[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Apr. 26, 2011
AIRED: Apr. 28, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 08

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- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "As if Season 1 wasn't enough, the First has stooped to new lows here in New ERA of Wrestling."

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Natalie Newman looks disgusted as she sits next to Jason Tripp. The set is still decked out in Mr. Entertainment regalia - even more so since the last time! Miniature Mr. Entertainment statues line the backdrop behind the desk, and both Newman and Tripp are wearing "Mr. Entertainment" t-shirts.)

TRIPP: "A night to remember!"

NEWMAN: "A night I, and all those who were inside the Agganis Arena tonight, would love to forget."

(Jason Tripp casts a sideways glance Natalie's way.)

TRIPP: "Cyberstrike 08 was quite possibly one of the most action-packed events so far in this new era of New ERA ... from the opening bell to the jaw-dropping conclusion, it was a rollercoaster ride."

(Newman nods in agreement.)

NEWMAN: "Everyone who was scheduled to be in action was this week, and even some who weren't."

TRIPP: "But the real story of the evening had to be the New ERA Championship - title shots were banked tonight, THREE to be exact, and the seven foot monster Chaos took on Mr. Entertainment for the belt itself."

NEWMAN: "Things are certainly playing themselves out in the ring, Jason. After tonight, the pieces are beginning to fall in place as we head into the final stretch before PrimeTime."

TRIPP: "Cyberstrike 08 is an event not to be missed!"

The First vs. Carl Roberts

Carl Roberts had the opportunity to make a splash in New ERA by defeating the most reviled Champion in New ERA history, The First in his very first match. The young man from St. Paul, Minnesota hopped into the ring and immediately charged at his opponent, but the First took him down with a drop toe hold. Robert jumped up quickly, but First took him up and over with a Japanese armdrag. Roberts hopped up again, but this time The First didn't let him make a move as the former champion connected with a picture-perfect spinning heel kick that sent Roberts into the corner. With First's associates standing next to her, Muse cheered on from the outside, the only friendly voice amongst the loud jeers from every side, as First peppered Roberts with swift kicks to the torso finished off with another spinning heel kick to the side of the head. First ripped his opponent out of the corner and sent him flying to the ropes - and as Roberts returned the First struck with a spear that took the air right out of his opponent's lungs. The heat from the crowd seemed to lift First to his feet. He looked around the Agganis Arena, but his question to the crowd was battered down by their cries of hate. Roberts sat up, his hand over his chest, for only a second before the Shining Wizard sent his head snapping back to the mat. First leapt, cat-like, to the top turnbuckle. Without pause, he flew ... and Cut the Rope. The referee's hand hit the mat three times .. and once more the fans watched as the First walked out of the ring a winner.

WINNER: The First

Right .. NOW!

(But it wasn't over. After the match, First grabbed a mic and began running down Cameron Cruise for his failure to capture the New ERA Championship.)

FIRST: "I asked Cameron Cruise what he wanted, and I got jokes, I got some punk doing stand up, mocking me.. That's unacceptable - and so he didn't get my help, and without me? He failed, because that's all Cameron Cruise is - A FAILURE!"

(This tirade brought "Killing In The Name Of" on the PA and Cameron Cruise stepped through the curtain to offer his counterpoint to First. Cruise hit the ring and got in First's face as he replied.)

CRUISE: "You say "What do you want?" Well, EYE.. didn't get what I wanted last week. EYE.. didn't get it MY way. No, instead, I had my chance at Mr. Entertainment again for a Championship.. THE New ERA Championship.. and I obviously didn't get the job done. So your philosophies on asking me "What I want" means exactly SHIT to me right now. I know I'm not scheduled tonight .. but what do you say we give it one last chance."

(The arena exploded as Cruise pocketed the mic for a second and stripped off his T-shirt. Cruise brought the mic back to his mouth as the fans waited for the inevitable challenge.)

CRUISE: "I wanna beat your ass. Tonight. Right here. Right now."

Cameron Cruise vs. The First

The crowd popped big as First made a motion for the bell to be rung and suddenly the two men were grappling - but the match hardly went 10 seconds before First's associates hit the ring, stomped and beat on Cruise, drawing the disqualification. As they continue beating Cruise, First grabbed the mic and taunted Cruise - dared him even, to fight again! The crowd popped as Cruise, beaten but unbowed, demanded the bell to be rung. As First charged in, Cruise caught him with an inside cradle and scored a quick pin over his cocky opponent, bringing the crowd to their feet! First threw a fit outside the ring as he grabbed the mic and demanded another shot at Cruise. Cruise, now full of confidence, waved First into the ring for another beating.

