[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Aug. 25, 2011
AIRED: Feb. 21, 2015
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 13

[Webstream coming active in 10.


- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "There were bodies hitting the floor all over the Agganis Arena at Cyberstrike 13! And I remember it like it was just yesterday!"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Newman is sporting a new hairstyle from the last time we saw her over three years ago - much shorter than her 2011 haircut.)

TRIPP: "If you thought that a teeny, tiny delay (knowing wink) could stop the crazy that is New ERA Season 3 ... well you've got another thing coming! We are halfway through season 3 .. and it is like Battlestar Galactica in here!"

(Natalie Newman cocks her head to the side, obviously confused.)

NEWMAN: "What the frak are you talking about, Jason? There are toasters trying to wipe out the human race? And they started with our servers?"

TRIPP: "Ha, ha, Natalie. No, I mean, every single show gets better and better! You can never tell what's going to happen next! Oh, and we seem to have jumped into the future since our last show!"

(Battlestar Galactica logo comes on screen with "WATCH ON NETFLIX!" advertisement.)

NEWMAN: "Well I'll give you that much, Jason. We are, well, I was going to say fast approaching BANNED in the US II, but let's face it .. New ERA hasn't been on the air for over three years since Cyberstrike 13 was taped.. so we're not exactly setting any speed records here ... but New ERA is back and raring to go! And luckily for us, with a little artistic discretion, and some suspension of disbelief, it'll be like we never left! So now that New ERA is OFFICIALLY back .. let's talk about how the waters muddied the waters got at Cyberstrike 13! The Shadow Cult was out in full-force ... Spectricide wrestled not once, but twice ... and Damian Stone got his walking papers ... just moments after spending quality time with the cement floor!"

(Tripp laughs. He tries to compose himself as the camera focuses on him.)

TRIPP: "Spectre DID make his New ERA debut .. well, re-debut? I don't know what to classify it as ... Spectre is a former New ERA Television champion ... but Spectre is Suicide ... and Suicide is .. Suicide... and both men were in action at Cyberstrike 13 ... and .. I have no clue.."

NEWMAN: "Neither does anyone else, Jason .."

TRIPP: "We know it has been a while since New ERA action has been webcast to a computer near you .. but we are FINALLY up and running again .. so without further delay .. Cyberstrike 13!"

Anyone and Everyone!

(Cyberstrike 13 began like most other shows ... the ring announcer welcomed everyone to the arena. He gave a rundown of the matches, intermission, etc. As the ring crew finished up the final touches on the ring, the lights in the Agganis Arena suddenly went off - plunging the New ERA fans into darkness. Shrieks and squeals permeated the silence before the eerie sitar strings of "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica blared from the P.A. system. In an instant the good natured shrieks and catcalls turned into jeers and boos as the fans realized who was about to make an appearance in the arena. They'd heard him talk for three weeks now, and had watched him brutally beat Eddie Patton & Richard Dweck in the past two Cyberstrike events. So it was no surprise that their boos reached an eardrum damaging volume as the "Madman from the Motherland" Husani Dakarai himself parted the curtains and made his way towards the ring. Dakarai paid the crowd no attention as he stalked toward the ring like a jungle predator, still dressed in his street clothes. The Madman climbed onto the ring apron and swung a huge leg over the top rope, following it with the other one and demanding a microphone from one of the workers at ringside. He paced the ring waiting for the crowd to settle before bringing the mic to his lips.)

DAKARAI: "I know you all don't like me very much, but the quicker you shut your toothless, drug addled mouths and let me say what I gotta say... the quicker I can get the hell outta here."

(The crowd showered the ring with boos once again.)

DAKARAI: "So the past two weeks I've come out here and proved why I SHOULD be the most feared entity in New ERA this Season. Eddie Patton went down... little Dickie Dweck was annihilated, hell you might never even see that kid again... and tonight you all get a front row seat to watch the mighty Suicide fall in a heap at my very feet."

(The crowd popped huge at the mention of the masked grappler and a small "SU-I-CIDE" chant broke out in the crowd.)

