[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jul. 23, 2011
AIRED: Aug. 04, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 11

[Webstream coming active in 10.


- FLASH -]

TRIPP: "If you thought you knew what was going to happen tonight ... you'd be DEAD wrong!"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting back in their old digs. Not a single "Mr. Entertainment" cut-out, banner or button anywhere in sight.)

NEWMAN: "Man, oh man, Jason! I can't tell you how nice it is to have our old studio back.. and back we are .. PrimeTime is in the books .. where the New ERA Championship battle between Mr. Entertainment and Fanatic spanned not one ... not two ... but THREE matches throughout the evening!"

TRIPP: "Fanatic won the Championship for the second, and final, time of the night in the Cage Match .. and now he had to defend the TACT LEGACY against the "Smark Boy" Yossi Hayat."

(The camera cuts to a different angle and the two turn toward the second camera.)

NEWMAN: "Tonight we saw six incredible matches, including tonight's main event for the New ERA Championship, as Cyberstrike 11 kicked off the THIRD season in this new era of New ERA!"

(The six lineups come on screen - three on the left, three on the right.)

TRIPP: "Cyberstrike 11 was another premier event quality show .. the First and Mr. Entertainment engaged in a knockdown, dragout fight .. Suicide and Cameron Cruise left nothing to the imagination, and even our newest stars lit up the night as Husani Dakarai and Eddie Patton fought tooth-and-nail."

NEWMAN: "If this show was any indication, Season 3 is going to be New ERA's greatest season yet!"

TRIPP: "You'll get no disagreement from me, Natalie! Let's go through the rundown of what happened on this night ... the start of something beautiful."

Husani Dakarai vs. Eddie Patton

With his livelihood taken away from him by an unjust and unforgiving system, Husani Dakarai turned to New ERA for solace. Having to choose between the street's siren call, and the potential return to Hell, or the squared circle, the choice was easy. Dakarai chose sanctioned violence. On the other side of the spectrum, Eddie Patton looked to New ERA as a calling - to inspire a future generation. In the opening match of Season 3, you could not have paired two men who were more different. Even before the bell's vibrations faded, "the Madman from the Motherland" struck. Dakarai nearly took Patton's head off with a clothesline so stiff, sixty-year-old men across the country were clogging the phonelines to see if it was available in pill form. The fans groaned as Patton was ripped ot his feet and tossed into the ropes. Through parted fingers, the fans in the front row watched as Patton was able to flip up and over Dakarai's shoulders, escaping the backdrop driver. Patton landed on his feet and spun "the Madman" around. Dakarai, caught off guard by "Electric" Eddie's refusal to quit while he was still breathing, was unable to block the dropkick that sent him reeling into the corner. The crowd was hot. Patton could feel the electricity. He charged into the corner after Dakarai and hit slammed the knee into his chest. As the crowd cheered him on, Eddie Patton stood on the second turnbuckle and drove fist after fist into "the Madman's" skull. If Dakarai wanted a fight, by God, Eddie Patton was going to give him one. As the fans counted with every shot to the face, Patton wrapped his hands around Dakarai's neck and stepped onto his thighs - but the move was blocked. Dakarai broke the locked fingers of Eddie Patton and tossed him from the corner. The fun .. was about to begin.

Patton pushed himself off the mat as Dakarai stormed toward him. "The Madman" grabbed a handful of his opponent's black hair and yanked him to his feet. His wild eyes focusing their rage on Patton, "the Madman from the Motherland" rammed the knee into the ribcage. Again. Again. Four times. Five. The crowd began to litter the ring with their jeers as Dakarai dropped Patton to the mat. Husani Dakarai let the pent up rage flow forth as he dropped the elbow into the sternum of his opponent. No attempt at a cover - he wasn't done yet. With Patton on his feet, barely, Dakarai sent the rookie to the ropes. Expecting Patton to return, Dakarai prepared for the backbody drop .. except Patton didn't return. A confused Dakarai paused and stood up - just long enough for the perched Patton to leap off the ropes with the reverse crossbody block. The fans exploded as Patton soared through the air, but the arena went awfully quiet when "the Madman" caught him. A quick rearranging and Dakarai drove Patton into the mat with a powerslam. Still no count. Dakarai set "Electric" Eddie on the top turnbuckle. What better way to get the most bang for your buck, right? Wrong. As Dakarai struggled to find his footing as both men straddled the top rope, Patton took full advantage. Patton grabbed the legs of his opponent and sent him flying from the top rope to the mat with a fireman's carry! As Dakarai lay motionless in the ring, Eddie Patton played to the crowd. Nothing could stop the young upstart from claiming victory in his first match. Or so he thought. Patton measured Dakarai before taking to the air with the frog splash. The moment when Patton realized Dakarai put up his knees was evident from the look on his face. "The Madman from the Motherland" grabbed Patton off the mat and sent him to the ropes. As Patton returned, Husanai Dakarai lifted him in the air, spun and drove him to the mat with the colossal spinebuster known as the Random Acts of Violence. Three seconds later and Dakarai had his first victory in a New ERA ring.

