[ Giants Stadium ] East Rutherford, New Jersey


TAPED: Jul. 17, 2007
AIRED: Aug. 01, 2007
PPV: WrestleSTOCK 07: Day Two

MATTHEWS:  "I guess getting her hands on Melton and getting her belt back is more important than being here tonight for sure…."

THOMAS:  "Folks…. again, welcome to WrestleSTOCK…. we’ve got ourselves a hell of an encore tonight… tons of titles on the line and the big one… the NEW World Heavyweight Championship."

MATTHEWS:  "There are a few guys in that match I’m really interested in seeing…. a few that work for us currently but also a couple guys I don’t get to see as much of anymore who have become major major stars working for NEW."

("Killing in the Name of" from Rage Against the Machine echoes throughout the arena. Frankie Scott in full wrestling gear stands with Shawn Hart at the top of the entrance with the house mic.)


SCOTT:  "James… Jim… Jimmy. May I call you Jimmy? Irish, that was a nice match with Shawn last night. I figure with that showing, although you didn’t win….  It’ll make you a contender pretty easily. But, you know what? Who really gives a rat’s ass?"

(Scott pauses and looks at Hart who is in street clothes, displaying the EPW TV title proudly over his shoulder, smiling back at him. Mild boos echo through the arena as fans are trying to figure out Scott’s motive.)

SCOTT:  "When I was out with the concussion I received from the Dark Evil bitch, Nakita Dahaka…. who called me to see if I was ok? Huh? Who called me?

Dan Ryan?... No! In fact, where has Dan Ryan been since the day I returned to wrestling?"

Beast?... No! Mr. Chip On My Shoulder."

Anarky?... Irish Red?"

No and Hell No!"

There were two people that called me and even asked if I was breathing. One of them I don’t care to divulge. The other is standing to the left of me."

(Frankie points toward the EPW TV Champion, Shawn Hart.)

SCOTT:  "Shawn Hart called me a few days after the numerous chair shots I took from that druid whore. If he didn’t genuinely care that I was breathing or not….. but in fact, kept tabs on me because of his championship that I wanted… at least he inquired. After an hour on the phone I realized that Shawn Hart is not a bad guy."

(The booing in the arena gets increasingly louder.)

SCOTT:  "After a few meetings, we realized that we had a lot in common. And we also realized that the state of EPW is going straight to hell. Someone had to step up and be loyal to the cause… to put EPW back where it belongs… to give EPW the respect unlike Ryan and Beast who are doing nothing but petting each other’s egos. Shawn and I are tired of overbearing egomaniacs who should be managing this company from behind the scenes instead of crying over and over again how each side sucks. You have a former World Champion who I give credit for having the title for so long and defending it under her own terms. But, Damn! Lindsay Troy may not make it on her back in the wrestling ring but she certainly finds herself there time and time again everywhere else."

(Crowd partially boos while another part cheers for Frankie sticking up for himself.)

SCOTT:  "Let’s not forget Karl Brown who was heading to a stellar career but now finds himself in a spot where he can’t decide if he wants to make it to first base with Foxx or not. Give me a frickin’ break, Karl. Get out from under the trinket, find your balls and be a man. I am so sick of the so called fan favorites here. The fans have nothing to cheer for."

(Mixed reaction from the crowd as Shawn and Frankie walk toward the ring, then climb in.)

SCOTT:  "Until tonight.. that is! Fans of the wrestling world, you now have someone to cheer for! Ladies and Gentlemen.. Children of all ages. I give to you… the reformation of the greatest wrestling faction ever to grace this business! The EPW World Television Champion… "The Phenom" Shawn Hart and myself… the fans saving grace… "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott! WE… ARE… TEAM PHENOM!!"

(Another mixed reaction from the crowd as showers of green and gold sparks emit from the arena ceiling and TEAM PHENOM poses together for the crowd.)

