[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Feb. 17, 2011
AIRED: Feb. 18, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 03

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- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "I am in complete shock."

(The video feed cuts in. The camera zooms in quickly onto the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before pulling back, flipping the shot, and cutting to Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp sitting behind a desk. Newman and Tripp look wide-eyed into the camera.)

NEWMAN: "Cyberstrike 03 changed the course of New ERA forever!"

TRIPP: "I still can't believe what happened in the Agganis Arena, Natalie. Heads rolled. The fans were betrayed."

NEWMAN: "Not to mention, Chaos rained forth from the Heavens .. and by God did he leave a mess in his wake!"

(Jason Tripp looks down at his papers and then at Newman.)

NEWMAN: "I'm finding it hard to stay on script, too, Jason!"

TRIPP: "We're halfway through Season 1 of New ERA ... and I don't know how anything can top tonight!"

(He throws the papers over his shoulder.)

TRIPP: "Screw it! Ladies and gentleman, believe me when I tell you, not one minute of Cyberstrike 03 should be missed."

NEWMAN: "We all wondered whether or not Shawn Hart would be in attendance. We all wondered who would become the first man to bank a championship shot. Well, all of those questions were answered tonight."

TRIPP: "But even more questions popped up in their place!"

NEWMAN: "That is for damn sure. The future of New ERA hangs in the balance ... Cyberstrike 03 airs now!"

Never Be Him

(The arena buzzed as the lights suddenly went out. The bigscreens in the Agganis Arena lit up. The crowd popped as Chaos walked through the hallway, his eyes focused on something, or someone, in the distance. The camera turned as New ERA President Marcus LaRoque chatted with an official. The official, seeing Chaos gunning for LaRoque, made a hasty exit. LaRoque turned and stared into the chest of the seven-foot tall beast. In the arena, "MON-STER'D" chants can be heard faintly. Chaos glared downwards at LaRoque. The New ERA President was unfazed. He opened his mouth to speak, but Chaos cut him off. The former P©X champion demanded another shot at the New ERA Championship. Chaos steamed about the First and The Druid. He vented about the referee's poor decision, a wrong decision, and again demanded a rematch with "Jessica." LaRoque had none of it. LaRoque pushed a finger into Chaos' chest. He berated him for being too out of control. He jammed the finger repeatedly into the big man's chest and told him he'd NEVER get another shot at the Championship if he kept acting the way he has. Chaos grabbed LaRoque's hand, having enough of the poking. Chaos grabbed the New ERA President by the collar and hoisted him into the air. "MON-STER'D" chants grew in popularity as the four-time PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion screamed at LaRoque.

LaRoque's shrill yell alerted the security at the Agganis Arena and they swarmed the big man. With security all around, Chaos threw the New ERA President to the ground. LaRoque stood up and began to walk away. He couldn't resist one final shot, though, and turned to Chaos.)

LaROQUE: "You'll never be your big brother."

(Security flew. Chaos raged. LaRoque immediately regretted his parting shot. Chaos reached over and snapped LaRoque toward him. The sonic boom echoed throughout the arena as Chaos' fist cut through the air at speeds unthinkable. "MON-STER'D" chants erupted as LaRoque went cross-eyed and fell backwards, his suit covered by the gushing blood running from his nose. Chaos spat on the New ERA President. EMTs appeared out of nowhere... and this was only the beginning.)

Adrian Willard vs. Jason Payne

With the fans still in shock, Adrian Willard came to the ring to little fanfare. Willard seemed to be going through the motions. "The Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd flooded the arena as Jason Payne stepped from behind the curtain. The two men stood in the center of the ring as the bell rang, but that was as close as they got to each other. Like a bat out of hell, Chaos charged through the curtains to a humongous pop from the Boston crowd. Chants of "MON-STER'D" could be heard as the seven foot tall .. monster .. came barreling to the ring, a chair in hand. Willard never knew what hit him as the steel chair swiftly met the back of his head. Jason Payne looked stunned and charged toward Chaos. The Dog of War joined Willard on the mat. The past two weeks prove what many have already known - Chaos has snapped. He repeatedly drilled the chair into the back of "the Prophecy." The referee tried to step in, and all he got for his troubles was a shove that sent him flying across the ring and underneath the bottom rope. Payne tried to get to his feet. Chaos was there. Chokeslam. Willard tried to get away. Chaos was there. Chokeslam. A wave of officials and security washed over the ring. Chaos swung the chair wildly. Security tried to stop the big man. He sent them soaring. Eventually he was cornered, but the damage was already done. Jamie Links announced that the match was a no-contest. The throng of officials and Agganis Arena security led Chaos up the aisle and he was ushered out of the ringside area to cries of "MON-STER'D! MON-STER'D!"

