[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: May 17, 2011
AIRED: May 19, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 10

[Webstream coming active in 10.


- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "Next stop ... PRIMETIME!"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind their new sparkling desk. Full-length Mr. Entertainment cardboard cutouts line the back wall - each in a different position. Newman and Tripp smile at the camera as "That's Entertainment!" by the Jam dies down.)

TRIPP: "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's Cyberstrike capped off a tumultuous season which saw the New ERA Championship change hands, Larry Tact inject himself back into action, and the retirement of one of New ERA's most celebrated champions, Chaos."

NEWMAN: "And with everything that has happened this season, you wouldn't think that there'd be much left to truly shock New ERA's fans."

(She smiles.)

NEWMAN: "But lo' and behold, leave it to our superstars to do just that!"

(Jason Tripp nods in agreement.)

TRIPP: "We had several great bouts tonight, even though one of the scheduled matches was scratched mid-show."

NEWMAN: "The travel fiascos continued at Cyberstrike 10 as Donovan Astros and Jonathan Marx couldn't make it to the arena in time - but as we found out, sometimes it is better to arrive late, than not at all."

TRIPP: "Championship shots were on the line. The New ERA Championship itself was on the line .. and now PrimeTime is on the horizon."

Fear the Truth

(The show opened with The First, Cameron Cruise, Muse and First's associates standing in the littered ring, the irate fans even tossing half-eaten hotdogs at the most hated members of New ERA's roster.)

FIRST: "We left this ring last week as winners.. So it is only right we start this week standing in this ring.. You see there is a balance to thngs.. An order.. Now I speak of chaos, I speak of destruction, but even at its heart, there is a pattern in the heart of chaos. When a lion sinks its teeth into a zebra, when a shark bites into a fish. It is violent, disruptive and devastating, but it is also a part of a harmony, the story of the world... Survival of the fittest. This is the way things have always been, man has forgotten these things, New ERA has forgotten these things.. Cameron Cruise and myself stand in this ring, because WE are strong, because WE are the ones who inflict pain, not suffer it.. We are the ones that push others to improve, to make them measure up to the high bar we set... For this all of New ERA, all you fans should be thankful, WE are why everyone in this company has stepped up their games, WE are why the men in that locker room know they can't slack off anymore or else this company is going to pass them by."

(The crowd erupted at the last statement, their jeers echoing over the Boston University campus.)

FIRST: "But instead of praise, instead of thanks, we're mocked, insulted by fools like Mr. Entertainment and Jonathan Marx, men who hide behind rules, hide behind order.. Jonathan Marx, I don't want to fight you, I want to BREAK you, at PrimeTime, I want our match to be an I QUIT match. There will be no rules, no laws to hide behind, we fight until one of us cracks, that is the only way our fight can be settled.. Now allow me to introduce to you the soon to be New ERA Champion.. The man you all boo only because you fear the truth.. Cameron Cruise!"

(Cruise stepped forward as The First handed off the mic to him. Cruise was greeted by a chorus of contorted faces, the hate spilling from their gaped mouths. He smirked.)

CRUISE: "Do you know what makes a human being decent? Fear. And therein lays the problem. Aside from the Truth, none of you has anything left to fear anymore. You rest comfortably in seats of inscrutable power, hiding behind your false idol, a man so awfully unoriginal it's irritating but nevertheless you sit, far from judgment, lives shrouded in secrecy even from one another. But not from God. And certainly not myself or my associate here, The First. Tonight I prove without a shadow of a doubt, why it is that Mister Entertainment has been sitting on borrowed time, holding with him a title that he knows deep down he's not ready for. Sure, he got past Chaos.. as unworthy an opponent as he was, and he managed to eke one out against me afew weeks ago as well as when New ERA emerged. But there's an old saying, Mister Entertainment; 'Too much pride can kill a man.'"

(Cruise paused for a moment as the crowd tried to burst through the security surround the guardrails.)

CRUISE: "Tonight, when we face off against each other with the New ERA Championship on the line, you get more than you bargained for. Forget about Fanatic. Forget about Larry Tact. Tonight I'm going to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that that title belongs around MY waist, not yours. And doing so means that that's a REALITY CHECK you just.. won't like."