SCOTT:  "Tonight…. Team Phenom begins its return to prominence. Team Phenom defends its fans against insane individuals and teams that try to defile this profession. WHERE does it begin? Right here. Right Now! Nakita Dahaka bring yourself and that little tramp out here so that I can make a mockery out the harbinger of what is all evil!"

(Frankie throws the microphone out of the ring, high fives Hart and turns toward the ring entrance awaiting his opponent as sound is returned to the EPW announce team.)

THOMAS:  "So, a Team Phenom reformation!"

MATTHEWS:  "That’s taking an old page out right there…"

NEELY:  "New and Improved!"

THOMAS:  "New and improved over Dan Ryan, Kevin Powers and Gabriel Poe??"

NEELY:  "Eh, they were overrated."

MATTHEWS:  "Dan was just out here ya know…I don’t think he’s gone yet. He might be listening."

NEELY:  "So what?? I’ll say whatever the hell I want!"

MATTHEWS:  "Even with him standing right behind you?"


(Neely jerks around quickly to see no one there, but the quick motion sends him tumbling off of his chair to the floor….. at which Dave and Dean laugh…. loudly….)

THOMAS:  "Hoo boy!..."

NEELY:  (getting back to his seated position) "I hate you both."

Empire Pro
Nakita Dahaka vs. Frankie Scott

("Gently" by Slipknot starts up and the lights go down. Fog slowly billows from the top of the ramp as a spotlight flickers from above. A video of Nakita Dahaka begins to play, but before the first strains of the song can even be heard, Dahaka is running down the ramp and diving into the ring head first.)

THOMAS:  "And here comes Dahaka!!"

(Dahaka is up quickly laying into Scott. Deliliah is tentatively making her way down the ramp.)

THOMAS:  "Dahaka in and backing Scott up with those right hands!! Scott up against the ropes and Dahaka now throwing forearm shivers the Frankie Scott’s temple!"

MATTHEWS:  "The Dark Phenom is on the attack right out of the gate! This thing got personal a long time ago and it will certainly not be one of our more technical matchups tonight."

THOMAS:  "Dahaka with a hard knife edge chop! Another! Whip across the ring and into the ropes! Scott comes back and Nakita Dahaka just ran through him like a bulldozer!! Scott up to a knee…. running knee lift by Dahaka!!"

NEELY:  "I bet that girl would tear you apart in the bedroom."

MATTHEWS:  "Most girls would tear YOU apart BEFORE you got the bedroom."

NEELY:  "That’s not a problem. I’m not above exhibitionism."

MATTHEWS:  "I’m glad I haven’t eaten yet…."

THOMAS:  "Dahaka over and laying stomps in to the side of the head of Scott!"

(Camera shot of Shawn Hart on the floor yelling at the referee…. another of Delilah nervously cheering Nakita on, but looking a bit concerned.)

THOMAS:  "Dahaka has Frankie Scott up and flings him into the ropes again…. hurricanrana!! Dahaka releases…. stalking Scott now…. DDT!!! Here’s the cover!!



NO! Frankie Scott just gets the shoulder up!"

MATTHEWS:  "Frankie Scott is in a world of trouble here! He better get something going soon or this is gonna get really ugly!"

THOMAS:  "Scott struggling to gain his composure and Dahaka is just stalking him, waiting on him to get up….. Dahaka behind and locks in a full nelson…. Scott with a low blow!! Dahaka staggers back….. (shot of Dahaka stumbling back, but looking mostly annoyed) ..and comes back in with a devastating clothesline that turns Frankie Scott inside out!!"

MATTHEWS:  "I think Frankie forgot for a second that he was fighting a woman."

NEELY:  "Well, he’s wrestling the she-hulk. It’s understandable."

THOMAS:  "Here’s another cover!!



THR-NO!! Just got the shoulder up at the count of two!!"

MATTHEWS:  "Frankie is gettin’ pummeled in there!"

THOMAS:  "Nakita pulling Frankie up now…. and tossing him unceremoniously through the ropes to the outside!!"