DAKARAI: "I'm glad you all feel so strongly about the self-proclaimed Mysterious Wanderer because I can't wait to see the looks of anguish and surprise when I get my hand raised high in the air after the ref counts one... two... three. But Suicide ain't really the reason I'm out here tonight with a mic in my hand. Another group of cowards seems to really, REALLY want my attention and I'm more than happy to give them a little of it. Ever since I came in the door, Adrian Willard and the rest of the Shadow cowards have, for some reason, seen fit to run their mouths about the Madman. They seem to think that I'm just gonna let them slide on their flagrant display of disrespect... but I got some bad news for you boys... it's not gonna happen. You chumps walk around here with your chests puffed out just because you currently hold that hunk of junk you call the New ERA Championship. You guys think that you can get away with walking all over people, saying and doing whatever you like. And guess what? You can walk all over Jonathan Marx... you can walk all over Yossi Hayat, Mr. Entertainment and the Tact's... but you ain't gonna walk all over the Madman."

(The crowd suddenly went quiet.)

DAKARAI: "So next week.. I'm challenging any one of you punks to step in the ring with the me. Put your money where your mouth's are. Cameron Cruise... Adrian Willard... First? Doesn't matter. Watch Suicide and I tear the house down tonight, and then you guys can play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who's gonna step between those ropes next week and get broken in half!"

(With that, "Wherever I May Roam" hit the speakers once again as Husani Dakarai tossed the mic down to the canvas, dropped out the ring and walked to the back to a cacophony of jeers.)

Eugene King vs. Spectre

After making a hell of an entrance last Cyberstrike, Spectre made his official New ERA debut when he took on Eugene King. The masked wonder kept his larger opponent off his feet for the entirety of the match. The fans, confused by Spectre's appearance, cheered when he worked over the knee of King. King attempted to slow down the assault by sliding to the outside, but Spectre kept the pressure on and nailed the suicide dive .. ramming King's back into the guardrail. King tried to make one final comeback, but as he lifted Spectre up for a chokeslam, the knee worked over throughout the match buckled .. and both men fell to the ring. Spectre ran to the corner, hopped to the top turnbuckle and planted his opponent with the Spectrevision before hooking the leg and securing the victory.

As the crowd popped, Spectre slid to the outside and grabbed a steel chair from one of the ring attendants. The crowd buzzed as Spectre wrapped it around King's head ... and gasped as he climbed to the top rope. After he took a moment to measure, Spectre leapt off the top rope and crashed down on top of the chair with the Suicide Legdrop. The crowd was silenced. Security broke through the curtains and raced to the ring -- but as they cornered Spectre to take him to the back, the lights in the arena flickered .. then went off completely! When the lights came back on only moments later, Spectre had vanished. Security looked around frantically, but the masked man was nowhere to be found.

WINNER: Spectre

Damian Stone vs. Richard Dweck

The lights cut out after security exited the ringside area, but this time the big screens rumbled to life. The fans were silent as Damian Stone and Richard Dweck laid on their backs - Stone's nose busted open. As Cameron Cruise stepped into the shot with a chair in hand, the entire arena hissed. He merely looked into the camera, smirked, and disappeared out of sight. As the lights came back up the referee informed the heated crowd that the match between those two men would not go on as scheduled.

WINNER: Cancelled

Yossi Hayat vs. Eddie Patton

Both men were eager to start the match off so that they could move one step closer to a Championship title shot. After locking up in the middle of the ring, Hayat gained control and spun Patton around. The Autistic Miracle charged into the ropes with Patton still hooked and rolled him up for a surprise pinfall attempt. However Hayat was only able to get the one count as Patton easily got the shoulder up. "Electric" Eddie Patton wasn't about to let the Israeli Smark Boy keep the upperhand, though, as he dropped Hayat to the mat with a hip toss. Hayat scrambled to his feet, but Patton was ready! The crowd popped as the young man from Gary, Indiana sent the Smark Boy through the ropes to the arena floor with a beautifully placed dropkick to the face. Patton didn't waste any time to gloat and rolled to the outside to grab his opponent. Luckily for Yossi Hayat, Patton didn't have any funny business planned and rolled him back into the ring.

