[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: May 06, 2011
AIRED: May 09, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 09

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- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "It seems like every single week the landscape of New ERA goes through a cataclystic change."

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. The stage has now been completely transformed as the former generic desk has been replaced by a giant sparkling desk in the shape of an "E," the Cyberstrike banner shown in the opening zoom revealed to be surrounded by giant posters of Mr. Entertainment holding the New ERA Championship in the air, and both Newman and Tripp wearing "Mr. Entertainment" foam fingers on their right hands.)

NEWMAN: "Tonight, New ERA may have lost one of the most important superstars to ever grace our ring."

TRIPP: "Wrestling is a fickle world, Natalie. One day everything's gravy, and the next you're sitting on the street corner with a "Homeless" sign."

(The two look solemnly into the camera.)

TRIPP: "New ERA lost a true champion at Cyberstrike 09 and the wrestling world was literally shocked into silence."

(Natalie Newman looks down at the foam finger and then back at the camera.)

NEWMAN: "If I could snap right now, I would, but as we all know, careers can end just like that. We found out just how true the old saying is when we say anything can and will happen in New ERA."

TRIPP: "It certainly set the tone for the main event and will have tremendous ramifications for not only the rest of the season, but for all future seasons as well."

NEWMAN: "Five incredible matches, a superstar's goodbye, and two more matches set for Season 2's premier event PrimeTime ... all tonight on Cyberstrike 09!"

Richard Dweck vs. Kason Kreed

After a hard fought battle in his debut match on Cyberstrike 08, Richard Dweck kicked off Cyberstrike 09 with a vengeance while Kason Kreed put up little effort. The youngest star in the history of New ERA sent his opponent crashing into the corner and followed up with a massive clothesline - despite his small stature. As Kreed tried to escape into the center of the ring, Dweck quickly ascended to the top and struck with the missile dropkick. A quick two count wasn't enough to put Kreed away, so Dweck grabbed his opponent and sent him reeling back into the corner. Dweck came in after him and although Kreed pulled himself out of the corner as the youngster jumped, Dweck planted his feet on the middle turnbuckle and took Kreed down with the reverse crossbody block. Another two count was all he got for his quick thinking. Dweck popped to his feet and cut Kreed off, driving the knee repeatedly into his opponent's gut. With Kreed doubled over, Richard Dweck bounced off the ropes behind him, grabbed the head and planted the face into the mat with the bulldog. Dweck could sense that he had his opponent where he wanted him. Dweck lifted Kreed off the ropes and set him down gingerly with the inverted atomic drop. While Kreed was bent over in pain, Dweck ran off the ropes, grabbed the head of his opponent and delivered the Amazingly Awesome Attack. This time there was no quick two count - Kreed was down and out while Richard Dweck picked up his first victory here in New ERA.

WINNER: Richard Dweck

Yossi Hayat vs. Gregory Knight

Yossi Hayat and Gregory Knight finally got the chance to square off after their first encounter at Cyberstrike 07 was cancelled. Hayat looked strong right out of the gate as he and Knight locked up in the middle of the ring, driving the knee into the gut of his opponent and following it up with a swinging neckbreaker that laid Knight out. Not one to stand around, Hayat dropped the leg across his opponent's throat and immediately wrenched the right arm in ways that an arm just doesn't bend. Knight writhed in pain, but with Hayat's legs locking him on the mat, there was nowhere to go. Despite the pain, though, Knight wouldn't give up and the "Smark Boy" eventually released the hold and rose to his feet. Knight was yanked off the mat by a fistful of hair and brought to the corner. The "Smark Boy" rammed shoulder after shoulder into Knight's midsection before hoisting Knight in the air and finishing the attack with the Smarky Slam. Hayat made his way to the corner and stepped through the ring ropes, but as he climbed to the top, the fans in the front row caught his attention. The Autistic Miracle didn't take too kindly to the fans' taunts and the diversion gave Gregory Knight enough time to run to the corner and catch Hayat off guard. However the "Smark Boy" wasn't about to give his opponent the satisfaction and jammed the thumb into Knight's eye. While Gregory Knight held his face in his hand, Hayat grabbed onto his head and dove forward nailing the Seated Senton. Knight scrambled to his feet but he was a second too late - Hayat doubled him over with the boot to the gut, hooked the tights and finished Knight off with the Smarkbuster for his second straight victory.