WINNER: No Contest

Stacy Jones vs. Cameron Cruise

Cameron Cruise looked to build on his impressive victory at Cyberstrike 02 over Jason Payne. Stacy Jones hoped to ride the momentum of her victory of Adrian Willard. The two competitors met in the ring for the very first time. Although he stood more than nine inches taller, and weighed almost 150 pounds more than his opponent, Cruise was caught offguard early in the match by Jones' speed and agility. Always staying just out of reach of the Crippler, Stacy Jones connected with a series of dropkicks that sent Cruise to the mat. Not all good things can last, however, as Jones went to the well once too many times. Cruise waved aside the dropkick and Jones crashed to the mat. It was time for the Crippler to go to work. He sent Jones crashing into the corner. While she evaded his charging elbow, Cruise quickly recovered and hushed the crowd with a clothesline that sent Jones spinning through the air. He covered, but Jones powered out. The former Television and Tag Team champion added insult to injury by slapping Jones across the face. That didn't sit too well with "Perfection by Adaptation." She balled her fists into concrete and popped Cruise in the jaw. Cruise went down like a sack of potatoes. Stacy Jones straddled her opponent and drove more fists into the face of Cruise. She was going for blood.

As the match wore on and both competitors felt each other up, figuratively of course, the action really picked up. Cruise overpowered Jones. He hoisted her in the air and sent her crashing to the mat with a snap suplex. Two count. He grabbed Jones by the legs and sent her flying into the corner headfirst. Jones came off and was wrapped up by the Crippler for a German suplex. Two count. Cruise kept control of the match until he thought he could telegraph Jones' next moves. Cruise whipped Jones into the ropes and put his head down. She hopped over him and continued to the ropes. Cruise dropped to the mat expecting Jones to continue across but she stopped short and drove the knee into the back of the neck. Stacy Jones rolled Cruise onto his back and went against the ropes again - this time nailing a running senton plash. Two count. Cruise wearily stood as Jones waited on the top. Cruise swung his fists blindly as he turned, hoping to nail New ERA's only female wrestler. Stunned by the absence, Cruise turned at the exact moment Jones jumped off the top rope. The crowd exploded as Cruise was planted into the mat by the dragonrana. Jones made the cover. Two count. Desperate, Jones bounded off the ropes and charged at Cruise for the kick to the head. Cruise caught the foot. He stood and waved a finger at his opponent. Not to be outdone, Stacy Jones jumped for the enziguiri. Cruise ducked, maintained control of her foot, and quickly locked his leg behind hers. In an instant, Jones was put in Cruise Control. A few moments later, Cameron Cruise picked up the victory.

WINNER: Cameron Cruise

Fanatic vs. Alexander Roslov

Could the TACT LEGACY survive a hard-fought loss on Cyberstrike 02 against the most entertaining superstar on New ERA's roster? Larry Tact guaranteed it would. The former World Heavyweight champion came to the ring with his brother and protégé Fanatic. The victim this week? Alexander Roslov, the grizzly Russian who has made nowhere near the impact on the world as Sputnik or the Iron Curtain. Fanatic dominated Roslov. The Russian tried repeatedly to change the tide of the match only to be countered by the Elite Enigma at every step. You could sense the frustration building. Fanatic whipped Roslov against the ropes. Another chance at redemption as Roslov stopped short and tucked his opponent's head between his legs. The powerbomb by Roslov turned into a hurricanrana by the Fanatic. Larry Tact's protégé was too fast, too smart, too much. Fanatic was always one step ahead. He knew what Roslov thought before it even occured to Roslov. The Russian finally broke. He whipped Fanatic into the ropes and watched helplessly as the referee became collateral damage. The referee went down in a blaze of glory. Fanatic, doing the honorable thing, tended to him. Larry Tact hopped onto the ring apron. He yelled at Alexander Roslov to take advantage of the situation. He threw a chair in the ring and begged him to take the chair to Fanatic - to take out his frustrations. Roslov wouldn't. Tact entered the ring and grabbed the chair as the crowd began to jeer. Roslov stood his ground, refusing to take the chair, and turned to face Fanatic. Fanatic awoke the referee and began lifting him off the mat. Tact, seeing his opportunity fleeting, spun Roslov around and berated him. Roslov finally broke. He ripped the chair from Tact's hands. He jawed with the former World Heavyweight champion as Tact began backing up towards his younger brother. Alexander Roslov channeled all his frustrations and swung the chair with a mighty force. Tact ducked. The crowd was stunned into silence as the chair crashed into the head of Fanatic. Roslov dropped the chair to the mat as the referee locked his eyes on the Russian. Roslov pleaded with the referee. He pointed to Tact, now standing on the outside of the ring. It was of no use. The referee called for the bell. The Russian was disqualified.

