And look at that! Travis Smith is back in New ERA!"

JIVE: "Back before he left in June, he was butting heads with none other than John Doe … so one has got to question whether or not that was the unfinished business he was talking about.."

TRIPP: "But don’t forget, it was El Arco Iris who forced him to leave for six months … so you never know just who Travis Smith has a grudge with… but speaking of grudges, our next match features two men who have quickly come to find that they don’t see eye to eye. Alister Hayze has come to the side of Jean Rabesque when DREDD, which features John Doe and Jonathan Marx, has tried to sideswipe him .. and now, in the first round of determining a #1 contender to the World title, they will square off!"

JIVE: "Take a breath, Tripp .. you’re turning blue in the face."

TRIPP: "I’m excited! What can I say?!"

JIVE: "Let’s go to Carl Jacobs.."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs, standing in the ring.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL, has a twenty minute time limit, and is a FIRST ROUND MATCH TO DETERMINE A #1 Contender for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!"

(SFX: Crowd pops!)

JACOBS: "Introducing first …. Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey and being led to the ring by Brandon Jacobs and Carlee Marx ….."

(CUEUP: ‘the Touch’ by Stan Bush. Jonathan Marx enters through the curtains to a chorus of jeers. Brandon Jacobs stands on one side of him and Carlee Marx on the other, protecting him from fans that are trying to get their paws on him.)

JIVE: "No John Doe out here…"

TRIPP: "I hope he’s okay!

JACOBS: "Standing six foot two….. GENTLEMAN …….. JONATHAN MARX! "

(Marx, Marx and Jacobs all step into the ring.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent…"

(CUEUP: ‘One Vision’ by Queen as the crowd pops huge!)

JACOBS: "He stands five foot ten, weighs 220 pounds and hails from Memphis, Tennessee ……… ALISTER HAYZE!"

(The lights fade from red to blue to purple as Hayze struts down the entranceway. He slaps hands of people in the crowd before pointing in the ring at the 3 members of DREDD.)

JIVE: "Look at the lamb getting ready to be slaughtered."

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze looks really pumped up tonight, Nick."

JIVE: "But he’s in the ring with perhaps the greatest technical wrestler in the game .. Hayze might be pumped up, but he’s going to be pounded back down."

(The two men circle each other in the ring before Jonathan Marx goes for a leg. With a swift move he takes Alister Hayze to the mat via the single leg takedown. Hayze gets back his feet though and gives Marx a golf clap. Marx again goes in and this time takes Hayze down with the double leg take down, following it up with some left and right hooks to the head.)

TRIPP: "Marx already off to a hot start. Taking Hayze to the mat twice in a row .. and now really laying in the fists."

JIVE: "I told you, Alister Hayze has his hands full with Jonathan Marx … He should have forfeited this match because now he’s going to be thoroughly embarrassed!"

(Marx finally gets off of Hayze and stands. Hayze is not too far behind him in getting to his feet and while he is getting up Jonathan Marx grabs him by the hair and tosses him into the corner. As soon as Hayze hits the corner, Marx starts laying the boots into his midsection, each time he hits causes Hayze to let out a groan.)

JIVE: "And Jonathan Marx just letting Hayze have it."

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze is going to have to turn this match around quickly. He can’t take too much punishment in the early going of this match if he expects to outlast Jonathan Marx ."

JIVE: "With a twenty minute time limit, both these men have to make sure that they work fast."

(Jonathan Marx now turns and drives an elbow into the face of Hayze knocking his head back. He grabs Hayze’s arm and sends him across the ring with an irish whip, but wait! Alister Hayze reverses the irish whip and sends Marx into the far corner. Hayze gathers up some steam and charges into the corner, but Jonathan Marx quickly hops over him!)

TRIPP: "And Hayze started to get on the offensive, but Jonathan Marx hops over Hayze as he charged into the corner!"

JIVE: "But Hayze stopped short of hitting the turnbuckle! He is behind Jonathan Marx !"

(Jonathan Marx ’s face shows a bit of surprise as Alister Hayze locks his hands around his waist … and like that Alister Hayze takes Marx over with a german suplex! Marx’s head hits the bottom turnbuckle pad on the way down and Alister Hayze quickly covers him!

ONE ..

TWO ..

And Marx gets his arm over the bottom rope causing the break up!)

TRIPP: "I thought Hayze was going to get him there. Marx’s head hit that turnbuckle pad pretty hard on the way down."

JIVE: "Another great thing about Jonathan Marx is his ring presence. He knows where he is at all times."

(Alister Hayze gets up and begins to kick Jonathan Marx in the midsection while he is still lying on the mat. Hayze then begins dropping some knees into the chest. Marx finally grabs onto the ropes again and the referee breaks them up .. but as soon as Marx gets to his feet Hayze is back over and spears him to the mat!)

TRIPP: "And Alister Hayze now on the offensive, and boy is he ever!"

JIVE: "The referee needs to step in and let Hayze know that he needs to be more careful and let Jonathan Marx get his senses collected before he starts attacking him like that!"

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze wants to send a message to DREDD, Nick."

JIVE: "Then send it in a card with some chocolates.. don’t go injuring people!"

(Marx looks like he was hit by a train as Alister Hayze grabs him by the hair and brings him to his feet. Hayze with an irish whip sends Marx into the ropes, and on the way back Hayze leaps in the air, nailing a spinning heel kick and dropping Marx to the ground. Marx rolls over onto his stomach and holds his face in his hands.)

TRIPP: "And Alister Hayze with a BEAUTIFUL spinning heel kick and Jonathan Marx now on the mat and he’s not looking too hot, Nick."

JIVE: "Save it for someone who cares, Tripp. Jonathan Marx is letting Hayze get some licks in now hoping that he tires out soon. With three-fourths of DREDD at ringside, I highly doubt that he’s too worried right now."

(Marx doesn’t get too long to rest on the mat though as Alister Hayze picks him up by the tights. Hayze drills him in the lower back region with a forearm shot and Jonathan Marx stumbles forward. Hayze is right behind him though and grabs him by the neck. Hayze sets up the Russian leg sweep, but Jonathan Marx manages to get his hand free and rakes the eyes of Hayze.)

TRIPP: "And Jonathan Marx with a less than Gentlemanly move …"

JIVE: "Hey now .. Alister Hayze has been trying to damage the body of Jonathan Marx .. I think he has every right to try and protect himself any way he sees fit!"

TRIPP: "I’m just saying, Nick…"

(Marx walks away from Hayze, who is turning around in circles holding his eyes. Marx turns and sees Hayze bent over, so he bounces off the ropes and catches the head of Alister Hayze and takes him down with a bulldog. Marx then rolls Hayze over and hooks the leg …


TW—NO. Hayze kicks out.)