WINNER: Husani Dakarai

Adrian Willard vs. Damian Stone

After spending the last few months on the disabled list, and bouyed by an incredible showing against CSWA superstar Hornet, Adrian Willard made his triumphant return to New ERA against newcomer Damian Stone. The two men met in the middle of the ring but it wasn't long before Willard took advantage of the situation. Willard walloped Stone with a closed fist sending him to the ropes. As Stone tried to brace himself, "the Prophecy" grabbed his arm and sent him into the corner. Stone drove a boot into Willard's mid-section, but Willard caught the boot and swung it to the side. After drilling Stone with a forearm shot underneath the jaw, "the Prophecy" drove the knee into his opponent's gut doubling him over. A quick DDT took Stone to the mat, but the cover only netted Willard a two-count. As "the Prophecy" rose to his feet, Damian Stone reached up to grab his tights. Willard, looking down at his opponent, smiled before repeatedly introducing his fist into the side of Stone's head. Eventually Damian Stone reached the ropes and the referee wedged in between the two men. Willard tossed his hands in the air as he was forced to walk to the center of the ring and wait for Stone to rise. Stone did just that, but Willard circled like a vulture, charging forward and sending Stone head over heels with a clothesline. Willard grabbed Stone from the mat and hoisted him on the shoulder before running halfway across the ring and planting Stone with the powerslam. Another cover, another two-count. The entire arena rallied around Stone, but it wasn't enough. As Damian Stone struggled to get to his feet, Willard spun him around, doubled him over with a kick to the gut, and secured his first victory of Season 3 with the Higher Vision.

WINNER: Adrian Willard

Richard Dweck vs. Eugene King

The crowd roared as "Mr. Amazing" Richard Dweck drove through the curtains in his Amazing-mobile. New ERA's youngest superstar, an everyday superhero, had quite the task in front of him as he looked to build on a streak that saw him bank a shot at the New ERA Championship. However he had a tall order in front of him in Eugene King. The difference between the two was striking. King, standing six foot ten and weighing in at 280 pounds was practically TWICE the size of the five foot five, 171 pound Dweck. With his nostrils flaring, King made the first move, but Dweck used his speed and size to his advantage. Repeated attempts by King to catch even a sliver of Dweck proved fruitless. Dweck avoided lock-up after lock-up - ducking underneath and connecting with shots to the torso of his opponent. Dweck lured King into the corner and barely avoided a very messy situation when King caught "Mr. Amazing" on the top rope. As King grabbed onto the legs of Dweck, the young star hooked the head and leapt off the top, over the shoulder of his opponent, and sent the back of King's head crashing into the mat. Dweck jumped to his feet and made a quick cover, but was nearly tossed out of the ring by Eugene King. Dweck wasted no time in bringing King to his feet, but this time "Mr. Amazing" wasn't able to escape. King grabbed Dweck around the neck with one hand and tossed him into the corner so hard that the ring literally shook. With Dr. Sweeney in a different state, King's rage took center stage. King placed the heel of his boot across the throat of "Mr. Amazing" and watched as the young upstart flailed under the pressure. He ignored the referee's admonishments and let the crowd's displeasure roll past him. As the referee came close to calling the bell, King finally broke the choke and drove whatever air was in Dweck's lungs out with a vicious shoulder to the gut.

