12.30.06 Long Beach, California!

(FADEIN:  A grainy replay of the December 19th edition of RAUCOUS.  The shot speeds through the show .. pausing briefly to show Juliet Marceau.  It cuts to the shocked look on the crowd’s face during the announcement of Marceau’s newest creation.  Finally, it focuses on the New ERA of Wrestling Women’s Heavyweight championship belt.  The shot pauses.  The belt begins to “crumble.”  As the pieces drop a new belt begins to be born.


More pieces fall off.


A huge chunk disintegrates.


The shot clears up, the purple background illuminating the new championship belt.



CUEUP:  “Doll Parts” by Hole.  The black screen slowly begins to fade into purple.  A flower pops on screen.  Followed by the VENUS Wrestling Alliance logo.  As the chorus kicks in the logo for B1TCHIN’ is “stamped” on.)

(CUTTO: Ringside with Jason Tripp and Natalie Newman.)


(SFX:  Fans pop huge as fireworks go off on the rampway.)

NEWMAN:  “My name is Natalie Newman, with me is Jason Tripp .. and we are here with you all for VENUS’ preview showcase of… B1TCHIN’!”

TRIPP:  “What a night!  Women’s wrestling finally gets its day in the spotlight … and it couldn’t have come at a better time!”

NEWMAN:  “Juliet Marceau may have hijacked the entire New ERA women’s roster … and the RAPTURE program… but what we’ve got in store for you tonight will prove just how visionary she really is!”

TRIPP:  “This special showcase has four incredible matches … including the first ever defense of the newly christened VENUS World Heavyweight championship!”

NEWMAN:  “Karla Starr, the VENUS World Heavyweight champion, will take on Foxx in what should be one of, if not THE, most talked about matches of the year.”

TRIPP:  “These women have a past together… and if tonight’s match is anything like their prior encounters… by God VENUS will have a helluva ride!”

NEWMAN:  “We’ve also got Krist Blue taking on the Swedish import Victoria Hawke!”

TRIPP:  “Blue is a master at the art of mind games… but will she be able to get inside the head of Victoria Hawke?  Hawke is one of Sweden’s finest professional wrestlers, and IS the finest female professional wrestler they’ve exported.”

NEWMAN:  “We’ll find out if Blue will be able to penetrate, pardon the pun, Hawke’s Scandinavian drive … here in Long Beach!”

TRIPP:  “Caitlyn Daymon and Felicia Hart are two women who bring excitement wherever they go … and tonight it could be a spark in a powder keg when these two meet up.”

NEWMAN:  “I’ve seen both women backstage … and I can tell you neither one could wait to get their hands on the other.”

TRIPP:  “And in our opening match .. Carlee Marx will take on the debuting Candy Carmichael.”

NEWMAN:  “Marx is a competitor who is just hitting her stride… and Carmichael is a relative newcomer in the business.  It should be an interesting mix of styles as Marx is more a brawler and Carmichael is more aerial.”

TRIPP:  “But most importantly, Carmichael is wet behind the ears.  Not only is this her first VENUS appearance, but its also her first appearance before a live television crew!”

NEWMAN:  “Well we’ll find out if she’s able to handle the bright lights… because when we come back after this commercial break… VENUS’ showcase of B1TCHIN’ …. Will get underway!”

TRIPP:  “Stay tuned … we’ll be right back from the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California …. Candy Carmichael… Carlee Marx… NEXT!”

Candy Carmichael vs. Carlee Marx

(CUTTO:  Jamie Links.  She stands there, flipping her introductions cards as she waits for the signal.  Apparently she missed it the first time around because the officials on the floor are waving at her.  She immediately stops shuffling the cards and brings the microphone up.  The lineup blossoms on screen.)

LINKS:  “Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the showcase preview edition of VENUS Wrestling Alliance’s B1TCHIN’!  It is my honor to announce that the first ever match, is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit …. Introducing first..”

(CUEUP:  “The Everlasting Gaze” by Smashing Pumpkins.  The fans erupt in jeers as Carlee Marx steps through the curtain.  Brandon Jacobs walks out behind her, prompting more jeers.)

LINKS:  “Being accompanied to the ring by Brandon Jacobs ….. Standing five foot six and weighing 133 pounds… she hails from Princeton, New Jersey ……… CARLEE …. MARX!”

TRIPP:  “Marx has an interesting past … but she comes from a family of highly skilled technical wrestlers… wrestlers that aren’t afraid to use whatever means necessary to get a victory.”

NEWMAN:  “She’s got a wide array of moves that can put you away… and maybe now that her past is more clear, she’ll have more success in the ring!”

