April 10, 2015

BANNED in the US II, Season 3's premier event, taped on April 6, 2015 .. and the results will be released onDEMAND soon! Sources were pointing to a weekend airing, but this has not yet been confirmed.

  March 25, 2015

The final Cyberstrike before Season 3's premier event, BANNED in the US II, aired from the Agganis Arena today! Not only was the New ERA Championship on the line, but the main event for BANNED in the US II was revealed!

  March 20, 2015

New ERA of Wrestling announced today that their forum migration will commence on March 25th. The current New ERA forums will be archived as New ERA moves its enterprise back to the FWCentral community!

  March 12, 2015

The air was electric in the Agganis Arena as Cyberstrike 14 finally aired on the web tonight! Six huge matches were scheduled.. but did they all go off as planned? With weapons, tears, and a surprise appearance from the New ERA Champion, New ERA's return definitely wasn't boring!

  March 4, 2015

New ERA of Wrestling released the card for its Cyberstrike 14 event from the Agganis Arena at Boston University. The main event? A New ERA Legends match as former two-time New ERA Champion Jonathan Marx takes on four-time PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, Chaos! With 5 matches on the undercard, New ERA is bursting back into action with Cyberstrike 14!

  March 2, 2015

The cats dragged in anothe one as El Cabrón, better known to New ERA fans as The Druid, has returned to action! Look for El Cabrón to make his first New ERA appearance in four years on Cyberstrike 14!

  March 1, 2015

New ERA officials have announced that the lineups for Cyberstrike 14, the first Cyberstrike in a little under four years, will go up on Wednesday, March 4th! Will your favorite superstar be booked? Find out on Wednesday!

  February 27, 2015

The stars continue to return as New ERA returns from hiatus! Former New ERA superstar Peter File is returning to the squared circle! This will be the first time in almost five years that Peter File has graced a New ERA ring! Make sure you bring plenty of soap... just make sure not to drop it!

  February 26, 2015

New ERA officials announced today that two new superstars, and two returning superstars, have joined the ranks! Former FOUR-TIME PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, Chaos, and former PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion John Doe will join Wallace and pain GRILLE in signing New ERA contracts. All will debut at Cyberstrike 14!

  February 25, 2015

"the Crippler" Cameron Cruise and Pro Wrestling's SJH have confirmed their return as New ERA Season 3 barrels through to BANNED in the US II!

  February 24, 2015

If you've been following the New ERA twitter feed, you already know, but New ERA would love to welcome back "Gentleman" Jonathan Marx, "the Elite Enigma" Fanatic, "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" Suicide, and the New ERA Champion, The First back to action! Stand by as we have more announcements on New ERA's return!

  February 22, 2015

New ERA of Wrestling announced today that they are awaiting the decisions from the superstars who were under contract back when Season 3 was in full-swing to see if they will be returning to the promotion. In the meantime, New ERA officials have begun the process to find replacements just in case. If you are interested in performing inside a New ERA ring, please head to the Application section of the website. While there is a TENTATIVE schedule for Cyberstrike 14 currently available, the FINAL lineup for Cyberstrike 14 will be confirmed in early March.

  February 21, 2015

Hell hath frozen over along with the Northeast! Cyberstrike 13, originally taped on August 25, 2011, has finally aired. Thank God for the concept of the suspension of disbelief! Go! Enjoy the Show!

  Februay 12, 2015

The finishing touches are being placed on Cyberstrike 13 and it should air within the next two weeks!

  January 1, 2015

It is a new year, and with that comes fresh rumors of Cyberstrike 13 airing! I have it from fairly reliable sources that New ERA of Wrestling will not only air Cyberstrike 13 within the next two months, but will also re-open the doors at the Agganis Arena to finally finish Season 3 with BANNED in the US II. Stay tuned for more information over the next two months.

  January 29, 2012

New ERA of Wrestling opened its doors on January 29, 2004! While we may still be waiting for Cyberstrike 13 to be aired, everyone make sure to have a beer in honor of New ERA's birthday!

  December 25, 2011

As editing continues on Cyberstrike 13, New ERA wants to take this time to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season!

  November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

  October 31, 2011

New ERA wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and put out a friendly reminder that Cyberstrike 13 will air once it is finished being edited!

  September 5, 2011

After completely replacing all of New ERA's client-side servers, it turns out that our webhost is the one whose servers are completely boinked. They assure us that they are working diligently to complete the virus removal and wanted us to convey their apologies for the delay of Cyberstrike 13.