JIVE: "Marx was smart there, he knew he had to do something to catch Hayze … and he almost got him."

TRIPP: "He wasn’t that close, Nick.."

JIVE: "He WAS close, Tripp. You need to get your eyes checked out!"

(Jonathan Marx now brings Alister Hayze to his feet and locks the tights to bring him over with a snap suplex. As soon as they hit the mat, Marx immediately spins to his side and applies a side headlock. Hayze tries to fight it, though, but its too late. The maneuver is locked on tight and now the ref asks if Hayze wants to give in.)

TRIPP: "Marx trying to move to a more submission based arsenal to try to get Alister Hayze to submit.."

JIVE: "Jonathan Marx can switch from technician to submission master in the blink of an eye. Alister Hayze calling him John Doe ’s second fiddle must have sparked a fire under Marx and now Hayze is feeling the heat."

(Marx, seeing that he’s getting nowhere with the side headlock, releases the hold and gets to his feet. Alister Hayze slowly gets to his, but as soon as he gets upright, Marx kicks him in the gut doubling him over. Marx grabs the head of Alister Hayze and drives him to the mat with a DDT. He covers Hayze…

ONE ..

TWO ..


JIVE: "And Marx almost walked away with the victory there!"

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx now working over the neck area of Alister Hayze as he takes him up and plants him again with a swinging neckbreaker ..."

JIVE: "Jean Rabesque better be paying close attention, because Jonathan Marx has him set in his sights … and this time there won’t be Chaos to ruin things!"

TRIPP: "That’s unless Chaos also advances into the final round .."

(Marx follows up the swinging neckbreaker with a knee to the shoulder of Hayze .. He rolls Hayze over onto his stomach and grabs the neck of Hayze and applies pressure. Hayze, now stuck in the Cobra Clutch, reaches for the ropes in the distance, but he’s far too far away to reach them.)

JIVE: "Hayze is grasping at thin air … and Jonathan Marx is sensing victory … you can see it in his eyes!"

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx has that cobra clutch locked on perfectly and Alister Hayze looks to be fading away."

(The referee asks Hayze if he wants to give in, but Hayze just shakes his head no as Marx locks the hand that was reaching for the ropes around his knee. Hayze, now realizing that he can’t get to them, begins to lose steam it would seem. The referee checks on Alister Hayze getting ready to ring the bell. The fans in the arena start chanting louder and louder as Hayze’s eyes are glazing over.)

JIVE: "These fans should just give up right now .. there’s no way that Alister Hayze can get out of this. Jonathan Marx has mastered the art of mat wrestling."

TRIPP: "If Alister Hayze continues to hold out though, Marx just might be forced to go back to the ground game and try to pin him."

(Almost as if he was listening to Tripp, Marx releases the hold and starts stomping on Hayze. Marx bounces off the ropes and hits Hayze right in the face with a baseball slide. Alister Hayze rolls over to the ropes and grabs them as the referee blocks Marx from getting any closer.)

JIVE: "And look at Hayze! He’s hiding in the ropes to avoid being schooled by Marx!"

TRIPP: "If I remember correctly, Jonathan Marx did the same thing earlier in the match and you thought he was intelligent for doing so…"

JIVE: "Now you’re putting words in my mouth! If you continue doing that, then I’m going to put my foot in your ass."

TRIPP: "I just call it as I see it, Nick."

(Alister Hayze comes out from the ropes and Jonathan Marx approaches .. but he gets a kick in the mid section for his trouble. Alister Hayze now grabs the hair of Marx and tosses him backwards into the mat, dropping the elbow soon after. Hayze gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes as Jonathan Marx get up … and Hayze catches Marx with a flying cross body block as he turns around! Hayze with the cover …


TWO ..


Jonathan Marx kicks out at the last second and Hayze curses under his breath.)

JIVE: "He had a hold of his tights!"

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze did nothing of the sort, Nick!"

JIVE: "I think I know what he did, Tripp, don’t you dare think that I’m going to fall victim to your biased play by play!"

(Alister Hayze gets to his feet and he brings Jonathan Marx up with him. Hayze places Marx’s head between his legs and picks him up for the piledriver … but Jonathan Marx fights it! Jonathan Marx now flips Hayze over his back with the back body drop … and he quickly turns around as Hayze gets to his feet!! Hayze up and Marx goes for a shoulder to the knee!)

JIVE: "And Marx is setting him up for the Marxism!!"

TRIPP: "That shoulder to the knee is going to put Hayze in a precarious situation!"

(But at the last moment, Hayze sidesteps Marx and Marx goes crashing into the corner. Alister Hayze picks up Jonathan Marx from behind … AND HE STARTS RAMMING HIS HEAD INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!)


JIVE: "No! Alister Hayze can’t do that!"

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze has a hold of Jonathan Marx …. AND HE DRIVES HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT WITH A DROP TOE HOLD!"

(Marx’s face nails the mat and he rolls onto his back. Alister Hayze drops the leg across Marx’s throat and then points over the top rope to Brandon Jacobs and Carlee Marx … and follows it up with the cut-throat motion!)

TRIPP: "And I think Alister Hayze is going to try to finish Jonathan Marx right here!"

JIVE: "Not possible! Come on Brandon , get in the ring! Distract the goddamn referee!"

(Alister Hayze picks up Jonathan Marx and sends him into the ropes … Alister Hayze bounces off the opposite ropes… BUT CARLEE MARX GRABS HIS LEG! Alister Hayze turns around to confront Carlee, but Jonathan Marx comes from behind and clotheslines him in the back of the head and Hayze hits the mat!)

JIVE: "Thank God for Carlee Marx!"

TRIPP: "Carlee Marx involved herself in this match and the referee should disqualify Jonathan Marx right this instant!"

JIVE: "I don’t think he saw it, Tripp! Now Jonathan Marx is calling for the Marxism!"

(Jonathan Marx looks over to his fellow DREDD members and gives the thumbs up … and now he turns Hayze over on to his back and reaches down to pick up one of his legs .. BUT HAYZE QUICKLY REACHES UP AND GRABS MARX BY THE HEAD … Alister Hayze with a small package!!





(SFX: Bell rings.)


TRIPP: "Hayze with the small package and he catches Marx off guard … and now Alister Hayze has moved into the final round!"

JACOBS: "The winner of this match .. and moving into the final round to determine the #1 Contender to the World title …. ALISTER HAYZE!"

