[ Havana Harbour ] Havana, Cuba


TAPED: Aug. 12, 2007
AIRED: May 13, 2009

(FADEIN:  Ringside.  Tom Gheorghe, Nick Jive and Dean Julius sit behind the broadcast booth as the sound of the crowd begins to increase tenfold.  CUTTO:  Inside the ring as Carl Jacobs paces back and forth.)

GHEORGHE:  "Ladies and gentlemen, we are just moments away from tonight’s main event … and WHAT a main event we have scheduled."

JIVE:  "Tonight’s already been a hell of a night, and now we have the triple threat, single elimination match, where New ERA’s TWO World Heavyweight champions will face off against Larry Tact, and finally we will find out just who will be the sole standard bearer for New ERA."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon told the entire world he would be World Heavyweight champion leading into WrestleSTOCK ’07.. and he did just that… well, to a point, in the Dueling Ladders match against five other men.. tonight will be his shot to consolidate the two World Heavyweight championships into one… his."

JULIUS:  "You guys are counting out the CURRENT World Heavyweight champion already?  Jonathan Marx has had a stranglehold on that belt, he’s outlasted challenger after challenger to keep the championship around his waist.  Hell, he tricked us all at WrestleSTOCK and STILL managed to keep his championship."

GHEORGHE:  "Well tonight could be the end of that reign you’re talking about, Dean.  This is a single elimination match.  Should Daymon or Marx be eliminated first, whoever pins them becomes champion… therefore, Larry Tact could pin either / or and become World Heavyweight champion… and then become the shortest reigning World Heavyweight champion in New ERA’s history should he then be eliminated second!"

JIVE:  "Wouldn’t that just be perfect."

GHEORGHE:  "What a way to end an already exhilarating pay per view!  We’ve seen New ERA’s first ever World Tag Team champions crowned … we saw hellacious battles for the PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme and Television championships … and now we’re ready to crown a definitive World Heavyweight champion …"

JULIUS:  "It feels like it was months ago that WrestleSTOCK occurred, but nevertheless, you know that this match is worth all the wait."

GHEORGHE:  "I’ve just been told that we are ready to rock… so let’s go down to Carl Jacobs and get this match started!"

(CUTTO:  In the ring.  The lineup for the main event comes on screen.)

World Heavyweight Championship
Elimination Match

Larry Tact vs. Daymon (c) vs. Jonathan Marx (c)

JACOBS:   "The following match is a triple threat, single elimination match for the New ERA of Wrestling WORLD …. HEAVYWEIGHT …. CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(SFX:  Crowd pops HUGE.)

JACOBS:  "Introducing first…"

(The fans get on their feet and look to the back…)

(CUEUP:  "The Touch" by Stan Bush.  The crowd POPS as ‘Gentleman’ Jonathan Marx and Brandon Jacobs come from below deck.  Marx has his World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.)

JACOBS:  "He stands six foot two and weighs 215 pounds.. being led to the ring by Brandon Jacobs… hailing from PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY… he is the current New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight champion….. ‘GENTLEMAN’ …. JONATHAN … MARX!"

(Marx and Jacobs slide into the ring.)

JULIUS:  "This man has defeated GOP, he’s defeated Shawn Hart .. he’s showed he has what it takes when the moment counts most.. and tonight he’s going to prove you all wrong when he walks out of this match with the championship."

GHEORGHE:  "But can he overcome both Daymon AND Tact in an elimination match?"

JULIUS:  "He overcame Tact, Hart, GOP, Rabesque, and Daymon in the Dueling Ladders match!"

(CUEUP:  "Karma Slave" by Splashdown as the crowd begins to jeer.)

JACOBS:  "Introducing next.. the challenger…"

(Larry Tact steps out and soaks in the jeers coming from the crowd as he looks back and forth, and finally to the ring.)

JACOBS:  "He stands six foot six, weighs 260 pounds… hailing from Manhattan, New York… he is New ERA’s FIRST World Heavyweight champion …. LARRY ….. TACT!"

(Tact walks to the ring steps, walks up them and steps through the ropes.)

JIVE:  "That’s my pick.  Larry Tact."

JULIUS:  "BAH!  He’s grasping at straws here.  He had a taste of the gold once, when New ERA was an infant, and now he’s stuck down at the bottom of the mountain looking up.  He’s like Sysiphus.. gets so close to getting his boulder to the top of the mountain, just to watch it roll down again."

