[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Apr. 17, 2011
AIRED: Apr. 18, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 07

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- FLASH -]

TRIPP: "A new ERA began tonight, but would the celebration be premature?"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. The two smile into the camera. The set has been spruced up a bit - with framed photos of Mr. Entertainment hung along the wall and a Mr. Entertainment bobblehead bobbling away on the desk.)

TRIPP: "And as you might have noticed, the new champion has taken it upon himself to do a bit of interior design for us, Natalie."

NEWMAN: "I know each champion likes to put their personal touch on things, but I think Mr. Entertainment has really outdone himself."

(Newman rolls her eyes.)

TRIPP: "But who can deny that bobbleheads make everything better?"

(Tripp flicks the Enter-bobble in the nose and it shakes vigorously.)

NEWMAN: "But the real question is whether all of this - the redecorating, the creation of a so-called monument to New ERA - is all this too early? Because as we all know, Entertainment had to defend the belt at Cyberstrike 07 against the same man who defeated him for the New ERA Television Championship at RAUCOUS 32 on June 29, 2009!"

TRIPP: "Speaking of history, Natalie, tonight we saw a re-match that's been years in the making - SEVEN years to be exact."

(A splitscreen of Chaos and Suicide.)

TRIPP: "At Destrucity I, in an electrified exploding cage match, Suicide defeated Chaos for the Television championship. Was that a different time? Is Chaos a different man? Or will Suicide prove that history often repeats itself?"

NEWMAN: "Why don't we find out?!"

What Do YOU Want?

(The lights in the Agganis Arena went dark as Cyberstrike 07 was officially slated to begin. With the ensuing confusion, with many damning the aging electrical system, no one seemed to notice the commotion in the ring. Soon, though, a lone spotlight cut through the darkness and settled in the middle of the ring. Basking in the spotlight, Muse sat on the lap of the most reviled Champion in New ERA history, The First. The two sat in a leather chair in the center of the ring. Two huge men stepped back into the shadows behind the First. The fans instantly jeered as Muse brought the microphone to her lips.)

MUSE: "Strength, what is strength? Is it solving a puzzle? Understanding a riddle? No, of course it isn't.. Strength is handling one's self in a fight.. Strength comes from survival.. Strength comes from conquering those unfit or unwilling to defend themselves. How can we ever become greater, if we do not embrace conflict? How can we ever aspire to greater heights without bleeding, struggling, suffering? The mundane, the boring, the day to day existence you all live shelters you from what you could truly become.. You can have what you desire, if you would only TAKE it.. If you would only strike down those who stand against you.. And here and now, the Master Of The Shadows.. He who speaks the truth.. Shall ask you the question you all must answer."

(The fans, not quite knowing what to expect, continued to jeer. The First stood up. First, wearing a black button up shirt, black pants, his forehead painted black with streaks running down his cheeks and nose, with the rest of his face painted white, took the mic from Muse as she sat down in the chair.)

FIRST: "What do you want? That's what I ask of you all.. What do you want? You see, there are things that I can do for you, things I can give to you.. You merely have to tell me what they are.. I have power, I have the ability to change the lives of everyone in this arena, and especially those in the locker room.. They just have to tell me what they want.. And I shall give it to them. For you see, me and my.. Associates (he motioned to the men who stood in the shadows) can move mountains for people, we can do the hard work needed for people to achieve their dreams to obtain their goals.. And all anyone in New ERA has to do is come to us.. And tell us the truth.. Tell us.. What do you want?"

With that question, the First dropped the microphone as the spotlight vanished. First, Muse and his two Associates exited the ring to a massive chorus of jeers and disappeared into the darkness.

Donovan Astros vs. Gregory Knight

Gregory Knight was cursed, it would seem, because for the second straight Cyberstrike neither he nor his opponent, Donovan Astros, could make it in time to the Agganis Arena. For Knight, this means he has one final chance to show the fans what he's made of. For Donovan Astros, his quest for three-straight victories, and a shot at the New ERA Championship, starts anew next week.

