[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Mar. 11, 2015
AIRED: Mar. 12, 2015
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 14

[Webstream coming active in 10.


- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "And this is it! Last night New ERA of Wrestling taped it's Cyberstrike 14 show .. and we are here, the very next day, with the stream for all of you out there! No three-year delay this time! New ERA is, indeed, BACK!"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Both look incredibly excited, but you can hint there's a touch of sadness in their eyes as well.)

TRIPP: "Welcome everyone to Cyberstrike 14! What a way to kick off New ERA's return. It was an amazing show from top to bottom."

(His eyes drop to the papers on his desk.)

TRIPP: "We welcomed back old friends, were introduced to new ones, and said goodbye to others."

NEWMAN: "It might have been a long hiatus, but you can be rest assured that once things started, the twists and turns kept coming."

(The camera cuts to a different angle.)

NEWMAN: "Six matches scheduled for the evening, although things didn't exactly go as advertised as neither Peter File nor Yossi Hayat could make it to the arena."

(Tripp chuckles.)

TRIPP: "Albeit for different reasons, Natalie!"

NEWMAN: "You can say that again, Jason."

TRIPP: "Let's not waste any more time. With BANNED in the US II coming up fast, let's get everyone caught up on the happenings at Cyberstrike 14!"

The INAUGURAL Champ Arrives

(The lights dimmed in the arena as the big screen hummed to life with some fancy orchestral music playing, and an image of the New ERA Championship. FADETO: A shot of the title belt being held up in the referee's hands, in the middle of a ring, as four competitors stand in the corners, looking ready to burst out and get to work ..)

V/O: "From the genesis of New ERA, those who stand in its ring have never had one thing questioned .."

(The scene faded as the bell rang in the clip ..)

V/O: "Their PASSION for the promotion they have represented."

(A new scene, this of the Chad Dupree Cup tournament, as Team New ERA stands in the ring, proud and confident.)

V/O: "Those who have represented the New ERA over the years, have done so carrying the banner with honor and loyalty, even if personal differences existed amongst the individuals. New ERA has been a glue that binds them together."

(FADETO: MARCUS LaROQUE on the mic speaking, the audio kept low. CUTTO: A shot of JULIET MARCEAU making an announcement.)

V/O: "The ones overseeing the promotion's running have always had the best intentions of the New ERA in mind. They seek only success, and to bestow glory to those who carry the banner onward .."

(CUTTO: MARCEAU and one KARLA STARR at a Nassau, Bahamas show. A VENUS logo superimposed on the screen.)

V/O: "Even if certain strokes of innovation created friction, the expansion of New ERA's talent and contributions to the wrestling industry were on display."

(The scene faded, and the VENUS banner replaced by logos for several PPV events.)

V/O: "There have been Destrucity's .. BattleBRAWLs .. International Intrigue .."

(We then see a shot of the joint WFW:NE logo, and a split screen with NEW and EPW's logos featured.)

V/O: "The cooperative efforts to put on Sin City Showdown's and WrestleSTOCKs .. all expansions of the brand that New ERA brought .."

V/O: "But for all its prosperity, the promotion has sometimes been its own worst enemy."

(The orchestra cut out and doors SLAMMED shut on the screen.)

V/O: "And the Powers That Be .. would try to unmake what was made. New ERA would fall on its own sword, brought to an abrupt end."

(A few moments of silence ..)

V/O: "And yet .."

(Slowly .. the plucking of strings. Flashing shots of SUICIDE .. JOHN DOE .. EL CABRON .. FANATIC .. CAMERON CRUISE .. PRO WRESTLING'S SJH .. PAIN GRILLE .. WALLACE .. YOSSI HAYAT .. PETER FILE .. JONATHAN MARX .. CHAOS .. one-by-one, the pictures fell into place as the orchestra built.)

V/O: "The PASSION of these men refuses to be stamped out. Their loyalty is too strong .. their resolve is steadfast .."

(The orchestra continued its ascent to crescendo, as we see a group shot of the roster, with the New ERA logo above them.)