JIVE:  "I’d like to see his boulder knock you upside the head."

JACOBS:  "And finally… introducing last…"

(CUEUP:  "Death Is This Communion" by High On Fire.  The crowd erupts in jeers as Caitlyn Daymon steps out from underneath the deck, a microphone in her hand.  Carl Jacobs seems to be talking, and looks confused as to why he can’t be heard.)

CDAYMON:  "Can it, Jacobs, I’m doing the announcing for the LEGEND.. the MYTH .. the MAN .."

(SFX:  Crowd jeers.)

CDAYMON:  "Ladies and gentlemen… introducing the man you’ve ALL been waiting to see … Hailing from "THE CITY OF DESTINY," Tacoma, Washington … and weighing in at 243 pounds of PURE, RELENTLESS flesh and bone …"

(SFX: CROWD ERUPTS in JEERS as Daymon steps onto the deck, his World Heavyweight Championship belt hung over his shoulder.)

CDAYMON:  "THE World Heavyweight champion of New ERA …… DAYMON!"

(Caitlyn Daymon tosses the mic to the deck and follows Daymon to the ring.)

GHEORGHE:  "We are just moments away from the start of this match as the referee checks out all three men .. and ladies and gentlemen, we’d just like to thank you all for sticking with us tonight.  It’s been one hell of a ride."

(SFX:   Bell rings.)

JIVE:  "And we’re off!"

GHEORGHE:  "Caitlyn Daymon exiting the ring and all three men are converging in the center of the ring!"

JULIUS:  "I can already see the sparks flying."

GHEORGHE:  "Larry Tact using some choice words as he starts pointing his finger into the chest of Jonathan Marx… and Marx swipes his hand away."

JIVE:  "Tact paused for a second… I don’t think he was expecting Marx to be so blunt."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon standing to the side … and he is watching as Tact begins poking Marx again…  and Marx responds by pushing Tact back!  Tact now pushes Marx!  Marx shoves Tact … AND LARRY TACT POPS MARX IN THE FACE!"

JULIUS:  "Daymon has been standing there .. and he looks at Caitlyn Daymon with a smirk.. he’s loving this."

GHEORGHE:  "Not anymore! Larry Tact turned and popped him, too!  But Daymon responds with a huge left hook that knocks Tact off his feet!"

JIVE:  "Tact quickly up … and he swings at Daymon!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon ducking … and he comes back with another hook!  Tact stays on his feet this time … Tact reels back … and nails Marx in the face!"

JULIUS:  "Jonathan Marx was coming up from behind, and all he got was an elbow to the jaw!"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact turns around to see who he hit… AND DAYMON QUICKLY FROM BEHIND WITH A ROLL UP! ONE … but Tact is easily out!"

JIVE:  "Daymon tried to sneak that one."

GHEORGHE:  "Larry Tact now grabs Jonathan Marx … Daymon comes at him .. but Tact with a boot to the gut and he grabs the head of Daymon … and knocks the two together!  Jonathan Marx back …. And TACT TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE!  Tact turns … AND TAKES DAYMON DOWN, TOO!"

JULIUS:  "Larry Tact is on a mission.  He was New ERA’s first World Heavyweight champion … but he hasn’t held the title since.  He’s been on a roll since coming back, and tonight he’ll have a chance to walk out of here with the unified championship."

GHEORGHE:  "Larry Tact grabbing Daymon as he gets to his feet … puts him against the ropes …. But Jonathan Marx from behind!  Marx hooks Tact … and he has him wide open for Daymon!  Daymon taking some quick shots on the exposed torso of Larry Tact."

JIVE:  "The …. Two … World Heavyweight champions showing some teamwork early on here."

JULIUS:  "Yea, but don’t expect that to last very long!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon continuing to unload on Larry Tact… and finally Jonathan Marx releases him … Daymon hooks the head … and takes him to the mat with a DDT!"

JULIUS:  "That alliance looks to be over quicker than it started."

GHEORGHE:  "Jonathan Marx meets Daymon as he gets to his feet … and knees him in the gut!  Another knee …. Marx hooking the arm .. PUMPHANDLE SLAM!  Jonathan Marx now over to Larry Tact as Tact begins to get up … Russian legsweep!  Jonathan Marx with a quick elbow to the face."

JULIUS:  "Say what you will about Marx, but he’s consistently shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in World Heavyweight championship matches.  Somehow, against all odds, he comes out on top."

