[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Aug. 12, 2011
AIRED: Aug. 16, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 12

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- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "Seventy-five shows -- and STILL New ERA never ceases to amaze me."

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. New ERA banners with "CONGRATS ON 75!" written across them hang on the set.)

TRIPP: "I swear, Natalie, right when I think I have everything figured out .. something happens that proves me wrong. Tonight? No exception."

(Natalie Newman nods her head in agreement.)

NEWMAN: "You'll hear no objections from me, Jason! Cyberstrike 12 is in the books .. and we had one HELL of a show! The First's so-called "Shadow Cult" was in action .. Adrian Willard took on Eddie Patton while the ringleader himself gunned for New ERA gold."

TRIPP: "Holding the New ERA Championship is a hell of a responsibility... you have people coming at you left and right ... Mr. Entertainment defended it SIX times last season - Cyberstrike 6, 7, 9 and 10 .. and then TWICE at PrimeTime! Fanatic defended it last week against Yossi Hayat .. had a defense against The First tonight .. not to mention that Richard Dweck will receive his shot at the Championship before BANNED in the US as well!"

(The BANNED in the US II logo comes on screen.)

NEWMAN: "That's right! In case you didn't hear the news, New ERA of Wrestling announced that Season 3's premier event will be BANNED in the US! For those of you who don't know ... the last time we held BANNED in the US, we literally WERE banned! Apparently the Bush Administration didn't like the fact that we taped the pay per view in Cuban waters ... but luckily with the change in the Administration and a lot of apologies, the event DID air! This time around we won't have to worry about government interference .. I hope!"

(Tripp laughs. The camera cuts to a different angle and the two react accordingly.)

TRIPP: "We do have to announce, unfortunately, that the match between Damian Stone and Eugene King was cancelled. I think next season we need to put it in the contracts that people arrive for the show two days early .. to avoid these types of travel mishaps!"

NEWMAN: "We still had a HELLUVA 75th show, Jason! Two of New ERA's most accomplished World Heavyweight champions battled as Jonathan Marx took on Larry Tact ... and Yossi Hayat looked to get revenge on the rapidly spiraling Mr. Entertainment."

TRIPP: "And that .. is only HALF the story. Plenty of action. Plenty of surprises. What else did you expect as New ERA of Wrestling celebrated its 75th show!"

Plenty of Advance Warning

(As the show began, the lights went out as "Space Dementia" blared throughout the Agganis Arena. The fans instantly stood up from their seats and cheered their lungs out as The Mysterious Wanderer himself, Suicide, appeared. He walked down to the ring and entered it, holding onto his fedora hat. Suicide pulled a microphone from inside his trench coat and looked around as the fans started to chant his name.)

SUICIDE: "I must apologize for interrupting tonight's show, but I will be brief."

(The fans cheered and then quieted down, almost to a low hum.)

SUICIDE: "There has been a lot of talk about me as both a wrestler and a person, criticizing me on how I do things and in what condition and state of mind I am in. While I could direct these issues at the people who said them, the truth is it does not matter what is said about me. I have shown what I am capable of and anyone who wishes to question my ability in the ring are more than welcome to test their theory out in person."

(The fans started to cheer again.)

SUICIDE: "I did not leave New ERA on my own terms. That never sat with me for seven years. When I came back, there were two things I wanted to focus on. One, I needed to give back to you fans because I feel I owe you and this company something I couldn't give when I was here the first time."

(Suicide took off his hat as a slight chant of his name began.)

SUICIDE: "The second reason is I need to craft my own destiny, and where I'm directing it towards is the New ERA Championship. It was a title that eluded me the first time, but not the second. As everyone here knows I have a banked title shot for the title. I do not care who wins tonight or down the road, be it Fanatic still retaining, The First defeating him for his second title reign, or some other wrestler trying to seize their chance at holding a coveted championship. I hereby officially announce I will cash in my banked title shot... at BANNED in the U.S. II."

(The fans are going ballistic after the announcement.)

