[ Molson Centre ] Montreal, Quebec


TAPED: Jun. 20, 2005
AIRED: Sep. 05, 2005
PPV: International Intrigue

(CUTTO: The commentator's table, where Nick Jive is finishing a swig of Poland Springs, and Tom Gheorghe sits poised for continuing commentary.)

GHEORGHE: "Filled your between match fix yet? We're back on the air."

JIVE: "I'm proud to show my support for Poland Springs water! Greatest stuff on Earth. Vic Waters is a God among Men to me now for recommending this stuff."

GHEORGHE: "I thought Snapple was the greatest stuff on Earth?"

JIVE: "They lie."

GHEORGHE: "I'll make sure they write that on your gravestone, when you finally die of alcohol poisoning."

JIVE: "I don't know how that would ever happen."

GHEORGHE: "Getting back to the card, we've got only two matches to go at International Intrigue. It's been a night of heated competition, with the best perhaps yet to come."

JIVE: "You'll die of having your head stuck up someone's ass, if you don't stop sucking up so much."

GHEORGHE: "*cough* Hypocrite. *cough*"

JIVE: "What was that..."

GHEORGHE: "Nothing."

(Gheorghe holds his hand to his headset.)

GHEORGHE: "Wait, what's this I'm hearing? Juliet Marceau needs someone to get her another coffee in back?"

(Jive stands immediately.)

JIVE: "I'm on my way!"

GHEORGHE: "We've got a match to call, Nick."

JIVE: "The match can wait. Ms. Marceau takes priority over all."

(Jive sprints around the ring and up the ramp, towards the backstage area. Gheorghe shakes his head.)

GHEORGHE: "Folks, we're on the verge of finding out who is the true New ERA of Wrestling Television Champion? The championship was held in limbo the past few months, due to a spectacular match between Madonna Wayne Grossard and Jason Payne that ended in a draw. But tonight, we'll find out which of the two is better, and more deserving of being Television Champion. That may depend on who is able to withstand the fury of the other, as just moments ago you saw President LaRoque confirm these two will compete in a..."

(Looks at sheet of paper.)

GHEORGHE: "...Blood Frenzy Dance Party Death Match. And I think that about says it all, so let's get the action underway for this long awaited New ERA of Wrestling Television Title rematch!"

(Bell rings. CUTTO: Carl Jacobs in the ring as the logo shoots up on screen.)

Television Championship
Blood Frenzy Dance Party Death Match

MWG vs. Jason Payne

CARL JACOBS: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a BLOOD FRENZY DANCE PARTY DEATH MATCH! It is for the New ERA of Wrestling TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(Crowd roar pops.)

(CUEUP: 'Dog of War' by Pink Floyd.)

JACOBS: "Introducing first, from Payneville, Kentucky... weighing in at 275 pounds... he is the 'DOG... OF... WAR' .... JASON PAYNE!!!"

(During the opening few seconds, there is a small pyrotechnic display of intense machine gun fire, ending with a concussion explosion in the middle of the ramp. Nobody comes out immediately after this, but then Nick Jive comes running down the ramp with a cup of coffee. He's quickly followed by a brawling Jason Payne and MWG. Jive sits down at the commentator's table as MWG gets sent rolling down the entrance ramp by a Payne Clothesline.)

JIVE: "That Payne's a maniac."

GHEORGHE: "He seemed pretty serious with his demand that this be a Hardcore match."

JIVE: "Yeah, yeah... but he almost made me spill this hot coffee! That's just crazy. Do you know how hot this is? McDonald's hot!"

GHEORGHE: "You realize Marceau didn't really ask for coffee over the network..."

JIVE: "What?!"

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne with a Snap Suplex to MWG on the steel ramp! Payne mounts the former Television Champion... and delivers a succession of closed fists to the face of MWG. Payne has brought his intensity tonight, that's for sure."

JIVE: "He needs some counseling, maybe anger management."

GHEORGHE: "Payne brings MWG up... and Grossard with a thumb to the eye of Payne, but it has no effect and Payne delivers a knee to the stomach of MWG. Payne rubbing his eye but seems alright, whipping MWG into the apron. Now Payne searches under the apron... MWG charges him... backdrop! Payne back body drops MWG onto the steel steps."