(The First, Muse, his associates and Cameron Cruise left the ring – but not before Cameron Cruise stopped to lift his hands in triumph as the rest applauded in agreement.)

Carl Roberts vs. Richard Dweck

With PrimeTime coming up, the Agganis Arena was rocking early on as Carl Roberts tried to make up for his terrible first impression at Cyberstrike 08. Richard Dweck had other plans, however, and as the bell rang he struck fast and hard. Roberts was speared out of the gate and desperately tried to grip the mat as Dweck dragged him into the corner. Dweck tossed Roberts into the corner and pummeled him with closed fists so vicious the referee had to literally step between the two. As Roberts returned to his feet, the youngest star in New ERA history pounced - nailing the dropkick right under the jaw of his opponent and sending Roberts flipping over the top rope. Roberts landed safely, if you could call it that, on the apron, but Dweck was right there, grabbing his head and dropping the throat across the top rope. Roberts tumbled off the apron and crashed to the arena floor while Richard Dweck braced himself and went over the ring ropes with the plancha. The jazzed crowd popped at the aerial display and Dweck poured on the offense on the outside. Dweck yanked Roberts to his feet and sent the poor sap back-first into the guardrail before following in with a clothesline that sent Roberts into the crowd. The referee, not wanting the night to start off with a potential lawsuit, demanded that Dweck bring Roberts back into the ring. Dweck responded by hooking the head of Roberts and suplexing him over the guardrail back to ringside. When both men were in the ring, Richard Dweck punished Roberts with the full-nelson facebuster he calls AWEZOME. The beating Roberts took earlier in the match proved to be costly as he couldn't get the shoulder up in time allowing Dweck to take one step closer to banking a shot at the New ERA Championship.

WINNER: Richard Dweck

Rick Ridicule vs. Michael Montgomery

The debut of Rick Ridicule couldn't have come at a better time as the fans in the Agganis Arena were glued to their seats all night. Michael Montgomery, usually resigned to the fact that the bathrooms were more popular than his matches, seemed genuinely surprised by the amount of jeers he received as he walked to the ring. With thousands of pairs of eyes on the two men, Montgomery slipped behind Ridicule and took him over with a release German suplex that sent Ridicule into the ropes. Ridicule, not wanting to waste this opportunity, jumped to his feet and charged "the Magnificent One." But Montgomery was waiting, and he dropped to the mat as Ridicule rushed forward. Ridicule hopped over the prone body of Montgomery and headed to the ropes, but as he returned, "the Magnificent One" was back on his feet and the sound of Montgomery's boot as it connected with Ridicule's skull echoed throughout the arena. Ridicule went down in a blaze of glory, but the following pin attempt only yielded Montgomery a two-count. Montgomery yanked Ridicule to his feet and hooked the arm, but Ridicule fought back. Ridicule drove his elbow into "the Magnificent One's" bread basket and broke free, but Montgomery quickly recovered with a thumb to the eye. As Ridicule walked around half-blind, Michael Montgomery hooked the arms and took his opponent to the mat once more with the butterfly powerbomb. Ridicule shot the shoulder off the mat before the referee could make the three, but this only seemed to drive Montgomery to finish him off. Montgomery egged Ridicule to get to his feet, and as he did, "the Magnificent One" grabbed the back of the tights and sent his opponent chest-first into the turnbuckles. Ridicule hit hard and as he stumbled backwards, he stumbled right into the Japanese Ocean Suplex. Ridicule fell victim to "Magnificence" and this time his shoulder stayed down.

WINNER: Michael Montgomery

A Message

(The big screens rumbled to life as the door to the backstage entrance to the Agganis Arena opened and the New ERA Champion, Mr. Entertainment, entered the hall. The crowd attempted to jeer him right back out of the building, but New ERA's Champion continued down the corridor. He soon reached a door with a plate reading: "New ERA Champion." Beneath it is the nameplate, "Mr. Entertainment." The crowd continued to voice its displeasure as Jennifer Harding approached Mr. Entertainment, who just cracked opened the door to turn on the lights.)

