[ Madison Square Garden ] New York, New York


TAPED: Sep. 19, 2006
AIRED: Dec. 09, 2006
PPV: BattleBRAWL 2

(FADEIN:  The New ERA of Wrestling logo.  CUEUP:  ‘We Dance Alone’ by Beck.  The logo fades to black.  As the music continues the Women’s Championship slowly fades in.  The music lowers, although it is still audible, as the voices of Karla Starr and Foxx chime in.)

FOXX (V/O): "How many times do I have to beat you fair and square for you to admit I might actually be a challenge to your precious little tin belt?"

(The championship shimmers as Foxx’s voice trails off.)

STARR (V/O): "I've got much better things to do than to put my championship that will NEVER leave my waist.. on the line against a slut like you. I don't have to bring ANYTHING to this match than what I've had with me the last seventeen-hundred times I put my championship on the line."

(CUTTO: A shot of Starr holding the championship in the air after winning it on December 19th, 2004 at the first BattleBRAWL. The date on the bottom of the screen quickly flies by as it reaches September 19th, 2006.)

STARR (V/O): "I DO have a wonderful track record of defenses that's lasted almost TWO years, now... which is pretty much the longest current reign going. You wanna shut me up, Foxx?? Fine, but on one condition. Respect the championship and do like others have done in the past, and that's to either save yourself the time to get ready and just move on to your next booking...or just show up and GIVE UP, like everyone else has."

(A slow motion black and white video of Foxx pinning Karla Starr in a non-championship match.)

FOXX (V/O): "Get a clue, you twit. What makes you think this outcome will be any better than your last? I do actually respect the championship, but around your waist it just seems... wasted."

(The shot pauses as Foxx’s hand is raised in the air by the referee.)

FOXX (V/O): "Just keep talkin. THAT is what you do best.  Our meeting's been delayed, but it's only delaying the inevitable. I think this match will be even better than the so-called 'Main Event'.."

STARR (V/O): "I said it when I walked into this company... I said it when I gave Larry Tact the "Moonshot" that lost his World Heavyweight championship and Jean Rabesque his dignity... Carlee her memory, and gave Caitlyn Daymon the Willies... This championship is MINE. I proved it from day one when I showed up Caitlyn at the FIRST BattleBRAWL. I AM the best New ERA's got, no matter who they throw against me. I gave you a chance to step down, out of respect to the fact that we both know that I'm better.  But now I'm telling you.. you have NO CHANCE of beating me, with my championship on the line."

(Starr’s voice fades out as the shot of Foxx’s hands being raised follows suit.  We can still hear some bickering in the background between the two, but our attention is drawn away from it when the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship comes into view.  It quickly shoots to the upper right hand corner of the screen as the shot fades into a wrestling ring.  In the ring are black and white images of some of the previous P©X matches, including the championship-crowning match at International Intrigue.  Chaos’ voice is immediately recognized.)

CHAOS (V/O):  "Well, hello, Larry. It has been along time hasn’t it?"

TACT (V/O): "There's a bit of irony here, isn't there? Last time, I was the corporate tool for destruction, and you were the rebel. I was the Champion in the match, now you are. Not to delve too far back, as that was a long time ago. But maybe you'll appreciate the situation. In fact, I'm sure you'll appreciate this part of it... last time, things were somewhat on my terms. This time, they're all yours."

CHAOS (V/O): "While you’re running through hoops and getting jerked around, Larry, I’ve got MY Title. I’ve got the PCX Title and I’ve got my legacy. I hold a belt that, and month after month it is put on the line under the most brutal of circumstances. It’s not about being the best wrestler as you strive to be, Larry. My championship is a TRUE test of pain and suffering. Being the best wrestler won’t help you out when we meet his time, Larry, and neither will your hometown advantage. No, this goes way beyond the World championship and when the bell rings... forget BattleBRAWL... the spotlight is going to be right on the two of us."

(The lights around the ring goes off as a spotlight hits the ring. In the process it takes us back to International Intrigue as the fans are tossing chairs on top of Chaos’ body. The chairs are piling up.. Chaos fades from sight as the chairs engulf him.)

TACT (V/O): "If you pledge yourself to this match, and push your advantage to the limit, and make a push to take that next step, then you also accept the consequences. If you lose this match, Chaos... then you take the plunge along with that championship. You won't lose the championship, no, but you'll lose what you have worked for to this point.  Whether Marceau realizes it or not, she has created more than she bargained for with this match. She has unknowingly dedicated more than just another match, and another hitman, to try and halt the legacy of Larry Tact. She has brought a match to New ERA that truly is worthy of the BattleBRAWL history."