JIVE: "That's merely a stretching exercise for MWG. He's just waiting for his chance, and then he'll show Payne the meaning of pain."

GHEORGHE: "Clever, did you think of that all on your own? Payne searching under the apron again... and pulls out a two-by-four. He takes a swing at MWG but he rolls off the steps in time and Payne cracks the 2x4 on the steps. He wanted to end it right there, I think!"

JIVE: "Hah! Good luck."

GHEORGHE: "MWG is back up and flies over the steel steps onto Payne, knocking him to the floor! MWG landing fists to the face of Payne, then chokes Payne on the floor. MWG has Payne by the neck, lifting him up... and Jason Payne nails MWG in the temple with a piece of the 2x4! What a shot! MWG staggers against the apron and climbs up onto it. Payne in persuit, clubbing MWG on the apron and following up.... GERMAN SUPLEX ONTO THE FLOOR... NO! MWG FLIPPED OVER AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!"

(Disco music begins playing. Payne turns towards the entrance ramp. CUTTO: Entrance ramp. A woman is seated behind a sound system, with strobe lights shining over and around her while she plays music. Crowd pops. A disco ball is lowered from the rafters, above the ring.)

GHEORGHE: "What the hell is this?"

JIVE: "It must be DJ Kay Hole, MWGs friend."

(Payne looks down at MWG, only to be dropkicked in the groin. Crowd showers boos down on MWG as Payne falls through the ropes into the ring. MWG follows in.)

GHEORGHE: "Payne just got cheapshotted in the worst way. Grossard with that kick to the groin, but it's all legal in this match."

JIVE: "I think there are much worse things MWG can do."

GHEORGHE: "Point taken. Payne is reeling and leaning forward against the ropes... MWG runs against the opposite ropes and comes back with a 619 on Payne, who's body snaps back onto the canvas!"

JIVE: "Adding injury to insult never looked better."

GHEORGHE: "MWG goes outside of the ring, and he's got the steel steps in hand, tossing them into the ring. Grossard continues searching under the apron... and pulls out a bottle of some sort of lubricant."

JIVE: "Never a good thing with MWG."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne is starting to recover as MWG tosses in a trash can and a Singapore Cane before reentering the ring. Grossard picks up the Cane and... he cracks it over the back of Jason Payne! Payne is on his knees..."

JIVE: "Probably the worst place he can be in this match, and the best for MWG."

GHEORGHE: "Payne gets lashed again with the Singapore Cane. MWG floors him with a third shot, this one over the head! Payne is on the canvas, and now Grossard throws down the Cane and is picking up the trash can. He's setting it up between two turnbuckles. MWG then picks up Payne and whispers something in his ear.... and Jason Payne elbows MWG, staggering him!"

JIVE: "Whatever MWG said certainly woke up Payne."

GHEORGHE: "I can only imagine what he said. Payne whips MWG and hits a spinning heel kick. Payne takes up the Singapore Cane now..."

(Crowd pops as Payne holds it up, asking them if he should use it.)

GHEORGHE: "Payne lines up MWG with the Cane... and thrashes MWG with a huge shot! Payne continues the assault with a second shot to the back... then another... and another! Payne looks up at the crowd that's eating this up, and then delivers a fifth shot to MWG!"

(CUTTO: A close-up of the Singapore Cane. It's splintered all over.)

JIVE: "MWG is spasming from those Cane shots!"

GHEORGHE: "Payne hasn't discarded the Singapore Cane yet, but instead digs it into the back of MWGs neck. He's digging those shards in and it looks like he wants blood."

JIVE: "Wait... I don't think MWG was having spasms of pain. I think he's enjoying this!"

GHEORGHE: "That's sick, but I almost agree with you. MWG has a look of ecstasy on his face, even as Jason Payne is drawing blood with the splintered Cane!"

(CUTTO: Close-up of MWG laughing. Payne nails him in the back of the head with the handle of the Singapore Cane, causing MWGs head to slump forward.)

JIVE: "I think that only pissed Payne off more."

GHEORGHE: "Probably, as he discards the Singapore Cane and rolls MWG over. A cover! ONE... TWO... Kickout by MWG."

JIVE: "The referee has it easy in this match. All he has to do is count pinfalls and check for submissions. Although saying he'll perform those duties correctly might be giving our referees too much credit, after what we've seen of them..."