V/O: "They are ready .. the FANS are ready .. and in one resolute voice we declare .."

(The music hit its peak and stopped.)


(PYRO erupted from the stage as the fans POPPED! CUE: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi. After the opening riffs, the lights jumped on and a sole individual stood on stage. He wore Kenneth Cole tonight: a three-piece royal blue suit and slacks; black shoes; a grass-green patterned tie with black stripes. The crowd gave a solid POP! as he pumped a fist in the air, mic in the other hand, and walked down the ramp.)


(Crowd continued to get fired up as TACT walked to the ring, climbed the steps, and entered the ring, soaking it in for a bit as the music faded out.)

TACT: "And it is DAMN GOOD to be HOME!! I wanted to come out here and pay my respects to New ERA's .. HUMBLE beginnings .. and also be the first to say that our passion has not wavered, and the future is as bright as ever. That is thanks to the dedicated wrestlers in the back, and especially all of you who remembered to come back and bring the RAUCOUS atmosphere New ERA has been privileged to have each and every night!"

(The crowd obliged with some rousing cheers.)

TACT: "Now, I am all about change .. it is vital to bring about some changes in a successful organization. Call it evolution, advancement, growth, or what have you. Unfortunately, some change is truly just Devolving. At New ERA's previous 75th Anniversary show, I seem to remember 'Gentleman' Jonathan Marx in the ring for a call back to ye olden days of New ERA .. that's all well and good, as the man is back in tonight's New ERA Legends Main Event."

"What I do NOT remember is .. Chaos .. being there. No, I seem to remember a different Legend of this promotion's history being there .. a New ERA Original who has brought innovation and excitement just as much-- and then some-- as has Chaos."

"Oh, that's right .. it was ME! And I don't mean Mister Entertainment .. I faced Jonathan Marx in that Anniversary match."

"Now, I would have understood if Marcus LaRoque decided to switch things up for any number of reasons. And after, yes .. FOUR years, give or take .. you would think that any documentation would have been null-and-void when we came back. Instead, I'm being told that I was not assumed to be CLEARED to wrestle tonight, due to 'previously documented injuries!' Well, I thought of a few choice responses to that.."

(The fans brought a little vintage chanting to our program.)


TACT: "Sure, that will do, too. I'm no professional food critic, but I know when someone's shit in my stew. And believe me, I have been stewing for some time .. particularly since the last image all of you saw of me, here, was of being left laid out in the back. That ain't how LARRY TACT is signing off on this chapter, and you can take that to the bank!"

(He twirled the mic in hand a few times, leaned back against the ropes, contemplating.)

TACT: "Which brings a fairly simple question to mind .. why keep New ERA's Inaugural World Heavyweight Champion off of your comeback card? If the PRIMETIME match between myself .. the 'Phenom,' Shawn Hart.. (CROWD POPPED!), and 'The Man .. The Myth .. The Legend' ..Suicide .. (CROWD POPPED EQUALLY LOUD!) .. was any indication, we all still have PLENTY left in the tank."

"So, then .. why am I the only one of us three not competing tonight? It seems I was also the only one, in New ERA's recent past, at least .. being targeted by a certain malcontent. A man who may be in the back tonight, or he may be under this very ring .. SPECTRE .."

(The crowd, showing better-than-goldfish retention, voiced its heavy disdain at the mention of the name.)

TACT: "To be honest, I'm not going to go on and on rehashing the history between us. I got hit in the head a few times, the scar wasn't pretty, and most importantly .. I keep coming back."

"I keep coming back because, Spectre, you're playing a game that works on the weak. And whether you think I'm weak for not retaliating .. or maybe, you would see weakness in my not preparing more vigilantly for your attacks .. the truth of the matter, Sir? You aren't worth any Issues you may be trying to create."

"As far as I'm concerned, you aren't worth my time, my attention, or the passion I, myself, have when I step onto the BU campus, and set foot into the Agganis Arena for New ERA of Wrestling!"

(Cheap hometown POP? .. Check.)