(Nakita raises her arms and closes her eyes, drawing boos from the crowd. On the outside, Delilah surreptitiously goes over to check on Frankie Scott. Delilah opens her eyes and sees what’s going on and her expression deepens into a scowl. Dahaka goes to the ropes and screams down at Delilah…

"Get away from him!!")

THOMAS:  "Delilah Demonik is over showing some compassion for the man that saved her a while back and Nakita Dahaka doesn’t like it ONE BIT."

NEELY:  "Of course she’s not happy! Her manager is consorting with the enemy for crying out loud!!"

THOMAS:  "Delilah now…. looking up at Nakita…. she doesn’t look happy…."

(shot of Delilah look up, eyes narrowing…. then looking back at Scott and finally moving away…)

THOMAS:  "Dahaka grabbing the ropes…. springboard plancha and she just wipes out Frankie Scott!!!!"

(shot of Delilah… wincing. Dahaka pulls Scott up and flings him back into the ring. Dahaka gets in Delilah’s face and says some things to her out of the range of the microphone… then climbs back in.)

THOMAS:  "Dahaka now back in…."

(shot of Shawn Hart… creeping over to Delilah’s side, who’s clearly distraught….

"You gonna let her do that to you?" – is heard on the ringside mic….

..back to the ring…)

THOMAS:  "Dahaka pulling Frankie back up and he’s basically dead weight right now…."

MATTHEWS:  "She could probably pin him right now, but she’s taking her sweet time."

THOMAS:  Dahaka gets him up around the waist and slings him over her shoulder….. over to the turnbuckle now and she deposits him there in a seated position…."

(Shot of the outside….Shawn Hart still talking to Delilah, who’s looking down unresponsive…)

THOMAS:  "…Dahaka climbing up in front of Scott…."

(back to the outside… Hart still talking to Delilah…. when something suddenly snaps and she pulls away and stalks to the announce booth.)

MATTHEWS:  "Yikes…. what does she want??"

(Delilah shoves Mike Neely to the floor and takes his chair…)

NEELY:  "Hey!!!!"

THOMAS:  "Delilah taking Mike Neely’s chair and climbing the apron!!! Dahaka has Scott up and on the top rope…. Delilah swings for …. Scott?? NO!! SHE CRACKS NAKITA DAHAKA RIGHT ACROSS ON TOP OF THE HEAD!!!!"

(Delilah stands there… in shock…. not sure of what just happened, then steps down… stunned.)

THOMAS:  "Dahaka is out like a light!! She falls backwards to the mat!! Scott trying to get his wits about him!!"

(Shot of Shawn Hart on the outside, smiling.)

THOMAS:  "Scott standing up!! Does he have enough in him to take advantage?!"

MATTHEWS:  "What an opening for Frankie Scott!!"

THOMAS:  "Scott standing now! FLYING ELBOW FROM THE TOP!!!"

MATTHEWS:  "Can he get the pin though?!"

THOMAS:  "Scott slowly crawling over!!"

MATTHEWS:  "Could he actually win this with only ONE OFFENSIVE MOVE?!?"

THOMAS:  "Scott gets the arm across Dahaka!!!




Dahaka kicks out!!!"

MATTHEWS:  "Boy, that was close…."

THOMAS:  "Scott back up… leaning against the ropes…. measuring Dahaka…. she’s slow in getting up and there’s blood trickling down her face!!!"

MATTHEWS:  "That shot by Delilah opened her up!!"

THOMAS:  "Scott in… locks her in…. PHENOM DROP!! PHENOM DROP!!!!"

MATTHEWS:  "Oh my God!!!"

THOMAS:  "Dahaka pops up from the impact and Scott immediately cradles her into a pinning predicament!!!


(Some movement from offscreen…. where Hart has turned his back to the ring to count along with the fans…. and someone rushes past.)






Dahaka wins it!!!!"