What happened next revealed the ploy. As soon as the bell rang, Cruise secured an armbar on First, and rather than fight this common and unimpressive move, First frantically tapped out. The ref, confused at first, rang the bell. First and Cruise jumped to their feet and high fived. During their celebration in the ring, the First grabbed the mic and screamed at the revolting crowd that he can give people what they want. That Cameron Cruise wanted another title shot, and just like that, he got the three victories needed for another chance at Mr. Entertainment. First laughed at the distorted faces around the Agganis Arena before he guaranteed that Cameron Cruise would win his next title shot and be the New ERA Champion.

All of these antics brought Jonathan Marx, armed with a steel chair, charging to the ring. Marx sent the band of villains fleeing. The fans popped HUGE as First, Cruise and company slowly backed away from the ring. Marx turned to the referee and chewed him out for allowing the sham matches to happen, for denigrating the integrity of the rules, and of New ERA itself. Marx demanded to know why the referee let First and Cruise get away with their con. After not getting an answer to his liking, Marx promised to make First pay for his actions.

WINNER: Cameron Cruise (x3!)

Donovan Astros vs. Pro Wrestling's SJH

The fans at the Agganis Arena, still livid at the blatant bending of the rules by the First and Cameron Cruise, took out their frustrations on Donovan Astros. However, almost instantly the mood changed. After a week out of the limelight following his New ERA Championship loss, Pro Wrestling's SJH made a triumphant return. The crowd was ecstatic as Hart walked to the ring with Felicia Hart and Tiny. As soon as Pro Wrestling's SJH hit the ring, he asked for the microphone and told the guys in the back to "cue it up." However, before he was able to perform a live version of his ode to Donovan, Astros attacked. The runner-up in the BattleBRAWL Rumble worked over Pro Wrestling's SJH with some vicious European uppercuts. He sent Hart to the ropes and charged the opposite ones hoping to catch Hart with the flying forearm. Pro Wrestling's SJH would have none of it. Astros flew through the air, but Hart dropped to the mat and watched as his opponent soared over him, landing throat-first onto the second rope. Hart kipped up to his feet, gained a full head of steam, and crashed down on the back of his now-choked opponent. After bouncing up and down a few times for good measure, Hart walked to the center of the ring and worked the crowd into a frenzy. Astros slowly pushed himself up. He couldn't hear the stomping of Hart's foot over the crowd's cheers. Shawn Hart took Astros' head off with the superkick. Hart would have brought the crowd to their feet as he lifted the weary Astros off the mat, but they were already up. New ERA's only three-time Champion sent his opponent to the ropes. He doubled him over with a boot to the gut. HART ON! After a hot start in New ERA with his performance at the BattleBRAWL rumble and a victory at Cyberstrike 06, Donovan Astros has stumbled ... and Shawn Hart capitalized. The Fujiwara Armbar. Moments later, Shawn Hart walked out of the ring victorious.

WINNER: Pro Wrestling's SJH

Yossi Hayat vs. Michael Montgomery

Yossi Hayat came tantalizingly close to securing a victory in his debut at Cyberstrike 07, and he proved that first impressions mean nothing in the wrestling world as he took on Michael Montgomery. Hayat kept Montgomery off his game with a series of dropkicks moments after the opening bell that sent Montgomery to the outside to regain his composure. The "Smark Boy" kept a close eye on the "Magnificent One" and followed him inside in the ring as Montgomery walked around the outside. Finally, Montgomery slid back inside, and Hayat jumped at the chance. Hayat drove his heel into the side of Montgomery's head forcing the referee to step in. Montgomery attempted to capitalize, as he reached around the referee and grabbed onto Hayat's arm, but the irish whip was reversed and Montgomery crashed into the corner. The "Smark Boy" followed in afterwards with the flying clothesline to the back of the neck. Hayat spun Montgomery around, and rammed his shoulder into the midsection of the "Magnificent One." Montgomery was wobbly as Hayat placed him on the top turbuckle, but he fought back as both men balanced on the top rope. Montgomery popped Hayat with a few left hooks, but Hayat would not let another victory slip through his fingers. As Montgomery wound up for the final blow, Hayat ducked. Montgomery spun right around and felt the "Smark Boy's" arms wrap around his waist for the belly-to-back superplex. While Montgomery was strewn out on the mat, Yossi Hayat popped to his feet and boasted to the fans. Seconds later, the "Magnificent One" was brought to his feet, doubled over, and victimized by the Smarkbuster as Hayat got the win.

