[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Feb. 27, 2011
AIRED: Feb. 28, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 04

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- FLASH -]

TRIPP: "Right when you thought a night without Chaos or the First would be relaxing and stress-free ..."

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Both are dressed to the nines in honor of the 2011 Academy Awards.)

TRIPP: "It turns out that even in their absence, things just keep getting better and better!"

NEWMAN: "What an evening of wrestling action at Cyberstrike 04! And like you said, Jason, despite the fact that Chaos is locked up and the First is cowardly hiding to avoid the very fans he turned against, the action was hot and heavy and the future of New ERA is falling into place."

TRIPP: "We are only one show away from season 1's premier event .. BattleBRAWL 3, and I can't even begin to imagine the lineup for Cyberstrike 05!"

(Natalie Newman nods in agreement.)

NEWMAN: "We did, however, find out before the show even began that BattleBRAWL 3, which will air from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, will remain an open invitation event! What does this mean? This means that any and every interested wrestler who wants to be a part of the BattleBRAWL rumble match for the chance to bank a shot at the New ERA Championship can!"

TRIPP: "Last year two of the men who threw their hats into ring made it to the final four!"

(Pictures of Ulysis Solian and Copycat come on screen.)

TRIPP: "But in the end, Pro Wrestling's SJH, who entered at number ONE, walked away with his shot, and the rest is history."

NEWMAN: "It truly is anyone's game, Jason."

TRIPP: "Before we get to BattleBRAWL 3, though, we have to get to Cyberstrike 05. And before we get to Cyberstrike 05, we had Cyberstrike 04."

NEWMAN: "You think you know what's happening in New ERA? Think again."

From One Week to the Next

(What a difference a week makes, huh? At Cyberstrike 03, the Agganis Arena was filled with t-shirts bearing the face of the First. Placards hung from the rafters heralding the hometown hero. Chants relayed off the walls as he turned the hopes and dreams of the thousands in attendance into a reality. Tonight? Not a single t-shirt. Signs with scathing words spurned the former hero. Curses and jeers replaced the chants. The First was no longer welcome in the Agganis Arena. He was a wanted man. But he was now the New ERA Champion. Those same fans who pushed the First toward the very belt he holds clamored for his head.)

Michael Montgomery vs. Jason Payne

The ring was hot as the lights bore down, but it was nothing compared to the heat that Michael Montgomery brought to his match with the Dog of War Jason Payne. After a promising start of Season 1 even in his loss, Payne has slowly faded to the background. Tonight was no different. Montgomery kept Payne on the defensive throughout the entire fight. The Magnificent One kept the former PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion against the ropes with some damaging European uppercuts. The referee stepped in to stop the assault, but this only gave Montgomery time to head to the opposite ropes and gain steam. The referee was barely able to jump out of the way as Montgomery speared Payne through the ropes to the outside. "MONSTER'D!" chants greeted Montgomery as he got to his feet. Montgomery was none too pleased that the fans in the arena were chanting for Chaos and he screamed at anyone who would listen to shutup. When they wouldn't, Montgomery took out his frustrations on the Dog of War. He sent Payne flying shoulder first into the ring steps. Payne was laid out on the arena floor - Montgomery knew what he had to do. With the referee egging Montgomery to bring the action back in the ring, the Magnificent One gladly obliged. He rolled the Dog of War into the ring, measured him, and dropped the leg across the veteran's throat. With the fans jeering loudly, Montgomery sent Payne chest-first into the corner and waited for him to stumble backwards. It was easy arithmetic after Montgomery hooked Payne and nailed him with the Japanese Ocean Suplex he calls Magnificence. Montgomery was victorious, but ushered from the ring as the fans chanted for the man he defeated at Cyberstrike 01.

WINNER: Michael Montgomery

Your Own Fault

(The "MONSTER'D!" chants began to wane. That is until New ERA President Marcus LaRoque stepped onto the platform. As soon as LaRoque raised the microphone to his mouth, the chants grew stronger and stronger. LaRoque shook his head in confusion. How did he, after all these years, turn into the bad guy in this situation? Chaos was the one who ran roughshod over the promotion. Chaos was the one who ignored all the rules and sent countless superstars to the hospital. And yet, here he is, the fans tossing empty paper cups his way. LaRoque went on to tell the fans that their, and he used this term loosely, hero, was still in the custody of the Massachusetts State Police. It turns out, apparently, that officers don't like when a seven foot tall monster sends them flying. The "MONSTER'D!" chants threatened to drown LaRoque out. For all that's been said and done, the fans were caught off guard when LaRoque offered to pay Chaos' bail. In fact, LaRoque said, Chaos would be in action at Cyberstrike 05. The roof would have blown off if it weren't attached by steel. The camera scanned the celebration in the stands. But LaRoque wasn't finished. Chaos, he said, would pay for his lack of control. The crowd listened intensely as LaRoque signed the four-time P©X champion to not one, but TWO matches at Cyberstrike 05. As if that weren't enough, the New ERA President tossed more fuel on an already unstable fire when he said that if Chaos wanted to keep his job in New ERA .. he would need to win at least one of his matches that night. The crowd was livid, but LaRoque continued. He knew at least one of the men who Chaos would face at the last Cyberstrike before BattleBRAWL 3. The same man who defeated Chaos by disqualification at Cyberstrike 01 - Michael Montgomery. LaRoque tossed the microphone into the pit and walked through the curtains as the fans shook their heads in disbelief.)

