[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Apr. 08, 2011
AIRED: Apr. 09, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 06

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- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "A new season is upon us - and the question on everyone's mind is who will lead New ERA as we start the march toward PrimeTime?"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Both Newman and Tripp are dressed in a more casual manner, with Tripp's gaze studying the low cut of Newman's blouse.)

TRIPP: "March .. PrimeTime.."

NEWMAN: "They don't speak, Jason."

(Tripp turns red as he shoots his head forward.)

TRIPP: "Uh .. I mean, hi everyone!"

(Newman shakes her head as she smiles.)

NEWMAN: "We are back at the Agganis Arena as Season 2 kicked off with Cyberstrike 06 .. and what a show!"

TRIPP: "Yes, what a show."

(Sideway glance.)

TRIPP: "Uh, I mean, tonight we had five incredible matches as the fallout from BattleBRAWL 3 was felt throughout New ERA."

NEWMAN: "Unfortunately, Gregory Knight and Yossi Hayat could not make it in time for the opening bell, yet despite the cancellation of their match, the fans still witnessed plenty of action!"

TRIPP: "Including an incredible New ERA Championship match as the winner of the BattleBRAWL rumble, Mr. Entertainment, took on Pro Wrestling's SJH! Entertainment wasn't originally scheduled for a shot tonight .. but in the world of wrestling anything can, and does, happen!"

NEWMAN: "With the Druid taking a sabbatical, Entertainment got the call .. and he made sure to cash in."

TRIPP: "The arena was rocking tonight, so let's get straight to the action!"

Gregory Knight vs. Yossi Hayat

Cyberstrike 06 began with the announcement that the match between Gregory Knight and Yossi Hayat was scratched after both men's flights into Boston were delayed.

WINNER: Cancelled

Suicide vs. Michael Montgomery

After Links finished the announcement cancelling the first match of the night, "Vertigo" by U2 blared and the fans began to jeer. Despite his energetic entrance, Michael Montgomery seemed to be suffering the effects of his BattleBRAWL elimination. He seemed sluggish in his match with the returning former Television champion, Suicide. Suicide, who reigned as Television champion after defeating Chaos in an electrified exploding cage match at Destrucity I, looked to be in the best shape of his life as he knocked Montgomery from pillar to post. As "the Magnficent One" began to wear down, the man, the myth, the legend only seemed to get stronger. Montgomery got caught on the top rope and paid dearly. Suicide knocked the foot out from underneath him. Suicide then climbed the ropes with Montgomery, locked the head of his opponent and hooked the tights. The fans watched with mouths opened as Montgomery went up and over before crashing to the mat thanks to the inverted superplex. Suicide made the easy cover and picked up his first victory in this new ERA.

WINNER: Suicide

Cameron Cruise vs. Chaos

One of the night's most anticipated matches began earlier than expected. Cameron Cruise was midway to the ring when Chaos stormed from behind the curtains and clobbered him from behind. The fans immediately broke into "MONSTER'D!" chants as the seven foot tall giant grabbed the Crippler by the head and sent him flying into the guardrail. Cruise may have been caught off guard, but he did his homework. Chaos reached down and gripped his massive hands around the throat of his opponent, but Cruise swiftly drove the boot into the family jewels. With Chaos doubled over, the Crippler grabbed the camera cord and wrapped it around the former PX champion's throat and dragged him to the ring. The referee was none too pleased by either's actions and demanded that Cruise take it inside. Cruise was happy to oblige as he released the choke and pushed Chaos underneath the bottom rope. Cruise hopped onto the apron and catapulted himself over the top, splashing Chaos in the process. The Crippler was ready to end Chaos' win streak and deny him the chance at the New ERA Championship.