WINNER: Yossi Hayat

Pro Wrestling's SJH vs. Michael Montgomery

The stage was set for Michael Montgomery as he looked to regain his footing against Pro Wrestling's SJH. When Hart stepped through the curtain the fans jam-packed inside the Agganis Arena gave him a hero's welcome. Montgomery and SJH met in the middle of the ring and the "Magnificent One" started things off with a go-behind that led to a release belly-to-back suplex. Hart hit the mat hard, but rolled back onto his feet as Montgomery charged into him with a running shoulderblock. The fans chanted SJH's name over and over again and forced Montgomery to pause. With the "Magnificent One's" attention elsewhere, New ERA's only three-time Champion caught him by surprise with a dropkick that sent him flying into the ropes. Hart quickly followed up with an irish whip and sent Montgomery soaring through the air with a huge backbody drop! Hart then spent the next few minutes working extensively on his opponent's shoulder before closing him off in the corner. Hart came in with a double axehandle, but Montgomery stopped him in his tracks with a boot to the lower abdomen. The "Magnificent One" turned the tables and, with Hart now in the corner, took full advantage. After connecting with some stiff European uppercuts, Montgomery took his opponent into the center of the ring, hooked the head, and planted Hart with a DDT. This time as the crowd jeered, Montgomery ignored them as he lifted Hart off the mat and hooked his head. With a quick wink to the increasingly vocal fans, Montgomery hoisted Hart into the air and nailed "the Exclusive." The "Magnificent One" made the cover after the uranage suplex, but Hart shot his shoulder off the mat before the three count and brought the crowd to their feet.

After some back and forth between the two stars, Shawn Hart seemed to gain the upperhand. Pro Wrestling's SJH caught Montgomery doubled over and dropped him on his head with a piledriver. With Montgomery down and out on the mat, the Minister of Gettin' Sinister climbed to the top, measured his opponent and nailed a beautiful flying elbow for a two-count. SJH scooped the "Magnificent One" off the mat and hooked the tights, lifting Montgomery into the air and keeping him vertical for what seemed like an eternity. Once enough blood rushed into Montgomery's skull, Hart dropped him to the unforgiving mat with the suplex. You could tell that the match was taking its toll on Montgomery as Hart waited impatiently for his opponent to rise. Michael Montgomery rolled onto his stomach and finally pushed himself up, but Hart was waiting. With a handful of tights, Pro Wrestling's SJH sent Montgomery flying face-first into the top turnbuckle pad. Montgomery hit hard and turned into an El Codo Explosivo that sent him crashing to the mat as the fans blew the roof off the Agganis Arena. With Montgomery strewn out on the mat, SJH crouched and waited. As the crowd chanted "ESS JAY AYCH," Montgomery crawled to the ropes. As he regained his balance, Hart moved in for the kill. Montgomery turned as Hart went for the arm, but the "Magnificent One" used the momentum to reverse the hold. Not to be outdone, Pro Wrestling'S SJH spun around, drove a fist into Montgomery's gut, and sent the crowd into a tizzy with the Hart-On! It was all elementary from there as the Fujiwara Armbar ended the match in the middle of the ring.

