[ Key Arena ] Seattle, Washington


TAPED: Dec. 03, 2004
AIRED: Dec. 19, 2004

(FADEIN: An empty arena. The cameras circle the arena, focusing on the empty seats as the voices of New ERA’s stars fill the airwaves.)

JOHN DOE: "The truth being I have worked here in New ERA for 5 months, the fact is I can win this match. Men? No… rookies are what I face.."

ALISTER HAYZE: "The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes to me. BatteBRAWL is all mine."

JASON PAYNE: "Everyone wants to spout off at the mouth about how they are the top dog in this sport. Well, go right ahead. Knock yourself out. When you find yourself face to face with me, you'll realize just what a top dog is. But by then, it will be too late."

THE PHANTOM REPUBLICAN: "Myself and 18 other men will enter the ring in the Key Arena, and only one man will exit with the Television Championship. One man... one man will control the airwaves, one man will be the example on the most powerful medium in the country, and I plan on that man being me."

(The camera now cuts to the ring. It focuses on the ring ropes as more voices are heard.)

KARLA STARR: "I told you all before I even set one gorgeous foot into New ERA of Wrestling, and I'm going to say it once again.... 'specially for those like Daymon who’s too busy tending to her baby girl to bother paying attention or tramps like Blue or Carlee who simply just can't take a hint. The New ERA Women's Championship and praise all need to be given to me."

JANE DOE: "When this night is over I will be the champion, even if that means taking you out of the ring before the match. I will make you fear me."

CAITLYN DAYMON: "Whether or not you take that belt means nothing to me. I’m merely on a quest to put you in your place. Pray someone finishes you in that match before you face me, Karla…"

(The camera continues to close in on the ropes … finally it goes "through them," and spirals up. Focusing down on the mat, on the BattleBRAWL logo.)

ANTAEUS: "You stepped on the El Arco Iris, Jonathan Marxs, and Peter Files of the world and treated them like garbage just like society has treated these men and women."

RABESQUE: "You’re the sideshow attraction to keep the people entertained before they get to the real show of the night. You don’t belong here right now. You will someday, but you’re not there yet."

ANTAEUS: "I may even surprise you with the dreaded small package, which was undoubtedly named after your obvious short comings, and send you home like Shane Southern did."

CHAOS: "This is the match I wanted. Suicide needed three men to defeat me in a cage last time.. three men.."

RABESQUE: "Honestly, I think it’s quite sad. I’m everything to everyone right now. I’m #1 on everyone’s radar, I’m their reason for being in this promotion. I’ve inspired entire organizations to form."

CHAOS: "This... this tastes like victory to me. When all is said and done, I will tear flesh, I will spill blood, I will risk ALL to walk out the champion. When the final bell rings, I'll have your belt, Jean.."

ANTAEUS: "At BattleBRAWL, live from Seattle, Washington, a new era will begin…"

(The camera then "plunges" towards the mat, the BattleBRAWL logo quickly taking up the entire span of the camera until it "crashes" through. The BattleBRAWL logo now is on the screen, in front of a full, jam packed audience.)

(FADETO: Nick Jive and Tom Gheorghe who are sitting at ringside, both wearing their best outfits.)


JIVE: "I can hardly focus, Tom! The sound in here is deafening!"

GHEORGHE: "Ladies and gentlemen we are here in the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington … and this place is SOLD OUT … 17,000 fans are jam packed … and they are waiting to see the most anticipated show in New ERA’s history!"

JIVE: "And what a show it’s going to be, Tom! We’ve got three matches here tonight … but these three are going to be some of the most intense matches that I have ever seen!"

GHEORGHE: "Three matches, three championships, and TWO new champions WILL be crowned tonight … with the possibility of the World championship also changing hands!"

JIVE: "You mean it WILL change hands tonight!"

GHEORGHE: "The Women’s Championship will be decided for the first time in New ERA history as we officially kick the division off … and what a way to do so, Nick … a GAUNTLET, ‘Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal!’ match."

JIVE: "It almost seems too good to be true. Two ladies start, then once one of them is eliminated the wheel is spun and the stipulations are set … EVEN BEFORE THE NEXT MAKES IT TO THE RING!"

GHEORGHE: "That’s right! In an effort to keep the match flowing the stipulations will be announced as the next competitor enters the ring … and that can either be a blessing or a curse … I guess we’ll find out."

JIVE: "Do we know any of the matches that will be on the wheel?"

GHEORGHE: "There will be eight different stipulations … but no one has had a chance to see them besides New ERA President Marcus LaRoque and New ERA Vice President Juliet Marceau…"

JIVE: "I hope Bras and Panties in on there!"

GHEORGHE: "Well, I hope you aren’t too disappointed."

JIVE: "Disappointed? The only way I’d be disappointed is if Jane Doe is one of the girls in the match …"

GHEORGHE: "Not only will the Women’s championship be decided tonight … but we will also crown a NEW Television champion … as 20 men will go head to head in an over the top battle royal with entries every 90 seconds …. Until one man lasts in the ring."

JIVE: "Hopefully we’ll get someone who will actually hold on to the championship for longer than a week."

GHEORGHE: "The championship has switched hands left and right since Jean Rabesque lost the championship to Chaos … who then lost it to Suicide, who then forfeited the championship … which was won by Alex Borden … who then had the championship stripped by Juliet Marceau … and we still aren’t quite sure what has happened to Borden or if he’ll be back!"

JIVE: "The championship was stripped on September 28 th … and New ERA staff had been looking for a way to determine just who would be the best choice for champion … while MWG was the #1 contender at the time, I guess the only way to show that the new champion would be the best possible was to give the winner of BattleBRAWL rumble the championship …"

GHEORGHE: "Not only will the winner of the rumble win the Television championship, but they will also be given the BattleBRAWL Cup, and go down in history as the first ever BattleBRAWL winner."

JIVE: "And to top it all off … tonight is the night when Chaos finally topples Jean Rabesque for the third time … and takes away the World Heavyweight championship!"

GHEORGHE: "The World championship is going to be held in a Steel Cage BRAWL …. Where the entire ringside area is enclosed in a huge steel cage …. The only way to win this match is by pinfall …. There is no disqualification .. there is no count out … there is NO SUBMISSION … and that might be the biggest disadvantage to both Rabesque and Chaos.."

JIVE: "That might give ANTAEUS an in road to become the World champion!"

GHEORGHE: "I’ve been anticipating this match I think most of all because we might just find out who ANTAEUS is ….. and why he has been stalking the World Champion for so long!"

JIVE: "And you also gotta wonder just how DREDD will play into tonight’s show. Will they try to take Rabesque out of the match before it goes on … or will they find some way to intervene during the match?"

GHEORGHE: "It’ll be very difficult for them to get through that cage, Nick … it surrounds the entire ringside area and has a top on it."

JIVE: "With Jonathan Marx as the brains of the operation … I’m sure they’ll find a way!"

GHEORGHE: "We’ll find out tonight I guess … ladies and gentlemen … I am getting the cue …. WE ARE HERE IN SEATTLE ….. WE ARE READY FOR BATTLEBRAWL!"

(CUEUP: ‘Violet’ by Hole. The crowd begins to jeer as Juliet Marceau comes through the curtains wearing a very low cut skirt and dress shirt.)


GHEORGHE: "Vice President Marceau is making her way down to ringside … and I think she’s going to kick things off as the women’s gauntlet ‘Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal’ match is first on our agenda!"

( continued... )