SUICIDE: "I want whoever the champion will be at the time to have time to prepare for me, because I expect nothing less than a hard, grueling challenge. This is something I take very seriously and I want the champion I'm facing to do the same. The contract is already signed and there is a clause in it that states that anyone with a banked title shot will cash it in before, during, or after the match. I respect and honor New ERA, you fans, and most importantly, our great sport. I will not let the title be sullied by such nonsense. No excuses; just wrestling. I thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your night. I would stay, but I have some other business to take care of."

("Space Dementia" cued up again as the fans cheered and chanted Suicide's name. The Mysterious Wanderer exited the ring, walked right up the ramp and disappeared behind the backstage curtain.)

Adrian Willard vs. Eddie Patton

The heat was on Adrian Willard after it was revealed he joined the Shadow Cult. After walking to the ring, the reaction to Eddie Patton was practically deafening. Patton looked to build on his strong debut, even in a loss, and one could sense the New ERA rookie's drive and determination as he locked up with "the Prophecy." Willard tried to get the advantage right out the gate with a knee to the groin, but Patton used Willard's single-mindedness against him, blocking the knee while simultaneously driving the European uppercut into his jaw. With Adrian Willard off balance, "Electric" Eddie Patton went behind his opponent with the hammerlock. With the crowd behind him, Patton re-applied the pressure forcing Willard to seek safety in the ropes. The referee stepped in to force the break, and with his head down, Willard took full advantage by jamming his thumb in Eddie Patton's eye. Patton turned to walk away, but "the Prophecy" wasn't about to let him go - Willard walked up behind his opponent, locked the leg and the arm and drove Patton face-first to the mat with the russian legsweep. Figuring he could sneak a quick pin, Willard made the cover ... but it was to no avail. As both men got to their feet, Willard ducked underneath a wild right from the "Electric" one, grabbing the arm and taking Patton to the mat. Willard pushed off the mat for added momentum and drove his knee into the shoulder of his opponent - two times - three times! The crowd began to express their displeasure to which Willard responded with an extended middle finger. "The Prophecy" booted Patton in the side for good measure before straddling over him to apply the camel clutch. Patton is a fighter, as he showed in his Cyberstrike 11 match with Husani Dakarai, and despite the odds stacked in Willard's favor, he survived the submission attempt forcing Willard to abandon it.

As Eddie Patton laid on the mat, Adrian Willard yelled to the crowd that Patton has given his best and still can't beat "the Prophecy." However, while Willard argued his case to the jeering fans, Eddie Patton slowly pulled himself to his feet. If Willard hadn't turned around to point at the "Electric" one, he may never have noticed. The jeers turned to pops as Patton connected with a boot to the gut that stopped Willard in his tracks Feeding off the crowd, Patton roared back to life, sent Willard crashing into the ropes and hammered him with a dropkick that sent Willard over the top rope to the arena floor! Patton tossed his arms in the air as the Agganis Arena erupted. On the outside, Adrian Willard slammed his fist into the steel post out of frustration causing more harm than good. None the less, Willard rolled back into the ring and met Patton face-to-face ... until Patton grabbed onto the injured knuckles of "the Prophecy" and forced him down to his knees with the pressure. Patton connected with a standing dropkick that sent Willard flailing onto his back, and with a burt of energy, Patton was on the top rope in a flash. Adrian Willard was wide open as Patton flew off the top with the elbow drop, and despite the hook of the leg, Willard forced his shoulder off the mat before the three-count. But Eddie Patton wasn't about to let a second opportunity pass him by. Patton flipped Willard over, grabbed his legs and hoisted him in the air ... before planting him into the mat with the wheelbarrow driver. The rookie then pointed to the fans and smiled - seconds later, Patton had Willard hooked for the Circuit Breaker ... and his first victory in New ERA.

WINNER: Eddie Patton

Damian Stone vs. Eugene King

The dreaded "travel bug" struck at Cyberstrike 12 as neither Eugene King nor Damian Stone were able to make it to the arena for their match. As a result, the match was cancelled.