(CUEUP:  “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow.  Candy Carmichael steps through the curtain in baby pink tights, her hair perfectly made up in a bun.  The fans pop and some whistle as she walks past.)

LINKS:  “And her opponent… standing five foot seven and weighing in at …. An undisclosed weight?....... she hails from Beverly Hills, California… CANDY …. CARMICHAEL!”

TRIPP:  “Carmichael’s looks just may be deceiving … I hear from reliable sources that she is an excellent wrestler.”

NEWMAN:  “Well, right now she’s got everyone’s attention focused on her … if she can put on a halfway decent match, you’ll be hearing praise heralded from the heavens above.”

TRIPP:  “Well it looks like we’re about to find out!”

(SFX:  Bell rings.)


BEGINNING:  Carmichael and Marx met up in the center of the ring.  Carlee Marx, being the ring veteran, caught Carmichael off guard with a go behind, and took her over with a German suplex.  Carmichael popped back up and ducked underneath the Marx clothesline.  Marx ran right into the ropes, and as she came stumbling backwards, Carmichael locked her hands around Marx’s waist and took her over with a German suplex as well.  Carlee Marx was slower to get back to her feet as the momentum of hitting the ropes definitely aided in the impact, and once she did, Carmichael was right there.  Candy Carmichael grabbed the arm of Carlee Marx and whipped her into the corner.  Marx hit chest first while Carmichael charged in afterwards.  Marx turned and saw Carmichael charging, and managed to hop onto the top turnbuckle as Carmichael drove her shoulder.  Carmichael hit the ring post and Marx then followed it up with a sunset flip to get the two count.  Instead of following up on Carmichael, Carlee Marx decided to strut around the ring to the fans’ displeasure.  When she finally reached down to grab Carmichael, Marx was the victim of a small package and nearly lost the match.  Marx popped to her feet and charged as Carmichael was getting up.  Carlee Marx flew through the air with the crossbody block, but Carmichael ducked at the last minute as Marx went over her and crashed to the mat.  Carmichael wrapped the leg of Marx around and locked on the figure four.  Marx was stuck in the submission hold and tried valiantly to escape.. but to no avail.

MIDDLE:  That is until she grabbed the bottom rope.  The damage was seemingly done, however, as Marx wasn’t able to get to her feet right away.  This gave Carmichael the opportunity to ascend the ropes.  As Carlee Marx finally made it to her feet she couldn’t find Candy Carmichael anywhere in the ring.  That was because Carmichael was on the top turnbuckle behind her.  When Marx finally turned, Carmichael nailed the missile dropkick sending Marx flying underneath the bottom rope to the arena floor.  Carmichael ran over to that corner, ran up the turnbuckle pads to the top, and hit the asai moonsault as Marx was getting to her feet.  The referee warned Carmichael to get into the ring, and she picked up Marx and rolled her in.  Carmichael rolled in afterwards and made the cover, nearly getting the three count.  Carmichael dragged her opponent to her feet, and locked the arm around the head nailing the DDT.  She then grabbed Marx’s legs once more, and this time flipped her over in the Boston Crab.  Marx was once again stuck in a submission hold and this time it seemed like there was no getting out.  The referee was right there asking Marx if she was going to submit, but somehow Carlee Marx got a surge of energy that was strong enough to power out of the hold.  Carmichael was flung forward, but she wasn’t deterred.  Carmichael came right back and dropped a knee right into the chest of Carlee Marx.  Carmichael brought Marx to her feet and sent her to the ropes with an irish whip .. or so she thought!  Marx reversed the irish whip and Carmichael was sent to the ropes.  On the return, Marx went down for the back body drop, but Carmichael stopped short, hooked the arms, and nailed the double underarm powerbomb!  The referee’s hand went down three times and the fans popped, but were quickly quieted when the referee shot up and signaled it was only a two count.

END:  Carlee Marx got her second wind towards the end of the match after rolling out of the way of a Carmichael splash.  Carmichael was on the mat holding her ribs, and this allowed Carlee Marx to get a breather.  Both women got to their feet at the same time and met once more in the middle of the ring.  Carmichael went down for a legsweep, but Carlee Marx hopped over Carmichael’s leg.  Carmichael was a sitting duck for the Marx boot to the head. Carlee Marx then grabbed Carmichael and placed her in between the legs before picking her up and driving her to the mat with a piledriver.  Carlee Marx made the cover, but Carmichael was easily able to kick out before the three.  Unfortunately for Marx, her second wind was short lived as she missed the Five Star Frog Splash.  Both women were on the mat .. and it was Carmichael who would use the ropes to get to her feet.  Marx was still on the mat while Carmichael caught her breath .. and by the time Marx finally made it to her feet, Candy Carmichael was waiting.  Marx hadn’t just yet turned around when Carmichael dropped her with the reverse crescent kick.  Carmichael went to the second ropes and came flying off with a leg drop right across Marx’s throat.  The end was near as Carmichael signaled, and the fans popped as she brought Marx to her feet … Carmichael hit the “Tastes Like Candy” running sitdown powerbomb and got the victory after the ref counted to three.