After the bell rang, Larry Tact rolled into the ring and spun Roslov around. He laid into him once more. Tact jammed his finger into the Russian's chest. He kept on the heat as the referee tried to break the two apart. Tact stepped back as Roslov once again pleaded his case to the referee. The referee listened intently, but Tact would not let him finish. Tact charged at Roslov and drove the knee deep into his stomach. With Roslov doubled over, Tact took him up and over with the delayed fisherman suplex into the snap neckbreaker - the Starbreaker. Fanatic watched from the corner as his mentor, his brother, drove Roslov into the mat. Tact got to his feet, pointed at the Russian and then pointed to the corner. Fanatic nodded. He climbed the turnbuckles and perched himself on the top rope. The fans in the arena jeered with such verocity that the ring ropes shook. The Elite Enigma soared through the air for the Corkscrew Moonsault he named "Craze." The agile Fanatic popped to his feet and wiped his hands clean. He joined his brother as they exited the ring, thoroughly pleased with their actions.

WINNER: Fanatic

Mr. Entertainment vs. Michael Montgomery

With two wins under his belt already, Mr. Entertainment had the opportunity to become the first on the roster to bank a shot at the New ERA Championship by winning three matches in a row. One problem though, Michael Montgomery stood in his way. It was the Magnificent One versus the most ENTERTAINING man on the planet. You could sense the electricity running through Entertainment's veins as he peppered Montgomery with fists as the contest began. Try as he might, the Magnificent One couldn't find a way to slow Entertainment down, so he rolled to the outside. As good a plan as it may have seemed at the time, Mr. Entertainment was unrelenting. Michael Montgomery walked to the guardrail to verbally abuse the young fans shouting at him, totally oblvious to the fact that Entertainment was picking up speed. The crowd watched in awe as Mr. Entertainment charged to the ropes, flew over the top, and took Montgomery to the arena floor with a beautifully executed plancha. The Championship shot within his grasp, Mr. Entertainment popped to his feet and rolled his opponent into the ring. Even though the fans have no love for either man, a huge pop rang across the arena as Montgomery was able to get his shoulder off the mat. If this were any other man, paranoia and doubt would have set in. Mr. Entertainment is not any other man. The former Television champion kept his eye on New ERA's top prize as he grabbed a fistful of Montgomery's hair and drug him to his feet. European uppercut. Another one. A thir--no! Montgomery jammed his thumb square in Mr. Entertainment's eye. As Entertainment stumbled backward, the Magnificent One locked his hands around the waist and slammed his opponent to the mat with a vicious belly-to-belly suplex. Both men remained on the mat as the referee began his count. The fans wondered whether Montgomery's burst of energy was short-lived.

They got their answer. Montgomery sat up. Then he stood. What little respect the fans may have had for the Maine native quickly evaporated when he spat into the crowd. Agganis Arena isn't large enough for both of these men's egos. Montgomery stomped on the back of Mr. Entertainment. He bounced off the near ropes and drove the knee into the small of the back. As Entertainment lay on his stomach, Montgomery grabbed the legs and locked on the appropriately-named Boston Crab. With the New ERA Championship dangling in the back of his mind, Mr. Entertainment reached for the ropes. His fingers fell well short. Montgomery wore an all-knowing smile. He was moments away from sending Entertainment back to the bottom of the totem pole. Just like he said he would. Entertainment reached forth again. His shoulder strained, as if Entertainment was hoping that it would dislocate to give him those much-needed extra inches. For reasons that made sense to only himself, Montgomery released the Boston Crab. He walked around the ring thoroughly ... entertained. Michael Montgomery waited for Entertainment to get to his feet. He tapped his foot impatiently. He yelled, begged and pleaded for the former Television champion to give him a challenge. Sometimes you have to beware of what you ask for. Entertainment grabbed onto the ropes and brought himself to his feet. Montgomery immediately set in for the kill. He whipped Entertainment around, grabbed his arm, and sent him careening into the corner chest-first. It was about time the fans in New ERA saw the Japanese Ocean Suplex he calls "Magnificence." Unfortunately, the fans will have to wait one more week. Instead of hitting the turnbuckle, Mr. Entertainment ran up the turnbuckle pads and stood on the top rope. Montgomery was shocked. He absent-mindedly ran forth to stop Entertainment. He ended up playing right into Entertainment's trap. Mr. Entertainment backflipped off the top turnbuckle as Montgomery himself ended up running chest-first into the corner. As the Magnificent One stumbled backwards, Mr. Entertainment locked his arms around Montgomery's waist. That's Entertainment! .. and that's also a banked shot at the New ERA Championship for Mr. Entertainment.