  August 30, 2011

Unfortunately the New ERA webservers need to be completely replaced. The good news is that all former Cyberstrikes have been saved, including Cyberstrike 13. The bad news? There is no ETA on when the promotion will be able to come up with the money to make such a hefty purchase.

New ERA President Marcus LaRoque apologized to investors for the sudden setback and assured fans alike that while there may be a slight delay, the promotion will take a short vacation to fix the server holes and patch any weaknesses in the firewall.

  August 25, 2011

Cyberstrike 13 was set to webcast today, but it seems as if a virus has affected New ERA of Wrestling web servers! An e-mail alert was sent out this morning that the OMGZWTFLOLZ virus had breached the firewall and was wreaking havoc. By the time New ERA's IT members quarantined the virus, the servers had been practically destroyed.

More information as we receive it.

  August 15, 2011

Cyberstrike 12 aired on the web today as New ERA celebrated its 75th show! It was everything you expected it to be - and MORE! Did The First bring the New ERA Championship into the Shadow Cult? Was Yossi Hayat able to extract revenge on Mr. Entertainment?

Check out the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike banner at the bottom of the page to find out!

  August 4, 2011

With the release of the lineup for Cyberstrike 12, New ERA officials announced that the show also holds special significance - it will be New ERA's 75th show since January 29, 2004! Despite delays in broadcasting, a government shutdown after taping a pay per view in Cuban waters, and the removal of funding from EC Enterprises, New ERA has soldiered on! Here's to a great 75th show .. and to 75 more!

  August 3, 2011

Six huge matches, topped off by a New ERA Championship defense, rang in Season 3 as Cyberstrike 11 from the Agganis Arena aired on the web today. Three debuts, twists and turns, and incredible action - all on Cyberstrike 11!

Head to the archives section to catch all the action from the first Cyberstrike of Season 3!

  July 16, 2011

With the lineups for Cyberstrike 11 going up today, Season 3 has officially kicked off! With FOUR new superstars debuting along with the return of Adrian Willard, New ERA's third season looks to build upon a jaw-dropping conclusion to Season 2. Head to the Upcoming Show link to check out the Cyberstrike 11 matches.

It's not too late to join Season 3! If interested, head to the Employment section and fill out an application!

  July 11, 2011

As the start of Season 3 approaches, New ERA announced that four new superstars will be joining the roster. Eugene King, Husani Dakarai, former New ERA talent Adrian Willard, and newcomer Eddie Patton have all inked deals to appear for the Boston-based promotion. Wrestlers can sign up for New ERA at any point in a season, although to be eligible for the Most Valuable Wrestler honor, and the championship shot that comes with it, stars must participate in at least four cards during the season.

  July 1, 2011

New ERA of Wrestling announced today that sign ups for Season 3 have commenced! Coming off the highly successful PrimeTime premier event that saw Mr. Entertainment and Fanatic engage in three New ERA Championship bouts, New ERA President Marcus LaRoque has promised that the next season will only continue the high-calibur action that Boston fans have grown to expect! For more information, head to the Rules section .. and to apply for employment, head to the application!

  June 30, 2011

New ERA of Wrestling will be implementing a new website design shortly. As the promotion heads into its third season after being reborn as a regional promotion after seven years running shows across the nation, a new website was deemed necessary. Also on the schedule is a move from MyBB to SMF for forums. Please forgive the temporary set-up as we prepare to move to the new and improved site currently in progress by the great people over at KapowGFX!

  June 29, 2011

Season 2 came to a successful close as Season 2's premier event, PrimeTime, aired on ESENtv today! With an incredibly array of matches, including the careers of two men on the line, the fans jam-packed into the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts were treated to surprises galore. The New ERA Championship was on the line as Fanatic took on Mr. Entertainment.. did Fanatic finally fulfill the TACT LEGACY? To check out all the jaw-dropping action, head to the archives section!

  May 24, 2011

More matches were revealed for New ERA's season 2 premier event, PrimeTime, as New ERA President Marcus LaRoque signed a Career vs. Career match between Cameron Cruise and Michael Montgomery! LaRoque has been understandably upset by Cameron Cruise's blatant disregard for the rules after he and the First conspired together to get Cruise his three-straight victories. Montgomery, on the other hand, has proven much less "Magnificent" than his monicker suggests. Will Cruise overcome LaRoque's punishment? Or will Michael Montgomery finally cripple "the Crippler's" career in New ERA?