WINNER:  Candy Carmichael after hitting the “Tastes Like Candy” running sitdown powerbomb at 8:32.

(SFX:  Bell rings as the fans pop.)

LINKS:  “The winner of this match via pinfall …. CANDY … CARMICHAEL!”

NEWMAN:  “Carmichael with an impressive debut!”

TRIPP:  “She really laid into Carlee Marx … I mean, to come out there, your very first match in front of an audience that doesn’t know what to expect … and utterly manhandle … or I guess womanhandle … someone like Carlee Marx!”

NEWMAN:  “Carmichael might just be the person who will rip the VENUS World Heavyweight championship from Karla Starr’s deathgrip!”

TRIPP:  “Carmichael celebrating with some of the fans down around the ringside area …. and what a way to open B1TCHIN’!  Just an amazing performance by both women.”

NEWMAN:  “This is what it’s about, Jason!  You put talented female wrestlers in the ring and let them do their magic.  No half nude bikini oil wrestling … this is athleticism at its finest!”

TRIPP:  “Although, with Krist Blue facing Victoria Hawke next… we might as well throw athleticism out the window!”

NEWMAN:  “Ha, ha.  Well, while Krist Blue might be … a little out there … she can wrestle … and Victoria Hawke is Sweden’s finest… we’ve got to take a quick commercial break … but we’ll see those two in action when we get back!”

Prepared? Oh Yes.

(CUTTO:  Backstage.  Deborah Mackey stands with a microphone in her hand.  Next to her is Victoria Hawke.)

MACKEY:  “I’m Debbie Mackey and I’m here with the woman who will be in the next match of the evening, Victoria Hawke.  Victoria, before you head out there and face the unpredictable Krist Blue …. Any words?”

(Hawke takes the microphone out of Mackey’s hands.  Mackey stands there, somewhat confused before she puts her empty hand by her side.  Hawke never takes her eyes away from the camera.)

HAWKE:  “Krist Blue.  You don’t take this seriously, do you?  Everything is simply a game to you.”

(She pauses.)

HAWKE:  “This isn’t a game, Krist.  This is the VENUS Wrestling Alliance.  This is women’s wrestling at its finest.  I’m not here to be your play toy.  I’m here to execute.  I’m here to perform at the top of my game.”

(Hawke finally breaks her staredown with the camera as she glances over at Mackey.)

HAWKE:  “You are about to see pure perfection.”

(She looks back at the camera, her lips parting into a smile.)

HAWKE:  “Get ready for some Swedish ingenuity.”

Victoria Hawke vs. "America's Sweetheart" Krist Blue

(CUTTO:  Ringside.)

NEWMAN:  “Victoria Hawke sounding pretty confident of a victory here tonight.”

TRIPP:  “I’ve been impressed with Hawke before.  She’s had some tough matches in the past, and has always looked very sound in her technical skills.  Just some bad luck along the way.”

NEWMAN:  “One has to wonder, though, whether or not all the technical skills in the world can answer the insanity that is Krist Blue.  She’s a lot to handle!”

TRIPP:  “Krist Blue … is …. In a league of her own … but Hawke sounded ready.. I guess we’ll find out!”

(CUTTO:  Jamie Links standing in the middle of the ring.  The lineup for the card flashes on screen before “disintegrating.”)

LINKS:  “The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit!  Introducing first…. Hailing from Kiruna, Sweden..”

(CUEUP:  “Beautiful Life” by Ace of Base.  Victoria Hawke comes out to jeers.  As she makes her way down the aisle she pulls a bottle of perfume out and proceeds to spray it on the referee who stares at her blankly.)

LINKS:  “She stands five foot seven and weighs in at one hundred and thirty pounds ….. VICTORIA ….. HAWKE!”

NEWMAN:  “Is she spraying perfume on the referee?!”

TRIPP:  “I hope she brought a fire house hose … because she’s going to need that to sanitize Blue!”

