[ Cox Convention Center ] Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


TAPED: Aug. 22, 2004
AIRED: Sep. 09, 2004

(FADEIN: The outside of the Cox Convention Centre in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is a time line shot, so we see as the clouds move quickly past, followed by cars filling up the parking lot and fans piling in. Jason Tripp narrates via a voice / over.)

TRIPP (V/O): "Tonight, 10 of New ERA’s up and coming stars compete with some of our hottest as New ERA of Wrestling brings you the debut edition of RAPTURE!"

(CUTTO: Blackness. The RAPTURE logo comes on the screen as ‘the Perfect Drug’ by Nine Inch Nails begins to play.)

(CUTTO: Quick shots of New ERA stars as John Doe, the Phantom Republican, Alex Borden come on the screen. They’re followed by more stars as Karla Starr is seen, followed by quick cuts to Trevor Cane, Jonathan Marx, Alister Hayze, Red Devastator, and finally, World Champion, Jean Rabesque. As Rabesque’s shot fades out, a flash of light comes on the screen. CUTTO: Ringside, with Jason Tripp and Nick Jive.)

TRIPP: "So this is what it feels like to be out in front of the crowd, the cameras, and most importantly, the action!"

JIVE: "Don’t get too comfortable, Tripp. I bet after the show you will never want to be back. It takes a real man to handle all that will happen tonight!"

TRIPP: "Well, I’m going to try my hardest, Nick .. and if you can handle it twice .. then I can at least attempt to take on once!"

JIVE: "We’ll see.. just follow my lead."

TRIPP: "Tonight is the debut edition of RAPTURE, and fans, what a show we’ve got lined up for you … We’ll see three new superstars in action…"

JIVE: "Oh great.. They’re probably greener than a $100 bill … lets hope they don’t freeze up in the middle of the ring once they see the big lights!"

TRIPP: "They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t ready, Nick … Azrael will be in action tonight as he takes on a man we’ve seen over in the now-defunct NWL, Distributor of Pain .. I haven’t seen Azrael in action myself, but from scouts that I’ve talked to, they’ve all only had good things to say about him."

JIVE: " Distributor of Pain was the Television champion over in the National Wrestling League .. so if anything, he’s definitely got an edge over Azrael."

TRIPP: "Also in action tonight, Maize will be taking on ‘the Phenom’ Shawn Hart, who suffered a VERY scary fall last edition of RAUCOUS …"

JIVE: "I’m surprised Hart is even going to be in action tonight … he took that Chaos Bomb pretty harshly … and I thought he was going to be taken out on the stretcher. With all the recent injuries, I’m glad he’s alright .. but to have him come back out here tonight at RAPTURE and wrestle again so soon … well I’m not totally sure that’s the best thing."

TRIPP: "The doctor’s have given him clearance … and he’ll be out here. Also out here tonight is Red Devastator, who had a great match with Alister Hayze at RAUCOUS … and he’ll be taking on ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane."

JIVE: "Cane has been pretty far off since Destrucity .. when the worst possible situation happened … and the ULTIMATE Surprise turned out to be the ULTIMATE disappointment …"

TRIPP: "Cane got demolished at Destrucity, and he hasn’t been the same since."

JIVE: "Would you?"

TRIPP: "The women will have another Special Division Preview match as Karla Starr will be taking on the Swedish Bombshell, Victoria Hawke."

JIVE: "Starr came out last RAUCOUS and dumped Hawke over the top rope … and I don’t think that she took it very well. I mean, Starr utterly destroyed Jane Doe … so I don’t know what Hawke was upset with, I was perfectly happy!"

TRIPP: "Either way, and whatever her reasons, Vice President Juliet Marceau has scheduled the match to try to appease Hawke’s lust for a match with Karla Starr … and they’ll meet tonight. But what might be the most important match of the night, the New ERA World Champion will be in the ring tonight, as Jean Rabesque will take on Chaos in a Non Title match."

JIVE: "I think Rabesque should stop being so scared and put up the title. He KNOWS Chaos can beat him … He is hiding behind President LaRoque."

TRIPP: "Rabesque was the Television title champion up until Chaos defeated him on a RAUCOUS leading up to the pay per view. Chaos eventually lost the title to Suicide, who was wrestling as SPECTRE, while Jean Rabesque went on to defeat then Champion Larry Tact to become the new New ERA World Champion."

JIVE: "In what should have been a reversed decision! Jean Rabesque should not be out here as the World Champion. It is absolutely horrid!"

TRIPP: "So you think, Nick."

JIVE: "I’m going to start a petition to strip Rabesque of the title."

TRIPP: "Well, I wish you the best."

JIVE: "Don’t get trite with me, Tripp. I’ve been doing this a hell of a lot longer than you have … I will take control if I have to."

TRIPP: "Let’s take a quick commercial break .. and then get this show on the road! We’re here in Oklahoma City, and the Cox Convention Centre is READY TO ROCK!"


JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a 20 minute time limit!"

(FADETO: Carl Jacobs standing in the middle of the ring. The lineup comes on screen.)

Azrael vs Distributor of Pain

TRIPP: "Just to inform those who are unaware, RAPTURE only has a 20 minute time limit as opposed to RAUCOUS’ 30 minutes…"

JIVE: "Well that’s good .. because no one wants to have to listen to you jabber on and on."

JACOBS: "Introducing first …"

("One Step Closer" by LinkinPark starts up and Azrael comes through the curtains, and walks down the walkway, entering the ring.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from PHOENIX, ARIZONA …… he is AZRAEL!"

JIVE: "Azrael’s not a very big guy .. but from what I’ve heard, he can handle himself well."

("Battle Ready" by OTEP plays on the system as Dustin walks down the rampway, the Distributor of Pain not too far behind him.)

JACOBS: "And his opponent … being led to the ring by his manager, Dustin … THE DISTRIBUTOR OF PAIN!"

