[ MGM Grand Garden Arena ] Las Vegas, Nevada


TAPED: Feb. 10, 2010
AIRED: Mar. 24, 2010
PPV: Sin City Showdown

(The camera fades in to the MGM Grand Garden arena as the fans make their way to their seats.  The scene stops.  Fade to black.)

VOICE:  "To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.."

(From the left side of the screen, the logo for Empire Pro Wrestling fades in.)

VOICE:  "The forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions."

(From the right side of the screen, the logo for New ERA of Wrestling fades in.)

VOICE:  "Whatever draws or presses another is as much drawn or pressed by that other."

(The logos move closer to one another .. before meeting in the center of the blackened screen.)

VOICE:  "If you press a stone with your finger, the finger is also pressed by the stone."

(The logos butt against one another, pushing each other back towards the sides of the screens.)

VOICE:  "If a horse draws a stone tied to a rope, the horse (if I may so say) will be equally drawn back towards the stone.."

(The blackness dissipates into a bare room.  Sitting on white stools are two televisions. Relics from the 1980s… the power kicks in and static fills both screens.)

VOICE:  "For the distended rope, by the same endeavour to relax or unbend itself, will draw the horse as much towards the stone, as it does the stone towards the horse, and will obstruct the progress of the one as much as it advances that of the other."

(The left television set begins to clear. The camera moves ever so closely .. focusing on the black and white picture.)

VOICE:  "If a body impinges upon another, and by its force changes the motion of the other, that body also (because of the equality of the mutual pressure) will undergo an equal change, in its own motion, toward the contrary part."

("Triple X" Sean Stevens and the First.. battling on Aggression 50. Stevens has First by the head and looks out into the crowd, giving the illusion he’s staring right through the television set.)

VOICE:  "The changes made by these actions are equal, not in the velocities but in the motions of the bodies; that is to say, if the bodies are not hindered by any other impediments."

(The television screen on the right now begins to clear.  We see Shawn Hart, PhD standing over the body of Peter File at Destrucity II.)

VOICE:  "For, as the motions are equally changed, the changes of the velocities made toward contrary parts are reciprocally proportional to the bodies."

(The sets abruptly turn off.  "Showdown" by Pendulum cues as the screen goes black once more.)

(The logo for EPW & New ERA present … Sin City Showdown! (feat. NGEN & LVW) comes on screen.)

VOICE:  "The law of reciprocal action; Sir Isaac Newton."

(CUTTO:  Ringside.  More accurately, the two announce tables side by side.  On the left, the Empire Pro announce team; on the right, the New ERA announce team.)

THOMAS:  "Welcome everyone to the SHOWDOWN!"

GHEORGHE:  "After months of waiting .. after two shows already this day, we have finally made it to the end .. to Sin City Showdown!"

THOMAS:  "I’m Dave Thomas, and with me here at the EPW announce table are Mike Neely and Dean Matthews…"

GHEORGHE:  "And I am Tom Gheorghe … and here at the New ERA announce table with me tonight are Nick Jive and Dean Julius… and welcome … welcome to what should be an explosive evening!"

NEELY:  "Let’s get this massacre on the ROAD."

THOMAS:  "Several huge matches tonight .. and for the first time … Empire stars … New ERA stars …. Will go head to head to bring home the glory for their homes."

JIVE:  "It’s on, bitches!"

NEELY:  "Who you calling a bitch?!"

GHEORGHE:  "How about we let the wrestlers handle this, fellas.."

THOMAS:  "Agreed!  We’ve heard all the hype .. we’ve all seen the war of words … and tonight, at Sin City Showdown, we’re going to see some of the best action *professional wrestling has to offer."

JULIUS:  "So why are we waiting?  I’ve been in this arena far too long already.  We’re in Vegas…. I have money burning a hole in my pocket."

MATTHEWS:  "Hope you brought enough .. hookers ain’t cheap here, my friend."

GHEORGHE:  "Aggression 50 … Destrucity II .. all led to tonight.  Everyone is ready to go .. let’s not wait any longer to get this started.. we’ve got Anarky and GAMMA-O up first tonight .. and I hear that the announce team from NGEN will be handling the action."

NEELY:  "Burn.  Can’t even bring yourself to formally introduce them."

THOMAS:  "Let’s just send it over to the NGEN squad and temper this off right here."

( continued... )