WINNER: Pro Wrestling's SJH

Chaos vs. Larry Tact

Immediately the "MONSTER'D!" chants rang across the arena. Larry Tact walked to the ring, "Pieces" by Hoobastank practically inaudible over the fans. As Tact stood in the ring and the opening notes to "You Could Be Mine" struck, the arena reached a frenzy. Chaos didn't disappoint as he strolled to the ring and slapped the throng of outstretched hands along the way. He stopped momentarily on the stairs as he glared at Fanatic on the outside, a wry smile forming before he stepped over the top rope. The bell rang and Chaos wasted no time taking it to the man who cost him the New ERA Championship. The seven foot giant stormed across the ring toward Tact. Tact barely avoided a huge clothesline and capitalized by slamming Chaos in the ribs with closed fists. Chaos tried to push Tact away, but New ERA's inaugural World Heavyweight champion grabbed the arm and wrung it behind the big man's back. You can't keep Chaos locked for long, and Larry Tact paid the price as Chaos used his free arm to reach over his head, grab Tact by the hair, and flip him over with an awesome display of power. The four-time P©X champion dug the forearm underneath Tact's jaw and applied pressure as the "MONSTER'D!" chants picked up steam. On the outside, Fanatic watched intently and showed no emotion as his brother's body slowly went limp. The fire in Chaos' eyes burned bright as Tact dropped to the mat and the referee was in place to lift Tact's arm. It dropped to his side. The referee picked up Tact's arm again, and again it dropped lifelessly to his side. The crowd hollered as the referee grabbed Tact's arm a third and final time - but their celebration was premature as his arm stayed upright when the referee released his grip.

A second wind burst through Tact's body as he pushed off the mat and struggled to his feet. Chaos tried valiantly to keep his opponent down, and when he saw that it was fruitless, he released the hold and drove the forearm into Tact's lower back. While Chaos sent Tact chest-first into the corner, the fans' attention was diverted to the ramp where Suicide slowly walked to the ring. This caught Chaos' ire as he squished Tact in the corner with the giant splash. While Tact was stuck between the rock and the hard place, Chaos reached over his head and pointed at the man, the myth, the legend standing just a few feet away. Chaos hooked Tact's arm and sent him flying into the center of the ring with the hip toss. Suicide stood stone-cold as Chaos continued his verbal assault, making only one motion: the finger pointing past Chaos to Larry Tact. Tact stood in the center of the ring with his back to the seven foot tall monster. Chaos spun around, saw that Tact was back on his feet and charged - but it was all for naught. Tact sensed the big man coming. He dropped to the mat and Chaos kept going. Tact leapt to his feet, caught Chaos on the return and silenced the Agganis Arena with a belly-to-belly suplex that nearly collapsed the ring! Tact turned and locked eyes with Suicide, but quickly turned back to Chaos. Tact grabbed Chaos as the big man rose to his feet and drove the knees to the front of the seven foot monster's face. With Chaos on his knees, Larry Tact nailed the Kickswing DDT putting him back on the mat. Tact made the cover but there was no chance Chaos would be put away so easily.

As Tact and Chaos battled in the ring, while Fanatic and Suicide kept their distance on the outside, no one expected that Pro Wrestling's SJH would make another appearance. And what an appearance it was. Tact and Chaos stopped exchanging blows and both watched as Shawn Hart lumbered down the rampway dressed in an interesting get up as the words "New ERA" painted on his forehead, the Minister of Gettin' Sinister carried a chain and ball .. with the names of Suicide, Chaos and Larry Tact written on it. As Hart made his way to the ring, Chaos popped Tact in the side of the head with a forearm shot. Tact popped Chaos right back. As SJH reached ringside, he began to stalk Suicide. Suicide cocked his head as he slowly backtracked around the ringpost with Hart steadily following him. The distraction forced Chaos, who was only moments away from chokeslamming Larry Tact off the top rope, to scream at the two men through the ropes. As Hart walked past, Chaos reached out of the ring and grabbed the hair of the former New ERA Champion. Unbeknownst to the referee, whose back was turned as he checked on Tact in the middle of the ring, Hart, surprised by Chaos' grasp, spun around quickly, the heavy iron ball cracking against the skull of New ERA's most decorated champion. Chaos went down like a ton of bricks. The crowd began to jeer as Larry Tact rose and saw his opponent lying next to the ropes. As Tact made his way to Chaos, Suicide approached Pro Wrestling's SJH. As Larry Tact covered Chaos, Shawn Hart swung the ball and chain at the man, the myth, the legend. As the referee counted, Suicide caught the ball with his hand. As the referee's hand went up in the air, one strike away from ending the bout, Chaos' foot hit the bottom rope. The crowd popped huge.

