[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Mar. 08, 2011
AIRED: Mar. 09, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 05

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- FLASH -]

TRIPP: "The final Cyberstrike of Season 1 ... and all that remains is BattleBRAWL 3!"

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Newman is tidying the papers in front of her while Tripp continues.)

TRIPP: "Tonight was EPIC. WINNING!"

NEWMAN: "Oh God, please, no."

TRIPP: "Sorry, Natalie. But tonight was the perfect way to enter into Season 1's premier event, BattleBRAWL 3!"

(Natalie Newman smiles - somewhat deviously.)

NEWMAN: "Duh."

TRIPP: "Nice!"

(The two high five.)

TRIPP: "Chaos was in action, not once, but TWICE tonight as he had to fight for his job in New ERA."

NEWMAN: "Marcus LaRoque came out on Cyberstrike 04 and laid down the law .. Chaos would have to win his match against either Jonathan Marx or the man who he lost to by disqualification at Cyberstrike 01, 'the Magnificent' Michael Montgomery."

TRIPP: "Also in action was Fanatic and Cameron Cruise. Cruise tried to capitalize on his win streak, whereas Fanatic looked to bank a shot at the New ERA Championship with his third straight victory."

NEWMAN: "A fantastic match - one that added to the increasingly active New ERA Championship picture. The New ERA Champion, the First, had to step into the ring for the first time since turning on the fans at the Agganis Arena as he and Mr. Entertainment took on the Druid and the man who will headline the BattleBRAWL 3 main event, former New ERA Champion Pro Wrestling's SJH. The Druid, Entertainment and Hart all have banked shots. Would the First be a marked man? Or would he go into the premier event victorious?"


(The night began with the big screens in the arena rumbling to life. The crowd hissed as New ERA President Marcus LaRoque sat at his desk. Suddenly a heavy cloth bag plopped on the desk in front of him. LaRoque looked up at Chaos as the crowd popped.)

LaROQUE: "What's this?"

CHAOS: "You might have paid my bail, but I'm not going to owe any man a damn thing - much less you."

(LaRoque counted the cash in front of him.)

LaROQUE: "But this is twice as much as you owe me."

CHAOS: "I never said it wouldn't happen again."

Jonathan Marx vs. Chaos

The lights came back up as "MONSTER'D!" chants rang across the arena. However, "the Touch" by Stan Bush was met with jeers from the crowd as Jonathan Marx and Brandon Jacobs stepped through the curtain. Marx, somewhat taken aback by the response, made it to the ring and prepared for his opponent's entrance. With his career on the line, Chaos stepped onto the entrance way and was showered with love from the crowd. Tonight would be his biggest challenge yet: two matches if he failed to win either, the big man would be on the next plane to Las Vegas. Chaos hit the ring like a bat of hell and Marx, sensing the need to stop the big man early, drove the boots into the former PRODIGY Classic Xtreme champion's torso. Marx followed the vicious kicks with repeated elbow drops into the small of the back as Chaos used the ropes to get to his feet. With Chaos up, and with the crowd chanting, Jonathan Marx tried to backpeddle. Unfortunately for him, Chaos' arms have a "Stretch Armstrong" like ability and Marx was caught around the neck by the massive palm of his opponent. Chaos snapped Marx towards him, hoisted him high in the air, and drove him to the mat with the chokeslam. He didn't even bother to cover. Chaos was a man on a mission. While Marx was on the mat, Chaos went over to the corner. Egged on by the fans, and unknown to the referee, the Las Vegas-native began untying the ropes to the top turnbuckle pad. He worked quickly and efficiently as he ripped the pad from the corner and tossed it to the outside. The carnage was about to begin. But not exactly the way Chaos planned. Brandon Jacobs, seeing what Chaos had done, yelled at the rising former World Heavyweight champion to take advantage of the situation.