Dweck was doubled over and this allowed King to easily hook the head for a cradle piledriver. With Dweck on the mat, Eugene King had no trouble venting his anger. The force of the kicks to his torso left imprints on the red bodysuit. Dweck eventually rolled underneath the bottom rope, but even then he wasn't safe. King charged the far ropes and came back with a baseball slide that sent "Mr. Amazing" crashing into the guardrail. With Dweck lying in a heap on the outside, Eugene King paced inside the ring, his inner turmoil boiling over. The fans cheered. The clapped. They did everything in their power to will Richard Dweck to his feet before the referee finished his count. Finally, as the referee reached seven, "Mr. Amazing" stirred. The everyday superhero pushed himself off the arena floor and rose to his feet. The Agganis Arena buzzed as Dweck rolled into the ring at nine. King lifted his boot and drove it down - but Dweck rolled out of the way! He tried again - and again Dweck avoided him. Dweck snapped to his feet and grabbed King from behind running him into the ropes! The fans popped as he rolled back and pinned King's shoulders to the mat. One - Two - but the three eluded him. Dweck went to the corner again, sensing his opportunies growing fewer and farther between. As it turned out, those opportunities were long gone. Dweck climbed the turnbuckle pads as Eugene King watched. When "Mr. Amazing" finally turned around and faced his opponent, the six foot ten King's hand shot up, wrapped itself around the throat of Dweck, and finished him off with the chokeslam. As King hooked the leg, picking up the victory with the Psychosis, his demeanor seemed to lighten ever so slightly. Perhaps wrestling is exactly the therapy he needs.

WINNER: Eugene King

Cameron Cruise vs. Suicide

The last time Cameron Cruise was in the same ring with Suicide, it was when he smacked a steel chair upside Suicide's skull causing him to lose against Beast in Empire Pro Wrestling. You could sense the tension between the two men as soon as Muse left the ring. After the bell rang, Cruise cockily walked right up to the man, the myth, the legend and smacked him across the face. Suicide responded in kind and sent "the Crippler" spinning around in place before grabbing the torso and sending him to the mat with a side slam. Suicide bounced to his feet as Cruise rolled underneath the ropes and conferred with Muse. After a few moments to gather his bearings, Cruise rolled back into the ring and drove a boot into the incoming Suicide's gut. Cruise hooked the head and dropped to the mat with a DDT as the fans jeered. Cruise pulled Suicide into the center of the ring before charging the ropes and coming back to drop the elbow, but as soon as Cruise stood over Suicide and began the downward momentum, the man, the myth, the legend moved out of the way. Cruise held his elbow as Muse winced on the outside and Suicide straddled "the Crippler" and drove the closed fists right into Cruise's head. The crowd counted all the way to ten and cheered as Suicide got to his feet and pointed at the corner. Suicide hooked the legs of Cruise and sent him flying face-first into the top turnbuckle and without missing a beat, Suicide hooked the waist and planted Cruise to the mat with a gordbuster. The entire arena stood up out of their seats as Suicide climbed to the top rope and measured his opponent - flying off with the front somersault legdrop off the top rope! Somehow Cameron Cruise managed to get the shoulder up after the Suicide Legdrop. Muse banged the apron with her hands to rally Cruise, but Suicide turned up the pressure by wrapping the legs around "the Crippler's" head for the triangle hold. Seeing that Cruise would not quit, Suicide was forced to release the triangle hold after what seemed like an eternity. Despite the beating, Cameron Cruise was not finished.