After backing Chaos into the corner, Cruise steadied himself, climbed on the second rope, and began driving the closed fists into the exposed face of the former PX champion. After nailing six shots, the "MONSTER'D!" chants rallied Chaos into action. He placed his palms against the chest of the former Television and Tag Team champion and shoved him into the middle of the ring. Cruise rolled back to his feet and charged back to finish the job. As Cruise reached full speed, Chaos stepped forward and planted the big boot right into Cruise's jaw. Cruise crashed to the mat and rolled to the outside. The fans invigorated Chaos. Cameron Cruise grabbed onto the ring apron with both hands. He looked into the ring. The empty ring. Behind him, Chaos waited. Cruise slowly turned and stood face to chest with the monster. Although he was able to avoid Chaos' grasp earlier, there would be no escape the second time around. Chaos' hand shot around the Crippler's neck. A few seconds later, Cruise was taken for the ride as he was chokeslammed to the arena floor. Chaos looked down at his opponent as the fans cheered. He walked slowly around the ring taking in the crowd's reaction. "MONSTER'D!" chants drowned out the referee as he counted both men. Five. Six. Chaos slapped the hands of some lucky fans before leaning over the guardrail and planting a kiss on a tall, blonde beauty. Chaos turned and rolled into the ring. Cruise reached up and grabbed the apron as Chaos watched from above. Their eyes met. The bell rang. Chaos banked a shot at the New ERA Championship.


Jonathan Marx vs. Donovan Astros

After coming one victory short of banking his chance to regain the New ERA Championship in Season 1, Jonathan Marx was on a mission to make Season 2 the season of the Gentleman. Standing in his way, however, was the BattleBRAWL runner-up, Donovan Astros. Astros, who eliminated Marx in the BattleBRAWL rumble, was making his New ERA debut after joining the BattleBRAWL rumble as a guest entrant. Known as the current Empire Pro Television champion, Astros battled the former two-time New ERA Champion tooth and nail as the bell rang. Marx took Astros to the mat with the armdrag, followed by an armbar. But Astros rolled out of the armbar and bounced off the ropes. Marx put his head down and caught Astros with the backbody drop. Marx reached down for another armbar, but this time Astros locked the legs around the head of the Gentleman and took him to the mat with the headscissors. Both men jumped to their feet and met in the middle of the ring with the collar-and-elbow lockup. Marx backed Astros into the corner before lambasting him with knife edged chops that left Astros' chest red as a beet. Marx grabbed the arm of the EPW Television champion and yanked him forward, hitting the short-arm clothesline in the process. With Astros down in the middle of the ring, Marx grabbed the legs and locked on the figure four. Astros was stuck. The ropes seemed miles away. But he would not give in. The two continued to match each other move for move.

Marx blocked an irish whip, but was caught on a re-reversal with a boot that doubled him over. Astros hooked the arms and took him down with the butterfly suplex. Two-count. Astros brought Marx to his feet and crossed the arms for the Aztecan Suplex. Jonathan Marx blocked it. He grabbed the hands of Astros and spun himself around hooking the waist. Astros crashed to the mat after the belly-to-belly suplex. Two-count. Marx sent Astros into the corner, but his shoulder connected with the ringpost as Astros pulled himself to the top at the last minute. Astros flipped over Marx and pinned him with the monkey flip. Two-count. The fans became more and more boisterous at every move .. every counter. Astros hooked the head of Jonathan Marx, spun him 180 degrees and went for the Astrolabe implant DDT. But Marx held onto the ropes as Astros crashed to the mat. He saw his opening. Jonathan Marx yanked Astros off the mat and sent him into the ropes. Astros was wide open as Marx drove the boot into the gut. The two-time former New ERA Champion hooked the head and brought Astros up in the air. Astros hung there for what seemed like an eternity. He may have wished he was there for a bit longer. Jonathan Marx then dropped forward and slammed Astros to the mat with the gourdbuster. Two-count. Marx felt confident as he grabbed Astros off the mat, but Donovan Astros proved that he is just as resourceful in one-on-one action as he was in the BattleBRAWL rumble. Marx hit the atomic drop and stepped back, zeroing in on Astros' knee. As Marx charged forward, Astros spun around and slammed his shin into the Gentleman's shoulder. The same shoulder Marx injured earlier with the ringpost. Marx dropped to the mat. Donovan Astros knew it was time. He hoisted Marx off the ropes and hooked the head. In one fell swoop, Marx was up in the air, slingshotted off the ropes and driven to the mat with the brainbuster. Astros rose to his feet and wiped his hands clean. He flipped Marx onto his stomach. Marx fought valiantly as Astros locked on the Martyr's Cross, but the already pain ridden shoulder couldn't hold out .. and Astros picked up the victory.