HARDING: "Mr. Entertainment! This is good timing, I've been looking to get a word with you."

(Mr. Entertainment opened his dressing room door and walked in, Jennifer Harding following him as he put down his bag.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Just a quickie, Jen?"

HARDING: "Yes, please."

ENTERTAINMENT: "Sorry, I've got a match, so we'll have ta stick ta talkin'."

HARDING: "You're terrible! Anyway, Fanatic will be waiting at PrimeTime to cash in his banked Championship shot. But tonight we'll find out who walks into PrimeTime as Champion! You've got to get past Cameron Cruise in order to head into the Season Two finale as the Champion, and I have to think you're feeling some of that tension building?"

ENTERTAINMENT: "Goin' up against Cruise? Are you kidding? The guy is so badly outta his league, he doesn't realise Babe Ruth is long retired an' dead. Despite my advice he's still goin' on abou' things tha' have no relevance to here, now, today, in my New ERA."

(The New ERA Champion is interrupted by a flicker of the lights. Then another, and suddenly the lights go out completely. As the camera panned to a confused Jennifer Harding, she let out a squeal of surprise.)

HARDING: "Quick! Hey, quick! Look at the wall, get a shot of the wall!!"

(The camera panned over and the crowd watched as a message has been left in a now-fluorescent writing on the wall of Mr. Entertainment's dressing room. The Champion stared as the incandescence of each letter shines bright and clear in the darkness.)

"Savor your time in these Championship days,
Like the pressing of a footprint in the sand,
It can soon wash away in the wave of the Craze,
As easy as three slaps of the mat by a hand.
The Spirit of the Ring forgives some hate,
But on your abuse of Its space we can all concur,
A warrior must answer Its call to eviscerate,
Your title reign ends All In A Blur."

(The crowd popped at ringside, and after a minute, the lights flickered back on, covering the message again.)

HARDING: "What do you make of - hey!"


(Harding and the cameraman are sharply dismissed by Mr. Entertainment, who promptly slammed the dressing room door the moment they stepped into the hallway.)

Yossi Hayat vs. Kason Kreed

Kason Kreed had extra incentive when he stepped into the ring with Yossi Hayat. Not only would he be victorious in front of a packed house, but he'd also break the two-win streak Hayat had put together and deny him a shot at the New ERA Championship. Hayat knew the stakes were high and he went into the ring with determination not before seen by the Autistic Miracle. The "Smark Boy" took it to Kreed as soon as the bell rang. Kreed stopped to adjust his laces, but instead, he was met with the laces of Hayat as they smacked him right in the nose. As Kreed held his face, Yossi Hayat drove the forearm into the small of his back, hooked the head and planted Kreed with the inverted DDT. "Smark Boy" hopped to his feet, grabbed onto the legs of Kreed, and catapulted him into the corner. Propped up in the corner, Kreed was unable to avoid the high knee to the back of the neck by Hayat. Hayat spun Kreed around and sent him into the opposite corner before following in after him with a splash. As Kreed stumbled out of the corner, Yossi Hayat raced to the top rope and measured his opponent. Kreed turned around just in time to see Hayat fly through the air - the missile dropkick connecting smack-dab in the face. Hayat switched gears, forgoing the aerial attack for a more directed submission encounter, and Kreed was caught in the ankle lock. The referee repeatedly asked Kason Kreed if he wanted to toss in the towel, but Kreed did not want to give Hayat the satisfaction of banking a New ERA Championship shot. After an excrutiating half-minute, Hayat was forced to release the hold after Kreed's fingers gripped the bottom rope. But the "Smark Boy," the Autistic Miracle, wouldn't be denied his chance at glory. With Kreed unable to support his weight on the bum ankle, Yossi Hayat scraped him off the mat before hooking the head and decimating Kreed with the Smarkbuster. Three seconds later and Yossi Hayat became a contender for the New ERA Championship.