WINNER: Yossi Hayat

Richard Dweck vs. Jonathan Marx

Making his debut in New ERA, Richard Dweck had quite the task in front of him - two-time New ERA Champion Jonathan Marx. The 17 year old wrestling prodigy was hot straight out the gate as he slipped out of the collar-and-elbow tie up, wrapped Marx from behind, and got a quick pin attept with a German suplex. After Marx rolled out of the pin, Dweck was waiting and rushed Marx into the ropes before catching him with a school boy. Marx kicked out once more and this time caught Dweck and sent him crashing to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. The former World Heavyweight champion picked his opponent off the mat and sent him into the ropes, but as Marx bent over for the back body drop, Dweck quickly took advantage catching Marx with the sunset flip. Another two-count and Dweck had the "Gentleman" scrambling to the outside to confer with Brandon Jacobs. The conference was cut short as Dweck charged and catapulted himself over the ropes with a plancha taking both men out! As Jacobs escaped to the opposite side of the arena floor, Dweck grabbed Marx and hooked him for a suplex on the outside. Marx was brought into the air and then dropped ... onto the guardrail. After taking a few steps away, Dweck charged at Marx and sent him flipping to the arena floor with a dropkick to the face. The young star grabbed his more experienced opponent and rolled him into the ring before following in after him. Marx was on his feet and the two men locked up once more. Marx tried to gain momentum after locking in the hammerlock, but Dweck charged into the corner and slid underneath the bottom rope as Marx hit the turnbuckle chest-first. Marx dropped to the mat and Dweck saw his chance as he ascended the ropes. Jonathan Marx might have seemed like a sitting duck to Dweck, but he's a crafty veteran. Dweck flew from the top for the splash, Marx put up the knees, and the teenager flopped to the mat holding his ribs.

Give Marx an opportunity and he'll run with it. The former World Heavyweight champion scooped Dweck off the mat, spun him around, and took him up and over with the German suplex. The fans popped as Marx's fingers stuck together and he rolled back to his feet with Dweck still in the hold. A second German suplex and the fans chanted the "Gentleman's" name clammoring for the hat trick. Marx and Dweck were back on their feet, and as Marx went for the third German suplex, Dweck drove the back of his head into the jaw of Marx. With the hold broken, Dweck drove the knee into Marx's stomach and put the Gentleman's head in between his legs. Dweck seemed to struggle to pick Marx off the mat, and eventually Marx sent Dweck to the mat with a backbody drop. As Dweck returned to his feet, Marx drove his boot into the gut .. hooked the arms of his doubled over opponent and hit a picture-perfect butterfly suplex. With Dweck on the mat, Marx flipped the young star onto his stomach and went for the Marxism in the middle of the ring. As Marx prepared himself, however, Dweck quickly scooted to the ropes and held on for dear life. Marx shook his head as he walked to his opponent .. and grabbed onto Dweck's boots before trying to rip him away. Dweck wouldn't release his grip on the ropes, forcing Marx to succumb to the referee's warnings and let go. Richard Dweck slowly rose and gave Marx an earful, but as he walked away from the ropes, the former World Heavyweight champion struck. Marx's forearm caught Dweck right underneath the chin. Dweck went down like a champ. This time Marx dragged Dweck into the center of the ring and made sure that there was no escape. With the Marxism locked on, there was no other choice for Richard Dweck but to submit. Before he left the ring, Marx pointed to the back, an obvious gesture to the First and Cameron Cruise that their time is coming.

WINNER: Jonathan Marx

Turning Tricks

(The big screens flickered to life and the crowd jeered as Jennifer Harding stood with the New ERA Champion himself, Mr. Entertainment.)

HARDING: "Mister Entertainment, you're set in just a few moments to head to the ring to face Chaos. After what he did last time, aren't you scared?"