After Suicide brought him to his feet and sent him to the ropes, "the Crippler" dodged a roaring elbow, rebounded off the opposite ropes, and nailed the flying forearm smash on Suicide. The man, the myth, the legend was rocked .. and neither man seemed able to make it to their feet before the ten count. However, Cruise's second wind kicked in, and as the referee hit nine, both men made their move - Suicide pushing himself to a sitting position and Cruise kipped up to his feet. Suicide looked up at the standing Cruise, if only for a second, before "the Crippler" put Suicide back down the with shining wizard. Cruise walked around the ring with swagger before grabbing Suicide by the mask and hoisting him against the ropes. Cruise took a few steps to the center of the ring before turning and charging at Suicide with the clothesline. Suicide stopped Cruise in his tracks with a boot to the gut ... but couldn't stop Cruise from grabbing him and going over the top rope to the arena floor with him. With Cruise and Suicide on the outside, Muse hopped onto the apron and distracted the referee. As Suicide laid on the arena floor, Cruise made his way over to the front row and pushed a fan off his chair. Cruise turned and snarled that he was going to "end Suicide's career," but as he slammed the chair down, Suicide rolled toward the ring steps. Cruise smirked as he watched Suicide try his hardest to "escape." But Suicide didn't try to escape, and as Cruise lifted the chair over his head again, Suicide swept the leg out from underneath "the Crippler." Cruise fell to one knee, the chair falling next to him. Both men scrambled to their feet, and as Cruise grabbed the chair and turned to put Suicide out of commission, he failed to notice that Suicide had a chair himself. Cruise's eyes widened as Suicide drove the eerily look white chair over his head. Cruise dropped to the arena floor, the fans' chair falling next to him. Muse dropped to the arena floor after seeing Cruise clobbered ... and she was helpless as Suicide rolled Cruise into the ring, hit the Burning Hammer, and covered him for the three-count. The crowd roared as Suicide rolled back out of the ring. As Suicide was leaving the ringside area, he noticed the white chair he used earlier ... and took it with him as he made his way to the back.

WINNER: Suicide

The First vs. Mr. Entertainment

After nearly destroying Jonathan Marx at PrimeTime, New ERA's most reviled Champion, The First, had another mammoth task in front of him as he took on Mr. Entertainment. First, and everyone at the Agganis Arena, were thrown for a loop when Entertainment walked slowly to the ring mumbling to himself. Disheveled, Mr. Entertainment sat in a corner paying no attention to the referee trying to check him for foreign objects. As the bell rang, Entertainment hopped to his feet and stared at First. First cautiously walked towards New ERA's most entertaining superstar, but as soon as he got within a few feet, Mr. Entertainment ducked underneath an imaginary clothesline and raced to the other side of the ring. First turned and cocked his head to his side as Entertainment yelled that he was ready for whatever "the Elite Enigma" had up his sleeves. Confused, the First came after Entertainment again, and as Entertainment tried to escape a second time, First drove a knee into the ribcage of the former New ERA Champion. Shrugging his shoulders, First drove a forearm into the lower back of Mr. Entertainment and sent him chest-first into the ropes. As Entertainment stumbled backwards, First hooked the arms and hit a reverse butterfly suplex. First hooked the leg, but was only able to get a two-count as Entertainment frantically kicked out. Entertainment shot to his feet and jumped in the air for a hurricanrana ... except First was nowhere near him. First raised an eyebrow as he grabbed Entertainment as he was getting to his feet, and the swinging neckbreaker took the obviously devastated former Champion to the mat. First ripped Entertainment to his feet by the hair and sent him careening into the corner with an irish whip. Displaying pure athleticism, First floored Mr. Entertainment with a handspring back elbow in the corner. As Entertainment wobbled out of the corner, First ran against the far ropes and took his opponent to the mat with a running spear.

Despite his earlier missteps, Mr. Entertainment was able to rebound after catching First lingering on the top rope. Entertainment slapped the leg out from underneath the most reviled Champion in New ERA history and followed it up by climbing to the top with him! First hooked his foot and blocked the first superplex attempt, but a headbutt from Entertainment loosened him up for the second try. Entertainment made the cover, but First wasn't about to go easily into the night. With both men struggling to get to their feet, the crowd stomped on the arena floor. Entertainment got to his feet first and sent First into the ropes. First ran up the ring ropes as Entertainment charged in afterwards, and despite flipping over the top of New ERA's most entertaining superstar, First wasn't able to capitalize as Entertainment connected with a superkick to the jaw. With the match winding down, Entertainment grabbed onto First's waist for the stun gun setup, but a thumb to the eye stopped him in his place. First grabbed Entertainment by the back of the head and tossed him over the top rope to the arena floor. As First was walking to the center of the ring, he twisted his ankle, falling to the mat. He urged the referee to help him back to his feet. Meanwhile, as Mr. Entertainment used the guardrail to get back to his feet, the big screens at the top of the rampway illuminated. Entertainment looked on in horror as a picture of Fanatic from PrimeTime, holding the New ERA Championship in the air, filled the big screens. Entertainment's eyes welled, his lip quivered, and his fists began to ball. While Entertainment stared at picture of Fanatic and while First was being helped to his feet in the ring, Adrian Willard came out of the crowd and hopped over the guardrail. Grabbing a pair of brass knuckles from Muse, Willard spun Entertainment around and creamed him. Willard rolled the motionless Entertainment back into the ring, a huge smile on his face. Suddenly, First's twisted ankle magically got better! He leapt to the top rope like a cat ... and before you knew it, Entertainment was on the receiving end of the Cut the Rope. As the referee held The First's arm in the air, the fans revolted as Willard rolled into the ring and embraced First and Muse. The three left the ring, leaving Entertainment dazed in the ring.