(CUEUP:  “Never Say Never” by Romeo Void.  The fans pop as Krist Blue bolts from behind the curtain, wearing bleached blonde pigtails and black fishnet stockings.)

NEWMAN:  “Here she comes …”

LINKS:  “And her opponent… standing at five foot six and weighing in at one hundred and sixteen pounds …. She is “America’s Sweetheart” …. KRIST …. BLUE!”

(SFX:  Bell rings.)


BEGINNING:  Krist Blue began things off in the usual manner … being unusual!  While Victoria Hawke attempted to out-wrestle “America’s Sweetheart,” Blue only made her look foolish.  Hawke went for a takedown, but Blue hopped onto Hawke’s back and started to hump the Swedish import.  Hawke grabbed Blue’s head and flipped her to the mat, and then dropped the leg across the throat.  Hawke grabbed Blue to bring her to her feet, but Blue quickly scratched at Hawke’s eyes, blinding her temporarily.  Blue then bit, yes bit, Hawke’s nose causing Hawke to run around with Blue still attached.  Hawke then squashed Krist Blue in the corner, which released the bite hold, and proceeded to rapidly drive stiff kicks to the gut and chest of the unusual one.  Hawke then placed Blue on the top turnbuckle and climbed up after her.  Blue tried to stop the impending pain by scratching at the eyes of Victoria Hawke again, but this time Hawke was wiser and grabbed both arms of Blue before she could.  Next thing Blue knew, Hawke was airborne, and hit a BEAUTIFUL top rope hurricanrana!  Krist Blue was tossed all the way to the other side of the ring, but still managed to kick out of the pinfall attempt.  Hawke grabbed the legs of Blue and catapulted her into the corner.  Blue hit her head on the top turnbuckle pad and went ass first to the mat.  While Blue was sitting facing the corner, Victoria Hawke went to the opposite corner, ran across the ring and jumped high in the air … on the way down she placed both boots in the back of Blue’s head for what would definitely be considered a “true” dropkick.  Once more Hawke made the cover, and Blue managed to place her foot on the bottom rope before the referee’s hand came down for the three.

2nd QUARTER:  Krist Blue attempted to put a stop to Victoria Hawke’s momentum.  While Hawke was jawing at the referee for what she considered a slow count, Blue used the ropes to get to her feet.  When Hawke turned around to continue on her way, she was met by a flying Blue, who proceeded to nail a flying cross body block.  The referee made the count, but Hawke kicked out at two.  Hawke immediately rolled Blue off of her and both women made it to their feet.  Hawke went for a boot to the gut, but Krist Blue sidestepped it and slapped the living bejeezus out of her opponent.  Hawke spun around and was met with a mandible claw!  As Hawke gagged on Krist Blue’s fingers, because God knows where they’ve been, Blue laughed maniacally.  The referee made an attempt to see if Hawke wanted to submit, but Krist Blue kept turning her body around so the referee couldn’t get close enough.  Finally Blue released the hold and irish whipped Hawke into the corner.  Hawke nailed the corner and took a few steps backwards.  Krist Blue charged in after her, though, and both women bumped heads causing them to fall to the mat.  The referee began his count as the two women laid there.  When he got to four, Blue begin to stir.  At six Blue got to her feet.  Victoria Hawke started to move at about this time, but Blue was already over to her.  Krist Blue picked Victoria Hawke up by the back of her bra strap which caused Hawke to mumble in pain.  Blue spun Hawke around and proceeding to perform what she calls the “Tit Punch,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

3rd QUARTER:  After a few back and forth encounters that saw neither female get the upperhand, Krist Blue caught Hawke looking after a missed back body drop.  Blue hooked the arms and took Hawke over with the butterfly suplex.  Hawke kicked out of the pinfall attempt at two.  Both women made it to their feet at about the same time, with Blue a bit quicker.  Hawke tried to grab Blue, but “America’s Sweetheart” took the arm and dropped to the mat applying an armbar.  The referee made a few attempts to see if Hawke would submit, but it became apparent that she wouldn’t.  Hawke then began to collect herself and powered out of the hold, leaving Blue staring at her own hands.  Krist Blue attempted to re-apply the hold, but Hawke spun out of it and grabbed ahold of Blue’s throat.  After bringing her up in the air, Hawke drove Blue straight down into the mat with a chokeslam.  Seeing as she was near the corner, Victoria Hawke climbed to the second rope and flew off nailing the Luna Eclipse.  A quick pinfall attempt only led to a two-count, however, and Hawke continued on her assault.  After landing some quick punches to the face of Blue, which caused the unusual one to cry for more, Victoria Hawke grabbed Blue and flung her into the corner by her hair.  Hawke went to the opposite side and charged in, nailing Blue with a baseball slide.  Hawke wasn’t finished, however, and took Blue by the arm and proceeded to prop her up on the top turnbuckle.  Climbing up with her opponent, Victoria Hawke hooked the arm and hit a beautiful looking superplex!