ENTERTAINMENT: "Mister Entertainment, scared? No, Jennifer. I ain't scared o' Chaos. Scared of what I've gotta do ta him. Scared tha' nobody else on the roster is gonna want ta face ME - Mister Entertainment - Next week once I've made an example of Chaos. But scared of the man? No. He's a coward, Jennifer. He's a coward who attacks from behind and uses weapons because he knows he can't beat a real opponent, someone who can fight back. Well, Chaos? You made the biggest mistake of your career when ya destroyed my statue. Symbolically you were tryin' ta topple New ERA, ta put people like Jennifer out of a job! Without Mister Entertainment there is no New ERA! Without ME - Mister Entertainment - She'd have ta start turning tricks ta get enough food ta eat. Because of ME - Mister Entertainment - You have a company ta work fer, Chaos. I don't just say I'm New ERA because it sounds good, I say it because it's the damn truth. And tonight, Chaos, you are going to find out just what I can do, what the personification of New ERA can do. I hope you enjoy yer moment in the sun. New ERA's gonna survive just fine without you, because I will make damn sure it does. So, no, Jennifer. I'm not scared of Chaos. But he damn sure better be scared of ME. Mister Entertainment – New ERA."

(Entertainment walked away, leaving Jennifer looking a little insulted.)

HARDING: "Turning tricks?! Jerk."

Suicide vs. Fanatic

The screens went black as the crowd turned their attention to the ring. It is no secret that Fanatic and Suicide have a long and complicated history. But the past is exactly that - the past. For these two men met for the first time in New ERA's hallowed ring. Suicide watched as the "Elite Enigma" and Larry Tact stepped into the ring, knowing the two men all too well. The crowd was electric as the man, the myth, the legend stood face to face with the TACT LEGACY. In an instant, the battle was on. Suicide and Fanatic locked up in the middle of the ring, neither man able to gain the upperhand. They broke, stepped back, and studied each other. Slowly circling in the ring, the two were back at it, locked in a fierce battle of wills. Fanatic overpowered Suicide and wrung the arm. He drove his elbow down and watched as the pure force sent Suicide to the mat. But he didn't relent. Fanatic kept the wrist tightly in his grip. Suicide rose to his feet before Fanatic snapped him back down. The "Elite Enigma" released the hold and ran against the ropes. Suicide saw him coming and hopped over him. Fanatic hit the opposite ropes, but Suicide was waiting with the dropkick that sent his opponent back and over the top rope. Fanatic landed on his feet and looked into the ring with a wary eye as he hopped onto the apron and stepped through the ropes. Suicide nodded .. and then charged at Fanatic! As the man, the myth, the legend rushed forward, Fanatic did the same - except he drove the knee into Suicide's midsection causing him to flip over and land on his back. Fanatic wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation. He grabbed his opponent off the mat and sent him to the corner before charging in after him, slamming the elbow square in the jaw. Suicide stumbled out of the corner, but he was immediately caught by the "Elite Engima" who hooked the arm and waist sending Suicide crashing to the mat with the T-Bone Suplex.

Fanatic grabbed Suicide, lifted him up, and immediately whipped him to the ropes. Suicide came back, but slid underneath the clothesline attempt by the "Elite Enigma" and continued to the opposite side. Fanatic, not wanting to lose his grip on the match, followed after the man, the myth, the legend, but Suicide bounced off the far ropes and came right back at Fanatic with a flying crossbody. Suicide quickly kipped up and caught the stunned Fanatic on his knees. While Fanatic reached up, Suicide rammed his knees into his opponent's face before grabbing the head and planting the Enforcer DDT. A two-count would not be enough to stop Fanatic. Suicide reached down, grabbed the "Elite Enigma" off the mat, and slammed the forearm into his opponent's face. Suicide shot Larry Tact a glance before sending his protégé chest-first to the corner. Fanatic turned himself around - right in time to watch as Suicide connected with the Phantom Kick. Fanatic wobbled out of the corner and Suicide set up behind him. The man, the myth, the legend hooked Fanatic from the side, hitting a gutwrench suplex that put the "Elite Enigma" down and out for another close two-count. With Suicide sitting on the mat, Larry Tact pounded on the apron to rally his brother. Suicide cocked his head to the side and slowly shook his head, almost condescendingly. Tact did not take too kindly to this and he let his fingers do the talking - meanwhile, Fanatic pushed himself off the mat and tried to get to his feet. Suicide would not allow this. He jumped up and grabbed the "Elite Enigma" before tossing him through the ropes at Tact. Suicide, however, didn't expect Fanatic to hold on, which he did. Nor did Suicide expect Fanatic to swing around and land on his feet, which he did. Suicide stood, shocked, as Fanatic pointed at him. The two men charged each other. It was a clash of the titans as the two men both took to the air, their bodies crashing into each other. Both men dropped to the mat worse for wear.