WINNER: Cancelled

Richard Dweck vs. Husani Dakarai

Uncharacteristically quiet in the week leading up to New ERA's 75th show, "Mr. Amazing" Richard Dweck seemed off his game. If Dweck were up against a lesser competitor, he may have been able to pull off a victory, however Husani Dakarai continued to prove he is anything BUT a lesser competitor. "The Madman from the Motherland" looked absolutely ferocious as he stepped into the ring. Despite being given one last chance to avoid his opponent's wrath, Dweck stayed in the ring as the bell rang. The poor kid never had a chance. Dakarai charged "Mr. Amazing" and took his head off with a clothesline. As New ERA's youngest star struggled to get to his feet, Husani Dakarai kicked him in square in the jaw. The crowd jeered as Dakarai grabbed Dweck by his throat and tossed him into the corner. "The Madman from the Motherland" rammed his forearm into Dweck's throat before whipping him into the opposite corner. As Dweck hit the corner, he was unable to avoid the massive six foot eight monster flying in after him. The huge splash squashed Dweck in the corner, but Dakarai wasn't finished as he hooked the waist of "Mr. Amazing" and sat him atop the turnbuckle. At this point, the fans were on their feet wondering just how much more Richard Dweck could take ... and they watched as the Madman placed Dweck's head between his legs and powerbombed him off the top rope. Dweck's body folded like an accordian as it hit the mat. Husani Dakarai rose to his feet, a wry smile crossing his face, as he made a cutting motion across his throat. New ERA's youngest star was dead in the water as Dakarai sent him to the ropes - seconds later Dweck fell victim to the Random Acts of Violence.

WINNER: Husani Dakarai

Larry Tact vs. Jonathan Marx

It was the battle of former World Heavyweight champions as Jonathan Marx stepped into the ring with Larry Tact - exactly four years to the day they last met in the squared circle at BANNED in the US! As the two men circled each other, it was Jonathan Marx would made the first move - going behind Tact and taking him to the mat with a leg sweep. Marx, ever the ring technician, immediately went for an ankle lock, but Tact was expecting just that and managed to roll out of it. Both men kipped up at exactly the same time, and Tact went for the clothesline .. Marx was right there and hooked the arm dropping Tact back to the mat! The crowd was hot as Larry Tact grabbed the ropes. Marx waited patiently for Tact rise, but as soon as he did, the "Gentleman" struck. Marx came at Tact and locked the waist, but New ERA's inaugural champion slammed the back of his head into Marx's jaw. While Marx was turned tending to his sore jaw, Larry Tact walked up behind him, hooked the waist, and took Marx up and over with the German Suplex. The "Tactilizing" One grabbed Marx off the mat and sent him to the ropes, but Marx hopped over the prone Tact on the return and as Tact jumped back to his feet, Marx hit a perfectly placed dropkick that sent Tact into the corner. Tact stormed out of the corner, but the "Gentleman" was waiting for him - a boot to the gut followed by a snap DDT sent Tact slumping to the mat. Marx grabbed Tact off the mat and set him up in the corner before reddening the chest with knife-edge chops that set off "Wooooo!" chants among the crowd. Despite the onslaught, Tact wasn't ready to give in, and grabbed Marx and returned the favor. If there's one thing that Jonathan Marx does best, it is finding an opponent's weakness and exploiting it. This match, Larry Tact's weakness was his lack of follow-through. After wailing on Marx with the chops, Tact turned and headed to the center of the ring, which gave Marx the perfect opportunity to charge behind him and send a shoulder to the back of Tact's knee. As Tact crumpled, Marx was right there with the Marxism. Despite his best efforts, Tact was unable to break the hold .. and four years to the day, Jonathan Marx got his revenge.