TRIPP: "Alister Hayze quickly rolls out of the ring as Brandon Jacobs and Carlee Marx slide in … AND NOW HE IS FLASHING A HUGE SMILE AND WINKING AT DREDD! Alister Hayze has managed to outsmart DREDD here tonight and he’s moving on!"

JIVE: "I can’t believe it! This is all John Doe ’s fault! If he hadn’t gotten attacked earlier, then he would have been out here and everything would have gone Jonathan Marx ’s way!"

TRIPP: "Up next.. a non-title match as Karla Starr , the New ERA Women’s champion, takes on Victoria Hawke … right here from VICTORIA, British Columbia and Royal Athletic Park!"

Pre-Match Warning

(CUTTO: Backstage. Victoria Hawke is standing in front of a New ERA banner in her wrestling attire. Once she is given the signal that she’s on the air she drops her arms, which were folded across her chest, to her sides.)

HAWKE: "So it comes down to this, Karla. In just a few moments we will walk out to that ring; in front of all these people here at the Royal Athletic Park, and we will meet once more. The last time we met was nothing more than me getting my feet wet. I’ve never wrestled before across the pond. Where I come from, wrestling is not a sport where you try to TRICK your opponent. Perhaps that’s why I consider myself an athlete, and I consider you a cheap impersonator."

(Hawke places one hand on her hip and uses the other to point at the screen.)

HAWKE: "YOU, Karla. You call yourself the Women’s Champion, but you SCAMMED your way to that title. You did not sweat, you did not battle to the bitter end. You stole the title, Karla. Why this may not be for the title, I will win this match, and I will get my title shot. Unlike you I have real skills. And I am prepared to go out there tonight and teach you a lesson. Your dirty American corner cutting will not get you past me this time. I am a true Swedish athlete. Born, bred, and trained in the very best facilities that I had offered to me. Karla. That title will soon come home to a TRUE champion."

(Victoria Hawke shakes her head at the camera and storms out of view. CUTTO: Ringside.)

TRIPP: "And Victoria Hawke with some very strong words … and basically calling Karla Starr a faux champion!"

JIVE: "Karla Starr used her brains. Victoria Hawke might think that Starr cut some corners, but she’s the Women’s champion and I’d think that Hawke is just a wee bit jealous."

TRIPP: "These two have met before .. and Karla Starr came out victorious, and I’m sure Victoria Hawke, who mentioned being a little bit green to American wrestling, is ready to show Karla Starr just how quickly she can adapt."

JIVE: "Well then, let’s get this por.. show on the road!"

(CUTTO: Ringside with Carl Jacobs as the lineup for the match comes across the screen.)

Victoria Hawke vs Karla Starr (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, has a twenty minute time limit, and is a NON-TITLE MATCH… introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base. Victoria Hawke steps through the curtain and she is holding her nose. She comes down the isle and pulls some perfume out of her purse, spraying it on the fans as she walks by.)

JACOBS: "Standing five foot seven and weighing 130 pounds … from Kiruna, Sweden …. VICTORIA HAWKE!"

TRIPP: "And Victoria Hawke now spraying the referee with the perfume!"

JIVE: "I’ve heard rumors about these referees … she should be in there with a full body protective suit on!"

JACOBS: "And her opponent …"

(CUEUP: ‘Maps’ by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Karla Starr walks from behind the curtain, holding the Women’s title high in the air and has a smug smile on her face as the fans begin to show their disapproval.)

JACOBS: "She stands five foot ten and weighs 127 pounds … hailing from Boston, Massachusetts …. She is the Women’s Heavyweight Champion……… KARLA STARR!"

(Starr makes it to the ring and flashes a cocky look at Hawke, who stands on the other side, her eyes piercing the Women’s champion.)

JIVE: "And Karla Starr looks fantastic tonight …. Just the way a Women’s champion should look!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "I guess we’re about to find out whether or not true athleticism, as Victoria Hawke would say, can beat out what she considers corner-cutting American cheating."

JIVE: "I know. Why don’t we just put those two together … with something that’d make them hold .. let’s say syrup … and see how they work in conjunction!"

TRIPP: "I think Hawke would consider that an unlikely match up of styles."

JIVE: "Styles? I was talking about Hawke and Starr!"

TRIPP: "Oh God."

(Victoria Hawke walks up to Karla Starr and starts pointing to her chest. Starr, getting annoyed easily by the incessant touching, slaps Hawke’s hand away. Hawke responds by slapping Starr across the face. Not to be outdone, Karla Starr slaps Victoria Hawke across the face. Hawke then knees Starr in the midsection, causing her to double over, and tosses her to the mat.)

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke just tossing the Women’s champion to the mat with ease after Starr slapped her right back across the face."

JIVE: "I can already see the short fuses lit, Tripp. It’s just a matter of time before these two gals are rolling around on the mat ripping each others’ clothes to shreds…"

(Karla Starr gets back to her feet, enraged, and charges at Victoria Hawke, who takes her down with a drop toe hold. Starr gets back to her feet again, holding her face, and spits on Victoria Hawke. This doesn’t bode well with Hawke, as she charges again at Karla Starr. Starr is ready this time, and sidesteps Hawke, causing her to crash into the corner.)

TRIPP: "Starr now using Victoria Hawke’s rage against her .."

JIVE: "If Starr keeps using those mind games, then she’ll have Hawke beat even quicker than last time!"

TRIPP: "I don’t agree, Nick. Victoria Hawke is visibly more prepared this time around. It’ll be a hell of a fight."

(Karla Starr turns Hawke around in the corner and lays in some swift kicks to the midsection before nailing a spinning heel kick which pops Hawke’s head back about three rows. Karla Starr with an irish whip and she sends Hawke across the ring and crashing chest first into the opposite turnbuckles. As Victoria Hawke turns around, Karla Starr, who had a running start, jumps onto her, places her feet on the waist, and monkeyflips her across the ring!)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr with the monkeyflip, and Victoria Hawke is flat out on her back looking up at the arena lights."

JIVE: "She really nailed Hawke with that move. Karla Starr is not only out here to show everyone how HOT she is, but also that she deserves to be the Women’s champion … something that I’m sure 99% of the people in attendance would agree with."

TRIPP: "I think you mean wouldn’t agree with."

JIVE: "No .."

(Karla Starr now moves across the ring as she waits for Hawke to get to her feet. Victoria Hawke finally back to her feet as Starr is right behind her … Hawke turns around and gets nailed with a .. no! Hawke ducks the clothesline attempt and catches Karla Starr with a dropkick that sends her into the ropes! Starr on the ropes now as Victoria Hawke comes in.. but Karla Starr stops the advance with a headscissors that takes Hawke over the top rope and to the arena floor! Karla Starr pulls herself back up over the top rope and bows in the middle of the ring.)