The fans in the Agganis Arena were hot. They knew this would be a hell of a match and it was. Suicide was first to move. He was first to his feet. Fanatic waited on his knees as Suicide walked towards him, but his attempted gutshot was foiled. Suicide caught the other fist of Fanatic, too. With both hands in Suicide's grip, Fanatic rose to his feet and the two men struggled for control. Fanatic seemed to catch a break as Suicide buckled under the pressure. But the break was short-lived. Suicide released his opponent's hands and slipped behind the "Elite Enigma." Fanatic yanked at Suicide's hands as they wrapped around his waist, eventually separating them enough where he could get a reversal. Suicide followed suit and re-reversed. Fanatic charged forward toward the corner, tossing his weight to the mat at the last second, and caused Suicide to crash into the top turnbuckle. Fanatic was waiting eagerly, wrapping his arms around the waist of the man, the myth, the legend, and bringing him up and over with the bridging German suplex. The referee made the count. One. Two. Three. The match was over! Larry Tact jumped into the ring to celebrate with his brother. The celebration was short-lived, however, as it turned out that the referee counted BOTH men's shoulders to the mat. Technically, it was a victory for both men. In reality? Nothing had been settled. Suicide and Fanatic both banked shots at the championship - Suicide's first and Fanatic's second.

WINNER: Double Pinfall


(Right when you thought things couldn't get anymore heated in the ring, Chaos charged down the rampway, flanked by two men dressed in black, to sudden "MONSTER'D!" chants. They slid into the ring and in a split second, the two men who had just battled tooth-and-nail stood on the same side. The seven foot giant wasted no time as he went after Larry Tact. Suicide and Fanatic fought off the two bodyguards as all hell broke loose. The crowd chanted "MONSTER'D!" "MONSTER'D!" Chaos got the better of Larry Tact and drove the boots into his chest in the corner. But eventually Suicide and Fanatic turned their attention to the big man. Fanatic spun Chaos around and Suicide, with the Burning Knuckle, sent Chaos over the top rope to the arena floor. Chaos landed on his feet - but Fanatic went airborn and crashed on top of Chaos bringing him to the arena floor. With Fanatic and Chaos continuing the fight on the arena floor, Suicide turned to see about Tact. He was met with a fist - a fist that was caught by his right hand. Tact and Suicide glared at each other, but eventually, with a smirk on his face, Tact backed away. He joined his brother on the outside as the TACT LEGACY and Chaos and his henchmen battled up the rampway while Suicide watched from the ring. In all this confusion, no one seemed to notice Pro Wrestling's SJH slide into the ring. The huge pop from the crowd tipped Suicide off, but it was too little, too late. Suicide turned - got a boot in the stomach - and fell victim to the HART ON! If Shawn Hart had his reasons for being in the ring and attacking Suicide, he told no one as he walked up the ramp, a smile on his face.)

New ERA Championship

Chaos vs. Mr. Entertainment (c)

With the crowd still electrified, Chaos walked onto the ramp, with the two men from earlier by his side, for his second chance at the New ERA Championship. The "MONSTER'D!" chants were deafening and Chaos soaked in the crowd's energy. But it was the New ERA Champion, Mr. Entertainment, who reveled in the crowd's displeasure as he strutted to the ring, the New ERA Championship reflecting the arena lights off its buffed up gold plates. As Entertainment stepped into the ring, Chaos' two bodyguards took their posts at the bottom of the ramp determined to keep any would-be wanderers away from the action. Chaos chomped at the bits as the referee handed the championship to the ring attendant and called for the bell. But he would have to wait. Mr. Entertainment held the referee in front of him as he "tightened" the laces on his boots. The seven foot monster would have none of it. He grabbed the referee by the waist and picked him up, plopping him down in the center of the ring. As he did, Mr. Entertainment dropped to his knees and the entire arena winced in pain as Chaos' family jewels took the first hit. Entertainment quickly took Chaos to the mat with a Russian legsweep following it up with a side headlock. On any other competitor, this may have seemed like a solid strategy - but Chaos is not another competitor. He wrapped his huge arms around the waist of the champion and powered his way back up. The look of pure horror on Entertainment's face brought joy to the crowd, and the ensuing sidewalk slam was met with humongous cheers from the crowd.