  May 19, 2011

The wait is over! Cyberstrike 10 aired on the web and now the race is on to PrimeTime from the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts for Season 2's premier event. A wild tag team match and a New ERA Championship defense highlighted the last Cyberstrike of the season. Will Cameron Cruise be headlining PrimeTime against Fanatic? Or did Mr. Entertainment successfully fend off Cruise for the second time this season?

To catch all the action, head to the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page!

  May 9, 2011

No one could have expected that Cyberstrike 09 would be the swan song for one New ERA superstar! As New ERA edges closer and closer to PrimeTime, more of the scheduled lineup was revealed ... and Marcus LaRoque dropped a doozy at the Agganis Arena. Top it off with a tag team bout between The First, Cameron Cruise, Jonathan Marx and the New ERA Champion, Mr. Entertainment, and one could say that Cyberstrike 09 is a show not to be missed!

To catch all the action, head to the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page!

  April 28, 2011

If it is action you want, Cyberstrike 08 delivers. If it is excitement you want, Cyberstrike 08 does so tenfold. If it is the unexpected you crave, Cyberstrike 08 will fill you up. With six scheduled matches, including a thrilling affair between Suicide and Fanatic, topped off by a jaw-dropping main event for the New ERA Championship, the Agganis Arena, and New ERA itself, was rocked to its very core!

To catch all the action, head to the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page!

  April 18, 2011

A rematch seven years in the making. The New ERA Championship on the line. Between Chaos and Suicide battling it out for the first time since their epic match at Destrucity I on July 6, 2004 and Cameron Cruise taking on the New ERA Champion Mr. Entertainment in a title match, Cyberstrike 07 was a fan's paradise. Throw in Fanatic, Jonathan Marx, and the unveiling of Mr. Entertainment's monument to New ERA .. and you have one of the most explosive events of the season!

To catch all the action, head to the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page!

  April 9, 2011

The New ERA Championship was on the line as the second season of New ERA kicked off with Cyberstrike 06! Mr. Entertainment and Pro Wrestling's SJH battled tooth and nail for the right to be New ERA's standard bearer. Did Shawn Hart prevail once more in the face of adversity? Did the most entertaining man on New ERA's roster become the most entertaining champion in New ERA history? With all of New ERA's superstars in action, Cyberstrike 06 was the perfect start to what should be a stellar season.

To catch all the action, head to the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page!

  March 28, 2011

With BattleBRAWL 3 capping off a successful first season of the revamped New ERA of Wrestling, officials announced today that applications are being accepted for the highly anticipated second season. Season 2 will debut with Cyberstrike 06 on April 8, 2011. Cyberstrike 06 will feature the New ERA Championship on the line as New ERA's only three-time Champion, Pro Wrestling's SJH, will take on the winner of the BattleBRAWL 3 Rumble, Mr. Entertainment!

If you wish to join in on the second season of New ERA of Wrestling please head to the Employment section of the website!

  March 25, 2011

Season 1 is in the books, and with the end of the season comes the inauguration of the first-ever Most Valuable Wrestler. New ERA officials announced that the man who shocked the wrestling world and quickly became the most reviled New ERA Champion in history, the First, was bestowed the honor of being Season 1's Most Valuable Wrestler.

  March 24, 2011

New ERA of Wrestling celebrated the finale of Season 1 as they headed to the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts and ESENtv for BattleBRAWL 3! Season 1's premier event featured the over-the-top rope battle royal for a chance to walk away with the BattleBRAWL Cup and a shot at the New ERA Championship. With both New ERA superstars and special guests in the event ... could an outsider have banked a shot at the New ERA Championship? In the main event, Pro Wrestling SJH had his chance to extract revenge on the man who beat him for the belt ... the universally reviled First. The Salem, Massachusetts native, booed by the same fans who revered him only weeks ago, answered for his underhanded actions .. did he retain the tainted Championship? Or did Shawn Hart regain the belt that was rightfully his?

Head to the archives page or click the BattleBRAWL 3 logo at the bottom of the main page to see all the action!

  March 9, 2011

It was the final Cyberstrike of Season 1. With the career of one New ERA superstar on the line, an opportunity to bank a New ERA Championship shot within reach for another, and a main event featuring the two men who will go head to head for the New ERA Championship at BattleBRAWL 3, Cyberstrike 05 is not to be missed. Head to the archives page or click the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page to see all the action!