TRIPP: "Distributor of Pain is six foot six … I know that we’ve heard Azrael can handle himself .. but there’s a 7" difference there.."

(The bell rings as the two men start circling each other. Azrael tries to go low on DoP, but DoP stops him in his tracks with a double axehandle to the back. Azrael arcs his back in pain and walks away. DoP follows him, however, and throws him into the corner.)

TRIPP: "Distributor of Pain stopping Azrael early on and trying to corner him .. and if he can get stuck in the corner, Azrael will have very little choice except just to sit there and take the assault."

JIVE: "Azrael made the mistake of trying to go right after Distributor of Pain .. he should watch a few other of the smaller men, like Dylan McCormick and Alister Hayze, if he wanted to find a better plan to succeed."

(DoP sets Azrael up in the corner and connects with multiple hard chops to the chest which sends the crowd into cheers. Azrael’s chest reddens as DoP stops for a moment. DoP then drives an elbow into the head of Azrael, knocking his head backwards.)

JIVE: "Distributor of Pain is a force that is going to have to be reckoned with here in New ERA … he is a former NWL Television champion, Jason … That’s something to be proud of."

(DoP grabs Azrael by the head and brings him into the center of the ring. With an almost effortless motion, he picks him up onto his shoulder.)

TRIPP: "And Distributor of Pain having NO problems picking up Azrael!"

(DoP runs into the corner and throws Azrael into it, his head bouncing off the top turnbuckle. Azrael turns, and walks right into a big boot, courtesy of DoP. While Azrael lies on the ground, DoP throws his hands in the air. Dustin, who is on the outside, celebrates with him.)

TRIPP: "I think it’s a little premature to be celebrating in the ring."

JIVE: "Distributor of Pain is totally manhandling Azrael, Jason! I think they have plenty of reason to celebrate. I heard all these great things about how Azrael is going to be a hot prospect, and yet he’s only disappointed so far. He needs to get on the ball."

(Walking in a circle around Azrael, DoP drops the elbow … BUT MISSES! Azrael quickly rolls out of the way and grabs onto the ropes. DoP gets up, dazed, and walks towards Azrael.)

JIVE: "Azrael caught him off guard there, and Distributor of Pain ended up hitting the mat instead!"

(Azrael sees DoP coming towards him, so he tries to crawl out of the ring. He almost succeeds, but DoP reaches and grabs his foot before he can get out of the ring. The referee walks over and is counting on DoP… Azrael is pulled back into the ring by his foot.)

TRIPP: "I can’t believe it! Azrael was trying to get out of the ring for a quick breather, and Distributor of Pain just pulled him back into the ring!! Azrael was almost out!"

JIVE: "Azrael just didn’t move quick enough."

(Distributor of Pain picks Azrael up by the leg and drives the knee into the mat! Azrael yells out in pain, and once again tries to crawl away, but DoP manages to successfully drop the elbow this time, right on his lower back.)

JIVE: "And they say the second times a charm…"

TRIPP: "I thought it was third time.."

JIVE: "Listen, let me let you in on a secret, Jason, since you’re new to this whole thing … ITS WHATEVER I DAMN WELL SAY IT IS."

(DoP then picks up Azrael and looks into his eyes .. Azrael, still reeling, looks around wildly, trying to figure some way to get out of this mess. DoP tosses him into the corner and charges in, hitting a running knee right into the gut. Azrael lets out a sound as DoP then wraps his arms around his head, locking on a sleeper.)

TRIPP: "And now Distributor of Pain locks on that sleeper, trying to conk Azrael out here in their debut match!"

JIVE: "I think Distributor of Pain is moving pretty well tonight. It doesn’t seem to me that the time between the NWL closing and his first match in New ERA has affected him much."

(DoP quickly realizes that he won’t be able to get Azrael to lose consciousness, so he releases the hold. Azrael tries to grab some air, but Distributor of Pain locks his waist, and brings him up and over nailing a beautiful german suplex. He covers Azrael..




Azrael managing to kick out at the last moment, placing a look of disappointment on DoP’s face.)

TRIPP: "And Distributor of Pain almost finished this thing off right there, but Azrael SOMEHOW kicking out!"

JIVE: "I’m sure this match is heading towards the finish. Azrael just can’t continue taking this beating."

(DoP picks up Azrael and slaps him around. Azrael, who is stumbling around terribly, tries to make an offensive move, but DoP catches his left arm, and twists it behind his back! Azrael goes for a leg, but DoP wrenches on the arm harder. Azrael grabs the hair of DoP, and DoP releases the hold. Azrael turns around, but is kicked in the stomach by DoP for his effort.)

JIVE: "Azrael trying to make a comeback, but I fear its all for not."

TRIPP: "I agree, Nick. Azrael’s time in that ring is very limited."

(Almost if on cue, Distributor of Pain places Azrael’s head between his legs and grips his sides. DoP picks up Azrael in the air, and drives him into the mat with a powerbomb!)


(DoP then motions to Dustin that this match is in the bag.)

TRIPP: "I think Distributor of Pain is going to end it all here."

JIVE: "Wouldn’t surprise me, Jason .. He has manhandled Azrael throughout the match."

(Azrael is brought to his feet by DoP, who grabs his arm and irish whips him into the far ropes. DoP catches Azrael on the rebound and tosses him a few feet vertically in the air, catching him on the way down and driving him into the mat with a spinebuster!!)

TRIPP: "AND THERE IT IS! Distributor of Pain makes the cover ….. ONE ………….. TWO ………….. THREE!!!!"

(The bell rings as DoP stands on his feet!)

JACOBS: "The winner of the match ………… THE DISTRIBUTOR OF PAIN!"

JIVE: "Azrael was out of the match from the beginning .. I think he is going to need a little break, perhaps to catch up a bit on his technique. Distributor of Pain made him look foolish out there."