WINNER: The First

Remember Me?

(The arena went dark as the big screens lit up, causing the fans to take notice. The scene cut to the back of the Agganis Arena. The loading dock, specifically, as the camera zoomed in to a remote corner where a dumpster is sitting. Rats scurried along the ground as the camera panned down from the dumpster and showed the barely visible outline of a mysterious figure standing hidden by the shadows. Out of darkness the figure spoke.)

VOICE: "Larry Larry quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Hi Larry. Remember me? How you been snookems? You don't call, don't write. Can't take a moment to think of your old pal. Silly rabbit. So tell me what's new, Larry? I mean what's really good? Still rocking the leather pants I see. They look a little tight in the crotch, how you move around in those things?"

(He giggled.)

VOICE: "Ah, but that's neither here nor there. The thing is... you hurt my feelings, Larry. Sweet little old me. Left for dead like one of your ten cent junkie hookers. You're a mean one, Larry Tact, yes you are. Always hustling and bustling about. Too busy tinting your bangs or mixing drinks at the minibar with Harry Tact to think of your old friend. That's not the Tact legacy, nooo... Mr. NEW's too big for that now!"

(The mysterious figure was now agitated as he muttered incoherently to himself. Then, an awkward moment of silence. Finally, the silence is broken by the sound of boisterous laughter piercing the blackness, and the figure speaks again.)

VOICE: "Oh Larry, who loves ya baby? You know, If I were the mean spirited type I would have told the New ERA Universe how I saw you sticking needles through your tights backstage. I would have told them 'bout the coke and the male strippers for you and Harry. But see Larry, I'm not that kind of guy. I respect your right to privacy, and besides you know that I forgive you! I can see how upset you are for what you've done. But fear not Larry, your old pal has come to New ERA. It's going to be just like old times now. It's gonna be a blast. We're gonna have all sorts of fun together Larry, it's going to be great!"

(The figure hummed gleefully and danced a little jig, as we catch a glimpse of white boots peeking out from the darkened shadows.)

VOICE: "Don't worry Larry, I've got just the song to serenade you with and I've got just the instrument to make beautiful music between us..."

(Something was hurled out of the shadows, landing on the pavement. The camera panned down and we see the image of a white steel chair, all bent out of shape. The crowd oohs and ahhs as the big screens went black and the arena lights came back on.)

New ERA Championship

Yossi Hayat vs. Fanatic (c)

Shortly afterwards, Yossi Hayat stormed to the ring with confidence as he cashed in his banked Championship shot against "the Elite Enigma" Fanatic. The "Smark Boy" and "the Elite Enigma" circled each other in the center of the ring, both men waiting for the other to make the first move. Ultimately it was the New ERA Champion himself who would step forward and grab the arm of his opponent, yanking him forward into a short-arm clothesline. Hayat was quick to his feet, however, and immediately locked the arm of Fanatic and wrung it behind his back. Fanatic wasn't one to be caught offguard and hooked the head of Hayata before dropping to the mat and driving the Autistic Mircale's jaw into his shoulder. While Hayat tended to his jaw, Fanatic raced to the ropes and came back with a beautiful crossbody block for a two-count. On the outside, Larry Tact shouted words of encouragement to his younger brother and Fanatic responded in-kind by scooping Yossi Hayat off the mat and sending him chest-first into the corner. With Hayat in the corner, the New ERA Champion charged in behind him planting his feet into the small of the back with a dropkick. Hayat slid down the turnbuckle pads and rested face-first on the bottom pad. He wasn't there for long as "the Elite Enigma" grabbed him by the ankles and dragged him to the center of the ring. Fanatic flipped the Autistic Miracle onto his back and dropped the elbow, but Hayat managed to roll out of the way. With Fanatic down on the mat, Hayat attempted to crawl to the ropes, but the Champion reached over and grabbed onto his legs. Hayat tried shaking Fanatic off, but the Champion pulled him back into the center of the ring and locked the ankle submission. The "Smark Boy" immediately began yelping in pain, but he refused to give in. Seeing that this was fruitless, Fanatic eventually released the ankle and made his way back to his feet.