WINNER: Cancelled

Jonathan Marx vs. Michael Montgomery

Looking to finally turn around his losing streak, Michael Montgomery waited in the ring for his opponent, former World Heavyweight champion Jonathan Marx. As Marx walked to the ring, Montgomery stood at the ropes and goaded Marx. Brandon Jacobs gave Marx some last words of advice as the Gentleman slid underneath the bottom rope. If Marx was expecting some respect from the "Magnficent One," he was sorely mistaken. Montgomery stepped right into Marx's face and berated the former World Heavyweight champion. The bell rang and Montgomery immediately went on the offensive as he drilled Marx with forearm shots to the jaw. With Marx off balance, Montgomery sent him reeling into the corner. The Gentleman, however, is a veteran of the ring, and telegraphing his opponent's next move, Marx sidestepped the charging Montgomery. Montgomery crashed chest-first into the turnbuckle as Marx stepped behind him with the roll up for a quick two-count. The "Magnificent One" shot back to his feet and lept off the mat for a standing dropkick, but once again Marx telegraphed the move and swatted Montgomery away. The former World Heavyweight champion began softening his opponent up. Marx hit a succession of armdrags that sent Montgomery in each and every direction. Jonathan Marx grabbed Montgomery and sent him crashing to the mat with a spinebuster and covered again, but again Montgomery got the shoulder up before it was too late. Marx went to the well one too many times, however, and as he positioned himself for what seemed like the umpteenth armdrag, Montgomery countered with one of his own. Montgomery charged into Marx and both men went into the ropes, but Marx held on as Montgomery continued on to the other side.

The referee, who had walked into the center of the ring, had the bejeezus scared out of him as Jonathan Marx flew through the air and barely missed him on his way with the Lou Thesz Press. Montgomery crashed to the mat with Marx on top of him. The former World Heavyweight champion flipped Montgomery onto his stomach and looked to go for the Marxism, but the "Magnficent One" showed he had ring presence of his own and quickly wrapped his fingers around the bottom rope. The referee called for the break and Jonathan Marx was forced to watch as Montgomery got back to his feet. The two met in the center of the ring, but Michael Montgomery was quick to take Marx down with a legsweep. Marx quickly got to his feet, but Montgomery was waiting as he wrapped the arms around Marx's torso and took him up and over with a bridging German Suplex. The crowd popped as Marx pushed his shoulder off the mat before the three count, but they were silenced as Montgomery jumped to his feet and drove the boots into the lower back of the former World Heavyweight champion. Montgomery grabbed Marx off the mat and sent him crashing chest-first into the turnbuckle pad. As Marx stumbled backwards, the crowd jeered as the "Magnficent One" hooked the former World Heavyweight champion for the Japanese Ocean Suplex he calls "Magnficence." Luckily for them, Jonathan Marx had one more card up his sleeve. While Montgomery was fumbling to get Marx's hands in position, the Gentleman drove the back of his head into Montgomery's nose. Montgomery released the attempt and tried to find his way to the ropes to regain his composure, but Marx took the opportunity to nail a Japanese Ocean Suplex of his own! Forgoing the cover, Marx flipped Montgomery onto his stomach and tried to to lock on the Marxism, but Montgomery swept the foot out from under him and caught Marx in a small package for the three count.

WINNER: Michael Montgomery

Yossi Hayat vs. Fanatic

He may have missed Cyberstrike 06 due to travel issues, but Yossi Hayat made sure that everyone in the Agganis Arena knew he had arrived tonight with a strong showing against one of the final competitors in the BattleBRAWL Rumble, Fanatic. The newcomer from Israel kept the "Elite Enigma" on his toes throughout their match. But Larry Tact's younger brother has shown time and time again he's resilient. Hayat, who cornered Fanatic early in the match, drove the closed fists into the jaw of Fanatic as he straddled him on the second turnbuckle. The "Elite Enigma" wrapped his arms around the waist and carried Hayat into the center of the ring before driving his knee into the tailbone with the inverted atomic drop. Fanatic rebounded off the ropes and connected with a clothesline so fierce that "the Smark Boy" went head over heels in the center of the ring. Fanatic scooped Hayat off the mat and slammed him back down before jumping, cat-like, onto the top rope. With Larry Tact watching thoughtfully on the outside, Fanatic sailed through the air and crashed on top of Hayat with the frog splash. A two-count was all Fanatic would get for his troubles as Hayat slithered out from underneath the "Elite Engima." Tact shook his head in disappointment as Fanatic shrugged his shoulders and rose to his feet. Hayat crawled to the ropes with Fanatic stalking closely behind him, and as he reached for the ropes, Fanatic struck. The "Elite Enigma" spun Hayat around and grabbed him by the arm, but Hayat ducked underneath the short-arm clothesline and clobbered Fanatic with a clothesline of his own. Fanatic quickly scrambled to his feet, but Yossi Hayat sent him back down with a DDT.