WINNER: Yossi Hayat

Jonathan Marx vs. Donovan Astros

After an incredibly strong start in New ERA, Donovan Astros has slowly faded into the background. Astros, who not only was the runner up in the BattleBRAWL Rumble, but also secured a victory at Cyberstrike 06 against former World Heavyweight champion, Jonathan Marx, barely made a blip on anyone's radar this time around. Mostly because, despite being heavily advertised as Marx's chance to even the score, neither man made it to the arena in time.

WINNER: Cancelled

Tag Team Turmoil
Suicide and Pro Wrestling's SJH vs. Larry Tact and Fanatic

Weeks of building led to the Tag Team Turmoil match between Pro Wrestling's SJH and Suicide as they took on the TACT LEGACY, Larry Tact and Fanatic. However, before the match began, the ring announcer stunned the competitors with a change - tonight's match would be a Tornado Tag Bout where all four competitors would be in the ring at the same time. The Agganis Arena rocked as all four men charged to the center of the ring and duked it out before the bell rang. Fanatic and Hart locked up while Tact and Suicide took the less scientific approach and wailed on one another in hopes of wearing the other down quickly. As Tact and Suicide pummeled each other, Pro Wrestling's SJH gained the upperhand and wrenched down on the arm, but the man who will be stepping into the ring at PrimeTime for the New ERA Championship floored Hart with a clothesline. While his brother picked Pro Wrestling's SJH off the mat, Larry Tact overpowered Suicide and brought him into the corner where he continued using the man, the myth, the legend as his own personal punching bag. Fanatic followed suit on the opposite side of the ring as he waited for Larry Tact to make the call. A few seconds later, Hart and Suicide were on a collision course in the center of the ring. Hart tried to leapfrog over Suicide, but in the end, Suicide's head ended up knocking SJH's babymakers into next Thursday. Fanatic and Tact nodded at each other as they pulled Suicide to his feet, both hooking an arm, and blasted the former Television champion with a double suplex. Shawn Hart rose to his feet, but he fared no better. Fanatic held SJH while Larry Tact ran in with the knee to the ribs. Hart collapsed to the mat and the Tact brothers turned their attention back to Hart's partner. Fanatic held the limp legend as Tact walked to the center of the ring. The inaugural New ERA World Heavyweight champion lunged with the knee, but Suicide was playing opposum and kicked his legs out dropping himself to the mat. The resulting force of the knee to Fanatic's chest sent the "Elite Engima" flying into the corner.

Tact ran to the corner to check on his brother, but Suicide spun him around, slammed a fist into his gut, and sent Tact up and over with the gut-wrench suplex. As Suicide bent to pick up Tact, Fanatic came out of the corner and grabbed Suicide from behind. But Suicide was ready. Suicide blocked the left hook and responded with one of his own. Fanatic stumbled backwards over the body of Tact and fell to the ground. Pro Wrestling's SJH scooped the "Elite Enigma" off the mat and sent him to the corner as Suicide charged in and nailed Fanatic with a hard clothesline. The two men then hooked Fanatic and set him up on the top rope before they climbed up with him. With all three men on the top, Fanatic was a sitting duck. Suicide and Hart each grabbed an arm and flung themselves to the mat - slamming the "Elite Enigma" face-first into the apron. Hart made the cover and nearly finished the match off, but Larry Tact knocked SJH upside the head with a boot breaking the hold. Suicide dove to the mat on top of Tact, but Larry Tact easily threw him off. SJH came at Tact, but Tact drove his shoulder into Hart's midsection. Tact grabbed his opponents' heads and slammed them together, and while Suicide flopped back to the mat, Tact kept Hart in his grasp. Larry Tact whipped Hart into the ropes, and as he came back, Fanatic catapulted himself off his brother's back and soared through the air taking Hart out with the Flash! Hart fell to the mat next to his tag partner as the two brothers contemplated their next move. Fanatic grabbed Hart off the mat while Tact reached down for the man, the myth, the legend. While Fanatic brought SJH into the corner, Suicide shot up and caught Larry Tact with the small package. The referee dropped for the count, and Fanatic dove into the center of the ring to break the pin - just in time.

