[ Agganis Arena @ Boston University ] Boston, Massachusetts


TAPED: Jan. 29, 2011
AIRED: Jan. 30, 2011
EPISODE: Cyberstrike 01

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- FLASH -]

NEWMAN: "January 29th, 2011. New ERA returns just in time to celebrate SEVEN years!"

(The video feed cuts in. The lights shining down from above bounce off the cheap, shiny desk. The shot pulls out and focuses on the New ERA Cyberstrike banner before it flips and focuses on an attractive young woman sitting next to an older, slightly nerdy gentleman. The faces are immediately recognizable. The woman smiles wide as the low-quality video becomes slightly scrambled.)

NEWMAN: "Welcome to New ERA Cyberstrike 01! Welcome to the Agganis Arena here at Boston University! I'm Natalie Newman, and with me, as always, is Jason Tripp."

TRIPP: "What a night of action we had at Cyberstrike 01!"

NEWMAN: "If there was ever a night where anything and EVERYTHING would happen, New ERA's seven year anniversary was the perfect time."

(Jason Tripp looks over at Natalie and smiles.)

TRIPP: "Well let's go get that bite to eat you're always putting off!"

NEWMAN: "Some things never change!"

TRIPP: "The first show of Season 1 was bookended with events that could change the course of New ERA ... and we've only just begun!"

NEWMAN: "The fans were definitely treated to a feast tonight, so enough chit chat and more action!"

Age of Doom

(The Agganis Arena was jam packed as New ERA of Wrestling kicked off the first season. A quick look around the arena and you could see that the hometown hero, The First, had a strong contingency show up to support him. The arena at Boston University was filled with college students and older fans alike, proving that not even a barrage of snow could stop professional wrestling fans from coming out. The fans popped when the lights suddenly went out, but that pop turned to silence, and then worry, as nothing happened.

Right when they thought that the snow might have ruined their plans, The Druid made his entrance, accompanied by an ensemble of hooded acolytes. Wielding a microphone, he addressed the jeering Boston fans he referred to as "Mass-holes" as he slowly made his way to the ring with his robed posse in tow.)

THE DRUID: "Oh, save it... you worthless, small-minded SHEEP. One minute, you're all bleating PRAISE for me, and the next minute, you're damning the sight of me... and all because I have the audacity to be as mind-blowingly BAD-ASS as I am, without comprimise. But then, I suppose it doesn't matter whether or not I gain your approval. Nothing really matters when the end result for us all is an eternity as SPACEDUST. Likewise, the Elder Gods don't care if you're on their side or not... because through me, their WILL is inevitable. I will bring an age of DOOM to New ERA, with or without the worthless support of you ignorant New Englanders."

(As Jason Payne and the majority of the audience waited patiently for the spectacle to end and the match to begin, the Druid proceeded to call forth all dark fanatics in the audience to join his cause, which prompted a small number of fans still loyal to the once Television Champion to hop the barricade. Each of the new inductees received his blessing and their own individual robes. Before finally entering the ring ready for action, the Druid turned his forboding words toward his opponent.)

THE DRUID: "Truth is, Payne... I don't care about what belts you've won, or the belts you haven't won. As you'll find out here in just a few short moments, my work TRANSCENDS the meager capabilities of a mere 'champion'. It's not your mediocre career that forces me to think of you as inferior; it's your mediocre TALENT, and your mediocre PERSONALITY."

The Druid vs. Jason Payne

The opening bout was also the most competitve as Jason Payne and The Druid tore into each other with a vigor that drove the fans wild. Payne's calm demeanor during the Druid's pre-match charade faded when the bell rang. The Druid and his "minions" played mind games throughout the match, and for the most part, Payne was able to ignore the increasingly odd circumstance. He wasn't able to avoid it, however, and when Payne, facing the so-called disciples on the outside of the ring, locked Druid for the Paynekiller, a disciple reached through and held onto the Druid's legs. Payne couldn't get the Druid over for the Full Nelson Slam and released the lock, allowing the Druid to grab on, catapult off the ropes and nail the Asai DDT he calls The Resin Hit.

WINNER: The Druid

Cameron Cruise vs. Mr. Entertainment

Some people wondered whether Cameron Cruise focused too much on people he wasn't wrestling rather than his actual opponent Mr. Entertainment. When the bell rang, however, Cruise was 100% focused on New ERA's so-called most Entertaining superstar. The fans were treated to a wrestling clinic as both men pushed their limits, but Cruise made one fatal mistake when he took his attention off Mr. E for a second too long. The former WHADAHTT champion wasn't as down and out as Cruise would have liked, which led to him being victimized by the Diamond Dust. Entertainment then "thrilled" the crowd, much to their dislike, with That's Entertainment! and covered the Crippler for the three-count.

