[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Mar. 24, 2015
AIRED: Mar. 25, 2015
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 15

[Webstream coming active in 10.


- FLASH -]

TRIPP: "Cyberstrike 15 is in the record books and New ERA is on its way to the Season 3 premier event, BANNED in the US II!"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk, a BANNED in the US II banner hanging in front of it.)

TRIPP: "What an incredible show taped last night from the Agganis Arena at Boston University, Natalie!"

(Newman nods in agreement.)

NEWMAN: "Cyberstrike 15 featured some incredible matches, but the biggest news of all, came with the announcement of two of the main attractions for Season 3's premier event, BANNED in the US II. The First found out who he'd be facing, and it seems that Spectre has finally made a proposition that Larry Tact cannot reject."

TRIPP: "The action was intense and, at times, the referees seemed to lose control."

(The camera cuts to a different angle.)

NEWMAN: "You could say that again, Jason!"

(Tripp winks at the camera.)

TRIPP: "The action was in..."

NEWMAN: "I didn't actually mean to say it again."

(Tripp laughs and shrugs his shoulders.)

TRIPP: "Although one match was cancelled, there were still four more that more than made up for it ... so let's start the tape!"

Oh, It's ON!

(The atmosphere was electric as the crowd took their seats for New ERA's second show since its return. The crowd popped when the lights dimmed and popped again as New ERA president, Marcus LaRoque, walked into the spotlight.)

LaROQUE: "Welcome everyone to Cyberstrike 15!"

(The crowd responded with a resounding pop!)

LaROQUE: "Are you ready for this season's final Cyberstrike?!"

(The response was exuberant.)

LaROQUE: "Well, we will get to the action in just a moment... but first I wanted to address our champion, The First."

(The crowd jeered with every ounce of their being.)

LaROQUE: "As you may remember from last week, The First had seemed to be a litttttttle bit upset with me."

(A "crybaby" chant began.)

LaROQUE: "But, I get it. He wanted to be deified. He wanted to be on Cyberstrike 14. He wants and wants and wants.."

(The crowd continued to react negatively to the First.)

LaROQUE: "Well, shit. Let's give our champ something he deserves!"

(The crowd was confused.)

LaROQUE: "Let's give him his opponent for BANNED in the US II!"

(A huge pop rang throughout the arena.)

LaROQUE: "So who shall it be? Jonathan Marx?"

(A sizeable pop came from the crowd.)

LaROQUE: "Shawn Jessica Hart, Pee.Aych.Dee?"

(The crowd popped again.)

LaROQUE: "Or maybe the man who has won seven matches in a row? The man, the myth, the legend ... Suicide?"

(The crowd went wild with that suggestion.)

LaROQUE: "Well then. The fans have spoken, First. You want to prove your worth here in New ERA? Show me that my money was well spent. Because at BANNED in the US II ... you and Suicide. ONE. on. ONE."

(Ecstasy hit the crowd as LaRoque turned and walked to the back.)

We Interrupt Your Broadcast For An Important Message

(Just when the crowd thought it would have some time to wind down, "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi cued on the loud speakers and brought them back to their feet. Larry Tact stepped through the curtains to a massive pop and walked to the ring with a microphone in hand. He entered the ring and brought the mic to his mouth.)

TACT: "..."

(Nothing. He tapped the microphone and brought it up to his mouth again.)

TACT: "..."

(Again nothing. Tact looked at the ring attendant below and asked for another microphone. As he did, the lights in the arena went out. The crowd jeered as the big screens rumbled to life and the familiar mask of Spectre greeted them.)

SPECTRE: "Aw, what's the matter, Larry? Cat got your tongue?"

(The hiss from the crowd was vehement.)

SPECTRE: "Isn't that always the case, Larry? Right when you wanted to say something important, I'm sure."

(The attendant tossed another mic to Tact who brought it to his mouth to respond.)

TACT: "..."

(The crowd jeered as Spectre laughed.)

SPECTRE: "No, no, no, Larry! You had your chance to talk last week. And TALK you did."