WINNER: Mr. Entertainment

Chaos vs. The Druid

"You Could Be Mine" by Guns n' Roses was met with pops from the crowd and Chaos was ushered to the ring by chants of "MON-STER'D!" He stepped over the top rope, his eyes alive with the fires of hell as he had sent Marcus LaRoque to the hospital with a broken nose. The camera spanned the crowd and focused on four men sitting in the front row, already hooded. The Druid's acolytes waited for their master. The lights in the arena went out as fog clouded the entrance way. A line of acolytes came out followed by the Druid. He raised his arms calling for more followers, and the four hooded acolytes mindlessly lept from their seats and took their place by his side. Chaos watched as his opponent glided to the ring. As the Druid reached the steps, the four newly annointed acolytes attacked! The largest of the four grabbed a chair and took three of them out in one swing. The Druid whipped around and was met with a steel chair crashing over his head. The crowd was shocked, the rest of the Acolytes were shocked, and the man took his hood off ... to reveal himself as Psycho - Chaos' younger brother. Psycho rolled the Druid into the ring. It was time for business. The rest of the Acolytes charge at the four imposters, and the group brawled up the rampway leaving The Druid alone in the ring with Chaos. Chaos laughed as he reached forward and grabbed the Druid to his feet. He walloped the Elder God's mic piece with vicious left hooks. The seven-foot tall monster rocked the Druid into the corner and placed his boot on the former Television champion's throat. The referee made the count, but Chaos ignored him. Chaos wanted revenge, not the victory.

Egged on by the "MONSTER'D!" chants, Chaos threw the Druid across the ring. He stalked him. But the otherwordly powers coursing through the Druid's veins gave him the strength to stop Chaos in his tracks. A dropkick to the knee sent Chaos backwards. The Druid charged at the big man and connected with a clothesline that sent him reeling into the corner. The Druid pounced and repeatedly clocked Chaos while standing on the second rope. The four-time PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion pushed the Druid off, but the Druid rolled out of it and came right back at Chaos with a spinning crescent kick. Chaos wobbled out of the corner and the Druid climbed the ropes behind him. He flew off the top for the bulldog - but witnessed first hand the unbelievable power that resided in Chaos. Chaos caught him in mid-air, swung his body around, and drilled the Druid into the mat with the sidewalk slam. Chaos stood over his downed opponent and yelled "MONSTER'D!" into the back of his head. The big man scooped the Druid up and lifted him high over his head, but the man formerly known as Erik Black landed an open chop into the throat. The Druid was dropped eight feet from the air, but somehow landed on his feet. He rocked the big man with a spinning heel kick. Chaos barely moved. The Druid ran to the corner and hopped, cat-like, to the top. The missile dropkick sent Chaos backwards, but not down. Using the dark powers of the Elder Gods, The Druid charged Chaos and sent both men flying over the top rope with the crossbody. Chaos sat on the arena floor while the Druid rolled back into the ring. The big man was not pleased. As Chaos got to his feet on the outside, the crowd was hushed. A throng of ten Massachusetts State policemen entered the ringside arena, batons and handcuffs readied. Chaos was about to learn that you can't just knock out the President of New ERA without consequence.

The Druid looked on as the state police edged closer and closer to the seven-foot giant. Chaos slowly turned to face the men. His eyes lit up. Instead of fear, anticipation. This was a game for Chaos. The first two officers asked Chaos to turn around. Instead they were met with a big boot. The next two officers charged at Chaos with their batons. Chaos grabbed both, lifted them high into the air, and drove them to the arena floor with chokeslams. The crowd broke out into massive "MONSTER'D! MONSTER'D!" chants as the rest of the officers charged Chaos. The Druid stepped back and watched as one by one the officers were thrown aside. Finally, one of the officers took out his stun gun and shot the wires into the Las Vegas native's neck. The electricity flowed through Chaos' body, but he was unstoppable. He came toward the officer. Another officer shot a stun gun into Chaos. He kept coming. Three stun guns. Chaos slowed, his body shaking, but still moving forward. Four stun guns. Chaos stopped. Finally the Massachusetts State Police were able to subdue him. They locked the handcuffs on Chaos and dragged him up the rampway. The Druid stood in the center of the ring and moments later was declared victorious via countout.