WINNER: Jonathan Marx

You WILL Remember

(After having his arm raised in victory, Marx slipped underneath the bottom rope and headed up the ramp, leaving his opponent in the ring. A volumnous "TACT! TACT! TACT!" chant stirred New ERA's inaugural champion and he pushed himself off the mat. Tact nodded to the fans at the Agganis Arena, but you could see in his eyes that he was disappointed that his momentary lack of ring presence cost his first bout of Season 3. Finally making his way back on his feet with the help of the ropes, Tact stood and kicked his leg a couple times, as the sting of the Marxism lingered. It was then that the crowd's attention immediately went to the rustling of the outside ring apron behind Tact. While Tact called for a microphone, a twisted white chair slid from underneath the ring. The crowd tried to warn Tact, but he mistook their cries. Finally, the eery white mask of Spectre poked out from underneath the ring. He scrambled out and grabbed the chair and slid into the ring. The ring attendant, standing in front of Larry Tact, saw Spectre standing behind the leader of the TACT LEGACY, and dropped his jaw and the microphone in unison. It was at this moment that Larry Tact realized something was wrong. It was just one second too late. Larry Tact turned to face Spectre, but instead watched as the white steel chair cut through the air and slammed into his head. The reaction from the crowd was swift as the entire arena was engulfed by jeers. As the chair dropped from his hand, the smiling mask of Spectre looked down at Larry Tact, admiring his work. Not completely happy, Spectre proceeded to drive the steel chair into the skull of Tact several more times - each shot more barbaric than the one before. Finally Spectre dropped the chair and left the ring. Or so we thought. Instead, Spectre grabbed a second chair and headed back into the ring. As Spectre prepared the Con-chair-to, Fanatic crashed through the curtain and jetted down the ramp. Immediately Spectre cleared the ring, and watched as Fanatic kneeled at his brother's side. The lights flicked, then went out completely. In the midst of the confusion, Spectre disappeared - as the lights came back on he was nowhere to be found.)

Mr. Entertainment vs. Yossi Hayat

After the EMTs and security aided Larry Tact out of the ring, Yossi Hayat prepared to make Mr. Entertainment pay for costing him the New ERA Championship at Cyberstrike 11. Entertainment continued to exhibit signs of his rapid descent into madness as he stumbled to the ring looking more disheveled than ever. Hayat attempted to give Entertainment a piece of his mind as the bell rang, but the most entertaining man on New ERA's roster ignored the Autistic Miracle. This sent Hayat over the edge and he attacked Mr. Entertainment from behind, driving his head into the top turnbuckle pad. Hayat spun Entertainment around and repeatedly drove his shoulder into the former champion's midsection. The referee eventually stepped in after Hayat failed to relent, but the "Smark Boy" swatted him away, almost causing a disqualification. After warning Hayat about putting his hands on a New ERA official, Hayat apologized profusely. This allowed Mr. Entertainment time to regroup, and the former champion caught Hayat with a school boy that nearly resulted in the three-count. Hayat stormed back to his feet, but Entertainment was waiting and took the Autistic Miracle up and over with the hip toss. Hayat once again charged at Entertainment, falling victim to the drop toe hold this time. Entertainment floated over the back of Hayat and locked on the side headlock, but Hayat grabbed the waist and spun himself over nearly catching Entertainment off guard. Luckily, Mr. Entertainment was able to roll out of the pin attempt, but when he dropped the elbow, he found no one there. As both men got back to their feet, Hayat charged at Entertainment ... but Entertainment side-stepped the spear attempt and watched as Hayat flew through the ropes and crashed into the barricade! The crowd began chanting, but Mr. Entertainment failed to follow up. He kneeled to the mat, threw his hands in the air, and lamented about the New ERA Championship being in the hands of someone else. The referee counted Hayat on the outside, but the Autistic Miracle was able to pull himself off the arena floor and roll into the ring before the ten. He walked up to the still-kneeling Mr. Entertainment and slapped him across the face. Entertainment's eyes raged and with the referee out of position, he introduced Yossi Hayat's nuts to his closed fist.