Fanatic ripped Suicide off Tact and whipped him into the corner where Hart rested. But the plan backfired. Hart cupped his hands as Suicide approached and the man, the myth, the legend leapt, bouyed by Pro Wrestling's SJH, backwards and connected with a crowd-pleasing moonsault. The referee, already in position, counted the "Elite Enigma's" shoulders to the mat, but Tact grabbed Suicide off his brother and sent him over the top rope to the arena floor! Tact turned just in time to catch the superkick from Shawn Hart right in the kisser. As Tact flipped over the top rope to join Suicide on the arena floor, Fanatic ran behind New ERA's only three-time Champion and clotheslined him over as well! With three of the four competitors on the arena floor, the "Elite Enigma" ran to the corner, up the turnbuckle pads, and flew off the top to the arena floor with the springboard plancha! The crowd went crazy as the four men continued to brawl on the outside, the referee powerless to get them back inside. Jamie Links, barely escaping the body of SJH as it crashed into the guardrail behind her, watched as Fanatic repeatedly slammed Hart's noggin into the steel. After backbody dropping Tact into the steel steps, Suicide snuck up behind the "Elite Enigma" and slammed Links' empty chair across his back. The referee struggled with the decision to call off the match as the four men wrecked the ringside area. When Larry Tact pulled a table out from underneath the ring, the referee had enough. He threatened to disqualify New ERA's inaugural champion if he used the table. As Suicide and Fanatic fought in the crowd, Tact grabbed a nearly unconscious SJH and rolled him into the ring. Tact smiled at the fans as he held Hart up. As Larry Tact hooked the arms and locked the Tactful Surrender on Shawn Hart, both he and the referee failed to notice Suicide and Fanatic standing precariously on top of the guardrail. As Hart's arm dropped to his side, no one noticed Suicide hooking the "Elite Enigma" on the outside. The roar of the crowd drowned the sound of the table snapping in half after Suicide suplexed Fanatic off the guardrail and through the table. But the only sound that mattered was the sound of the bell, and the voice of Jamie Links announcing the victory of Larry Tact and Fanatic.

WINNER: Larry Tact and Fanatic

Calling You Out

(Suicide grabbed the top of the ring apron and stared into the ring at Hart on the mat. He rolled into the ring and spun Tact around pointing at Fanatic lying amongst the carnage on the outside. Tact glanced at the "Elite Enigma" - he slowly locked on Suicide standing in front of him and in a split second, Suicide was doubled over. The man, the myth, the legend fell victim to the Starbreaker. As Larry Tact stood in the center of the ring, he grabbed Suicide and tossed him to the outside. He rolled Hart to the ropes before shoving him out with his foot. "Pieces" by Hoobastank played across the Agganis Arena as Larry Tact remained in the ring and called for a microphone before getting right down to business.)

TACT: "Mr. Entertainment, you are the New ERA World Heavyweight Champion. I'll even credit you for winning the title against Shawn Hart, and getting to the point where you're at. But if you thought that you could get away with what you did to me last week? That's where your delusions come to an end! How did you like that message Fanatic had waiting for you? I think we all saw, tonight, how to open a show in TACTFUL fashion. But I think we need to get a little reaction from the Champ himself. What do you all think?"

(The crowd roared with approval as Tact pointed to the back.)

TACT: "Alright Mr. Entertainment.. CHAMP.. why don't you bring your ungrateful ass out here and face the music for last week!"

(The crowd exploded in anticipation. They went wild as "That's Entertainment!" by The Jam played across the Agganis Arena. A lone spotlight shined on the stage, and Mr. Entertainment arrived with the New ERA Championship secured around his waist. The crowd filled the arena with jeers aimed directly at him, but Mr. Entertainment stalked to the ring and grabbed a mic of his own. He demanded that Tact's microphone be cut, to which Tact waved a finger at the New ERA Champion.)