As Chaos turned, Jonathan Marx flew into the corner and nailed a flying forearm. Marx grabbed the head of Chaos and drilled it into the exposed corner. A second time. A third time. Chaos' head began to redden. Marx brought Chaos' head to the exposed turnbuckle a fourth time, but was stopped. Chaos nailed an elbow into Marx's midsection. The tables turned and Marx was the one whose head met the metal. Marx stumbled out of the corner, stalked by his opponent. Chaos hooked him from behind and sent Marx flying with a release German Suplex. As Marx bounced off the mat he went out of the ring through the bottom ropes. "MONSTER'D!" chants grew in proportion as Chaos stood. He walked to the ropes and stepped over them. He hopped to the arena floor and stood over Marx's body. But Jonathan Marx was waiting. He drove the boot into the nether regions. Chaos doubled over as Marx wrapped himself around the big man's legs. Between the nutshot and Marx, Chaos lost his balance and went face first into the ringsteps. The blood began to flow. Marx grabbed Chaos and whipped him into the guardrail. He charged in and knocked Chaos senseless with a clothesline. The former World Heavyweight champion grabbed his opponent and rolled him into the ring. It was time to put Chaos one step closer to the unemployment line. Marx flipped Chaos onto his stomach. As he locked on the Marxism, a rush of energy pulsed through Chaos' body. His legs snapped back sending Marx with them. Brandon Jacobs watched as Chaos pushed himself off up, the blood stained mat a reminder of how close he had come to losing all he had worked for. Marx charged at Chaos, but the big man sent him to the mat with a boot to the face. Chaos reached down and grabbed the former World Heavyweight champion by the hair. He lifted one arm in the air as the fans cheered. With the other hand, Chaos sent Marx to the corner. Another big boot sent Marx's head flying into the rafters. Chaos grabbed Marx and planted him on the top turnbuckle. Chaos joined him shortly after. "MONSTER'D!" Chaosbombed. The most decorated champion in New ERA history had saved his job.


Cameron Cruise vs. Fanatic

After banking a shot at the New ERA Championship, Cameron Cruise moved on to his next challenge - stamping out the TACT LEGACY. To do that he would have to defeat the Elite Enigma, Fanatic. With both men in the ring, Larry Tact, ordered his brother to attack. Attack he did. Cameron Cruise was caught off guard as Fanatic charged at him and backed him against the ropes. Cruise was sent running with the Irish whip, and on the return Fanatic hit a beautiful standing hurricanrana. A quick count, though, only got 1. Fanatic kipped to his feet and immediately went to the corner. As Cruise got to his feet to follow Fanatic, Larry Tact hopped on the mat. This distraction stopped Cruise in his tracks. Cruise yelled at Tact to "mind his own damn business." In that moment, it might have seemed like a good idea. In hindsight, however, it gave Fanatic enough time to measure the Crippler. Tact hopped off the mat as Fanatic lept from the top turnbuckle and hit a perfect missile dropkick. Cruise flew into the corner and Fanatic kept the offense hot and heavy. He charged into the corner and drove the knees into Cruise's skull. Fanatic grabbed Cruise by the head and pulled him into the center of the ring. Fanatic hooked the tights and attempted to send Cruise to the mat with a suplex, but the Crippler blocked. A second attempt met the same resistance. Instead, the Crippler wrapped his arms around the waist and connected with a Northern Lights Suplex. The bridged pin came close, but Fanatic got his shoulder up before the three count. The tide began to turn as Cameron Cruise got his second wind.

Fanatic rushed to his feet and charged at Cruise - only to fall victim to a drop toe hold. Cruise floated over the top of the Elite Enigma and locked on the side headlock. The fans cheered as Cruise locked the head tight and the referee checked on Fanatic. Fanatic reached up to grab any part of Cruise he could get ahold of, but Cruise kept himself just out of reach. Larry Tact shouted words of encouragement to his younger brother. Fanatic listened and pushed himself off the mat, powering Cruise up with him. Cruise kept the headlock tight as the two men stood in the middle of the ring. Fanatic reached down within himself and drove an elbow deep into the Crippler's gut. The former Television and Tag Team champion struggled to keep his grip, and after a second elbow, watched as his fingers came unclenched. Cruise released the hold and charged Fanatic into the ropes. Cruise rolled back for the pin attempt, but came up empty handed as Fanatic held onto the top rope. Cruise rolled right back to his feet and came right back at Fanatic, but the Elite Enigma fell to the mat, bringing the top rope down with him, and aided Cruise as he fell to the outside. Cameron Cruise was sprawled out on the arena floor as Larry Tact hopped onto the apron to caucus with Fanatic. Tact gave a few words of advice and both men nodded as Cameron Cruise grabbed onto the guardrail to bring himself to his feet. Like a flash, or more accurately, a BLUR, Fanatic hopped over the top turnbuckle and landed on the outside apron. Cruise turned to face the ring - instead, the Crippler met a soaring Fanatic. The fans popped huge as Fanatic wrapped his legs mid-air around the neck of Cameron Cruise and flipped him over with the Jumping, Spinning Hurricanrana to the arena floor. Fanatic popped to his feet and rolled the lifeless body of the Crippler into the ring. With his brother's blessing, Fanatic lept to the top rope and put the match away with the corkscrew moonsault he calls Craze. The Elite Enigma took one step closer to fulfilling the TACT LEGACY as he banked his championship shot.