(The P©X championship comes back into primary focus as the shot falsl out of view.)

CHAOS (V/O): "We've got a match, Larry, and a HELL of a match. See, I never thought for a second you wouldn't be up for it.  For if there is one thing I'll give you Larry, you are a HELL of a wrestler. You are a competitor. You'll step up and fight the fight as best you can, but its hard, Larry, when you’re not sure what the fight is. See, you have been around and you are damn good, but Larry, you've NEVER... NEVER been in a match like this before."

(The P©X Title begins to crack and slowly falls to pieces as Chaos’ voice fades into ‘We Dance Alone.’  Coming into the shot is a lottery roll.  There are a bunch of balls being spun around inside.  A hand comes into the shot and takes the first ball that falls out; #1.  The shot speeds through as hands pop in and out.  #2, #3, #4, #5 .. so on and so forth until the shot slows down as the last ball falls into place, #20.  Shawn Hart comes into view, holding the ball that is labeled #1.)

HART (V/O): "Heh, so this is what it's come to, eh? I come back here to NEW all full of hope and ambition, flappin' my yap about how I was gonna drop on this place like a nuclear warhead and shoot like Peja Stojakovic straight to the TOP... and THIS is the dish I've gotta dip my lips into?! Number one... First guy up..."

(Hart fades out as the list of names of competitors comes onto the screen.  One by one they light up and are slowly crossed out. One name remains: Alister Hayze.)

HAYZE (V/O): "Alister Hayze is not a second fiddle. Alister Hayze is a cham-peen, bay-bee! And when I got word that I'd finally get to prove it, well... I got on the first plane back to the states. Because its BattleBRAWL time, folks. One man is gonna outlast the whole roster and earn himself a shot at the NEW World Heavyweight champion, and that one man is most assuredly gonna be your ol' buddy Al."

(The video rewinds as names become uncrossed out.  It stops, and then the names are crossed out again, except this time Hayze’s name is crossed out, and Copycat’s is circled.)

COPYCAT (V/O): "I can see in their eyes that these fans want a hero, a champion they can be proud of. That's why I'm going to win that BattleBRAWL Rumble, that's why I'm going to become the number-one contender, and that's why I'm going to dethrone the NEW World Champion, whoever it may be, when I get my shot. People like Larry Tact can call me a glory hog, but that's exactly what I am, and if they had any sense about them, that's what they would be too. You're looking at -- and listening to the mediocre singing skills of -- the man who is going to take NEW by storm..."

(COMPUTER ERROR!  The screen becomes a bunch of 1’s and 0’s as a familiar voice comes on screen.)

HAL (V/O): "HAL has not come to tell you that he, alone, is capable of winning this Rumble. After all, you have all claimed the same, and at least 75% of you will have made incorrect assertions... that's three, Shawn... and so I will not jump on the merry-go-round of egocentrism, although I imagine those who have remained silent gladly will.  I will, however, give credit to Copycat for managing to somehow raise the level of homoerotic overtones already prevalent in professional wrestling, and only say... Copycat, if it is the fans you rely on... the same ones who, tomorrow, will scream the names of their favorite Nascar drivers... ten seconds before they throw a beer bottle through their own television set... to prove a point, nonetheless... then, perhaps you are not as intelligent as you would believe."

(An unknown face is barely recognizable as it "imprints" through the 1’s and 0’s.)

???? (V/O): "Let’s get right to the point: I don’t expect to win this match at all. What? Surprised to hear me say that? Why is that such a shock? Let’s face it: There are plenty of great wrestlers in this match – great mediocrewrestlers to be precise… most of them anyway.."

(The shots ends its Matrix love affair and we see that the unknown face belongs to LoC’s Ulysis Solian.)

SOLIAN (V/O): "I’m mainly here because the state of wrestling and NEW is abysmal at best. You’ve got idiots running around here like they own the place and then you have some middle-aged cuntrag getting her ovaries off trying to make the lives of people, including my brother and best friend Larry Tact, unbearable to continue in this plane of existence.  But maybe I can change that. Maybe I can cause a disruption in the usual flow of things here in New ERA of Wrestling. Maybe I can make the difference that when the dust has settled, I will finally have the recognition and respect of my peers as I become one of the elite in this sport…"

(The shot fades out .. Two faces, one of The Phantom Republican, and the other Jonathan Marx, appear on screen, staring nose to nose.  The two are separated via split screen as the New ERA World Heavyweight championship is placed between them.)