  February 28, 2011

Cyberstrike 04 is in the books! With four huge matches, a big announcement concerning Season 1's premier event, BattleBRAWL 3, and a main event to determine who will receive the first Championship shot of Season 2, the show continued New ERA's renaissance.

With New ERA Champion, the First, having the night off for his own protection from the rabid Boston fans, people wondered whether he'd still make an appearance. What about Chaos? After being arrested by the Massachusetts State Police at Cyberstrike 03, would he continue his reign of terror? Would Marcus LaRoque get retribution? And what's the word on former New ERA Champion, Pro Wrestling's SJH? Head to the archives page or click the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page to find out!

  February 17, 2011

The fans at the Agganis Arena were stunned. Fans watching Cyberstrike 03 via webcast were stunned. The New ERA roster was stunned. Cyberstrike 03 changed New ERA of Wrestling forever.

For all the action, the surprises, and the jaw-dropping conclusion to the show, head to the archives page or click on the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page!

  February 11, 2011

Sources close to New ERA Champion, Pro Wrestling's SJH, have told wrestling blogs that the injuries sustained by Hart are more severe than originally thought. During his match at Cyberstrike 02 with Chaos, Hart was subjected to three Chaosbombs and was choked on the top rope for a long period of time. Hart was taken to Mass General Hospital immediately after the event and was in critical condition.

This may give some insight on why the New ERA Champion was not listed on the upcoming schedule for Cyberstrike 03. No word yet on whether the Championship will be vacated. The main event of Cyberstrike 03 between the First and Jonathan Marx remains listed as a "Winner Banks a Championship Shot" match.

  February 9, 2011

Action! Intrigue! Surprises! All this and more as New ERA Cyberstrike 02 aired on the web today. The Agganis Arena was the scene for quite possibly the most explosive New ERA show in years! Six matches, 12 superstars, 1 New ERA Championship match!

Who won and stepped closer to banking a New ERA Championship shot? Was Fanatic successful in his first match here in New ERA as he takes the roster spot of Larry Tact? Did the Druid and his hooded acolytes show up even though he wasn't scheduled to be in action? Who is the New ERA Champion? The results will shock you!

You can catch all the action on the archives page, or by clicking the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page. Make sure to reload the frame in case you're still seeing Cyberstrike 01!

  January 30, 2011

The Agganis Arena at Boston University might have been surrounded by the remnants of a tenacious snowstorm, but the action inside was so hot that one might have thought they were vacationing off the coast of Southern California.

Cyberstrike 01 took place on New ERA's seven year anniversary and featured so many twists and turns that even the most hardcore fans found themselves at the edge of their seats.

You can catch all the action on the archives page, or by clicking the Cyberstrike logo at the bottom of the main page.

  January 22, 2011

Moments ago, New ERA of Wrestling revealed the lineup for the first Cyberstrike of Season 1. Coming from the Agganis Arena at Boston University on it's seven year anniversy, January 29, 2011, Cyberstrike will feature six matches featuring all thirteen wrestlers.

Jason Payne, the former PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, will take on the final Television champion, the Druid. Two former Television champions collide as Mr. Entertainment and Cameron Cruise will meet in the squared circle. Adrian Willard will have his hands full as he is scheduled to take on former two-time World Heavyweight champion Jonathan Marx. It's a triple threat featuring first-time members of the New ERA roster as Alexander Roslov and Stacy Jones will be in action against the current Empire Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight champion, the First. The final, and four-time PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion, Chaos, will go head to head with "the Magnificent" Michael Montgomery.

Finally, in the main event, a match fans have been waiting for as New ERA's first World Heavyweight champion, Larry Tact, meets current New ERA Champion, Shawn Hart, in a non-title bout.

New ERA of Wrestling Cyberstrike 01 will be available as a webstream on January 30, 2011.

  January 20, 2011

The official start date of New ERA of Wrestling's Season 1 was announced today by the promotion. The league will launch the new "season-based" format on January 22, 2011. Publicists for the organization also announced that interested talent have until 11:59pm PST on January 20th to sign up for the first season. The first webisode of Cyberstrike will take place on January 29, 2011 from the Agganis Arena at Boston University – seven years to the day the organization first began.