END:  The match began to wind down after Hawke hit some repeated hiptosses after Blue made a comeback.  When Hawke went for her fourth hiptoss, though, Krist Blue managed to block it.  Hawke tried to overpower her opponent, but Blue responded with a full on mouth to mouth kiss that brought the fans to their feet.  After a few seconds of absolute bliss, Victoria Hawke pushed Blue off of her and came at her with a clothesline.  Blue was ready, though, with a drop toe hold.  After floating over he back, Blue applied a side headlock.  Hawke managed to use her power to pull Blue backwards and make a pinfall attempt, but could only get a two count.  Krist Blue kipped up to her feet and waited as Victoria Hawke got to hers.  Blue grabbed onto the Swedish import and irish whipped her into the ropes.  Hawke came back with a head full of steam and took of Blue’s head with the stiffest looking clothesline this side of the Mississippi.  Hawke got another two count and was beginning to look pissed at her inability to put Blue down for good.  However she got a great chance to finish the match after Blue made a misstep and stayed on the top rope too long towards the end of the match.  Hawke caught Blue off guard and catapulted her off the top rope, however Blue managed to use her agility to roll out of the impending faceplant.  Hawke didn’t expect it, nor did she expect Blue to pounce back at her with a spear.  While dry-humping Victoria Hawke, Krist Blue got a two-count, whether intentionally pinning the Swede or not.  Hawke had enough by this point and elbowed Blue in the face breaking the … humping.  As Krist Blue stumbled around holding her nose Victoria Hawke got to her feet.  Blue turned and received a swift kick to the gut.  Hawke then proceeded to nail a sitdown powerbomb and made her way to the corner.  While Krist Blue lay motionless on the ground, Hawke ascended to the top rope.  The matched came to an end after Hawke flew off and nailed the “I Tiden” frog splash for the three count.

WINNER:  Victoria Hawke via pinfall after hitting the “I Tiden” frog splash at 13:44.

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

LINKS:  “The winner of this match via pinfall …. VICTORIA … HAWKE!”

NEWMAN:  “Victoria Hawke victorious in her VENUS debut … and she had to put up with a lot of antics by Krist Blue!”

TRIPP:  “Krist Blue never fails to amaze me … one way or another!”

NEWMAN:  “Hawke looks to be high tailing it out of here … she is probably going straight to the showers to wash Krist Blue off her!”

TRIPP:  “Although maybe that’s not the best place to go right now!”

NEWMAN:  “True, true.  Krist Blue, however unconventional, always puts on a great show .. but tonight Victoria Hawke was the better woman.”

TRIPP:  “The action has been fast paced so far tonight .. we’ve seen some great action and we have two more matches left, including the VENUS World Heavyweight championship match!”

NEWMAN:  “But up next .. .Felicia Hart and Caitlyn Daymon will go head to head… these two women were both contenders for the World Heavyweight championship in the past .. and I’m sure that they are going to use their match as a way to garner another shot at the title!”

TRIPP:  “That and the World Heavyweight championship match .. when we come back!”

That's the Spirit!

(CUTTO:  Backstage in VENUS World Heavyweight champion Karla Starr’s lockerroom.)

STARR:  “Yes … this is perfect.”

(The camera turns as we see Karla Starr with a rag in her right hand.  She puts it down and then picks up the VENUS World Heavyweight championship.  The title glistens in the light.)

STARR:  “Tonight’s your big debut… and you are definitely ready for your spotlight.”

(CUTTO:  Commercial)

Caitlyn Daymon vs. Felicia Hart

(CUTTO:  The announce table.  Newman and Tripp look to be deep in conversation, but immediately stop and turn their attention to the cameras.)

TRIPP:  “Welcome back to Long Beach, California!”

NEWMAN:  “Karla Starr seemed like she was buffing her World Heavyweight championship up for its debut tonight … and one has to wonder whether or not Foxx was watching that display on the screens out back.”

TRIPP:  “I don’t think Foxx really cares much about Starr’s antics … she’ll let her skills speak for themselves.  But up next we have two women who should put on a great show for the fans here … Caitlyn Daymon and Felicia Hart will go one on one in that very ring!”