TRIPP: "An incredible showing by the Distributor of Pain, who should be a major contender for the New ERA Television title … currently held by Alex Borden."


(We open up to the lockerroom of Jean Rabesque. The World Champion is sitting on his lockerroom floor stretching before his main event match tonight against Chaos.)

TRIPP (V/O): "There’s the World’s Champion, Nick .."

JIVE (V/O): "His time is coming to an end, Tripp. Make no qualms about it. It may not be Larry Tact regaining the World title, but there are plenty of men out there who could do WONDERS with the title. And Rabesque is going to lose to one of them tonight."

Getting Ready

(Rabesque looks up at his door due to knocking. He sighs, stands, and walks over.)

RABESQUE: "Who is it? This better be good. Everyone knows that I do not want to be disturbed…"

(The World Champion opens his lockerroom door and stands face to face with … nothing.)

TRIPP (V/O): "What the .. I could have sworn that I heard knocking, too.."

JIVE (V/O): "You’re both crazy then."

(Rabesque shakes his head in disbelief as he shuts the door. As he’s about to shut the door, he stops. Bending down he opens the door a little. As Rabesque stands back up he is holding a little black and white bear. It is wearing a top hat, has a white mask face and a cane. It is holding a black heart, with the words "I OWN YOU" in the middle.)

TRIPP (V/O): "There WAS someone there! Someone left Rabesque that bear!"

JIVE (V/O): "Not just someone, Tripp, I’m guessing that that is the calling … bear … of ANTAEUS! He is letting Rabesque know that this isn’t over by a long shot!"

(Rabesque slams his lockerroom door shut and turns around, obviously annoyed at the distraction. CUTTO: Ringside, as Jive and Tripp are adjusting their chairs.)

JIVE: "Rabesque looked pretty pissed off. ANTAEUS should be very pleased with himself."

TRIPP: "Rabesque already showed ANTAEUS that he still has a ways to go before he can challenge the champion."

JIVE: "What are you talking about?! Rabesque CHEATED! He used the ropes for added leverage!"

TRIPP: "I don’t think he realized it at the time, Nick. Rabesque fell on the ropes and it was probably instinct."

JIVE: "Bullshit. Let’s get this show on the road, because the sooner I see Rabesque fall at the hands of Chaos for a second time, the quicker a smile can cross my face."

TRIPP: "The women are up next."

Victoria Hawke vs Karla Starr

JIVE: "Well then, the quicker a SECOND smile can cross my face."

(The lights dim as the Swedish flag is shown on the canvas of the ring. ‘Beautiful Life’ by Ace of Base cues as Victoria Hawke begins to walk down the rampway, to the boos of the crowd.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first …. Hailing from Kiruna, Sweden …. VICTORIA HAWKE!"

(Hawke enters the ring and begins stretching.)

JIVE: "What beautiful women Sweden produces, Jason…"

(As Nick says this, ‘Maps’ by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs hits the air. Karla Starr walks out onto the ramp as the crowd breaks out into enormous jeers.)

JIVE: "I don’t know why crowds show Starr such disrespect. She is an incredible woman."

TRIPP: "Perhaps because she butted herself into the World title match at Destrucity?"

JACOBS: "And her opponent .. hailing from BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ….. KARLA STARR!"

(The bell rings as Victoria Hawke wastes no time in charging across the ring and attacking Starr. Hawke connects with some slaps across the face of Starr, who fires back with some of her own.)

JIVE: "I love women’s wrestling."

(Starr then ducks behind Hawke and pushes her into the ropes. Hawke hits the ropes and on the rebound, Starr turns and catches her head, dropping Hawke with a neckbreaker! Karla Starr gets to her feet and raises her hand as the fans continue to jeer.)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr showing off some technical prowess as we begin this match.."

(Starr turns to Hawke and kicks her in the stomach as she attempts to get up. Victoria Hawke tries to grab the arm of Starr, but Karla manages to wriggle free. Hawke makes a b-line for the other arm, but Starr puts her in her place with a jab to the eyes w/ her nails.)

JIVE: "Not only is she beautiful, but she’s vicious, Jason."

TRIPP: "Karla Starr is maintaining the upperhand over Victoria Hawke here tonight."

(Hawke manages to block Starr from locker her waist, and elbows Starr in the head. Starr stumbles back a few steps, but nonetheless, continues to grapple w/ Hawke. Hawke sweeps out the feet of Starr and plops her right on her back. While Starr is on the mat, Hawke tries to regain her vision and drops a knee into the chest of Starr.)

JIVE: "Hawke better be careful, she doesn’t want to pop anything that Karla paid a lot of money for!"

TRIPP: "And that would be …"

JIVE: "Man, are you kidding me?

TRIPP: "Of course I am … yea …"

(Hawke gets back to her feet and tries to drop another knee, but Starr rolls out of the way. Victoria Hawke follows Starr as she gets up and catches her by the hair!)

TRIPP: "And Karla Starr caught by the hair as Victoria Hawke looks like she is starting to regain some momentum!"

(Hawke slowly brings Starr back to her, and she locks the head… Hawke brings Starr vertical with a suplex …. But somehow Starr manages to use the momentum to escape and land on her feet!)

JIVE: "Karla Starr just flipped out of that suplex attempt!"

(Starr runs against to the ropes and hops on the second as Victoria Hawke turns around, stunned! As Hawke faces Starr, Karla hops off the ropes and connects with a reverse cross body block!



Karla Starr doesn’t get off Hawke, though, and grabs her head and beats it into the mat!)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr almost pulling off a fast one here in Oklahoma City!"

JIVE: "Let’s not make this TOO fast!"

TRIPP: "I thought you wanted to see Chaos and Rabesque!"

JIVE: "All in due time, Jason .. you’ve got to savor this moment while it lasts!"