Stacy Jones vs. Fanatic

One week after outwrestling his opponent to the point of frustration, Fanatic had his work cut out for him as he took on "Perfection by Adaptation" Stacy Jones. The Elite Engima came to the ring with his brother, former New ERA World Heavyweight champion Larry Tact, and the energy was overwhelming. Fanatic knew the consequences of this match. He knew the future of the TACT LEGACY, and his own well-being, rested in his own hands. Stacy Jones would not stop the Elite Enigma. He would make sure of that. The wounds may have healed, but Tact's lesson was seared in Fanatic's mind as he wrestled circles around Jones. Despite her speed advantage, Fanatic met her at every turn. Tact stood on the outside with a glimmer in his eyes as he watched his younger brother catch Jones with a drop toe hold and float, effortlessly, across her back to lock on the Fujiwara armbar. While Jones wretched in pain, Fanatic was eerily calm. He was in control. The referee stepped in to see if Stacy Jones would tap, but Fanatic never gave her the chance. He released the hold. The Elite Enigma was going to prove to his older brother that a relapse was not in the cards. The masked superstar dragged Jones to the corner before hoisting her in the air and planting her on the top turnbuckle. Within seconds, Fanatic joined her. As the two came flying from the top rope, the crowd took it all in. Jones hit the mat hard after the superplex. Fanatic looked at his brother, and with a nod of the head, the end grew near. Fanatic grabbed Jones by the hair and brought her to her feet. He drove the knee into the stomach to double Jones over. Fanatic bounced off the ropes and flew over the top of Jones, catching her as he soared, and snapped her to the mat with the Sunset Flip Powerbomb known to the fans as the Meteor Shot. Three seconds later and Tact joined his protégé in the ring.

WINNER: Fanatic

Cameron Cruise vs. Jonathan Marx

Jonathan Marx was a hair's width away from a New ERA Championship shot last week. His opponent, Cameron Cruise, found himself in the same position tonight. It was a battle of former champions as the two-time World Heavyweight champion and the former Television and World Tag Team champion went toe-to-toe. Marx, the consummate technician, kept the Crippler on the mat for the beginning of the match. Marx easily shook off his loss against the First and kept his focus on taking the necessary steps back to the championship. Cruise, on the other hand, was equally determined to stop Marx in his tracks and secure his own shot at the belt. Marx wrapped Cruise in a string of hammerlocks. Cruise would spin out, come back at the "Gentleman" and end up right where he started. You can say a lot of things about Cameron Cruise, but he adapts quickly. As Marx grabbed the Crippler's arm for another hammerlock, Cruise drove the boot into Marx's midsection. A quick yank, short-arm clothesline, and Marx found himself on his back. With visions of the New ERA Championship flickering in his eyes, Cruise hooked the arm of Marx and slung him into the corner. Brandon Jacobs tried to warn Marx, but it was too late as Cameron Cruise came charging out of the opposite corner and drilled the "Gentleman" with a baseball slide right in the kisser. Cruise made the cover but barely kept Marx's shoulders on the mat for a two-count. The nights of drinking liquor seemed to catch up with Cruise during the midpoint of the match, however, as Cruise could not get Marx straightened out for the stalling suplex. Marx managed to fall backward and land on his feet before sending Cruise to the mat with a DDT.