WINNER: Donovan Astros

Fanatic vs. The First

After coming tantalizingly close to winning the BattleBRAWL rumble despite entering at number one, Fanatic would have to take solace in having the chance to defeat the former New ERA Champion, The First. Fanatic and his mentor, Larry Tact, walked to the ring focused on the task at hand - a win over the First would be the largest feather in their cap since they begin their journey. The fans pelted the First with trash as he walked to the ring with Muse - still stinging from his actions in Season 1. The two men stood face to face in the middle of the ring, First's eyes scheming behind the black face paint. As the bell rang, the most reviled champion in New ERA history pounced. He lunged at Fanatic and took him to the mat with a spinning heel kick. The Elite Enigma braced himself as the First climbed on top and slammed the back of his head into the mat. The fans in the arena hissed as the First rose to his feet. First waited for Fanatic. Like a lion stalking his prey, he paced back and forth. Fanatic pushed himself up as the First charged, but was able to avoid the dropkick. With the First on the mat next to him, Fanatic grabbed the head and locked his arm around. Larry Tact was quick with encouragement as Fanatic positioned himself for leverage, but the First is a slippery character. He pulled back out of Fanatic's grasp and rolled underneath the bottom rope. As Fanatic stood on his feet First complained to the referee from the outside about a supposed "hair pull." Fanatic shook his head and waited patiently as First took his time to climb the ringsteps and re-enter the ring. The two hooked up in the corner, but First drove the elbow into his opponent's midsection, spun him around, and peppered him with lightning fast kicks to the body. Fanatic came out of the corner as First bounded off the ropes for the bulldog. First made a quick cover but was only able to get the two-count.

The First wasn't able to maintain control, however, and Fanatic took over. The Elite Enigma caught an airborn First and drove him into the mat. He brought First to his feet and sent him flying into the ropes, but you can never count the former Champion out. As Fanatic waited, First grabbed onto the ropes. The Elite Enigma charged in after him, but the turncoat jumped onto the ropes and slingshotted himself with a moonsault for a two-count. The First hurried to his feet and went to the corner. He climbed to the top rope. Fanatic, from the corner of his eye, watched as the First flew halfway across the ring with the frog splash. The sound of First hitting nothing but mat was consumed by the utter exaltation from the crowd. Fanatic stood in the center of the ring and watched as the First used the ropes to get to his feet. As the First turned, Fanatic came toward him. The crowd paused. Fanatic paused. The First flooded the silence with word after word. He offered Fanatic a chance to follow him .. to join him in his crusade. Fanatic looked at First with a puzzled gaze, but First continued at a blazing pace. He offered Fanatic the world. The fans began to jeer as it looked as if Fanatic was actually considering the proposition. The former New ERA Champion relaxed as he walked towards Fanatic. The Elite Enigma would join him in his quest to destroy New ERA. That is .. until Fanatic raised his finger and gave the First the answer. Fanatic grabbed First and drilled him with a right hook. A left hook. From New ERA Champion to the Elite Enigma's punching bag .. in only one show. First flew into the corner and turned just in time to catch the Slice .. Fanatic's spinning jumping uppercut. Fanatic took First into the center of the ring and stared straight into his eyes .. Fanatic would follow no man. The TACT LEGACY would take back seat to no one. As Fanatic wrapped his hand around the jaw of the First, the former Champion drove his knee into the lower, and I mean LOWER, abdomen. Fanatic doubled over. The First reached down and grabbed Fanatic's jaw. He gazed deep into the Elite Enigma's eyes ... before blinding him with the Poison Mist. The referee watched as the Mist exited First's mouth and quickly called for the bell. As Larry Tact slid into the ring, the First dove to the outside. Muse joined him and they walked defiantly up the ramp, stopping only for a moment to curse Fanatic for his stupidity in rejecting the deal offered.