JIVE: "What a maneuver!"

TRIPP: "Starr using the ropes as leverage and she headscissored Victoria Hawke right out of the ring!"

JIVE: "How can you say that she doesn’t deserve to be the Women’s champion?!"

(Victoria Hawke shakes out any cobwebs and starts to get to her feet. Karla Starr has a different plan as she grabs ahold of the top rope and catapults herself over it and on top of Hawke!)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr continuing the attack on the outside now!"

(Starr picks up Victoria Hawke and bodyslams her on the arena floor before slapping her in the face a few times. Now Starr brings Hawke to her feet … and takes her back down with a swinging neckbreaker! The referee reaches over the top rope from the ring and tells Starr to bring it inside. So, what does Karla Starr do? She picks up Victoria Hawke and irish whips her into the ring steps! Hawke hits the steps hard and slumps over them. Karla Starr then rolls Hawke back into the ring.)

JIVE: "I know what you’re going to say, so before you say it … she brought her in the ring just like the referee said, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Well it’s not exactly the most sportsman way to do so."

JIVE: "As we’ve said before, Karla Starr isn’t the woman in the lockerroom most obliged to sportsmanlike conduct…"

(Starr rolls back in the ring herself and gets to her feet. She picks up Victoria Hawke by the hair and places her between her legs. Starr picks up Hawke and drives her into the mat with a piledriver. Starr rolls Hawke off and covers her…

ONE ..

TWO ...


Starr shakes her head as she gets up. She bounces against the ropes and then drills her feet into the head of Victoria Hawke with a baseball slide. She covers Hawke again ..

ONE ..


THRE—NOOO!! Hawke kicks out again!)

TRIPP: "And Karla Starr trying to get this match over and done with, but Victoria Hawke doesn’t seem to be cooperating!"

JIVE: "Hawke using all the strength she has left to deny Starr of a win. She doesn’t want to give Karla Starr the chance of saying that she won this match based on talent."

(Karla Starr picks up Hawke and places her against the ropes. Starr nails some forearm shots to the face before she takes her off the ropes and into the center of the ring. Starr places her head under the arm of Hawke and brings her over with a Northern Lights Suplex …

ONE ..



Starr hits the mat in frustration. She walks around the ring as Victoria Hawke sits up. Starr charges and flips over Hawke’s back snapping her head forward in the process.)

JIVE: "Karla Starr working over the head and neck area of Victoria Hawke … She’s got to make sure that Hawke can’t use those two areas to kick out."

TRIPP: "Starr frustrated, and I think if Victoria Hawke keeps on kicking out then it may just throw off Starr’s game."

(Karla Starr picks up Victoria Hawke .. but Hawke with a small package!

ONE ..


Karla Starr quickly gets to her feet and goes to kick Hawke, but Hawke sweeps the other leg of Starr out from underneath her bringing Starr to the mat! Victoria Hawke knips up and stands there waiting for Starr to get to her feet. Karla Starr now up on her feet and Victoria Hawke grabs her by the hair! Starr yells out in pain as Victoria Hawke starts spinning in a circle with Starr’s hair in her hands, and she tosses her across the ring!)

JIVE: "Hawke now attacking a woman’s most precious area .. her hair!"

TRIPP: "Victoria Hawke with a second wind and she’s ready to make Starr pay for those cheap shots earlier in the match!"

JIVE: "Hell, I’d pay to see Hawke take it to Starr!"

(Victoria Hawke picks up Karla Starr and pushes her into the corner. Hawke with a kick to the stomach doubles over Starr … and now Victoria Hawke grabs the waist of Karla Starr … and she scratches the back of the Women’s champion! Victoria Hawke with a DDT sends Starr’s head crashing to the mat. Victoria Hawke goes to the corner and she climbs to the second rope … and she flies off and nails Starr in the chest with a Luna Eclipse! Hawke with the cover …  

ONE ..



NO! Karla Starr kicked out at the last second!)

TRIPP: "And I thought that Victoria Hawke had her there! But the Women’s champ kicks out before the three count!"

JIVE: "These two really going tooth and nails…"

(Victoria Hawke climbs the turnbuckle again and she signals for the I Tiden!)

TRIPP: "And Hawke now going for the frog splash! If she hits this it could be all over!"

(Hawke flies off the top rope and crashes right onto Karla Starr … her knees at least! Karla Starr getting her knees up at the last moment and Hawke is strewn across the mat now clutching her midsection in pain!)

JIVE: "Hawke a little too early I think in trying to put this match away. She didn’t work over Karla Starr enough and in the end, that might just cost her this match!"

TRIPP: "And Karla Starr is back to her feet … and she is banging her leg on the mat!"

(Starr stomping on the mat as Victoria Hawke is on her knees. Hawke gets up and Karla Starr comes in for the kill as she NAILS Victoria Hawke right underneath the chin with the superkick!! Hawke goes down hard. Karla Starr now signals that she is heading up top!)


TRIPP: "Karla Starr is now climbing the top rope … and she is thinking Morning Starr!"

(Karla Starr turns herself around so that she is facing the audience … and she FLIES off the top rope and hits the moonsault!! Starr hooks the leg …





TRIPP: "Karla Starr nails the Morning Starr!! She has one of the most beautiful moonsaults I have ever seen."

(SFX: Bell rings.)

JACOBS: "The winner of this match via pinfall… KARLA STARR!"

(Starr walks over to Victoria Hawke, who is still on the ground and gets right in her face obviously rubbing her victory in.)

TRIPP: "Now this is unnecessary. Karla Starr won this hard fought match and she’s rubbing it in Hawke’s face.. and Victoria Hawke can’t say anything back!"

JIVE: "What could she say? Karla Starr won this match using the one thing Victoria Hawke said she had none of … talent!"

TRIPP: "We have to take a commercial break …"

JIVE: "And I’m sure there are plenty of men at home who need to take a cold shower after seeing those two ladies in action.."

TRIPP: "Nick, come on."

JIVE: "What?"

TRIPP: "It’s getting old."

JIVE: "It’ll get old when I say it gets old … now let’s go to commercial before you make our ratings go down even more."

Unscheduled Visit

(CUTTO: Backstage. We see Jason Payne coming back from the green room.)

TRIPP (V/O): "There’s Jason Payne!!"

JIVE (V/O): "What is he doing on RAPTURE?! He’s not scheduled to be here…"

TRIPP (V/O): "I’m surprised Payne is anywhere considering the accident he was in!"

(Payne takes a sip of his drink before entering an unmarked door and shutting it.)