TACT: "You are looking for someone to give you the attention, the time of day, and that's entirely your right. Been done before, will be done again. But the way you go about it, Spectre? It isn't worthy of the attention of a New ERA Legend. And do you know why? It isn't because I'm above it, or because you lack skill, or fail to flash brilliance in the ring. We've seen Spectre and Chaos obliterate a cage and ring in a monumental display, among other moments in this promotion."

"It's simply this, Spectre. You have a burning desire to take your frustrations out on me. The attention, the spotlight, the Legend .. I have it, that ain't changing. But I didn't get it by hammering someone with a chair, unseen and unprovoked, time and again. I did it by taking care of business. All this running around, sneak attack crap? It's all on you, and maybe his is how you satiate that desire. But it isn't how to take care of any business."

"The good news for you is .. I will still be going about my business. And here, in my home? Business is best conducted in one place .."

(He walked to the center of the ring, and looked at the canvas.)

TACT: "So the decision is yours, Spectre. If you actually want to drop your cowardice act, and test your passion .. if you want to make your attacks amount into something truly memorable, and not just shades of moments .. if you want to try your hand at making a real impact in New ERA of Wrestling .."

(He looked up with a smug grin.)

TACT: "Make an appointment to meet me in here, and we can do business in the New ERA."

"And then you get what you deserve."

(TACT flipped the mic and it bounced out of the ring. He ascended a corner, pointed to the crowd and spoke appreciation, before he pumped a fist in the air to a rousing ovation.)

Yossi Hayat vs. Peter File

After the exhilarating welcome back from Larry Tact, the crowd let out a collective sigh of relief once informed that Peter File would not be in attendance on Cyberstrike 14. Neither would Yossi Hayat. Apparently, Hayat's visa could not be renewed and he was unable to enter the country. As for File? Well, let's just say that Peter File was having a short visit elsewhere thanks to some indecent exposure.

WINNER: Cancelled

pain GRILLÉ vs. Wallace

The fans were on their feet enjoying themselves after Wallace came out to the ring riding a unicycle, but that quickly dissipated as the French national anthem accompanied pain GRILLÉ and the French Foreign Legion to the ring. pain GRILLÉ, the hardcore martial artist, proved to the fans that he was ready for business. Wallace, who walked around the ring trying to get the fans on their feet, instead walked right into a spinning heel kick from the Frenchman. Wallace rolled to the outside, but he was immediately surrounded by the four other members of the French Foreign Legion. Luckily the referee took notice and warned the quartet to keep their dirty-French paws off Wallace. After a brief respite, Wallace rolled back into the ring and locked up with pain GRILLÉ. pain GRILLÉ gained the upperhand and sent Wallace to the ropes. Wallace ducked underneath the clothesline, wrapped himself up and around the arms of pain GRILLÉ, and took him down with the crucifix. The crowd popped huge, but in the end Wallace was only able to get the two count on the Frenchman. The two competitors locked up once again in the middle of the ring and this time Wallace was able to get the upperhand. With pain GRILLÉ’s arm behind his own back, Wallace played to the crowd. However, in doing so, he gave pain GRILLÉ an opportunity to gather his bearings. pain GRILLÉ ran into the corner, dragging Wallace behind him, and at the last moment dropped to the mat causing Wallace to go face first into the turnbuckle. With Wallace groggily stumbling back into the center of the ring, pain GRILLÉ walloped him with the springboard jumping high kick! The French Foreign Legion celebrated on the outside and waited in anticipation for Wallace to stir. Wallace slowly got to his knees, but pain GRILLÉ put him back down with the Shining Wizard. With Wallace on the mat, pain GRILLÉ connected with the Awful Tower and came out victorious in his New ERA debut.