NEWMAN:  “Caitlyn Daymon had some great matches with Karla Starr in the past … but you just can’t count out Felicia Hart.  It should be an interesting mix of wrestling styles here.”

TRIPP:  “Agreed, Natalie.  Let’s go to Jamie Links and get this thing underway!”

(CUTTO:  Ring.  The lineup for the match flashes on screen.)

LINKS:  “The following match is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty minute time limit!  Introducing first…. From Tacoma, Washington…”

(CUEUP:  “The End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage.  Caitlyn Daymon steps through the curtain to a chorus of jeers.)

LINKS:  “Standing five foot five .. and weighing in at one hundred and nineteen pounds…. CAITLYN ….. DAYMON!”

TRIPP:  “Caitlyn Daymon is the wife of Rocko Daymon … and as we’ve seen from her New ERA matches, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.”

NEWMAN:  “Felicia Hart is going to have her hands full … but this is a whole new ballgame for all these women.”

(CUEUP:  “I Control The Sun” by Lisa Loeb.  The crowd jeers as Felicia Hart steps through the curtain, her light brown hair in a tight pony tail.)

LINKS:  “And her opponent… hailing from Roswell, New Mexico…. Standing five foot eleven and weighing in at one hundred and twenty seven pounds…. FELICIA ….. HART!”

TRIPP:  “The fans not too crazy about either one of these women it seems … but they’re here to see wrestling … and that’s what these two will give ‘em!”

NEWMAN:  “Hart staring at Daymon as she walks up the ring steps …. And the referee is calling for the bell.. this match is underway!”

(SFX:  Bell rings.)


SYNOPSIS:  Neither competitor seemed to be bringing their “A” game as the action was pretty sloppy.  Felicia Hart tried to gain the offensive early on with a barrage of fists, but Caitlyn Daymon managed to block each and every one of them.  Daymon then tried to hit the spinning heel kick after coming off the ropes, but Hart ducked and Daymon crashed to the mat.  Felicia Hart dragged Daymon up and tossed her via the hair clear across the ring.  Daymon responded by charging back at Hart and spearing her to the mat and slammed fist after fist into Hart’s face.  Daymon then got to her feet and brought Hart with her before whipping Hart into the corner.  Daymon charged in afterwards for the Phantom Train, but Hart managed to use the ropes to pull herself out of the corner causing Daymon to splash the turnbuckle.  Felicia Hart was catlike as she went to the outside and hopped to the top turnbuckle pad, but Caitlyn Daymon was aware enough to shake the ropes causing Hart to fall and straddle the top turnbuckle.  Daymon then made her way to the corner and went to the top with Hart.  Daymon had Hart locked for the superplex, but Felicia Hart blocked it and tossed Daymon to the mat.  Hart set herself up for the moonsault and flew off … but Daymon put up the knees.  Both women were on the mat for what seemed like an eternity … and it was Daymon who was up first.  She brought Felicia Hart up .. but before Daymon could do anything, Hart used all her weight to go to the ropes where both women tumbled over the top to the arena floor.  As the referee counted, both women were slow to get up, but neither was able to get into the ring as they brawled on the outside of the ring for the double countout.

WINNER:  Double count out at 5:44.

(SFX:  Bell rings.)

LINKS:  “This result of this match, via a double countout … is a DRAW.”

TRIPP:  “That’s not stopping either woman from continuing to brawl outside the ring!”

NEWMAN:  “Not at all!  Hart and Daymon still going to town on one another… and here come the officials from out back!”

(Six or so officials race down the rampway and begin to surround the two women, prying them apart.)

TRIPP:  “It’s a shame that the match ended the way it did … but boy do those two not get along!”

NEWMAN:  “It seems as if perhaps we might just see a re-match to see just who would come out on top!”

TRIPP:  “Marceau will have to make that a falls count anywhere match if this was any indication!”

NEWMAN:  “Ha, very true, Jason!”

TRIPP:  “We’ve got to take a quick commercial break … but when we come back … the VENUS World Heavyweight championship is on the line … Karla Starr … Foxx … ONE on ONE!”

VENUS World Heavyweight Championship
Karla Starr (c) vs. Foxx

TRIPP:  “Welcome back, everyone!  Up next we have our main event .. and what a doozy!”

NEWMAN: “Karla Starr has had a stranglehold on the VENUS World Heavyweight championship ever since she won it as the New ERA Women’s Heavyweight championship back at BattleBRAWL in December 2004.  That’s two years!”

TRIPP:  “She has fended off challenges from plenty of talented women, including Foxx.  But will she be able to be so lucky in her first defense of the newly christened VENUS World Heavyweight championship?”