As the two men battled it out in the ring, Larry Tact paced on the outside taking notes on his brother's performance. Hayat brought Fanatic to the corner and drove the shoulders into the midsection of the "Elite Enigma." Shoulder after shoulder knocked the wind from Fanatic's lungs and as Fanatic gasped for air, "the Smark Boy" hooked the tights and brought him up in the air. Within seconds, Fanatic was driven into the mat with the inverted sitout suplex slam. Hayat made the cover, but was unable to secure the victory. The mix of frustration and anticipation wore on Hayat's face as he rolled off the top of Fanatic and made his way back to his feet. Hayat glanced over at Tact and gave him an all-knowing smile. He was only moments away from burying the TACT LEGACY once and for all. Within those few seconds, however, Fanatic pushed himself off the mat and made his way into the corner. Hayat turned and charged in after him, but ended up headbutting the steel post as Fanatic used the ropes to pull himself out of the way. Hayat stepped back and wiped the first few drops of blood from his forehead. Fanatic saw the opening and grabbed Hayat by the back of the head and slammed him face-first into the turnbuckle pad. A second time. A third time. Fanatic watched as "the Smark Boy" took a few steps out of the corner and flopped to the mat. The "Elite Enigma" circled his prey like a carrion and dropped the elbow in between the shoulder blades. It was the beginning of the end for Yossi Hayat. Fanatic scooped him off the mat and sent him flying into the ropes. As Hayat returned, Fanatic lept into the air, caught him by the head and nailed an awe-inspiring hurricanrana. Hayat was laid out in the middle of the ring as Fanatic climbed the ropes and perched himself on top. Despite his best efforts to do what only Mr. Entertainment did before him, "the Smark Boy" fell victim to the Craze. Fanatic covered and the corkscrew moonsault was enough to put secure the victory and put him one step closer to banking a second shot at the New ERA Championship.

WINNER: Fanatic

That's What I Want

(As soon as Yossi Hayat disappeared behind the curtain, the big screens rumbled to life. The arena darkened as Cameron Cruise walked the hallways before the night's main event. He turns the corner and almost walked right into The First. Immediately the arena filled with the jeers from the crowd as Muse and the two Associates also came into view.)

FIRST: "Hello Mr. Cruise. I have to ask you.. What do you want?"

CRUISE: "I'd like you to mind your own business before you end up with all your heads nailed into the wall."

(The crowd popped for Cruise, but the First seemed unfazed.)

FIRST: "Really, is that? Is that what you truly want."

CRUISE: "What do I want?? I want Kobe Bryant to get obliterated from the NBA. I'd like Kirstie Alley to actually get off her fat-ass and lose weight the hard way instead of making excuses the whole time. I'd like Dennis Leary to go back to the standup he did back when he was doing the "No Cure For Cancer" Tour. I'd like a Bacon Cheeseburger with everything on it, and I'd like to eat it at a Jenny Craig meeting with case of Bud Light."

(Smatters of laughter greeted Cruise who looked down at his stomach. The First looked on intently.)

CRUISE: "That's right.. I watch my weight. I'd also like to watch Demi Moore do her Striptease routine in a private session after doing Halle Berry over the railing of a 55-foot high skyscraper in the middle of a rainstorm. But what I'd like for right now is for you and your crew to get the hell out of my way so I can go finish preparing for the biggest night of Mister Entertainment's life before I take what belongs to me: The New ERA Championship. Now HIT THE BRICKS!"

(Huge pops erupted across the arena as Cruise pointed down the hallway and glared as The First and his crew slowly stepped around him. The two never once broke eye-contact as the big screens went black and the arena lights came back on.)

