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TAPED: Aug. 12, 2007
AIRED: May 13, 2009

GHEORGHE:  "Brandon Bray outshining his opponent her tonight … and as you can see .. the wheels are definitely turning in the secondary ring on the upper deck… what do you think they’re doing up there?

JULIUS:  "Probably getting ready for whatever insane stipulation Chaos made up for this match."

GHEORGHE:  "Whatever it is … it looks like it is going to involve that scaffolding from the Walk the Plank match between Doe and Dahaka… they’ve turned it so that instead of facing over the rail, that now it’s above that upper ring."

JIVE:  "Chaos has such a stranglehold on the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme division … with the P©X champion deciding stipulations, it is almost a sure bet that it’ll be a match that people will talk about."

GHEORGHE:  "It looks like things are getting underway… the referee has just handed Carl Jacobs a piece of paper .. and by the looks of Jacobs’ face, I think that contained the stipulation!"

JULIUS:  "Well shut the hell up then and let’s get this thing started!"

JACOBS:  "Ladies and gentlemen… the following match is scheduled for one fall ……. And is for the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championship!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jacobs pauses as he looks up at the scaffold…"

JACOBS:  "Per the rule that allows the P©X champion the ability to choose the stipulations for the match ….. this match will be conducted under "The Sky is Falling" rules.  While the competitors are wrestling in the ring below … crew members who are stationed on the scaffolding above will begin to drop one of the many utensils at their disposal from the boxes provided."

(CUTTO:  Large wooden boxes, 5 feet tall, being moved onto the scaffolding. The lineup comes on screen.)

PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme Championship
The Sky Is Falling Match

Jason Payne vs. Chaos (c)

JIVE:  "What do you think are in those?!

JULIUS:  "Refugees.  Little do they know."

GHEORGHE:  "Dean!"

JACOBS:  "Introducing first… hailing from Paynesville, Kentucky…"

(CUEUP:  ‘Dogs of War’ by Pink Floyd.  Payne steps through to the deck as the fans pop.  He nods as he begins to make his way to the upper ring.)

GHEORGHE:  "Payne looks ready …. And I don’t think he knows what to expect from this match."

JULIUS:  "Does anyone?"

JACOBS:  "Standing six foot six and weighing 275 pounds….. JASON …… PAYNE!"

(CUEUP:  ‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns n’ Roses.  The fans begin to jeer heavily as Chaos makes his way out with the P©X championship belt around his waist.  His lips slowly part into a smile as he looks up at the boxes on the scaffolding.)

JACOBS:  "His opponent… hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada … he stands seven …. Feet … tall.  He is a two-time, and CURRENT New ERA of Wrestling PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion ……. CHAOS!"

JIVE:  "Chaos is six inches taller than Payne … 30 pounds heavier … but with a match like this, unless Chaos put some sort of kryptonite up in those crates … who knows what can happen."

JULIUS:  "The unpredictability factor is high.  Chaos needs to get Payne down before the sky begins to .. fall."

(SFX: Bell rings.)

GHEORGHE:  "It should be interesting nonetheless!  The bell sounds and Jason Payne begins to circle Chaos, who stands stationary in the ring.  Payne walking around eying Chaos up… trying to find a good spot to go in.."

JULIUS:  "Payne is a hell of a wrestler, I’ll give him that.  But he needs to throw all caution to the wind here and just wail the living daylights out of Chaos if he wants to have a chance."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne coming in from behind Chaos … and he clobbers him in the back with a forearm shot!"

JIVE:  "Chaos just stood there."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne with another … and Chaos rolls his eyes!  Chaos turns … and Payne drives a forearm into the jaw of the P©X champion!"

JULIUS:  "Chaos unfazed!  He snaps his head back forward… and grabs Payne by the throat!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos has Payne by the throat … and lifts him off the ground!!  He is just holding Payne straight up in the air … and Payne’s feet are dangling!  Payne trying to grab onto the clutch of Chaos to break it … but it’s not doing any good!"

JIVE:  "Chaos is a beast … and Jason Payne started off too conventional."

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos now just tossing Payne to the mat!  Jason Payne sits up and trying to gasp for air … but here comes Chaos.  Chaos now grabbing the Dog of War … and he picks him up and tosses him into the corner!  Chaos now extending his leg … and holding that boot against the throat of Jason Payne!"