Cameron Cruise vs. Pro Wrestling's SJH

"The Crippler" took on three-time New ERA Champion, Pro Wrestling's SJH in one of the night's most anticipated matches. Ushered to the ring by massive jeers, Cruise seemed not to notice and focused solely on Shawn Hart standing in the middle of the ring. Within seconds of entering the game was afoot! Cruise and SJH wasted no time wailing away on one another, with Cruise eventually gaining the upperhand. With SJH in his grasp, "the Crippler" hooked Hart for a butterfly suplex. With one problem, though. Hart wrapped his leg around Cruise's and blocked the attempt and countered with a backbody drop. Cruise scrambled to his feet, but not in time as Pro Wrestling's SJH sent him flying to the outside with an armdrag. Cruise slammed the ring apron in frustration turned around to confront the fans cursing him. With Cruise's back turned, Pro Wrestling's SJH took full advantage! Grabbing the top rope, Hart propelled himself over and on top of Cruise with the plancha! The referee yelled at the two men to get themselves back in the ring, but Hart had other plans. Pointing to the ring steps, and with the full support of the fans inside the Agganis Arena, Hart sent Cruise shoulder-first into the steel steps! As the referee's count got higher and higher, SJH finally rolled his opponent into the ring. While Cameron Cruise was holding his shoulder on the mat, Shawn Hart was cat-like as he pounced to the top turnbuckle. Hart flew off the top rope, but Cruise was waiting for him and rolled out of the way! A huge smile on his face, Cameron Cruise sat up and pointed to his head. What he didn't realize is that SJH landed on his feet and was waiting for him. Hart picked his spot and swooped in locking on the Fujiwara Armbar. Cameron Cruise tried to reach for the ropes with his free hand, but in the end, tapped out.

WINNER: Pro Wrestling's SJH

The CHAMP Arrives

(As SJH staggered to his feet after the finish of the match, suddenly a large Asian man jumped the guardrail and hit the ring and began beating the daylights out of SJH. After a monster kick to the head floored SJH, the lights in the Agganis Arena went out. "Happy Birthday" by The Birthday Massacre played over the PA after a few seconds of silence, and the crowd went nuts as a spotlight shone down on The First as he walked towards the ring.)

FIRST: "Any hero stunts from anyone in the back and my good friend Mr. Fakalata will grab a body part of SJH's and make sure it never works properly again. I got a few things on my mind and now that I have the floor, it's time to let you all hear about it."

(The crowd roared with disapproval.)

FIRST: "When this company closed up shop they came to me and asked me to sign a contract for whenever the place got up and running again. That was fine by me, wrestling company right in my own backyard is a sweet deal for me. So we sign a deal and say our goodbyes. I ruled EPW as I did for a good long time, but then that ship sailed, and a few other places didn't like some mean things I said about them and their sloppy workers, so I'm off to the indies and then I get the call to go to Japan and the money is great so there I go."

(The large Asian man continued to hold on to Pro Wrestling's SJH as a small "Hart!" chant began.)

FIRST: "Whole time I'm in Japan I'm hoping and praying that New ERA re-opens. I miss my kids, I'm not seeing them grow up, I miss my wife, the pay is great the crowds in Japan are awesome but it's not home. Now you want to know why I'm not home. Because my lawyer put a little clause in the contract with New ERA that said if I was exclusive to them, well I'd make a lot more bank. That clause was in there not expected to be triggered and every time I walked to New ERA management they made it out like it was no big deal."

(Hart struggled, but First ignored him.)

FIRST: "Now the reason SJH is laying in this ring with the threat of brutal injury being inflicted upon him is because while I was in Japan, he was in Japan and one night he had a little too much to drink and he was texting up a storm, and this is not a man who texts. So when he crashed, I grabbed his phone and broke into it and saw an endless stream of texts from New ERA to him about their next big show and how they couldn't wait to see him and all that."

(That elicited a huge pop, First ignored it.)

FIRST: "I didn't get those texts. I wasn't getting any messages. That weekend, I fulfill a year's long quest and I win the MJPW World Title. The next day suddenly I get a call from New ERA, suddenly I'm getting all kinds of smoke blown up my ass. These bean counting scumbags think I got a deal with MJPW and now they can bring me in on the discount, now suddenly I fit their budget."