Entertainment rolled to the ropes, but formalities aren't really Chaos' thing. He grabbed Entertainment's feet and pulled. Entertainment screamed at the referee to stop his opponent. The referee attempted to do so, but by this point, Chaos gave one good tug and Entertainment flew off the mat and crashed into the middle of the ring. Entertainment tried to crawl to the opposite ropes, but Chaos caught the legs again. The champion was dragged into the corner, kicking and screaming, as the "MONSTER'D!" chants continued. The former P©X champion reached down and grabbed Entertainment by the head, lifted him to his feet, and slammed him face-first into the top turnbuckle pad repeatedly. The crowd counted along - ten times - before Chaos stopped. Entertainment, reeling from the assault, took three steps out of the corner and fell to the mat. Chaos walked in front the champion and drilled him, viciously, repeatedly, with the toe of his boot, but decided against making the cover. If Chaos was going to walk out of the Agganis Arena as the New ERA Champion, he would make sure that the current one was wheeled out on a gurney. The fans clamored for more and Chaos was happy to oblige. He lifted Entertainment off the mat and whipped him to the ropes. Entertainment tried to avoid the return trip, but his fingers slid off the top rope. Chaos' big boot awaited him on the return and the force was so strong that Entertainment went halfway underneath the bottom rope. Chaos was quick to catch him, though, before Entertainment slipped all the way out. With Entertainment in his grasp, Chaos turned to the crowd - each section chanting louder than the one before it. Those chants quickly accelerated as Larry Tact walked onto the platform. The sight of Tact set the two bodyguards on notice, as it did Chaos, who pointed with his free hand at New ERA's first World Heavyweight champion. His other hand, you ask? That hand was wrapped around Mr. Entertainment's throat. That hand hoisted Entertainment high into the air. That hand drove Entertainment back down to the mat. That hand made the cover. But that hand wasn't enough to claim the New ERA Championship.

Chaos stood and ordered his bodyguards to get Tact out of his sight. The two men slowly walked up the ramp as Chaos turned his attention back to the New ERA Champion lying at his feet. The seven foot monster yanked Entertainment up and sent him to the ropes. Entertainment came back as Chaos lifted his boot high in the air - but this time Entertainment ducked underneath! Chaos was stunned as Entertainment ran past him to the opposite ropes. The champion bounced off and flew back at Chaos with a crossbody block. Chaos caught him. The crowd popped huge as Chaos rearranged the champion and set him up for the Tombstone. The cheers were quickly silenced, however, when Entertainment fought back. Entertainment kicked his legs. He threw all the energy he had at Chaos, and eventually, much to the fans' disappointment, Chaos dropped the New ERA Champion to the mat. Even worse for Chaos, Entertainment landed on his feet! With a second wind, the New ERA Champion jumped straight off the mat, caught Chaos' head and slammed him into the mat with the facebuster. Entertainment shot back to his feet and immediately went to the corner. Perched on the top rope, Mr. Entertainment waited for the big man to get back to his feet. Chaos, slightly dazed from the facebuster, walked right into Mr. Entertainment's flight path. Entertainment dove off the top rope, somersaulting over his opponent and caught the head on the way down with the neckbreaker. The fans looked on in horror as the champion made the cover. Their fears were premature as Chaos kicked out. Entertainment didn't let up. He went straight back to the corner and lept to the top. As he flew through the air, flipping 450 degrees for the splash, Larry Tact burst forward and clotheslined the two bodyguards to the ramp. As Chaos received the full force of the move, Tact tossed one of the guards off the ramp. While Mr. Entertainment hooked the leg, Tact drilled the other guard with a DDT. A collective sigh of relief escaped the fans' lips as Chaos shot his arm up before the referee could make the three.