With both men on their feet, they locked up in the middle of the ring. Fanatic easily overpowered his opponent, doubled him over with a well-placed knee, and hooked the arms for a butterfly suplex. Hayat crashed to the mat, but was close enough to the ropes to pull himself into them. The referee stood between the two competitors and warned Fanatic to stay back. Yossi Hayat made sure to take his time as he made his way back up, and as Fanatic finally had the opportunity to get back to work, Hayat stopped him with a thumb to the eye! Fanatic immediately turned to the center of the ring, giving Hayat a perfect opportunity to rebound off the ropes and plant the New ERA Champion with a bulldog. Hayat rolled "the Elite Enigma" over, but was only able to secure a two-count. The crowd got on Hayat's case, but the Autistic Miracle's attention was solely on the Champion. He scooped Fanatic off the mat and brought him to the ropes before dragging the Champion's head across the top rope. With Fanatic on the defensive, the "Smark Boy" hooked the waist and brought him up and over with a belly-to-back suplex. Hayat grabbed the New ERA Champion and pulled him into the corner. With Fanatic resting in the corner, Yossi Hayat ran to the opposite side and charged in - driving both knees right into the face of "the Elite Enigma." Fanatic slumped to the mat as Hayat pulled him so that his throat rested on the second rope. Hayat ran to the far ropes and on the way back, leapt in the air and landed on the back of his opponent. Larry Tact watched with a concerned look on his face as Hayat bounced repeatedly on his younger brother's back. The referee finally stepped in and forced Hayat to break the cycle of pain.

As the match wound down, the two men exchanged momentum. Hayat hoisted Fanatic up in the air for a powerbomb, but the Champion blasted the Autistic Miracle at the peak and countered with a beautiful hurricanrana that sent Hayat across the ring. The fans cheered as Fanatic rose to his feet, shaking off the match's effects, and slowly made his way over to Hayat. Fanatic reached down, but as he did Hayat reached up and grabbed his head for the small package. The air was sucked out of the Agganis Arena as the referee's hand slammed the mat three times ... but the entire arena shook as he jumped to his feet and signaled that it was only a two-count. Both men scrambled to their feet and met with a collar-and-elbow lockup. As they fought back and forth for control, the entire arena broke out into jeers as Mr. Entertainment stumbled out from behind the curtain, his eyes bloodshot and his arms outstretched. Hayat slammed a knee into the stomch of the New ERA Champion, hooked the head and set Fanatic up for a Tornado DDT ... but he stopped to watch as Entertainment continued down the ramp. This gave "the Elite Enigma" enough time to hook his hands around the waist of Hayat and bring him up and over for the northern lights suplex. Hayat kicked out at two and immediately met Fanatic as both men got up. Hayat slammed a fist into the New ERA Champion's head as Mr. Entertainment made his way around the ring. Hayat whipped Fanatic into the ropes ... and into the referee! With the referee down, Fanatic turned and was met with a flying forearm by the Autistic Miracle. Meanwhile, Entertainment ran over to the ring attendant and grabbed the New ERA Championship. Larry Tact stormed around the outside and began chasing the former Champion around the ring while Yossi Hayat lifted Fanatic off the mat. Tact nearly got a hold on Entertainment before he rolled into the ring. With Entertainment cradling the belt, Yossi Hayat dropped what he was doing, walked up behind Entertainment and spun him around. In a fit of confusion, Mr. Entertainment knocked Hayat upside the head with the Championship belt, and after seeing what he had done, dropped the belt to the mat. Larry Tact pulled Entertainment to the outside and tossed him into the guardrail -- but the damage was done. The referee came to his feet as Fanatic rolled the "Smark Boy" onto his back ... and thanks to Mr. Entertainment, "the Elite Enigma" remained the New ERA Champion.