(Starr picks up Hawke and irish whips her into the corner. Karla Starr runs in after her, nailing her with an elbow to the back of the head. Starr turns Hawke around, and climbs up to the second turnbuckle. Starr locks the arms around the neck of Hawke and rolls backwards …. Catapulting Hawke halfway across the ring!)

TRIPP: "Karla Starr with an incredibly monkey flip … and I think she is calling for an end to this match, Nick!"

JIVE: "No! Come on, stay out here a little while longer!"

(Karla Starr walks around Victoria Hawke as Hawke is getting to her feet … Starr crouches down, waiting for Hawke to come a little closer … as Hawke turns, Starr bounces back to her feet and delivers a perfectly executed superkick, causing the fans in attendance to burst into jeers!)

TRIPP: "There is that superkick that we’ve ALL come accustomed to seeing from Karla Starr since we saw it so many times leading up to Destrucity … and now she is heading up top!"

(Starr climbs the top rope and raises her hands. She measures Hawke, who is lying motionless on the arena floor, and turns around, immediately jumping from the top rope and hitting her Morning Starr moonsault!




JACOBS: "The winner of this match via pinfall ….. KARLA STARR!"

(Starr gets off of Victoria Hawke and shakes her head in disgust as she exits the ring and walks up the rampway, ignoring the fans taunting her.)

JIVE: "That’s an incredibly woman, Jason…"

TRIPP: " Karla Starr absolutely DOMINATING Victoria Hawke tonight as RAPTURE continues with another great match!"

JIVE: "That’ll be the second best match tonight after Chaos destroying that has-been Rabesque!"

TRIPP: "We’ll see about that, Nick .. but right now, we’ve got to take a commercial break!"

Is Something Wrong?

(The camera fades into the office of Juliet Marceau, who is sitting behind her desk talking on the phone.)

MARCEAU: "Yes, I haven’t received word from him either. I’m hoping he’s okay."

(Marceau reaches into the draw and pulls out a pack of Marlboro Lights. She lights one up and starts puffing on it.)

MARCEAU: "It’s making me nervous, really … he said he had some errands to do, but I should have heard from him already. I don’t think he’ll even be at RAUCOUS."

(Marceau looks up and notices the cameras in her lockerroom. She throws the cigarette on the ground trying to hide it from view and stands up.)

MARCEAU: "GET OUT OF HERE! You have no right being in here right now!"

(The camera cuts to ringside as Marceau begins walking towards the camera.)

Trevor Cane vs Red Devastator

JIVE: "It looks as if Juliet is upset over something!"

TRIPP: "I’ve heard from a few people that Dylan McCormick has been missing in action ever since last RAUCOUS … and I’m starting to think that perhaps no one, not even Vice President Marceau, knows where he is."

JIVE: "I bet Alister Hayze had something to do with his disappearance!"

TRIPP: "How can you say something like that?"

JIVE: "Do you forget how Hayze has an obsession with Marceau? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he took McCormick behind the barn figuratively…"

TRIPP: "Gheorghe was right; you do rely too much on vodka."

JIVE: "I haven’t had a drop of vodka in my life! Don’t you listen to that fool!"

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentleman, the next match we have tonight here on the premiere edition of RAPTURE features two very different men as ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane tries to jumpstart his stalling career here against a man who has been on a roll in New ERA; Red Devastator!"

JIVE: "Devastator had a rough start with McCormick, but he went on to handle Chaos, and Alister Hayze .. I think he’ll have an easy time with Cane."

TRIPP: "Well then, let’s go to Carl Jacobs who is standing in the ring!"

(The arena darkens as ‘Unkind’ by Destrophy begins to play. A single light hits the isle as Trevor Cane walks down, his head down. He enters the ring and stands. Finally he looks up into the air.)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and has a twenty minute time limit.. Introducing first… making his way from Sarasota, Florida …. He is ‘the Messenger’ TREVOR CANE!"

JIVE: "It’s unfortunate that Cane has been placed against Red Devastator tonight."

TRIPP: "To me it seems as if Cane hasn’t been the same man he was leading up to the pay per view."

JIVE: "When you have to face the ULTIMATE Disappointment … and get murdered … it probably does wonders to your confidence. He is questioning his message, his authority, and most importantly, his goals."

JACOBS: "And his opponent…."

(The lights in the arena dim down low as a sound of thunder rolls through the arena. Trevor Cane looks around as Red Devastator comes through the curtains and walks directly to the ring, never taking his eyes off of Cane.)

JACOBS: "Hailing from the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA …… he is the RED DEVASTATOR!"

TRIPP: "Look at how calm and collected Red Devastator looks!"

JIVE: "This cannot bode well for Cane … he looks like he’s about to shit himself!"

(Red Devastator enters the ring and the bell rings. Trevor Cane tries to back away from Devastator as he walks towards him, but in the process, he corners himself. Cane turns and looks at the corner, and as he does so, the Red Devastator clotheslines him in the back of the head!)

TRIPP: "Ouch! Cane caught himself out of position and Red Devastator made him pay!"

JIVE: "Trevor Cane looks like an entirely different man in the ring. He seems to have lost his cool .. lost his cockiness."

TRIPP: "I agree, Nick .. as … much as I don’t want to."

(Red Devastator takes Trevor Cane by the hair and starts hitting his head into the top turnbuckle again and again. After about five times, he stops and Trevor Cane rests face first in the corner. Red Devastator takes Cane by the arm and pulls him towards Devastator, and connects with a short arm clothesline that knocks Cane to the mat. Red Devastator places a foot on his chest, mocking Cane.



Red Devastator looks down at Trevor Cane and shakes his head.)

TRIPP: "Can you believe the arrogance being shown by Red Devastator now?!"