JIVE:  "He’s driving all of the air out of him early."

GHEORGHE:  "There are no disqualifications in these types of matches, so it is fair game!"

JULIUS:  "Payne might be out of this faster than we could ever imagine if he doesn’t find some way to get Chaos … nevermind."


JIVE:  "Chaos just went from seven feet tall to three and a half feet tall after that."

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos doubled over …. And Jason Payne quickly grabbing him and reversing the roles!  Payne with Chaos in the corner … and he drives the knees into the midsection!  Payne backs out … and drives a running boot into the chest of the champion!"

JULIUS:  "Payne needs to keep this up.  If he can turn the momentum of the match in his favor in the beginning, Chaos could have his entire plans shattered."

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos swats Payne away … Chaos coming out of the corner …. And Payne ducks under the clothesline!  Jason Payne behind Chaos …. AND HE CLOTHESLINES HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!"

JULIUS:  "But Chaos is still on his feet!"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne takes a few steps back …. AND CLIPS CHAOS IN THE BACK OF THE KNEE!"

(SFX:  Crowd pops!)

GHEORGHE:  "And the P©X champion falls forward to the mat!"

JIVE:  "Immobilize Chaos and you take away 90% of his chance to do serious harm."

GHEORGHE:  "90?  100%!"

JIVE:  "This is Chaos we’re talking about, Gheorghe… he’s not a two-time P©X champion based on his looks."

JULIUS:  "God, ain’t that the truth."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne grabs the leg of Chaos … and he locks on the Half Crab!"

JULIUS:  "Now Payne is starting to get smart.  He tried in the beginning to go after Chaos when he was up and about … now he’s limiting him to the mat."

GHEORGHE:  "The challenger has the half crab locked … and he is leaning WAY back!"

JIVE:  "He’s trying to snap every ligament in Chaos’ knee."


JULIUS:  "Chaos with those freakishly long arms … he was able to grab some of Payne’s hair."

JIVE:  "I bet Payne wishes he kept his military buzz cut right about now."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne releasing the half crab …. But unrelenting on the attack as he drives the boots into the back of the knee!  Chaos is still on the mat … but he’s trying to get up to his feet!"

JULIUS:  "Payne trying to keep Chaos down with those kicks … but Chaos still managing to get up!"


JULIUS:  "And Chaos goes back down."

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos wincing in pain as he’s on the mat…. And now "the Dog of War" flips him over… Payne … locking on the figure four!"

JIVE:  "Not something we usually see from Jason Payne, but desperate times call for desperate measures."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne’s got it locked on!  Chaos grunting in pain as even more pressure is applied to his knee!"

JULIUS:   "Chaos grinding his teeth to bear the pain … and Jason Payne just trying to maintain the hold.  Those are tree trunks that Chaos has."


JIVE:  "What the hell is that!"


GHEORGHE:  "There are glass vases falling from the scaffolding!  Those vases are falling into the ring … and smashing to bits!"

JIVE:  "There’s glass all around Payne and Chaos now!"

(SFX:  Crash! Crash!)

GHEORGHE:  "TWO more vases exploding upon impact!  Jason Payne now looking up at the scaffolding to try to see where those vases are going to drop."

JIVE:  "The last one almost nailed him in the noggin!"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne with his eyes off the P©X champion …. And Chaos with a closed fist just smashes Payne in the face!"

JULIUS:  "Chaos using his body length to his advantage!  Payne could have avoided it if he didn’t get distracted."

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos with another fist … and the figure four is broke!"

JIVE:  "It looks like there won’t be any more glass vases thrown from the scaffold …. But there is already a good amount of glass covering the mat!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne on his feet and stops Chaos from getting to his!  Chaos on his knees … and Payne driving the elbow right in his kisser!"

JULIUS:  "Is that his face?  For a second there I thought Chaos was bent over…"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne with another shot …. Chaos wobbling back …. Jason Payne comes in wi… NO! MY GOD!! Chaos had a fist full of glass shards …. AND JUST SLAMMED IT INTO PAYNE!  Jason Payne takes a few steps back ….. and he’s got pieces of glass stuck into his chest!"