WINNER: Fanatic (retained New ERA Championship)

The Legacy

(As Fanatic sat in the ring, the New ERA Championship laying beside him, Larry Tact kicked the scurrying Entertainment in the ass and sent him up the ramp. Tact then grabbed a microphone and entered the ring as the referee helped Hayat to the outside. Hayat pled his case, but the referee, not seeing anything, merely shook his head "no.")

TACT: "Since PrimeTime, I've been thinking on the state of New ERA. I've been thinking about ways that the Tact Legacy, with Fanatic as New ERA Champion, can create some opportunities we haven't seen before in this company. And it's forced me to reflect… I've had to consider just what deserves to be included in that process. What is it that should be focused on, with Fanatic at the forefront? And I came to the conclusion that it isn't necessarily what… but who?"

(Tact paused as Fanatic rolled to the outside and celebrated his victory with the fans at ringside.)

TACT: "Over the past 18 months, I've had an opportunity I didn't think was even possible, which is to reunite with my brother. And it wasn't easy, either. You see us now, writing the next chapters of the Tact Legacy. You've watched me oversee Fanatic, as he has risen through the ranks, and dethroned our Champion of Entertainment… replacing him with the Craze Era, a true Champion of Wrestling. But there were periods that weren't so smooth. All families have their problems, but imagine seeing a member of your family for the first time in a decade. A lot changes over that time. There were a lot of questions, and not a lot of common ground. In the end, though, we've bridged that gap, and the Tact Legacy is stronger than ever, something that makes his achievement even more fulfilling. Beyond that, though, there's another gap that I feel needs to be bridged. Leading up to this week, I heard Yossi mentioned something that I've been thinking over. He said, 'If you start talking about real things, the Puppets will hate this.'"

(He looked down, made an amused noise, then ran a hand over his head before looking back up.)

TACT: "What do you say? Would you mind indulging me, and listening to what I think about that, and about how things REALLY are? Nothing but what's there, maybe hidden behind the divide between this ring and what's behind that stage entrance, but still there. Do you want to hear about that?"

(The crowd roared in approval.)

TACT: "There's a real irony to that statement of Yossi's because, if you look back to PrimeTime, who were the ones that walked away on top? You have Cameron Cruise… a man who, regardless whether I feel he's right or not, believes he deals in reality. He wants to be set in reality. The First, too… The First is someone who believes he's going to open people's eyes. He thinks he's a truth seer, or someone who sees the reality of the decay in what's gone on. He thinks he can manipulate the world like some kind of twisted architect…"

(The crowd's JEERS flood the arena. Tact motioned for them to quiet down, which they did slightly.)

TACT: "Maybe he should have gone the way of Doc Silver, and settled on manipulating card games instead of wrestling companies. Because unlike Doc, all that's happened since First won the title has been a descent, and his distancing from the title. We hear him say how it's his choice to do so, and he'll decide when to go after it. Is that really the case? What Champion loses a title, has an open shot at getting it back, and sits on it? Maybe he'll just keep waiting until that title shot expires, and that's his Ultimate Manipulation? I mean, then he can ride the excuse that he got screwed by New ERA taking it away from him, and not be exposed again in a title match. Yeah, go for it, First. Or is it just that he's just bruised from the fact that his Grand Plan didn't go so well, at BattleBRAWL. Somehow First didn't figure on Shawn Hart, a Heavyweight Champion the world over, really being capable of slapping the emo clear off the paint on his face, and forcing him to give up the title with his own hand… tapping."

(The crowd went wild and started a loud, "FIRST TAPPED OUT!" chant.)

TACT: "But they weren't all like that. We saw a guy like Richard Dweck… a young upstart. He's as raw as they come, because he's got only one thing to go on, and that's his own self. His own ideas, no acts or hooks. He's just a kid with a dream, and he's trying to live it. I can respect that he's earned a title shot, and I think he and Fanatic could honestly have a damn good match. But it's up to Richard if he really wants to tangle with my brother. Personally, I wouldn't dive right into a title match, at his stage. Dweck's got time, the truth is that he IS raw, and he wouldn't be ready to take on Fanatic right now. He doesn't have expectations from anyone here, he should enjoy that time. He's better off waiting. Otherwise, he's going to be throwing away a title shot, and who knows when another could come again? It may not be so easy the second time around, and I can assure you, Richard… if you cash in a shot against Fanatic… you'll need another." "And then there's… Suicide…"

(The crowd bursted out with cheers.)

