[ United Center ] Chicago, Illinois


TAPED: Jul. 06, 2004
AIRED: Jul. 15, 2004
PPV: Destrucity

(FADEIN: A black screen. Slowly a light flickers in the center of the screen.)

VOICE: "A shimmering orb in the darkened skies…"

(The light flickers brighter, showing the New ERA World Heavyweight championship and the New ERA Television championship side by side. In the background, the Tag Team championships and the Women’s championship can be seen.)

VOICE: "Which is not claimable, though many try…"

(The shot now shows scenes from the Television championship finals between Jean Rabesque and John Doe. Followed by shots of the Fatal Fourway battle royal between Larry Tact, Peter File, Jonathan Marx and El Arco Iris. CUTTO: Chaos winning the Television championship.)

VOICE: "Throwing meaningless papers out the window…"

(CUTTO: The fans piling into the United Centre earlier in the evening.)

VOICE: "As if they were rubbish to be picked up in the morn."

(CUTTO: Quick shots of New ERA superstars as Caitlyn Daymon, John Doe, Alex Borden, and Madonna Wayne Grossard come on screen.)

VOICE: "Inconceivable notion."

(The screen goes black as a lightning bolt hits the ground, the word "Destrucity" illuminating only for a second before the screen turns black again.)

VOICE: "Logic displaced by the greed that inhabits the mind."

(Jonathan Marx and Troy Douglas fighting with each other during the Survivor Six Man Tag Team match.)

VOICE: "Reinforced ever so subtly."

(The referee reversing the decision giving Chaos the shot at the Television championship.)

VOICE: "By a mechanical stalker that hovers in the air."

(A shot of the electrified cage, which will be lowered during the night for what should be a hellacious battle.)

VOICE: "Through and through it invades."

(CUTTO: A shot of ‘the Messenger’ Trevor Cane standing over Danny Danger.)

VOICE: "Like a swarm of bees in a flowering meadow."

(CUTTO: A later shot of a mystery man covered in black, watching a Trevor Cane promo.)

VOICE: "Stealing the innocence of the blooming generation."

(CUTTO: Multiple shots of this mystery man attacking Trevor Cane.)

VOICE: "And replacing it with their poisonous excrements."

(CUTTO: Trevor Cane layed in the middle of the ring.)

VOICE: "One day these cultivators of lust."

(CUTTO: Still frame of Larry Tact and Alex Borden in their match. Jean Rabesque can be seen giving Tact a dirty look.)

VOICE: "Will drop to the grass they have withered."

(CUTTO: The mystery person in black superkicking Jean Rabesque, knocking him out.)

VOICE: "The crown of deceit ravaged and hanging."

(A shot of the World Title, hanging from a loop, 30 feet above the ring.)

VOICE: "Off decaying bones brittle from frailty."

(CUTTO: Jean Rabesque and Larry Tact standing nose to nose.)

VOICE: "The sweet taste of revolution spreading wildly."

(Shots of Peter File, with his mouth open … Madonna Wayne Grossard rubbing his legs, and Beau Michaels, dancing around in assless chaps.)

VOICE: "Shaking their foundations while revealing injustices."

(CUTTO: A slow shot going up a pole … stopping before revealing what is on top.)

VOICE: "Liberating a people shackled to their graves."

(CUTTO: The pictures of Caitlyn Daymon and Marrisa McMahon, superimposed on top of each other.)

VOICE: "Ushering them into the new era of life."

(CUTTO: Red Devastator warming himself up in an unidentified ring. CUTTO: Dylan McCormick stretching.)

VOICE: "A shimmering orb in the darkened sky."

(The screen goes black again … the white light flickering once more.)

VOICE: "Made black and smoky by the pyres."

(A flame shoots up, shedding light on a picture of Shawn Hart on the left and El Arco Iris on the right.)

VOICE: "That burn old ideologies on a common land."

(A ring explodes from one corner, sending the ropes reeling from the pressure.)

VOICE: "Where soon the meadows will grow, and bloom, and rectify the world."