WINNER: Mr. Entertainment

Jonathan Marx vs. Adrian Willard

The familiar opening notes of "The Touch" by Stan Bush brought the fans to their feet as former 2-time World Heavyweight champion Jonathan Marx stepped through the curtain with Brandon Jacobs. Marx, looking to be in the best shape of his career, made easy work of Adrian Willard. The "Gentleman" from Princeton had no visible ring rust as he picked Willard apart limb from limb. Willard sealed his fate after he botched a flying clothesline. The former World Heavyweight champion locked the Marxism on and Willard quickly tapped.

WINNER: Jonathan Marx

Triple Threat
The First vs. Stacy Jones vs. Alexander Roslov

The Agganis Arena was buzzing when it came time for the evening's triple threat. Empire Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight champion, and hometown favorite, The First made his in-ring debut for New ERA, taking on Alexander Roslov and "Perfection by Adaptation" Stacy Jones. Roslov was both opponent's target throughout the match. After questioning Stacy Jones' desire in the days leading up to the event, the First received his answer loud and clear. Jones peppered the First with a combination of high-flying moves and quick steps in the ring, however she was unable to stop the First from gaining momentum. Bouyed by the fans' cheers, the First fought back and caught Jones with the Soulbreaker. Roslov was no luckier, the recipient of Cut the Thread, and the fan's favorite was joined in the ring by Muse to have his arms raised in victory.

WINNER: The First

Chaos vs. Michael Montgomery

Someone must have forgotten to tell Chaos that he is no longer wrestling in the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme division. Or maybe the former P©X champion just didn't care in his match against Michael Montgomery. The one-on-one bout turned into a brawl immediately following the bell. Montgomery tried his best to keep the action in the ring and on the mat, but Chaos overpowered the man from Portland, Maine and repeatedly brought him to the outside of the ring. The referee, ignored by a raging Chaos, could only watch in horror as the seven foot tall monster sent Montgomery flying over the guardrail into the crowd. Montgomery's head met the steel chair and with his lip busted open, the referee had no other option but to call for the bell and disqualify the man who has based his New ERA career off carnage and destruction.

WINNER: Michael Montgomery


Larry Tact vs. Pro Wrestling's SJH (c)

The New ERA Championship may not have been on the line, but the atmosphere in the Agganis Arena was electric as current champion, Pro Wrestling's SJH strutted down to the ring to tango with former World Heavyweight champion Larry Tact. No one could have predicted the outcome of this match as Hart and Tact fought for momentum. Hart seemingly had the Gods of Wrestling on his side in the beginning as he slipped through Tact's grasp and quickened the tempo. Hart nearly got the three-count several times in a row which brought the fans to their feet over and over again for premature celebrations.

Larry Tact, methodical as ever, wore down the New ERA Champion as the match progressed. Tact hoisted Hart onto the shoulder for the running powerslam, but the champ locked his feet around the top turnbuckle pad. While Tact wondered where Hart had gone, Pro Wrestling's SJH straddled the top rope in wait. Hart was locked in for the kill, but there was a commotion in the crowd as a masked man hopped over the guardrail, chair in hand. The crowd was silenced by the defeaning chair shot to the back of the head that sent Hart flying to the mat. Tact had plenty of time to gloat, and after smiling broadly at the man in the mask, bent down for the cover .. and the victory.

WINNER: Larry Tact

The "Legacy"

(As the fans began littering the ring with an evening's full of empty wrappers, the masked man entered the ring. The referee, who was oblivious to the chair shot only moments before, was sent through the ropes by Larry Tact as the assault began anew. Eventually the masked man turned the New ERA Champion over to Larry Tact. Tact locked in the Tactful Surrender.

Pro Wrestling's SJH was nearly put out of his misery by Tact before The First ran to the ring and cleared house. The fans exploded as The First helped Hart to his feet and began to guide him to the ropes. Larry Tact and the masked man stood at the top of the entrance way with a microphone in his hand.)

TACT: "What did I tell you all? I said I would set the standard of the New ERA... and here he is! This man next to me is the new elite. He is the next generation, one who possesses the same passion and determination for wrestling as myself, and as good as he was before... I have brought him to a whole new level of excellence. You can all try and try again, but in the end, you'll all see what I already know. It's only a matter of time before he reaches the summit. And then, once he defeats Shawn Hart, it will be indisputable that NOBODY is more befitting to be New ERA Champion! So allow me to introduce you all to the next generation of New ERA, and the next in line of the TACT LEGACY... my little brother... the Elite Enigma... FANATIC!"

(While Tact and Fanatic exited, Chaos suddenly appeared from behind the curtain. Hart locked eyes with Chaos and was met with a smile ... and a sign that Hart, and his belt, were next on Chaos' hitlist.)

( the end )