TACT: "Nah uh, you aren't calling the shots right now. In fact, I don't know that you've really been calling the shots, EVER! For all your talk-- and there's been a LOT of that out of you, Mr. Entertainment-- your reign in New ERA has been relatively bland. I mean, from everything you've said, it sounds like your biggest "improvement" of New ERA.. your claim to fame as Champion.. is that you can interior decorate a studio with your own merchandise!"

(The crowd laughed and hollered as Tact laid into Mr. Entertainment.)

TACT: "And as for your opponents? You'd like everyone to believe that you're on the top of the pack, and there's nobody who has shown the ability to compete on your level. Now, there are two problems with that. The first is, if what you claim was true, then that title you wear so proudly? It'd be as credible as a 15-pound paperweight! But thankfully for you, and all of New ERA, your words aren't always so spot-on as you'd like them to be. The second problem with what you say is that there just happen to be quite a few people in the back, who happen to wrestle on the New ERA roster.. and who could very well happen to give you a run for that New ERA Championship!"

(The crowd immediately whipped up a "MONSTER'D" chant, to which Mr. Entertainment laughed.)

TACT: "Chaos is definitely one guy who DID give you a run for your money. But there are others, fresh blood who is hungry and ready to take that next step in New ERA. Guys who are building themselves up, and soon they will earn their shot at that New ERA Championship. But at PrimeTime, they're going to find out that the game can change real quickly. Because at our Season Two cap-off, you aren't facing someone who will only give you a run for that title you hold, Mr. Entertainment. You're facing the Elite Enigma, Fanatic. You're facing someone who has torn through the ranks of New ERA.. someone who has demonstrated he has what it takes to rise to the top. Without a doubt, Fanatic is ready, he's earned his Championship match, and he isn't afraid to let you know just WHEN and WHERE he's taking that shot at you.. WHEN and WHERE he will become the New ERA Champion!"

(As the crowd popped, the New ERA Champion had enough and brought the microphone to his mouth.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Listen, Grandpa. Turn up tha' hearing aid, because it's clear ta ME Mister Entertainment

Tha' you've not been listenin' ta thing one I've said. Yer as bad as Cameron Cruise! From the day this company came back, I knew I had ta take the lead, and do ya know why? Because as hungry as the young guys in the back are, they ain't ready. They ain't ready fer the struggles of carryin' New ERA on their backs! An' the rest of the roster, guys like Jonathan Marx, guys like YOU – YOU'RE the ones who damn near killed the Old ERA! I am the only person ALIVE who can keep New ERA alive! ME!

Mister Entertainment!

An' I have proved tha' week after week, Larry. Fanatic may've earned a shot at my title, but guess what? I earned 2 shots, an' the belt, before he came close. I am New ERA, Larry."

TACT: "You know, it's pretty amusing hearing you try and save face for yourself. Because for all the talking you do about how great "your" New ERA is.. and how, "you are New ERA".. if I didn't know better, I might think you could actually back-up some of that hot air you blow our of your mouth and your ass! Maybe you'll be able to pull it off against Cameron Cruise, tonight. Maybe you'd be able to pull it off against a Trevor Cane, an Adam Benjamin, or a HAL. But do you think you're still in a time when you're talking smack to those people, Mr. Entertainment? Do you think that's the level you're still playing at?? You're going to get a very stiff wake-up to the true nature of the beast, if so… because you aren't in the ring with any of those people. You aren't even in the ring with Chaos. But you're in the ring with someone who has seen New ERA from its inception… from its humble beginnings, to its present time. You're dealing with someone who's not going to just let you talk and talk and manage to SQUIRM away still holding onto your title."

(As Tact and Mr. Entertainment traded jabs in the ring, the "Elite Enigma" rose from the ruins of the table on the outside. He glared in the ring as his brother stood toe-to-toe with the man he'll face for the gold.)

TACT: "Now you're dealing with Larry Tact, New ERA of Wrestling ICON! You're dealing with the Tact Legacy, and we don't need to wait for PrimeTime to LAY YOUR ASS OUT!"