Entertainment slammed the mat with his hands, the frustration momentarily getting the best of him. He was not deterred, however, and dragged the challenger to the corner. Entertainment sat Chaos in the corner and ran to the other side. Gaining a full head of steam, Entertainment slammed the boots into Chaos' face with the dropkick. The New ERA Champion could sense victory - if only he could get the 305 pound beast out of the corner. The pure physicality of the match taking its toll on both men, Entertainment struggled to pull Chaos out of the corner. After failing to budge the former P©X champion from his spot, Entertainment went back to the opposite side. Once again the New ERA Champion charged in, this time with the baseball slide, but unlike his prior attempt, Chaos pulled himself out the way at the last moment. Entertainment slid to the outside, unharmed, and quickly slid back inside. Chaos turned and was met with a superkick that zeroed in right on the jaw. The big man wavered but did not fall. Mr. Entertainment, seeing that more was needed, bounced off the ropes and came back with a flying forearm. Caught. Red-Handed. This time no amount of struggling would deter the big man. He slammed the New ERA Champion to the mat. It was time. It was time to end the farcical reign of Mr. Entertainment. It was time to rebuild New ERA in Chaos' image. "MONSTER'D!" chants reinvigorated Chaos as he lifted the champion off the mat. As Chaos set Entertainment on the top rope, the crowd broke into celebration. The crowd's frenzy rivaled only Shawn Hart's at BattleBRAWL as Mr. Entertainment fell victim to the Chaosbomb. Chaos - the New ERA Champion. But that wouldn't be the case. As the referee counted Entertainment's shoulders to the mat, Larry Tact reached into the ring and grabbed onto Chaos' foot. With only inches separating Chaos and the New ERA Championship, Tact yanked Chaos clear out the ring to the arena floor. With the ensuing boot to the head, the referee called for the bell. The crowd was shocked into silence. Larry Tact may have given Chaos the victory, but he cost him the belt.

WINNER: Chaos (via disqualification)

Get What You Want

(Chaos powered his way back to his feet. He and Larry Tact exchanged rapid blows on the outside. They brawled into the ringsteps - into the guardrail. Chaos sent Larry Tact shoulder first into the steel post, but Tact moved as Chaos charged at him. Tact grabbed the seven foot tall monster and sent him crashing into ring attendant and the New ERA Championship. Tact picked the Championship off the ground causing Mr. Entertainment to yell from the ring. He need not worry, though, Tact only wanted to introduce the Championship to Chaos' face. After drilling Chaos with the belt, Tact tossed the New ERA Championship into the ring with its "rightful" owner. There's no doubt that the fire between Chaos and Larry Tact still burned hot - and as if on cue, Suicide begun his descent down the rampway to throw some more fuel on. But while the two men brawled around the ringside area, Suicide's gaze was fixated on Mr. Entertainment instead. Entertainment waved his finger "no" at the man, the myth, the legend, but he may have been spared any further interaction as throngs of officials poured through the curtains and raced to the ring to separate Tact and Chaos. Suicide stopped and watched as security followed suit. With "MONSTER'D!" chants egging him on, Chaos fought back valiantly. But the numbers were too great and eventually the two men were separated, Tact on one side of the ring, Chaos on the other. Suicide standing on the arena floor, Mr. Entertainment standing in the ring. Chaos screamed across the ring that he would get payback - that Larry Tact would pay with blood. Little did he know that he might just have that chance. New ERA President Marcus LaRoque stepped through the curtains and stared, dumbfounded, at the carnage surrounding the ring. He watched as Chaos spewed obscenities at Tact.)

LaROQUE: "You want Larry Tact, Chaos?"

(Chaos screamed that he did. That he would do anything to get his hands around the neck of the man who just cost him the New ERA Championship. Larry Tact stood at the base of the ramp and looked up as Marcus LaRoque clearly considered the potential publicity from such a match. In the ring, Fanatic appeared behind the still-New ERA Champion Mr. Entertainment. Suicide, standing on the outside as Entertainment jawed with him, pointed at Fanatic. Entertainment spun around, ready to fight, but Fanatic merely pointed at Entertainment. Then he pointed at the New ERA Championship lying on the mat. Finally, he pointed at Marcus LaRoque. LaRoque's eyebrows shot up as the crowd exploded. Larry Tact caught his eye, and with a nod, it was set in stone.)

LaROQUE: "You got it!"

("MONSTER'D!" chants drowned out LaRoque. As the ringside area slowly cleared out, first with Larry Tact and Fanatic exiting from the side of the ramp, to Suicide slowly following them, LaRoque stood his ground. It was set - Chaos would get Larry Tact in the ring, one-on-one at Cyberstrike 09 - and Fanatic would get his shot at the New ERA Championship at PrimeTime. Compromise. What a beautiful, beautiful thing.)

( the end )