UNFORTUNATELY for Eddie Patton, however, Yossi Hayat jumped to his feet and stomped the young gun as he tried to roll into the ring. Patton was a sitting duck as Hayat sent heel after heel into his body. The Autistic Miracle ripped Patton from the mat and sent him crashing into the corner, charging in afterwards with the shoulderblock! Patton took a few steps out of the corner and was sent crashing face first to the mat thanks to a running bulldog by Hayat. Yossi Hayat flipped Patton over for the cover, but was unsuccessful as Patton placed his foot on the ropes. Hayat grabbed Patton by the hair and hoisted him up for the Smarky Slam, but at the last second Eddie Patton slipped out of the hold and caught Hayat square in the gut with the boot. As Hayat was doubled over, "Electric" Eddie Patton grabbed him by the waist .. and a Circuit Breaker later, he walked out victorious.

WINNER: Eddie Patton

Cameron Cruise, Enforcer

(As Patton rolled out of the ring and lifted his arms in victory, a commotion in the crowd grabbed everyone's attention. The atmosphere immediate soured as Cameron Cruise hopped the guardrail and entered the ring. He grabbed the microphone and stood over Hayat before nudging him with a boot.)

CRUISE: "Stay down. That's a much better place for you."

(Cruise leaned against the turnbuckle soaking in the crowd's anger as Hayat finally rolled out of the ring.)

CRUISE: "Apparently there's been a little miscommunication as to what my "role" is here in New ERA. People seem to think that just because I decided to take the side of a man that I'd hated for so long these last couple of years, that I'm just going to take direction and be led around like some kinda dog. Clearly, as you've seen by what happened to Damian Stone, Richard Dweck, and Yossi here... this is nowhere near the case."

(He paused just long enough for a "CAMERON SUCKS!" chant to begin.)

CRUISE: "The fact is that I said it before.. The First and I?? After months of being at odds.. he and I, we're on the same page. We agree on quite a few things, the most random I can think of off the top of my head this week would be from "Smark Boy." (In a mocking voice) Everyone hates me!! Nobody likes me!!! The First doesn't think I belong here let alone in the Main Event.. WAAAHHHH!!!"

(Cruise smirked as the crowd continued to assault him with insults.)

CRUISE: "If Entertainment interfered with your "shot" at the New ERA Championship, it's probably because you didn't DESERVE it. Think what you will, but if we're laying it out all on the line.. it's all in your head, son. No one is afraid of you, especially yours truly. Jealous?? That's a debatable point, I mean let's be honest. You're in a company of competitors that have worked far too long to make it where they have in this particular business and you managed to get a shot at something you don't deserve; you call yourself "The Smark Boy" but the problem is that you're in a world run by MEN. And it's past time someone sent you to your room without any dinner."

(Hayat watched from the curtain as he held the back of his head in his hands .. obviously upset that outside interference cost him yet another victory.)

CRUISE: "It's about time someone re-enforces the rules around here, set by The First, and that someone is ME... Not Mister Entertainment .. Not Larry Tact or Jonathan Marx .. But Cameron Cruise! And believe me.. you'll see what I mean very, very soon."

Suicide vs. Husani Dakarai

"The Madman from the Motherland" and "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" squared off in what many considered the match of the night. The two went toe-to-toe, which considering Dakarai has a six inch height advantage and a 130 pound advantage was pretty damn entertaining. Dakarai used his strength to eventually wear down Suicide. After sending Suicide crashing into the corner, Dakarai came in with a crushing High Angle Corner Splash. He didn't waste any time on as Suicide came stumbling out of the corner as he hooked his waist and ran into the middle of the ring before driving the mysterious wanderer into the mat with a running sidewalk slam. Husani Dakarai went for the cover, but Suicide was able to get his shoulder up after two. As Dakarai stalked around the ring waiting for Suicide to make it to his feet, the crowd showered him in jeers. Suicide tried to land some shots in the gut of the big man, but Dakarai introduced Suicide's face to his knee and then hooked him for the stalling brainbuster! As Suicide lay prone on the mat, Dakarai bounced against the ropes and came down with a world full of hurt via a huge legdrop. The cover was made, but luckily Suicide had enough awareness to once again pop his shoulder up before the three count.