(More heat from the crowd.)

SPECTRE: "Now it's your turn to listen."

(Spectre cocked his head and wagged a finger.)

SPECTRE: "You wanted me to make an appointment, Larry. Here I am, doing just that."

(Spectre went silent as the crowd continued to jeer.)

SPECTRE: "But you have it all wrong, Larry. All wrong. I've made an impact on New ERA. A big one. And come BANNED in the US II, I'm going to do it again."

(Crowd popped huge.)

SPECTRE: "So come on, Larry Larry quite contrary. Dance with me at BANNED in the US II. I'll even let you pick the stipulations."

(Another massive pop.)

SPECTRE: "Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it."

(The big screen crackled as the lights came back on. Tact attempted to speak into the microphone one last time, but the result was the same. Tact shrugged it off, left the ring, and walked up the ramp as the crowd chanted his name.)

Psycho vs. Peter File

Peter File slithered his way to the ring on all fours as Psycho awaited him. Once he was in the ring Psycho wasted no time and went to town. The referee tried to separate Psycho from the "Sultan of Twat," but the "American Dangerman" would have none of it. He ripped File to his feet, slammed him back-first into the turnbuckle pads, and swiftly delivered a series of fists to the side of the head that were bullseyes. As File slumped into the corner, Psycho strode to the opposite corner with purpose. Psycho soaked in the cheers he received from the crowd before he charged all the way across the ring and slammed both feet into the skull of the "Sultan of Twat." The "American Dangerman" rolled File over and covered, but as the referee brought his hand down for the three, File managed to shoot his shoulder off the mat. The crowd jeered as File used to the ropes to slowly get to his feet. As soon as he was up, he licked his lips at the line of frat boys in the front row. He turned to face his opponent, and was greeted with a clothesline from Psycho that sent him flying over the top rope to the arena floor! The frat boys jumped out of their seats to point and laugh at File, and turned to the rest of the crowd with their arms up as if they had laid out File themselves. What they didn't see was Peter File get to his feet. "The Sultan of Twat" waited for one of the frat boys to turn around, and when he did, File locked lips with him. The crowd popped huge as File sashayed back to the ring.

The two men hooked up in the middle of… I mean, locked up in the middle of the ring, and File took advantage, grabbed Psycho's arm, and went behind with the hammerlock. File proceeded to not only apply extra pressure to the hold, but also apply extra pressure to Psycho's backside as he gyrated against the "American Dangerman!" Psycho responded with a mule kick that broke the hold and doubled File over. Psycho grabbed the head of File and planted the "Sultan of Twat" into the mat with a DDT. The crowd jumped to their feet as Psycho climbed the top rope and popped huge as he landed the moonsault. The cover netted a two-count, however, and Psycho slapped the mat. Psycho ripped File up off the mat and sent him flying into the ropes. The "American Dangerman" rebounded off the opposite side and met up with the "Sultan of Twat" in the center of the ring, with a jumping headscissors that sent File flying into the corner. The crowd stood on their toes and watched as Psycho charged into the corner and connected with a Yakuza kick that nearly took File's head off. File was lifeless as Psycho dragged him into the center of the ring, and the fans were ecstatic as he began to climb the ropes. Arms raised in the air, Psycho called for the Psycho Flight and flew off the top turnbuckle with the Stardust press. At the last minute, Peter File rolled to the ropes and Psycho hit the mat hard. The crowd deflated. An eternity passed as the referee began his count. Five. Six. Both men stirred at seven. Both were on their feet at nine. Psycho turned to face his opponent, but Peter File drove the boot into the gut, hooked the "American Dangerman" and attempted the Rear Admiral, but Psycho sent him flying up and over with a backbody drop.