WINNER: Fanatic


("Happy Birthday" by the Birthday Massacre brought New ERA Champion The First through the curtains - the Championship hung over one shoulder, his eyes hidden behind the black diamonds covering his white face paint. As he walked to the ring with Muse, the two ignored the immense negative reaction from the people he turned against. Once in the ring, the First soaked in the boos of the crowd. He grabbed a microphone and demanded they cheer for him - only driving them to jeer louder. The fans snarled at the two in the ring. But the First did not stop.)

FIRST: "The hometown boy has returned and is YOUR CHAMPION! I think you didn't hear me right - I am YOUR CHAMPION!!"

(The crowd responded with even more jeers before chanting "YOU SUCK!")

FIRST: "Why are you booing?! What is wrong with you people?! I'm the champ, I'm from here! You should be jumping out of your seats cheering me! You people cheer for Kevin Garnett, one of the biggest thugs in sports. A man who punches people in the balls and calls people 'cancer patients' because he has no class, no dignity, no respect for anyone! You all can't wait for him to bring home another banner so you can go to the parade and cheer this scumbag when banner #18 is hung in the rafters. You all loved that Big Papi and Manny ended the curse, yet you didn't give a damn that they, and likely the whole damn locker room, were roided to the gills! You had to have your friggin' title, you had get the Babe off your back, and if that meant that you had to have a bunch of HGH powered monsters to do it, then so be it! And I'll be nice and not even get into what a pitiful bunch of apologists and hypocrites you all are for backing the Patriots - quite possibly the most unethical, immoral, and corrupt franchise in the history of sports! I am only grateful that Destiny and Fate joined hands to put David Tyree in the right place at the right time to stop them from forever ruining football with a fraud of a perfect season."

(He continued as the camera scanned the crowd and focused on their strained faces.)

FIRST: "Tonight .. Tonight me and Mr. Entertainment are going to maim Shawn Hart and The Druid, and if there is anything left of Shawn Hart after tonight's beating ... whatever scraps remain will be torn apart at BattleBRAWL 3. BATTLE .. BRAWL .. 3! Where I will walk into that ring as champion and leave, STILL the hometown kid who's done good - STILL .. YOUR .. NEW ERA .. CHAMPION!"

(The New ERA Champion tossed the microphone to the mat and left ringside - the sour taste left within the fans' mouths.)

Chaos vs. Michael Montgomery

With the chance to send his opponent packing taken away earlier in the evening, Michael Montgomery came to the ring looking surprisingly upbeat. He would have to take solace in defeating Chaos for a second time this season. With the earlier battle leaving Chaos with stitches in his forehead, he sported a bandage as he walked to the ring. The former PX champion stepped over the top rope and pointed at Montgomery. "The Magnficent One," obviously feeling confident, pointed back at Chaos. This set the big man off. His eyes opened wide and he charged into the corner. Montgomery sidestepped Chaos at the last moment and watched as he crashed into the corner. Montgomery dropped to all fours as Chaos stumbled backwards. Chaos backed right into his opponent and fell backwards, hitting his head hard on the mat. Montgomery, seeing that Chaos was temporarily dazed, grabbed the huge tree-trunks passed off as legs and tried to flip the big man over for a Boston Crab. Chaos fought back. Montgomery tried again to flip Chaos over, but again, Chaos blocked it. Finally the "Magnificent One" dropped the legs and drove the elbow into the lower, and I mean, LOWER, abdomen. Chaos sat up in pain which allowed Montgomery to gain steam and connect with a dropkick. Michael Montgomery grabbed Chaos and dragged him to the corner. With the former PX champion resting uncomfortably, Montgomery charged in with a baseball slide. Chaos rolled out of the way at the last minute and Montgomery crashed into the ringpost. "MONSTER'D" chants picked Chaos off the mat. He hopped to the outside of the ring and wrapped Montgomery's knee against the ringpost. With a gleam in his eye, Chaos grabbed onto Montgomery's ankles and pulled him, spread eagle, into the steel post.

