[ MGM Grand Garden Arena ] Las Vegas, Nevada


TAPED: Feb. 10, 2010
AIRED: Feb. 10, 2010
PPV: Destrucity II

(FADEIN: The black and white footage showing what transpired after Empire Pro’s Aggression 50 went off the air.  The announcer’s leave.  The fans still cheering.  The camera cuts to a wide shot of the arena.  "EPW AGGRESSION 50" banners are slowly lifted into the rafters.  "New ERA DESTRUCITY II" banners put in their place.  CUTTO:  A black screen. Slowly a light flickers in the center of the screen.)

VOICE: "A shimmering orb in the darkened skies…"

(The light flickers brighter, showing the New ERA World Heavyweight championship and the New ERA Television championship side by side. The New ERA P©X championship is shown next, followed by the New ERA World Tag Team championships.)

VOICE: "Which is not claimable, though many try…"

(Scenes from Mr. Entertainment’s long Television championship reign are shown; the lifting of the blindfold when he defeated MWG for the championship, his defenses against HAL, and finally him stepping into the ring on WFW:NE RAUCOUS against Cameron Cruise. CUTTO: Cruise holding the Television championship above his head.  CUTTO:  Split screens of Cruise’s victories over Minion and John Doe.  CUTTO:  Erik Black standing in a darkened doorway, trails of smoke escaping his nostrils.)

VOICE: "Throwing meaningless papers out the window…"

(CUTTO: The fans piling into their seats at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.)

VOICE: "As if they were rubbish to be picked up in the morn."

(CUTTO: Crowd chanting.)

VOICE: "Inconceivable notion."

(The screen goes black as a lightning bolt hits the ground.  The logos for Empire Pro Wrestling and New ERA of Wrestling come on screen, followed by a brief, but unmistakable, moment where the "Sin City Showdown" logo can be seen.)

VOICE: "Logic displaced by the greed that inhabits the mind."

(Chris McMillan racing through the curtain, a chair in hand.  It pauses as he raises it.)

VOICE: "Reinforced ever so subtly."

(The camera then spins around showing Jason Payne, his back to McMillan.)

VOICE: "By a mechanical stalker that hovers in the air."

(The camera shot resumes, repeatedly playing back the chair shot to the head by McMillan.)

VOICE: "Through and through it invades."

(CUTTO: The PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship.  The name "King Krusher" magically erased from its plating.)

VOICE: "Like a swarm of bees in a flowering meadow."

(CUTTO: Shots of Ashe Corvin, John Doe, Trevor Cane and Chaos in various promos.)

VOICE: "Stealing the innocence of the blooming generation."

(CUTTO: The four men are separated into four boxes.  The shots all pause showing their faces; Doe’s full of arrogance. Chaos’ full of contempt.  Cane’s full of pity.  Corvin’s full of anticipation.)

VOICE: "And replacing it with their poisonous excrements."

(CUTTO: The four frames crash together, shattering upon impact.)

VOICE: "One day these cultivators of lust."

(CUTTO: The World Tag Team Championships.  The camera cuts to Jason Payne being attacked by the masked man, later revealed to be Chris McMillan, as Problem Child scores the victory and his right to join Cameron Cruise as ½ of the World Tag Team champions.  The camera then cuts to Jack n’ Hoff.  Hoff stands upright, his hands folded across his chest.)

VOICE: "Will drop to the grass they have withered."

(CUTTO: Jack runs from behind Hoff and pants’ him.  The camera fades.)

VOICE: "The crown of deceit ravaged and hanging."

(A shot of the World Heavyweight championship.)

VOICE: "Off decaying bones brittle from frailty."

(CUTTO: Peter File and Shawn Hart standing in the ring during their non-title match at RAUCOUS.)

VOICE: "The sweet taste of revolution spreading wildly."

(Peter File looks over at Hart, his eyes lusting.)

VOICE: "Shaking their foundations while revealing injustices."

(CUTTO: A slow shot of Peter File getting the victory of the World Heavyweight champion.)

VOICE: "Liberating a people shackled to their graves."

(CUTTO: Hart’s road to Destrucity II.  The camera shows his victory over Rocko Daymon to win one of the two World Heavyweight championships.  It then shows his victory over Larry Tact on WFW:NE Unplugged from Birmingham to win the unification match.  Finally it cuts to his successful defense over HAL at WFW:NE Unplugged from Omaha.)

VOICE: "Ushering them into the new era of life."

(CUTTO: Shawn Hart holding the World Heavyweight championship in the air.  Peter File stands in the distance, watching.)

VOICE: "A shimmering orb in the darkened sky."

(Blackness.  The "WFW:NE" logo slowly revealing itself.)

VOICE: "Made black and smoky by the pyres."

(A spark flickers on the upper left hand corner of the first "W."  It quickly catches fire; the "F" and second "W" follow suit.)

VOICE: "That burn old ideologies on a common land."

(The crispy "WFW" disintegrates as a light gale seems to move past the screen  All that remains is the "NE.")

VOICE: "Where soon the meadows will grow, and bloom, and rectify the world."