It was also confirmed that the first season will consist of six shows. The Agganis Arena at Boston University will house five Cyberstrike events. The sixth show, held at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts and to be aired on ESENtv, will be Season 1's "premier event," New ERA BattleBRAWL 3. New ERA BattleBRAWL features an over-the-top battle royal with wrestlers entering every 2 minutes. The winner of the BattleBRAWL this season will bank a shot at the New ERA Championship in addition to the BattleBRAWL Cup trophy. Previous BattleBRAWL Rumble winners include Madonna Wayne Grossard, known as MWG, and current New ERA Champion Shawn Hart.

New ERA of Wrestling is a Boston-based promotion. After running for several years as a national wrestling promotion it was retooled in early 2011 to operate "seasons." Seasons are a grouping of six to eight shows with set roster of talent. Currently there are 14 wrestlers signed up for the first season. The deadline for interested talent to sign up for the first season is 11:59pm PST on January 20th.

  January 13, 2011

EC Enterprises announced today the signing of not one, but TWO, former World Heavyweight champions for the first season of the resurrected New ERA of Wrestling.

"Gentleman" Jonathan Marx signed a contract for the six-show first season on January 11th. Marx, best known for being the ringleader of the DREDD stable and walking away with "his" World Heavyweight championship intact after the six man dueling ladders match at EPW/NEW Present .. WrestleSTOCK '07, is hoping to become the first three-time New ERA Champion.

But he will have to fight for that honor with the other two-time World Heavyweight champion, Larry Tact! Tact, New ERA's first World Heavyweight champion after winning the BattleBowl Mania tournament on RAUCOUS 6, signed his six-show contract on the same evening as Marx. Tact, who defeated Marx at 2007's BANNED in the US pay per view for one of the "two" World Heavyweight championships on the line, will be gunning for Shawn Hart's championship gold ... and won't stop until he gets it.

New ERA of Wrestling's Season 1 is scheduled to air its first Cyberstrike on January 29, 2011 -- seven years to the day the promotion began.

  January 9, 2011

New ERA of Wrestling announced today that they have finalized their contract w/ ESEN executives to bring New ERA to television. ESEN President Quentin Sullivan apparently signed off on the deal earlier today. Not all terms of the contract have been released, but it has been confirmed that New ERA premier events will be broadcasted live on ESENtv. The contract calls for at least four, but a maximum of six, premier events per year. Also as part of the deal between the two organizations, New ERA Cyberstrike will be carried as a "web broadcast" through ESEN. After six years of promoting wrestling nation-wide, New ERA of Wrestling will be focused on bringing wrestling to the Boston-area. New ERA's previously television shows, RAUCOUS and RAPTURE, were shown on the HBO network.

  January 5, 2011

It's a new year and a new direction for New ERA of Wrestling! 2010 saw the promotion pulled apart by the internal struggle between its financier, EC Enterprises, and the man who created the promotion. After "closing" on September 25, 2010, former Vice President of EC Enterprises and New ERA President, Marcus LaRoque, began laying the foundation for his next foray into the wrestling world; a small, independent promotion based out of Boston, Massachusetts. However, only a few months after the court case that put the nail in New ERA's coffin, Marcus and his brother, Jean-Michel LaRoque, CEO of EC Enterprises, reconciled. The reconciliation not only brought the brothers closer than ever before, but it also meant that Marcus LaRoque would be reinstated as President of New ERA of Wrestling. The news was bittersweet. Marcus LaRoque would once again helm the promotion he ran from January 2004 to September 2010, but his operating budget would be slashed by 90%.

January 5, 2011. New ERA of Wrestling is reborn. This time, New ERA will operate in "seasons." Seasons are a grouping of six to eight shows that share a unified roster of talent. Wrestlers no longer sign long-term contracts that are freely terminable. Talent signs on for a single "season." Once the season ends, wrestlers have the option of signing on for another one, or walking away no questions asked. Fans that followed Tim Shipley's Just Wrestling will be familiar with the concept, called tours, with the difference being that "seasons" are held at the Agganis Arena at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts as opposed to touring different cities and nations.

At the end of each season, New ERA will head to the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts for "premier events." Premier events include: Destrucity, BattleBRAWL, International Intrigue, BANNED in the US, Enemy: UNKNOWN, and a premier event to be named later. Season shows are not broadcasted, but short summaries from Natalie Newman and Jason Tripp will be revealed via web on the New ERA website.