Something seemed to snap in Psycho. His eyes widened. His mouth contorted. The "American Dangerman" grabbed Peter File off the mat and drilled him with closed-fists. The referee admonished Psycho, but he didn't seem to care. File flew into the corner and hit the turnbuckle pads with his chest. As he stumbled backwards out of the corner, Psycho nearly took his head off with a clothesline. File was a sitting duck as Psycho stomped the living hell out of him. The referee once more had to step in and, this time, physically remove him from the "Sultan of Twat." File was slow to return to his feet, and as soon as he was up, Psycho struck again. However, File was waiting. Psycho came roaring towards File, but Peter File took him down with the drop toe hold, causing Psycho's throat to bounce off the second rope. File covered quickly, but Psycho got the shoulder up. This only seemed to enrage the "American Dangerman." Psycho fought to his feet, blocking File's attempts to execute the Hot Load. Peter File came in once more, but this time it was Psycho with the drop toe hold that sent File's throat onto the second rope. Psycho pounced on top of File, holding his throat down on the ropes with an illegal choke. The referee stormed Psycho and demanded he release the hold. Psycho ignored him. The referee counted. One. Two. Three. Four. Still no response from Psycho. File fought with everything he had, but even that wasn't enough. He became sluggish with his arms dropping to his side. The referee warned Psycho once more and was once more ignored. That was enough. The referee called for the bell and disqualified the "American Dangerman." As the bell rang and the announcement was made, Psycho shot to his feet and flames flared from his nose at the referee. Psycho charged the referee and grabbed him by the throat, but by now, a throng of officials rushed the ring and restrained Psycho. The fans were left wondering what would happen to Psycho next.

WINNER: Peter File

El Cabrón vs. pain GRILLÉ

Neither man made it to the arena for this match. One can only wonder what happened with El Cabrón, perhaps "the Goat Bastard's" mind was elsewhere. Word came in that the French Foreign Legion were so appalled by some of the things said by the fans in Boston, that they refused to step foot anywhere near the Agganis Arena. The crowd jeered as the announcer notified them that the match had been cancelled.

WINNER: Cancelled

Jonathan Marx vs. John Doe

Long-time fans of New ERA know the history between Jonathan Marx and John Doe. The former team known as the Directors of Radical Evil Doers Destruction, or DREDD. The two men stood in the center of the ring as the bell rang and John Doe's mouth went a mile a minute. Jonathan Marx stood silent, which only enraged Doe. Doe turned his back, but immediately spun back around and slapped Marx across the face. The "Gentleman" returned the favor. Both men then locked up in the middle of the ring, but Marx quickly gained the upperhand with a knee to the gut. Marx bounded off the ropes and connected with a running knee lift that sent Doe flying across the ring. Doe scrambled to his feet and charged his former partner, but Marx took him down with the drop toe hold, slid over the top of Doe, and kept up the pressure with a front facelock. Doe slapped the mat as he tried to push himself off the mat, but Marx wouldn't budge. Eventually Marx let up on the hold and grabbed Doe by the head. Marx sent Doe to the ropes and bent down for the backbody drop, but Doe hopped over his opponent and went to the opposite ropes. Marx realized what happened and turned just as Doe came flying at him with the crossbody block. Marx, however, ducked underneath the attempt and Doe crashed into the mat. Marx wandered into the corner and stalked Doe while he slowly got to his feet. When Doe stood up, Marx zeroed in and slammed his shoulder into the back of the knee. Seconds later, the "Gentleman" locked on the Marxism and the match was over.