(A shot of the jam packed United Centre in Chicago, Illinois. The fans are all worked up. CUTTO: Black screen.)

VOICE: "This is our manifesto."

(CUTTO: Shots of Alister Hayze, Ice, Red Devastator, Dylan McCormick, Trevor Cane, Shawn Hart, El Arco Iris, Troy Douglas, Jonathan Marx, Marrisa McMahon, Caitlyn Daymon, John Doe, Alex Borden, Peter File, MWG, Beau Michaels, Chaos, Spectre, Jean Rabesque, and Larry Tact, all walking towards the camera, interchanging as if they’re appearing and disappearing of the air.)

VOICE: "This is our dream."

(As Tact finally walks up to the screen, it pauses. The camera shot then zooms in on the New ERA World Heavyweight championship until the DESTRUCITY logo takes precedence on the screen.)

(FADEIN: Somewhere backstage. Larry Tact, walking hand in hand with his lady Cindy, approach the entrance of the private back stage area. Showing the guards his Identification pass he walks in, heading directly for his dressing room. As he walks in, he looks back a second at Cindy.)

TACT: "Be out in a few…"

(Tact grins as he heads in. Cindy, shooting a smile back at him as she turns away towards the lobby. Then just as she crosses a corridor, she hears him groan as he hits the wall, slumping to the ground. A figure in black dashes out after him, and the person stomps a couple more times before escaping down the opposite direction. Cindy calls out for help as a small trickle of blood runs down the side of his head. As security and medical staff arrive, Cindy looks around, as a look of fear washes over her face.)

(CUTTO: Ringside, as we join Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe, who are both wearing tuxedoes. The fans are noticeable perturbed and they are booing.)

GHEORGHE: "Welcome to New ERA of Wrestling’s first ever pay per view, DESTRUCITY … and THE WORLD CHAMPION HAS BEEN ATTACKED!"

JIVE: "Not even five minutes into the show and things are getting ugly!"

GHEORGHE: "That damn figure in black has been terrorizing Larry Tact and Jean Rabesque for the past month or so … and now he has attacked the World Champion on the night that he’s to defend the World Heavyweight championship in a ladder match!"

JIVE: "I don’t think we’ll hear any complaining out of the challenger."

GHEORGHE: "Once again, welcome everyone to the United Centre in Chicago, Illinois! I am Tom Gheorghe, and with me is Nick Jive as we call the action here tonight … and already there seems to be plenty going on."

JIVE: "We have NINE matches on tonight’s show … and each and everyone could steal the show."

GHEORGHE: "Nine televised matches still to come .. but before we hit the air there was one match that only the fans here in attendance got to see. That was the match between Alister Hayze, who was signed to a contract last edition of RAUCOUS and Ice, who is trying to work his way back into a groove after being out of action for a few months. Let’s show you what happened between those two earlier tonight."

Dark Match
Alister Hayze vs. Ice

(CUTTO: Ice coming to the ring. CUTTO: Alister Hayze coming to the ring amid much fanfare. CUTTO: Ice clotheslines Hayze off his feet. CUTTO: Ice with a DDT on Hayze. CUTTO: Hayze ducking a clothesline, coming back and countering a backbody drop with a sunset flip. CUTTO: 2 count. CUTTO: Ice stands up stunned, and Hayze clotheslines him over the top rope. CUTTO: Hayze flying through the ropes w/ a cross body block, hitting Ice and forcing both men to hit the arena floor. CUTTO: Hayze hitting a cross-armed suplex on the arena floor. CUTTO: Hayze ramming Ice’s back into the apron and then rolling him back in. CUTTO: Hayze going for a piledriver, but Ice counters it into a backbody drop. CUTTO: Ice running off the ropes, and catching an almost standing Hayze with a bulldog. CUTTO: Ice going for a german suplex, but Alister Hayze pops him in the face w/ an elbow or two. CUTTO: Hayze locking on a sleeper. CUTTO: Hayze hitting a reverse suplex. CUTTO: Hayze going for a DDT, but Ice holds onto the ropes and Hayze hits the mat. CUTTO: Ice standing in the corner waiting for Hayze to get up. CUTTO: Ice with the Sudden Impact spear. CUTTO: Ice doing the throat-slash symbol. CUTTO: Ice goes to pick up Alister Hayze, but Hayze quickly snatches him with a small package. The referee counts to three, and Hayze gets the victory at 12:24.)