The last New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight champion, Shawn Hart, will retain his belt, now called the New ERA Championship. The Television and PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme championships will remain retired, however their respective last champions have been given bankable shots at the New ERA Championship. There are two ways to bank a shot at the New ERA Championship; win three consecutive matches, or be named Season MVP.

Cyberstrike will christen New ERA's Season 1 on January 29, 2011 - seven years to the day that New ERA first opened.

  December 24, 2010

Do Christmas miracles really exist? Independent sources have revealed that there has been a lot of chatter between EC Enterprises and LaRoque Promotions, LLC recently about the merging of the former New ERA of Wrestling brand with LRP's rumored "Bay State Wrestling" brand.

It appears that the two LaRoque brothers, Jean-Michel from EC Enterprises and Marcus from LaRoque Promotions, have begun to repair their damaged relationship - which imploded in April of 2010 when CEO of EC Enterprises, Jean-Michel, pulled the "financial plug" for New ERA of Wrestling. After a lengthy court decision validated EC Enterprises' actions, Marcus LaRoque was left with talent contracts, but no league to use them.

The two men were seen at Jean-Michel's Edmunds Estates in the greater Boston area earlier this week, and were accompanied a second time by their lawyers yesterday.

  November 13, 2010

More than two months after it was initially reported, Marcus LaRoque, former President of the defunct New ERA of Wrestling promotion, acknowledged that he is working on gathering capital funding to get back into the wrestling game. While the three-floor suite inside Copley Square remains under construction, LaRoque would not verify whether or not the promotion would operate on a smaller scale than New ERA.

"At this point, I'm more interested in finishing the necessities than speculating about the future," LaRoque said, "and plus, speculation is more my brother's forte."

LaRoque wouldn't comment on reports that the two brothers, who famously had a falling out a few months prior resulting in New ERA of Wrestling's demise, have been shoring up their relationship again.

  September 5, 2010

Local news reporters have begun to unravel the mystery surrounding the newly renovated three-floor suite inside Copley Square today. According to a source close to the investigation, reporters first noticed the renovations two weeks ago after the prior resident, a dot-com company, began dismantling the large logos that once filled the thirteen foot windows. The windows were then quickly covered and officials at the Copley Square had no comment.

According to documents filed with the Massachusetts Department of State, the address has been registered to an organization known as "Bay State Wrestling." The company was incorporated on August 15, 2010 and the primary source of capital was raised by "LaRoque Promotions, LLC." Not much is known about LaRoque Promotions, as there is nothing filed with the state or listed online, but those familiar with the wrestling business have speculated that it could relate to Marcus LaRoque; former President of now-defunct New ERA of Wrestling, also headquartered in Boston.

Marcus LaRoque could not be reached for comment. More on the story as it develops.

  September 3, 2010

While fans were patiently waiting for the 04.25.10 edition of RAUCOUS to air, they could have never have imagined the real reason that caused the delay! After the main event, the cameras caught EC Enterprises owner, Jean-Michel LaRoque, Marcus LaRoque's brother and known professionally in the wrestling ring as "Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds, revealing that the corporation had pulled all financing for the 2011/2012 fiscal year!

After dueling lawsuits, including a gag order put in place by the judge, the US District Court released the final judgment in the case of "LaRoque v. EC Enterprises."

According to the federal district Judge, "Defendant (EC Enterprises) was well within the boundaries put in place by the state of Massachusetts with regard to the financial dispersement of its own funds. Seeing as the subject of this matter (New ERA of Wrestling) was under full financial control of defendant, and that defendant was solely responsible for the liability and employment insurance costs, it is the opinion of this court that plaintiff's (Marcus LaRoque) lawsuit is without merit."

The two brothers immediately went into negotiations, and we understand that more information about what has happened will be released in the next few days.

  September 3, 2010

Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho became the site of what turned out to be the FINAL RAUCOUS program in New ERA history! The event featured five incredible bouts, but no one could have predicted what would happen when the cameras stopped rolling.

Jeff Jorgenson and Bobby Crane fought tooth and nail. Trevor Cane tried to stop Paddy McDowell from securing a victory in his debut match, Keith Aaron got his wish and took on the P©X champion Chaos in a Dog Collar Chain match, and a Tornado Tag Team match featured eight men in the ring at once! Tempers flared, but who would walk out victorious? In the main event, the New ERA Television championship was on the line as Mr. Entertainment gunned for another run with the title - but would he be able to get past the Druid Erik Black?