(The crowd reached an absolute fever-pitch, anticipating what may be to come as Tact dropped his mic to the canvas and the two got in each other's face. Suddenly Mr. Entertainment SLAMMED his own microphone in the side of the head of Larry Tact, causing Tact to grab his temple and stagger back. Entertainment hit Tact with another mic shot to the forehead that sent him into the ropes. Entertainment then charged at Tact, but is met with a double-handed choke that halted him in his tracks. Tact kneed Mr. Entertainment in the stomach and tried to throw him over the top rope, but Mr. Entertainment wass quick to hit a mule kick that crumpled Tact to a knee. The New ERA Champion quickly unfastened his title belt from around his waist, and as Larry Tact looked up he got BLASTED with a title to the face! Tact went down in a heap, and Mr. Entertainment began to trash talk him when Fanatic sprinted up the ring steps and flipped over the top rope .. until Mr. Entertainment caught the "Elite Enigma" with a second title belt shot. Fanatic took it flush in the chest as he descended, and the way he fell caused him to tangle in the ropes. The crowd erupted with vile insults and boos targeted at the New ERA Champion, as he stood in the ring surveying his handiwork. The champion grabbed the mic from the canvas, and looked straight into the eyes of Fanatic.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "The Tact Legacy.. YOU'RE the Tact Legacy? You're part of the tired.. broken down.. overrated legacy.. of a nobody? Good luck with that, pal. Because I am something much greater than the Tact Legacy. I am New ERA! And you are NOBODY!"

(Entertainment nailed Fanatic in the midsection with his boot. The Champ smiled before he wound up with the belt and drove it straight into the skull of his challenger, snapping Fanatic's head back. Some of the crowd bombarded the ring with garbage as security and backstage personnel poured from behind the curtain. Mr Entertainment held up the belt for a few seconds, before draping it over his shoulder and grabbed a now empty paper cup that landed near him.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "Get that piece of shit out of my ring. And take this with him."

(He threw the cup at Fanatic as he was finally untied from the ropes. Officials escorted Tact and Fanatic up the ramp, and as they did, the New ERA Champion remained in the ring waiting for the ring announcer to introduce his challenger.)

New ERA Championship

Cameron Cruise vs. Mr. Entertainment (c)

When Cameron Cruise stepped through the curtains with The First at his side the entire arena erupted in jeers. Cruise, looking confident as he strode to the ring, was silent as First whispered to him in hushed tones. As the three men stood in the ring, the crowd went crazy as Jonathan Marx broke through the curtains and walked to the ring - much to the confusion of everyone. Apparently Marx DID make it to the arena, even though his match had already been cancelled. But for Marx it was simple: he would not stand around in the back and watch as the First and Cameron Cruise continued to toy with the rules. The First rolled out of the ring and took his spot on the outside behind Cruise while Marx nodded at the New ERA Champion and stood in his corner, so to speak. As the bell rang, Cruise looked strong as he swiped a charging Entertainment to the side, throwing the Champ off balance. As Entertainment braced himself on the ropes, "the Crippler" hooked the waist for a belly-to-back suplex. Cruise couldn't get Entertainment off the mat, however, as the New ERA Champion had a firm grip on the top rope. Cruise, always quick on his feet, shot an elbow into the midsection. As the air escaped through Entertainment's lungs, his grip relaxed and Cruise struck - hoisting his opponent up and over with the belly-to-back suplex. Cruise floated over and made a quick cover, but the champion easily got the shoulder up. Entertainment may have saved himself from quick elimination, but he wasn't able to stop Cameron Cruise. "The Crippler" ripped his opponent off the mat and sent him to the ropes. As Entertainment returned, the challenger dropped the shoulder and drove it into Entertainment's gut. With lightning fast reflexes, Cruise hooked the head of his opponent and connected with the swinging neckbreaker. The former Television and Tag Team champion pointed to the back, and obvious reference to all those who will receive future championship shots, before grabbing Entertainment off the mat and nailing the atomic drop. Cruise took a few steps before he charged at the Champion and took out his knee from underneath him. Entertainment rolled on the mat in pain and Cruise locked on the Cruise Control.