TACT: "Yes, the Man…. the Myth… the Legend. If you just said there was a wrestler named Suicide, with that moniker, what would you honestly think of it? What is it, some kind of video game character? A backyard wrestling monkey? Maybe some erotic fantasy? I'm just saying, there are a lot of wild accusations that have been thrown out there. But of all people, I know better. Of all the people in this industry, I know about Suicide. And the only fantasies surrounding him are the crazy ideas of what he could be capable of. Like, for instance, a Burning Hammer on top of a video screen… He's only a myth in the minds of those who have been too scared to come tangle with the real thing. It's not like he's been gone for a decade, or anything like that. Just ask Scott Riktor, Brandon Thomas, and Tom Williams in LoC. You see, when you want to be a legend, you don't just stay in one place. And Suicide has allowed fans of different regions and nations to see him do what he's done since he was a teenager-- be it in NYWA, IWF, WAR, CWWF, RMWF, and others. It's pretty ridiculous that you hear people criticize him, considering that all he's wanted to do throughout, is wrestle. I guess that's the problem people have… he's too straightforward. He doesn't have an angle to play, or kiss ass. People can't handle it that he's succeeded where many failed, and against opponents that many pegged him to fall to. But after overcoming the odds, people couldn't handle it, because all he did to accomplish goals so many couldn't, was exactly what he came to do: wrestle. It doesn't leave a whole lot to contest, and that scares people."

(He paused as the crowd began a "SUICIDE!" chant.)

TACT: "I say this in acknowledgement of Suicide, because I've watched it with my own eyes. I'm not afraid to admit it. But this idea he has that I'm afraid of his presence? Winning the triple-threat at PrimeTime proved Suicide was the better wrestler at that pinnacle show, which is what he is capable of. What it did NOT prove was that I am somehow threatened by his presence, or needing to protect my place in New ERA. Larry Tact is not going anywhere, and not Suicide, Mister Entertainment, or anyone else can change what I've accomplished here. If anything, it only shows that Suicide is afraid to acknowledge who Larry Tact is, and what I represent. Winning at PrimeTime only gave him another reason to delude himself, to the point where I don't even think he knows the answer." "But I can understand why he doesn't get it. Unlike Suicide, I haven't been shunned and maybe shit on the world over. I haven't needed to feel oppressed and constantly criticized to succeed. I don't have a giant complex with the wrestling world. And neither does my brother. So while I congratulate Suicide, that shouldn't be taken as some white flag-- not from me, or the demons that he thinks I represent, whether from within or around him. Suicide has a title shot, and if he faces Fanatic with his baggage running wild before his eyes, then there's no way even the Man… the Myth… the Legend… will be able to overcome the New ERA Champion."

"But we're going to find out, aren't we? New ERA is all about opportunity for those who earn it, and for those with title shots, and who are willing to put them on the line… we're going to find out who can wrestle their way to victory. Because you see, what I realized over the past 18 months, watching my brother, is that he's not afraid of anything. He isn't afraid of taking chances, and finding out if he can rise to the challenge. He isn't going to shy away from being who he is, and if that's the New ERA Champion, then he's going to be the best damn Champion he can be!"

(The crowd cheered.)

TACT: "And you people, he cares about you. I can't say I've always been a crowd pleaser… I haven't always been someone who appreciated what the people want, and who you all admire. But watching Fanatic, and seeing how he feeds off of you to further elevate his game… it's something special. And I don't think it would be fair to ignore the role you all play. So this season, the Tact Legacy will be looking to do some things here to show our appreciation. We're going to find ways to give back to you, whether it's Fanatic defending the New ERA Championship, or ways outside the ring. There will be more to come, but just know that the Tact Legacy is dedicated to appreciating the fans, and all your contributions."

(The crowd exploded with cheers while Tact raised Fanatic's arm in the air. Fanatic held up the New ERA Championship, as "Fourth Legacy" by Kamelot played in the arena and the webisode cut to black.)

( the end )