WINNER: The Druid

Winner Receives Banked New ERA Championship Shot

Jonathan Marx vs. The First

The crowd was electric. It was time for the night's main event. Two men. Two wins each. Only one would go on to bank a shot at the New ERA Championship. The fans stood on their feet awaiting the arrival of the hometown hero. "The Touch" by Stan Bush played instead. On any other night, against any other opponent, Jonathan Marx would be heralded. Not tonight. Not against this opponent. Marx and Brandon Jacobs made their way to the ring as the crowd clamored for his opponent. As "Happy Birthday" by the Birthday Massacre cued, the foundation of the Agganis Arena shook. The First and Muse came through the curtains. The Championship shot within reach, the First took time to high five a child no more than six-years-old. The two men stood face to face in the center of the ring. The crowd chanted. It had been years since these two men stepped into a wrestling ring. The First won that battle, the first of his career, and now, with the stakes much higher, he wanted to repeat the result. The crowd lingered on every move. Marx, the technical genius, kept the First off his feet. You could feel the crowd clamor. Marx was ready for this. He grabbed the waist of the First and took him to the mat. He floated over the back and applied the side headlock. The arena was so loud the referee could hardly hear the First's reply. Marx, the consummate champion, did not allow the fans' reactions to get the best of him. He kept the pressure on the First. When the Salem native reversed a backslide, Marx flipped out of it and drilled the First with a standing dropkick. Two count after two count. Children lost their voices. Adults lost their voices.

Muse beat against the mat. The crowd drove their heels into the arena floor. The ring shook and rattled. The First responded. Marx brought his opponent to the corner. Two wins. It was time to make it three. Marx grabbed the waist of the First and plopped him on the top turnbuckle pad. Then he climbed up with him. With the arm hooked, the hand hooked, the superplex was ready to go. He yanked the First into the air and plummeted to the mat. The crowd exploded. Marx went down empty-handed. The First, still standing on the top turnbuckle pad, measured the "Gentleman." It was over. The First flew off the top rope for the front flip legdrop off the top rope known to the fans as "Cut the Rope." Marx rolled out of the way. The fans popped huge, but were forced to watch as their hero crashed to the mat. Brandon Jacobs threw his hands in the air as Marx made it to his feet. Venomous jeers pelted Marx as he grabbed the legs of the First. With visions of past greats running through his mind, Marx locked on the Figure Four. The old man had the Michael Manson wannabe stuck in the middle of the ring. The First cradled his head in his hands as he clenched his teeth tighter and tighter. He would not let the Championship shot slip through his fingers. Nor would Marx let the First take his chance at becoming New ERA's only three-time Champion away from him. The fans watched for what seemed like hours as Marx and First stayed tangled in the center of the ring. The First was worn down, but he would not submit. The referee made the count, but each time the First would use the crowd's energy to push his shoulders off the mat. Marx finally had enough.

He released the figure four and flipped The First onto his stomach. If the First wouldn't give in to the figure four .. Marx would end it like he always does. The former two-time World Heavyweight champion grabbed the foot of the First. He stopped for only a second, as the fans' ire grew to defeaning heights, but that was more than enough time for the First. The hometown hero burst forward and grabbed the bottom ropes. The Marxism would have to wait. Jacobs slammed the mat in frustration on the outside. The First leaned over the bottom rope as Muse whispered to him. Jonathan Marx would not wait. He grabbed the legs of the First and dragged him into the center of the ring. Marx dropped the elbow - and hit nothing but mat. The First continued rolling until he got to the opposite ropes. With the fans standing on their feet, the First pulled himself up. Marx waited and charged - he could not put on the brakes, and the First sent Marx flying head over heels to the outside with the backbody drop. The First collapsed to the mat and rolled to the outside. Brandon Jacobs tried to pull Marx to his feet, but scattered when the First tapped him on the shoulder. With the fans chanting his name, the First grabbed Marx by the tights and tossed him into the ring. At that moment, you could feel it. The First sent Marx into the ropes. It was raucous in the Agganis Arena when Marx was then speared to the mat. Both men were down. The heat radiating from the lights was unbearable. Sweat left puddles underneath the two superstars. A shot at the New ERA Championship ... a shot to make history ... those two things pushed Jonathan Marx to sit up. They pushed him to get to his knees. But those same two things also invigorated his opponent. With a sudden burst of energy, the First kipped up. Marx was shocked and unable to stop the Shining Wizard. It was pandemonium in the arena as the First climbed the ring ropes. CUT - THE - ROPE. The First crashed down across the neck of the "Gentleman" and banked his shot at the New ERA Championship.