NEWMAN:  “We’re about to find out, Jason, because Jamie Links has just stepped into the ring and is ready for the ring introductions!”

(CUTTO:  Inside the ring.  Jamie Links, who still looks a bit nervous on her first night of solo duty, readies her cards.  The lineup for the match “blossoms” onto the screen.)

LINKS:  “The following match … is scheduled for one fall and has a twenty-five minute time limit…. It is for the VENUS … World Heavyweight championship!”

(CUEUP:  “Angelwitch” by Angelwitch as the crowd pops.  Foxx steps through the curtain and walks directly to the ring, raising a hand in recognition.)

LINKS:  “Hailing from San Antonio, Texas … the challenger …. FOXX!”

TRIPP:  “Foxx looks focused, Natalie.  She’s out here to take that title from Karla Starr.”

(CUEUP:  “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.  The crowd erupts in jeers as Karla Starr steps through the ropes, the VENUS World Heavyweight championship sparkling under the lights.)

LINKS:  “And her opponent… hailing from Boston, Massachusetts…. The CURRENT VENUS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION …. KARLA STARR!”

NEWMAN:  “Starr making her way to the ring… but she stops to give the fans a piece of her mind.”

TRIPP:  “Starr should be more focused on the woman waiting in the ring for her .. because it is Foxx who can take the title away in three quick seconds, not the fans!”

NEWMAN:  “Karla Starr finally stepping into the ring .. and she is patting the VENUS World Heavyweight championship and wagging her finger ‘no’ at Foxx!”

TRIPP:  “Well we’ll find out if Starr can live up to that promise!”

(SFX:  Bell rings.)


BEGINNING:  The match started off hot and heavy as it was apparent both women really wanted to get the upperhand.  Foxx used her quickness to avoid most of the VENUS World Heavyweight champion’s initial attacks.  After Karla Starr almost botched setting up the belly to back suplex, Foxx used it as an opportunity to flip out of the actual move.  Starr turned and was met with a dropkick in the kisser by the challenger.  Starr wasn’t down for long though and quickly got back up.  The two competitors grappled in the center of the ring, each trying to find a weakness of the other.  Finally Starr began to move Foxx back into the ropes, and while the referee broke them apart, Starr slapped Foxx.  Foxx responded with a closed fist right in the jaw that sent Starr reeling.  When Starr regained her composure she saw Foxx flying off the second rope with a reverse flying cross body block!  The challenger only got a two count out of the move, but it set the stage for the rest of the match.  Karla Starr fended off two more quick pinfall attempts as Foxx used multiple roll ups in a row.  When Foxx went for a third, Karla Starr nailed a back elbow, grabbed Foxx’s head and took her for a ride with the running bulldog.  After mouthing off to some fans in the front row, the VENUS World Heavyweight champion grabbed the legs of Foxx and turned her over to apply the Boston Crab.  You could hear the agony in Foxx’s voice as she let out a scream, but Foxx fought the hold for almost two minutes without submitting before Karla Starr finally released it.  Starr grabbed her opponent and rolled her between the ropes and to the arena floor.

2nd QUARTER:  On the arena floor the VENUS World Heavyweight champion began to pound away on the back of Foxx.  Foxx was driven down with repeated axe handle blows before Starr relented.  Starr grabbed the challenger and brought her up, before sending her into the guardrail with an irish whip.  Foxx hit the guardrail with a thud and sunk down, which allowed Starr the perfect opportunity to charge in and drive a knee into Foxx’s face.  The referee continued to count both women as the action continued on the floor.  Starr scraped Foxx off the guardrail and continued the assault by sending Foxx crashing into the ring steps.  Finally the referee had enough and yelled at Starr to bring the action back into the ring.  Karla Starr rolled Foxx underneath the bottom rope and then catapulted herself back in via the top rope … hitting a splash on the way down.  Starr attempted to aid the pinfall by placing her feet on the second ropes, but the referee caught wind of it at the last moment and stopped the count.  While Starr was being berated by the referee for her antics, Foxx managed to crawl into the center of the ring.  The VENUS World Heavyweight champion saw this and followed Foxx out.  When Starr went for an elbow drop, Foxx rolled out of the way.  Starr didn’t appreciate this much and went for another one, which was also avoided.  As Karla Starr got back up, Foxx used the breather time to regain her composure and popped the World Heavyweight champion in the jaw with a boot.  Foxx kipped up, grabbed the staggering Starr, and nailed a beautiful looking Dragon Suplex.  Starr was down for a two count, but managed to kick out and save her championship for at least a little bit longer.