(First slowly turned around and faces the screen and the back.)

FIRST: "Well I'm here to tell management that while I thank them for letting me live a life where my children don't scream in terror when I come home. That I am grateful for living a life where I get to wake up next to my wife every morning, but while I am happy about those things, I'm not doing them for cheap. See I never had a deal with MJPW. It was a hand shake and an appearance fee the whole way and that belt is long gone. I'm here and I'm making top dollar cause college sure as shit is expensive and when you got twins it's that much worse."

(First fumed as he continued.)

FIRST: "And of course, one of the biggest bonuses in my contract is holding the New ERA Championship, and if Marx or SJH or Suicide or anyone in the back thinks they are going to take food off my family's table. You’re in for the beating of your lives."

(The First then dropped the mic and he and his Asian ally left through the hostile crowd.)

El Cabrón vs. Fanatic

Former New ERA Champion, "the Elite Enigma" Fanatic took on the returning, re-branded El Cabrón in the night's next match. After sitting out Season 2, the fans were looking forward to seeing El Cabrón back in a New ERA ring. However, it seemed that perhaps "the Goat Bastard" celebrated his in-ring return a little early as he was sluggish starting off. A red-eyed El Cabrón stormed across the ring, but Fanatic brought him down to the mat with a single leg takedown. El Cabrón easily got back to his feet, ducked underneath a left hook, and sent Fanatic into the ropes with the Irish whip. His mind perhaps a still bit cloudy, El Cabrón couldn't react fast enough as Fanatic came back with a flying crossbody and a two-count! El Cabrón shoved Fanatic off of him and scrambled to his feet, but Fanatic was one-step ahead and drove a knee into his midsection. With "the Goat Bastard" doubled over, "the Elite Enigma" bounced off the ropes and connected with a beautiful dropkick that sent Cabrón flying to the corner. Fanatic lept to his feet and ran into the corner after El Cabrón. With El Cabrón propped against the turnbuckle pads, Fanatic climbed to the second rope and raised his fist in the air. The crowd counted along as Fanatic landed ten huge closed fists right into the kisser of his opponent. El Cabrón shoved Fanatic off again, but "the Elite Enigma" landed on his feet. As El Cabrón came out for a clothesline, Fanatic dropped to his knees and introduced a forearm right into his opponent's gut. The fans gasped as Fanatic grabbed onto the head of El Cabrón, ran to the ropes, bounced off the top rope with his feet and absolutely crushed El Cabrón with the Blur. El Cabrón laid flat with his back on the mat, which gave "the Elite Enigma" plenty of time to climb to the top rope and raise his hands in the air. The fans joined in on the Craze and Fanatic put this match to bed.

WINNER: Fanatic

Suicide vs. John Doe

Another man making his return to New ERA, John Doe, had a large task put in front of him as he had to step into the ring with "the Man, the Myth, the Legend" Suicide! Doe was anxious to get the match started and charged Suicide as soon as he stepped into the ring. Suicide wasn't about to be caught off guard, however, and side-stepped the attempt and whipped Doe into the ropes. On the return, Suicide put his head down, and this time it was Doe who was ready. Doe grabbed Suicide by the head and went for the snap DDT, but Suicide held onto the ropes and Doe hit his head hard on the mat. Suicide scooped Doe off the mat and locked his arms around the waist before he drove Doe back down with the gutwrench suplex. Suicide hooked the leg, but Doe was out after one. As the matched progressed, it was clear that John Doe was running out of options. After failing to capitalize on a misstep by Suicide, Doe attempted to turn the ship around and went for a higher impact offense. As Suicide came out of the corner after missing a splash, Doe dropped down for a low blow. Like he had during most of the match, Suicide telegraphed the attempt and caught Doe by the fist. Doe attempted to use his free fist to deliver a left hook, but Suicide ducked underneath, spun Doe around, and then spun around himself as he delivered the Burning Hammer! With Doe out cold on the mat, Suicide ran to the corner, climbed to the top rope and hit the Suicide Legdrop! With the crowd on their feet, "the Man, the Myth, the Legend," brought John Doe to his feet and planted him with the Suicide Screwdriver. Cyberstrike 14 marked another victory for Suicide.