But just as Chaos' foot hit the rope, Suicide tossed the ball aside. And just like that, before the referee had the chance to take in the sight, the heavy iron ball smacked against Chaos' boot and knocked it off the bottom rope. Just like that, the referee's hand slammed against the mat for the three. Just. Like. That.

WINNER: Larry Tact

Goodbye .. For Now

(The crowd revolted as the bell rang. They called for the referee's head. They called for Suicide's head. Shawn Hart smiled at Suicide before turning around and walking to the back - Suicide trailing after. But before he could exit, Marcus LaRoque stepped through the curtain. LaRoque, a mic in hand, scolded Hart. He scolded Suicide. Their actions over the past few weeks had overstepped the boundary. It was to end - at PrimeTime. Suicide. Pro Wrestling's SJH. The crowd popped. But that pop turned into a chorus of "MONSTER'D!" chants as LaRoque continued. Larry Tact. Chaos. The four men would settle it all in a Fatal-Fourway Elimination match. Hart was stunned. Suicide was motionless. Tact, with Fanatic at his side, watched on in shock. LaRoque exited the arena. Little did he know that the match he just scheduled for Season 2's premier event would fall to pieces only moments later. Tact and Fanatic did not see Chaos rise to his feet. They could not hear Chaos charging at them over the crowd. Chaos nailed both men with a clothesline - a clothesline that sent Fanatic over the top rope to the arena floor. Chaos planted Tact on the top rope. The ring shook as Tact fell victim to the Chaosbomb. The crowd was ecstatic. Chaos took it all in as he held the microphone in his hand and waited for the raucous crowd to quiet. Out of nowhere he reached down and brought Larry Tact to his feet. Fanatic slid into the ring and stood between the two men, but Chaos seemed uninterested in going any further.)

CHAOS: "Get up Tact and shake my hand. Whatever issues between us, I sure hope they have ended after tonight. You know I should almost thank you. You see, that night after BattleBRAWL 3, when I dropped you on your head.. well lifting your big ass over the top rope hurt like hell. My back was killing me the next day. But, hey, no big deal we're wrestlers, the pain goes away right?"

(The crowd went deadly silent and watched with Tact and Fanatic. Chaos' breathing, heavy as it was, also conveyed the years of abuse his body had taken.)

CHAOS: "Problem is, this time it didn't go away. The pain got worse. So I went to see a doctor. As I sat there waiting for the test results, I figured "Hey after all these years I was bound to have damaged something." But I knew from the moment he walked through the door, from the look on his face, that this was more then just a bad back."

(Chaos paused again, rubbing his face. When he continued, the strain in his voice was apparent.)

CHAOS: "He told me .. He said to me, "Chaos, you have a tumor on your spine." He says, "Chaos you have cancer." So... I'm not going to cry. I'm not going out like that. But until further notice - my wrestling career is done. I have something more important to focus on. I have a much tougher fight ahead."

The sentiment of the crowd was represented on Tact's face .. which went from guarded, to confused, to sincere concern. Chaos pulled himself together and looked around the arena.)

CHAOS: "But before I walk out of here one last time. I want to thank YOU all. I've spent seven great years in front of fans that cheered as I spilled not just my blood, but others' too. When New ERA came back, you people supported me even more. You chanted "MONSTER'D!" louder and louder everytime I walked down to the ring and I thank you. But you don't need to chant anymore. Seven years ago I walked through that curtain to complete silience. I'm going out the same way. I don't want a parade and I don't want fanfare. You save that for IF I comeback. So .. I say ... Thank You New ERA."