MATTHEWS:  "It’s Sarge!! I don’t believe it! He’s back!!"

NEELY:  "Oh great. Gomer Pyle returns…."

THOMAS:  "Frankie Scott is in shock!! Shawn Hart is in shock!!! Delilah Demonik is in shock!!!"

MATTHEWS:  "Shades of last night when Scott cost James Irish his TV title match against Shawn Hart!! And look!!!"

(Shot of the crowd, where about five rows back we see James Irish sitting next to Erin Flanagan, smiling and eating a hot dog. Erin throws back a soda. The Sergeant turns and looks back at them with a smile and gives a mini-salute.)

THOMAS:  "James Irish is in the crowd and revenge is sweet!!"

(Irish raises the dog up and gives a thumbs up to Sarge, as Scott and Hart spy Irish in the crowd and become furious.)

THOMAS:  "And now… Shawn Hart and Frankie Scott are livid… and stomping their way back up the ramp to the back…. but nonetheless… Nakita Dahaka gets the win!!"

Dakaha Tries to Finish the Job

(Nakita and Delilah are still in the ring after Frankie and Shawn make it backstage. Nakita rolls outside and grabs the chair she was hit with. Delilah stealthily rolls back into the ring and sits in one corner, staring up the ramp toward where Hart and Scott walked out…. until she becomes increasingly aware that Nakita is back in the ring, holding the chair and staring her down for what seems like an hour. Delilah bows her head as Nakita motions for a microphone.)

DAHAKA:  "Delilah! Do you see my face? This trickle of blood. This is from you. It felt.. oh.. so.. good….. that steel crashing against my forehead. I’m just not sure if you were trying to save me from killing Frankie…. or did you do it to save him because you care for him?"

(Delilah denies the chair shot out of mic range.)

DAHAKA:  "SHUT UP!! You didn’t hit me because you are falling for one Frankie Scott?? Well,,, then prove it to me! Take this chair and go finish the job I started. Scramble what is left of his brains and bring back this chair with his blood on it!! You want to return to my good graces? THEN FINISH THE JOB!""

(Delilah looks at Nakita overwhelmed and stunned.)

DAHAKA:  "GO ON! Finish the job I started."

(Nakita slaps Delilah in the face over and over. Delilah’s red face turns to anger, she jumps to her feet and grabs the chair from Nakita looking like she wants to hit Dahaka first.)

DAHAKA:  "There you go. You want to hit me too.. don’t you!? Take that anger and find Scott. GO ON DELILAH!! Take care of the problem!""

(Delilah smacks the chair on the canvas and rolls under the ropes. She looks back at Nakita and runs up the ramp as a camera follows her through the curtain and toward the room where Frankie is at.)


(Inside the dressing room, a doctor and EMTs are attending to Frankie. Dried blood from his forehead is being wiped away and bandaged. Delilah enters the room and screams. She swings away with the steel chair. The doctor and EMTs scurry like roaches after a light is flipped on. Frankie leaps off the bench just as Delilah hits the bench next to him.)

DELILAH:  "Why did you do this to me?!"

SCOTT:  "Do what you psycho!?!"

DELILAH:  "Don’t play stupid! You know!!"

(Frankie races around the dressing room as Delilah chases and swats behind him. Delilah swats toward the camera crew and they race out the door. The dressing room door slams behind them. All you hear is loud noises that sound like wood breaking and metal crashing. Soon after loud screams of terror echo from inside.)

NEELY:  "We can’t get a camera in there? What are we paying these people for? I don’t wanna see the door to the dressing room! I wanna see inside!"

THOMAS:  "Well… wait, hold on here comes Nakita…."

(Cameras return and follow Nakita from the ring. Backstage reporter Mojo Massey catches up with Dahaka. They walk briskly toward Frankie’s dressing room. Mojo pushes on the door and sticks his head through, then quickly backs away as he closes the door.)

MOJO:  "Holy… uh, Nakita? There’s no one there. The room is empty."