GHEORGHE: "I think referees make mistakes sometimes, but New ERA has some of the most dedicated referees I've seen. Payne brings MWG to his feet and whips him right into the trash can! Payne follows in with a Splash! He's climbing the turnbuckle now and starts delivering mounted punches..."


GHEORGHE: "Payne doesn't get eight though as MWG starts feeling him up! Payne jumps off the turnbuckle and hits MWG on the way down with a double axe handle. MWG shakes his head and Payne whips him... a reversal by MWG though and Payne goes into the opposite corner. MWG with a diving headbutt right to the groin of Payne in the corner, and Payne slumps down. MWG crawls up to him and... BITES him on the neck!"

JIVE: "Payne should have known to keep at least 10 feet from MWG at all times, or be in biting range."

GHEORGHE: "How the hell can he fight MWG then? Payne manages to hit some punches to the side of the head of MWG, backing him off, but Payne is bleeding from the neck."

JIVE: "Looks like MWG took a souvenir."

GHEORGHE: "MWG is licking his lips of Payne's blood. That's just sick. Payne draws himself back up to his knees and MWG isn't going to wait for him to stand, as he approaches with a leer. Payne though with a burst of agility hits MWG with a three-point charge and bowls him over to the mat! Payne's headbutting MWG right in the face and he is livid! MWG can't get him off."

JIVE: "Not the way he wants to, at least...."

GHEORGHE: "MWG is always playing those mind games, but I don't think this is doing any good for his chances to win back the Television Championship. Jason Payne ceases his assault and hoists MWG up... sets him over his shoulder and points to those steel steps still in the ring....."

(Crowd pops big.)



JIVE: "Okay... that one MAY have done some damage....."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne may have just broken the back of MWG. He drags MWG off the steps and covers! This could be it! ONE! TWO! THR... NO kickout! Impressive resilience shown by the former Television Champ."

JIVE: "MWG isn't orthodox, but he's durable and had his fair share of wars."

GHEORGHE: "Yes, in fact he held the WAR World Championship at one point."

JIVE: "And to win it he went through Maelstrom. No small feat."

GHEORGHE: "It is something few have done. But right now, it looks like he's still writhing in the ring from that running powerslam as Payne searches under the ring."

JIVE: "Payne is a former multiple time Hardcore Champion, to his credit, and someone who has had his own wars. He even fought his own tag team partner, Chris McMillan, in one of NFWs classic matches to date."

GHEORGHE: "Payne now comes up with a length of chain in his hand, and it looks like he's going to put it to immediate use, as he wraps it around his fist and enters the ring. Payne leans over to pick up MWG... Grossard squirts that bottle of lubricant at Payne, who manages to block it from his eyes with that chain-wrapped hand and he begins stomping MWG."

JIVE: "MWG always has one last trick up his sleeve... or in his pants...."

GHEORGHE: "Grossard tries to scramble away from Payne, but Payne grabs MWG by the tights and wrenches up on the tights...."

JIVE: "Wedgie!"

GHEORGHE: "MWG is grabbing his ass after that atomic wedgie by Payne, but Payne lets go and MWG runs around the ring. Payne is looking at his hand that got the lubricant on it.... oh no! It looks like that wasn't lubricant, it was glue!"

JIVE: "Must have been leftover from the Taipei Death Match in the PCX tournament."

GHEORGHE: "Payne's got that steel chain stuck to his fist, and it looks like he can barely move his fingers. But... Payne's smiling and he levels MWG with that chain hand!"

JIVE: "It's almost a plus for Payne, I guess...."

GHEORGHE: "Payne mounts MWG and it looks like he's going to give a heavy dose of blows with that chained fist.... GOOD LORD!"

(Suddenly the disco ball above the ring detaches from its cable, falling right into the ring. Payne dives away from center ring and MWG rolls out of the ring to avoid being struck by the disco ball, which remains intact.)

GHEORGHE: "I don't know how, but that giant disco ball just fell into the ring, almost knocking out both men."

JIVE: "All part of the BLOOD FRENZY DANCE PARTY DEATH MATCH. Probably more part of the DANCE PARTY DEATH MATCH part.... Don't worry, MWGs got everything under control."