(The stunned fans turned to each other, their voices failing them. Tact and Fanatic watched as Chaos stepped over the top rope, for the final time, and walked down the ringsteps. The fans lining the guardrail, eyes' misty, watched as he walked up the ramp. Before exiting the arena, Chaos turned and scanned the thousands of fans who have witnessed his final match. He brought the microphone to his mouth and uttered the last words these fans would remember him by.)

CHAOS: "Goodbye. For now."

(And just like that, after seven years, after four reigns as the New ERA PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, after a reign as the Television champion, after putting his body on the line time after time after time, Chaos was gone, and PrimeTime's fatal fourway turned into a Triple Threat Elimination match.)

Whatever You Can Do, I Can Do Better

(After a brief intermission to allow the fans, and the New ERA crew, to process the surprising news, the fans took their seats again. As they did, the big screens rumbled to life as Larry Tact and Fanatic stood in the hallway discussing the events that just transpired and what this meant for PrimeTime. Not even seconds after, however, Mr. Entertainment flew into the shot and took out Fanatic with a high knee to the back of the neck. Entertainment immediately grabbed Tact and sent him face-first into the concrete wall and as Tact stumbled backwards, Entertainment slammed him in the back of the head with the New ERA Championship belt. With Tact lying unconscious, Entertainment turned and watched as Fanatic scrambled to his feet. By the time Fanatic turned to face the man he'll face for the gold, Entertainment was gone. But his message was clear: whatever Fanatic can do, the New ERA Champion can do more entertainingly.)

Tag Team Bout

The First and Cameron Cruise vs. Jonathan Marx and Mr. Entertainment (c)

After walking all over the rules by himself for the past season and a half, the First recruited Cameron Cruise into his stable of miscreants by giving Cruise what he wanted - another shot at the New ERA Championship. But first, they had to team together to take on the longest reigning New ERA World Heavyweight champion Jonathan Marx and the current New ERA Champion, Mr. Entertainment in tag team action. With all four men in the ring, Jonathan Marx demanded that the First start things off for his team. First balked at the suggestion and exited through the ropes while Cruise stretched. When the two men finally met in the middle of the squared circle, Marx zeroed in on the knee. After a couple of vicious boots to the knee, Cruise went down to the mat and rolled to the outside. Marx followed him out, but was stopped in his tracks after Muse pulled Cruise behind the two associates. The fans began chanting "PIECE OF SHIT! PIECE OF SHIT!" as Jonathan Marx pointed at First standing in his corner. Meanwhile, Cameron Cruise rolled into the ring on the opposite side and beckoned Marx to enter. Marx slid in underneath the bottom rope and Cruise went on the attack as he drove the heel of his boot repeatedly into the "Gentleman's" lower back. After working Marx over some more, Cruise finally tagged in the most reviled champion in New ERA history. Marx was wide open as Cruise held him in place, and the First took his time as he ripped into Marx for his "flag waving" ways. Finally First landed a cheap shot in the breadbasket as the referee ushered Cruise out of the ring. First sent Marx to the ropes, but he telegraphed the backbody drop a second too soon, which allowed Marx to stop short, hook the head, and plant First into the mat with a DDT. The crowd cheered Marx on as he crawled towards the outstretched arm of the New ERA Champion. First scrambled to his feet and tried to cut the "Gentleman" off - but it was too late. Mr. Entertainment entered the ring to a massive pop, a new experience for the most entertaining man on New ERA's roster, and met up with the first in the center of the ring. Entertainment whipped First to the ropes, but Cameron Cruise reached out and made the blind tag.