JIVE: "He can sense that Trevor Cane is in no shape to put out an offensive …"

(Red Devastator walks away from Trevor Cane, but Cane uses his leg to try to trip up Devastator, who stumbles before falling to the mat. Cane gets to his feet, but so does Red Devastator, who turns to face Cane with a look of contempt on his face. Cane suddenly begins back up, this time making sure that he does not corner himself. Red Devastator goes to clothesline Cane, but Cane ducks. Devastator turns around and Cane begins kicking him in the midsection. Red Devastator stands still, a smile across his face as the kicks have no effect. Cane’s eyes widen as Red Devastator grabs his throat!)

JIVE: "And Trevor Cane’s quickness didn’t help him ONE BIT as Red Devastator hooks his gigantic hand around the throat of ‘the Messenger!’"

(Red Devastator picks up Cane and drives him to the mat, the sound echoing through the arena as the fans are in awe at how efficiently Red Devastator is working through Cane.)

TRIPP: "Red Devastator is making a very loud point here. New ERA better watch out. If he’s this aggressive in the future, we could all be in trouble."

(Red Devastator drops the leg on Trevor Cane and covers him.




NOOOOO! Cane kicked out!

Red Devastator gets to his feet and drops another leg on Trevor Cane, covering him again!



THREE—NO! Another kickout!)

JIVE: "Gotta give Cane credit, though, no sane man would take all that punishment and still have the balls to kick out."

TRIPP: "Cane might be a different man, but he’s not a quitter."

(Cane coughs as the air in his lungs is low, and he sits up. Red Devastator gets behind him, places a knee in between the shoulder blades, grabs the arms, and pulls back.)

TRIPP: "And Red Devastator with a nice submission hold … knowing that Cane must be short on breath, he is trying to stretch his lungs even thinner!"

(Cane yells, but says no each time the referee asks him if he wants to give. Red Devastator, knowing that this is pointless besides wearing down Cane a little, releases the hold, and kicks Cane in the back of the head, dropping him to the mat again.)

JIVE: "Red Devastator is a vicious man."

(Red Devastator picks Trevor Cane off the mat and irish whips him into the corner. Cane hits the corner back first, and is met in the face with a running boot by Red Devastator. Devastator then delivers elbow thrust after elbow thrust into the face of Cane. When Devastator leaves the corner, we see that he has busted Cane open as blood runs from his nose.)

TRIPP: "And Trevor Cane has a busted nose!"

JIVE: "Those elbows to the face aren’t something to be taken lightly, Jason .. I’m surprised he wasn’t busted open earlier in the match with the punishment he’s taken!"

(Red Devastator irish whips Trevor Cane into the ropes.. on the rebound he catches Cane, turns and drives him into the mat with a release spinebuster! Red Devastator motions to the crowd that this match is over!)

TRIPP: "And I think Trevor Cane is thanking his God right now that Red Devastator is calling for an end to this match."

JIVE: "You really think he is wanting to be have to feel the wrath of Extortion?"

TRIPP: "I think he’d rather have that right now than continue to be beat upon by Devastator!"

(Red Devastator picks up Trevor Cane and spits in his face. He then picks up Trevor Cane in a reverse piledriver position, before jumping up and landing in a sit-out reverse piledriver he calls ‘Extortion’.)

TRIPP: "AND THERE IT IS!!! The referee makes the count …. ONE …….. TWO …… THREE! This match is over!"

JIVE: "You mean this massacre is over!"

JACOBS: "The winner of this match via pinfall ……… THE RED DEVASTATOR!"

(Devastator walks around the ring before glancing, half smiling, at the mess in the ring that is ‘the Messenger.’ He leaves the ring and walks up the rampway.)

JIVE: "Man .. what a mess."

TRIPP: "Red Devastator with an IMPRESSIVE showing here tonight in the Cox Convention Centre! I’ve just received word that we have a VERY special announcement from New ERA President Marcus LaRoque … that’s coming up next …. And I can only begin to DREAM what this is about!"

LaRoque's Big News!

(The lights begin to flash as ‘the Perfect Drug’ by Nine Inch Nails begins to play.)

TRIPP: "And what we’ve got next, I’ve been told, is a big announcement from the staff at New ERA of Wrestling … and President Marcus LaRoque is on his way down to ringside!"

(Marcus LaRoque steps through the curtain amidst a shower of camera flashes. Wearing a black suit and an opened light yellow button up shirt, he walks confidently down the rampway and heads into the ring.)

JIVE: "This could be a multitude of announcements, Jason. With the recent injuries to Suicide, Larry Tact, and others, perhaps one of them has made a speedier-than-expected recovery. Or maybe he’s out here to talk about the apparent disappearance of Dylan McCormick? Maybe we’ve signed an incredibly huge talent to New ERA? I don’t know!"

TRIPP: "Well, let’s find out as President LaRoque is standing in the ring!"

(Marcus LaRoque is handed the microphone by Carl Jacobs and stands in the center of the ring, raising his hands in the air to raise the fervor of the audience to its highest peak. As the fans respond over and over again, he finally motions for them to be quiet.)

LaROQUE: "Now I’m sure a lot of you are wondering just why in god’s name I am out here tonight, standing in front of you all in Oklahoma City!"

(The crowd pops huge at the mentioning of Oklahoma City and quiets down as LaRoque flashes a smile.)

LaROQUE: "Am I out here to talk about the former World Champion Larry Tact?"

(Crowd pops, with some jeers heard.)

LaROQUE: "Am I here to talk about the CURRENT World Champion Jean Rabesque?"

(Crowd pops)

LaROQUE: "Well, kind of."

TRIPP: "What does he mean, kind of?"

LaROQUE: "You see, today I just finalized something that should make everyone involved with New ERA of Wrestling VERY happy. The fans … the wrestlers … the management … because today, at precisely 1:03 p.m. I signed a contract with the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington …."

(LaRoque pauses to build interest as the fans listen on intently.)

JIVE: "Oh come on, just tell us already!"

LaROQUE: "I sign the contract … for our SECOND PAY PER VIEW … New ERA of Wrestling’s BATTLE BRAWL!!!"