GHEORGHE:  "Yes, with the help of Brandon Jacobs!"

JULIUS:  "He gets it done, does he not?"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon back on his feet … Marx grabs him and sends him into the ropes …. Daymon on the return …. Marx drops to the mat as Daymon hops over him …. Daymon again off the ropes ….. AND NAILS A FLYING FOREARM ON THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!"

JIVE:  "But Daymon can’t capitalize!  Larry Tact is up and he has to turn his attention to him!"

GHEORGHE:  "Larry Tact is on the ropes …. And here comes Daymon!  Daymon with the irish wh.. no!  Tact holds onto the top rope.  AND HE YANKS DAYMON IN!  Short-arm clothesline flattens Daymon!  Larry Tact now scraping Daymon off the mat … hooks him … and takes him over with a suplex!"

JULIUS:  "With three people in the ring, it’s going to be very hard to get the first fall … they just need to keep working each other over to see who will be the weakest link."

GHEORGHE:  "Tact glances down at Daymon .. and now he heads over to Jonathan Marx who was trying to recoup in the corner.  Tact raises his arms for the axehandle … but Marx with a boot to the stomach stops him!  Tact comes in again … but Marx with another boot!  Larry Tact forced to step out … Marx to the second rope and flies off with an axehandle of his own!"

JIVE:  "But Larry Tact only goes down to a single knee…"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact on one knee trying to brush off the axehandle … Marx against the ropes … and NAILS the dropkick!  Tact goes flying backwards and is flat on his back in the middle of the ring."

JULIUS:  "Every time someone starts to get some sort of momentum they lose it… right now it’s a battle of the wills."

GHEORGHE:  "Jonathan Marx sees Daymon getting up… and he starts heading over to him… but Tact trips him up!  Marx takes a few steps trying to recover his balance … and this gives Daymon enough time to see what was coming!  Daymon eying Marx up …. AND SPEARS HIM TO THE MAT!"

JIVE:  "But Tact behind Daymon!  Tact locks on a sleeper!"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact came up from behind and locked on that sleeper … and Daymon is trying to fight it!  Daymon … Daymon taking Tact for a ride … AND HE DROPS DOWN USING THE MOMENTUM TO BREAK THE HOLD AND SEND TACT THROUGH THE ROPES!"

JULIUS:  "Tact hit the deck… literally."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon able to get out of the sleeper hold earlier than Larry Tact hoped… and right now it’s just him and Marx in the ring."

JIVE:  "Marx still on the mat from the spear .. and Daymon grabs his legs …. Daymon turning him around … what’s he doing?"

JULIUS:  "I think I know …"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon looking back at Larry Tact … Tact starting to get to his feet ……"

(SFX:  Crowd pops!)


JULIUS:  "Daymon taking out two birds with one stone!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon standing in the ring … but he’s not celebrating .. he’s … he’s …. MY GOD!"

(SFX:  Crowd pops!!)


JIVE:  "Daymon adding insult to injury there!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon showing how much he wants to be the World Heavyweight champion .. taking a huge risk there!"

JULIUS:  "It paid off, though.  All three men might be down … but Marx and Tact are in a much worse position right now than Daymon is!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon pushing himself up off Jonathan Marx … he picks up his fellow World Heavyweight champion … and scoop slams him to the deck!  Daymon … Daymon grabbing Tact now …. He spins him around … GERMAN SUPLEX RIGHT ON TO MARX!"

JIVE:  "Ouch."

GHEORGHE:  "Marx looked like he tried to brace himself … but it’s hard to do when there’s a 260 pound man being dropped on top of you!"

JIVE:  "You’re telling me!"

JULIUS:  "Yes, Jive is a master at taking large men on top of him."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon rolling back into the ring and out to reset the count… and now he grabs Tact.  Daymon is bringing Larry Tact back into the ring!  Daymon slides in .. and starts stomping on Larry Tact!  Daymon drags the boot across the forehead of the former World Heavyweight champion!"

JULIUS:  "That’s going to burn."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon locks the wrist …. And rolls over Tact pinning him! ONE ………….. T—NO!  Tact out!"

JIVE:  "Tact still has a lot of fight in him."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon shaking his head …. And he walks over to whe… wait … where’d Marx go?"

JIVE:  "I don’t know… he was right there.."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon walked over to the ropes on the side of the ring where Jonathan Marx was .. but Marx is gone!"