Chaos rolled back into the ring and stomped a hole into his opponent. Montgomery tried to protect himself, but Chaos would not relent. The seven foot giant lifted Montgomery off the mat with ease. He hooked the head of the "Magnficent One" before raising him vertically, and after a few second delay, Montgomery crashed to the mat. "WINNING" chants competed with the "MONSTER'D!" ones as Chaos paced back and forth. He waited for Montgomery to rise, but Montgomery took the easy route and rolled underneath the bottom rope to catch a breather. Or so he thought. The ground around him darkened. Montgomery turned and watched as a Chaos-eclipse covered the arena lights. The crowd rose to their feet as Chaos flew over the top rope with the High Roller splash! Montgomery collapsed like an accordian. As Chaos rose to his feet, the fans in the front row suddenly tossed their chairs over the guardrail. It looked like the excess money Chaos paid earlier in the evening would be put to good use. Chaos grabbed two of the chairs and held them in opposite hands. The "Magnificent One" sat up ... only to have his head crushed in between two lucky fans' chairs. Chaos tossed them back to the fans and set up a third chair. Montgomery was motionless as he was sat down in the chair. The former PX champion charged from behind, grabbed the head of Montgomery, and drove him face first into the arena floor. The referee demanded Chaos bring the action back in the ring. He happily obliged. With both men back in the ring, Chaos pointed to the corner. In an instant, both men straddled the top rope. The corresponding Chaosbomb shook the ring. The reaction from the crowd shook the Agganis Arena. Chaos began the night fighting for his career. He ended it only one match away from banking a shot at the New ERA Championship.


Hometown Cuisine

(Chaos walked up the rampway. As he made his way to the platform, the entrance way filled with fog. The fans popped as "Dopethrone" by Electric Wizard stopped him in his tracks. Chaos watched as The Druid stepped through the curtain. The two men stood face-to-face on the rampway. Surprisingly, Chaos stepped aside. The former Television champion continued on to the ring as Chaos watched. A smile crossed Chaos' face as he grabbed a microphone from the side of the stage. The Druid cocked his head to the side as his music cut short.)

CHAOS: "WHOA! WHOA! You don't have to worry about being Monster'd right now. No, I got a special message just for you, Eric."

(Chaos paused as the crowd chanted "MONSTER'D!")

CHAOS: "You see our match was interrupted before I was done with you, and sadly, I couldn't be here last week - but I did keep my eye on you. I saw you and your LAARP Party in the grocery store packing each other's meat and I was taken back. Do you know where you are? This is New England.... this is Massachusetts.... this is Boston. There's three things you don't do. First, you don't cheer for the Yankees."

("YANKEES SUCK!" chants bellowed through the arena.)

CHAOS: "Second, you don't complain that it's cold... and the next time you're in the store, DON'T PUT THEM BACK!!! When you walk that frozen food isle.... reach in.... grab a bag.... take them home.... warm that stove to 450.... and for all the fishermen here in New England.... YOU EAT SOME FISHSTICKS! Or..... you could just look up."

(Chaos pointed to the sky. As The Druid followed his finger and looked to the rafters, Psycho stood directly above the former Television champion. It rained in the Agganis Arena. It rained frozen fishsticks. The Druid was pelted by them as the crowd began chanting "FISHSTICKS! FISHSTICKS!" Chaos laughed into the microphone as the fishstick assault came to an end. He flipped the Druid off before he disappeared into the back. The Druid shook his head as the referee kicked the frozen deliciousness out of the ring.)