(The crowd pops huge at the mention of a pay per view and LaRoque stands there, as the fans continue to show approval.)

TRIPP: "A pay per view! In Seattle, Washington!!"

JIVE: "BattleBRAWL!"

LaROQUE: "New ERA BattleBRAWL is going to be one of the most exciting cards that New ERA of Wrestling has put out in a long, long time .. you see, not only will this event feature the defense of the New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE … (Crowd pops huge) but it will also feature an event that will crown the FIRST EVER New ERA of Wrestling …. WOMEN’s CHAMPION!"

(The crowd pops again as ‘N . E . W .’ chants are started.)


TRIPP: "There are no bathing suit matches in New ERA…"


TRIPP: "OH GOD NO… you know what I meant!"

LaROQUE: "And not only will we crown a brand spanking new Women’s Champion …"

JIVE: "See, I’m not the only person who thinks the words spanking and women go together here at New ERA!"

LaROQUE: "But … the FEATURE event, besides the World Title match, which will take place in Seattle …. will be an OVER THE TOP BATTLE ROYAL … with competitors entering the ring every 90 seconds … to crown the first ever BattleBRAWL CHAMPION!"

(The crowd erupts at the notion of a royal rumble – esque event.)

LaROQUE: "Now of course there are many more plans to layout before we come across BattleBRAWL … and as of right now there is no set date besides saying that this event will take place in October … and should be one of the most thrilling nights ALL OF YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IN A LONG, LONG TIME!"

(The crowd continues to cheer as Marcus LaRoque hands the microphone back over to Carl Jacobs and ‘the Perfect Drug’ cues back up. LaRoque waves to the fans as he exits the ring and begins to walk back up the rampway towards the back.)

JIVE: "I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! An over the top battle royal with guys coming in every 90 seconds! That should be a hell of an event to forecast!"

TRIPP: "I’m sure its going to be very difficult, Nick .. you have your work cut out for you!"

JIVE: "And I thank anyone who will listen to me that I WON’T be doing it with you!"

TRIPP: "You don’t know how much I agree with you, Nick. Ladies and gentlemen, up next we have ‘the Phenom’ Shawn Hart taking on Maize, a newcomer here in New ERA who hasn’t done much more than take up space."

Shawn Hart vs Maize

EDITOR's NOTE: Considering how late this show already is .. and considering how neither man RP’ed … nor gave me any indication of why they didn’t RP … and considering how when I asked the handler of Maize why he didn’t RP and he said because he decided to quit New ERA weeks before and didn’t tell me, I am not writing any review of this match besides what you are reading now. SHAWN HART gets the victory at my discretion because of the lack of notification from Maize’s handler that he was leaving. I hope you all understand that I’ve got another card to write … and especially considering the lack of RP for this card in its entirety, you’re lucky that I am even attempting to put as much effort into it as I am. Anywho. Yea, Hart wins. Woot.

JACOBS: "And the winner of this match ….. ‘the PHENOM’ SHAWN HART!"

JIVE: "Wow .. that match was over pretty much as soon as it started, Jason!"

TRIPP: "I agree, Nick. It seemed like the match flew by .. hell, I can’t even remember what happened besides ‘the Phenom’ winning. We have to take a commercial break, however, when we return… tonight’s main event … as the World’s Champion JEAN RABESQUE wrestles in a Non-Title match against the very man who ended his Television Title run ….. that being CHAOS!"


(The World Heavyweight Title is being shown as Jean Rabesque, its holder, straps it around his waist. The camera fades back as we see Rabesque’s reflection in the mirror, a cocky grin spread across his face. He stands there and smiles as he rubs some smears from the gold.)

RABESQUE: "Another night, another person thinking they can topple me .. and yet it’s going to be the same old result. Them squirming in the middle of the ring, crying out for the match to end. God, I love being Champion."

(Rabesque turns to leave his lockerroom to head out for his match. As he opens the door he stops short. Standing in the way, between the door and the hallway, is a fully inflatable punching bag of ANTAEUS, complete with a top hat. Rabesque looks at the object and punches it … causing it to slam back against the wall. Upon hitting the wall, it knicks a nail, or some other sharp object not seen, and causes the punching bag to slowly deflate, until nothing is left but a pile of plastic. Rabesque, still irked, walks from his dressing room.)

JIVE (V/O): "Ooo … The Champ didn’t seem to like the gift that ANTAEUS left him very much!"

TRIPP (V/O): "Well, ANTAEUS left him a small doll earlier in the evening .. and now here he is with a full sized punching bag .. and if that’s any indication of what Rabesque is going to do to ANTAEUS should he get his hands on him soon, then I’d be frightened if I were ANTAEUS."

(As Rabesque turns the corner, ANTAEUS comes out from the shadows at the opposite end of the hall. He walks down the hallway, with another inflatable punching bag in his arms. He looks down at the deflated mess and smiles, as he places the new one in the exact spot of the first. The camera cuts to ringside as ANTAEUS bends down to pick up the first.)

JIVE: "And ANTAEUS was watching the entire time!"

TRIPP: "He’s got a lot of balls, Nick, that’s for sure."

JIVE: "I’m just excited about watching Chaos walk out of here with a chance, a real chance, to win the World Championship."

TRIPP: "That still remains to be seen, Nick .. but let’s head up to Carl Jacobs and get this thing on the books!"

(The arena darkens as strobe lights shine bright blue lights all over the crowd. Carl Jacobs stands in the middle of the ring.)


Chaos vs Jean Rabesque (c)

JACOBS: "The following match is scheduled for one fall … and is tonight’s MAIN EVENT!!"

(The crowd pops. This soon turns to jeers as ‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns n’ Roses comes on the audio system. The lights slowly go back up as Chaos starts to walk down the ramp.)

JACOBS: "Introducing first … hailing from LAS VEGAS, NEVADA …… CHAOS!"