WINNER: Fanatic

New ERA Championship

Mr. Entertainment vs. Pro Wrestling's SJH (c)

With his statue waiting in the wings, Mr. Entertainment was ushered to the ring amidst a chorus of jeers. The most entertaining man on the New ERA roster would finally have his chance to make good on his promise to rebuild New ERA in his image. But his revelry would be short-lived as "Still Alive" by GLaDOS brought the fans to their feet. Pro Wrestling's SJH, the fan's Champion, rode through the curtain in a golf cart as Felicia Hart and Tiny walked beside him. The fans popped as Shawn Hart stopped at the ring and stepped onto the arena floor. He hunched over, the plush monkey decked out in New ERA merchandise strapped on his back - a coy mimickry on Mr. Entertainment's so-called ability to carry New ERA on his shoulders. Tiny and Felicia unstrapped the monkey as Hart let out an exaggerated sigh of relief. He stepped into the ring, the bell rang, and the New ERA Championship hung in the balance.

The Minister of Gettin' Sinister walked right up to Mr. Entertainment. He stared defiantly into his opponent's eyes. If Mr. Entertainment wanted to be the man to carry New ERA, he would have to go through Shawn Hart first. The two men stood in the center of the ring, their mouths running. Each man trying to outdo the other. Every sentence got louder. Each word pitched higher. Finally, as both men stood face to face, screaming at each other, Mr. Entertainment reached back and popped the New ERA Champion in the face. Hart shot back with a closed fist of his own. Their war of words had quickly devolved into a war of fists. As the two went back and forth, Pro Wrestling's SJH spread two fingers apart and poked them into the eyes of his opponent. Entertainment pushed back swiping recklessly in front of him. Hart bounced back off the heels of his feet, punching the air in front of him like he was Mohammad Ali. Entertainment grabbed onto the ropes as the two Shawn Harts in front of him merged back into one. Hart continued to float like a butterfly, but it was Mr. Entertainment who stung like a bee. Hart was mid-bounce as Entertainment flew off the ropes and speared Hart to the mat. The two men rolled around on the mat as they struggled for control. Hart on top. Entertainment on top. Hart on top. Entertainment on top. The New ERA Champion finally rolled into the ropes and the referee untangled the mess on the mat.

It never got much better. Hart and Entertainment continued to bicker and battle. Hart catapulted off the second turnbuckle pad for an elbow drop as Mr. Entertainment laid flat on his back, but Entertainment rolled out of the way. Entertainment straddled Hart and laid into him with closed fists, but Hart hooked his arms with the legs and got a two-count. Entertainment popped up and charged Hart, but Hart caught Entertainment and took him over with the fireman's carry followed by an armbar. As Mr. Entertainment struggled on the mat, Pro Wrestling's SJH took his free hand and started to slap the most entertaining man on the roster in the back of the head. This lit a fire under Mr. Entertainment. He planted his hand into the mat, pushed off with his legs and spun up and out of the armbar, reversing the hold and locking on a hammerlock. The New ERA Champion would have none of it and wrapped his legs around those of Entertainment's and dropped him to the mat with a spinning toe hold. More slaps to the back of the head. A well placed elbow knocked Hart back on his ass. Mr. Entertainment lept to his feet, charged the ropes and came back planting both feet into the face of the champion. Entertainment yanked Pro Wrestling's SJH to his feet and sent him to the ropes. Hart, with great ring presence, slid underneath the bottom rope to the outside. Standing on the outside he pointed to his head. Entertainment charged the ropes and dove after the New ERA Champion - and in the process, fell into his trap. Hart moved and Entertainment crashed into the guardrail. Shawn Hart hoisted his opponent up and drilled him into the guardrail before sending him chest first into the corner of the ring apron. With Tiny, Felicia, and all of the fans in the Agganis Arena cheering him on, Pro Wrestling's SJH slammed Mr. Entertainment's head into the ringsteps before finally rolling him back into the ring.