Chaos vs. Suicide

It had been almost seven years since Chaos stepped into the ring with Suicide at Destrucity I. Back then the Television championship was on the line in an Electrified Exploding Cage Match and Suicide walked away with the belt. The crowd was raucous as both men stood in the middle of the ring, "MONSTER'D!" chants cycloning around them. Suicide rebounded off the ropes and came after the seven foot tall monster with a clothesline. Chaos dug in his heels and took the clothesline in stride. Suicide tried again. Once more, Chaos shook it off. Chaos grabbed Suicide by the head and sent him soaring into the corner. As Suicide reoriented himself, Chaos charged from behind and splashed the man, the myth, the legend against the turnbuckles. Chaos took a step back and soaked in the increasingly frenzied chants from the crowd. It may have taken seven years, but the fans sensed that the sweet taste of revenge was within Chaos' grasp. The big man spun Suicide around and brought him into the center of the ring. Chaos hoisted his opponent in the air, but Suicide used the momentum and flipped over the former P©X champion. Suicide landed on his feet and charged the ropes, but Chaos was hot on his heels. Suicide lept to the ropes, planted his feet for only a second, and flew backwards at his opponent with a reverse crossbody. "MONSTER'D!" chants erupted as Chaos caught Suicide, but the chants were quickly silenced as Suicide hooked the head of New ERA's most decorated champion and brought them both over the top rope to the arena floor. With both men on the floor, all hopes for a normal bout were tossed away. Suicide drove his boots into the side of Chaos' head as the big man attempted to rise. When that didn't work and Chaos towered over his opponent, Suicide wrapped his arms around Chaos' waist and charged him into the corner of the ring apron. While Chaos held his lower back, the man, the myth, the legend doubled the monster over and nailed the Enforcer DDT onto the arena floor. Suicide was relentless.

Cat-like, he hopped onto the top of the guardrail, with his back facing the ring, and lept off with the Suicide Legdrop and causing new "MONSTER'D!" chants to ring across the Agganis Arena. Suicide stood on his feet, rolled into the ring to break the count before rolling back to the outside. He placed one hand on Chaos' waist, the other on the scruff of his neck, and pushed the big man back into the ring. With both men back in the ring, Suicide charged the ropes and came back to drop the elbow on his fallen opponent. Except Chaos rolled out of the way. Suicide hopped back to his feet and dropped another elbow. Chaos rolled out of the way once more. Suicide rose and reached down to grab the seven foot monster. But Chaos shot his hand up and grabbed Suicide's throat. While Suicide fought back, Chaos rose to his feet, his eyes alive with fire. The crowd chanted. The former four-time P©X champion lifted Suicide high into the air and sent him to the mat with a massive chokeslam. "MONSTER'D!" "MONSTER'D!" The crowd wailed as Chaos lifted Suicide off the mat and brought him to the corner. They hollered as he placed the man who defeated him at Destrucity I on the top turnbuckle. As Chaos ascended the ropes, something caught his eye. From the curtain, Larry Tact strolled to the ring. Chaos paused. Tact never broke eye-contact as he edged closer to the ring. In that moment of hesitation, Suicide placed his feet on the chest of Chaos and sent him crashing to the mat. Unaware that Larry Tact was at ringside, Suicide steadied himself on the top rope and measured his opponent. The crowd watched as the man, the myth, the legend soared through the air and crashed onto his opponent with a second Suicide Legdrop. Larry Tact watched from the outside, his face blank, as Suicide covered Chaos. The crowd watched, their voices abandoning them, as the referee's hand hit the mat three-times. Once more, Suicide had bested Chaos. Once more, the man, the myth, the legend would walk out of Cyberstrike victorious.

Suicide rolled onto his back as Larry Tact slid into the ring. Tact circled Chaos patiently, waiting for him to rise. As the big man sat up, Tact struck. He drove the knee into the face of Chaos sending him back to the mat. Tact grabbed Chaos by the head and brought him to his feet while the crowd watched with baited breath. Tact wrapped his arm around the throat of the seven foot monster. Certainly looking for revenge for his unceremonious exit from the BattleBRAWL Rumble at the hands of the very man in his grasp, Larry Tact stunned the crowd at the Agganis Arena as, in one swift motion, he brought Chaos up and over with the Humbling! The force of the move sent Chaos to the arena floor. Larry Tact stood and looked over the top rope at Chaos, a smile breaking free from his lips. Behind Tact, Suicide waited. The former World Heavyweight champion, still smiling from his payback, turned to the center of the ring. Suicide struck! The spinning burning knuckle cut through the air like a knife through butter. But Larry Tact caught Suicide's arm. The two men stared into each other's eyes before Tact dropped to the mat, rolled underneath the ropes, and left Suicide standing to watch him. Tact left the ringside area shaking his head, and the fans were left wondering what will happen next.