3rd QUARTER:  Foxx wasn’t done, though, and applied an STF in the middle of the ring.  With Karla Starr unable to reach any of the ropes she had to hold on for as long as possible and hope that Foxx would grow tired of waiting for a submission.  Luckily for Karla Starr, Foxx did just that after wearing down the World Heavyweight champion for over a minute.  With Karla Starr lying in the middle of the ring, unaware of her surroundings, the challenger quickly ran to the corner and ascended the ropes.  With one swell swoop, Foxx flew from the top rope and brought the crowd to their feet with a shooting star press.  Foxx nearly got the three count, and the VENUS World Heavyweight championship, but Karla Starr got her shoulder up a split second before the referee’s hand hit the mat for the third time.  Foxx continued to take it to Karla Starr as she turned Starr over and put as much pressure as she could on the lower back with the sharpshooter.  Karla Starr looked to be in a tremendous amount of pain as the Foxx settled into the hold.  Starr used every bit of strength and resolve she had to begin to inch over to the ropes.  While the fans watched Starr moved closer and closer to her goal.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the World Heavyweight champion clutched the bottom rope with her right hand, causing the referee to call for the break.  The damage was done, however, as Foxx had Karla Starr right where she wanted her.  While Karla Starr struggled to use the ropes to get to her feet, the challenger made her move, yanking Starr from the ropes, locking her arms around the waist and bringing her over with a bridging belly to belly suplex!  The fans exploded as they thought Foxx got the three count, but the referee quickly popped up and signaled that Starr had indeed kicked out!

END:  With the VENUS World Heavyweight champion on the defensive, Foxx took some high risks.  Foxx ran to the corner, hopped up to the top and flew off with a picture perfect moonsault onto the seemingly comatose Karla Starr.  After another close count, Foxx grabbed the legs of Starr and locked her into the Figure Four.  The crowd at this point, sensing an impending victory, began to chant “FOXX! FOXX!”  But the World Heavyweight champion wasn’t out for the count quite yet!  As the cheers began to quiet, Karla Starr gained a second wind.  She began rocking back and forth in an attempt to reverse the figure four.  Starr, unable to reverse the hold, did the next best thing; she raked the eyes of the challenger.  Foxx was forced to release the figure four.  While both women recouped, it was Foxx who made it to her feet first.  Just as Karla Starr got to her feet, Foxx came from behind, rushed both women into the ropes, and rolled Starr up from behind.  Or so she tried.  Starr held onto the top rope and Foxx went flying backwards into the mat without her opponent.  Foxx rolled backwards and got back to her feet, but this time Karla Starr was waiting as she planted the superkick square in the jaw of Foxx.  With Foxx out cold in the middle of the ring, the VENUS World Heavyweight champion was unable to capitalize on her good fortune as she, too, fell to the mat.  The fans got louder and louder as Foxx began to stir, and the two women began a race to see who could make it to their feet first.  It turns out they both got up at the same time and met in the middle of the ring to exchange blows.  Foxx began to get the upperhand and knocked Starr into the corner.  Foxx went to the opposite side and ran out stunning the crowd with a beautiful running front handspring splash into the corner.  The only problem was that Karla Starr was waiting, and once against dropped her opponent to the mat with a superkick.  Starr took full advantage of the opportunity presented this time and exited the ring, climbed to the top, and hit the Morning Starr top-rope moonsault.  From there one it was simple match as the referee made the three count ending the match.

WINNER:  Karla Starr via the Morning Starr top rope moonsault at 22:20.  Starr retains the VENUS World Heavyweight Championship.

LINKS:  “The winner of the match and STILL VENUS World Heavyweight champion ...”

(CUEUP:  “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.)


NEWMAN:  “What an incredible display put on by those two women!”

TRIPP:  “Karla Starr managing to fend off an amazing competitor in Foxx .. and if this is a preview of what is in store for the VENUS Wrestling Alliance, then I can only imagine how bright the future is going to be, Natalie.”

NEWMAN:  “You’re telling me, Jason!  Foxx was so close to taking the title away from Starr …”

TRIPP:  “You better believe that there’ll be plenty of more opportunities in the future for Foxx.  She is a bright young talent whose going places here in VENUS!”

NEWMAN:  “Well, everyone, it has been a blast.  We here at VENUS hope you have enjoyed our special preview show of B1TCHIN’ … Congratulations are in order for all those who were victorious tonight … and for Jason Tripp, I am Natalie Newman wishing you all a good night, and a rewarding week!  Till next time!”

( the end )