JULIUS:  "After everything that Brandon Jacobs and Jonathan Marx have cooked up in the past  … you really thought he’d stay put?"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon now walking to the other ropes … but still no Marx …. Daymon walking across the ring to see if Marx is on that side … but nothing!"



JIVE:  "Marx was hiding under the ring right where Daymon went second …"

GHEORGHE:  "Jonathan Marx not having much time to celebrate as Larry Tact spins him around … but Marx with a jab in the eye!  Tact… hooked …. DDT!  Jonathan Marx with the cover… ONE ……….. TWO ….. NO!  Marx kips up …. He goes against the ropes ….. BUT DAYMON PULLS THE TOP ROPE DOWN!! MARX GOES FLOPPING TO THE OUTSIDE!"

JULIUS:  "Uh oh. The two World Heavyweight champions are on the outside … this isn’t going to bode well for one of them… at least!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon grabs Marx …. AND SLAMS HIM INTO THE GUARDRAIL!  Marx though!  Marx turns it around and slams Daymon into the guardrail!  AND NOW MARX WAILING AWAY!  Daymon slumping down to the ground as Marx continues to pummel him!"

JIVE:  "And here comes Caitlyn Daymon!  Caitlyn is yelling at Marx …. AND HE GIVES HER THE FINGER!"

JULIUS:  "That’s not the proper way to treat a lady."

GHEORGHE:  "Marx now driving the boot into the chest of Daymon …. Marx unrelenting … and he places the sole of his boot against the throat of Daymon!"

JIVE:  "Caitlyn Daymon better watch out … because Larry Tact has slid out of the ring behind her!"

JULIUS:  "Tact just picked Caitlyn up and plopped her down on the other side of him.  Tact is gunning straight for Jonathan Marx!"

GHEORGHE:  "Marx sees Tact at the last second …. But it’s too late!  Tact with a NASTY clothesline takes Marx down!"

JIVE:  "I think Marx’s head just went flying over the side of the boat."

GHEORGHE:  "Larry Tact now … he whips Marx into the ringsteps!  Now he grabs Daymon …. AND HE SENDS DAYMON CRASHING INTO MARX AND THE STEPS!  Larry Tact not taking any chances!"

JULIUS:  "Tact feels like he was screwed out of the World Heavyweight championship at WrestleSTOCK … and he’s going to take it out on both of the champs."

GHEORGHE:  "Tact picks up Marx and rolls him into the ring … and Larry Tact follows him in."

JIVE:  "If Larry Tact pins Marx here .. he’ll become World Heavyweight champion … but he could lose the title tonight, too!"

GHEORGHE:  "Yes, the championships can change hands if either of the current World Heavyweight champions are eliminated first… and Tact is trying to make that happen right now!  Larry Tact with a fistful of Marx’s hair … and he pulls Marx up!  Tact now placing Marx on his shoulder……. OVER THE SHOULDER RUNNING POWERSLAM!  Tact with the cover ….. ONE ………….. TWO ………… THREE—NOOOO!! DAYMON SLID IN AND BROKE UP THE PIN!"

JULIUS:  "He doesn’t want Tact to become champion tonight, even if it is possible that in the end Daymon becomes the sole World Heavyweight champion!"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact not happy with Daymon … Daymon on the mat … and Tact drives the boot into his skull!  Tact now grabbing Daymon … and he’s bringing him into the corner!  Larry Tact puts Daymon in the corner … and now he rams his shoulder into the midsection of the World Heavyweight champion!  Tact driving that shoulder repeatedly …. And all the wind is being knocked out of Daymon."

JULIUS: "This wouldn’t be happening if Daymon left good enough alone."

GHEORGHE:  "Tact now takes Daymon out of the corner …. Kickswing DDT!  ONE ………. TWO …….. kickout by Daymon!  Tact now dragging Daymon across the ring … takes a leg … and locks on the Half Crab!"

JULIUS:  "Larry Tact getting into a good rhythm here.  Marx is still on the mat and Daymon is in the half crab."

GHEORGHE:  "Tact applying a lot of pressure to the lower back of Daymon … the referee checking in on him, but Daymon not giving the referee anything to work with."

JIVE:  "Right now its about draining all the energy out of his opponents.  If Tact can do that then he’ll have an easy path to the World Heavyweight championship."