WINNER: Suicide

New ERA Championship

Cameron Cruise vs. Mr. Entertainment (c)

Only a few men in New ERA history can claim that they hold a win over the current New ERA Champion and Cameron Cruise is one of those men. Tonight he had a chance to capture the New ERA Championship, but beforehand he had to sit and watch as the New ERA Champion, Mr. Entertainment, entered the arena to all the pomp and circumstance one expects from the so-called most ENTERTAINING man, and now Champion, in New ERA. Entertainment, with Jennifer Harding on his arm and the New ERA title around his waist, stepped from behind the curtain as something somewhat larger, about twice the size of a man, was wheeled under a veil to the side of the stage. The New ERA Champion smiled broadly as he continued to the ring. As he stepped through the ropes, New ERA ring announcer Jamie Links handed him the microphone.

ENTERTAINMENT: "Cammy, Cammy, I know yer all pent up an' excited, but I just wanted ta let the fans know that in… abou' five minutes, yer gonna see the unveiling of the most iconic statue in history! Jennifer, you wait here. Jamie, you get ready. And the fans – nip to the bathroom. This won't take long."

Cameron Cruise had enough. As the New ERA Champion tossed the microphone out of the ring, Cruise charged and caught him from behind, running into the ropes and rolling him up for a surprise pin. But Entertainment isn't some spring chicken. The two men scrambled to their feet and traded blows on the ropes. Cruise, the larger of the two men, quickly won the war of attrition and forced Entertainment to go on the defensive early in the match. Entertainment covered his head as Cruise forced him into the corner. Cruise hooked the waist of the New ERA Champion and sent him halfway across the ring with a HUGE belly-to-belly suplex. The fans cheered as Cruise jumped to his feet and picked the most ENTERTAINING man in New ERA off the mat. The challenger grabbed the Champion by the back of the head, charged into the corner once more and slammed his face into the turnbuckle. As Entertainment stumbled back from the force, Cruise hooked him and connected with a devastating neckbreaker. With the champion on the mat, Cruise floated over for a cover, but once more Entertainment kicked out. Cruise quickly rose once more and waited for the champion to get to his feet. Entertainment sat up and steadied himself on the ropes, and as he rose, Cameron Cruise came at him with the superkick. Cruise's hit air as Entertainment ducked and drilled the Crippler with a clothesline. Entertainment scooped the challenger off the mat and sent him to the ropes, but Entertainment was premature with his back body drop attempt as Cruise put on the brakes, hooked the head of the champion, and crashed to the mat with the Impact DDT.

Cruise circled the body of Mr. Entertainment before locking on the Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Entertainment struggled to get to the ropes, but Cruise used his leverage to keep the two men in place. It seemed like the New ERA Champion was stuck in the center of the ring for an eternity, but slowly, surely, Entertainment inched his way to the ropes. Cruise released the hold, dragged Entertainment back to the middle of the ring and hooked the legs to lock in the Crab once more. This time Entertainment was waiting and hooked the head for the small package. A close call, but not close enough as Cruise kicked out before the referee got to three. Cruise stormed to his feet, grabbed Entertainment and lifted him high in the air, but the New ERA Champion used the momentum to go over the shoulder of Cruise and hit the sunset flip pin attempt. As Cruise's shoulders were on the mat, Entertainment reached over the referee's prone body and grabbed the ropes for leverage. One. Two. The referee happened to catch sight of Entertainment's arm and caught him in the act. He forced the Champ to release the pin attempt as both men got to their feet and met for another round in the middle of the ring. Entertainment grabbed the arm of Cruise and sent him to the ropes with an irish whip. Cruise hit the ropes and came back with a roaring clothesline that sent the unexpecting Entertainment head over heels. Cameron Cruise fed off the energy of the crowd. He could feel the coolness of the New ERA Championship gold within his grasp.