(The "NE" separate into "N" and "E."  A FLASH of lightning strikes the screen as the "N" becomes "NEW" and the "E" becomes "ERA." The "NEW ERA" logo lingers on screen before cutting to black.)

VOICE: "This is our manifesto."

(CUTTO: Shots of John Doe, Trevor Cane, Mr. Entertainment, Problem Child, Jack, and then Hoff.  The speed continues to pick up as we see Ashe Corvin, Jared Wells, Steve Burke, Jeff Jorgenson, and Chaos.  The camera shot slows down as we see the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship held by a darkened figure.  It then cuts to Erik Black, and then appearing next to him, holding the Television Championship, Cameron Cruise.  Finally, Peter File displaces them both, his eyes as seedy as ever. File’s image begins to flicker and finally EXPLODES.  As the bright lights fade we see the World Heavyweight championship.. the camera pans back and we see that it is strapped around the waist of Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD.  A smile on his face.)

VOICE: "This is our dream."

(The camera pauses on Shawn Hart’s grin. It then juts about, cutting back and forth through different parts of the picture before resting on the New ERA World Heavyweight championship.)

HART: "Welcome to MY dream."

(CUTTO:  The logo for New ERA Destrucity II.)


JIVE:  "Las Vegas!! The City of Sin!"

GHEORGHE:  "I am Tom Gheorghe, with me as always, Nick Jive … and tonight we also have the …. pleasure of having Dean Julius with us!"

JULIUS:  "Stay away from the poker tables, Gheorghe, you’re a horrible liar."

GHEORGHE:  "We are here in the MGM Grand Garden Arena .. and BOY has a lot of things happened since Denver!"

JIVE:  "You’re telling me!"

GHEORGHE:  "Actually, I was telling everyone watching us right now."

JULIUS:  "Everything happens for a reason, Gheorghe.. and hell, this is probably the best thing that has happened in a long time."

GHEORGHE:  "Just hours after RAUCOUS 35 aired, we found out that Chris Wink, owner of World’s Finest Wrestling, the league that New ERA had merged with to form WFW:NE, decided to pull out."

JIVE:  "He took his ball and went home."

GHEORGHE:  "I’m sure he had his reasons … but only minutes after we heard the news, Marcus LaRoque phoned … and he told us that New ERA of Wrestling was back … and that Destrucity II … here tonight … was still going on as planned!"

JULIUS:  "I haven’t heard LaRoque sound so happy until I got that call, Gheorghe.  He was beaming."

GHEORGHE:  "And WHAT a show we have for you tonight!"

JIVE:  "Incredible, incredible matches… at first I thought LaRoque was crazy for going on as scheduled … but hell, he shut me up."

JULIUS:  "Only if that were true, Jive."

GHEORGHE:  "We have got an incredible main event tonight … Shawn Hart, the New ERA World Heavyweight champion will be taking on the #1 contender, Peter File!"

JIVE:  "Hart was originally scheduled to face Felix Red, the WFW World Heavyweight champion in the official unification match to determine the first ever WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion … but with Red bolting, Peter File got his shot bumped up!"

GHEORGHE:  "Peter File defeated Hart on RAUCOUS to get his shot at the championship… and he was originally scheduled to face the WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion at Unplugged from Anaheim… but that’s no longer the case."

JULIUS:  "One, because there is no more Unplugged… and two, the show that replaced it, Cyberstrike, won’t even be coming from Anaheim!"

GHEORGHE:  "New ERA Cyberstrike, our newest show … taking the place of WFW:NE Unplugged, will take place …. In Seattle, Washington … the fans up there incredibly lucky!"

JULIUS:  "Peter File is incredibly lucky!  Because not only does he get his shot tonight … but then he’ll be able to rub it in Hart’s face at Sin City Showdown when they’re TEAMING together!"

GHEORGHE:  "Very true, Dean!  We are about to start the middle of the all-day wrestling extravaganza with our friends in Empire Pro Wrestling .. we hope you enjoyed their Aggression 50 supershow celebration … and we know that you’ll enjoy New ERA Destrucity II …"

JIVE:  "And if you stick around .. EPW and New ERA go head to head!"

GHEORGHE:  "New ERA and Empire Pro have worked together before … you might remember WrestleSTOCK ’07 … that was a 2-day event … but the difference between WrestleSTOCK and Sin City Showdown?  No interpromotional matches.  That changes TONIGHT.  The show is incredibly huge … something like nine or ten matches …. Most of them featuring EPW stars against New ERA stars … and get this .. the main event … FIVE Empire Pro superstars.  FIVE New ERA of Wrestling superstars… battle in a WAR GAMES match!"

JULIUS:  "But first we need to get through Destrucity II … and some of those competitors need to make it through their matches here tonight!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne, one of the competitors in the War Games match for New ERA, will be taking on his former friend … his former tag team partner .. Chris "the Wolf" McMillan…"

JULIUS:  "McMillan cost Payne his chance to be a World Tag Team champion … and those two had a war of the words leading up to today."

GHEORGHE:  "Also tonight, a triple threat match to determine a new number one contender for the Television championship … Steve Burke, Jeff Jorgenson, and Mr. Entertainment .. all in one ring."