Catch all the action as New ERA RAUCOUS aired onDEMAND for the very last time!

  April 15, 2010

The Jon M. Huntsman Center at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City was rocking as New ERA of Wrestling presented RAUCOUS 36! The first RAUCOUS after the all-day wrestling extravaganza put on by New ERA and Empire Pro featured five incredible matches; including Jeff Jorgenson and Erik Black for the Television Championship! Other action included a Newcomer Triple Threat, Trevor Cane taking on former Television champion Mr. Entertainment, and Cameron Cruise going head to head with the man who attacked the World Heavyweight champion at Destrucity II, "the Prophecy" Adrian Willard.

The scheduled main event featured Peter File and the World Tag Team Champions Jack n' Hoff taking on the Dogs of War, Jason Payne and Chris McMillan, with their parter - the World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Hart! But this is RAUCOUS, and things never, EVER, go as planned! Bodies flew, dreams crashed, and the fans in Salt Lake City cheered and jeered. Catch all the action as New ERA RAUCOUS airs onDEMAND!

  March 24, 2010

Sin City Showdown, the final of three pay per view events put on by New ERA and Empire Pro on February 10th, aired today onDEMAND. The event, which featured matches pitting superstars against members of other federations, was a resounding success.

There were eight incredible match-ups on the card featuring wrestlers from New ERA, Empire Pro, SWIFT, NGEN and LVW; New ERA superstars Steve Burke and Mr. Entertainment were successful in their matches against EPW superstars. However, a huge shock came when former New ERA World Heavyweight champion Rocko Daymon lost his CAREER v CAREER match against EPW mainstay Stalker forcing Daymon out of the business. The main event featured ten men enclosed in a cage spanning two rings - Team EPW vs Team New ERA in a War Games match!

After being down 3-1, New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart eliminated EPW Television champion Layne Winters, and then the EPW World Heavyweight champion Sean Stevens before succumbing to the First. You can catch all the heart-pounding action onDEMAND as EPW and New ERA presented Sin City Showdown from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!

  February 10, 2010

New ERA's Destrucity II pay per view, the second of the three advterised events for EPW / New ERA's Sin City Showdown wrestling extravaganza, aired today on pay per view! The event featured eight incredible matches including a single night tournament to crown a brand new PRODIGY© Classic Xtreme champion.

The tournament featured three huge matches under division rules and an advertised finals of a Ladder match! Cameron Cruise was in action twice on the pay per view; defending the World Tag Team Championship AND the Television championship. Did Cruise walk out with both belts? Did he walk out with any at all?!

The World Heavyweight championship was on the line as Peter File had his shot at Shawn Hart and the belt - was the Sultan of Twat able to pry the belt out of Hart's hands, or has Hart successfully defended his belt once more?! All this and tons more as Destrucity II aired on PPV from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada!

  January 22, 2010

New ERA officials announced today that they have applied for membership to the Championship Wrestling Council and have been accepted! In the CWC's own words: "We stand together as a gathering of e-federations that declares to the world that we strive to be better. Not to be better than others, but to better ourselves. Together we will improve our shows, our federations, our community, our affiliations, and ourselves. Now is the time when we make our stake in the world and declare... We are CWC."

New ERA is excited to be a part of this coalition of leagues and hopes that the exposure will help the league bounce back from the disintegration of the WFW:NE. The CWC can be found HERE.

  January 20, 2010

Breaking news in the early morning of January 20, 2010! World's Finest Wrestling, one of the two leagues merged into WFW:NE, packed its bags and left town. Citing "irreconciable differences," the owner of the WFW left in the middle of the night. With the WFW:NE rocked by the sudden departure, Marcus LaRoque, New ERA President, officially closed the WFW:NE. In the same stroke, however, LaRoque reinstated New ERA of Wrestling and has vowed to continue on with the current state of affairs.

Destrucity II and Sin City Showdown, the upcoming pay per view and the interpromotional card with Empire Pro, will not be affected by the departure of WFW or the official closing of WFW:NE. More information will be posted as we receive word!