JIVE (V/O): "He’s not scheduled here tonight … so whose lockerroom did he just go in?!"

TRIPP (V/O): "I don’t know, Nick .. but we’ve got to go to commercial! When we come back, the first round of the tournament to name a new #1 contender to the Television title."


(CUTTO: Ringside. Nick Jive and Jason Tripp are just finishing up fixing some of the papers on their desk.)

JIVE: "Well DREDD has lost out on the World Title #1 Contender spot already as Jonathan Marx was screwed out of it by Alister Hayze … hopefully John Doe will rectify the situation by beating Cameron Cruise here tonight."

TRIPP: "Marx wasn’t SCREWED out of anything, Nick."

JIVE: "Alister Hayze shouldn’t have won that match, Tripp. You know it and I know it."

TRIPP: "Hayze won the match fair and square, and he is a step closer to getting a World title shot. John Doe now has his shot as he takes on a man who did by far the best job in the BattleBRAWL rumble, as he lasted practically every other man in the ring except for MWG."

JIVE: "And Jason Payne."

TRIPP: "Cruise and Payne were both eliminated by the winner, and new Television champion, MWG. Both Cruise and Payne are now entered into the Television title shot tournament as a reward for their efforts in the BattleBRAWL rumble."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs who is standing in the ring.)

#1 Contender Tournament for the:
Television Championship
First Round

John Doe vs Cameron Cruise

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall, has a twenty minute time limit, and is a first round match to determine the #1 contender to the Television title! Introducing first…"

(CUEUP: ‘When Worlds Collide’ by Powerman 5000. The DREDD logo comes on the big screens as Brandon Jacobs and Carlee Marx walk out from the curtains sans Doe.)

JIVE: "Where’s John Doe?!"

TRIPP: "Doe was attacked earlier by Chaos .. as Chaos really pummeled him up with a steel chain .. and it doesn’t look like Doe is going to be making it down to ringside."

JACOBS: "Being led to the ring by Carlee Marx and Brandon Jacobs .. he stands six foot one and weighs 210 pounds …. JOHN DOE!"

(Jacobs and Marx stop and look at the curtain almost as if they’re waiting for Doe to come through..)

JIVE: "Well Carlee and Brandon look like they’re waiting for him.."

(John Doe eventually comes from behind the curtains … he stumbles out, the gash on his nose opened again, and he is followed out by none other than Travis Smith!)


(Smith catches Doe as he tries to get down the rampway .. and he heaves him off the side!!! Doe hits the guardrail on the arena floor face first and immediately holds his face! Brandon Jacobs charges at Travis Smith, but Smith had already ran up the ramp and snuck back behind the curtains.)

JIVE: "Travis Smith has just ruined John Doe’s chances at winning the Television title!"

TRIPP: "I can’t believe it! First John Doe was attacked by Chaos … now he was attacked as he was walking to his match by Travis Smith! What else is going to go on here tonight?!"

(CUEUP: ‘Battery’ by Metallica. The fans get on their feet as the lights flash a bit. Cameron Cruise comes from behind the curtains and starts walking down the rampway, knowing his task has just gotten a little bit easier.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent … hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina ….. he is ‘THE CRIPPLER’ CAMERON CRUISE!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

TRIPP: "Cameron Cruise isn’t even giving the referee the opportunity to ask Doe if he wants to continue this match!"

JIVE: "Cameron Cruise wants to get this victory the old fashioned way .. to beat the living hell out of John Doe!"

(Cruise picks Doe up from the outside and walks with him to the ring. As they get to the ring apron, Cruise slams Doe’s head into it. Cruise looks at the apron in shock as he realizes that by doing so, he left a large blood stain on it. Cruise takes a step back as he realizes how badly John Doe is bleeding.)

JIVE: "I don’t think Cruise realized the severity of John Doe’s injury."

TRIPP: "Cameron Cruise now looking at Doe .. and I am not sure what’s going to happen here. Is the referee going to call the match?"

(Cruise doesn’t seem to care to wait as he gets in the ring after rolling Doe in. Cruise immediately starts to stomp on the back of John Doe as Brandon Jacobs hops on the apron and tries to get the referee to stop the match.)

JIVE: "And Jacobs now trying to stop the match … WAIT! LOOK AT CARLEE MARX!"

(Carlee slides in the ring and runs up behind Cameron Cruise. She drops to her knees and jams her hand right up into Cameron’s crotch. Cameron doubles over in pain as Carlee Marx hops up and continues the barrage with a swinging neckbreaker. She then drapes John Doe over Cruise as she slides out of the ring. Jacobs also drops down. The referee turns around and sees Doe covering Cruise so he makes the count…

ONE ..



TRIPP: "DREDD just tried to steal this away from Cameron Cruise!"

JIVE: "Carlee was just leveling the playing field. Cruise got an advantage thanks to Travis Smith and Chaos … so it’s only fair that Cruise be knocked down a few levels!"

(Cameron Cruise slowly gets to his feet and he flashes Carlee Marx a look of contempt. She merely smiles back at him. Cruise picks up Doe, who is still out of it, and locks him up in an abdominal stretch. The referee goes over to check on Doe who has come alive and is trying to grab the ropes. Doe finally gets a hold of the ropes after a few seconds and the referee forces Cruise to release the hold.)

JIVE: "Cruise bounced back anyways, so it doesn’t seem like it mattered much."

TRIPP: "Marx shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place, Nick."

JIVE: "Where’s Jonathan?"

TRIPP: "That’s a good question, actually. He seemed pretty peeved at John Doe before this show and now that he’s lost to Alister Hayze I doubt he feels any less amicable to him."

JIVE: "DREDD needs to stay on top of things! They can’t let some idiot like Alister Hayze get between them and their goal of taking the World title out of the hands of that loser Rabesque!"

(Cruise sends Doe into the ropes and charges in after him. Doe hits the ropes and comes back, and in the process, gets a knee into the stomach which flips him over and onto his back! Cruise quickly drops down and covers him.

ONE ..


THRE—NO! Carlee Marx pulls Doe’s foot underneath the ropes and the referee breaks the count and warns Marx to not get involved!)

TRIPP: "And Carlee Marx AGAIN getting involved in the match!"

JIVE: "Why is the referee warning her? He shouldn’t even have let this match go on! Where’s President LaRoque? He should come out here and stop this match and reschedule it at a time where both men are able to fight."

(Cruise gets to his feet and complains to the referee. As he does this Carlee Marx proceeds to pull the rest of John Doe underneath the ring and to the outside trying to buy him some time.)