WINNER: Suicide

New ERA Legends Match

Jonathan Marx vs. Chaos

The crowd waited in anticipation as the night's main event was to begin. Two of New ERA's most profilic stars. As Jonathan Marx stood in the ring, the "CHAOS!" chants began to grow. Every second, the chants grew louder and louder. The lights dimmed and a huge pop echoed off the walls of the Agganis Arena. They were extinguished almost immediately as the confusion set in when "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne blared through the speakers.

The End of an ERA

(The lights slowly came back on and the crowd murmured as Psycho, not Chaos, began to walk to the ring. Jonathan Marx stood inside the ring and immediately protested to the referree, who looked just as confused as everyone else. As Psycho made his way to the ring, he grabbed a microphone. As Psycho stepped through the ropes, he spoke.)

PSYCHO: "Tonight I bring you the sad news, that my big brother, and the New ERA Legend you all came to see, has died."

(There was an audible gasp as the fans who filled the arena took in the news. As he continued, some of New ERA's superstars stepped out near the entrance to listen.)

PSYCHO: "For all the unstoppable hardcore monster he was in the ring, well, he met his own, and it beat him. However the show must go on, and this house, this New ERA house that he was proud to build, where limits were pushed well beyond what they were ever meant to be, in his place will be the one person I know can never fill his shoes, but can certainly push the limits just as far."

(With that Psycho turned to the officials on the outside and gave the signal. The fans in the arena were stunned. Many were teary-eyed. All were on their feet as the officials began the ten-bell salute.)











(Psycho looked at the referee and then at Marx.)

PSYCHO: "And in my brother's memory, with the blessing of Marcus LaRoque, tonight's match, will be ... a WEAPONS MATCH!"

(The crowd popped huge and the "CHAOS!" chants reigned supreme as the buckets of weapons were rolled to the ring."

Weapons Match

Jonathan Marx vs. Psycho

The "CHAOS!" chants drowned out the bell as the new main event began. Psycho, "the American Dangerman," and "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx slowly circled each other. Psycho finally went in first, but Marx, although prepared for Psycho's brother, still had the ring smarts to see the attempt coming. Marx sidestepped Psycho and scraped his fingernails down Psycho's back. As Psycho arched his back, Marx swiftly kicked Psycho's leg out from underneath him. Ever the technician, Marx dropped down to the mat and hooked Psycho for a ground cobra twist. Marx knew that the Weapons Match would benefit "the American Dangerman" and rightfully tried to keep Psycho from getting ahold of any of the weapons strewn along the outside of the ring ropes. The crowd pushed Psycho to get to the ropes and he desperately tried to. However, as Psycho was reaching for the bottom rope, Jonathan Marx released the hold and dragged him back to the middle of the ring. He drove the knee into the thigh of Psycho. Twice. Three times. Jonathan Marx was a man on a mission. As Psycho reached up, Jonathan Marx greeted him with a heel to the face. Psycho wasn't able to stop Marx as he locked on the figure four. The pain was evident on Psycho's face as Marx applied more and more pressure. The referee went down to check on Psycho, but he wouldn't submit. He wouldn't give up. Slowly, Psycho tried to reverse the hold. He rocked back and forth. Over and over. But Jonathan Marx wasn't about to become victim to his own hold. Marx released the figure four and headed to the outside. The fun was about to begin.