JIVE: "Alister Hayze looked impressive in his debut here in New ERA … but not to take anything away from Ice either … he put up a hell of a fight … he let his guard down at the end, and well, he paid for it."

GHEORGHE: "And if that match was any indicator of how tonight is going to go, well then I think everyone is in for a real treat. Just looking at the lineup for tonight is giving me goosebumps, Nick."

JIVE: "I’m telling ya, Tom … this is New ERA’s chance to show the world what we’re made out of."

GHEORGHE: "Nine big matches … and it all starts off with a Double Debut match as Red Devastator and Dylan McCormick head straight to that ring in only a couple of minutes."

JIVE: "I have to go with Devastator. The guy’s a monster."

GHEORGHE: "Devastator w/ a degenerative disease … that leaves him impervious to pain! What a massive advantage he has already, but I’ve gotta go with my gut instinct and choose McCormick."

JIVE: "Then we get a rematch of sorts … they didn’t face each other in New ERA … nor when New ERA was even an idea … but Shawn Hart and El Arco Iris have fought before … and although the promotion they fought in saw an unpleasant demise, they’ll rekindle, and hopefully settle the score once and for all."

GHEORGHE: "Juliet Marceau’s ULTIMATE Surprise will finally be revealed tonight as he and Trevor Cane will be in action .. and I can’t wait to see the reaction on Cane’s face when he sees what he has to go up against."

JIVE: "You’ve seen him?!"

GHEORGHE: "I’m just going on a hunch about who the ULTIMATE surprise could be, Nick."

JIVE: "Well, I’m stumped, give me a clue."

GHEORGHE: "On who the ULTIMATE surprise is?"

JIVE: "Yes."

GHEORGHE: "The ULTIMATE ….. Surprise."

JIVE: "God dammit, stop playing games and tell me."

GHEORGHE: "Oh lord … I’ll let you find out with everyone else who this mystery WARRIOR is…"

JIVE: "You’re an EVIL man, Tom."

GHEORGHE: (shaking his head in disbelief) "Troy Douglas and Jonathan Marx are also scheduled to go head to head as they finish what was started at the Survivor Six Man tag match… This should be a tough one to call from the outset, Nick, as both men are incredibly skilled."

JIVE: "I agree, though … maybe I’ll go with Marx on this one."

GHEORGHE: "I’m inclined to agree. We’ve also got a special preview match for our recently installed women’s division between Caitlyn Daymon and Marrisa McMahon which should be a nice change of pace.."

JIVE: "A stripping match?"

GHEORGHE: "NO, Nick. We take our women very seriously here at New ERA …"

JIVE: "I take my women seriously … especially if they’re naked."

GHEORGHE: "Well this is a real wrestling match, and it should be interesting to see these two ladies in action."

JIVE: "Please don’t say two women in action, Tom … it only gets me more riled up."

GHEORGHE: "The #1 contendership to the Television championship is on the line as Alex Borden and John Doe will take on each other for the first time."

JIVE: "I was originally hoping Travis Smith would be the one who put his foot up Doe’s ass and sent him packing, but since Smith is out of the question … well, it’ll be nice to see Borden toss Doe around the ring."

GHEORGHE: "Doe and Borden could easily be our next Television champion … I think its too close to call, honestly."

JIVE: "Speaking of too close, how about the Pole on a Pole match…."

GHEORGHE: "Yes .. Peter File and Madonna Wayne Grossard will be joined by NFW’s ‘King of the Club Kids’ Beau Michaels as they try to eliminate each other …. a … sexual object will be strapped on a pole … and once that comes into play, anything can .. and WILL happen."