DAHAKA:  "Empty!? It can’t be. I heard Frankie’s head bouncing off of a steel chair. Let me in there!"

MOJO:  "Really! There is nothing going on. No one is rolling around on the floor. No one is kissing and no one is certainly naked!!"

DAHAKA:  "WHAT!??? What are you saying?... NAKED?! DELILAH!!"

(Nakita pushes past Massey and forces the door open. She sees an enthusiastic Delilah and Frankie on top of a few towels on the dressing room floor.)

DAHAKA:  "Delilah!? … Scott!?... I.. I.."

(Enraged over the sight of betrayal, Nakita rushes toward the couple, screaming.)

DAHAKA:  "DELILAH.. You Whore! I loved you! I trusted you. Whore!... Whore!"

(As Nakita jumps over a bench toward her once loved confidant. Frankie pulls Delilah out of the way. Nakita misses her intended target and lands flush across Frankie.)

DAHAKA:  "You damaged her! You sent flowers to her!! You were the one! You bastard! I.. WILL.. KILL.. YOU!!"

SCOTT:  "Damaged? That was all you, psycho!"

(Nakita grabs Frankie by the head in a furious rage and slams him head first into the bottom of the locker doors. The stitches he had pop open and blood flows from the top of his head.)


(Nakita gets up and tries to lay kicks into Scott’s midsection. Frankie blocks the furied attempts and rolls behind another half of a bench. Delilah grabs a towel from the floor and scurries into the dressing room shower area as the camera catches her bare ass.)

DAHAKA:  "You wanna play games Frankie? I’ve got a game for you! Let’s play crippled for life!!"

(Nakita thrust kicks the bench in front of Frankie smashing the rest of it to pieces, which gives Frankie enough time to lunge at Nakita. Scott forearms Nakita twice across the face….. all the while still naked from his carnal moment in time with Delilah. Seeing Scott in all his glory, the crowd cheers loudly. It soon turns to boos after computer generated graphics block out his naked man parts.)

SCOTT:  (still pounding on Nakita) "You are one serious psychotic bitch!! Back… up… off... of … me!!"

(With blood running from the nose of Dahaka, out of nowhere Frankie screams in wild pain. The camera pans down to show that Nakita has grabbed Scott by the scrotum and is pulling as hard as she can. In a total 180 degree turn of power (pun intended) Nakita still holds on to the scrotum and testes of Frankie Scott while pounding fists into his bloody forehead and chin.)

DELILAH:  (peering around the corner, she screams) "NAKITA STOP! Please Stop!!"

DAHAKA:  (screams) "You aren’t taking my Delilah!"

(The crowd cheers as Shawn Hart bursts through the door.)

HART:  "Sweet Mother of all that is holy! A three way!! Count Me In!"

(Hart rips off his t-shirt and tackles Dahaka. Frankie falls to the floor grabbing his baby making area. Referees, arena security and other wrestlers pile into the room to attempt to stop the carnage that has happened. After getting a kicking and screaming Dahaka out of the dressing room by force, Shawn kneels down beside his fallen teammate.)

HART:  "This isn’t a side of you that I’ve ever seen before."

SCOTT:  (rolling over) "Shut Up.  Just… get… me…something… to… wear."

(A dressed Delilah rushes over to Frankie’s side, while Hart hands Frankie a towel and a James Irish t-shirt, which Scott folds to cover himself up….. James Irish’s smiling face directly over his groin. Cameras cut back to the announce table.)

THOMAS:  "So…. where to even begin on that one….??"

MATTHEWS:  "After a James Irish assisted win for Dahaka and the triumphant return of The Sergeant I thought this match had done enough already… but then… damn. What is with these couples making out on TV lately? It’s freakin’ Melrose Place around here lately!"

THOMAS:  "Neverthless a win is in the books for Nakita Dahaka and it’s time to send things over to the NEW crew for their first match of the night! Take it away, guys!"

( continued... )