GHEORGHE: "It looked like he was about to have his face redone by that chain, but now both men are on the outside of the ring. Jason Payne is circling the ring to find MWG, but he seems to have disappeared... wait a minute! Payne is tripped up by MWG, who grabs his legs from underneath the ring! Payne falls face first on the floor and he's being dragged underneath the ring. NO he manages to free himself before he goes underneath."

JIVE: "I think MWG has other plans for Payne, none of which concern the TV Title."

GHEORGHE: "MWG comes out on the other side of the ring, now, and he gets in the ring. Payne doesn't see him as he's looking under the ring.... Payne stands up and looks in the ring, MWG THROWS THE DISCO BALL AND PAYNE'S HEAD GOES RIGHT THROUGH IT! Jason Payne has that disco ball stuck on his head.... SUICIDE PLANCHA BY MWG ONTO PAYNE BUSTING APART THE DISCO BALL!"

JIVE: "MWG, always thinking. That's our next Television Champion!"

GHEORGHE: "MWG took advantage of Payne being distracted and now he russian leg sweeps Payne into the security barricade. Payne is holding his head after it smacked the wall. MWG goes into the crowd now and gets a chair from a fan... and he's feeling up the fan who backs off quickly!"

JIVE: "What an ungrateful fan. MWG was just trying to offer something in return for the chair."

GHEORGHE: "I don't know how many fans would want what MWG has to offer. MWG takes up the chair as Payne is getting to his feet and MWG waits on Payne.... Payne turns and MWG swings for the fences but Payne ducks and MWG spins around.... Payne grabs MWG by the neck.... NECKBREAKER ONTO THE BARRICADE!"

JIVE: "MWG better have a good chiropractor."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne shakes off the effects of the barricade and goes over the guard rail into the crowd as well. He stomps MWG a few times before picking up the chair MWG took, and appears to have found a way of holding the chair even with that glued fist. Now Payne...."

JIVE: "Glitter!"

(Lots and lots of glitter begins falling from the rafters, as DJ Kay Hole switches up the music selection again.)

GHEORGHE: "Another part of the MWG stipulation?"

JIVE: "Although I'm surprised MWG didn't make it acid glitter or something, if he's the one who ordered it."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne doesn't seem to bother noticing, as he goes after MWG with the chair before Grossard is even up. MWG lambasted with a chairshot to the head! And Payne unloads another chairshot to the body of MWG, then turns the chair and drives the top right into the throat of MWG! Payne is showing us a much more unrestrained nature here tonight."

JIVE: "This feud with MWG has kicked his mind into another level of rage. I mean, wouldn't you if you were constantly on the watch for being molested by your opponent?"

GHEORGHE: "At least so far, Payne has kept that to a minimum. Part of it is probably that he IS in a different mindset. Payne lifts MWG up and leans him against the barricade..... MWG is slumping forward and Payne drives the chair again into MWGs chest. Payne then presses the chair into the throat of MWG, choking him against the barricade! The referee asks if MWG wants to give up, and MWG tries grabbing the referee's crotch!"

JIVE: "I guess that means 'no.'"

GHEORGHE: "MWG pulls Payne closer and starts gyrating his hips against Payne's groin, and Payne drops the chair and repeatedly SLUGS MWG with that chained fist! MWG finally stops gyrating and falls onto the floor."

JIVE: "Payne doesn't even seem too phased by MWGs tactics, and that's not a good thing for MWG."

GHEORGHE: "If Payne stays focused, he can win this match. Right now it seems he's just having his way with MWG. Payne brings up MWG again and starts walking the both of them further through the crowd. Payne sets up MWG for a suplex at the end of the aisle, and has MWG up... Payne walks with MWG held vertical, what a show of strength by Payne! Payne comes to a stop and lands the Suplex right onto some steel pipes!"

JIVE: "Payne is making good on that stipulation."

GHEORGHE: "Payne has put MWG in a Sleeper using one of those steel pipes to force more pressure on MWG, but Grossard manages to his feet with the hold still applied and Payne takes a couple body shots and releases the hold. Payne swings the pipe at MWG but Grossard ducks and turns back.... Headbutt to the groin of Payne! And he STILL nails MWG across the back with the pipe!"