GHEORGHE:  "Tact using his free hand to reach back and slap Daymon across the head a few times … and he finally releases the hold.  He kicks Daymon once for good measure and comes over to Marx… Reaching down…. BUT MARX WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE …………… TWO ………… KICKOUT!"

JIVE:  "Marx almost got him."

GHEORGHE:  "Marx with a quick attempt … but Tact is up!  Larry Tact yanks Marx to his feet … and drives the fist into Marx’s face!  Another!  Two more!  Marx is reeling … Tact hooks him…. T-BONE SUPLEX!!"

JULIUS:  "Marx hit the mat with a thud … and Tact is calling for it!  He’s going to eliminate one of the World Heavyweight champions!"

JIVE:  "Daymon is still down … so this is a great chance!"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact flips Marx onto his stomach …. AND HE’S GOING FOR THE TACTFUL SURRENDER!"


GHEORGHE:  "Tact with the modified bow and arrow ……. AND HE’S GOT IT LOCKED ON!! TACTFUL SURRENDER ON JONATHAN MARX!!!"

JIVE:  "Welcome to your second World Heavyweight championship reign, Tact.. let’s see how long it lasts though."

GHEORGHE:  "Not so fast, Nick!  Jonathan Marx might be in the Tactful Surrender …. But he hasn’t given up yet!"

JIVE:  "Yet is the operative word."

GHEORGHE:  "Jonathan Marx … he … he …"

(SFX:  Fans POP!)


JIVE:  "But will he break the Tactful Surrender or will he let Marx be taken out of the match?"


JULIUS:  "And he stops in his tracks!  He sees Marx in the hold … and he’s not going to do anything about it!"

GHEORGHE:  "Jonathan Marx looks like he’s about out of this!!  Tact screaming at him to submit … and the referee is there waiting… Marx is fading!"

JIVE:  "And Daymon is circling around Tact … just waiting for the right time!"

GHEORGHE:  "Marx’s eyes are shutting …. My god I think he might be knocked out of this match!"

JULIUS:  "Tact is about to become a World Heavy…."


JIVE:  "Marx is freed!"

JULIUS:  "Did you really think Daymon was going to give Larry Tact the chance to become champion?"

GHEORGHE:  "And it looks like Jonathan Marx has lived to die another day!"

JULIUS:  "Daymon is going to town on Larry Tact!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon with his second wind … and he is walloping Tact!  Daymon grabbing Tact by his hair … and jams the fist in Tact’s gut …… Daymon spins him around …. REVERSE DDT!  Tact is down and Daymon with the cover …. ONE …………… TWO ……………. THREE!! BY GOD HE GOT HIM!"

JULIUS:  "NO NO NO!  Tact got out!"

GHEORGHE:  "Tact out of the pinfall attempt!  Daymon quick to his feet …. And he yanks Tact off the mat … irish whip into the ropes …. Tact on the return ….. BUT DAYMON GRABS HIM AND HITS THE TILT-a-WHIRL SLAM!  ONE ……………… TWO ………………. KICKOUT!"

JIVE:  "Daymon with two quick covers…. and it doesn’t look like he’s letting up any."

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon now … takes Tact…. And sends him flying into the corner with an irish whip!  Daymon now … he’s on the opposite side …. AND HE CHARGES IN WITH THE PHANTOM TRAIN!"

JULIUS:  "Tact gets splattered all over the turnbuckle bads…"

GHEORGHE:  "… and Daymon … Daymon placing Tact backwards on the top of the corner…."

JIVE:  "Tact is now about to be splattered all over the mat in a second!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon setting hi… Marx!! Marx grabs onto the boot of Daymon!"

JIVE:  "They were fighting over Marx’s body … and it looks like he came to!  Now he’s got a stranglehold on Daymon’s boot preventing him from Tact."

(SFX:  Scream.)

JULIUS:  "Ouch!"

GHEORGHE:  "AND DAYMON JUST STOMPED ON THE FINGERS OF MARX!  Marx recoiling holding his hand … and now Daymon grabbing him off the mat!  Daymon standing Marx up .. and he’s just slapping him across the face!"

JIVE:  "Marx is getting a talking to!"

GHEORGHE:  "Daymon now … he scoops Marx… and he’s sets him up for a tombstone piledriver!"



(SFX:  Crowd EXPLODES~~~!!)


JIVE:  "Oh my god… he’s gone!"

( continued... )