Cruise hoisted Entertainment off the mat. He placed Entertainment's head between his legs. He watched as the fans left their seats and stood in the aisles. The Crippler's mouth watered as he brought the New ERA Champion into the air for the sitdown powerbomb. But something was off. Mr. Entertainment fought back. His flailing legs disrupted the two mens' balance. Cameron Cruise had Entertainment in the air, but lacked control. Because of this, Cruise's leg went out from under him and he collapsed to the mat with Entertainment sitting on top of him. The referee made the count. Cruise got so caught up in the impending victory that he almost had it snatched away from him. But when you give the New ERA Champion a second chance, he snaps it up. Entertainment stood above the challenger and drilled him with swift kicks. As Cruise rolled onto his hands and knees, Entertainment rolled over him, locking in the arm and leg for a quick pinfall attempt - although only a two-count. Cruise scrambled to his feet, but the New ERA Champion was one step ahead. Entertainment doubled the challenger over and hooked the waist. The fans jeered as Entertainment placed Cruise over his shoulder and crashed to the mat with the Emerald Fusion. Entertainment gloated as he got to his feet. New ERA was now under his watch. No one, not Shawn Hart, not the First, and especially not Cameron Cruise, would stop the construction of Mr. Entertainment's New ERA. Cruise slowly rose, his head wobbling, and he turned right into the New ERA Champion. In a flash, the Stun Gun, That's Entertainment!, and "the Crippler" was down and out. The ERA of Entertainment has only just begun.

WINNER: Mr. Entertainment (retained New ERA Championship)

The Reveal

(The crowd was livid, but Mr. Entertainment couldn't care less. He rolled out of the ring and brushed himself off before walking over to Jamie Links and the New ERA Championship. As Links strapped the gold around his waist, he escorted her up the rampway to the massive statue waiting to be unveiled. The two joined Jennifer Harding in front of the veil as the crowd assaulted the New ERA Champion with jeers.)

ENTERTAINMENT: "I told ya. This is my New ERA. Who was the first one to win 3 straight matches? ME! Mister Entertainment!

Who was it who came in at number 2 in BattleBRAWL Rumble an' walked out with the win, the trophy, and a second banked shot? ME!

Mister Entertainment!

And who took this belt – my New ERA Championship – at the first try? ME!

Mister… Entertainment.

I am New ERA! This is my edifice! This is my monument! Shawn Hart can't carry New ERA to where it needs to be. Chaos – can't do anything to take New ERA to where it deserves to be. Only I can! And so you all have something to look upon when I'm not in the ring – so you people have a true icon you can pray on bended knee to – I present.. the true monument.. to my New ERA!"

(Jennifer and Jamie pulled the veil off the statue, as the fans, booing before, popped massively! It's the same statue we saw being sculpted; Mr Entertainment with his left hand outstretched, the New ERA Championship about his waist. What the fans cheered, though, is the graffiti – "CHAOS" scrawled across the belt, lines and doodles on the face, hideous neon paint everywhere! Mr Entertainment was beside himself, and screamed at anyone who'd listen. He demanded that Jamie and Jennifer tell him what happened. As he sank to his knees in front of the statue, a giant presence was felt behind him. "MONSTERE'D!" chants blew the roof off the Agganis Arena as Chaos clobbered the New ERA Champion with a massive boot to the head. Chaos grabbed Mr. Entertainment and stared into his eyes before tossing him off the ramp! The electrified crowd paused as Chaos grabbed the microphone at the foot of the statue.)

CHAOS: "Wow.. this is impressive. It's look just like you, Mr. E.. New ERA's very own Statue of David. You know, the one with the small dick. Yet I got to admit, it seems taller then you. Mind if I check?"

(Chaos admired his own handiwork moreso than the actual height of the statue.)

CHAOS: "Yup just a little tall.. Let me fix that for you."

(Mr. Entertainment watched from the arena floor as Chaos grabbed a sledgehammer from behind the curtain - his screams drowned out by the "MONSTER'D!" chants as Chaos smashed the leg of the statue. The seven foot tall monster stood on the ramp and pointed the sledgehammer at the New ERA Champion fuming beneath him. As Cyberstrike 07 ended its stream, the monument to Mr. Entertainment's New ERA wavered underneath its own unsupported weight ... and toppled behind the man who will face the Champion at Cyberstrike 08.)

( the end )