WINNER: The First

No Way Out

(It was Mardi Gras in Boston. Security had to make a temporary wall as the fans tried to storm the ring to celebrate with their hero. Brandon Jacobs grabbed Marx and the two men walked up the rampway - Marx will have to wait just a bit longer for his chance at becoming the promotion's first three-time champion. Right when you thought things had reached their peak, "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon blasted over the speakers. It was like the crowd had died and gone to heaven. Pro Wrestling's SJH walked to the ring in his street clothes, the New ERA Championship draped over his shoulder, to congratulate the First. He hopped into the ring and raised the First's hand. The crowd was ecstatic. The two men embraced before Hart raised the First's hand once more.

But Hart wasn't there just to congratulate his friend and future opponent. Pro Wrestling's SJH grabbed a microphone and put his finger to his lips to hush the crowd. After more than 25 minutes of continuous noise, it was eery now that the arena was completely silent. Hart told the crowd he had some bad news about the attack he suffered at the hands of Chaos - the odds were he'd not be medically cleared to compete for the rest of Season 1. Hart became quiet and then solemnly explained that he was left with no choice but to forfeit the New ERA Championship.

As Hart struggled to get through saying those words, The First suddenly jumped him from behind and began beating down Hart with kicks and punches, sending the champion sprawling to the mat. The crowd was stunned. An outraged First grabbed the mic and demanded to be given his New ERA Championship match right there on the spot.

With Marcus LaRoque not in the building, the First confronted the next best person - the ref - and kept browbeating him into starting the match. He screamed and yelled that he'd earned a championship shot and he wanted it now. The crowd could not believe it. Their hero had snapped. It was defeaning in the Agganis Arena as the crowd turned on the First. Suddenly, to the horror of the crowd, the ref signaled for the bell - The New ERA Championship match was happening right then.)

Impromptu Match
New ERA Championship Championship

The First vs. Pro Wrestling's SJH (c)

First kicked and stomped away on Hart as he screamed at him. The First then berated Hart for trying to screw him out of the championship. He berated Hart for knowing the whole time Hart was never going to fight The First. He screamed to the crowd that Hart was a coward. During all this taunting and trash talking, Hart brought the crowd to it's feet with a near perfect Hart Attack that laid out First and left both men on the mat. The New ERA Champion, who had minutes before claimed he was going to forfeit the championship because of the injuries sustained by Chaos, was now fighting for that very championship.

Hart slowly crawled over towards First and made the cover but only got a two count. Hart made it to his feet and waited for the First. The crowd chanted for Pro Wrestling's SJH with such vigor that a few fans in the front row literally passed out from exhaustion. Hart measured the First as he got to his feet .. then set to land another Hart Attack. First rose and Hart jumped at the chance! He went for the Hart Attack, but First pushed him off, sending Hart crashing to the mat and hitting the back of his head hard on impact. First appeared almost disbelieving as Hart lay motionless on the canvas after his fall. He could taste victory and dove on top of the unconscious champion - securing a pin to win the New ERA Championship.

The crowd spewed derogatives at the First as chants of "BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!" echoed in the Agganis Arena. Many in the crowd threw trash into the ring as First celebrated his theft of the New ERA Championship. In a frightening flash back to last week, the EMTs rushed to the ring to check on the Minister of Getting Sinister. Hart was placed on a stretcher and the crowd watched in horror as he was wheeled up the aisle. The First was not content with just beating Hart for the Championship, so he jumped out of the ring and charged the EMTs. The First sent the stretcher, and Shawn Hart, crashing into the railing. Shawn Hart flew over the guardrail and into the crowd. The fans engulfed Hart to protect him from the First and many tried to hop over the railing to attack the brand spanking new Champion.

WINNER: The First (won New ERA Championship)

(The First screamed at anyone who would bother to listen that he dared Marcus LaRoque or anyone in the locker room to stop him or to try to take away his title. The webstream faded out as The First held the New ERA Championship high into the air, the smile on his face almost as repugnant as the actions he took to capture the belt.)

( the end )