Tag Team Bout

The Druid and Pro Wrestling's SJH vs. Mr. Entertainment and The First (c)

Mr. Entertainment and the New ERA Champion The First came out to massive jeers. The Druid watched as his opponents separated and surrounded him. Before they could strike, though, "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon brought every single fan to their feet. Pro Wrestling's SJH shimmied down the ramp. Hart looked at the fishsticks around the ring, reached down, and tossed some to the fans in the stands. It was his first match back after The First's venomous actions to end Cyberstrike 03, and Hart was ready. In a throwback to Cyberstrike 04, the Druid and Mr. Entertainment started things in the ring. Entertainment came for blood. The two men met in the middle of the ring, but Entertainment sent the Druid to the mat with an armdrag. Both men popped up, but once again, Mr. Entertainment was the quicker of the two and planted the standing dropkick into the Druid's chest that sent him into the corner. Entertainment came in for the clothesline, but the Druid put up the boot. Mr. Entertainment held his face in his hands, and the Druid turned the tables. With the former WHADATT champion in the corner, the Druid peppered him with closed fists before finishing it up with a spinning heel kick. The Druid grabbed Entertainment and brought him into the corner as he tagged in Pro Wrestling's SJH. The crowd popped huge as Hart hopped over the top rope and connected with a European uppercut. Entertainment rebounded against the ropes as Hart caught him with a snap belly-to-belly suplex. The former New ERA Champion tossed Entertainment into the corner and demanded that the First tag himself into the match. The First thought about it as the crowd jeered. The current New ERA Champion shook his finger in the negative and turned to curse the crowd behind him. As his back was turned, Hart raced over and slapped Entertainment's hand against the turncoat's arm. The First's head shot back as the referee called for him to enter the ring!

The First yelled at the referee for allowing such a blatant bending of the rules, but cautiously stepped through the second rope. The noise was deafening as the First walked towards Hart. The Champion then tried to sneak a thumb in the eye of Hart, but Hart caught his hand! Pro Wrestling's SJH gave the First an earful. The universally reviled New ERA Champion pled his case to Hart, and when that didn't work, used his knee to gain the upperhand. Shawn Hart doubled over as he grabbed his family jewels. The First bounced off the ropes and connected with a swinging neckbreaker. The First screamed at Hart. He turned to the crowd and called Hart a coward. Pro Wrestling's SJH got to his knees and grabbed onto the First's tights to pull himself up. The New ERA Champion stood and shook his head in disgust before he pushed Hart back down to the mat. The First walked to his corner and slapped Mr. Entertainment back into the ring. The two men weren't done with Pro Wrestling's SJH. Entertainment held Hart as the First got in his face and berated him. The crowd exploded in a chorus of jeers when the First degraded Hart with an open hand slap across the face. Hart screamed at the First and was met with another slap. Hart egged the First on. He begged for more. The First huffed before he spat in Hart's face. The Druid had enough and flew into the ring, fists flying, as he took the First and sent him crashing to the mat with a spear. Mr. Entertainment dropped Hart to the mat and spun the Druid around. The two former Television champions exchanged lefts and rights as Shawn Hart grabbed the First. The former and current New ERA Champions fought in one corner. The former Television champions, both of whom have banked shots at the New ERA Championship, fought in the other corner. Both Hart and the Druid knocked their opponents back into the corner. Whether it was coincidental or planned, Hart and the Druid connected with synchronized jumping spinning crescent kicks that sent their opponents heads snapping back.

The Druid grabbed Mr. Entertainment and Pro Wrestling's SJH grabbed the First. The teammates irish whipped their opponents towards one another. Mr. Entertainment ducked as the First hopped over him. The New ERA Champion followed it up with a clothesline that sent the Druid flipping over the top rope to the arena floor. Pro Wrestling's SJH caught Mr. Entertainment, but the former WHADATT champion struggled for control. He yelled for the First to assist him. The First walked over to the two men. He reached forward, but instead of grabbing Hart, the First whipped Mr. Entertainment around. The crowd jeered as the Green Mist flowed from the First's mouth and into the eyes of his partner. Mr. Entertainment dropped to the mat and rolled violently back and forth. Hart looked dumbfounded as the First rolled out of the ring and met with Muse on the outside, the New ERA Championship belt in her hands. The First walked up the rampway as Hart lifted Mr. Entertainment to his feet. Hart hooked the head of Entertainment, his eyes on the First the entire time, and hit the Hart Attack. As the First and Muse watched, Hart covered Mr. Entertainment and secured the victory for his team. The crowd was jubilant. They were ecstatic. "ESS JAY AYCH!" chants broke out across the arena. Shawn Hart didn't hear them. His eyes narrowed as the First held the New ERA Championship in the air and the shot faded to black.

WINNER: The Druid and Pro Wrestling's SJH

( the end )