JIVE: "Shit luck for MWG.... Payne's lost the feeling from too many blows to the groin! HA!"

GHEORGHE: "I think it's just adrenaline and anger driving Payne past the pain. MWG is getting back up first... he takes another steel chair while Payne takes a breather... and SLAMS Jason Payne across the face with it! Payne falls to the floor after getting walloped by MWG, who drops the chair and picks up Payne by the head."

JIVE: "Looks like he's picked his spot."

GHEORGHE: "MWG is bringing Payne over to a concession stand.... he whips Payne into the stand and Payne slams into the condiments. MWG screaming at Payne, and he starts dumping condiments on Payne, into his eyes and SMEARING the ketchup and mustard all over Payne's face."

JIVE: "Hey, that concession person....."

GHEORGHE: "It's Krist Blue!"

JIVE: "Blue is here to get some revenge on Payne for costing her a shot at the Women’s Championship earlier tonight!!!"

GHEORGHE: "She's got a bottle of mayonnaise and hands it to MWG, who squirts it in Payne's face and then breaks the bottle over Payne's head, sending glass shards everywhere!"

JIVE: "Not to mention Payne's blood."

GHEORGHE: "Payne's bleeding all over his head and neck, and MWG is screaming at him again. Krist Blue comes around the stand and she's got a Singapore Cane with her."

JIVE: "Except it looks more like a glow stick cane. Neony...."

GHEORGHE: "MWG takes up the glowing Singapore Cane and Payne takes a swing at him! MWG ducks and SMASHES the cane over the head of Payne, sending him down. Payne's covered in the neon liquid of that Singapore Cane, along with everything else, and MWG lifts him back up and slaps him across the face!"


GHEORGHE: "Cover! ONE! TWO! THR.... KICKOUT! MWG takes Payne by the head and slams him against the concession stand glass... no! Payne blocks and he puts MWGs head THROUGH the glass! Payne looks at Krist Blue and she pulls out a can of maybe pepper spray. Payne laughs and approaches her, and Krist Blue tries to spray him..... but Payne moves and she sprays MWG instead! OH MY!"

JIVE: "MWG has been busted open and now blinded! Why does he deserve this?"

GHEORGHE: "Probably because he messed with Jason Payne one too many times, and now Payne's snapped. Jason Payne turns back to MWG and lifts him onto his shoulders... Payne with a samoan drop right onto the concrete floor! Cover by Jason Payne! ONE! TWO! No, near fall! Payne is telling the referee not to count so slow...."

JIVE: "And the referee is telling Payne off! HAHA! Finally, referees enforcing the rules!"

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne looks enraged.... OH MY GOD! He just laid out the referee with that chained fist!"

JIVE: "That referee was in a no-win situation."

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne has truly snapped, taking out the referee. MWG has his vision cleared and comes back at Payne and the two start exchanging blows, making their way back toward the ring!"

JIVE: "NOW they do... after the referee is knocked out."

GHEORGHE: "Both men look like hell, faces bloodied and Jason Payne getting the better of MWG in the trade of blows.... but MWG with a kick to the stomach of Payne, doubling him over. MWG with a swinging neckbreaker on the concrete! And both men are down on the arena floor!"


JIVE: "Listen to all of MWGs adoring fans!"

GHEORGHE: "The fans may not like MWGs tactics, but they are showing respect for both competitors as they lay it all out for the Television Title tonight."

JIVE: "What do you mean, they don't like MWG? Just listen!"

GHEORGHE: "Another referee is coming down to ringside as both men stir...."

JIVE: "You'd think these referees would come down in protective gear by now."

GHEORGHE: "Maybe they'll include it in their next CBA. MWG is getting up first, and he grabs Payne and brings him up against the barricade and delivers a hard chop to the chest of Jason Payne.... Payne comes back with a chop of his own!"


GHEORGHE: "Chop by MWG, and another by Payne. MWG stops the exchange with a throat thrust and hoists Payne up.... OH NO! MWG WITH A BACKBREAKER ONTO THE BARRICADE!"

JIVE: "It's at the point where one move can finish the match."

GHEORGHE: "And that was a big move indeed! MWG shoves Payne off the barricade and into the ringside area, climbs back over the barricade and Krist Blue follows. MWG starts taunting Jason Payne, gyrating over his body, and it seems Payne is really feeling the effects of that backbreaker."