Hart followed quickly and grabbed Entertainment by the arm as he steadied himself. The whip to the far side of the ring ended with Entertainment crashing chest first into the corner. Mr. Entertainment stumbled backwards as Shawn Hart clobbered him with the clothesline. The fans clammored to see the Champion put away Entertainment once and for all. Hart reached down to grab Entertainment, but the former Television champion lunged and caught Hart with the small package. The fans gasped as the referee made the quick count ... but quickly cheered as their hero got the shoulder up before the three. Hart bounced up. He shimmied to the ropes and nailed the legdrop. Hart cocked his head to the side and smiled. He got back to his feet, bounced off the ropes, stopped short of Entertainment and began Voguing before dropping the elbow. This time, however, no one was home. The crowd stomped their heels on the concrete floor as both men laid on the mat. "ESS JAY AYCH!" chants raced over the ring. As Shawn Hart sat up, the crowd exploded. Their New ERA Champion was up. Hart got to his feet and stomped on the mat. The fans responded by stomping harder. Hart stomped again. The fans stomped louder. As Mr. Entertainment placed his hand on the middle rope to pull himself up, Hart stomped again ... and again ... the crowd followed suit. The ring rattled. Entertainment braced himself on the ropes. He looked around furiously as the crowd drove themselves into a frenzy. He turned as the boot of Shawn Hart cut through the space in front of his face. The action slowed to a halt. The boot of Shawn Hart sailed past the head of Mr. Entertainment in slow motion - the ripple of air rubbing against Mr. Entertainment's cheeks. The ring stood still as Entertainment's arm came up and underneath the leg of Shawn Hart. The crowd silenced as Entertainment's other hand hooked the waist of the New ERA Champion. The smile on Hart's face dissipated as he left the mat and headed throat first to the top rope. It was all so cinematic. Like the final shot of an instant classic. Hart's eyes began to shut like the curtains at a theatre. Mr. Entertainment behind him, waiting to take the film off its reel to place away in the vault. Hart hit the ring ropes and bounced back into Entertainment's waiting, and willing, arms. That's Entertainment! That's Entertainment! That's ... the match.

WINNER: Mr. Entertainment (won New ERA Championship)


(A hush fell over the crowd as Mr. Entertainment gripped the New ERA Championship in his hands. After everything was said and done, after all the sweat, blood and pain, their champion, Pro Wrestling's SJH, had been defeated by the so-called most entertaining man on the planet. Entertainment's laugh cut through the silence. He raised the championship belt above his head and walked to all four sides of the ring as the fans stood shocked. As he faced the ramp, "You Could Be Mine" by Guns n' Roses blasted back in his face. "MONSTER'D!" chants rose out of nowhere. Chaos broke through the curtain, a smile plastered from ear to ear, and walked confidently to the ring. He entered the ring as Mr. Entertainment stood in the corner. Hart, finally getting to his feet, gazed up at the seven foot tall monster before him. Chaos grabbed the now former champion. CHAOSBOMB. The fans were stunned.)

CHAOS: "Why Jessica? This whole thing started with you and it was supposed to end with you. I was going to take your title away - NOT him .. not that guy. I earned my title shot and I wanted you! I guess our time is not destined yet.."

(Chaos turned to Mr. Entertainment.)

CHAOS: "You! You ruined my perfect plan. I went and EARNED my title shot - did it MY WAY .. on MY TERMS .. on MY TIME! You took that away. I could cash in my title shot right now and take that belt. However that would be all to easy. NO - I want you to come after me, and I'm going to give you a reason to ... you'll see."

(With that, Chaos dropped the microphone and pointed at the New ERA Champion - Mr. Entertainment. As the webisode went to black, Chaos brought his thumb up to his throat and in one swift motion, "cut" left to right.)

( the end )