WINNER: Jonathan Marx

Pro Wrestling's SJH vs. Suicide

For the first time since their epic battle at Season 2's premier event, PrimeTime, Suicide and Pro Wrestling's SJH stepped into the ring to duke it out. The two men stood in the middle of the ring and stared each other down. Within seconds, both men were locked in a battle for control with the collar-and-elbow tie up, and neither man wanted to cede his ground. This brought them to the ropes where the referee had to step in and separate the two, cleanly. Once again the two wrestling legends locked up, but this time Suicide overpowered his opponent. Suicide placed his leg behind Hart's and swept him off his feet to the mat. He tried to follow it up with an elbow, but Pro Wrestling's SJH rolled out of the way causing Suicide to hit mat. Hart kipped up, grabbed Suicide by the arm, and whipped him into the ropes. Hart bent over as he waited for Suicide to return, but "the Man, the Myth, the Legend" stopped short, hooked the head of Hart, and took him to the mat with an Enforcer DDT. Suicide kept the momentum going as he grabbed Hart off the mat and brought him to the corner, hoisting SJH on to the top rope and following up after him. Both men wobbled on the turnbuckle as SJH fought back with left hooks. Suicide attempted to subdue Hart, but Hart would have none of it when he drilled "the Man, the Myth, the Legend" in the forehead with an elbow shot. Suicide collapsed to the mat, which gave Hart the opportunity of a lifetime. Hart measured his opponent and left the fans in the Agganis Arena breathless with a beautiful flying elbow!

After a two-count, Hart grabbed Suicide and laid into him with knife-edge chops. But Suicide reversed and did the same to Hart! The back and forth continued until Suicide dropped Pro Wrestling's SJH with the Burning Knuckle. As SJH tried to get to his feet, Suicide put him back down to the mat with a vicious knee to the head. The crowd immediately began to jeer, which caught Suicide off-guard, but it became apparent that their jeers were not for him. Walking down the ramp with Mr. Fakalata in tow was the New ERA champion, The First. Suicide glared at his BANNED in the US opponent which gave Hart the opportunity to roll "the Man, the Myth, the Legend" up with a schoolboy. However, Suicide easily kicked out, jumped to his feet, and walloped Hart with a European uppercut. Suicide ignored the two men on the outside as he hooked Hart for the gutwrench suplex. On the outside of the ring, First nodded at Mr. Fakalata who tossed two of the ring attendants off their chairs, handing one to the New ERA champion and keeping one for himself. As Suicide brought Hart up for the gutwrench suplex, SJH used the momentum to swing himself around and out of the hold. But by this time, the First and his henchman had entered the ring. The crowd cried out, causing both Suicide and SJH to turn, and both men were greeted with steel chairs to their skulls. Trash flew into the ring as First and Fakalata slammed the chairs down on Suicide and Hart. The referee, helpless and not about to interfere against two men holding chairs, rapidly called for the bell. Officials streamed out from the back and into the ring as the New ERA champion stood over Suicide and Fakalata snarled above Hart. They didn't do anything more, nor did they need to. The damage was done.

WINNER: No Contest

New ERA Championship

Richard Dweck vs. The First (c)

The First certainly riled the fans up with his attack on Suicide as they tossed empty trash wrappers at him and his large, Asian protector as they walked to the ring. When the bell rang, "Mr. Amazing" Richard Dweck wasted no time as he attempted to capture the New ERA Championship. First went for a quick left hook, but Dweck ducked and rolled First up for a one-count. First scrambled to his feet, but Dweck was there first and caught the champ with a small package. That also only netted a one-count for the challenger. It also caught the ire of the New ERA Champion. The First jammed a thumb in the eye of his challenger and sent him to the ropes. On the way back, the champ went up, wrapped his legs around the head of Dweck, and brought him crashing to the mat with a breathtaking hurricanrana! First also only managed to keep his opponent's shoulders to the mat for a one-count and the fans roared in support of "Mr. Amazing." Not to be deterred, the First scooped Dweck off the mat and brought him to the corner. Richard Dweck tried to protect his body from the rapid succession of martial arts leg strikes, but he wasn't able to stop the First from sending him crashing into the opposite corner with an irish whip. First raced out of the corner, flew through the air, and drilled Dweck with the handspring back elbow. First covered, the crowd held their breath, but Dweck was able to get the shoulder up after two.