JIVE: "You could tell leading up to this match that Michaels and Grossard are yearning for the chance to use that pole … and I’m sure every parent in the United Centre is going to make sure their children’s eyes are covered …"

GHEORGHE: "And they might want to keep them covered when Television Champion Chaos is in the ring with the unusual Spectre … in a match that can only be thought of as death-defying… and ELECTRIFIED EXPLODING CAGE MATCH!"

JIVE: "Everyone thought that this match was going to be cancelled once Chaos’ original opponent Suicide walked out on New ERA … but Spectre has since come into the picture and gotten on the Television champion’s nerves … every 15 minutes an explosive taped to the bottom of the ring underneath each turnbuckle will go off …."

GHEORGHE: "No one, not Chaos, Spectre, nor even the referee knows which explosive will go off at the 15 minute marks … in addition to those electrified sides ….. they need to be careful that they do not kill themselves. It may not matter who wins if they’re unable to defend the championship."

JIVE: "And finally … the match the world has been waiting for … Jean Rabesque against Larry Tact."

GHEORGHE: "For the New ERA of Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP …. The championship will be elevated 30 feet above the ring and the only way they can reach it is by a ladder. The person who gets the belt off the hook wins the match. Fans around the globe have been waiting for these two to take to the mat against each other … and after months of waiting … it’ll finally come to fruition."

JIVE: "Tact is going to retain."

GHEORGHE: "Woah, did that just come out of your mouth?"

JIVE: "Tact has really been showing a different side of himself lately .. and quite frankly, I like it."

GHEORGHE: "This is New ERA on pay per view, ladies and gentleman .. and we got our first match…"

(CUEUP: Cheesy music. The big screens begin to flicker.)

GHEORGHE: "Wait a second.."

(A profile picture of The United Center, and a few clips of the events that have been over the years, ending with a couple clips of the Chicago Bulls.)

VOICE: "The United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Home of some of the greatest athletes ever to play Professional Sports, one that use to be represented on many of occasion, Michael Jordan."

(The picture now is replaced by a black background, and in white, the numbers "2004".)

VOICE: "Then came what some wrestling fans deemed would be the best this sport had to offer."

(New ERA clips air, starting with early matches, then some notables airing included: Larry Tact winning the Battle Royal for the World Title, eliminating "Gentleman" Johnathan Marx; Jean Rabesque defeating John Doe for the TV championship. Finally it comes down to a PPV poster for Destrucity, profiling the two who face of in a Ladder match for the World Championship belt.)

VOICE: "But now it comes down to two men, two who have fought valiantly and aggressively to stay on top in NEW ERA.... only to be both considered the STUPIDEST MEN ON EARTH."

GHEORGHE: "This has to be the person in black that’s been stalking both men, and attacked the World champ earlier!"

JIVE: "And now he’s covering his voice up so no one can recognize him.."

VOICE: "You see, I've made some pretty controversial appearances as of late, and quite frankly, I think I've shocked the lot of you people in the process."

(SFX: Fans boo.)

VOICE: "Jean Rabesque."

(SFX: Fans pop.)

VOICE: "I've seen you perform in the ring, and I gotta say, I'm impressed, but not THAT impressed. You talk about how you don't have a gimmick and that there's no false hype... well then you might want to take a second and think about what I've done so far and re think about just how much you give yourself credit for."

JIVE: "I agree!"

VOICE: "Larry Tact."

(SFX: Fans pop, but some booing can be heard.)

VOICE: "Mister World Champion himself. Do you really think that you can take on the likes of men such as Chaos.... Anarky.... Michael Manson... El Arco Iris.... or even Alex Borden, all by yourself? You know, for the top representative of New ERA's most precious prize, it's a sad, sad, day in this business when as a champion; you can't see your weakness and face it head on. I would be very cautious if I were you, how you do things tonight, or I might just have to settle things MYSELF. "

(SFX: Crowd boos.)

VOICE: "Heed my advice gentlemen, because you both know that if you don't, I'm more than willing to prove it to you, PERSONALLY."

GHEORGHE: "He already attacked Tact … what else does this person have planned?!"

VOICE: "I'll see you both tonight... that is, if our World Champion can even make it."

(The voice then laughs as the big screens flicker off.)

( continued... )