The former World Heavyweight champion poured on the offense. Cruise was helpless as Marx dove from the second rope and drove the elbow into his opponent's lower back. The Crippler tried to fight Marx off as the "Gentleman" hooked the arms for another DDT. A shot to the gut stopped Marx. A second shot to the gut caused him to release the arms. Cruise grabbed Marx by the back of the hair and sent him flying into the ropes. The crowd immediately popped to their feet as Jonathan Marx flew through the air and wrapped his legs around the head of Cruise. Cruise expected the flying headscissors. Little did he know. Marx swung around the neck of Cruise and stopped short, rested on the standing knees of the Crippler and locked the arm for the Octopus Hold. The two men remained wrapped amongst one another for what seemed like an eternity. Jonathan Marx leaned his head back and pleaded with Cruise to throw in the towel. Cameron Cruise grit his teeth and refused. The fans remained on their feet. Finally Cruise began to wiggle his arm free. Marx sensed his grip loosening, but he couldn't stop it. Cruise broke his arm free. He hooked Marx underneath and sent him flying into the ropes with a ragdoll. The "Gentleman" scrambled to his feet and dropped the elbow. No one home. Marx bounced off the ropes to drive the knee. Nothing but mat. Cameron Cruise rolled into the bottom ropes and the referee stepped between the two. Jonathan Marx and Brandon Jacobs met in the corner for a brain storm session. They didn't see Cameron Cruise roll to the outside. As Jacobs and Marx continued, Cruise walked up from behind and slammed their hears together. This time, two heads were definitely worse than one. Marx stumbled around in the ring as Cruise hopped to the apron, grabbed the top rope, and slung himself over. He connected with the springboard clothesline. Cruise hopped to his feet, fully renewed, and brought Marx up with him. Bad move. Marx jammed the thumb in the eye and hooked the Crippler's head. He brought Cruise high in the air for the suplex - before Cruise returned the favor with his own thumb. Marx dropped Cruise to the mat and went for the ropes. Cruise stopped him in his tracks. He spun Marx around and hooked him. Jonathan Marx had a Reality Check and Cameron Cruise had his championship shot.

WINNER: Cameron Cruise

It Is Done

(The fans waited for the night's main event. As the big screens began to flicker, the crowd stood awaiting one of the two men who would receive New ERA Championship shots in Season 2. Instead, an ear-shattering pop rattled the arena as Pro Wrestling's SJH appeared. Hart looked ravaged - his body bandaged; his face bruised. But his eyes radiated. His mouth was wet. The fans chanted "ES! JAY! AYCH! as Hart appeared to look through the camera at all edges of the Agganis Arena. He smirked before acknowledging the fans who have littered wrestling* websites with their well wishes. He apologized for not being able to make it for Cyberstrike 04.

However, Hart assured the fans that he would be back next week, and back with a vengeance. Hart stood tall and glared into the camera before uttering the name which sent the fans into a frenzy. The First. The New ERA Champion was not at the arena this evening. Wherever he was, whether it be Salem, Massachusetts or Salem, Oregon, the most reviled man on the New ERA roster could feel the hatred. Pro Wrestling's SJH quieted the crowd. Looking at the bandages covering his body, he vowed to regain the New ERA Championship. The noise was defeaning. The crowd listened with mouths wide open, clamoring for their hero, as he explained that he would be cashing in his immediate championship rematch. No. Not at Cyberstrike 05. Hart smiled. The First would face the wrath of Pro Wrestling's SJH - and the fans who he turned on - in Worcester, Massachusetts. At the DCU Center. On ESENtv. At BattleBRAWL 3! Hart continued to talk, but at this point the fans had become so rowdy that his words were lost amongst the cheers. Shawn Hart winked at the camera as "PRO WRESTLING's SJH vs. THE FIRST (c) - BATTLEBRAWL 3 - NEW ERA CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH" began rolling across the marquee screens in the arena.)

Mr. Entertainment vs. The Druid

With the crowd still on their feet, the entrance way began to fill with fog as "Dopethrone" by Electric Wizard strummed through the arena. An ever growing line of acolytes flowed from the curtain before The Druid made his entrance. The Order of Oblivion stop at the ring and watch as their leader stepped into the ring. All of a sudden "That's Entertainment!" blared. Mr. Entertainment waltzed to the ring with an unrivaled swagger. Undefeated in Season 1, Mr. Entertainment had the world at his fingertips and he made sure to remind The Druid of this when they stood face to face in the middle of the ring. The bell rang. The two men stared at each other. One of these men would receive a New ERA Championship shot at the first Cyberstrike of Season 2. The Druid turned to his acolytes and Mr. Entertainment took advantage. He drilled the Druid with a forearm to the small of the back. He grabbed the final Television champion, the same belt Entertainment held for years, and tossed him over the top rope. Just. Like. That. The acolytes crowded their leader. The Druid rose to his feet and smiled at his opponent before rolling back into the ring. Entertainment charged at him, but the Druid drove a fist right into the midsection. The air escaped, no, was forced, from Entertainment's lungs. He coughed vigorously as the Druid grabbed him by the hair and sent him flying into the corner. The crowd watched in awe as the will of the Elder Gods flowed through the Druid's veins. His fist connected with such velocity that the spit in Entertainment's mouth rained down on the crowd.