Marx knew what he wanted. He grabbed a singapore cane and slid back into the ring. As Psycho crawled to the corner, Jonathan Marx raised the cane and slammed it down across his back. Psycho didn't scream out. He didn't stop. He continued to use the ropes to get to his feet. Marx again slammed the cane down. Psycho turned, grabbed Marx by the hair, and tossed him over the top rope to the arena floor! "The American Dangerman" dropped to the mat, rolled to the outside, and stalked Marx as Marx crawled away. But Marx crawled right into the area with a table. He turned and begged Psycho off. He got a knee in the face. Psycho grabbed Marx and ripped him to his feet before whipping him into the guardrail. He followed in after and sent Marx over the guardrail with a clothesline. As the two men stood among the crowd, the fans cleared the area. Psycho faced two of the folding chairs together, spun the "Gentleman" around, and German suplexed him right through the chairs! The fans were elated. The "CHAOS!" chants, which never ended, grew again. With a fistful of hair, Psycho brought Marx to his feet and sent him flying over the guard rail once more. Finally Psycho's eyes caught the table. His tongue rushed over his lips as he laid Marx on top. Marx was out of it. He couldn't tell what was coming next. Psycho rushed into the ring. He climbed to the top rope. Cameras flashed as Psycho flew off the top rope and crashed onto, and through, Jonathan Marx with the 450 legdrop! With both men down on the arena floor, bits of table around them, the fans were getting the show they deserved.

It seemed like hours before either man moved. Psycho pushed himself off the arena floor and the fans reached over the guardrail to help pull himself to his feet. With a nod, Psycho turned and grabbed Marx, rolling him into the ring. Psycho reached down, grabbed an object, and followed suit. With a smirk on his face, Psycho shot his fist in the air as the light reflected off the brass knuckles. He waited. Marx stirred. Jonathan Marx steadied himself as Psycho came at him with the brass knucks. Although Psycho swung, Marx grabbed him by the arm and brought him to the mat with an arm bar. Marx realized what he had avoided as the brass knuckles danced in front of his face. In one fluid motion, Marx ripped the brass knuckles off Psycho's fingers and flung them to the outside. There'd be no broken teeth today. Jonathan Marx let go of the arm bar and rolled onto his back. This match had worn on both men. But Jonathan Marx would not rest long. He sat up and grabbed "the American Dangerman" from off the mat. Jonathan Marx sent Psycho to the corner and nailed Psycho with a beautiful dropkick to the back of the head as Psycho stumbled backwards. Marx picked Psycho up once more and this time sent him to the ropes. As Psycho rebounded, Marx was ready and he hooked his arms around the waist, lifted Psycho up, and drilled him into the mat with a perfectly-executed spinebuster.

Jonathan Marx slipped to the outside while Psycho was down and out. His eyes scanned the ringside area for a suitable weapon and he found one in a trash can. Marx tossed the metal trash can over the top rope and into the ring and followed in after it. As the crowd rose from their seats, Jonathan Marx grabbed the trash can and slammed it down over the head of "the American Dangerman!" A second time! Marx tossed the trash can to the side and covered his opponent. The crowd popped huge as Psycho tossed his shoulder up off the mat. Marx grunted and grabbed the singapore cane used earlier. The crack of the cane reverberated throughout the ringside area as he repeatedly struck Psycho in the side. Marx wasn't done, either. He grabbed his opponent by the head and brought him to his feet, but a second wind seemed to rush through the crowd and into the ring as Psycho responded by grabbing the head of Marx, placing his jaw under the chin, and dropping to the mat! The crowd roared "CHAOS! CHAOS!" as Psycho used the ringropes to slowly get to his feet. Marx also rose, holding his jaw. The two men took steps towards each other, but Psycho drove the heel of his boot into Marx's gut. Psycho hooked the arms and brought Marx UP and DOWN with the Tiger Driver. As the crowd exploded, Psycho pointed to the heavens and brought Jonathan Marx to the corner. After he propped Marx up, Psycho grabbed the metal trash can and placed it in front of Marx. Psycho ascended the ropes. He grabbed Jonathan Marx. The floor trembled with the crowd's anticipation. The roof flew off the Agganis Arena as Psycho brought Jonathan up in the air and crashing down on top of the trash can with a Chaosbomb. The bell rung, but you'd never have heard it. Somewhere. Somewhere Chaos was looking down at the carnage in the ring. Looking down at his brother's arm raised in victory.

WINNER: Psycho

( the end )