Although Dakarai had the upperhand, Suicide eventually gained a much-needed second wind. Dakarai sent his opponent to the ropes and put his head down for the backbody drop, but Suicide countered with a sickening swinging neckbreaker that put the big man down in the mat. Both men were down for what seemed an eternity, but the crowd went crazy as Suicide began to crawl to the ropes. Dakarai also began to stir and both man got to their feet at the same time. Dakarai missed the clothesline attempt which gave Suicide enough time to plant a boot in the gut and Dakarai's head to the mat with a DDT. Suicide went to the corner and climbed to the top rope and waited for "the Madman from the Motherland" to get to his feet. The Mysterious Wanderer flew off the top with a flying crossbody, but Dakarai caught him in mid-air and launched him over the top rope to the arena floor! On the outside, Dakarai lifted Suicide into the air and dropped him throat-first on the guardrail. A swift kick to the midsection sent Suicide underneath the ring! Dakarai dropped to his knees to grab Suicide, but couldn't find him! Dakarai, incensed at Suicide's ability to slink away so fast, stormed to the other side of the ring and threw the ring apron up to catch him. Instead he caught a chair shot straight to the head! As Dakarai toppled to the arena floor, the crowd collectively gasped as SPECTRE came crawling from underneath the ring holding a white chair!

As Spectre stood over Dakarai, white chair in hand, the lights in the arena suddenly went out! After a quick descent into darkness, the lights returned ... but Spectre was nowhere to be found! The fans went crazy as Suicide slowly crawled out from underneath the apron on the other side of the ring, still holding his ribs in pain! The referee had to restart his count after the blackout, but both men managed to make it to their feet, albeit on either side of the ring. As both men rolled into the ring, the crowd began to chant for "the Man, the Myth, the Legend." However, those cheers immediately were drowned out by jeers as Husani Dakarai rose to his feet. With his nostrils flaring and his eyes full of hate, he pointed down at Suicide and slowly dragged his thumb across his throat. Dakarai grabbed Suicide by the head and ripped him to his feet! Dakarai sent Suicide into the ropes and on the return hoisted Suicide up for the Random Acts of Violence! But Suicide SOMEHOW used the momentum to go up and OVER Dakarai's head! With Dakarai momentarily caught off guard, the Mysterious Wanderer mustered every ounce of strength he had left to grab Dakarai and nail the Burning Hammer! The crowd jumped to its feet as Suicide fell on top of "the Madman" and the Agganis Arena exploded as the referee's hand hit the mat for the third time! Following Suicide's victories at PrimeTime and Cyberstrike 11, tonight's victory banked him a second title shot at the New ERA Championship.

WINNER: Suicide

Tag Team Turmoil

Fanatic and Jonathan Marx vs. Adrian Willard and The First (c)

The main event of the evening started off auspiciously for Fanatic as it was announced that Jonathan Marx had not yet arrived to the arena due to flight delays because of Hurricane Irene. Adding insult to injury, as Fanatic walked to the ring, he realized halfway down that his mentor, Larry Tact, was not behind him as usual. This caused a bit of confusion for Fanatic who was attacked outside the ring by Adrian Willard causing the bell to ring. With the Shadow Cult getting the early advantage, they took full advantage. Willard rolled Fanatic into the ring where the New ERA Champion awaited. First drove the heel of his boot into the small of the back of the "Elite Enigma" even as the referee tried to back him up. As the crowd littered the ringside area with trash, the First tagged in the ever eager Willard to continue the assault. Willard brought Fanatic to his feet and laid into him with vicious reverse knife edge chops. Willard backed Fanatic into the corner and sent him careening into the opposite turnbuckle. As Willard charged in afterwards, however, Fanatic threw an elbow back and nailed "the Prophecy" smack dab in the jaw. Willard turned and tried to walk away, but Fanatic followed it up with a bulldog! Fanatic continued to wear Willard down with a series of knees to the head as the crowd roared their approval. Willard attempted to scratch at the eyes of the former two-time New ERA Champion, but Fanatic caught his hand, hooked Willard around the waist, and sent him flying with the belly-to-belly suplex! As Fanatic stood tall, the screens above the entrance way flickered to life and silenced the crowd. The images showed a lifeless Larry Tact lying somewhere in the backstage area. Confused, both Fanatic and the referee turned their backs on the Shadow Cult to see what was going on. The momentary lapse of focus cost Fanatic as Willard crawled up behind him and rammed his arm in between Fanatic's legs.