JIVE: "I think MWG is sensing it's his time."

GHEORGHE: "A scary thing. MWG holds Payne by the arms and Krist Blue is coming up to him, she's got some sort of carton with her...."

JIVE: "I don't want to know what's in that, but I think Jason Payne is about to find out!"

GHEORGHE: "Krist Blue opens the carton and has a spoon in hand...."

(CUTTO: Close-up of the carton. Inside there is glass, rusted nails, and something resembling ice cream.)

GHEORGHE: "That's just disgusting!"

JIVE: "Jason Payne is about to be force fed tetanus!"

GHEORGHE: "Krist Blue takes a spoonful of that concoction and brings it to Payne's mouth... but Payne kicks Krist Blue back into the barricade! MWG throws Payne against the apron and mounts him from behind, and he's humping Payne! But Payne hits some back elbows and takes MWG by the head... slamming MWG into the apron headfirst! MWG falls, wiping blood from his face as is Payne who wobbles against the apron."

JIVE: "Blood loss is certainly becoming an issue."

GHEORGHE: "Payne goes under the apron and pulls out another 2x4. MWG comes charging in but Payne dodges and MWG rams into the apron. Payne rolls MWG up on the apron and follows up. He's lifting MWGs legs and spreading them apart...."

JIVE: "MWG must be in heaven!"

GHEORGHE: "Payne positions between MWGs legs.... DOUBLE KNEE DROP INTO THE 2x4 AND MWGs GROIN! I don't think that felt too good, even for MWG."

JIVE: "You know, I wouldn't be too sure...."

(CUTTO: Payne's bloodied face, and a sadistic looking smile on his face as he pulls a table out from under the apron, sliding it into the ring. He throws MWG into the ring and yells at Krist Blue to stay back. Krist Blue screams for Payne to stay back, holding up her pepper spray.)

GHEORGHE: "Jason Payne enters the ring, and he looks absolutely possessed. Never before have I seen him so intense."

JIVE: "Rage is an excellent fuel."

GHEORGHE: "Payne with a stomp to the back of MWG and he sets up the table in a corner. Payne lifts MWG up onto the table, now both men are up, and Payne's got MWG sitting on the turnbuckle... but MWG comes back with a couple stiff shots to the face of Payne! Payne stunned but comes back with a knife edge chop!"

JIVE: "Blood is flying off these two like sweat!"

GHEORGHE: "This is about as brutal a match I've seen since Chaos and Suicide faced off at Destrucity. Payne is losing the exchange here, as MWG lands a thumb to the eye for good measure!"

JIVE: "Not to mention the sting of sweat and blood in Payne's eyes...."

GHEORGHE: "MWG wastes no time shoving Payne's face into his crotch! What a perverted fiend MWG is, it's totally.... WAIT A MINUTE! PAYNE WITH A HEADBUTT TO THE GROIN OF MWG! Grossard is doubled over Payne's back, and Payne stands and double underhooks MWG.... DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT THROUGH THE TABLE! OH LORD!"

JIVE: "That headbutt was totally uncalled for, if you ask me! MWG was doing nothing illegal!"

GHEORGHE: "What the hell is illegal in this match? The fact is the sick bastard got what was coming to him. Payne with a cover! The referee makes sure MWGs shoulders are on the mat! ONE! TWO! THREE!


GHEORGHE: "Krist Blue put MWGs foot on the rope! The referee is telling Payne it was a near fall, he didn't see Krist Blue.... PAYNE SHOULD BE THE TELEVISION CHAMPION!"

JIVE: "This referee is right on top of the situation. Give him a raise."

(Payne is irate and screams at the referee, pointing to Krist Blue, but the referee is adamant.)


JIVE: "This is crazy, Jason Payne has lost it! He should be disqualified!"

GHEORGHE: "No disqualification, though. This has become an absolute war zone! MWG is starting to move, and Jason Payne is waiting on him like a hawk.... Krist Blue comes up onto the apron, and Payne sees her! He's grabbed her by the wrist and forces her to drop the pepper spray!"

JIVE: "Attacking a defenseless woman! Jason Payne is a criminal! Arrest him!"