JIVE:  "Mr. Entertainment was given the runaround in WFW:NE as he tried to get his rematch against Cameron Cruise for the Television championship … and tonight he will finally get it."

GHEORGHE:  "Well someone sounds convinced Entertainment will win!"

JIVE:  "No doubt in my mind, Gheorghe."

GHEORGHE:  "Speaking of the Television championship, Cameron Cruise will be defending the title against "the Druid" Erik Black."

JULIUS:  "… and Erik Black’s ten imaginary friends."

GHEORGHE:  "Oh come on.."

JULIUS:  "Erik Black smokes so much weed that his hallucinations come to life and do his bidding .. it is almost illegal … but anything that will take the belt away from Cruise is fine with me."

GHEORGHE:  "Cruise has been a helluva Television champion … and tonight he’ll go in the ring … and put his championship on the line once more."

JULIUS:  "Not only that .. but he has to defend the World Tag Team championships tonight … AND he’s in the War Games match later!"

GHEORGHE:  "Cameron Cruise and Problem Child, the New ERA World Tag Team champions in action … and they’ll be taking on the team of Jack n’ Hoff…"

JIVE:  "Problem Child will single handedly win this match for Cruise .. next."

GHEORGHE:  "But… Jac…"


GHEORGHE:  "Perhaps one of the biggest stories of the night is the fate of the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship!  King Krusher was immediately stripped of the championship when New ERA President Marcus LaRoque announced the cessation of the WFW:NE … and no one knows why."

JULIUS:  "Probably because he ran away with his tail tucked between his legs."

JIVE:  "You can’t have a walking skeleton as the P©X champion … his body can’t handle the pressure."

GHEORGHE:  "Well whatever the reason … we have a single night tournament to crown a new champion … with the finals being a Ladder match for the belt!"

JULIUS:  "Four guys … three matches…. All with P©X stipulations … this night could turn bloody in an instant."

GHEORGHE:  "Ashe Corvin, Trevor Cane, Chaos and John Doe all in this single night tournament … and apparently two men have already been chosen to compete in the first match … leaving the other two men to battle it out in the second match… after those matches are done ... we will know who will be battling for the belt in the ladder match."

JIVE:  "This is Chaos’ hometown… there’ll be a riot if he doesn’t win here tonight."

JULIUS:  "I’m stuck between Chaos and Ashe Corvin."

GHEORGHE:  "This will be Corvin’s debut here in New ERA …"

JULIUS:  "I like what I’ve seen of the guy … but it is hard to discount Chaos .. he is a three time PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion .. tonight he goes for number four!"

GHEORGHE:  "We have a LOT of action for all you here toni…"

Welcome .. From a Familiar Face

(CUEUP:  "Violet" by Hole.  The crowd immediately begins to jeer.)

JULIUS:  "Here we go! Not even 5 minutes in and you know who shows up!"

GHEORGHE:  "Now THERE’s music I haven’t heard in ages!"

(The crowd begins to immediately jeer as New ERA Vice President Juliet Marceau steps onto the stage.  Her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, she raises the microphone to her mouth.)

MARCEAU:  "Well… well… well.  What have we here?"

(Trash from the crowd pelts the stage around her.)

MARCEAU:  "It has been too long, my friends.  I sat at home watching the debauchery that was the WFW:NE.  I cried myself to sleep as the house I BUILT began to tumble to the ground."

GHEORGHE:  "The house SHE built?!  What about Larry Tact? Jean Rabesque?  The Phantom Republican?!"

MARCEAU:  "And so Marcus, oh poor Marcus… he got himself into this mess when he agreed to that hackneyed idea.  But Marcus, he called me up and asked .. no BEGGED … me to come in and save him.."

(SFX:  Fans jeer!)

MARCEAU:  "And so I have.  Welcome to New ERA of Wrestling…"

(SFX: Pop.)

MARCEAU:  "Since I have been placed back in my previous position, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to add a little … variety to tonight’s show."

JIVE:  "What does that mean?"

GHEORGHE:  "I have no clue, Nick.. knowing Juliet, she’s got something up her sleeve!"

MARCEAU:  "We have two matches scheduled for the single night tournament that are so bland they make the Baby Jesus cry…"

(SFX:  Fans jeer.)

MARCEAU:  "And so … I figured … since we’re in Vegas …. Let’s leave it up to chance, shall we?"

(SFX:  Cheap hometown pop.)

MARCEAU:  "My first decree as New ERA Vice President … tonight’s two first round matches will have their stipulations decided …."

(She makes a motion to the back.  Three strong men bring a roulette wheel onto the stage.  The fans pop huge!)

MARCEAU:  "By the roulette.  Twenty stipulations are placed on the board.  Fate will decide what lies ahead."

GHEORGHE:  "Twenty stipulations!  And we won’t even know until right before the match!"

JIVE:  "John Doe is shivering in his boots right now!"

GHEORGHE:  "Marceau turns … and she is walking to the back.."

(Marceau stops … she turns around and brings the microphone to her lips.)

MARCEAU:  "Oh… and will you boys bring that wheel to the ring … because the first match of the tournament … starts NOW."



( continued... )