JIVE: "There’s the next New ERA World Champion!"

TRIPP: "Well, he first has to win a title shot .. he can’t win the title tonight because this is a non-title match!"

(The crowd pops as ‘Shapes of Things’ by the Jeff Healey Band begins to start. Jean Rabesque enters through the curtain and stands, hands on his waist, looking down at the ring and Chaos. He pats the World title which is still around his waist as he walks down the rampway.)


(Rabesque comes to the ring and slowly enters. He shakes his head disapprovingly at Chaos before turning and raising his hands for the crowd.)

JIVE: "Look how cocky he is! I hope he breaks both his legs tonight!"

(SFX: Bell rings.)

TRIPP: "And both men are in the ring circling each other .. Jean Rabesque has to be careful in this match not to lose to Chaos again. I’m not sure Jean would be able to forgive himself for going 0 and 2 against Chaos here in New ERA."

JIVE: "I think it’s perfect. Not only would Jean suffer, but Chaos’ confidence would be through the roof! We need a CONFIDENT champion, not Rabesquador!"

TRIPP: "Chaos talking some serious game in the early going of the match as he is trying to get under the skin of the Champion."

JIVE: "Chaos using the power of the word to try to crack Jean Rabesque’s mental game .. and once he does that .. Rabesque’s wrestling game will be hurt as well."


JIVE: "What a pansy!"

TRIPP: "Chaos immediately responds by punching Jean in the face .. and he connects with another right as the World Champion is reeling back from the blows! CHAOS CHARGES … BUT RABESQUE DUCKS UNDER THE CLOTHESLINE ATTEMPT! Chaos turns around …. AND RABESQUE HOOKS HIS ARMS AND TOSSES HIM WITH A DOUBLE UNDERARM SUPLEX! What a fantastic looking suplex by Rabesque!"

JIVE: "Chaos isn’t going to let this go down all night, I can tell you that!"

TRIPP: "Rabesque waiting for Chaos to get back to his feet … which he does … and Rabesque presses against him and irish whips him into the corner! Chaos hits the corner hard!"

JIVE: "Chaos is letting Rabesque feel falsely confident early in the match so he can come back and make Jean fluttered!"

TRIPP: "Chaos turns and heads out of the corner … AND RABESQUE HITS HIM WITH A DROPKICK THAT SENDS HIM BACK IN THE CORNER! The World’s Champion now heading into the corner …. But Chaos stops him with a boot to the gut! Rabesque comes in again … and Chaos with another boot! Rabesque is a bit stunned … AND CHAOS DRILLS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A CLOTHESLINE!"

JIVE: "See! I told you! Rabesque was getting overly confident .. and now Chaos is going to take him to town and get his chance to win the title!"

TRIPP: "Chaos now picking up Jean Rabesque …. He grabs him by the waist …. AND HE DROPS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A SPINNING SIDE WALK SLAM! Chaos is up to his feet … and listen to the fans jeering him, Nick!"

JIVE: "They just don’t respect a REAL champion when they see one in action. Chaos is showing these fans just how much of a faux Jean Rabesque truly is!"


JIVE: "How great would that be!"

TRIPP: "It’s never happened before as far as I know, Nick!"

JIVE: "Well then how fitting it would be! Not only would Chaos have beaten Rabesque twice … not only would he have taken the Television title away from him … not only would he immediately become Jean’s biggest fear … BUT HE WOULD ALSO HAVE MADE HIM SUBMIT IN THAT VERY RING!"

TRIPP: "Chaos has really got that ankle pick on tight … and Jean is definitely in pain! BUT THE WORLD CHAMPION IS FIGHTING IT! RABESQUE IS TRYING AS HARD AS HE CAN TO …. AND HE GETS TO THE ROPES!"

JIVE: "God dammit!"

TRIPP: "The referee forcing Chaos to break the hold and Chaos complies! Chaos now quickly over to attack the ankle of Jean Rabesque ….. AND HE SWEEPS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT! Chaos working some moves we have, or at least I never have, seen him do before, Nick!"

JIVE: "Chaos is a man of many different talents, Jason. It’s not my fault you’re not caught up on how great a wrestler Chaos truly is!"

TRIPP: "Chaos heading to the turnbuckle … and he is sitting on the second ropes! CHAOS FLIES OFF THE ROPES WITH A KNEE DROP ….. BUT JEAN RABESQUE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND CHAOS’ KNEE SMASHES AGAINST THE MAT!"

JIVE: "Oh no! That’s all he needs is a bum knee!"

TRIPP: "Let’s hope Jean Rabesque didn’t see that … or else Chaos will be in a world of trouble if he has to try to defend the knee."

JIVE: "Rabesque’s an old man .. he’s lucky he can even shit by himself .. forget about seeing."

TRIPP: "Chaos is back up and he’s flexing that knee …. Jean Rabesque slowly getting to his feet as well .. and he’s walking tenderly on the ankle … they meet in the center of the ring …. AND JEAN RABESQUE KICKS AT THE RIGHT KNEE OF CHAOS!"


TRIPP: "Jean Rabesque DID see that he hit his knee … AND NOW HE’S TAKING FULL ADVANTAGE OF IT!! Rabesque with another kick to the knee … AND CHAOS IS DOWN TO ONE KNEE! Jean Rabesque now around behind Chaos as he gets to his feet …. AND HE SNIPES OUT THE KNEE FROM BEHIND! Chaos goes down to the mat!"

JIVE: "The referee should disqualify Rabesque RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! Taking out that knee like that could have been career ending for Chaos!"


JIVE: "What?! Where’s the elbow?"

TRIPP: "Rabesque trying to catch Chaos off guard as he is hooking the legs ….. BUT CHAOS MANAGES SOMEHOW TO USE THE REMAINING STRENGTH TO KICK JEAN OFF!"