JIVE:  "Better get that medic team on standby … this is going to get brutal."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne looking down and then looking at Chaos … and he comes back in!  BUT CHAOS SWIPES PAYNE’s LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM!"

(SFX:  Payne lets out an audible "fuck.")

JIVE:  "Payne just landed back first into the broken glass!"

JULIUS:  "Uh, oh.  Chaos is on his feet!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos up!  Jason Payne rolls over … and look at his back!"

JIVE:  "Looks like someone tossed glitter onto a paper with glue on it!"


JIVE:  "Payne’s body is like a swiffer!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos …. He brings Payne to his feet ….. AND HAS HIM UP IN THE AIR!! PRESS SLAM INTO A PILE OF GLASS!"

JULIUS:  "I hope they have a tub full of Neosporin waiting down below in the cabin area for Payne after this thing is over… he’s going to need it!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos now turning to the cor….wait!"

JIVE:  "His knee just gave out it seems!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos went to take a step to the corner .. and he dropped to one knee .. Chaos now has glass shards implanted into his knee cap!"

JULIUS:  "Chaos getting back up though … and he’s trying to shake it off."

(SFX:  CRASH~!  BANG~! Crowd pops!)

GHEORGHE:  "Steel chairs dropping from the scaffold!! They’re falling all around Chaos!"



JIVE:  "Timber!"

GHEORGHE: "Chaos down! Chaos down!"

(CUTTO:  Chaos.  He lifts his head off the mat revealing the cuts left from the glass.)

JULIUS:  "Double whammy."

GHEORGHE:  "A steel chair dropped down and floored Chaos …. And now both men are laid out!"

JIVE:  "After the first couple fell, Chaos tried to get to safety, but he walked right into the danger zone."

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos surrounded by fallen chairs .."


GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne!! He sat up!"

JIVE:  "I can’t tell who is in the worse position right now .. both men look beat up."

GHEORGHE:  "Well the challenger is getting to his feet!  Payne looking down at his chest … and he tries to brush some of the glass off!  ‘the Dog of War’ now looking at Chaos …. AND HE IS GRABBING A CHAIR!"

JULIUS:  "No need to go outside the ring to get one now, I guess.."

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne raises the chair above his head …. And slams it across the back of Chaos!  And the P©X champion receiving a chair shot to his knee!  Jason Payne … Payne now placing the folded chair across the back of Chaos’ head!"

JIVE:  "Do I even want to know?"


JULIUS:  "Is he going to the top?  We might need to air lift Chaos to the closest hospital!"

JIVE:  "So, he’ll see a doctor in Havana in about3 weeks."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne isn’t going to the top … but he does charge out of the corner ….. AND BACK SPLASHES THE CHAIR!!  Payne hopped in the air and came crashing down back first on the chair … and Chaos’ head takes the brunt of the force!  Payne now …. Payne grabs a second chair …. And he’s setting it up!"

JIVE:  "now he’s setting up a third chair facing it…"

GHEORGHE:  "Payne now grabbing ANOTHER chair .. and it lays it on top of the two set chairs….."

JIVE:  "Something tells me Chaos is going to get a face to face meeting with those chairs…."

GHEORGHE:  "Jason Payne now … he brings the P©X champion to his feet …. HE GRABS CHA—NO!  Chaos reverses!  Chaos sends Payne into the ropes…. BIG BOOT!"

JIVE:  "Payne ducked!"

JULIUS: "Payne ducked the boot and managed to hop over the chair setup …. He reaches back and grabs the head of Chaos!"



JULIUS:  "If Chaos was able to have enough ring awareness to get out of that … Payne is in loads of trouble."

GHEORGHE:  "Doesn’t look like he’s in any trouble to me, Dean!  Payne is back to his feet …. Chaos lying on his back….. and Payne … PAYNE IS COVERING CHAOS’ BODY WITH THE CHAIRS!"

JIVE:  "Now what’s he doing?!"

GHEORGHE:  "Chaos’ entire body now covered ….. AND JASON PAYNE IS HEADING TO THE CORNER!"

JULIUS:  "High risk move … but the dividends could be enough to crown Payne the new PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion."

GHEORGHE:  "Payne straddling the top rope ….. MY GOD."


( continued... )