With Fanatic on the mat, Adrian Willard quickly tagged in the First. The New ERA Champion stood over the man he defeated for the championship just the week before and gloated at his predicament. First reached down and pulled "the Elite Enigma" up to his feet before smacking him right across the face! With the crowd becoming more and more hostile, the First sent Fanatic to the ropes and connected with a spear that drove the air out of Fanatic's lungs. Not quite finished, the New ERA Champion climbed on top of Fanatic and laid into him with closed fists. First leaned down next to Fanatic's head and whispered something into his ear. Hell, he could have shouted it and no one would have heard what he'd said over the displeasure of the crowd! First pulled Fanatic to his feet and nonchalantly tagged in "the Prophecy" once more. The New ERA Champion directed Willard to hold Fanatic up in the corner as he drilled him in the midsection with closed fists. The First jawed at the fans as he made his way to the opposite corner. With a head-full of steam, the First flew through the air with the handspring elbow into the corner, however Fanatic was able to use his heel to stomp on the toes of Adrian Willard and duck out of the way just as First came crashing into hte corner! First stomped his feet in disgust while Adrian Willard slumped to the mat!

Fanatic did all he could to hold off the two members of the Shadow Cult. With Willard down on the mat, Fanatic slammed his knee into the gut of the New ERA Champion and doubled him over. Hooking the leg, he connected with the Russian legsweep that sent the back of the head of the Champion into the mat. Willard finally made it back to his feet, but he was quickly downed again thanks to a perfectly executed roundhouse kick. Fanatic grabbed the legs of Adrian Willard ... and sent him flying over the top rope to the arena floor with a slingshot catapult! With no Willard to help, the First was forced to take on Fanatic one-on-one. Until the curtains flew open and "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx ran to the ring ushered by the massive cheers from the crowd! The First put his hands up and began to take steps away from Fanatic as Jonathan Marx slid into the ring. With Marx and Fanatic standing shoulder to shoulder, the Shadow Cult's advantage had dissipated. First dropped to his knees and begged for mercy as "the Elite Enigma" took two steps toward him. Adrian Willard used the apron to get himself to his feet, but he couldn't slide into the ring in time as Fanatic grabbed a handful of The First's hair! Fanatic raised a closed fist in the air and was about to strike the New ERA Champion when Jonathan Marx connected with a reverse crescent kick to the back of his partner's head!

It was near pandemonium in the Agganis Arena once the fans realized what had just happened. Fanatic was now in the ring with three members of the now-complete Shadow Cult. Jonathan Marx, Adrian Willard, and The First each took turns dropping elbows on "the Elite Enigma." Marx, who had once stood for everything good about New ERA, had turned his back on the fans who have always supported him. The referee struggled to gain control over the three hoodlums, but finally managed to get Marx to the opposite corner where he belonged. Not like that helped Fanatic, though. Adrian Willard and the New ERA Champion grabbed the fatigued Fanatic from off the mat and sent him to the ropes. As Fanatic came back, the two men connected with a double clothesline that sent Fanatic flying into the ropes. Willard and First slapped hands in celebration, but quickly turned their attention to the big screens, which had come on once again. This time it was the Shadow Cult that watched in horror as Cameron Cruise laid flaccid on the floor backstage. Willard and First stood in shock as they stared at their comrade face-down. A white chair swaying back and forth as its yielder breathed in and out. With the crowd's cheers drowning out all noise in the ring, neither man noticed as Fanatic began to stir. The First, incensed at attack on Cameron Cruise, ran over to Jonathan Marx and yelled at him to go backstage and find the person holding the white chair. While First was directing Marx, however, "the Elite Enigma" waited for "the Prophecy" to turn around. Willard obliged and was met with the spinning jumping uppercut Fanatic calls "Slice!" Before the First even knew it, "the Elite Enigma" scored the pinfall for the victory!

WINNER: Fanatic (and Jonathan Marx, technically)

( the end )