Entertainment picked Hayat apart from thereon in. After sending the Autistic Miracle to the ropes, Entertainment nailed a picture-perfect hurricanrana that sent Hayat flying into the corner. The former champion ran full-speed ahead, driving both knees into the face of his opponent. Entertainment dragged Hayat into the center of the ring before exiting the ring and climbing to the top rope. With a tear in his eye, Entertainment flew off the top rope and awed the crowd with the Shooting Entertainment. The cover, however, only netted him the two. Mr. Entertainment, seemingly dejected, moped to the corner before sliding down the turnbuckles into a sitting position. The referee counted, slowing as he neared ten, but Entertainment never budged. The referee finally stopped the count to check on the former Champion, but Entertainment stared blankly ahead. This gave Yossi Hayat time to recover, and the "Smark Boy" cautiously walked towards Entertainment, his hands covering his still-sore family jewels. As Hayat reached down to grab the former champion, Entertainment snapped, grabbing Hayat by the head and hitting a jawbreaker. Hayat fell backwards, knocking the referee to the mat in the process. Entertainment rose to his feet, grabbed Hayat and set him up for the stun gun. As Hayat fell victim to That's Entertainment! Adrian Willard flew from the back like a bat out of hell! Entertainment poked at the referee with his boot, finally managing to stir him .. but while the referee slowly rose to his feet, Willard spun Entertainment around, booted him in the gut, and took him out with the Higher Vision. The referee turned around and saw Hayat's arm placed over Mr. Entertainment's chest .. and once again "the Prophecy" snapped victory from the hands of the former Champion.

WINNER: Yossi Hayat

New ERA Championship

The First vs. Fanatic (c)

Cashing in his banked Championship shot, The First entered the ringside area exuding confidence. Trailed by Cameron Cruise, Muse and Adrian Willard, one would have thought Satan himself had stepped into the ring. Needless to say, after the events that transpired earlier in the evening, "the Elite Enigma" Fanatic seemed pre-occupied. If First thought the match was in the bag, Fanatic proved him wrong right from the get go. Fanatic ignored First's provocations and immediately sent him crashing into the corner. First came back with a clothesline attempt, but the "Elite Enigma" ducked and responded with one of his own. As First jumped to his feet, Fanatic cut him off and hooked the tights for a snap suplex - but he refused to let go, instead rolling back to his feet with First still in his grip for a second snap suplex. On the outside, Cruise and Willard circled the ring like vultures. The New ERA Champion flipped Cruise the bird, setting him off. As Cruise tried to get into the ring, the referee ran over creating the perfect opportunity for Adrian Willard to slide into the ring and attack Fanatic from behind. But Fanatic was one step ahead of Willard and whipped the First right into "the Prophecy." First went down like a ton of bricks as Willard flipped over the top rope to the arena floor. Their first, but definitely not their last, attempt to cheat Fanatic out of the Championship foiled, the two men regrouped with Muse. The "Elite Enigma" went right back to First, grabbing the tights and hoisting him to his feet. First tried to counter with a thumb to the eyes, but Fanatic caught his hand and twisted his wrist as far as it could go. Fanatic sent First to the mat with a fireman's carry, but kept his wrist locked tight. As the First struggled in the wristlock, Fanatic pulled as hard as he could and nearly popped the hand right off. First managed to kick his foot far enough that it grazed the bottom rope and the referee forced the break.

Seeing the perfect opportunity, Willard and Cruise separated once more and this time it was Willard who hopped onto the ring apron to distract the referee. Fanatic spun around to face Cruise, but Cruise was nowhere to be found. That's because Cruise circled back to Willard and slid underneath the bottom rope while the referee walked Willard to the ring steps. Cruise charged toward Fanatic, clipping the knee from behind and rolling out of the ring before the referee turned around. The crowd exploded in jeers as First hooked the leg, but luckily for New ERA, the "Elite Enigma" would not go down without a fight. With momentum on his side, First made sure to milk it for all it was worth. Still nursing his wrist, First stomped the Champion repeatedly, digging the heel of his boot into the side of Fanatic's torso. As Fanatic reached for the ropes, the most reviled champion in New ERA history dragged him back into the middle of the ring, before he dropped the knee right into the sternum. The air forced from his lungs, Fanatic shot up to a sitting position, giving First the perfect opportunity to connect with the Shining Wizard! The crowd cursed collectively as First began to ascend the ropes for the Cut the Thread. As he stood on the top rope, First saw Fanatic move, and being the ring veteran he is, First jumped off the top. Fanatic fell for the test and rolled out of the way ... instead of having First crash to the mat next to him, Fanatic got the elbow dropped into the small of his back. First whispered something into the champion's ear ... and then locked on the crippler crossface! With the New ERA Champion struggling to break the hold, the members of the Shadow Cult celebrated on the outside. Prematurely. Fanatic fought through the pain. There was no way in hell he would let the First destroy everything he held dear. Eventually, First realized he would get nowhere and released the hold - but not without driving an elbow into the back of the "Elite Enigma's" head first.