MARX (V/O): "NEW is finally emerging from the darkness which started that fateful rainy night that Larry Tact was robbed out of the championship by Rabesque who tarnished the championship even more by losing to that B-Star Phantom Republican who has no respect for what the NEW World Heavyweight Title truly means. I will not let NEW regress back to those dark and miserable days, it is time that NEW to walk back into light and take its rightful place on the top of the mountain."

(The split screen crashes together and we’re taken back to the 07.05.06 edition of RAUCOUS from Uniondale, New York.  The Phantom Republican is stuck in the ropes, watching helplessly as Jonathan Marx forces Beau Michaels to submit to the Marxism, and thus, win the championship.)

PHANTOM REPUBLICAN (V/O): "I'm coming with the Stealth Bombers and Star Wars. The Terror Alert has been upped to Red. There will be MOABs. There will be Weapons of Mass Destruction used with just force. Gordon Oliver Powell will stop at NOTHING, NOTHING! to get his championship back. No Communist nor homosexual will stand in his way this time."

(The shot of The Phantom Republican, mouth open in rage, eyes firing, pauses.  It fades to a shot of the World Title around the waist of Jonathan Marx as he was a special guest referee in the triple threat match at the 07.24.06 edition of RAUCOUS in University Park, Pennsylvania.)

MARX (V/O): "I’ve learned so much in my life by looking up at the stars. Og Mandino once said, ‘Search for the seed of good in every adversity. Master that principle and you will own a precious shield that will guard you well through all the darkest valleys you must traverse. Stars may be seen from the bottom of a deep well, when they cannot be discerned from the mountaintop. So will you learn things in adversity that you would never have discovered without trouble. There is always a seed of good. Find it and prosper.’"

(The camera fast forwards to The Phantom Republican’s entrance, standing on the rampway, staring up at Jonathan Marx.)

PHANTOM REPUBLICAN (V/O): "Your vision for the Golden Age of Wrestling is nothing but an immoral farce. You wish to strip us of our ability to watch men like myself fly through the air like stealth bombers or pummel those like you with innovative strikes and blasts. You wish to keep the high flying moves contained by those crazy Nips over in Japan. You'd rather have it so that the only legal moves were chin locks and back rakes. Well, I for one will never stand for such a heathen practice to fall over my wrestling company."

(The lineup for the main event, the World Title match between The Phantom Republican and the World Champion ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx, once again comes on screen with both men nose-to-nose in the graphic.)

PHANTOM REPUBLICAN (V/O): "That is why, at BattleBRAWL, I will not only end your championship reign, bringing joy and happiness to everyone in this country who counts, all the good little conservative boys and girls who read Bill O'Reilly's children's book and boycott Target, but I will end any hope of you continuing your crusade against decency. You may have brought in names, but I bring down the house upon you. You may have influenced wrestlers, but I influence a nation."

(The shot fades to black. The BattleBRAWL 2 logo comes on screen.)

PHANTOM REPUBLICAN (V/O): "At BattleBRAWL, may the God you don't believe in have mercy on your soul. Because I certainly won't."

(CUTTO: Inside Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.  The fans are jam packed to the rafters as BattleBRAWL 2 banners hang about the arena.  The cameras jump around to each section of the arena as the fans pop when they see themselves on the big screens.  Finally, the shot cuts to the announce booth.  Tom Gheorghe sits in the middle seat as Nick Jive is on his right.  An empty chair stands at Gheorghe’s left.)


JIVE: "I can’t believe the turnout here tonight in Madison Square Garden.  I have never seen an arena that is as off the wall as I am right now!"

GHEORGHE: "I am Tom Gheorghe, sitting next to me is Nick Jive .. and Dean Julius was supposed to be here tonight, but I’m not quite sure where he is, Nick."

JIVE: "Hopefully he got lost trying to find the arena.  I think we can handle this on our own."

GHEORGHE: "We have an AMAZING lineup of matches tonight.  Four HUGE matches … including two championship matches, a PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme match, and the BattleBRAWL rumble itself!"

JIVE: "Each match just seems to build on top of the next .. this will definitely be a pay per view to remember."

GHEORGHE: "As I said we have two championship matches .. the first of which will be for the New ERA of Wrestling Women’s Championship."

JIVE: "Foxx and Karla Starr will finally meet in the ring with the championship on the line .. and Foxx should be thanking the wrestling gods that Starr has graciously decided to put the championship up."