  January 19, 2010

The first RAUCOUS of 2010 has broadcasted in its entirety today and what a way to head into the pay per view! The event saw the successful debut of "Mr. Old School" Steve Burke as he defeated fellow newcomer, DeWayne Davis. Jeff Jorgenson successfully fought off a very adamant Mr. Entertainment. Entertainment, who claimed he would avenge his elimination by Jorgenson at Unplugged in the Christmas Tree Lot brawl, was unable to keep his promise. Peter File and HAL were scheduled to face off - did the #1 contender to the WFW:NE World Heavyweight championship defeat the man who recently bungled his chance to win the New ERA World Heavyweight championship? Or did he have something else in store?

The WFW:NE Television championship was on the line as Cameron Cruise defended against John Doe. The winner of that match goes on to face Erik Black at Destrucity. Did Cruise retain or did Doe continue on his remarkable journey to capture WFW:NE gold?

The main event was a sight to behold! Golem and New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart took on Minion and WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red in a match that acted as a precursor to their individual matches at the pay per view. Could Minion hold on to his sanity for one more match? Did Shawn Hart return the favor to Felix Red for his intrusion at Unplugged? What lies in store for all WFW:NE superstars? All this and MORE as RAUCOUS airs onDEMAND!

  January 10, 2010

As the post-production work begins on the taping of the 01.10.10 edition of RAUCOUS, the last edition before WFW:NE Destrucity II and EPW/WFW:NE Sin City Showdown, the lineup as begun to leak through various sources among the *wrestling world.

Some matchups include Empire Pro superstar Anarky facing off one on one with WFW:NE superstar GAMMA-O, EPW newcomer Kenneth Williams taking on WFW:NE newcomer Steve Burke, and Karl "the Dragon" Brown, who recently made his reappearance in Empire Pro, taking on the most electrifying superstar in the WFW:NE, Mr. Entertainment!

The biggest leak, though, is the main event lineup. Although the original release contained different superstars on both sides, the main stipulation, a War Games match, has stayed consistent. Now we have confirmation from inside sources from both leagues that the finalized makeup of the teams has been set! Representing Empire Pro will be Fusenshoff, from HOPE - EPW Television champion Layne Winters and #1 contender to the EPW World Heavyweight championship, the First, and from Anthology - One half of the EPW World Tag Team champions, Jared Wells and the EPW World Heavyweight champion himself, "Triple X" Sean Stevens.

Representing WFW:NE will be Jason Payne, one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions, Cameron Cruise, the #1 contender to the WFW:NE World Heavyweight championship, Peter File and the two men who will battle it out just hours before in a unification match for the WFW:NE World Heavyweight championship, WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red and New ERA World Heavyweight champion Shawn Hart!

With the different dynamics on BOTH teams, one has to wonder the ring will be able to handle 10 men, 10 egos, all at each others throats! EPW/WFW:NE Sin City Showdown will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena after both EPW Aggression 50 and WFW:NE Destrucity II have taken place!

  January 1, 2010

WFW:NE management and superstars want to wish every one of their fans a happy, healthy, and SAFE New Years! Here is hoping for a continued year of success for everyone!

  December 31, 2009

Unplugged was officially tweeted from Omaha, Nebraska today, and the full results have been put onDEMAND for all the fans to see! What a night it turned out to be.

Jared Wells defeated Steve Johnson in a special Santa's Sack o' Weapons match for the BAD World Heavyweight championship. Wells regained the championship from the man who ended his nearly three year run with the championship at WFW Superbowl of Wrestling III. The WFW:NE World Tag Team championship finally has a second title-holder as Problem Child put on an impressive display in the Russian Roulette Tag Team Partner tournament defeating Jason Payne to become one half of the WFW:NE World Tag Team champions with Cameron Cruise.

The Christmas Tree Lot Brawl turned out worse for WFW:NE Television champion Cameron Cruise than he originally expected. Instead of facing one challenger at Destrucity II, Cruise will now have to face John Doe in a Television championship match on RAUCOUS from Denver, with the winner of that match facing Erik Black for the championship at Destrucity II!

Finally, after winning the Masquerade Battle Royal at Almost Live to receive a shot at Shawn Hart and the New ERA of Wrestling World Heavyweight championship, HAL walked into the Henry Moorley Zoo for a Winter Wonderland match. In the end, however, the New ERA World Heavyweight champion came out on top and Shawn Hart will continue onto Destrucity II to face WFW World Heavyweight champion Felix Red in a unification match to determine who will be the first WFW:NE World Heavyweight champion! You can catch the "live tweeting" of the event on WFW:NE's official twitter, or head to the archives page to catch the full results onDEMAND!