GHEORGHE: "Payne wants no more interference from her in this match. He wants to definitively end this. Payne pushes Krist Blue off the apron and turns back to MWG, who's just beginning to rise... Krist Blue gets in the ring! She hits Payne in the back.... Payne turns on her! Jason Payne grabs Krist Blue and tears her shirt in half!"


GHEORGHE: "Krist Blue covers up and falls down, Payne backing her up... MWG is up and turns Payne around and pepper sprays him! Payne goes down and Krist Blue screams insults into his ear."

JIVE: "That's what he gets for assaulting a woman."

GHEORGHE: "You just said to give him a medal!"

JIVE: "Yes.... and then arrest him!"

GHEORGHE: "Another referee is coming down, and MWG has Payne covered! The referee slides in.... ONE! TWO! THREENO! NO! PAYNE KICKS OUT! MWG looks shocked and covers again.... ONE! TWO! THR... KICKOUT AGAIN!"

JIVE: "Jason Payne must have popped a bottle of painkillers before this match."

GHEORGHE: "No, he has the heart of a Champion, that's all. MWG stumbles out of the ring and gets a chair and brings it back in. He's setting up the chair and Krist Blue brings him another of those glowing Singapore Canes. MWG cracks open the cane and pours those chemicals on the chair."

JIVE: "He is determined to give Jason Payne cancer before this match concludes!"

GHEORGHE: "MWG brings Payne up... whips Payne, no reversal! Payne sets for a back drop on the chair... MWG kicks Payne in the face! He saw it coming a fraction of a second early. MWG grabs Payne in a front waistlock.... NO! Disappear Here DDT onto the chemical ridden chair!"

JIVE: "One big move!"

GHEORGHE: "No, this can't be! MWG stretches an arm onto Payne.... ONNNNNE! TWOOOOO! THREEEEEEEEEEE! It's over!"

(Bell rings.)

JACOBS: "The winner of the match.... and the NEW ERA OF WRESTLING TELEVISION CHAMPION..... EM DUBBYA GEE!!!!!!!!!!!"

(MWG and Payne are still down as the TV Title is brought to MWG. Krist Blue takes the belt and looks at it, then MWG, and begins celebrating like she won the championship! MWG finally gets up off the mat and looks at Krist Blue, then snatches the belt from her and holds it up, standing over Jason Payne and gyrating before staggering around the ring. EMTs come out from the back.)

JIVE: "You know this match was all-out war when MWG can't even properly gyrate over his opponent afterwards."

GHOERGHE: "I don't have the words to describe just what we saw. This was truly a no holds barred match, and I give a ton of credit to both men for their amazing effort here tonight. They went from the ring to the crowd and back again... giving everything they had to fend off the other. In the end, MWG comes up with the victory, but damn it he had help. Jason Payne should have finally captured the Television Title."

JIVE: "I have to admit, even MWG might want some of the lost brain cells back after this one. Payne broke out his vicious streak and sent a message to the rest of New ERA."

GHEORGHE: "I think we've heard anything but the last of Jason Payne. But folks, there's only one match remaining at International Intrigue... the BRAWL to END it ALL ….. the CHAMBER CAGE MATCH pitting Jean Rabesque and Alister Hayze versus Jonathan Marx and the mysterious Masked Man! The MAIN EVENT is up next!"

Who Goes There?

(CUTTO: Backstage in the parking lot. A loud screeching noise is heard outside the stadium as a car comes towards the back gates. A security guard walks up to the car as a man exits the vehicle.)

GUARD: "Sir, I’m sorry you can’t park here."

MAN: "Then tow it."

(The guard gets a better look at the man and he puts up his hands. He then says something quietly into his walke-talkie..)

GUARD: "Oh my god…. sir I have specific directions that you are not allowed with in the building.. from Vice-President Marceau herself."

MAN: "Well tell her I said to go fuck herself. If she continues to bitch at you, say I knocked you out before you could stop me."

GUARD: "Sir this is your last warning."

MAN: "What you gonna do, shoot me rent-a-cop? Have a goodnight."

(The guard grabs his walkie-talkie.)

GUARD: "He has entered the building!! I repeat he has entered the building!"

(The camera zooms in on the man walking through the Employee Entrance… the camera faintly focuses on the word "DREDD" which appears on the back of his shirt.)

( continued... )