GHEORGHE: "Graciously decided?  Foxx defeated Karla Starr in a non-championship match .. she earned the championship shot tonight!"

JIVE: "So you say, Gheorghe.  I think everyone out there knows the truth.  Karla Starr is giving Foxx a little taste of glory before she snatches it away tonight in grand fashion."

GHEORGHE: "Speaking of glory, Nick.  Chaos will be in all his glory tonight as the P©X Champion will face off against New ERA’s first World Heavyweight Champion in a non-championship match … and since it’s a P©X match, that means Chaos will choose the stipulation."

JIVE: "I’ve heard from a couple sources that Chaos revealed the stipulations to Tact about a half hour before BattleBRAWL started … and from the look on Tact’s face, it must have been pretty big."

GHEORGHE: "Chaos always has incredible, and might I say, dangerous, matches lined up for his opponents in the P©X matches .. and if one thing is for certain, tonight’s pay per view match will be bigger than anything we’ve witnessed before."

JIVE: "The best part of this whole match is that Juliet Marceau threw it together in spite of Tact!"

GHEORGHE: "Marceau has consistently been a thorn in Tact’s side .. and after Tact took out her last hitman on RAUCOUS, she immediately had Chaos and his devious mind lined up."

JIVE: "The Vice President of New ERA has been foiled time and time again by Larry Tact .. but tonight the odds are stacked in her favor!"

GHEORGHE: "The odds are NOT in Shawn Hart’s favor, however.  The former WFW Heavyweight Champion will be entering number one in the BattleBRAWL rumble .. where the winner will receive a New ERA World Title shot at a show of his choosing."

JIVE: "Hart lost to Cameron Cruise a couple of weeks ago and Cruise had the option of choosing Hart’s number.. Cruise did the smartest thing he could by giving Hart the #1 draw."

GHEORGHE: "We’ve got so many great talents in the rumble tonight.  We’ve got Ulysis Solian, Copycat and Joey Melton, all non-New ERA roster members who are looking to sneak in and take the New ERA World championship shot."

JIVE: "If that should happen .. and by god should they win the championship at a future show, then what would that mean for New ERA?  You’d have someone not under contract as World Champion!"

GHEORGHE: "They’d have to get through the likes of Jason Payne, Mr. Entertainment, Daymon and other New ERA superstars such as newcomers HAL and the man who will be making his debut here tonight, ‘Sensational’ Steven Shane."

JIVE: "That’s the only bright spot is that there are plenty of New ERA superstars who can bond together and make sure that the championship shot stays in house.. although, with an opportunity at the championship, asking anyone to bond together in this match is going to be a stretch."

GHEORGHE: "With Cameron Cruise, Jason Payne and the man who won the first BattleBRAWL rumble, MWG, all in this thing again .. you have to wonder whether we’ll see a similar situation with those three men as the final three."

JIVE: "MWG won the Television championship by winning the first BattleBRAWL rumble .. and he held on to that championship until a couple of shows ago when Mr. Entertainment took it from him .. and with Mr. Entertainment in the rumble .. well you know that he’ll be looking to become the first dual holder of New ERA championships."

GHEORGHE: "Twenty men will be going at it in the rumble where a new entrant will come down every 2 minutes .. and they are all looking to receive the BattleBRAWL Cup, as well as the championship shot at whoever walks away from tonight’s main event victorious."

JIVE: "Not victorious, Gheorghe .. but whoever walks away from tonight’s main event with the World championship."

GHEORGHE: "Jonathan Marx will defend the first World championship of his career against the former champion, The Phantom Republican."

JIVE: "Yes, but GOP was not the man he beat for the championship!"

GHEORGHE: "Well, technically no .. but he did win Phantom Republican’s championship."

JIVE: "By making Beau Michaels, a man not even on New ERA’s roster, submit!  That Texas Tornado tag match was a sham, perpetrated by those communists of DREDD, to strip GOP of the championship that is rightfully his!"

GHEORGHE: "Well he’ll have his chance tonight to get the World championship back as he takes on Marx one on one."

JIVE: "One on one?!  Marx has Brandon Jacobs, John Doe and Carlee Marx in his corner! I hardly call that one on one.  Like true communists Marx is going to use the collective effort to screw GOP out of the championship AGAIN!"

GHEORGHE: "We’ll see about that, Nick.. but I’ve just received word that we are ready to go … the Women’s Championship match is coming up now!"

( continued... )