TRIPP: "John Doe is now on the outside .. and Brandon Jacobs is coming over .. and Jacobs splashes some water in the face of John Doe and is slapping him trying to get him awake."

JIVE: "You gotta love teamwork, Tripp."

TRIPP: "Not when it comes to cheating, Nick."

(Cruise turns around to go back to work on Doe, but stops when he sees him on the outside. Marx and Jacobs continue to try to get Doe coherent as Cruise slides to the outside on the opposite side. Cruise sneaks around the outside and comes up behind Brandon Jacobs. Brandon Jacobs is surprised when he finds that Cruise has grabbed his head … Cruise takes Doe’s head and bangs them together. Jacobs falls to the arena floor and Carlee Marx backs off a little as Cruise starts to approach her. He stops and rolls Doe back in the ring before warning Carlee not to get involved again.)

JIVE: "YOU CAN’T DO THAT! Brandon Jacobs isn’t even a wrestler! He’s just out there for support!"

TRIPP: "Cameron Cruise getting annoyed at the outside interference from DREDD’s other members … and he was letting them know!"

(Cruise gets to his feet and brings Doe up. Doe swings wildly with a left hook, but Cruise ducks under it and catches him from behind. Cruise brings Doe over with a german suplex …

ONE ..



Cruise hops back to his feet and brings John Doe back up .. Cruise places Doe’s head between his legs … and brings him up and down with the sitdown powerbomb!

ONE ..



TRIPP: "And Cruise with two close calls there.. this may be all they wrote for DREDD’s chances at getting a #1 contender spot!"

(Cruise gets to his feet and looks down at John Doe who is trying to sit up… and he locks on a chinlock and places his knee between the shoulder blades to get more pressure.)

JIVE: "John Doe can’t keep taking on this punishment, Tripp.. where is Jonathan Marx when you need him most?!"

TRIPP: "Cruise is showing again how great a competitor he is .. it wouldn’t surprise me if Jean Rabesque is on his hit list."

JIVE: "Cruise might have done a great job in the Battle BRAWL rumble, and I’m sure he’d be a fine opponent for Rabesque … but Rabesque is DREDD’s toy … and he should be careful whose stuff he starts coveting."

TRIPP: "Well Cruise doesn’t seem to be doing too badly against Doe here as the referee is trying to check on him .. but Cruise did manage to lose to Jonathan Marx in the NFW playoffs. Maybe a rematch between these two will come down the line!"

(The referee picks up Doe’s arm and lets it fall ..)


(The referee picks up Doe’s arm again and it falls.)


TRIPP: "One more time and Cameron Cruise will be moving on."

(The referee picks up Doe’s arm again and releases it .. but this time it stays in the air!)

JIVE: "I don’t think so, Tripp!"

(Cameron Cruise wriggles around trying to apply more pressure to the neck of John Doe, but Doe starts kicking his heels against the mat. Doe uses his hands to try to pry those of Cruise off his chin … but Cruise releases the hold on his own and drives an elbow into the top of Doe’s skull. Cameron Cruise picks up John Doe and irish whips him into the ropes … BUT DOE REVERSES! Cruise goes into the ropes and is tripped by Carlee Marx from the outside! Cruise crashes face first into the mat!)

JIVE: "Cruise tripped! What a klutz!"

TRIPP: "Cruise was tripped by Carlee Marx! AND HE WON’T LET THIS ONE SLIDE!"

(Cruise gets to his feet and reaches over the top rope and gets a handful of Carlee Marx’s hair! She lets out a yell. SFX: The fans pop as Jason Payne starts walking down the rampway!)


TRIPP: "What is he doing down here? Is he here to finish some business with Cruise?!"

(John Doe, seeing that Cruise is preoccupied, runs behind him, bounces him off the ropes and rolls him up …

ONE ..



ONE ..)


(Jacobs and Marx stand up … BUT Jason Payne reaches in and grabs a hold of both their feet …. AND PULLS THEM OUT!

TWO …)


(THREE!!!! SFX: Bell rings!)

JIVE: "NOOO!! Jason Payne just helped Cameron Cruise beat John Doe!"

TRIPP: "Payne came out here and stopped DREDD from interfering from this match!"


TRIPP: "What goes around, comes around, Nick!"

JACOBS: "The winner of this match … and moving into the finals ….. ‘the CRIPPLER’ CAMERON CRUISE!"

(Jason Payne walks up the rampway as Cameron Cruise looks over the top rope at him, puzzled. Payne salutes him as he flashes a half-smile, turns and walks out of view.)

JIVE: "Poor DREDD!! They’re out of both tournaments now!"

TRIPP: "What a match!"

Round Two

(Brandon Jacobs and Carlee Marx are on the outside looking pretty pissed when suddenly, out of the audience, comes Chaos, who clotheslines them both from behind.)


(Chaos slides into the ring and meets John Doe face to face. Doe looks horrified as Chaos cracks his knuckles!)

JIVE: "Someone get security out there!! John Doe is going to have to be carried out of here in a stretcher if anything else happens to him!"

(Doe turns to run out the other side of the ring, but Chaos catches him by the hair, pulls him in and plants him into the mat with a DDT. Chaos then turns Doe over and locks on the Python-lock!!!)


(Chaos leans way back and John Doe turns bright, bright red!)

JIVE: "This is insane!! Someone’s gotta stop Chaos!!"

(As Chaos continues to wrench Doe’s neck .. ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx runs down the rampway, still in his attire.)


(Marx grabs a chair from the outside of the ring and slides in … he measures Chaos real good … AND THEN POPS HIM UPSIDE THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!! Chaos’ eyes roll up as he releases the hold and falls on top of Doe!)

TRIPP: "Jonathan Marx just nailed Chaos with as steel chair … and now he’s pulling Doe from underneath him …. We’ve got to take a commercial break …. But don’t go now … the Television title is going to be on the line as MWG takes on the man who beat him before the pay per view … EL ARCO IRIS!"

Not Sweet Enough

(CUTTO: Travis Smith walking through the curtains, just moments after attacking John Doe.)

JIVE (V/O): "And this is what happens just seconds after Travis Smith attacked John Doe before his match."

TRIPP (V/O): "Thankfully there were cameras back there to catch this.."

(Smith takes a glass of water that was on the table and gulps it down. As he puts it down, he is attacked from behind by ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane, who slams his head into the table, knocking him to the floor.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Trevor Cane apparently was in the building .. and he attacked Travis Smith in the back."

JIVE (V/O): "The Messenger seems to have a renewed sense of spirit .. and I guess he couldn’t wait to take it out on Jack Durden."