JIVE: "Jean is going to have to do more than that if he wants to defend this title!"

TRIPP: "For the last time, this isn’t a title match!"

JIVE: "But next time it will be!"

TRIPP: "Rabesque is back over to Chaos who is trying to get to his feet …. And Jean steps on his back and pushes him to the mat!"

JIVE: "How disrespectful!"

TRIPP: "Rabesque now grabbing the leg of Chaos as he slides out of the ring .. what in the world is he doing?!"

JIVE: "Hopefully, he’s leaving."

TRIPP: "Rabesque now grabs the leg …. AND HE BASHES IT DOWN AGAINST THE OUTSIDE CORNER OF THE APRON! Chaos, whose upper half is still in the ring, winces with pain! Rabesque now grabs the leg of Chaos again ….. AND HE BASHES IT A SECOND TIME!"

JIVE: "Rabesque is pulling out all the dirty tricks he can pull out. And he wants to be known as the representative of New ERA! What a poor representation he is portraying!"

TRIPP: "The referee is counting Rabesque out … and Rabesque slides back in the ring at six. Jean Rabesque is standing in the ring and he is taking in the crowd as they are giving him some serious props right now! He truly is their champion."

JIVE: "Well, they better enjoy it while it lasts … because if he doesn’t lose the title to Chaos in their rematch … I’m sure Juliet Marceau will find someone to take the title from him at Battle Brawl!"


JIVE: "A great way to cut off Rabesque’s momentum! Chaos dug down just a bit to work through the pain."

TRIPP: "Rabesque getting to his feet, and he slides back in the ring …. And he goes back to stomping on the … NO! Chaos grabbed the ankle of Rabesque and pulled it from right underneath him!"

JIVE: "That’s the ankle he was working on earlier!"

TRIPP: "Chaos now over to Rabesque .. he mounts him … AND NOW CHAOS CONNECTING WITH RIGHTS AND LEFTS INTO THE FACE OF RABESQUE! And the referee is telling him to watch out for those closed fists! Chaos gets off of Rabesque .. and he is on his feet! Rabesque trying to get over to the corner … Chaos over to Rabesque …. He grabs one hand ….. now he grabs the other."

JIVE: "He’s going for a test of strength! Rabesque is TOAST!"

TRIPP: "And now Chaos turns the wrists and he’s applying pressure … and Rabesque is down on his knees! CHAOS NOW FORCES RABESQUE TO LIE ON THE MAT ….. AND THE REF IS MAKING THE COUNT …. ONE ……… TWO ………. KICKOUT!"

JIVE: "How pathetic would that have been if Chaos were able to pin Rabesque with a test of strength? If I were Marcus LaRoque, I would have stripped Rabesque of the title on the spot and given it to Chaos!"

TRIPP: "Chaos now lets go of the hands of Rabesque … and he’s turning him on his back …. AND NOW CHAOS IS TRYING TO PUT ON THE PYTHON-LOCK … BUT RABESQUE IS TRYING TO FIGHT IT!"

JIVE: "There’s no way he could get out of that!! Chaos is going to get a World Title shot!"


JIVE: "Bye, bye Jean!"



TRIPP: "Somehow, Jean managed to gather his thoughts and he found a way to get out of the move! Chaos was keeping his hands too close to the mouth of Rabesque, and Jean made him pay! Chaos is walking around grabbing his hand … and the World Champion is sitting up …. Chaos now complaining to the referee that Rabesque bit him … and the referee warns the Champ!"

JIVE: "Like that’s going to do any good!"

(The crowd turns to the rampway and begin to jeer. Walking down the ramp, with a cane in his hand, is ANTAEUS. He has a huge smile which can be seen under his mask.)


JIVE: "He’s just here to watch …"

TRIPP: "Chaos doesn’t see him yet .. Rabesque doesn’t see him yet …. Chaos walks over to Rabesque now ….. he picks him up .. RABESQUE WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE ………. TWO …………. THREE! NOOOOOOOO! Chaos kicks out!"


TRIPP: "Chaos back up quickly … AND HE IS STOMPING A MUDHOLE IN RABESQUE! Chaos picks Rabesque up …… Chaos with an irish whip …."

(The crowd begins to jeer immensely.)



JIVE: "Perfect!!!"

TRIPP: "I don’t even think the referee saw!"



JIVE: "And Chaos is shaking his head …. What great luck!"

TRIPP: "The referee now walks over to the ropes and is counting Rabesque … Chaos walks over there … and now the referee turns and is telling him to get back! The World Champion is finally on his feet and he rolls into the ring …. WAIT!!! ANTAEUS GRABBED THE LEGS OF JEAN RABESQUE AND NOW HE IS PULLING HIM UNDER THE RING!"


TRIPP: "I can’t believe this!!! The referee is over now … AND HE CAN’T FIND RABESQUE!"


TRIPP: "The referee starts his count as the fans in attendance are PELTING the ring w/ trash! The referee looking around for Rabesque …."

REF: "FIVE! …. SIX! ……… SEVEN! ………….. EIGHT! ……………… NINE!"

TRIPP: "The referee is at nine …. And he is pausing.."

JIVE: "NO DAMMIT! Continuing counting him out!! THAT’s YOUR JOB!"

REF: "TEN!!!!!!!!!"

(SFX: The bell rings, signifying the count out as the fans intensify their trash throwing. Chaos raises his hands in the air!!)


JACOBS: "The winner of this match ….. VIA COUNTOUT ….. and the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title …. CHAOS!"

TRIPP: "What did ANTAEUS do with Rabesque?!? Ladies and gentlemen …. We are OUT OF TIME! JOIN US FOR RAUCOUS!"

(The final credits are rolling when all of a sudden, from underneath the ring, Jean Rabesque pulls himself free … his face is bloodied, and he has scratch marks all over his back. The camera fades to black as Rabesque passes out, half his body still covered underneath the ring apron.)

( the end )