It was a rollercoaster ride for the fans inside the Agganis Arena as Fanatic and First exchanged momentum, but it was Fanatic who would get the upperhand. After First miscalculated a handspring elbow into the corner, the "Elite Enigma" knocked First out with a spinning heel kick. The New ERA Champion placed his opponent on the top rope and climbed to the top with him. The belly-to-belly superplex caused the loudest pop of the night, and as the referee's hand struck the mat for the third time, it was pandemonium. But their celebrations were cut short as the referee held up only TWO fingers. For the Champion, however, this was only a momentary set back. He grabbed the leader of the Shadow Cult off the mat and sent him to the ropes, catching him on the return with the Flash! First toppled to the mat, his eyes rolled to the back of his skull. As Fanatic walked around the ring riling the fans up, Muse did what she does best - she walked up the ring steps and caught the eye of the referee. As Muse argued with the referee, Fanatic stormed over and did what every single person in the arena wish they could have done - he pushed her off! Muse yelped as she landed ass-first on the arena floor ... to the SECOND loudest pop of the night. The referee scolded the New ERA Champion and, much to the chagrin of Fanatic, exited the ring to check on First's partner-in-crime. Like sharks sensing blood, Cruise and Willard pushed the ring attendants out of their chairs and slid into the ring, cornering the New ERA Champion. Without his brother to step in, Fanatic did his best .. after wrestling the chair out of Cruise's hands, he sent "the Crippler" over the top rope to the arena floor with a dropkick. The "Elite Enigma" dropped the chair and beckoned Willard to make his move. Willard stared at Fanatic, then down at First, then at Fanatic once more. It was then that Jonathan Marx stormed from the back, sick and tired of First and his lackeys trying to steal another New ERA Championship.

Marx clotheslined Cruise as he raced by, sending "the Crippler" head over heels. When the "Gentleman" slid into the ring and grabbed the chair, the numbers were not in Adrian Willard's favor. But you have to give him credit, he tried anyway. Failed, but tried. Marx held the chair on the mat as Willard charged, and Fanatic took him down with the drop toe hold. Willard met the chair face-first and Marx gently nudged him from the ring. With the First back on his feet, Marx and Fanatic finally had the chance to give First a taste of his own medicine. First charged at Fanatic, ducking underneath the clothesline. He put on the brakes as Jonathan Marx swung the steel chair. The arena went quiet. The sound of steel meeting bone echoed off the walls. Fanatic's eyes rolled backwards and he fell to the mat. Jonathan Marx couldn't stop the momentum after First ducked ... and now he watched as Fanatic laid on the mat. He dropped the chair to the mat as Cameron Cruise pulled him from behind to the outside and held him on the arena floor. Muse jumped to her feet and pointed the referee to the ring where First was covering the "Elite Enigma." The referee slid into position and made the count .. not seeing First's feet on the second rope for added leverage. As the bell rang and the First was handed the New ERA Championship, the roof of the Agganis Arena blew off ... the fans were livid. The Shadow Cult had done it once again. Cruise and Willard slid into the ring to celebrate with the First ... and the show cut to black as the camera focused on Jonathan Marx, holding his face in his hands.

WINNER: The First (won New ERA Championship)

( the end )