(Cane picks up Smith and places him on the table. Cane gets up on the table with him, kicking off all the things that were on it. He picks up Smith … AND PILEDRIVES HIM THROUGH THE TABLE!)


JIVE (V/O): "And everyone is getting what’s coming to them tonight! ‘The Messenger’ now making Travis Smith pay for his interference."

(Cane gets up from the mess he left and stands over Travis Smith.)

CANE: "You cannot walk in here and think that you are free of sin. New ERA needs to be cleansed. You are the infestation of all that is wrong with this promotion."

(Cane turns and walks away from Travis Smith, who is lying motionless amongst the shatters of the table.)


(CUTTO: Ringside.)

TRIPP: "And Trevor Cane taking exception to Travis Smith walking in here tonight … and I bet that’ll make Smith think twice before he attacks anyone else."

JIVE: "Maybe we can get Cane out here to take out Iris! That way we don’t need MWG to come out and waste his time."

TRIPP: "I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Nick. El Arco Iris pulled out the victory the last time these two met … and that would be the RAUCOUS before Battle BRAWL … the RAUCOUS before MWG won the Television title!"

JIVE: "Oh who gives a rat’s ass, Tripp. That was BEFORE MWG won the title. MWG now has the title .. he has the fame … and he’s going to get the victory here tonight."

(CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring. The lineup for this match flashes on the big screen.)

Television Championship

El Arco Iris vs MWG (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the NEW ERA OF WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(SFX: Crowd pops!)

JACOBS: "Introducing first … he hails from the other side of the rainbow…"

(CUEUP: ‘Tunak, Tunak, Tun’ by Daler Mehndi. El Arco Iris comes out to flashing lights in the colors of the rainbow. Iris, full of energy, runs down to the ring, and gets inside.)

JACOBS: "He stands five foot six and weighs 190 pounds …. EL ARCO IRIS!"

JIVE: "Iris is excited over nothing … as soon as MWG gets in that ring, its going to be all about him… and Iris is going walk away empty handed!"

JACOBS: "And his opponent.."

(CUEUP: ‘Faggot’ by Mindless Self Indulgence. Krist Blue comes through the curtain alongside MWG, who is wearing the Television title low around his waist so that its covering his genital area.)

JACOBS: "He hails somewhere where the sun shines and the birds sing … standing six foot three and weighing 232 pounds … he is the New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION CHAMPION ….. EM DUBBYA GEE!

(SFX: Bell rings!)

TRIPP: "And MWG in the ring … he takes the Television title off from around his waist … AND HE LICKS THE TITLE BEFORE HANDING IT TO THE REFEREE!"

JIVE: "He’s marking his territory, Tripp."

(MWG turns around and looks at Iris with a twinkle in his eye as Iris makes sure not to make the same mistake he did last time and go for the handshake. MWG walks towards Iris, and Iris takes a few steps towards him … They go for the lock up and MWG quickly goes behind Iris. Iris, being very careful, reverses the hold and goes behind MWG. MWG’s eyes light up and he starts thrusting his hips back into Iris, causing Iris to release the hold. MWG spins around and grabs Iris around the waist, thrusts his hips into Iris’ and brings him over with a belly to belly suplex!)

TRIPP: "MWG with an unorthodox belly to belly suplex."

JIVE: "The extra thrust helps elevate his opponents into the air .. in more ways than one!"

TRIPP: "Oh stop, please!"

(MWG picks Iris off the ground grabs him by the head. Tossing Iris into the corner, MWG follows him in and drives his shoulder into Iris’ midsection repeatedly. After Iris slumps to the mat, resting on the bottom turnbuckle pad, MWG once again goes in .. this time rubbing the front of his crotch in the face of Iris while Iris waves his arms trying to get him away.)

TRIPP: "And MWG now practically molesting Iris in the corner… the referee goes over to warn MWG about his actions.."

JIVE: "That’s a perfectly legit move, Tripp. MWG is trying to smother Iris in the corner. The referee has no jurisdiction going in there… unless he wants to have it done to him … but that’s his business."

(MWG throws his hands up and looks upset that the referee put an end to his fun .. he walks out of the corner, turns, and charges back in driving a knee right into the face of Iris. Iris rolls on the mat holding his face as MWG gets down to his knees and grabs his head. MWG proceeds to drive the back of Iris’ head into the mat repeatedly, each time moaning.)

JIVE: "MWG now working on the .. head .. area of Iris."

TRIPP: "El Arco Iris is going to have to try to slow things down if he wants to last in this match."

JIVE: "Was that a sexual innuendo, Tripp? I’m appalled!"

TRIPP: "It was not, Nick. I don’t stoop to your levels."

(MWG gets back to his feet and looks over at Krist Blue who blows him a kiss. MWG waits for El Arco Iris to get to his feet, which he does, and locks his arms around his waist, bringing him over with a german suplex …

ONE ..


Iris kicks out and MWG shrugs his shoulders. MWG gets to his feet and walks over to Iris. He drops the leg across Iris’ chest and covers him again..

ONE ..

TW—NO! Kickout again!)

TRIPP: "MWG trying to get some quick covers in hope of catching El Arco Iris off guard, but it doesn’t seem to be working."

JIVE: "Give him time, Tripp. MWG is a seasoned veteran. He wouldn’t be the Television champion right now if he didn’t know exactly when to finish things off."

(MWG picks Iris off the mat, but this time Iris fights back! Iris with some shots to the gut of MWG backs him away .. and on his return Iris nails a beautiful spinning heel kick knocking him to the mat!)

TRIPP: "Iris trying to make a come back!"

(El Arco Iris waits for MWG to get to his feet, and as soon as he does he grabs him and takes him over with a hurricanrana!




Iris hops to his feet as MWG gets up and Iris irish whips him into the ropes. MWG comes back and Iris tosses him high in the air with a back body drop! Iris bounces off the ropes, comes back and flips over onto the chest of MWG!)

TRIPP: "Iris with a great combination there … and now he looks to be heading up top!"

JIVE: "El Arco Iris is full of energy … but if he needs to be careful to not to try to hit too many of these high risk maneuvers."

(Iris stands atop the top rope as MWG gets to his feet. MWG looks around but doesn’t see Iris anywhere, and Iris flies off the top rope and nails MWG in the back of the head with a missile dropkick! Iris makes the cover ..

ONE ..


El Arco Iris now against the ropes as MWG gets to his feet … Iris on the way back .. MWG with a clothesline … but Iris wraps himself around one arm and takes MWG down with a crucifix pin attempt!

ONE ..

TWO ..


MWG and Iris back up .. MWG with an elbow smash, but Iris ducks … Iris with a kick to the gut and wraps MWG up with a small package!

ONE ..