The two men continued to duke it out through the middle of the match as the champ continually wore down Dweck. However, the tide seemed to turn when First whipped Dweck into the ropes and missed a spear as Dweck flipped right over the top of the champion! First's Asian bodyguard took note and began to climb the ring steps, but the referee was quick to warn him about stepping one foot on the mat. As Mr. Fakalata descended back to the arena floor, he watched as Richard Dweck grabbed First and took him to the mat with a snapmare. After he worked over the knee of the champ, Dweck bounded off the ropes and came crashing down with an elbow. The pop of First's knee could be heard around the arena and the fans responded with resounding cheers. Dweck lifted the champ to his feet and watched as the First hobbled around on one leg. Dweck gathered steam off the ropes and introduced his forearm to the First's forehead as the crowd exploded. Both men laid next to the ropes and "Mr. Amazing" was the first to make the move. He crawled over to the champ and made the cover. The crowd chanted along with the referee's count, but as his hand was mid-air for the three, Mr. Fakalata reached underneath the bottom rope and ripped Dweck off the First breaking the pin. The referee shot to his feet and stared at Mr. Fakalata, but Fakalata turned and walked away.

Both men were back on their feet and the First came after the challenger with determination in his eyes. However, Dweck was one step ahead, a rare feat when dealing with the New ERA Champion. First raised both arms over his head, but Dweck took the opportunity and drove a shoulder into his midsection. Doubled over, the First would have been easy pickings as Dweck rebounded off the ropes … had it not been for Mr. Fakalata on the outside. Fakalata pulled the top rope down and Richard Dweck tumbled to the arena floor. The jeers from the crowd were deafening. The referee, somehow, missed what happened. Mr. Fakalata grabbed Richard Dweck and slowly rolled him back into the ring. It would seem that this was all too much by this point. The crowd exploded as Suicide AND Pro Wrestling's SJH came through the curtain and started down the aisle. The First saw both men coming and warned Mr. Fakalata. As the two competitors from the match before made their way to ringside, the champ was ready. His eyes locked dead on with his challenger at BANNED in the US II, the First dropped Dweck to his knees. Dweck, who hit the arena floor hard, wobbled back and forth as the First drilled him with the Shining Wizard. The fans were on their feet. Not to cheer. Not to celebrate. To mourn. To express their hatred. The First ascended the ropes. He pointed at Suicide. He Cut the Rope. Three seconds later, Richard Dweck's dreams of becoming New ERA Champion fluttered away in the wind.

WINNER: The First (retained New ERA Championship)

What Do YOU Want?

(The fans quieted as Suicide grabbed a microphone from the ring announcer. He stood on the outside and stared at the First.)

SUICIDE: "Congratulations, Mr. Nadalny. It seems you have once again successfully defended your championship. I knew from the moment you defeated Fanatic and usurped the title that it would be you that I would do battle with at BANNED in the U.S. II. You are indeed a worthy adversary and a befitting opponent for the final battle for New ERA supremacy. But I didn't go through some of the very best in our sport in order to be toyed with. I know about your cohorts and have seen what they can do for you. Which is why I propose the following:"

(He paused as the First slowly walked toward the ropes. Pro Wrestling's SJH likewise, took a step in front of Suicide and stared up at the champion.)

SUICIDE: "To ensure that it is just you and I in that ring for the New ERA Championship, I suggest we do battle... inside an enclosed steel cage. No one gets in... and no one gets out."

(The Agganis Arena rocked as the fans popped huge! The First merely smirked.)

SUICIDE: "You have asked nearly every opponent in the past one simple question: 'What do YOU want?' Well, what I want is no excuses. If you win, it's because YOU won. But if I win... well, you get the idea."

("Steel Cage!" chants echoed off the walls.)

SUICIDE: "What say you, Mr. Nadalny? Do you accept? Will you for once in your career stand tall like a man? Or will you hide behind your wife and children and make this great sport and that prestigious title nothing more than a mockery?"

(Suicide cocked his head, the next words out of his mouth coming slowly, but succinctly.)

SUICIDE: "Well, Mr. Nadalny? What do YOU want?"

(The First grabbed the top rope, his smile widening. Mr. Fakalata, using First's set up as a distraction, attacked Pro Wrestling's SJH from behind. Suicide turned to help Hart, but did not see the First launch himself over the top rope and come down on his premier event challenger with a plancha. All four men brawled on the outside of the ring as the webisode slowly faded to black.)

( the end )