The acolytes watched, their heads moving in unison, as the Druid ascended the top rope. Mr. Entertainment walked to the center of the ring, his ears ringing, and jabbed at the empty space in front of him. He raised his head and stared at the referee. He realized his mistake one second too late. As the Druid flew off the top rope with the picture-perfect moonsault, Mr. Entertainment could only brace himself for the impact. The two men hit hard, the Druid with a hook of the leg, and felt the mat vibrate as the referee's hand hit once - twice - as the referee's hand came crashing down to the mat for the third time, Entertainment shot his shoulder in the air. It would take everything the Druid had to count Entertainment amongst his prizes. The Druid pushed himself to his feet and waited for the most entertaining man in New ERA history to do the same. Entertainment rolled to the outside of the ring. His mind turned. The two men were not strangers. At RAUCOUS 37, the show that ended New ERA's national ambitions, Entertainment was in a similar situation. Time for Plan B. He would not suffer the same fate. Entertainment rolled back into the ring and slowly approached the Druid. A smile on his face masked his underlying intentions. The Druid cocked his head as Entertainment offered an outstretched hand. In this moment of hesitation, the Druid fell prey. The outstretched hand turned into a rock-hard clothesline that sent the Druid flopping to the mat. The acolytes watched as the Druid scrambled to his feet and charged Entertainment; their expressions hidden as Mr. Entertainment planted the boot to their master's jaw; emotionless as the so-called personification of New ERA of Wrestling wrapped the Druid's arms and sent him crashing to the mat with a butterfly powerbomb.

Mr. Entertainment fed off the crowd's energy. With every move he grew stronger. The Druid couldn't stop the momentum. The flashbulbs blinded the camera as Mr. Entertainment flew off the top rope. The pure athleticism of Entertainment after he crashed onto the Druid with the Shooting Entertainment brought every single person in the Agganis Arena to their feet. The future of New ERA could be seen battling one another before them. Mr. Entertainment rolled off his opponent and grabbed the ring ropes. As he pulled himself to his feet, Entertainment was euphoric. It was time for Mr. Entertainment to take his place amongst New ERA royalty. He pulled the Druid to his feet. Entertainment hoisted the Druid in the air and fell backwards for the Stun Gun. The beginning of the end began. Or so we thought. As the Druid cut through the air, his neck locked on the top rope, an acolyte hopped onto the ring apron and caught him. Entertainment was enraged. He reached over the top rope and hiptossed the acolyte into the ring. The referee threatened the disqualification, but Entertainment stopped him. He grabbed the acolyte by the robe and sent him soaring over the top rope. Strike. Acolytes tumbled to the arena floor as Mr. Entertainment turned his attention back to the Druid. BUZZKILLER. The Facebuster DDT stopped Entertainment in his tracks. The Druid grabbed the lifeless body of Mr. Entertainment and put him in position. Black Sun Bomb. Three count. The Druid will face the New ERA Champion at Cyberstrike 06.

WINNER: The Druid


(The Druid's "Order of Oblivion" swarmed the ring as the bell rang. The sea of black covered the mat. Entertainment disappeared. The crowd jeered. The Druid called to his acolytes to bring forth the man he had just defeated. Mr. Entertainment, tossed at the Druid's feet, cursed at him from the mat. It was met with a boot to the teeth. The Druid picked him off the mat and grabbed the head. The crowd assaulted the Druid as he flew over the top and added insult to injury with the Resin Hit. The referee warned the Druid. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as Chaos only two shows ago, the Acolytes pushed Entertainment out of the ring. He hit the concrete as the Druid grabbed the mic.)

THE DRUID: "Do you MINDLESS WORMS really think this pathetic waste of flesh and brainpower can SAVE this miserable excuse for a federation? Do you still believe in SALVATION... even with evidence of your INEVITABLE OBLIVION staring you in the face? FOOLS! You will all pay dearly for mocking the black prophecies of doom!"

(The Druid then walked to the ropes and pointed with contempt at Mr. Entertainment on the floor below.)

THE DRUID: "Whether it's THIS COCKSUCKER RIGHT HERE, or the crybaby in make-up... THE DRUID will bring his mind to the edges of sanity, and his body to the very extreme limits of pain! Whoever chooses to have the heart and the will to stand up as your icon and hero... I WILL DESTROY HIM!! I will cut off the HEAD of this federation and watch it die a slow and lonely death... and prove, for once and for all, that the will of the Elder Gods holds sway over ALL of your small and insignificant lives!"

(It was at this point that the Druid dropped the microphone, ascended the corner, and looked deep into the masses of booing fans. The camera closed in on his face. He stared, his eyes piercing through the monitors of those watching at home, and mouthed that New ERA's time ... will finally come.)

( the end )