TWO ..


THREE! NO! MWG kicks out!)

TRIPP: "El Arco Iris is picking the tempo up as he is catching MWG in plenty of pin attempts!"

JIVE: "Too bad for him that none of them are working! Perhaps if he were a little bit bigger, Iris would be able to keep MWG’s shoulders down."

TRIPP: "Bigger isn’t always better, Nick."

JIVE: "In MWG’s eyes, bigger IS better."

TRIPP: "I set myself up for that one."

(El Arco Iris gets back up and dropkicks MWG .. no! MWG swipes the legs of Iris out of the way and Iris hits the mat. MWG now standing above Iris … and he grabs the legs of El Arco Iris … AND TURNS OVER AND LOCKS ON A BOSTON CRAB!)

JIVE: "And MWG now working on the legs of Iris… if he grounds him, he’ll be much closer to retaining the title."

TRIPP: "His attempts to ground Iris didn’t work last time around, so this time he’s making sure to go for the legs AND the lower back."

(MWG bends back as Iris yells out in pain. MWG puts both of Iris’ legs in one arm as he uses the other arm to reach down between Iris’ legs!)

TRIPP: "He isn’t…"


(MWG grabs a handful of Iris’ tights and pulls … this causes Iris to gather a lot of strength as he overpowers MWG’s single armed Boston Crab and sends MWG to the mat!)

TRIPP: "I think MWG’s own lust just aided in Iris breaking the Boston Crab!"

JIVE: "I don’t think MWG minds that much, Tripp."

(MWG gets to his feet and he has a smile on his face.. he looks over at Krist Blue .. and extends his hands out at least two feet and nods his head in approval!)

TRIPP: "Oh Lord.."

JIVE: "El Arco Iris is apparently El GRANDE Iris!"

TRIPP: "Can you please sit the rest of this match out?"

(El Arco Iris uses the ropes to get to his feet and as he does, MWG comes in for the kill. Iris spins around and begs off. Iris yells something at MWG and MWG stops in his tracks and his eyes widen. MWG licks his lips and nods approvingly!)

TRIPP: "What did Iris say that’s got MWG so excited?!"

(Iris walks forward and takes one hand to grab ahold of MWG’s tights.)

TRIPP: "Why did I ask?"

JIVE: "I KNEW IRIS HAD IT IN HIM … or HAS had it in him.."

(Iris pulls MWG’s tights open as MWG puts his head back ready for some enjoyment.. El Arco Iris puts his hand down MWG’s tights.)

JIVE: "Oh my god .. he actually did it."

(Iris quickly yanks his hand out as MWG’s head cocks back .. Iris holds MWG’s cup in his hand … MWG’s eyes widen and Iris follows this up with a swift knee right to the balls of MWG!)


JIVE: "That little fruit is smarter than I thought!"

TRIPP: "Iris did his homework and remembered that MWG used a cup to trick Jason Payne and Cameron Cruise into thinking he was in pain at Battle BRAWL … and now MWG’s own hormones got the best of him as Iris was able to yank it out right in front of him."

JIVE: "And that little punk Iris just hit MWG where the sun DON’T shine!"

(MWG gets bent over and Iris takes him down with the Fujiwara armbar takedown. MWG now stuck in the armbar submission has nowhere to go …Iris pulls back and tries to get MWG to submit.)

TRIPP: "This is something I didn’t expect to happen.."

JIVE: "What? Iris on top?"

TRIPP: "NO! Iris pulling out a submission move …"

(MWG finally manages to get one of his feet on the bottom rope and the referee tells Iris to break the hold … Iris refuses! El Arco Iris keeps the hold on as the referee is now yelling at him to break the hold!)

JIVE: "El Arco Iris no hable ingles!"

TRIPP: "Iris is refusing to let go of the Fujiwara armbar submission … and now the referee starts his count!"


(Iris breaks the hold at the last moment and shrugs his shoulders at the referee. MWG holds onto his shoulder as El Arco Iris drags him into the middle of the ring and drops the leg on the shoulder. Iris now with the cover…

ONE ..



MWG kicks out again as Iris has to roll off him. MWG slow to his feet as Iris waits for him .. MWG shakes his arm trying to get some feeling back in it.. he turns just as Iris grabs the arm … and he goes under and rings it around … and know Iris chops MWG’s arm right on the shoulder… MWG goes down to one knee … AND MWG GRABS IRIS BY THE CROTCH AGAIN!)

JIVE: "MWG making sure he gets his money’s worth of El Arco Iris."

TRIPP: "I’m going to have to go to church I think after this match."

JIVE: "What are you bitching about? You didn’t have to call the POLE ON A POLE match!"

(Iris screams as MWG continues to apply pressure … and MWG follows it up with a shortarm clothesline … but in the process he hurts his arm as well. MWG drops to the mat where Iris is … AND HE STARTS BITING HIM!)

JIVE: "Now MWG going back to the basics of humanity … biting."

TRIPP: "The referee is over there and he’s warning MWG about biting Iris… I figured he’d be warning him to keep his hands to himself."

JIVE: "I’m sure the referee is very careful of what he warns MWG about .. he’s not too bad looking himself, and he doesn’t want to draw any attention to himself."

(MWG gets back to his feet and he holds his shoulder .. El Arco Iris slowly gets to his feet as well. Iris back behind MWG, but MWG ever astute when someone is behind him, shoots his leg backwards with a mule kick, catching Iris without a cup.. Iris bends over and MWG catches him with the EVENFLOW DDT!)


TRIPP: "MWG changes the direction of this match with … a flick of the wrist!"

(MWG makes the cover …




JIVE: "And MWG retains!"

(SFX: Bell rings!)

TRIPP: "MWG using his … finely tuned senses to catch Iris with the mule kick right to the groin .. and that doubled over Iris just long enough for MWG to catch him with the Evenflow DDT! MWG manages to hold on to the Television title here tonight on RAPTURE!"

JIVE: "And he also got to hold on to Iris … TWICE!"

TRIPP: "That’s something that I hope to forget about in the off time till next RAPTURE. .. Ladies and gentlemen … we are all set here from the Royal Athletic Park in Victoria, British Columbia …. Canada … New ERA of Wrestling has ARRIVED …. And the next time you’ll see us will be at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!"

(FADEOUT: On MWG as Krist Blue hands him the Television title. He immediately takes the title and sticks one of the straps down the front of his tights, shivering as the gold is a bit chilly. Krist Blue takes one hand and the referee takes the other as they raise his hands in victory. We fade out as MWG looks at the referee, and does a double take … before putting his arm around his shoulder…. FADETOBLACK.)

( the end )