Unfortunately for Cameron Cruise, the move was locked on too close to the ropes and Entertainment was able to force the hold to be broken. Cruise popped up to his feet and dragged Entertainment into the center of the ring to re-apply it, but that ship had already sailed. Entertainment rolled onto his back and drove the boot into "the Crippler's" face. When that didn't stop Cruise's assault, the champ struck again. Cruise backed off and let Entertainment get to his feet. As Cruise came in, Entertainment doubled him over with a boot to the gut and sent Cruise flailing to the corner. The champ rolled in after Cruise, but "the Crippler" ducked underneath the clothesline and sent Mr. Entertainment over the top to the arena floor! Cruise didn't escape unharmed, though, and as he tried to get back to his feet, it was evident that he twisted his ankle ducking underneath the clothesline. Cruise grabbed onto the referee for support, and while the referee's back was turned, The First turned the corner to "help" the Champion back into the ring. Or at least he tried. Jonathan Marx barreled around the opposite corner and stood in front of Mr. Entertainment, practically begging First to take another step forward. First smiled and stepped away, and Cruise, watching this go down, hopped back to his feet - the twisted ankle mysteriously healed. Cruise reached through the ropes as Entertainment got to his feet on the outside, but the New ERA Champion grabbed onto the arm and pulled Cruise to the outside with him! With both men on the outside, the fans were treated to an incredible display of catch as catch can. Entertainment sent Cruise to the guardrail with an irish whip, but at the last second, the First stepped in and saved "the Crippler" from impending doom. This set off both Entertainment and Marx. Entertainment charged after First from one side of the ring, while Jonathan Marx went around the opposite side. When both men closed in on First and Cruise, the two con-artists slid into the ring! Entertainment slid in afterwards, but Cruise was there and laid into the champion with his boots as First rolled back to the outside.

The back and forth continued as the match progressed, each exchange more heated than the one preceding it. Mr. Entertainment managed to gain the upperhand after Cruise miscalculated an elbow drop off the top rope. Cruise struggled to get to his feet, but Entertainment beat him to it. Entertainment grabbed the head of "the Crippler" and planted him with the DDT. With the challenger down on the mat, the Champ hooked the legs and turned him over for the Boston Crab. Cruise was taunted by the bottom rope just out of his reach and was forced to endure the increasingly painful submission hold. But he would not give in. He would not let this opportunity pass him by. Cruise pushed his hands to the mat. He powered himself up and flipped over, Mr. Entertainment and all! The crowd jeered as both men laid on the mat, and hissed as the First reached in and pulled Cruise to the outside while the referee had his back turned. First slapped Cruise across the face, shouting at him to focus. Cruise's second wind in full force, he rolled back into the ring and ripped the Champ off the mat. But Entertainment fought back. The New ERA Champion slugged Cruise in the face. Cruise popped him right back. Entertainment wound up, but the fist sailed past Cruise's cheek. In that split second, Cameron Cruise had the Championship within his grasp. But you don't get to be Champion by luck. As Cruise hooked the arm, preparing for the Reality Check, Mr. Entertainment shot the knee into his groin. Cruise's fingers loosened, not just on Entertainment, but the gold itself. Mr. Entertainment kneed Cruise again. As Cruise toppled to the mat, the most entertaining man in New ERA history saw his chance. He grabbed the challenger off the mat and sent him reeling into the ropes. Cruise never saw the superkick coming. As Cruise lay on the mat, the First put his face in his palm. He didn't watch Mr. Entertainment pick Cruise off the mat. He didn't watch as Cruise bounced off the top rope. When the bell rang, and the referee announced that Mr. Entertainment was STILL the New ERA Champion, the First felt as much of the loss as Cruise. Despite the promises, the First could not deliver the New ERA Championship to "the Crippler."

As Mr. Entertainment stood in the center of the ring with the New ERA Championship proudly strapped around his waist, Fanatic stepped through the curtains. The fans exploded as Fanatic stood at the top of the ramp, his cool, steady gaze hidden behind his mask. The men stared at one another knowing full well that the next time they meet will be in the middle of the ring at PrimeTime - for the New ERA Championship.

WINNER: Mr. Entertainment (retained New ERA Championship)

( the end )