As First came off the far ropes, he ducked underneath the clothesline attempt by Entertainment and dropped into a baseball slide as he escaped to the outside. Entertainment turned, expecting First on the rebound, but was met with a stiff clothesline by Cameron Cruise. While these two men will meet once more for the New ERA Championship at Cyberstrike 10, Cruise wasted no time in giving the fans a preview of events to come. He scooped the champion off the mat and nailed the European uppercut. A second one, too. Cruise whipped Entertainment into the ropes, bounced off the far ones himself, and connected with a beautiful flying forearm that sent Entertainment's head rolling into the Back Bay. Cruise dragged Entertainment into his corner and worked him over as the First watched. When the referee stepped in to break it up, First took full advantage of the referee's position and choked the New ERA Champion from behind. This brought Jonathan Marx charging into the ring further keeping the referee's back turned to First. As Marx argued with the referee about the chokehold, First got into the ring and both he and Cruise sent Entertainment against the ropes. Marx watched helplessly as Cruise and First connected with a double clothesline that sent the New ERA Champion flipping head over heels. The referee finally turned as Cruise left the ring and after he received confirmation that there was a tag, even though there wasn't, he dropped to the mat as First covered. Luckily, Mr. Entertainment was able to get the shoulder up. First rose to his feet and gave Entertainment a quick kick to the torso before walking over and tagging Cruise back in. "The Crippler" caught the New ERA Champion as he was getting back up and locked on the side headlock. But Entertainment wouldn't give in. He shot the elbow into the midsection. When that didn't loosen Cruise's grip, the most entertaining man in New ERA tried again. And again. And again. After five elbow shots, Cruise couldn't maintain control any longer. Cruise sent the champion against the ropes. On the return, Entertainment hopped over the awaiting "Crippler" and continued to the other side. Cruise, realizing what happened, shot back up. As he turned to see where Entertainment was, the New ERA Champion was waiting. The clothesline sent Cruise tumbling backwards into his own corner. First tagged himself in and chased after Entertainment - but not fast enough as the champion tagged in Marx.

First screeched to a stop as the "Gentleman" stepped into the ring. Marx headed straight toward him. First pivoted and made a b-line to his corner, but Cruise was nowhere to be found. First looked over the top rope at his partner lying on the arena floor and slapped the top rope. The most reviled champion in New ERA history spun around to make a deal with Marx, but it was too late. Marx doubled First over with the boot and connected with the swinging neckbreaker. New ERA's longest reigning World Heavyweight champion then grabbed onto the feet of his opponent and sent him flying head-first into the turnbuckle pad. Muse and the two associates grabbed Cruise off the arena floor and put him back on the apron as Marx placed First on top. The crowd was on their feet as both Marx and First straddled the top rope. Marx hooked the tights of the First and flew off the top rope with the massive superplex. Marx made the cover. But there was no count. Cameron Cruise tagged himself in while the two men were in the corner. Now Cruise stood on the top turnbuckle himself. Marx slammed the mat in frustration and popped to his feet, but as he turned, Cruise flew off the top with a top-rope crossbody block. Cruise hooked the leg, and unbeknownst to the referree, the First added some of his own leverage by rolling on top of Marx's legs. Entertainment was too late to break up the pinfall as the referee called for the bell. Once more, the First weaseled his way to victory. Cruise and First rolled quickly out of the ring as the crowd exploded into a chorus of jeers. Marx shot up and berated the referee. Nothing he said would right this wrong. Entertainment grabbed the New ERA Championship and watched as the "Gentleman" turned into the "Hulk." He stormed around the ring and demanded that the First step back in the ring so they could settle things one-on-one. But the First merely smiled.

FIRST: "Tell me, Jonathan. What do YOU want?"

The answer was clear. He wanted the First. Ask and ye shall receive. The First, the bearer of gifts and granter of wishes, walked in between his two associates and pointed into the ring. Marx wanted First and he would have him. At PrimeTime.

WINNER: The First and Cameron Cruise

( the end )